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Page 1: Busi nessline Feat ure Page 2: Appr oaching tax deadlines and handy hints Rural Development Programme Grant Page 3: Grants to promote Welsh - language technology and digital media Looking to recr uit staff? Page 4: Change in employment law Ar e you aw are of all the licences your business should hold? Page 5: Sell2Wales - WCBC contract opportunities Businessline librar y: specialist direct or y f eature Page 6: HMRC Webinar schedule for March

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Businessline Feature 360 Networking Group: Businesslines “360 Networking” group will officially launch on 10th June 2014. The new group will offer businesses a relaxed, friendly and no pressure opportunity to: • • •

Meet and form relationships with local business professionals Promote their products and services Listen to presentations covering a diverse range of business topics.

Businessline attract thousands of business enquiries on an annual basis, ranging from new start-ups to established companies, to whom we will be able to directly raise awareness of the 360 Networking group. Not only will this result in well attended meetings, but it will also ensure an ever changing demographic and fresh range of both casual and annual members. Meetings will of course therefore provide you with a continued opportunity to form new contacts, as well as developing working relationships with businesses that attend meetings on a regular basis. As Businessline works directly with new start-up businesses, our members will be amongst the first businesses to; introduce themselves, share their own experiences in business, provide suggestions and offer their services to the pre-start / newly registered business. Meetings will therefore offer one of the best local means of generating new business start-up contacts. Meeting dates, time and venue: Meetings (following the launch on 10th June 2014) will be held on the second Tuesday of each month, from 5:00pm - 6:45pm within Wrexham Guildhall. Car parking is available outside Wrexham Library. Annual Membership: If you would be interested in joining the 360 Networking group as an annual member in advance, for a fee of £40.00+ VAT (£48.00), please feel free to contact Businessline for further information, along with details of all the additional benefits members will receive: Telephone: 01978 292092 Email: *If you choose to join as an annual member in advance, your membership period will begin on the date of the first meeting. Attending meetings: Over the coming months web-pages promoting the 360 Networking group will be launched, which will provide further information, together with an online bookings facility for attending meetings, whether you’re an annual member of would simply like to attend on a casual basis. We will circulate an e-mail to all the subscribers of our mailing list, as soon as the meeting registration form is launched. Interested in delivering a presentation at a 360 Networking meeting? If you would be interested in delivering a 25 minute presentation to attendees of a 360 Networking meeting, please contact Businessline to discuss the availability of a guest speaker slot: 01978 292092, Donate a prize and benefit from publicity for your business If you would like to offer a prize in advance to be won by one of our 360 networking annual members, please feel free to contact Businessline providing details of the prize you would like to offer. Prizes could for example include free training sessions, sample products, etc. In return for offering a prize your business will benefit from an annual listing which will include details of your business and the donated prize, these details will also be circulated to members and via Businesslines social media channels etc.

Approaching tax deadlines and handy hints: •

Capital allowances for commercial buildings - Any capital allowances potentially claimable on integral features and fixtures in existing commercial buildings need to be identified and lodged with HM Revenue & Customs by 31 March 2014 or the ability to make a claim will be lost. Items potentially claimable include lighting, cabling, radiators and air conditioning units.

Many companies will have a year end of 31 March 2014 and now is the time to consider whether you will be using up your annual investment for £250,000. This is set to reduce to £25,000 on 1 January 2015 and it is important to receive advice from your accountant on how much your annual investment allowance will be next year and the most appropriate dates for incurring the expenditure.

Personal tax allowances from 5 April will rise to £10,000 a year for the under 65s and £10,500 for the over 65s (65-74 age group). The personal allowance is the first part of earnings on which there is no tax to pay.

Childcare vouchers can save many parents with kids aged up to 15 over £1,000 a year on childcare which could amount to a free holiday abroad. Frustratingly it is only available via employers, but many large and small companies take part. Speak to your HR department to see if you can make a claim.

National Insurance for businesses - From April 2014, the National Insurance Contributions Bill will deliver a £2,000 a year tax cut for businesses and charities.

As the National Insurance Contributions Bill is introduced to the House of Commons, the Prime Minister is visiting small businesses in the East of England to hear about the issues that matter to them and highlight what the government is doing to support them.

The Bill contains legislation for the Employment Allowance which, from April 2014, will give businesses and charities a £2,000 tax cut off their National Insurance Contributions bill. The Employment Allowance will be of greater benefit to small businesses, as it will reduce their National Insurance Contributions bill the most. Over 90% of the benefit of this allowance will go to small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. •

If you have your own limited company, plan your income for the tax year end of 5 April 2014. We recommend a monthly salary of £640 for a director with monthly dividends of up to £2,500. Dividends can only be paid out of profits so it is important that the company has sufficient profits to cover the dividends.

This means that each director is able to receive income up to the higher rate threshold of approximately £40,000 (actual £39690) without either the director or the company having to pay any income tax or national insurance. The company though will have had to pay corporation tax at the rate of 20% on its profits before dividends are declared. •

Loans for investing in a business - personal loan - if a director takes out a personal loan and invests that money into the business, tax relief is available on the interest charged by the lender as long as the funds are used for business purposes.

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Rural Development Programme Grant Additional funding has now been secured and allocated towards the Rural Development Programme grant for micro businesses (employing up to 9 employees) trading in a qualifying area of Wrexham. 50% match funding is available up to a maximum amount of £6000. For more information please contact: 01978 667000 or

Grants to promote Welsh-language technology and digital media The Welsh Government are inviting organisations to apply for their Welsh Language and Digital Media grant programme. The main focus of the grants will be to support activities that: •

Raise awareness of, or promote the use of: • Welsh language software • Applications • Online services • Content creation tools • Welsh language digital content.

• •

Support the development of Welsh language software and digital services available online. Increase the amount of digital content available in Welsh online.

Applications for grants will be accepted from organisations from the third and private sectors and from public bodies for activities not covered by their statutory Welsh language schemes. The closing date for applications is 14 March 2014. The maximum grant to be offered to any applicant will be £50,000. Please see the following webpage for further information: Further Information: Looking to recruit staff? Jobcentre Plus is calling on North Wales employers, who are looking to recruit staff, to attend a jobs fair in Wrexham (aimed at helping workers facing redundancy at the First Milk factory in Marchwiel find work) on the 12th March 2014, Financial incentives may be available to employers who recruit workers via the Welsh Assembly REACT funding and the Rapid Response to Redundancy Scheme. Kathy Davies from Jobcentre Plus said: "I would like to encourage all local employers, big and small and from all sectors, to book stands at this event and informally meet some of the workers who are looking for new jobs." Please contact Kathy Davies for further information: or 07855319883

Business-to-Business Discounts

Please click the link above for details of all the discounts currently available through Businesslines business-to-business discount scheme.

Change in employment law Employment law has changed recently and in some ways this has made things a little more ‘employer friendly’ but beware, things are not always quite as they seem. Employees are not protected from ‘normal’ unfair dismissal until the 2nd anniversary of their commencement date and there is now an up-front payment which may well deter some from making a claim to the Employment Tribunal even if they are eligible. However, employers should not make the mistake of thinking that they can act with total impunity on every occasion. Trade Unions provide support to members taking action and this would include instructing Solicitors to represent them. Many household insurance policies offer legal protection and these could well include Tribunal claims. The message here is, don’t rely on the belief that an employee won’t be able to afford to challenge their dismissal. Even if they do not have external support, those who feel a deep sense of injustice are often driven to seek retribution; even if it comes at a cost. The 2 year rule isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems either. Dismissals that an employee feels (rightly or wrongly) was due to discrimination are able to be challenged irrespective of length of service. The Equality Act 2010 covers 9 ‘protected characteristics’ so be aware that a majority of people will be included in at least 1 of these. Other examples include H&S matters, Union membership, Sunday working etc. Take care; follow correct procedures and/or take advice before deciding to dismiss Article submitted by: Mike Henshaw – Management Support Services

Are you aware of all the licences your business should hold? Licences are required to undertake many business activities, ranging from general licences for displaying an advertising board on the pavement outside your premises, using CCTV systems, or playing background music within your premises for instance, through to licenses solely applicable to specific types of businesses. To check which licences may be applicable to your business, please feel free to use the “Licence Finder” tool on the GOV.UK website, which is available via the following link:

Talking Business Every Thursday 1:00pm - 2:00pm 6th March Rich Brady of Denbigh Army Surplus 13th March Business Question Time 20th March Helen Dobie of ACT Training 27th March Jeremy Bassett of Corve Consultancy

01978 293393

Please find below contracts which have become available to tender from Wrexham County Borough Council this month: Independent Evaluation of the Wrexham Together Achieving Change (TAC) Service Reference No: FEB022541 Deadline Date: 07-mar-14 Further Information: Local Housing Market Assessment Reference No: FEB021968 Deadline Date: 07-mar-14 Further Information: Please see the Sell2Wales website for a full listing of contracts which are currently open for tender:

Businessline Library: BENN’S Media 2014 - United Kingdom Edition Benn's Media is a key reference source for media, PR, marketing and advertising professionals. The directory contains detailed information on: • • • • •

National and Daily Newspapers Regional, Local and Weekly Newspapers Business Publications - classified by topic Consumer Publications - classified by topic Broadcasting Services

The information the directory makes available includes: • • • •

The name of the editor of the publication Circulation figures Contact details Advertising rates

If you are interested in promoting your products / services within specific types of consumer publications, for instance gardening magazines, the directory will help you identify those which may be of interest. Alternatively if you have recently won an award and would like to raise awareness of your achievement and in so doing raise the profile of your business, or if you would like to provide advice in your area of expertise in the form of an article, BENN’S Media will again be able to assist you to identify relevant publications to contact. Businessline are able to provide free access to this resource, as a reference item, within Wrexham Library. Please feel free to contact Businessline for further information: Telephone: 01978 292092 E-mail:

HM Revenue and Customs: Webinar schedule for March (provided by HMRC) Date






07-Mar 08-Mar

13:00 10:30



11-Mar 11-Mar 11-Mar 11-Mar 12-Mar 12-Mar

09:00 12:30 14:30 19:00 11:00 15:00





14-Mar 14-Mar 14-Mar 15-Mar 17-Mar 17-Mar 17-Mar

09:00 11:00 13:00 10:00 09:00 11:00 13:00



18-Mar 18-Mar 21-Mar

09:00 13:00 09:00



24-Mar 24-Mar

09:00 11:00







26-Mar 26-Mar 26-Mar 27-Mar 27-Mar 28-Mar 28-Mar 28-Mar

13:30 15:30 19:30 12:00 14:00 09:00 11:00 13:00







Childminders Self-Employment & HMRC - What You Need To Know Record Keeping For The Self-Employed What is VAT - an introduction Company Directors - Your Responsibilities to HMRC CIS For Contractors Getting Started As An Employer PAYE Using BPT Foster Carers Business Expenses For The Self-Employed HMRC Digital Services Self-Employment & HMRC - What You Need To Know Simpler Income Tax - Cash Basis & Simplified Expenses VAT Accounting Schemes Capital Allowances For The Self-Employed CIS For Subcontractors Record Keeping For The Self-Employed Business Expenses For The Self-Employed Tax & Change of Career Statutory Payments For Parents Self-Employment & HMRC - What You Need To Know Capital Allowances For The Self-Employed What is VAT - an introduction VAT - Now You Are Registered Self-Employment & HMRC - What You Need To Know Getting Started As An Employer PAYE Using BPT Company Directors - Your Responsibilities to HMRC Business Expenses For The Self-Employed Self-Employment & HMRC - What You Need To Know Capital Allowances For The Self-Employed PAYE Expenses & Benefits Childminders VAT Accounting schemes Record Keeping For The Self-Employed What is VAT - an introduction CIS For Contractors Business Expenses For The Self-Employed Self-Employment & HMRC - What You Need To Know Simpler Income Tax - Cash Basis & Simplified Expenses

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