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OXFORD RYS INN U J T A 0 2 e day TH JUNE, 20 t as a thre DAY 4 2020 bu IO ND - THURS B sets t u re o u h b Y2 is broc more a a TUESDA find out worry, th want to e sure it’s g! Don’t

at you to mak dauntin lighted th BIO2020 be a little f t o h t u ig o m We’re de st nd it the mo understa  you get lved. event we  s to help a e id else invo t a e  n  re o  g  ry  e e  m v  e  so  out  r you and event fo  fantastic 


h ation wit In associ


unity and, e local comm suppliers, th e planet. ultimately, th ess to be O2020’s succ We want BI st new more than ju measured by ight be your m s. BIO2020 ad le ss ne si bu be the first lk; or it might first public ta hing special done somet time you’ve d rather than hibition stan with your ex er; consider pull up bann just put up a 20 (see 20 O during BI is to help FUNdraising of BIO2020 e use; or just em ca th t n ea y ai gr The m uthink. Ever 8 to 9) for a yo s ay ge w pa he fantastic et ng support the you to #cha sinesses are e along and bu m e co ake some or m m d d an day more an on year d exhibitors ar an ye rs r ke fo g and ea g sp strivin the whole ho realising that all costs nnections; go at co t in in w ea ss a gr d ne d an se your busi profits, gree at just won’t etely immer th u and pl es m yo r ud co fo tit t at ke e ployees, a flexible tic mentality ar em ith en w ev 20 20 d 20 an 20 BIO stomers ALL of BIO wash with cu n who are ues to enjoy tio ag ra lle ne co ge ur yo the next to 11). particularly ble attitude (see pages 10 ore responsi m a ng di e th an as s dem er oy pl e of your from their em ardise O2020 is on to business hope that BI es which jeop e ng W le al siness think, ch bu s ur planet face making yo to s ep st st fir cause one tence. differently be its very exis t and behave ac to change. . we all have r… pical ty ea cl ur ry yo ve be thing’s t going to u to BIO2020 isn’ . We want yo ce en er nf co d ire business t feeling insp Best wishes om the even u yo walk away fr the B4 team ns tio ec nn co Richard and e th by d se gi er ve & en ort you ha and the supp have made be speaking ht ig m rs who all given to othe time. Above for the first t ou ab or exhibiting tly en er to think diff u yo t s an ct w we that it impa business so ers, om st how you do ees, cu your employ positively on



NT E T N O C      Overview 3 4 6 8 12 14 16


20? w WHY BIO20 name but a fe EAKERS  To Here to help  R O BIO2020 SP R EXHIBIT O R E K A E SP FIRST TIME ost of BIO Making the m  ing back S P BIO TI NESS  Giv SI U B LE k B SI SPON mme at wor NEXUS & RE EXUS Progra N e Th  ets IO2020 ibiting & Tick NEXUS AT B sorships Exh on Sp  D E GET INVOLV 




t cake withou like baking a is 20 e 20 W O BI ients are! t the ingred knowing wha speaking, be ill w u who , can’t tell yo later in 2020 tending until at or g tin y bi exhi go for a da to you is to t so our advice certainly no re e’ W you best. ys da e which suits re all th u to attend expecting yo e to do so. m co el w t mos but you are emes on each th be specific ’t on w O e er Th ink of it as BI days…just th of the three

WHY?0 BIO202

x 3!



h keep in touc ts of ways to , There are lo rs eake st news on sp with the late US more PL rs so on d sp exhibitors an g in initiatives eat fundrais g about the gr to and durin up in the lead 9. to taking place 8 ges e more on pa BIO2020 – se app our BIO2020 m co d. or inessinoxf www.bus 20 20 IO B e to th  Subscribe ter e-Newslet com essinoxford. in www.bus itter Tw on 2020  Follow BIO sinox /busines LinkedIn IO2020 on B w llo Fo  sinox /busines

 Download

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2020 will be ubt that BIO do no s e’ er Th ally entering t but we’re re a huge even three days. increasing to by ry ito rr new te 2020 to have pecting BIO s We’re fully ex to past year el y different fe el et pl t m or co pp a ng, su asis on learni with an emph ent. AND enjoym eme of ars theme th With this ye THINK, we’re U O Y HEWAY #CHANGET is designed event which setting up an out making ab e find out mor u yo lp he to sponsible ss a more re your busine the excellent om ning fr business, lear ts of fantastic ing set by lo examples be businesses. Oxfordshire more Comic O2020 to be We want BI ence, siness confer Relief than bu great e m u to make so we want yo t the future ou ab e , learn mor ired connections hire, be insp ts in Oxfords e ov ab developmen t, bu ible speakers ed cr in e d m by so some fun an you to have all, we want other. support each

ed in ation provid on all inform m .co rd For full T&Cs fo ox ww.businessin please see. w

, this brochure

 businessinox #changethewayyouthink


0 2 0 2 O BI AKERS  SPE

y signed-up eakers alread sp e th f o w e with all Just a fe ep up to dat ke o T , 0 2 0 for BIO2 , please visit: ouncements speaker ann om  ssinoxford.c www.busine

Hare  Dominic

ive Officer Chief Execut ce la Pa im Blenhe perb ort of his su With the supp has transformed ic in m Do , team ample of a shining ex Blenheim into the right way. Hear s doing busines eeded and im have succ how Blenhe shing and fre re a – nts failed on a fro ess…learn sin bu to oach honest appr just brag t n’ do , es istak from your m ! ts en em hiev about your ac

eley  Andy De Co-Founder . Fitch Brew Co .com fitchbrewco

d u ever wante Everything yo Crowd Funding t ou ab ow kn to s your busines and making ality. re a s m ea dr



yward  Grant Ha Director Founder and nt re Collabo collaborent.c d to have foun ed I am delight d an g kin or my place, w in an area I’m volunteering er out, to deliv ab passionate ficant ni sig g in br value and sinesses, benefits to bu sector bodies, blic charities, pu es. d communiti education an

nes MBE  Emma Jo Founder tion Enterprise Na enterprisenat siness s MBE is a bu Emma Jone thor au g lin el st-s expert and be oks such as bo s es sin of bu artUp 9 and The St rise Working 5 to rp te En of r unde Kit. She is fo Nation.

ing  Jamie La Founder ns Candy Kitte candykitten s alongside hi Jamie Laing ity winning real dar aw on role in Chelsea, e ad M s, rie TV se an ndy Kittens, launched Ca t urmet swee go e, tiv va inno out to focus t se at th e rang on quality

Cardy  Janette Triathlete & l Speaker Motivationa yfi rd ca tte ne ja t y talks abou Janette Card l sporting na her inspiratio d how she an background arck from a ne bounced ba nce. death experie

iltcliffe  Simon B

ox  Charly C ach Founder & Co Coaches ge Climate Chan m r en a coach fo Charly has be ving previously ha s, ar ye n ve se ency a creative ag built and run She founded the a. in West Afric when ge Coaches ness Climate Chan ss le er w po that when she realised ck ba us of t a lo . was holding ge an ch e at clim it comes to

om  Gary Blo

Founder Webmart UK com webmartuk.

mon e 3rd year Si This will be th O and we’re sure BI at en ok sp again. has sive hit once he’ll be a mas raight talking , st No nonsense in mart based leader of Web will give it to you, on m Si , er st Bice g insight l. A fascinatin ay! warts and al w fe lif ltc Bi e s th into busines

Niziol  Michelle

and hotherapist Sports Psyc r Broadcaste is a sports ist Gary Bloom psychotherap r, te as dc oa br r. He has llo se un co d an d at World commentate Games, c pi lym O , ps Cu d lth Games an Commonwea ents in a career r ev ila sim y an m ars. e than 25 ye spanning mor

Founder Group IMS Property imsinternet.c erty ded IMS Prop Michelle foun cognised re is Group, She g e UK’s leadin as one of th ecialists, d finance sp property an entary gular comm providing re ncial na Fi h, ap gr for The Tele ily Mail. dian and Da Times, Guar

lbrook CBE  Peter Ho CEO rise UK Social Enterp socialenterp for ok is hungry Peter Holbro ves lie be d an social justice rprise provides te that social en best hopes of ry one of our ve achieving it.

Manawer  Hussain & Actor Poet, Writer hussainman sh awer is a Briti Hussain Man 2017, and actor In poet, writer ss t the Guinne Manawer se orlds rd for the W World Reco sson in Le th al He l ta Largest Men llege Co s ng Ki ith w partnership pire. Em y ne ck Ha London and

             

Cook  Stephen Optimist Strategist & Strategy ul ef os rp V. Pu uk o. .c gy te vstra g on co-creatin exclusively, es with gi te ra My focus is st s who and rigorou and colours sustainable of all creeds ing, to organisations to be socially enterpris ant in much genuinely w doing so, ga ore, and by contribute m t or false hero worship. ofi more than pr

“C b ome

e In spir and ed! BIO



 businessinox #changethewayyouthink


0 2 0 2 O I B


 R O T I B I EXH NT


u Think g the Way Yo out Changin ab l your al e is ak m 20 n BIO20 how you ca emes at e thought to th m y so ke e ve th gi so d relevant to an st n tio bi talk or exhi follows: BIO2020 as For Good For You s  Busines Growth s es in  Bus re For The Futu s es in us  B hi ds re s For Oxfor  Busines

s  Busines



to opportunity garded as an re be to ng ki O ea t BI public sp We also wan lf. We know retch yourse ng in front of di an grow and st but so can st g in at id about your tim can be in to strangers and speaking st n out their ab tio bi g hi an ex them talkin op st to ng the yi r tr to know who business….o it’s difficult es im et om business (s exhibitor is!) who ort Partners of BIO Supp t lis g in ce vi ow ad gr great We’ve got a u with some ble to help yo 4’s offices in B at em will be availa th u set up with ve ha e w free and if yo s on date sessions are e Th . t en no re he-G , then why Weston-on-t rtner is saying e e Support Pa th t help after th ha e w or e m lik chat about h pt de in e have a mor session?



rtner, please

a Support Pa

If yo get in touch.

ners already

Support Part


rk ejo chnology Pa  Placi Esp Development, Oxford Te ss ne si Head of Bu ??? 2020 n ##th ????  Presentatio


n  John Ke gist Brand Strate d an Marketing ? 2020 ?? ?? ?? n ##th  Presentatio ill

a  Alison H onsulting ofessional C Pr d CEO, Oxfor ??? 2020 n ##th ????  Presentatio rd  Jon Ella Outloud rd la Owner, El ? 2020 ##th ?????? n tio ta en  Pres ley

 Lucy Eck d Story ild Your Bran Director, Bu ??? 2020 ?? ?? th n ##  Presentatio ation. r more inform fo no si es in us See www.b

       

to become u would like

SPONSIBLE E R E B + t is a key The BIO even city and we r ou event for to host this are delighted Inn Oxford in s event at Jury ed e very pleas 2020. We ar at th t even to support an valuable e d vi ro p s help elopment ev d insight and ses within for all busines Oxford.  s - Jurys Inn Anna McInne

g or u’re exhibitin Whether yo t: en ev e th the theme of


y and stay w

speaking, tr

hard at’s plastic or t anything th ou ng vi gi  Avoid l re e of / harmfu aterials whe to dispos of printed m nt ou am e th ter  Reduce ainable prin tes or use a sust eds to delega se t possible, ou odies – give go n ee gr k  Thin ts stead of swee transport to plant in or use public le ib ss po re he refills w  Carpool and Coffee cup for Tea e bl sa -u re ca u n’t make  Bring a lling us if yo waste by te od fo i 15th May. on Fr p  Hel t or lunch by as kf ea br r fo a booking

 businessinox #changethewayyouthink


T OUT OF S O M E H T NT  MAKING RE THE EVE O F E B 0 2 0 ts then book t lunch ticke BIO2 5. If you’ve go SAP e BIO2020

th 1. Download


tions A

Event App

your lunch op


ium Tickets ve 200 Prem the Keynote e access to which includ u guarantee yo re ake su speakers – m astic ith some fant your seat w speakers ising activity with a fundra 7. Come up you – tell promote for that we can you’re ho w g, in re do us what you’ you hope h uc and how m doing it for to raise

6. We only ha

2020 hash Use the #BIO

e attending twork you ar meet or d arrange to BIO2020 an gether have lunch to

3. Tell your ne

time uraging first to ask for rs to bi hi d ex speakers an media so al ci ort on so friendly supp them well… line wishing drop them a erence! ff di es a lot of it really mak

4. We’re enco

OF MOST OUT ENT E H T G IN K E EV  MA DURING TH 0 ing 2 0 2 IO rs are invest B rget exhibito ring al media du larly on soci e th at u 1. Post regu if it’s only yo then the 3 days or or exhibiting, ng ki ea duled event, sp he sc e planned / have some pr posts

photos and

put on your

of ow you’re 2. Take lots website to sh cial media / est

so ’s bigg Oxfordshire engaging at e sure you ak m – t en ev networking as possible many people mention as see your n s so they ca in your post posts le to new peop rooms – talk u yo le op 3. Walk the pe st focus on and don’t ju know

 8


4. Don’t fo

ergy into and their en time, money their time py cu don’t oc exhibiting – ss….if you your busine trying to sell and for st a at, book want to do th BIO2021! want to go a stand and 5. If you have e talks, make sure you to some of th ot so that it o playing (n leave a vide ) and plenty rs ou neighb disturbs your en prepare – perhaps ev of collateral ’ sign! am 0 .3 ck at 11 an ‘I’ll be ba me to your legates to co 6. Entice de through ecial offers stand with sp social media


0 2 0 2 O I B

ndles clear cial media ha so ur yo g e av 10. H and marketin n, prize slides, stand io ur tit yo pe on m co me, 7. Have a ga e if you’re material date captur to help with g tin bi hi bitors good ex kers and exhi speaking or ea sp l al h is media 11. W les and on social media hand face to face al le will ci ck lu op so s’ pe te ga ia for et that lots of 8. Take dele for the – don’t forg on social med g in em th do k ’re an g t they and th / attendin be doing wha anxious ving a demo they will be visiting / ha e m so e ga ur tim yo st g fir in ay pl / lk your ta and speakers t forget e exhibitors n’ at do ul n at gr tio and ta on C 12. u presen face to face one 9. During yo if you have job well done d a r an fo st ur yo ia to mention or week and on social med r for the day u at yo or your offe ith w up to catch invite people coffee a r fo or lunch

              



ur post about yo as e mentioning nc rie pe ex e it ad m BIO2020 at th as possible many people rience a great expe member to leads but re 2. Follow up likes to be dy bo no – be respectful you’re being if , ! Similarly bombarded cause you someone be contacted by product or r ei th terest in showed an in ease as pl t ignore them g! service, don’ in at tr us equally fr that can be are fellow to like and sh 3. Continue ’ news and rs ke ea sp d exhibitors’ an posts u t drinks if yo e after even th d inue en nt tt co A to . 4 – a great way d te have access ar st ve u’ tions yo the conversa about y. See more da e th g rin du ge 15. tickets on pa

og 1. Write a bl

e day BIO d my thre y for the e k o o b e I’v t wa t - a grea ry best of VIP ticke ve e th y njo team to e 2020  ays at BIO d e re th all ark logy P rd Techno ejo - Oxfo Placi Esp

 businessinox #changethewayyouthink



 TIPS

liers and clients, supp your talk / t si vi to ntial clients on te e liv po take place le ofi gs meetin to 1. Get your pr and and book st website at BIO2020 ing be r fo s scount, tip e ‘Top 2020 only di 2. Attend th ’ workshops are your BIO 20 e ep 20 ‘w Pr O . .g 6. BI (e at successful free service promotion, c tips on: we will in , ts 5) un ge co pa ac ur (see will review yo keting min business - digital mar website, 30 ads from ur le yo t um di im au ax m - generating ssions’) coaching se at BIO2020 your time build rs: to tease and - For Speake ic speaking social media bl or se pu lk U / ta 7. n ur tio yo - presenta ion about up anticipat uitment cr re , ch d un s an ill la uct sk dience stand – prod with your au y available at - interacting ial offers (onl r discussion ec he rt sp fu e, r iv fo dr them engaging BIO2020) tors: - For Exhibi owd with cr e th u are om fr t about why yo - standing ou rt of e a blog post rit pa if W r 8. ne ds rt an pa lus your your st attending (p programme) know your the NEXUS e B4 ‘Get to e m co el w ’ rs 3. Attend th to st time kers & exhibi if it’s your fir fellow spea Tell everyone k for tips 9. as & g hibitin brunch eaking or ex ow who sp ort and to kn rs & u want supp fellow speake yo me ur – so yo t ge ith w al so king to other soci 4. Connect you are spea ce / visiting LinkedIn and en on di rs au od e to bi th go hi r s in ex e thei friendly face rms and shar media platfo d ent an nt st co ur 20 yo 20 O news and BI

5. Invite your

the BIO2020




tivity should

team BIO2020? 2. Why not Workshop at


happening 2 up on the n’t just turn BIO2020, do cting to pe ex w slides day with a fe on si es make an impr

           

eone else

up with som

– ac 1. Plan early r to months prio


AT BIO2020

a and deliver out ore details ab m r fo Ask us tions Workshop op

d 3. Prepare an

practice your



0 2 0 2 O I B



tivity should


– ac 1. Plan early r to months prio

happening 2 up on the n’t just turn BIO2020, do expecting ll up banner day with a pu impression to make an r the are ready fo re your team ! su gy e er ak M en e 2. lots of positiv big day with

d – think a novel stan up banner, as than pull more Las Veg table! sweets and t g soon abou ation comin More inform ... ds hibition stan inspiring ex

with 3. Come up

               

ain mpanies to g couraging co . So en d d oo an G r g in fo is help a Force of my work Business as e th of ss er ro ow ac p At the heart e th place erstanding of mation taking urage a better und e the transfor ight and enco hl se g to hi g to in ir ng sp oi in d ch ’s is hi it 4 w e B in for m ways ous work to showcase the tremend ce d la p an ct ty fe un er co the p !  2020 will be are doing so this too. BIO E THINK and W Y A W E NGE TH we can CHA llaborent Ltd d, Director, Co Grant Haywar

 businessinox #changethewayyouthink


ion) to orking organisat leading B2B netw munity, m co s es ire’s busin engage Oxfordsh 020, Jurys the home of BIO2 was launched at Inn.



irit of ned to grow a sp NEXUS is desig t for or pp aring and su collaboration, sh rwise he ot t no t igh ich m organisations wh benefits e th nity to secure have the opportu months. 12 of d rio for a pe as outlined below

private ramme connects The NEXUS prog pporters) Su as n ow r kn panies (hereafte m co le so t you look rprises, charities, 0 to be an even with social ente known r fte We want BIO202 nt ea er we wa sinesses (h nse of fulfilment, traders, new bu three th wi e back on with a se em sir th de ng ur idi yo rtners) by prov pire you, to feed Pa ins as to of 0 e 02 on , O2 BI e you the bership of B4 siness and to giv key benefits: mem g kin or tw to be a better bu ne B . ial ding B2 something spec Oxfordshire’s lea ire Voice, opportunity to do ship of Oxfordsh er rtn pa ; ps ou gr ned to sig de all g 10% of partnership r bit by donatin a public / private ting ec aff s We’re doing ou ue rd iss fo y Ox lutions for the ke les to Homeless so sa d t fin ke tic a ium y, all Prem cost of food esses; and fin be donating the Oxfordshire busin Business and we will also (by 15th nt wa hibition stand at n’t ex do or t ey slo th g us kin ll te ea sp es at leg that de 20) in June. od Oxford. in Oxford (BIO20 May) to Good Fo for you to with some ideas We’ve come up d social an s ourite charitie support your fav e these in ot om pr to we want enterprises and O2020. the lead up to BI rtunities on ted in any oppo If you’re interes t first get in touch. Bu page 11, please do t our ou ab e or ll you m off we’d like to te which is S, XU NE e, m m ra partnership prog O2020. foundation for BI forming a great





XUS at one t more about NE Why not find ou rys Inn, ion events at Ju of our introduct uary, 9th br nuary, 4th Fe Oxford on 6th Ja y. Ma and 13th March, 8th April

register at: To attend please https://4nexus.e S2020 Using code NEXU act B4 formation cont Or for more in t: si 11 or vi on 01865 7422 4.b us ex .n www

S, (a new th October, NEXU On Thursday 10 rdshire’s ned by B4 Oxfo programme desig


omi c grow th driv ing econ




pporting NEX

ocates for su

our Adv Thank you to





your t auction Donate 1. BIO2020 Silen some or !) ice (n y an Tusc holiday home in tre tickets. sporting or thea for your ssage sending £1 2. BIO2020 Me e capsule. tim e ge to go in th BIO2030 messa


r the big e £1 per ticket fo 3. BIO2020 Raffl ards. Aw S XU n at the NE raffle to be draw

0 will ging and BIO202 Business is chan to find out y nit the opportu provide you with n change your business ca more about how e what ov pr help others im for the better or



they do.


entally more environm Whether it’s being e th in se er and div friendly, inclusive and local ble ina sta su g cin workplace, sour with ging strategically products or enga small or ity ar ch e, ris terp a great social en to stay s es r for your busin business in orde ing ink th rt sta e got to in business, you’v differently. event to ng you with an As well as providi hers to learn pired or help ot learn and be ins 0 to be 02 O2 BI , we want and be inspired while. rth wo d an ng tisfyi fun, engaging, sa n only ca t or use to supp Having a great ca t be igh m is Th . energy generate positive with their d en fri or ue ag lle supporting a co t be helping entation, it migh first public pres it might be or nd sta n hibitio on someone’s ex r a great cause. raising money fo

d for the Sponsor require 1. Charity Bitcoin arity ch e ates use for th tokens that deleg ed to ne n’t do ey day so th initiatives on the carry cash! 0 off to an ser Get BIO202 2. HAKA Energi HAKA! sponsoring the energetic start by at it takes! you’ve still got wh 3. Batak Prove ed BIO2020 walk An organis 4. An organised 0? walk to BIO202 walk – why not n pamper er Create your ow 5. Pamper Corn use. ca eeds to a good corner – all proc

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A BIO favourite!

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contact B4 For more ideas or visit 11 on 01865 7422 no si es in www.bus

 businessinox #changethewayyouthink


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n contact io t a m r o f in For more visit: 742211 or 5 6 8 1 0 n B4 o 4-busines .b s u x e .n www

 businessinox #changethewayyouthink






ive group NSOR of an exclus pany as one EVENT SP20O m onsorship co Sp ur t. yo en ev 20 positions blic networking at BIO se and ading pu Sponsorship alongside le ading showca brand to sit ordshire’s le xf ur O yo g g tin in or itt supp e comm s that you ar demonstrate sations.  ni ga or or sect and private

P GEARING Ute Sponsor listing

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Gold Ex 1 x Silver or day only


    


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a diverse etwork with n to y it n u rt po nnections Excellent op ing great co k a m s, e ss e enal busin any phenom selection of m so f o rd o g the w and spreadin companies 


e - Boston Hous Sarah Turner


, T S A F K A E R  B DRINKS


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 businessinox #changethewayyouthink


0 2 0 2 BIO   T I B I H X E

est B2B rdshire’s larg o xf O at s es EVERY busin profile your ing exhibitors g d an an 0 ch 2 re 0 2 e’ tw Exhibit at BIO day event bu 20 is a three 0 nities.  2 u rt IO o B p t. p o en ev hibition ex 0 0 2 r ve o many day to give l element of ia as an essent talk ing regarded e, expect to m er co th be u ly yo ng e si se ea to cr ness ct in si is pe bu BIO e biggest elegates ex Exhibiting at support of th strategies. D unity g rt ur tin yo po ke te op ar ia e m th ec company’s u will have and will appr yo , u ns rn yo tu tio sa om In . fr ni arn the county ential orga to you and le case event in ality and influ al qu ow on sh gh gi d hi re an ith d w networking ith local an nerate leads up to date w s and engage acts and ge n also keep ca ur customer to make cont u yo Yo of s. s or ed ct ne se re of tu ty fu e rie th from a va u can meet ts so that yo mmunity. developmen co ss ne si hire’s bu with Oxfords



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 Exhibition

                







There was a s in Oxford. es in us B ally at hibiting h plenty of re We loved ex the day, wit ut ho ug ro z th fantastic buz s made.  s connection es in us b d goo School ess n- Saïd Busin Verity Donova

   S T E K TIC

e you access kets guarante Premium tic eakers. Key Note sp to our great t emium ticke share your Pr es you te You can also an ar gu is ues and th with colleag l times. You e person at al on r fo ss acce colleague a ith w ur ticket can swap yo m Desk iu E at The Prem AT ANY TIM more e Se e. ed to leav when you ne . details below vidual days the three indi of e on e os Cho includes: y ticket which or a three da

of the thre Choose one which e day ticket re th days or a includes:

n hall the exhibitio  Access to lks and all ta cess to guarantee ac t no s  Doe talks KEYNOTE freshments clude any re in t  Does no day tea and st, lunch, all (breakfa inks) post event dr coffee or

US TICKET L P S S E C C A  dividual days in of the three Choose one includes: ch hi w t ke tic y or a three da n hall and the exhibitio  Access to all talks ast, lunch n for breakf  The optio ffee co d an y tea and all da cess to ac e te an guar  Does not talks KEYNOTE to post clude access in t no s  Doe inks event dr

to all eed access  Guarant s lk ta KEYNOTE n hall and the exhibitio to s es cc A  all talks ast, lunch n for breakf  The optio ffee y tea and co and all da g your in ok sal on bo  First refu g in tt si h nc d lu preferre inks with post event dr to s es cc A  Sponsors pport

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S TICKET  ACCES e individual


wards to NEXUS A one person  Access for


 businessinox #changethewayyouthink






JUNE 2020 For all Sponsorship and Exhibition enquiries, please call 01865 742211 To buy tickets see 

Profile for Business in Oxford

Getting The Most Out Of BIO2020  

Getting The Most Out Of BIO2020