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Arizona Thrusts Immigration

into Center Stage

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Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010

Arizona adds fuel to the Immigration wildfire By Jose E. Aponte, Esq.

ed smuggler of illegal immigrants. It was the latest in a series of such crimes. This   % "    ceremony where Gov. Jan Brewer urged the federal government to send National Guard troops to the Arizona-Mexico border.

        % based in the state. Finally, the list of organizations boycotting Arizona grows by  "  %  economic impact for the state in lost revenue.

cates across the country fear that the law will lead to massive civil rights violations. The Arizona legislature has recently enAs an attempt to appease these concerns, acted the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most controversial state some the language in the original bill was immigration law. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s aim, according to %   !      supporters, is to identify and deport all unâ&#x20AC;&#x153;contactâ&#x20AC;? was the minimum threshold documented immigrants. The law, which  "     %  is set to take effect in August, makes the In prior decisions, the U.S. Supreme to commence an inquiry. The law now failure to carry immigration documents a However, the list of people that have Court has held that the federal govern- requires a lawful â&#x20AC;&#x153;stop, detention or arcrime and gives the police broad powers come out against this new law continues ment may not commandeer state law en- rest.â&#x20AC;? This change, however, has failed to detain anyone suspected of being in the to grow daily. President Obama criticized %     to satisfy critics. Further, the police are U.S. illegally. It runs against a movement the Arizona legislation even before it had new law, however, compels state law en- only required to have a â&#x20AC;&#x153;reasonable susof converting major metropolitan cities become law stating that, if enacted, it %   - picionâ&#x20AC;? that those they are detaining are into â&#x20AC;&#x153;safe havenâ&#x20AC;? communities, where would, â&#x20AC;&#x153;undermine basic notions of fair-     $%  undocumented immigrants. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Reasonable    %  ness that we cherish as Americans, as well or agency of this state or a county, city, suspicionâ&#x20AC;? is a lower legal burden than the any assistance to federal immigration law as the trust between police and our com- town or other political subdivision of this â&#x20AC;&#x153;probable causeâ&#x20AC;? standard typically used enforcement. munities that is so crucial to keeping us state may limit or restrict the enforcement by police. safe.â&#x20AC;? Mexicoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Foreign Ministry said of federal immigration laws to less than #  %      in a statement that it was worried about the full extent permitted by federal law.â&#x20AC;? Civil rights advocates are also concerned increasing pressure to enact this legisla- the rights of its citizens and relations with  "  %  that the Arizona law will lead to racial tion after the killing, a few weeks ago, of a #   %      they feel that they are now working for %        rancher in southern Arizona by a suspect-     %    #  the federal government. Civil right advo- made to the text of the law in this regard,

Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010

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critics remain unimpressed. The original language stated that, â&#x20AC;&#x153;A law  #      or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state may not solely (emphasis added) consider race, color or national origin in implementing the requirements of this subsection except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona Constitution.â&#x20AC;? By removing the word â&#x20AC;&#x153;solelyâ&#x20AC;? lawmakers hoped they would address this concern. They failed. Immigration policy is a poignant issue, not only in the United States, but also in other industrialized nations. Recently, the    # ish campaign for prime minister between then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown of the Labour Party, Conservative David Cameron (Newly elected Prime Minister) and, Nick Clegg (New Deputy Prime Minister) of the Liberal-Democrats. Each candidate proposed different ways of stemming the high levels of immigration, which they all agreed was unsustainable. Yet, they differed extensively on how to accomplish

this reform. To illustrate, just a decade ago, only 3% of the town of Boston, Englandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s residents were foreign-born. Today, the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s population is over 25% immi           the United Kingdom for centuries, many in Boston and other small towns in Britain say they like the kingdomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s immigrant-driven

        $ has come too fast and has been poorly managed. Unlike in the U.S., the U.K. is host to immigrants who are often in the country legally. They have come from poorer eastern European countries, such as Poland and Romania, who have joined the European Union in the recent past. Back in the U.S., there are similar cries for immigration reform. Much like in the United Kingdom, all sides agree that the system is in desperate need of change. As always, the devil is in the detail. Some propose rounding-up all undocumented immigrants and deporting them. Yet these same individuals cannot say how they would identify and deport the estimated 15 million undocumented immigrants that are thought to be

already living in the United States without making a mockery of the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore, many of these undocumented immigrants have immediate relatives that are U.S. citizens, further complicating matters. On the other side of the coin, you have those that propose giving all illegal immigrants amnesty and a direct path towards citizenship. This solution, however, does seem to reward people for violating U.S. law and it does not seem to be fair to all those documented immigrants who have followed the rules.

and seek effective compromise. The question is who will show the necessary leadership to move immigration reform forward. President Obama has spent a lot of political capital passing health care legislation earlier this year. It is not at all clear whether    #  

    compel Congress to do anything before the upcoming midterm elections in November. Members of Congress are too busy trying to get re-elected and it is not clear whether they would want to touch this heated issue with a ten-foot pool before January 2011. However, if the federal government continIt remains to be seen what lawmakers in ues to fail to address this issue, do not be Arizona will ultimately do and what, if any, surprise if other border states such as New will be the economic and social impact of Mexico or Texas decide to follow Arizona  !     "      and take this matter into their own hands. must not forget that anything that hurts the          Arizona economy will also hurt the docu-     #mented immigrant population already liv- cient immigration system is in the national         interest. is the great need for immigration reform. The solution is not likely to be found in the position of the various extremist sides of Jose E. Aponte, Esq. this issue. The solution will be found only Aponte Immigration Services when more sensible minds come together

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New Citi Survey Shows Midwesterners Take


More Cautious View of Economy Than Other Americans


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Âť â&#x20AC;&#x153;New Citi Survey Shows Midwesterners Take More Cautious View of Economy Than Other

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Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010

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new nationwide survey issued today by Citi, and conducted by Hart Research Associates, showed that consumers in the Midwest remain glum about the economy "'%#*"0""& "'! to curtail spending and pay down debt. Indeed, 61 percent of Midwesterners believe the economy hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t yet hit bottom. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Although they are focused on maintaining wealth, Midweste-rners arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t averse to taking risk. They recognize that even though the environment remains uncertain, there are still opportunities to build wealth and secure '%0"" ('(%. Still, Midwesternersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; optimism appears to be growing. Nearly three in 0)   $%"'  ) #  (&ness conditions will improve over the next year. A full 65 percent are somewhat or very optimistic that their own situation will improve. Young Midwesterners are especially optimistic, *'

$%"'# '# +%# & believing their own situation will improve over the next year, versus 60 percent for those age 40 and older.

$%"'%$#%''''+%#"0"'"'% '+'#%'%"0""cial security as planned. Meanwhile, a full 35 percent in the Midwest are "#'#"0"'"'% '+'#%'% " 0""  &(%'+ "  $%"' %#"0"'('*#( "'#! changes to their plans. Despite their #"0" '' '% $%&#"  &'(tion will improve over the next year, 45 percent of young Midwesterners #"0""'% '+'#%'%"0"" &(%'+#!$%'# 31 percent of Midwesterners age 40 and older. - 0""  %&& &   $%#found impact on the psyche of American consumers and investors,â&#x20AC;? said Jonathan Clements, Director of Financial Education, Citi Personal  ' "!"' -#( westerners are feeling some thaw from the economic winter, the events of the past few years continue to have long-lasting effects. Not surprisingly, young people appear generally more optimistic than older people. Yet those under age 40 are clearly anxious about the future, notably their retirement, and that is driving their imme'0"" $%#%'&"#&.

However, while they expect both personal and business economic conditions to improve, Midwesterners still Midwesterners Plan More Conservahave real concerns about the future. tive Near-Term Spending; Men More " ' #!& '# %'%!"' #" + ( &'"#!"

Cautiously hopeful about the future economy, Midwestern consumers plan to be more conservative than the rest of the country in their spending over the next quarter. In a key measure of potential consumer demand, just 33 percent of Midwesterners continue to believe that this is a good or excellent time to make a major household purchase. This is slightly more conservative than the national sample, in which 37 percent feel that it is a good or excellent time to make a major purchase. Midwestern men, however, appear to be more bullish than women about spending, including discretionary spending on entertainment, meals outside of the home and vacations. Thirty-eight percent of men surveyed said this would be a good or excellent time to loosen the purse strings and buy a major household item, com$%'# $%"'#*#!" 27 percent of men expect to go out more often for meals and entertainment in the next six months, compared to 14 percent of women. 52 percent of men expect to go on vacation in the next six months, compared to 39 percent of women. Midwesterners Plan to Hold Tight Continue pag.03

Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010



to Extra Money; Young Adults Focused on Saving

40 and over. Midwestern Investors More

 %&" %!! !"%     said they are saving and investing more to-      "  % In another sign of economic conservatism, day than previously, compared to 34 percent western investors are more willing to take # #        a chance on a high-return investment than national average (32 percent) report that their national counterparts â&#x20AC;&#x201C; even though they have taken money out of savings to they remain less optimistic than investors %$#  %#! nationwide about the current and future do if they were to receive extra money, 67 investment climate. In fact, 13 percent of percent of Midwesterners say they would do Midwestern investors would rate their insomething conservative with it. vestment strategy as an eight or higher on a 10-point risk scale, with 10 being the highIf they were to receive extra money, 37 per "#    cent of Midwesterners would save the extra of all investors nationally. money and 30 percent would pay overdue bills. In another sign of willingness to take risk, Midwestern investors are more likely to Only 31 percent of Midwestern responbelieve itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a good time to invest in mutual dents would invest (20 percent) or spend (11 funds (45 percent) and individual stocks (42 percent) the money. percent) than the national average of investors (40 percent and 37 percent respectiveIn addition, younger people in the Midwest ly). ! &"- of Midwesterners age 40 and over. vesting and are more likely than older gen- 79 percent of young adults say they are ac- Looking ahead at the next six months, 57 erations to report that they are reducing the tively working to reduce their debt, com- percent of Midwestern investors say they amount of money that they owe. pared to 62 percent of Midwesterners age are somewhat (50 percent) or very (7 per-

Only 31 percent of Midwestern respondents would invest (20 percent) or spend (11 percent) the money.

cent) optimistic that the investment climate will get better, slightly less optimistic than      %&"    Midwestern investors say the investment climate is better today than a year ago, compared with 50 percent of investors nationally. The majority of Midwestern investors describe their investment strategy as focused on maintaining wealth (55 percent) than on % !#  ' ing the national trend. Added Clements, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Although they are focused on maintaining wealth, Midwesterners arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t averse to taking risk. They recognize that even though the environment remains uncertain, there are still opportuni  ! #   !  &cial future.â&#x20AC;? Citi conducted this nationwide survey as part of its ongoing effort to better understand changes in the needs of the consumers and communities the company serves.

Ecuador en la Mira


Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010



Por Amparo Gordillo


 '! Estados Unidos, inaugura el primero de una serie de talleres de capacitaciĂłn que ayudaran al migrante Ecuatoriano a establecer y operar negocios en Estados Unidos.      'na Comercial presento su taller dirigido a Comerciantes, profesionales, micro empresarios, distribuidores, importadores e interesados en establecer negocios que fomenten las exportaciones Ecuatorianas hacia Estados Unidos. El objetivo del taller fue el de contribuir al fortalecimiento de las destrezas de los participantes en el proceso de importaciĂłn de productos ecuatorianos a Estados Unidos, desde su fase inicial de constituciĂłn de la empresa hasta aspectos gene-rales de promociĂłn comercial. Por tal motivo el CĂłnsul General de Ecuador en NY Jorge Lopez Amaya, dio la bienvenida a los importantes asistentes y luego empezĂł un contundente curso de entrenamiento con temas como: Aspectos a considerarse para el inicio de un negocio, ConstituciĂłn de sociedades en los Estados Unidos, Ventas al mercado de los Estados Unidos, Aspectos escenciales para la comercializaciĂłn Internacional, Tendencias del Mercado,Opciones de crĂŠdito, Aplicaciones y casos prĂĄcticos de negocios, fueron estos los tĂłpicos tocados en este importante seminario. Luego de lo cual los asistentes recibieron un diploma de participaciĂłn dado por el CĂłnsul General del Ecuador en NY y por      '   Ecuador en NY. Cabe destacar que el importante hombre de negocios Oswaldo PatiĂąo, Presidente del consorcio de Empresas Inversionis-

$! !%  !  '  Javier Enriquez, Importador y Exportador, Oswaldo PatiĂąo, Presidente del Consorcio de Empresas de Inversionistasw Unidos, todos ellos fueron disertantes en el simposium. tas Unidos fue invitado como disertador, a '    !      % ' #   !" ponentes en negocios.

 !     ' Comercial ha destacado su gran interĂŠs en ayudar al comerciante ecuatoriano a mejo-

Nombran nueva directiva de la Casa de la Curtura Ecuatoriana NY


on el marco de la Cuarta Feria del Libro Ecuatoriano y Latinoamericano â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jaime Galarza Zavalaâ&#x20AC;? que se llevo a cabo en el Museo de Arte de Queens con gran exito, se realizaron las Elecciones de La Casa de la Cultura â&#x20AC;&#x153;Benjamin Carrionâ&#x20AC;? Nucleo Internacional de New York, organizacion cultural que presenta La Feria del Libro y otros acontecimientos artisticos.

rar su nivel empresarial y sobre todo a gui'!! en Ecuador y traĂ­das a los Estados Unidos para ser aprovechadas no solo por empresarios ecuatorianos sino en general por la comunidad hispana.

Con la presencia del Senor Consul de Ecuador Dr. Jorge Lopez Amaya se realizaron las elecciones y el anfora fue abierta por el y la secretaria de la anterior directiva Maria Luisa Vazquez y los votos fueron contados ante todo el publico asistente quien recibio la noticia de la Lista ganadora con un fuerte aplauso. La Lista ganadora fue la # 2 que precide la escritora, actriz y directora teatral Cecill Villar. Aqui presentamos a la Lista ganadora: Presidente Cecill Villar Vicepresidente Aida Gonzalez Secretaria Maria Luisa Vazquez Tesorera Rosa Ojeda

 ! ' esta realizando, en harĂĄs de mejorar la calidad humana del Ecuatoriano residente en el exterior, apoyando asĂ­ y empujando a mejorar en tiempos de crisis.

Vocales: Lourdes Crespo Cordero Alfonsina Solines Fanny Lynch Gloria Ospina Brenda Cerezo Representantes Internacionales America Barrera y Sonia Montezuma Asesores de Prensa: Amparo Gordillo y Franco Galecio Asesor Nacional Gilberto Crespo Crespo Asesor Internacional Diego Machuca Asesor Logistica Carlos Ortega Asesor Creativo

Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010

Calendario de eventos


Parada Nacional De Puerto Rico


Ahora Con 10 Becas Disponibles Para Poetas-Escritores Y Periodistas Empiricos

Month Of June 2010 Saturday, June 5, 2010 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM National Puerto Rican Day Parade 152nd Street Cultural Festival 152nd Street (Between Jackson and Union Avenues) Bronx, New York Outdoor Open/Open to the Public

11:00 PM National Puerto Rican Day Parade “Baile Del Pueblo” 2IÀFLDO3DUDGH·V(YH'DQFH New York Marriott Marquis Hotel 1535 Broadway (between 45th & 46th Street) Co-Sponsor by: Coors 3DLG(YHQW&RQÀUPHG$WWHQGDQFH5HTXLUHG

Tipo: Educación - Clase Dónde: IDPDigital: TRIMESTRE DE VERANO 2010 Cuándo Desde el Sábado, 12 de junio a las 10:00 jueves, 26 de agosto a las 14:00

The First Cosmetology & Barbering Symposium Tipo: Educación - Taller Fecha: Lunes, 07 de junio de 2010 Hora: 9:00 - 13:00 Lugar: Hostos Comunity college 500 Grand Concourse Bronx NY 10451

Romancing the Vine Fecha: Sábado, 12 de junio de 2010 Hora: 18:30 - 22:00 Lugar: Crestwood Manor 1036 Fort Salonga Road Northport, NY

Juri Sera Invitada Especial de Concrete Blonde Discos Manovill Presenta La Cantautora/ Guitarrista El Juri en Vivo Con Concrete Blode Cuando; 10 De Junio 7.30 P.M. Donde; Grand Ballroom De Webster Hall, New York. NY Peruvian Parade’s 2010 White Affair Tipo:%HQpÀFD Fecha: Domingo, 06 de junio de 2010 Hora: 14:00 - 18:00 Lugar: 105 Carol Place, Wayne, Nj 07470 Conferencia “ Cómo escribir un cuento” con Rafael Peralta Romero Dónde: Tertulia Letras de la Academia, Academia Dominicana de la Lengua, Casa de las Academias, Mercedes 204, Ciudad Colonial. Cuándo: Sábado, 05 de junio desde las 17:00 hasta las 19:00

Sunday, June 6, 2010 2:00 PM National Puerto Rican Day Parade Annual Mass St. Patrick Cathedral Fifth Avenue (between 50th and 51st Streets) New York City Open to the Public

Saturday, June 12, 2010 9:00 AMNational Puerto Rican Day Parade – “Juegos Boricuas” Roberto Clemente State Park West Tremont Avenue and Matthewson Road Bronx, NY 10453 Co-Sponsor by: COPUR (All Day Event)

Friday, June 11, 2010 9:00 AMNational Puerto Rican Day Parade – “Juegos Boricuas” Roberto Clemente State Park West Tremont Avenue and Matthewson Road Bronx, NY 10453 (All Day Event)

12 noon National Puerto Rican Day Parade – “Music Festival” Roberto Clemente State Park West Tremont Avenue and Matthewson Road Bronx, NY 10453 All Day Activity

9:00 AMNational Puerto Rican Day Parade – “Dominoes Tournament” Roberto Clemente State Park West Tremont Avenue and Matthewson Road Bronx, NY 10453 (All Day Event) Friday, June 11, 2010 10:00 AM National Puerto Rican Day Parade Mayors and Municipalities Forum 3XHUWR5LFR)HGHUDO$IIDLUV$GPLQLVWUDWLRQ2IÀFH 2IÀFHRIWKH*RYHUQRURI3XHUWR5LFR 135th Street 50th Street New York, New York 10020 By Invitation only National Puerto Rican Day Parade “Pre-Banquet Reception” New York Marriott Marquis Hotel 1535 Broadway (between 45th & 46th Streets) New York City Paid Event 7:00 PM National Puerto Rican Day Parade “2010 Annual Gala Banquet” New York Marriott Marquis Hotel 1535 Broadway (between 45th & 46th Streets) New York City Co-Sponsored By: GOYA Foods

Sunday, June 13, 2010 8:00 AMNational Puerto Rican Day Parade “Annual Breakfast” New York Marriott Marquis Hotel 1535 Broadway (between 45th & 46th Street) %\,QYLWDWLRQ2QO\&RQÀUPHG$WWHQGDQFH5HTXLUHG 11:00 AM 2010 National Puerto Rican Day Parade Fifth Avenue (from 44th Street to 86th Street) New York City Outdoor Cultural Event/Open to the Public

“My Block, My Home,” 107th St Block Party On Saturday, June 5, 2010 hundreds of residents of Corona and Queens will come together for a block party and day of community revitalization, volunteering and celebration. Entitled, “My Block, My Home” the event is co-organized by the Queens Museum of Art and Louis Armstrong House Museum in conjunction with Rebuilding Together NYC (RTNYC) and Neighborhood Housing Services of Northern Queens (NHS). All activities are free. WHEN: Saturday, June 5th, 2010 @11:00 AM: 2:00 PM: Community Celebration open to all WHERE: 3456 107th St. between 34th & 37th Avenues, Corona, Queens CONTACT: Alexandra García, (718) 321-4640 ext. 143, HYPERLINK “”


Seminarios Periodismo Digital


Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010

Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010



Por: Amparo Gordillo


urante una entrevista a Madelyn Lugo, la Chairperson de la Parada Nacional PuertorriqueĂąa pudimos conocer sus planes en cuanto a como se desarrollaran las festividades PuertorriqueĂąas en este aĂąo en Nueva York. Las mismas que empezaron en mayo con la recepciĂłn en la cual se presento el cuadro de actividades y a los sponsors de este aĂąo para trabajar arduamente hasta el domingo 13 de junio fecha en la culminan las festividades con un festival, para todo publico, entre sus actividades incluyen un GHVĂ&#x20AC;OH XQD JDOD \ RWURV D HVWDV IHVWLYLdades se darĂĄn cita personalidades como Nidia Velazquez, representante del Congreso de los Estados Unidos en New York, quien sera este aĂąo la gran Marshall.

El Honorable Rev. Ruben Diaz, Senador del Estado en el Distrito 32, quien se dedica a realizar trabajo comunitario en el mismo. Se contara tambiĂŠn con la presencia del Alcalde Bloumberg, y del honorable Luis Gutierrez, Congresista por el cuarto distrito, entre otros. Esta parada sera una oportunidad para poder mirar de cerca a los famosos de la TV, pues contaremos con la presencia de Jackie Guerrido, MarĂ­a Elena Giron, JosĂŠ Vega, la miss Universo Suleyka Rivera, el afamado actor Osvaldo RĂ­os, la presentador de Univision Nilda Rosario y muchos otros. personajes que colaboraran con la afamada parada. Esperamos contar con la asistencia de toda clase de publico, deseamos al pueblo de Puerto Rico exitos en todas sus actividades.



Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010




Por; Amparo Gordillo


u tarjeta de presentaciĂłn dice: pregunta por Patricio, en 97 24 Christie Ave, en Corona, Queens, se encuentra una empresa con calidad y marca ecuatoriana, LETREROS BOSS. Patricio Ayora es un hombre que se ha forjado durante 18 aĂąos en el negocio de hacer rĂłtulos, letreros banners para la comunidad hispana, y norteamericana, el empezĂł trabajando en una vereda y fue asĂ­ como se hizo conocer por la gente, comenta que allĂ­ fue donde conociĂł a la afamada productora de TV, Charito Cisneros, quien contrato su servicio por primera vez y nunca mas lo dejo, hoy son grandes amigos, ella cuenta que Patricio y su esposa son tan afables que cuando ella llega a buscar un trabajo, paran todo y compran las empanaditas de la esquina y juntos hacen un receso , haci-

endo remembranzas del ayer.

El empezĂł con una pequeĂąa prensa, y hoy cuenta con toda una fabrica de modernos equipos y esta proyectandose a ser uno de los mas afamados letreristas de New York, para lo cual ya esta trabajando en una nueva fachada para mejorar su imagen. Dice Patricio sabemos que hay miles y miles de personas que han venido a buscar el sueĂąo americano y muchisimos de ellos se han esforzado un poquito mas y como yo se han puesto su propia empresa. Debemos esforzarnos y luchar por levantar un negocios y doblar los esfuerzos, para poder mantenerse en el mercado pues hay mucha competencia, pero la calidad del trabajo o del resultado es lo que hace el futuro de la empresa, la cordialidad y amistad con la que se trate al cliente es tambiĂŠn un elemento importante para lograrlo. Debemos a la vez renovarnos y siempre mejorar los equipos que poseemos, pues la

mentalidad de este paĂ­s es: mientras mas rĂĄpido se entregue el trabajo mas contento queda el cliente, y debemos modernizar por esta causa dĂ­a a dĂ­a. Trabajo para toda clase de companias, enfatiza Patricio, tengo cientes grandes y FOLHQWHV SHTXHxRV JR]R GH OD FRQĂ&#x20AC;DQ]D de clientes que empezaron conmigo y que hasta el dĂ­a de hoy siguen haciendo sus trabajos con Letreros Boss. No ha sido fĂĄcil muchas horas de trabajo y muchas malas noches han sido parte de este ĂŠxito. Soy Cuencano de nacimiento y estudie en la Escuela Matovelle, trabajaba en Ecuador en la Central HidroelĂŠctrica Paute y no ganaba mal, el dĂ­a que decidĂ­ venir dije no volverĂŠ sino despuĂŠs de haber cumplido mi sueĂąo americano y asĂ­ lo hice, no he tenido aquĂ­ la oportunidad de estudiar pero sin embargo me he desarrollado como empresario. La mayor parte de mis clientes son Nor-

teamericanos, Italianos y colombianos, yo suelo hacerme amigo de la gente para la cual trabajo y esa es una gran tĂĄctica de negocios. Para concluir Patricio con su sencillez acostumbrada nos convida una tacita de cafĂŠ y entre sorbo y sorbo nos comenta la historia de alguien que alguna vez le presentaron y al reconocerlo se convirtiĂł en su cliente de por vida, el compatriota Ă ngel Solis, Gerente de Austro Financial Services.

Ediccion 9 / June 04-10, 2010


Han pasado 64 años, y no cabe duda que nuestra relación está dando resultado. No exige mucho esfuerzo, pero cada vez que usted ha disfrutado alguno de nuestros productos, nos ha permitido patrocinar alguna de nuestras muchas causas como, por ejemplo, los Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Desde 1946, hemos cooperado con ellos para proporcionarles a los pequeños un refugio donde poder aprender y crecer en un entorno protegido. Esta larga cooperación ha producido programas como, por ejemplo, Triple Play, que desde el 2005 ha enseñado a más de 1 millón de niños la importancia de la actividad física y la alimentación adecuada. Más de 250.000 niños y niñas de nuestra comunidad se benefician de los programas que ofrecen alrededor de 193 Boys & Girls Clubs en el Estado de Nueva York. Es simplemente algo más que estamos haciendo para contribuir a hacer de las comunidades en que todos vivimos un lugar un poquito mejor. Si desea conocer más sobre lo que hacemos y por qué lo hacemos, acompáñenos en

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