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There are no words to describe the genius who created espresso. That classic aroma enriched with a syrupy thickness that seem to massage my mouth in every sip. I just can’t get enough of espresso. And these espresso bars are booming now, and for a reason!

I might actually have this obsession for espresso but who cares? It never came to me that any 5” tall cup could ever hold such a sincere piece of serenity. But it still makes me quite disappointed to think how some of the restaurants that brewed me my cravings never really did the best out of Espresso. Espresso to me should always give its drinker an atmosphere of calm and soothing whiff. It’s supposed to suit a Sunday morning while the rain just drops gently unto the broods of the earth. Espresso should always be served to express something that’ll set the tranquil moods of a Disney’s orchestra. This is the espresso that I fall in love with. This is the kind of espresso that deserves more than just a taste. It deserves admiration.

There is no coffee in the world as elegant as espresso. Yet in the corners of my tongue lingers an always intricate taste like that of a grandmother’s dish. The magic that foams the blend just clings into the most exotic side of my memory. It makes me remember the days when I still wake up in an awkward and innocent mind.

Espresso is something religious to me. It never fails to boost my hope. Time seems to slow down whenever I drink espresso. There might really be some kind of lawless physics about it but there’s just no way for me to prove it. For everyone else who hasn’t tried espresso, I feel sorry for you. Not out of ego, but out of love. The fine lines were drawn and the borders will always be thinner. This is my version of espresso. It is something unbelievable. There were days when I shared coffee with partners. There were times when espresso is the only thing that pardons me of sudden death. But all through those days I have never felt more alive. The world deserves to commune on things like espresso. We owe the great universe to these little things in life.


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