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Heading For a Fall Well folks, another summer has come and gone. It’s time to put the short sleeves away for another year and embrace your inner fall. I’m not too heartbroken about the change. Autumn is still a great time for taking in a fall festival or two or catching the doubleheader on Hockey Night In Canada. But there’s one thing many of us don’t enjoy about those chilly autumn months – yard work. Raking leaves, cleaning out eavestroughs, you know what I’m talking about. They’re all part of the Canadian rite of passage. Don’t forget, however, that yard work is serious business. Each year, many people hurt and injure themselves needlessly due to carelessness or overexertion. With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to keep your property in shape – without damaging your own shape.

Take It Easy – Like many of us weekend warriors, we can tend to overdo it on the first go – pushing ourselves to the limit all for the sake of that ideal yard. That can lead to pulled backs, strained muscles – even heart attacks. Take it slow and the work will get done in its own time


Work As A Team – Getting your friends or family to pitch in around the yard can be a lot of

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fun. It’s also a smart idea. Having someone there to spot you while you’re on a ladder or help lift heavy objects is a great way to get the job done and avoid unnecessary injuries.

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Come Prepared – If you think you’re invulnerable, think again. We all need the proper tools if we want to protect ourselves. That means covering the bases like wearing safety goggles around weed eaters, ear protection with leaf blowers, and work gloves when using chemicals. Being the envy of the neighbourhood is all well and good. But play it safe and make sure that perfect yard doesn’t come at a high price. And now on to the latest issue of HWS Magazine! This time out, we have a cover story on the ever-popular Betty’s Restaurant (p15). We also have an interview with Lorna Vanderhaeghe (p27), a closer look at Senographe Pristina™, (p26) and a few tips on how to not get sick (p13).

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How can you enjoy your life... if you can’t hear it ?



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P14 Wheels of Hope Essential Canadian Cancer Society program offers transportation to and from cancer-related appointments.




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Cover Story p15 BETTY’S RESTAURANT Popular eatery in historic Chippawa continues to welcome customers from across Niagara with its fine home cooking and family atmosphere. Cover: Bettys Restaurant Photo credit: Sandra Ozkur

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This magazine is intended as a general information source only, not as a medical manual. The information given is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed to you by your doctor. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, or if you are pregnant or nursing, we urge you to seek competent medical care. The supplements described in the magazine should not be given to children without the advice of your doctor. If you are taking prescription medications or being treated for a chronic health condition, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.






Provided by A Healthier U

WHOLE BODY VIBRATION (WBV) is generating a lot of buzz in the health and wellness industry. Doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers are just some of the professionals who are promoting WBV to their clients. Here’s why:


Want to get stronger? If you want to see gains in muscle strength without the risk of joint damage that can come from working out with heavy weights, consider whole body vibration training. The best part is, you’ll see benefits in as little as three, 15-minute session a week. How is that possible? By increasing gravitational loading and putting your muscles through up to 28 reps a second, you’ll get through your workout in a fraction of the time. In addition, WBV is shown to be especially good at increasing muscle power, which is useful for many things from preventing falls to increasing athletic performance.


We’ve all been there—you get up after sitting for a while and your hands or feet start stinging. That pins-and-needles feeling means you’re suffering from reduced circulation, and it’s more than just an inconvenience. It could mean you have a significant health problem. If your job involves sitting for long periods of time or if you have a sedentary lifestyle, concerns about your circulatory health may be keeping you up at night. Studies have shown that just one session of WBV training improves circulation, which not only prevents that pins-andneedles feeling, but also can help maintain limb health and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

3. VIBRATION MAKES QUICK WORK OF THE PRE-SPORT WARM UP Warming up your body is an important part of any workout regimen, but it takes time. If you struggle to squeeze your workouts into your schedule, you may be tempted to skip the warm up. With WBV you don’t have to succumb to the temptation. Spending just a few minutes on a WBV machine before your workout not only prevents injury to muscles, joints, and ligaments, but is also shown to improve workout performance.

4. IDEAL POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY AID Before you reach for that post-workout smoothie, be sure to cool down your body and stretch your hardworking muscles. This is another step in injury prevention. During a workout the muscles get little tears, which must heal. Stretching keeps healing muscles pliant, while not stretching your muscles allows them to stiffen up like a rubber band stuck in the freezer. That doesn’t make for happy hammies or quiet quads. Using WBV after a workout allows muscles to cool down and recover. Additionally WBV has been shown to reduce the day-after soreness typically experienced with traditional exercise methods. When you’re not sore, you’re more likely to work out again, and more workouts equals a healthier you!

5. WBV CREATES INCREASED TONE IN POSTURE MUSCLES In addition to poor circulation, another concern for people who sit as part of their jobs is maintaining proper posture. Poor posture can lead to headaches, back pain, spinal misalignment and vertebral subluxations. Training with

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WBV can increase strength in the muscles of the torso—commonly referred to as the core—helping you maintain proper posture all day long.

6. STUDIES HAVE SHOWN IMPROVED BONE DENSITY Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov discovered in the 1970s that cosmonauts who had lost bone density in the micro-gravity environment of space recovered much more quickly when they used whole body vibration than when they trained by traditional methods. The secret that helped them recover from bone loss incurred in space can help people here on Earth, too. Training with WBV has been shown to increase bone mass density in clinical studies, and is under examination as a possible treatment for better bone health.

7. IT’S GREAT AT IMPROVING FLEXIBILITY Flexibility is an incredibly important—but often neglected—aspect of fitness. Pliant, stretchy muscles and resilient ligaments allow the body to move through a full range of motion while protecting joints from harm. How does this relate to whole body vibration training? Stretching on a WBV machine has been shown to not only increase flexibility, but also enhance the retention of the flexibility gains versus stretching without WBV.

8. USE WBV AFTER YOU WORK OUT FOR MASSAGE & RELAXATION When used on low frequencies, whole body vibration machines act as a relaxing massage, gently easing muscles out of their workout. Try laying down on a mat in front of the machine and resting your legs on the vibration platform for a restorative massage. Many additional benefits build on these: increased balance, decreased risk

of falls, decreased blood pressure, improved body composition, and more. In short, it’s no wonder the health and wellness industry is coming to embrace whole body vibration as a technology they feel comfortable and confident not only in recommending to clients but also in using themselves. HWS

A Healthier U is a unique studio in Fonthill that offers vibration training, weight Vibe HIIT, loss coaching, body sculpting and PEMF treatments. Small group training Vibe sessions, personal training and classes with the use of wholeWellness, body vibration are Vibe Recovery & available. Please call 905.892.8545 to book a freeVibe trial or Recovery go to www.becomeahealthieru.com Cellulite Blast.

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GET TO KNOW bare. By Rachel Epp



Alaina Hillier

Reg. CASLPO, Aud(C), Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology


alaina@southniagarahearing.com southniagarahearing.com

I’VE ALWAYS HAD A PASSION FOR CLEANING. When I created bare. I wanted to provide a line of cleaning products that would be safe and effective, without the harmful effects of chemical cleaners. All bare. products are made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, distilled vinegar and therapeutic grade essential oils designed to keep the home natural and smelling great at the same time. As a believer in clean living, I make it my mission to remove all chemical cleaners in each and every home. In the summer of 2017, I decided to give away complimentary bare. samples. In as little as one month, we distributed over 5,000 samples across the Niagara Region alone. I couldn’t be more thrilled that I was able to reach over 1000 households of people who were willing to take the leap with me! But my mission doesn’t stop there. I would like to give you a complimentary sample of bare.’s top cleaning products so you can also enjoy the benefits of a natural clean home. Your sample will include:

Moisturizing Hand Soap

Our moisturizing hand soap is what inspired our entire line. Many of us believe that the more suds there are, the better the hand soap is. However, many hand soaps are made with harmful ingredients that absorb into your skin and strip away natural oils, leaving your hands dry. The bare. moisturizing hand soap was created to safely and effectively clean your hands and naturally moisturize your skin, without any harmful effects.

Window & Glass Cleaner

Let the sun shine through! Our solution leaves windows sparkling and streak-free. This is also a must-have in the home if you have pets or kids. We all know they love to lick windows, so let’s make sure they aren’t licking chemicals. This is also a definite go-to on non-wood surfaces and laminate floors.

Laundry Detergent & Fabric Softener

This gentle detergent removes stains, cleans and softens your clothes. It has even been used to wash dishes! Enjoy the wild orange scent as your clothes come out softer and cleaner than ever before. If you want to be extra creative, use it as a toilet cleaner! HWS

Take the leap with us and get to know bare. To get your complimentary sample, please contact hello@cleanwithbare.ca. For a complete list of bare. cleaning products, please visit www.cleanwithbare.ca.





sweet potato Almond Soup Nutritional information per serving: Protein 6g Total fat 10g Saturated Fat 1 Carbohydrates 32g Sugars 9g

Calories 226 Sodium 561mg Cholesterol 0mg Fibre 6g

5 servings Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 25 minutes

INGREDIENTS ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

1 sweet onion, diced 1 clove garlic, minced 2 large sweet potatoes, cubed (about 4 cups) 4 cups reduced sodium vegetable broth 1 tsp ground ginger

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

1 tsp ground thyme ½ tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp ground cumin ¼ tsp ground nutmeg ◊ 1/3 cup almond butter ◊ 1 cup diced tomatoes ◊ salt and peper to taste

METHOD Peel and cut sweet potatoes into small cubes. In a large pot, saute the onion and garlic in ¼ cup vegetable broth until softened over medium heat for 5-6 minutes. Add the sweet potatoes, spices, and remaining vegetable broth to the pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let simmer for about 20 minutes until sweet potatoes are tender. Add the almond butter and diced tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper if desired. Remove from heat and puree in a blender to desired consistency. NOTE If you like thinner soup, add more vegetable stock or water. HWS

This healthy recipe and many others can be found in “The Heart of Your Community Cookbook” available through Heart Niagara. For more information, please email info@heartniagara.com or visit www.heartniagara.com. WWW.HWSMAG.COM





Photo: Gord Duguay and wife Clémence

IT’S A “SUCKER-PUNCH OF REALITY” that connects with emotion and fear. It can feel paralyzing, says Gord Duguay. But weathering the blow of a palliative diagnosis, and whip-sawing back, also helped him stay on his feet. “My wife Clémence is more worried about this now, than I am,” said Gord, his eyes crinkling. “The more you laugh and talk about it with your family…the more therapeutic it is. Some people may put their head in the sand. We just dealt with this right away.” Gord and his caregiving wife Clémence are on that journey, as the 76-year-old Welland man and retired shopkeeper manages terminal congestive heart disease and lung failure. The couple says Hospice Niagara has been a steady support through it all. “There is no community without volunteers, we are surrounded by them,” Gord offers, inside their apartment. Volunteers are essential to Hospice Niagara, best known as a home in St. Catharines where terminally-ill Niagara people can spend last days in dignity. Hospice Niagara also offers in-home palliative care to help people like Gord stay at home longer and keep their independence. For people like the Duguays, these services also fill major care gaps, with an interdisciplinary team covering many bases. Gord has a nurse a few times a week. He also uses volunteer drivers for doctor and hospital appointments, has a palliative-care doctor, a bereavement counsellor, and attends dayhospice programs. Friends, and an extended family—including adult children from previous relationships- are another core of the Duguay support system. A devoted army stands behind them. “We’re getting a lot of help now, we’re grateful,” said his wife. Hospice Niagara’s Day Hospice in Welland is another element, adds Clémence, who continues to work part-time. The free program allows her to do day-to-day chores out of the home, knowing Gord will be okay. It’s a tough haul for most folks like the Duguays. The hospice community knows assisting dying loved ones, especially those with complex needs, is stressful. That’s the case even before end-of-life care happens in a home. The Duguays are not at that point yet. And they

turn their thoughts to the families, partners and friends of the dying who are confronted with even tougher issues. Caregivers are often thrust into these roles. It might mean a leave of absence, ending a job, family turmoil, or relocation. Financial stress can mount, even in Canada, which has noncomprehensive public health care, and incomplete supplementary private insurance. Hospices, hospital systems, non-profits and others give back-up, but complexities roll on. “Many people don’t understand until they’re in this situation, what it all means. They may not know what to do,” Clémence said. “They’re alone, or they feel that way.” In her situation, Clémence credits a nurse at Welland’s hospital for getting the ball rolling. She arranged for Gord’s home-oxygen, hospice and pressing needs. “She knew exactly what to do,” she recalled. “Amazing. Now the care team is trying to keep him out of the hospital and we don’t feel so alone.” Clémence is reflective about their managed troubles, and has perspective. “There are others dealing with much worse things, with tougher problems than us,” she said, quietly. “My Christian faith and counting my blessings keeps me strong when I need it most.” Attitude and calm is also paramount in these situations. “Gord and I are best friends; we’re open to each other. He has such a positive attitude and that’s made a big difference. And he doesn’t look sick,” she adds with a grin, eyeing him fondly. The two say others in these situations should reach out to hospice agencies if they’re in similar need. “It needs to be publicized,” Clémence said, with emphasis. “Many people may not even know they can get this help, and they really should.” HWS

Many people may not even know they can get this help, and they really should.”



Hospice Niagara focuses on improving the quality of life for people living with life-limiting illnesses, death, dying, grief and loss. We rely on community support to provide these programs and services at no cost. For more information call 905.984.8766, email info@hospicenigara.ca, or go to hospiceniagara.ca. Stay connected through Facebook, Twitter and sign-up for our eNewsletter. WWW.HWSMAG.COM


Why Meditation works for the workplace Meditation: a novelty or a necessity intoday’s workplace? By Angela Kontgen

ALL THE SKILLS AND attributes that make for a successful and engaged workplace are found in the minds of people. Yet we continue talking about creativity, focus, emotional intelligence, resilience, relationship building and other attributes that make up success and engagement as if they can be purchased in a book or a one off workshop. Here’s the truth, they cannot and I think we are coming to realize this. When I asked an executive recently – Why Meditation? They answered: I need a daily practice that will bridge the gap between knowing and being. It’s one thing to talk about focus and creativity, and quite another to intentionally harness it within our mind. That’s where meditation comes in and that’s why it is fast becoming a necessity in the workplace. There was a time not long ago when the word meditation brought visions of people in robes sitting quietly in remote areas. There was a time when a few workplaces thought it might be a novelty to add it to their stress management programs. Today, as the science and research mounts, meditation is shifting from a novelty


to a necessity for today’s workplaces. Even the reputable Harvard Business Review is sighting meditation as one of the top practices for the 21st century business leader. The reason for this is that the benefits of it extend far beyond relaxation. There is growing evidence that meditation is a powerful way to build leadership skills and advance goals. Google the science of meditation and you will see that it is having a positive impact on a wide range of areas – from our immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems to helping us create the space to really listen to employees and co-workers. You might not need another workshop on “listening skills” – you may find it much more powerful to press pause for five to 10 minutes, in your day, to unlock new levels of empathy. One of the biggest reasons that meditation impacts so many aspects of our life is because of how it actively shifts and changes the brain. In his amazing book, Evolve your Brain, Dr. Joe Dispenza explains that meditation takes us from Beta to Alpha and Theta brain wave states. Why is this so important you might ask? In a nutshell,

you are shifting the brain from overdrive and survival mode into creativity mode and what I also like to call the “all is possible and I can handle anything” state. Now that’s amazing! New levels of creativity, focus and fulfillment are possible when we actively shift our brain wave states. Deeply inspired by this knowledge, I imagine a time when leaders sit and breathe for five minutes before they go into an important team meeting. I see intentional midday meditations taking place to help shift people into that all is well and I can handle anything state. As I get approached by more leaders and more workplaces, I am coming to realize that meditation is no longer a novelty; in today’s fast paced world it is a necessity. I used to coach people on all aspects of their personal and professional lives; today I focus on one thing – meditation – that positively impacts everything! HWS Angela Kontgen is a meditation and mindset coach. For more information, email Angela at angela@angelakontgen.com or go to angelakontgen.com




IMMUNE SUPPORT Catherine Bradley, B.A., DMH, DMAH, Heilkunst Practitioner

THE COOLER WEATHER is making its entrance into the northern hemisphere. We focus our attention on dressing warmer, eating heavier, warmer foods and spending more time indoors. To protect and prevent ourselves from flu and cold season the focus of this article will be on the immune system. The immune system is the primary system in our body that affects our entire state of being and our functionality. It is a system that needs continual care throughout the year; it is the core of our being. It is an integral part of all the other systems’ functions in the body. If the immune system is not supported and balanced, it will alter the effectiveness of all the other systems and their function. On the flip side of this, if the organs and other systems are supported, then the immune system remains strong. The immune system resides in the blood, which is connected to all the organs. The organs are all part of the excretory system, that in turn, function to balance what is coming, with what is going out, through the digestion process. The key is to understand how important the role foods, minerals, vitamins, and other nourishing substances play in maintaining and sustaining our immune system, especially in the digestion process. Foods provide the nourishment we need, so crucial is the quality and type of foods we eat. Quality foods emphasize the importance of receiving essential vitamins and minerals that can support our resistance, by building the stores we need and breaking down the molecules we need to produce prebiotics/probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, red blood cells and more. It is essential the organs get as much nourishment as possible. The liver is responsible for removing toxins, and for producing red blood cell proteins, bile and cholesterol. It also acts as a barrier to protect the body from pathogens. It stimulates strength of the will and generates mobility in our body, literally. It works in conjunction with the gallbladder, the organ responsible for bile regulation that is responsible for digesting fats. The liver needs the support of the primary vitamins A, B-complex, plus additional B12 (Cobalamin), and D. The liver stores only the fat soluble vitamins of A, and D and the water soluble B12. It also needs nourishment from the minerals copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, iron, and sulphur. The kidney is responsible for purifying the blood, oxygenation of the red blood cells, and removing toxins as well. It stimulates our purpose from our soul. It needs the nourishment of vitamins C, D, B6 (Pyridoxine), and the minerals of calcium, potassium, and copper. The lungs are responsible for respiration, oxygenation of the body, and the removal of carbon dioxide. The lungs are intimately connected to the nervous system. It



is the first breath we take in, that of life. The lungs are part of the first defence of breathing in pathogens, particles and air born contaminants. The lungs are also the primary organ reacting to the body’s stress on all levels. It is essential the lungs are supported with vitamins A, C, D, E, minerals rich in salts and carbons, as well as mercury. The heart is responsible for warmth, primarily circulation of blood throughout the body. The heart is the organ that allows the upper (brain/central nervous system) and lower (liver, kidneys, lungs, and spleen – below diaphragm) bodies to connect in a spiritual rhythm of function. The heart’s nourishment comes from vitamins C, D, E, and B3 (Niacin), and minerals potassium, calcium, selenium, and magnesium, as well as metal minerals of gold, silver and tin. The spleen is a unique organ, as it is the only major organ you can live without. The spleen’s primary role is to regulate the rhythm of digestion, which works in conjunction with the other organs. The spleen’s nourishment is primarily that of digestive enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, and antioxidants. These are all needed to assimilate and nourish the whole body. Foods rich in these primary vitamins and minerals will assimilate nourishment through the breakdown process involved, of which digestive enzymes, amino acids, and antioxidants carry on this role. Further in the digestion process are the Intestines. They introduce the healthy forms of bacterial and fungal culture that further enhance the production of vitamins, enzymes to fight pathogens. It is important the Intestines create, or are supplied with a sufficient amount of probiotics to carry on the cycle of digestion and immune support. In conclusion, the best defence against infection is to build immunity. Consume foods rich in vitamins, and minerals, including trace minerals, and Himalayan or sea salts. Foods rich in digestive enzymes, probiotics and amino acids (most of these are plant based) are essential in fighting off pathogens. Also key, consumption of quality water to keep hydrated and encourage the function of the organs to eliminate. Sound sleep, exposure to fresh air (one half hour per day), activity (physical and creative), and keeping with impeccable hygiene practices of using soap and water are the backbone for immune defence. For natural medicinal support, the use of homeopathics, metal minerals, herbs and several essences/oils, and botanicals are quite valuable, but should be recommended by a qualified professional to ensure appropriate use. HWS Catherine Bradley, B.A., DMH, DMAH is a Heilkunst practitioner. To find out more about her practice, call Catherine at 905.684.8013, email cbradley@cogeco.ca or go to www.bradleyheilkunst.com.



How to Not Get Sick By Sarah Midghall

THE SUMMER IS OVER, AND WE HAVE BEGUN A NEW SCHOOL YEAR, which means most of us are back to our regular routines. We will be spending less time living the good life by the pool with close friends, and more time in public spaces, exposed to more people and their germs. The best way to fight infections this season is prevention, through building strong immunity, optimizing vitamin C and zinc levels, staying physically active and managing life/work balance.

Building Strong Immunity The body runs on nutrients, meaning we actually become what we eat. Building immunity not only means feeding it plenty of vitamins and minerals by reaching our daily six to eight servings of fruits and vegetables, but also ensuring we are getting enough protein. Protein provides building blocks called amino acids which are utilized by white blood cells to create antibodies. Antibodies work to fight infection by identifying foreign pathogens and inhibiting them before illness takes over. Fitting in a daily smoothie full of raw, plant-based nutrition coupled with a protein powder is a great way to achieve both micronutrient and protein goals daily. Aim for about one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Optimizing Vitamin C and Zinc Eating a whole food based diet is paramount to preventing illness, but optimizing these key nutrients is an additional preventative measure you can take to stave off infection. Vitamin C boasts an immunity boosting reputation since it is an extremely potent antioxidant. Vitamin C neutralizes damage in the body is anti-inflammatory and reduces stress at the cellular level. Add fresh lemon or acerola powder to your water in the to top up your Vitamin C levels. Zinc is another anti-oxidant and is a co-factor in hundreds metabolic reactions and cellular functions including apoptosis. Apoptosis is a natural process, pivotal to health where the body naturally destroys dysfunctional cells. Zinc not only improves the efficiency of the body at the intracellular level, it is key for skin health, the immune system’s first line of defence. Staying Active The cooler months encourage us to linger in the comfort of our warm sheets and shun our morning walk, run or gym appointment. The fact that we are more bundled up may perpetuate our lack of motivation, but there is more to exercise than weight loss. Staying active year-round boosts immunity through increasing blood-flow, oxygenating our cells, sweating out toxins and moving the lymphatic system, which helps damaged cells exit the building. Exercising also naturally causes us to hydrate more, further flushing toxins. Managing Work-Life Balance We live in a fast paced society that constantly justifies putting off rest in favour of productivity. However, there is no substitute for quality sleep, not even sizing up on your favourite caffeinated beverage. Managing your immunity is closely tied to managing stress. The immune system takes a hit when we sacrifice sleep and the additional stressor of a java induced adrenaline rush amplifies this. If you do not make time to rest, you may be making time for illness in the near future. HWS

The A.D.D. & BRAIN TREATMENT CENTRE OF NIAGARA Neurofeedback & Rehabilitation treatment for: Children, Adolescents, and Adults. Specializing in WSIB, MVA, & VETS injuries.


Dr. Terence Semple Registered Psychologist 50 Lake St., St. Catharines, ON L2R 5X1 tsemple@tmsemplepsychologist.ca

I Deserve The Best Home Child Care. Expect the Best from Wee Watch. “I want you to keep me safe, and teach me about colours, the alphabet, how to share and so much more.” Discover Wee Watch for your child. The best home away from Home. 905-371-2012 • weewatch.com Quality Licensed Home Child Care



Sarah Midghall (CNP RNCP) is the owner and holistic nutritionist at Ambition Nutrition. For more information, visit to www.ambitionnutrition.com.






Wheels of Hope Niagara

Essential Canadian Cancer Society program offers transportation to and from cancer-related appointments. By Scott Leslie

EACH YEAR, OVER 85,000 MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN are diagnosed with cancer in Ontario. That’s a sobering statistic. But sometimes these patients have another issue to worry about. Approximately one in five cancer patients in Ontario have difficulty getting transportation to their cancer treatments. That’s where “Wheels of Hope” comes in. Wheels of Hope Niagara is a Canadian Cancer Society initiative that offers transportation to and from these life saving treatments. That includes trips to St. Catharines, Hamilton and Toronto area hospitals. The society’s team of volunteer drivers provides these trips Monday to Friday for clients that would normally have trouble getting to their treatments. “It’s a critical service,” explains Kim Rossi, development officer at the Canadian Cancer Society. “With our aging population in Niagara, clients may no longer have the support system they once had to get to and from treatment. Sometimes they might require a year or even years of back and forth treatments. With our volunteer drivers, clients have one less worry with someone else behind the wheel.” In order to become a driver with Wheels of Hope Niagara, volunteers need to have a clean, smoke-free vehicle, a valid G class driver’s license, insurance and a safe driving record. Volunteer drivers must also be over 18, undergo a background check and attend special training and orientation sessions. These drivers are then reimbursed depending on the mileage they accumulate. “Often our clients and volunteers form a bond on their road trips,” Kim says. “Our volunteers are more than just drivers. They become a support system for those on their cancer journey.” The Canadian Cancer Society has been providing transportation services for cancer patients since the 1950s—and the Wheels of Hope 14


Niagara program has become an uncommon success in recent years. In 2016 alone, the program provided 16,183 trips for 793 clients including adults and children. Volunteer drivers drove a total of 689,784 kilometres during that time. But funding continues to be an issue. The Canadian Cancer Society doesn’t receive any government support for Wheels of Hope Niagara which costs just over $200,000 a year to operate. The Canadian Cancer Society’s Niagara chapter holds annual fundraisers like the Grapes of Wrath, a five kilometre obstacle and mud run that raises a large part of its funding. Clients who register with Wheels of Hope Niagara also help out by paying a one-time $100 registration fee. But Kim says individual donations are critical, particularly as the demand for Wheels of Hope continues to grow across the region. “Unfortunately, this is a program we’ll always need,” she says. “Approximately one in two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and there’s already an increased need in Niagara.” HWS If you’d like to make a donation towards Wheels of Hope Niagara or become a volunteer, contact the Niagara chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society at 905.684.6455 or niagara@ontario.cancer.ca. For more information or to register with Wheels of Hope Niagara, contact Cancer Information Services Hotline at 1.888.939.3333 or info@cis.cancer.ca.



Betty’s Restaurant celebrating 50 years

Popular eatery in historic Chippawa continues to welcome customers from across Niagara with its fine home cooking and family atmosphere. Photo: Betty’s Restaurant owners, Joe, Bernadette Julianne and Trudy Miszk By Scott Leslie

YOU JUST CAN’T BEAT HOME-STYLE COOKING – AND JOE MISZK WOULD BE THE FIRST ONE TO AGREE. Joe is the owner and operator of Betty’s Restaurant on Sodom Road in Chippawa. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Betty’s has become a tradition in local circles, serving generations of hungry Niagara residents for five decades. “We’re well-known for our great home cooking, friendly service and reasonable prices,” Joe says. “We have tried to keep our prices fair and our customers keep coming back time and time again.” Betty’s Restaurant was purchased by the Miszk family in 1967 and is celebrating its 50th year in business this year. When Trudy and Joe Miszk Sr. (Papa Joe) bought the business, it was just a modest 21-seat diner. But Trudy’s cooking soon built up a great reputation in Niagara and the business began to grow and grow.

“I have to give my parents full credit,” Joe says. “They worked very hard in the business, and had the intestinal fortitude to work with it as long as they did.” According to Joe, one of the other reasons for their success is the strong relationships they’ve built with their suppliers, contractors and providers. “Most of our suppliers have been with us a very long time­—some since day one,” Joe explains. “Our loyalties run deep, and we thank them for all their support and friendship.”

Most of our suppliers have been with us a very long time – Joe Miszk


Congrats on 50 Years enjoyed being a part

905.353.9393 WWW.HWSMAG.COM





Photo: Betty’s Restaurant owner Joe Miszk

Photo: One of Betty’s many year round functions.

NEW IDEAS AND EXPANSIONS When the Miszk family first purchased Betty’s Restaurant back in the 1960s, the small diner mostly served local customers. As their reputation grew, however, the Miszks developed more of a regional clientele and the restaurant continued to expand. Over the years, Betty’s became well-known to many tourists and Joe has developed strong working relationships with numerous tour companies both local and from abroad.

“They literally bring them in by the busload,” Joe says. Betty’s has also built up a solid catering business. The growth of their special function trade convinced the family to build additional banquet rooms to accommodate this growing market. As a result, Betty’s now has seating for up to 500 guests. “You’re always adapting to changing markets and looking for new opportunities to bring in guests,” Joe says.

WE ARE PROUD SUPPLIERS OF Betty’s Restaurant and would like to congratulate them on



spectacular years! Congratulations Joe, Bernadettte and the entire Miszk family.

55 Vansco Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5Z8 416.255.2700 16




Since 1965


Congratulations on

50 YEARS 4916 Montrose Road

Niagara Falls


Congratulations to Joe Miszk & family on Betty’s Restaurant 50th Anniversary.

Photo: Betty’s Restaurant owners Joe and Bernadette Miszk

6160 Lyons Creek Rd, Niagara Falls 905-295-6568


At Betty’s, their successful menu has a little something for everyone – from the freshly made soups to the tasty seafood and excellent prime rib. Betty’s even bakes its own dinner rolls every day. The most popular item on the menu is the homemade fruit pies – and the demand is phenomenal. During their busiest times for instance, Betty’s full-time bakers might bake over 100 pies in an average day. Their other signature item is the fish and chips dinner which has been a local mainstay for years with its tasty haddock, fries and coleslaw. Everything is made fresh daily at Betty’s – and that’s a real source of pride. “We make everything from scratch,” Joe says of their menu. “We do everything old school­—just how my parents did 50 years ago.” But Joe isn’t afraid to make a few tweaks to their winning formula. “There have been a lot of social and nutritional changes these days,” he says. “People are trying to eat healthier – so we’ve added vegetarian dishes and given people gluten free options. We’re even experimenting with sugar free pies and desserts.” When it comes to special events, Betty’s is also in a class by itself, hosting countless weddings, birthdays, graduations, bridal showers, staff get-togethers and business meetings year round. Betty’s also holds popular Sunday brunches for Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.


Betty’s Restaurant has won numerous awards over the years for its core principles of great home cooking, friendly staff and affordable prices. Joe has also been an active member of the community, formerly chairing the Winter Festival of Lights and coaching his daughters’ track and field team at Saint Michael High School. WWW.HWSMAG.COM






“It’s so important to have community involvement,” he says. “I try to do my best.” But as Joe emphatically states, “The greatest gratification is a satisfied customer. To know how many hundreds of thousands of customers you’ve served over the years and realize how many friends you’ve made as a result is truly humbling. We really love what we do here!” Joe took over Betty’s Restaurant from his parents about 25 years ago when they began to step back and finally retire from the business. But Betty’s continues to be a proud family-run operation. Joe and his wife Bernadette have three children—Josh and twin daughters Emily and Julianne­—and all three of the Miszk kids have worked in the restaurant at various times while attending school. Joe can hardly wait for their grandson, Ronnie, to start helping at the restaurant. “It’s a thrill to work with your children,” he explains. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to work in the hospitality industry. It’s just a great learning experience, where you can pick up many important life skills.” Joe is quick to thank his family and especially Bernadette for all her support and patience. “The restaurant business requires long hours and many sacrifices,” he says. “I couldn’t imagine doing it without her. We have a great relationship—I cook, she cleans.” Under the Miszk family’s leadership, Betty’s Restaurant has developed into one of Niagara’s most successful restaurants, serving countless families, seniors and local business professionals over the years. And with over 60 full and part-time employees on staff, Betty’s has also become a major employer in its own right. Some staff

It’s a thrill to work with your children,”







Happy 50th Anniversary Betty’s Restaurant!

1096 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake 905-935-2866 konzelmann.ca

Photo: Joe’s Mother Trudy helped launch Betty’s in 1967

If you want to know the biggest reason for our success, it’s easy,” Joe says. “It’s our staff.

members like Chris, Barbie, and Paula have been with the family for over 40 years. “If you want to know the biggest reason for our success, it’s easy,” Joe says. “It’s our staff. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most dedicated, hard-working and compassionate people you could ever imagine. I appreciate their dedication!” This Christmas, Joe is planning a reunion of all their current and previous staff to help celebrate their golden anniversary. “It’ll be a great opportunity to get together and share some great stories,” Joe says. The Miszk family and their staff would like to thank everyone for the last 50 years and they’re looking forward to many more. “We’re in the comfort business,” Joe says simply. “Comfort food is what we’re all about.” HWS

Betty’s Restaurant is located on 8921 Sodom Road in Niagara Falls. For more information or to make reservations, call 905.295.4436, email admin@bettysrestaurant.com or go to www.bettysrestaurant.com.


Congratulations Betty’s Restaurant on your 50th Anniversary



6710 Lundy’s Lane Niagara Falls, ON 905-357-9515 Congratulations Betty’s Restaurant on 50 Wonderful years. Paul & Colin Biggar

Complete Car Care Since 1953

6717 Drummond Rd | Niagara Falls ON





A CHILD COUNSELLOR POINT OF VIEW THE WORLD IS NOT AN EASY PLACE to raise a child and parenting in today’s society is not a task for the faint hearted. At times, some of us parents find ourselves wondering what we are doing wrong, we can feel guilty or frustrated, overwhelmed by some of our child’s behaviours and attitudes. Eight-year-old Max came to counselling because his parents were concerned with his behaviours and reported that he seemed upset and angry often. His parents had separated the year before and he had a visitation schedule with both. Both parents were loving and supportive, desiring him to succeed in life and willing to support him in every way they could. Yet, soon after the separation, Max’s teachers noticed that he was becoming more oppositional in class, refusing to co-operate, reluctant to participate and often had difficulty sharing toys or working cooperatively with other students. These behaviours were observed at home as well. The parents reported he would get angry and over react, often yelling and throwing stuff. When Max first came to see me, he was reluctant to talk. Over the better half of a year working together, and with the help of puppet friends, Max learned about his emotions and how they were making him react. He was able to talk about his worries about his parents not being together and how he struggled with feeling torn between them. He learned to recognize when he was upset and found ways to relieve

By Jodie Hiebert

the big feelings using coping tools. His parents worked with me to find ways to encourage him to use these strategies and also learned their own strategies to respond to Max in positive ways. Feeling heard and cared about, Max felt safer and he became less reactive. Max was less frustrated with his peers and was able to participate in games and activities again. Child and family counselling sessions can support the strengthening of relationships and the family unit as a whole, helping children feel safe and secure and parents gain confidence in the role God has given them to raise these wonderful gifts. We are blessed to be a part of God’s plan in providing opportunities for healing and growth in this community, starting with families themselves, from our youngest family members to the oldest.

Jodie Hiebert is a member of Niagara Life Centre counselling team and specializes in counselling young children. Niagara Life Centre is a low fee counselling service caring for individuals and families. We provide practical and compassionate care through counselling, guidance and support for the emotional, social physical and spiritual needs of those we serve. In 2016, we served 623 individuals (including children). Please consider partnering with us to serve those who need help, hope and healing in our community. Niagara Life Centre is now located on 65 Lakeshore Road in St. Catharines.


You Youare areinvited invitedtotoattend attendthe theGrand Grand Openingof ofour ournew newlocation locationon on Opening You are invited to attend the Grand November 1616 at at 2 pm November 2 pm Opening of our new location on


with Port Dalhousie Councillor

with Port Dalhousie Councillor Carlos November at 2 pm Carlos Garcia16officiating. Garcia officiating. Join us as we celewith Port Dalhousie CouncillorGod’s Carlos us goodness as we celebrate brateJoin God’s in our new locaGarcia officiating. Joinnew us aslocation. we celegoodness in our tion. brate God’s goodness in our new location. Niagara Life Centre

Niagara Life Centre Counselling Counselling 65 LakeshoreLife Rd, Centre Niagara St.Lakeshore Catharines,Rd, ON L2M 4Y2 65 Counselling 905.934.0021 St. Catharines, ON L2M 4Y2 niagaralifecentre.ca 905.934.0021 65 Lakeshore Rd, niagaralifecentre.ca St. Catharines, ON L2M 4Y2 905.934.0021 niagaralifecentre.ca





Phone: 905.246.1051 WWW.HWSMAG.COM











30 B O OT H S







Produced by Paul Carfagnini, Divine Media, 905-328-5296

Get Noticed. Get Found.


Saturday, October 21st, 2017 • 10 am till 3 pm

Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre

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Royal Henley

Henderson’s Pharmacy

Retirement living at its finest

The heart of the community since 1939


he Royal Henley Retirement Community is retirement living redefined! From the moment you walk in the door you will feel welcome and will understand why people choose The Royal Henley to be their new home. Unmatched choice and an enviable level of service in a positive, vibrant and caring environment is what we are all about. Our fine dining meals are prepared by our executive chef which includes choices on an a la carte menu. We have a daily calendar of activities that include outings on our shuttle bus, exercise options in our CLUBfit centre, aqua fit classes in our heated salt water pool, entertainment and so much more! Your well being and safety is our number one priority so we have Registered Nursing Staff on site 24/7, available for both independent living & assisted living. You can choose from a wide selection of unique and individual suite designs which include studios, one bedroom, one bedroom plus den and two bedroom. These suites come with a kitchenette, walk-in shower, and a state of the art emergency response system. HWS

Visit Jessica & Krista at the Niagara Health Expo at the Hotel Dieu Shaver Saturday, October 21st from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to learn more about The Royal Henley or call today 905.935.1800

By Todd Kreulen


enderson’s Pharmacy is proud to be a Premium Sponsor of the Niagara Health Expo held on Saturday, October 21st at the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre, 541 Glenridge Avenue in St. Catharines. This event is designed to provide attendees the tools required to make better lifestyle choices and live an enhanced quality of life. Health care experts will be available to help educate attendees and raise awareness to the options available in our community to enable people to make positive lifestyle choices. Henderson’s Home Health Care staff will on on hand displaying a varielty of products and services such as compression stockings, mobility aids, bath safety products and ostomy products.We will also be discussing our Synmed packaging system. Blister packing helps patients organize their prescriptions and over the counter medications into a convenient and easy to use blister. Thus, making it easier to keep track of what you are taking and when you should be taking it. Stop by and say “hello” to our team at the booth and check out our product demonstrations including the new improved Revitive Circulation Booster Medic.The Circulation Booster helps those affected by poor circulation who cannot walk for long distances to get the leg muscles moving to help bood flow. It will stimulate the calf muscles to contract which in turn pushes on the veins to help bring the blood flow back up to the heart to recirculate. HWS

HENDERSON’S Voted Best Retirement Community

Call Today to Book Your Complimentary Tour & Lunch! 905-935-1800


THE HEART OF THE COMMUNIT Y SINCE 1939 diabetic products • mobility products • compliance packaging compression therapy • ostomy supplies • and more



20% OFF

Independent Living, Assisted Living and Respite Care Available. 582 Ontario Street, St. Catharines www.RoyalHenley.com 22







Saturday, October 21st, 2017 • 10 am till 3 pm

Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre

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Connect Hearing

Niagara Health Contribute to a healthier Niagara.

Hear better without anyone knowing you’re wearing hearing aids. Denying signs of hearing loss and not actively seeking a solution is largely attributed to the stigma that’s associated with wearing hearing aids. What many don’t know is that hearing aid technology has come a long way. Gone are the outdated, uncomfortable and noticeably clunky hearing aids. Now, there are solutions that can be customized to the individual wearing them and some are so discreet no one will even know you’re wearing them! Not being able to fully engage in a social situation can be frustrating. Especially when it means missing parts of a lively conversation because there are too many competing background noises. Asking someone to have to repeat themselves becomes embarrassing, and withdrawing from social situations becomes a method of coping. For many, coping

Phonak Virto™ B - Titanium hearing aids: only you will know you're wearing them. is a way of prolonging the need for hearing aids because they don’t want to give in to showing their age. Today’s hearing aid technologies offer the best of both worlds: fully engage in social situations without anyone knowing you’re wearing hearing aids. You can look as young as you

feel, hearing with ease and confidence. Take the Virto B-Titanium hearing aids for example, they are designed to help understand speech even in a group conversation or when there’s competing background noise. They’re the smallest custom hearing aid. Durable and strong, the sleek shell contains the best technology and is discreet for those who don’t want to show their age. Connect Hearing wants to help you back into the conversation.

Connect Hearing • Grimsby • Fonthill • St Catharines


Volunteer with Niagara Health and make the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY

Hearing well means olunteers are an integral part of Niagara Health, devoting


not showing your hearingextraordinary aids). theiryour timeage to (or help us deliver caring to our

patients every day. From assisting with meals to working With hearing aids this powerful and discreet, the information desks at all of our sites, volunteers help keep the no one will even know you’re wearing them. hospitals running by filling a number of important roles. Our also Hearing. support the important work of OneFoundation for Itvolunteers starts at Connect Niagara Health andHealth our Auxiliaries by raising money through gift See you at the Niagara Show! shops, lottery ticket sales and other ways. In 2016/17, Niagara Health had 850 volunteers working across all sites. HWS connecthearing.ca/titanium

1.866.373.2119 ‡

Book a FREE

hemore aringabout If you’re interested in learning test*volunteer positions, or would like to

complete an application form to to join daus, y! please call

905.378.4647, ext 44630 or email volunteer@niagarahealth.on.ca. ** PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE

VAC, WSIB, ADP & ODSP accepted. *Free hearing tests only applicable for clients over 50 years of age and no fees or purchase are necessary. ‡Based on national physician referrals over the tenure of the corporation’s Canadian business operations compared to the disclosed referral count of leading competitors. **Certain conditions apply to the Price Match Guarantee. See clinic for details. ®CAA, CAA logo and CAA Rewards trademarks owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association.

ring aids.

with ease and ake the Virto aring aids for are designed stand speech p conversation ’s competing oise. They’re stom hearing nd strong, the tains the best is discreet for want to show

aring wants ack into the

Hearing well means not showing your age (or your hearing aids). With hearing aids this powerful and discreet, no one will even know you’re wearing them. It starts at Connect Hearing. See you at the Niagara Health Show!

1.866.373.2119 connecthearing.ca/titanium ‡




Book a FREE hearing test* today!


VAC, WSIB, ADP & ODSP accepted. *Free hearing tests only applicable for clients over 50 years of age and no fees or purchase are necessary. ‡Based on national physician referrals over the tenure of the corporation’s Canadian business operations compared to the disclosed referral count of leading competitors. **Certain conditions apply to the Price Match Guarantee. See clinic for details. ®CAA, CAA logo and CAA Rewards trademarks owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association.




Saturday, October 21st, 2017 • 10 am till 3 pm

HWSMagAd_2017_art.qxp_art 2017-09-08 2:39 PM• Speakers Page 1 • Prizes Display • Live Demos • Samples

Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre www.NiagaraHealthExpo.com

Saturday, October 21st, 2017 • 10 am till 3 pm Display • Live Demos • Samples • Speakers • Prizes

Mental Health Solutions: Be Informed, Be Empowered.


ental Health Solutions (MHS), is a private, nurse led mental health service provider, located in the Niagara Region, that offers in home supports designed to assist individuals to achieve mental wellness. MHS’ vision is to support individuals living with significant mental health challenges to achieve a position of optimal health and a sense of personal well-being. MHS’ mission is to ensure that individuals seeking mental health support experience a caring, personalized, holistic approach, have the information required to make informed treatment choices and decisions, and are provided the knowledge and tools to transform mental illness into mental health. MHS offers comprehensive mental health assessment, treatment support, individual counselling, care coordination and family support. No referral is needed and your initial consultation is free. MHS also provides educational sessions for organizations and groups that focus on understanding mental illness and health, treatment and rehabilitation options and approaches, self-management strategies and steps to understanding and navigating the mental health system.


Please visit our website at www.mymentalhealthsolutions.ca and don’t hesitate to email info@mymentalhealthsolutions.ca or call 289.969.3999.

Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre www.NiagaraHealthExpo.com



CUSTOM FOOTWEAR SPECIALIST JERRY SUFFERS FROM Metatarsalgia in both feet. Metatarsalgia causes inflammation and a sharp or burning pain in the ball of the foot. Every step Jerry tried to take resulted in a sharp pain. He was not able to walk. Jerry was treated with Metatarsal Surgery to help relieve the pain. Unfortunately, the surgery did Rob DiFelice not totally clear the pain because of problems Owner/Operator with ill-fitting shoes. Jerry turned to Elio’s Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre for a custom footwear solution to alleviate his foot pain. Custom made shoes are made with precision to fit wide and high to allow the toes to spread. Designed by Elio’s specialists, custom shoes help prevent pressure in the forefoot and reduce the risk of Metatarsalgia. Today, Jerry works 12 hour shifts, and he is happy to enjoy a lot of his time on his feet with no pain. Jerry says “ I am more active now these days, and able to spend time outside with my family”. HWS

tel: 905.227.4215 Pine Shopping Centre, 9 Pine St., N., Thorold info@eliosfootcomfort.com www.eliosfootcomfort.com

A healthier u

Vibe HIIT, HIIT, Vibe Vibe Wellness, Vibe Wellness, Vibe Recovery Recovery & & Vibe Cellulite Blast. Cellulite Blast. Call to to book book aa Free Free Trial. Trial. Call

• Comprehensive mental health assessment • Treatment support • Individual Counselling

• Care Coordination • Educational Seminars and Workshops • Mental Health Review for Organizations

20 MINUTES IS ALL YOU NEED! karen@mymentalhealthsolutions.ca mymentalhealthsolutions.ca



EAT WELL , LIVE WELL , BE WELL 121 Highway 20 E | Fonthill, ON 905.892.8545 | fiona@becomeahealthieru.com

www.becomeahealthieru.com HWS HEALTH, WELLNESS & SAFETY MAGAZINE



GE Healthcare to Offer a More Comfortable Mammography Experience Provided by GE Healthcare

GE HEALTHCARE IS DELIGHTED to launch the new Senographe Pristina™, in our commitment to fighting breast cancer by encouraging early detection. With the new Senographe Pristina, our next generation mammography system, we’ve completely redesigned the mammography experience to make breast screening more comfortable and inviting. Fear of pain is one of the most common reasons why women do not schedule a mammogram. A recent study conducted by Evans, et.al, found that painful exams explain why 25 to 46% of women failed to return for further breast imaging. The study concluded that effective pain-reducing interventions in mammography are needed to encourage more women to come in for screening. The target participation rate in Canadian organized breast cancer screening programs is 70% of eligible women. Currently all provincial programs fall below this rate. Senographe Pristina features a range of ergonomic features that are intentionally designed to enable patients to be more comfortable. All parts in contact with the patient’s breasts for example have gentle rounded corners for greater comfort. The system features comfortable armrests that relax the pectoral muscles to simplify positioning, compression and image acquisition. Traditional mammography systems compress the breast automatically, which can be a source of considerable discomfort. Senographe Pristina features a selfcompression tool that helps give women a sense of control by allowing them to manually adjust the degree of breast compression. Under the direction of a technologist, the patient can set compression to a level that feels right for them. Taken together, these design features mean that technologists are better able to focus on precise positioning, making exams easier and faster. Poor positioning

is the cause of most clinical image deficiencies that often require a rescan. “We are committed to fighting breast cancer by encouraging early detection,” says Heather Chalmers, Canadian general manager of GE Healthcare. “Senographe Pristina is designed to humanize the mammography experience by increasing comfort and helping reduce patient anxiety. The system’s potential to help increase the number of annual screening exams is an important step forward in women’s healthcare.” GE Healthcare worked closely with patients, technologists and radiologists from Gustave Roussy Cancer Center to get critical input to ensure the system would address the major pain points for all three groups. Gustave Roussy is one of the largest cancer treatment centers in Europe. A study by Gustave Roussy analyzing patient response to the new mammography system found that 83% of patients surveyed were extremely satisfied with the exam. HWS For more information on the Senographe Pristina, call 1.800.668.0732 or go to: www3.gehealthcare.ca/en/products/categories/mammography/ senographe_pristina.


TESTIMONIAL 䠀圀匀 䄀䜀䄀娀䤀一䔀

䄀䘀䔀吀夀 䴀

䔀匀匀 ☀ 匀

Ⰰ 圀䔀䰀䰀一


䠀 圀 匀 䄀 倀倀

椀倀 䠀 䜀䔀吀 䤀 伀 一 吀 䤀一 吀 䔀  䠀䔀  簀  椀倀  䄀倀 倀䰀 䄀 䔀 䤀吀唀 䐀   簀  椀 一䔀匀 匀 倀伀 吀伀刀䔀 䐀  琀漀 ℀ 甀挀栀

唀䔀 ㈀

䔀 㠀  䤀匀匀


Niagara’s Newest Most Affordable Funeral Alternative ㈀ 吀伀刀夀 倀㄀


吀䠀 倀䄀吀䠀匀吀 䰀 䠀䔀䄀䰀

䴀䔀一吀䄀 䜀 䌀䠀䤀䰀䐀刀䔀一ᤠ匀  䴀䔀一䐀䤀一 䴀䤀一䐀匀 匀匀 䔀 圀䔀䰀䰀一䔀 䠀䔀 䌀伀刀 䘀䤀吀  䘀䤀吀 吀伀 吀 䰀吀䠀   倀䔀吀 䠀䔀䄀吀䔀䰀䰀 䤀䘀 夀伀唀刀 一 䠀伀圀 吀伀   䌀䄀吀 䤀匀 䤀一 倀䄀䤀 䐀伀䜀 伀刀 䔀䐀 䈀夀㨀 倀唀䈀䰀䤀匀䠀

Holly Prince-Jensen Licensed Funeral Directors


Bruce McClelland Partners in Funeral Care

Services We Offer: • Immediate Burial • Immediate Cremation • Graveside Service • Celebration Of Life • Full Traditional Funeral • Memorial Service Reasonable Payment Plans for Pre-Arrangements

Compassionate Service For Considerably Less

䌀伀嘀䔀刀 匀

吀䔀  䤀䐀䔀刀䄀伀一 䌀伀一匀䔀䴀 䄀吀䤀 䰀 䌀刀 䤀䄀 ☀ 䈀唀刀 䌀⸀ 一  䤀 䔀匀   昀昀漀爀搀愀戀氀攀 匀䔀刀嘀䤀䌀 甀氀 愀渀搀 愀 ⸀ 爀攀猀瀀攀挀琀昀 氀 栀漀洀攀猀 最 愀  渀攀爀愀 倀爀漀瘀椀搀椀渀 琀椀漀渀愀氀 昀甀 琀漀 琀爀愀搀椀 漀瀀琀椀漀渀

爀瘀椀挀攀猀 䤀渀挀⸀ ☀ 䈀甀爀椀愀氀 匀攀  䌀爀攀洀愀琀椀漀渀  䌀漀渀猀椀搀攀爀愀琀攀 ⴀ漀眀渀攀爀猀 漀昀   䨀攀渀猀攀渀Ⰰ 䌀漀 搀 愀渀搀 䠀漀氀氀礀 攀 䴀挀䌀氀攀氀氀愀渀 倀栀漀琀漀㨀  䈀爀甀挀

“Holly and I are overwhelmed with the response from our presence in the HWS Publication. Our advertising campaign has brought us a noticeable increase in business and a great deal of support from you and the magazine’s reach.” Bruce McClelland Holly Prince-Jensen Owners/Licensed Funeral Direc-

52 Scott St. West, Unit #1, St. Catharines (Between Ontario St. & South Service Road)


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by Lorraine

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LOW IRON IS COMMON—AND HARMFUL! An interview with health expert Lorna Vanderhaeghe By Jason Sebeslav

LORNA VANDERHAEGHE, MS, is a leading women’s health expert and has been researching nutritional medicine for over 25 years. With degrees in nutrition and biochemistry, she is a popular lecturer and the author of 10 books. I recently had the opportunity to ask Lorna about a pressing health topic: iron deficiency. Jason Sebeslav: Lorna, you’ve researched and lectured extensively on the problem of low iron status and its negative effects on health. How common is this problem and why should we be concerned? Lorna Vanderhaeghe: Iron deficiency is common not only in women but in children, men, the elderly and athletes. According to a new Canadian study we should be getting 20 mg of elemental iron daily from our diet. Instead, we are getting about 8 mg per day, which means most Canadians are deficient. Low iron levels are linked with poor growth and development, poor test scores in kids, reduced memory and brain fog, hair loss, peeling fingernails, lack of energy, pale skin, and lack of appetite. JS: Shouldn’t routine blood tests be picking up these cases of low iron and anemia? LV: You don’t have to be anemic to have problems. In a 2003 British Medical Journal clinical trial involving non-anemic women, iron supplementation dramatically improved fatigue that could not be explained. Most doctors will tell you your iron is fine as long as you don’t have anemia, but low levels can cause many of the health concerns I mentioned. Always Lorna Vanderhaeghe, MS ask for a copy of your test results. For the ferritin (iron storage) test, for example, the range is 15–160 ug/mL for women. However, women will begin to lose their hair if ferritin is below 70 ug/mL. JS: Many customers come to our store after a bad experience with prescription iron pills. What are the shortcomings of these pills and what are some alternatives? LV: Standard iron supplements prescribed by the doctor include ferrous fumarate and ferrous sulphate. They cause terrible stomach upset and constipation. Most women can’t take them for more than a couple of weeks. Yet it takes a full year on these iron supplements to raise ferritin. I recommend 1 teaspoon per day of IronSmart, which delivers 10 mg of elemental (actual) iron. JS: In your research on the various forms of iron, what did you find out that led you to settle on the liposomal form featured in your IronSmart supplement? LV: I had terrible heavy periods caused by fibroids. After only two menstrual cycles that are heavy, women develop anemia. I started losing my hair as a result and no doctor could tell me why. I started searching for an iron that actually worked. I am vegetarian and none of the vegetarian irons were raising my ferritin levels. Finally, I met researchers in Europe who had a special liposomal iron that did not constipate and raised hemoglobin and ferritin quickly. And it tasted great—like Werther’s candy! Compared to ferrous fumarate and ferrous sulphate, the liposomal iron found in IronSmart raised iron levels by more than double in only 12 hours of ingestion. WWW.HWSMAG.COM

JS: We’ve heard that supplemental iron may be detrimental to seniors, particularly men. What are your thoughts on this, and is this a concern for senior women as well? LV: Some men develop a rare condition where their iron levels get dangerously high. Thankfully this is rare and those men give blood to keep iron in check. The idea that senior women don’t need iron because they are no longer menstruating is ridiculous. So many senior women are losing hair, have poor memory and low energy because their doctor simply won’t test their iron! I think all senior women need 10 mg of IronSmart to ensure they are getting this very important mineral. HWS Jason Sebeslav is the owner of The Peanut Mill Natural Foods Market, a full-service health and wellness store in St. Catharines. He has worked in the editorial department of alive magazine and his articles have appeared in many natural health publications. For more information about the store, visit www.thepeanutmill.com. The approaches described in this publication are not offered as cures, prescriptions, diagnosis, or a means of diagnosis to different conditions. The Publishers assume no responsibility in the correct or incorrect use of this information as a form of treatment without the approval of your doctor.

Your Low Iron Solution by Lorna Vanderhaeghe Canada’s leading women’s natural health expert

IRONsmart is a vegetarian iron that raises hemoglobin and ferritin fast. IRONsmart stops hair loss, peeling fingernails, boosts energy and is non-constipating. IRONsmart is for children, pregnant women, athletes, seniors—everyone! Available in delicious caramel liquid and capsules. IRONsmart raises iron quickly Iron in serum 12 hours after ingestion: IRONsmart vs. other iron supplements

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Niagara Falls retirement residence offers the ultimate in luxury, comfort and security.

By Scott Leslie

RETIREMENT IS ALL ABOUT ENJOYING LIFE to the fullest. But if you’re living on your own and want to maintain your independence and quality of life, you owe it to yourself to come experience the Emerald Retirement Residence – Niagara Falls’ premier retirement development. Situated on Ferry Street in Niagara Falls, the Emerald Retirement Residence is a luxurious high rise residence with 110 private suites for couples and individual residents, and spectacular views of the majestic Niagara Falls. When it comes to comfort and care, residents and their families will find a lot to love at the Emerald Retirement Residence. In terms of accommodations, each private suite is designed to provide the ultimate in style and comfort with their spacious living areas, and warm and inviting décor. The suites feature large accessible ensuite bathrooms with walk-in showers, kitchenettes and generous living spaces. All suites come equipped with cable, phone and wireless internet. There’s even full housekeeping and laundry services – and an emergency response system to offer the utmost safety and security. Another aspect that sets the Emerald Retirement Residence apart from other retirement communities is its comprehensive on-site health care services. At the Emerald Retirement Residence, their staff offers a variety of medical services including bathing, medication management and other daily assistance. They also have a team of caring staff who can provide 24-hour a day personal care. The Emerald Retirement Residence also boasts a wide range of amenities. That includes an outdoor pool and patio, a full exercise and fitness room, a billiards room, a fireside lounge, and a private dining room. There’s even live entertainment and a full slate of excursions and activities so residents can live life to the fullest. Served in a bright and airy dining room, meals are all home-cooked with fresh produce and plenty of daily choices. A private dining room is also available for family use. Choosing the right retirement home is never an easy decision. But if you or someone you love is looking to maintain their dignity with the greatest amount of care and comfort, the Emerald Retirement Residence has the feel of a cruise ship and all the amenities of home. HWS The Emerald Retirement Residence is located on 5807 Ferry Street in Niagara Falls. For more information, call 905.358.2500, email leasing@emeraldresidence.ca or go to emeraldresidence.ca.





SENIORS WHO STRIVE I was eating the same things day after day. Now I have more than 200 choices… and delivery is free!

Photo: Muriel Campaigne, 75, and Doris Liefland, 85

Residents Bring Excitement to Their New Home

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By Scott Leslie

THE EMERALD RETIREMENT RESIDENCE is one of Niagara Falls’ gems – but it’s the hard work and enthusiasm of volunteers like Muriel Campaigne, 75, and Doris Liefland, 85, that help make the residence shine. A longtime Niagara Falls native, Muriel retired in 2009 after working for years as a nurse at the Greater Niagara General Hospital. She moved into the Emerald Retirement Residence a year and a half ago with her husband Harry – and they’ve been fans since day one. “We came for a respite and decided to stay because we love it so much,” Muriel explains. “The staff here are exceptional – and there’s always lots of things to do.” Not content to sit on the sidelines in her new environment, Muriel quickly volunteered to help out on several fronts. She helps coordinate the residents’ annual craft bazaars which take place in winter and spring. Muriel also organized a special Hawaiian Night that featured hula dancers and an authentic Hawaiian dinner. Her most recent project is a euchre tournament, arranging players for the tables and giving out awards to the participants. “We’re putting on a South Pacific show for Halloween,” Muriel says. “Last year, I had a Halloween party that I organized for Wizard of Oz. That was lots of fun and I had full participation from everybody in the home.” Doris is another one of the Emerald Retirement Residence’s busiest volunteers. Every Monday, she takes care of residence’s many indoor and outdoor plants, watering the numerous potted geraniums and petunias. She also helps Leasing Manager Linda Upham out by folding the monthly calendars and putting information folders together for prospective residents and their families. These days, Doris gets the biggest kick out of helping Activities Director Jane Widdicombe during their craft workshops, giving her fellow residents a hand with various tasks like pasting, cutting and gluing. Originally from Welland, Doris moved back to the Niagara area to be with family after she retired from her job as an assistant fly fishing lodge manager up in Georgian Bay in 1997. Doris eventually tried living at another local retirement residence before moving to the Emerald Retirement Residence in the fall of 2015. And she’s never looked back since. “I enjoy it here because it feels like home for me,” Doris says. “They’ve always got something going for us or little trips to go on. I couldn’t have found a better place to live.” WWW.HWSMAG.COM






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Willow’s Rest By Mark Richardson

“The world we leave our children tomorrow is inextricably linked to the decisions we make today. This is especially true when it comes to the environment.”

SINCE THE 1831 founding of Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts, credited with inspiring North America’s public park movement, spaces of remembrance have played evolving, disparate roles in cities. Landscape architects have been instrumental in negotiating the uses of cemeteries as parks, memorials, arboreta, and, more recently, natural burial grounds. Today’s green burial is an iteration of the ancient practice of direct ground burial, which is still traditional in many cultures. In guidelines laid out by the Green Burial Society of Canada, an unembalmed body is placed in a simple wooden casket or shroud, which is placed directly in the ground, without a concrete vault or liner. To complete the process, the surface over the grave must be restored with indigenous plants, and the cemetery plan must minimize the disturbance that can come with digging new graves. Catriona Hearn, BLA, Senior Associate at LEES + Associates and vice president of the GBSC’s board of directors, “The burial industry has become more sustainable —environmentally, socially, and, on some levels, economically. It’s incremental, and largely based on people understanding the value of land in a broader sense, especially as space becomes more precious, notably in urban areas. This has led people to see cemeteries as park space.” While B.C. is clearly a leader in green burial, options for sustainable interment also exist in Ontario. On September 23, 2017, the City of 30


Niagara Falls officially opened Niagara’s first green burial section. Aptly named Willow’s Rest, this two acre naturalized wildflower and native grass meadow is watched over by a very old weeping willow tree. The area is also now home to over 150 newly planted native trees, and six large Monarch Butterfly pollinator gardens. Many partners have invested in the initiative, including a $40,000 from Land Care Niagara, a $25,000 grant through CN’s EcoConnexion program. A donation of a large Queenston Limestone offcut from Queenston Quarry Co-owner and President Frank Racioppo will serve as the first piece of a communal memorial feature. Other sponsors, including Tree Canada, The Park in the City Committee, Sassfrass Farms, Yardmasters and the Green Burial Society have also contributed to make possible the development of Willow’s Rest, Niagara’s first Green Burial Section. HWS For additional information about Willow’s Rest, Green Burials, or Niagara Falls Cemetery Services; or those who are interested in buying a plot, please call Fairview Cemetery at 905.354.4721 or email Mark Richardson, Manager of Cemetery Services directly at mrichardson@niagarafalls.ca. Excerpts of text by Katie Strang, a Landscape Architectural Intern at BSQ Landscape Architects and a Member of the GroundEditorial Board.


13th annual

A Starry Night Charity Gala

Join Wellspring Niagara Cancer Support Foundation for an evening of food, wine and entertainment!

Saturday, November 18, 2017 White Oaks Resort & Spa, Niagara-on-the-Lake With your support, we can open the door to a whole new dimension of discovery, strength and hope for men, women and children who are living with cancer in Niagara.

All proceeds benefit Wellspring Niagara’s free cancer suppport programs and services. Please call 905-684-7619 or email info@wellspringniagara.ca to purchase tickets!


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