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Malls backbone b.i.g lists the malls in top bahrain as well as the are the

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festive season.


Industrial Plots in Salman Industrial City - Hidd Tameer Business Park is the first office building in Salman Industrial City that provides ready office space with integrated business solutions, which allow investors in the manufacturing sector in particular and other sectors in general the ability to work, supervise, and control their manufacturing and storage process. • • • •

Common Reception 24 Hour Security Service Office Cleaning Service Conference Room

Offices ranging from 60 to 110 square meters

Serviced Office Space in Salman Industrial City - Hidd




Limited number of plots equipped with modern infrastructure designed to accommodate industrial investments located in Salman Industrial City, targeting Logistic / Industrial / Warehouse industries. • Ready infrastructure that can undertake any facility immediately • Sufficient load of Electricity & Water ready to be connected

With all our service offerings, we work to provide you with a stress free solution customized to your property requirements. Our team works as an extension of yours; a partnership that ensures the delivery of cost effective facilities management solutions designed to meet all your property needs.

Bahrain Investment Wharf • Under the supervision of a professional Facility Management company

Plots ranging between 1,800 to Limited number of lands Located in Salman Industrial at the Bahrain Investment Wharf, 3,000Area, square meters equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure (Roads, Landscaping, and Utilities Areas) to meet

P.O.BOX: 10144




Kingdom of Bahrain

the demand of any investment; development includes low-rise office blocks, headquarters, Tel.: +973 69694000 | this Fax: +973 69694001 | training centers, conference halls and other commercial facilities. Some of the target industries within the Industrial/Logistics and Warehousing Park include:

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5 Best Decorated Malls We look into the malls that have attracted larger foot traffic and more shoppers due to their efforts in making their enterprises look as festive as it can. After all, there tend to be more shoppers during the holiday season.


5 Best Decorated Hotels Every mall in the Kingdom celebrate the holidays but we only name the top 5 that made their hotel a holiday destination itself thanks to their revamped interiors filled with captivating decorations.



Bahrain’s Famous Shopping Centers It is becoming undeniable that malls have become the place to go for just about anything if you do not want to stay at home. With many shopping centers sprouting everywhere, we give you the list of the most famous malls in the Kingdom. 2





Tamkeen Expo The first Tamkeen and Conference Exhibition, geared to boost business and gain knowledge from business experts, attracted more than 2,000 participants.



Day N’ Age Munther Buhindi and Abdulla Abdul Rahim started their business as an outlet to pour the common sense of humor through T-shirt prints, which has eventually created likeness among people who see it.


3 Big Startup Challenges How to conquer the most common problems that a startup entrepreneur faces.


Mahmood Janahi Banker by day and baker by night, this young lad has captured the taste buds of the sweet-toothed in Bahrain since 2008. He tells us more on how he manages to fit everything on his plate.


Personal Branding



The importance of creating a personal brand as it is all about creating an image and connection with the customer.


Young Leaders, Please With many leadership development programs advertised for 2013, training companies may feel it is time to develop leaders.



Starbucks Looking back on the coffee shop’s humble beginnings and its rise to becoming an international brand.


BIG Autos Top 10 affordable mid range SUVs.


Hotel Outlet Guide

Your guide to the Kingdom’s hotel outlets for dining, shopping, nightlife and spa. 4




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The beginning of a year marks the end of another one and as the festive season has been celebrated, BIG takes a look at business enterprises that, as much as households and individuals, took effort and not to mention budget in keeping the spirit alive. It may be arguable if that was the real intention but we cannot deny that it was an effective way of making the shoppers busy and thus, the businessmen happy. After all capitalizing on an available resource is a wise move just as how the local entrepreneurs who are on the spotlight this month, used their innate skill in starting their own businesses. We also give you a listing of the famous shopping places in the Kingdom, as Bahrain is becoming a competitive character in this consumer world. BIG TEAM




Business IN GULF

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John Spence is the author of “Awesomely Simple – Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas into Action,” which was named one of the top 10 small business books of the year in 2009. He is an award-wining professional speaker and corporate trainer, and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America.


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DOUBLE YOUR VALUE "Most customers make decisions based on price and perceived value. When a competitor cuts prices, your competitive edge is to double the value of what you're offering in a way that is meaningful for your target customer. There are many ways to do this, including expediting delivery, offering additional payment plans, or simply improving your customer service experience." Alexia Vernon | Communication and Leadership Author, Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Alexia Vernon Empowerment LLC

CRITICAL THINKING - OR JUST COMMON SENSE "Help you customers think about WHY the competitor would have had to make such a drastic change. Is their product or service that low of quality? What makes you think they'll perform better than before, just because their prices are lower? Close their eyes on the dollar signs by helping them consider the contributing factors." Therese Kuster | Owner, TargetClick Marketing Solutions



"Sometimes having a competitor slash prices isn't always a bad thing. When you think about it, slashing prices (unless you're selling on crazy high volume like Wal-Mart) cuts a company's margins and makes it less flexible and less attractive to higher quality customers. Position yourself as the high quality option. Make it an "apples to oranges" comparison rather than you both trying to be apples." Trevor Mauch | CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer), Automize, LLC



"Your competitor is under the impression that cost, not value, is the most important aspect of the transaction. You may lose some customers who want a cheaper service or product, but stick with the clients who care more about value. Understand what those clients want more than cheaper prices and give it to them in spades." Kelly Azevedo | Founder, She’s Got Systems

"Yes, your competitor has lower prices. But so what? You have a better brand, experience, community, service... the list goes on and on. So remember to remind your users about all of the incredible context you have created around them for their comfort and success, and reinforce that trust in YOU that will keep them from straying elsewhere." Caroline Ghosn | Co-Founder and CEO, The Levo League

"There will always be competitors looking to jump in, lower prices and take your customers away. What you can do to keep your customers is fully explain to them that they pay more to stay with you because you provide the best overall experience. That means the best quality and, equally as important, the best customer experience, however that translates to your niche." Justin Beegel | Founder, Infographic World, Inc.




"Not lowering your prices means you maintain the profit margins to re-invest in your product or service. Convey to your customers that this is why they should continue to pay your price...because it's invested into the superior quality of service that they have grown accustomed. You won't compromise your profits and you won't compromise your brand." Benjamin Leis | Founder, Sweat EquiTees

"Zappos has proven that you don't need to be the lowest cost provider to succeed—if you want proof, just compare their prices against other online retailers that are often 20-40 percent cheaper. By eliminating risk with their ridiculously customer-friendly refund and exchange policies, and providing worldclass customer support, they've been able to build a billion dollar company—and you can too." Matt Mickiewicz | Co-Founder, Flippa and 99designs

"You know your product to be better, so why make consumers second guess it? If you' the market leader,ignore the price points when pitching your product/service to others. Fill the page with customer testimonials, value over cost. Don't give the consumer a reason to second guess your price point by comparing yourself to another brand—you just helped them sell to someone who cares only about cost." Jerry Piscitelli | Owner / Inventor, Portopong LLC

SHOW YOUR FACE "You don't need to do anything other than show them that you are still there. People who lower their prices are almost always going to lower their service level. Use that to your advantage by providing a higher service value. Whatever you do, do NOT compete on price." Lucas Sommer | Founder CEO, Audimated

The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses via live video chats, an expert content library and email lessons.




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Microsoft, Tamkeen partners t for f Imagine Cup 2013 Competition

BAHRAIN: As part of its

ongoing commitment to promoting creativity and IT skills amongst youngsters, Microsoft announces that Tamkeen has become a strategic partner of its Imagine Cup 2013 Competition in Bahrain, inviting all students ages 16 to 23 to partake in the world’s premier student technology competition. The National winner team will represent Bahrain in the Imagine Cup 2013 Worldwide Finals taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia between 8 and 13 July 2013. Supported by Tamkeen and other strategic partners, Microsoft Bahrain will organize a road show to various universities across the Kingdom to give students the chance to learn more about Imagine Cup and how they can participate in this

worldwide annual competition. During the strategic partnership signing ceremony, Tareq Hijazi, Regional Country Manager for Microsoft in Bahrain & Oman, thanked Tamkeen for their support and emphasized the role they are playing in empowering the Bahraini Youth as well building labor market relevant skills. About the competition Hijazi said, “Imagine Cup competition is the first step in a lifelong journey for a young entrepreneur, inventor, designer, developer or innovator.” He added, “With this 11th session of Imagine Cup competition, we aim at inspiring more students from all academic backgrounds to collaborate on applications and seize opportunities to impact the Bahraini community as well as the world.” Tamkeen Chief Executive Mahmood Hashem Al-Kooheji stressed the critical role youth play in advancing Bahrain’s overall development as outlined by Bahrain’s economic vision, and noted entrepreneurship and innovation amongst them as a key way to reach this goal.

Bahrain to introduce law against counterfeit medicines BAHRAIN: Bahrain’s National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) is working on new legislation to prevent the use of fake drugs in the kingdom, Gulf Daily News has reported. Around one third of medication sold in the kingdom could be fake, NHRA chief executive, Dr Baha Eldin Fathea, told the daily. Several leading drug companies have already contacted authorities in Bahrain saying they cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects caused by people consuming fake medication, Dr Fathea said. “Around 30% of medications anywhere in the world are considered spurious or counterfeit,” he said. “The same figures stand true for Bahrain as well but the truth is that with the proper legislation and control, the situation in Bahrain can easily be far better.”

big -tionary Describing business terminology


DOLLAR-COST AVERAGING - DCA The technique of buying a fixed dollar amount of a particular investment on a regular schedule, regardless of the share price. More shares are purchased when prices are low, and fewer shares are bought when prices are high.


Saudi Arabia Grants $448M to Bahrain BAHRAIN: Saudi Arabia has

agreed to grant $448 million to Bahrain as part of a $2.5 billion pledge by Riyadh to fund development projects in the Persian Gulf island-state, according Bahrain News Agency (BNA). The Saudi grant is part of a larger $10 billion aid program endorsed by leaders of the oil-rich GCC bloc to support Bahrain’s economic

development, following political unrest there in the wake of the Arab Spring in 2011. The Saudi Fund for Development will be providing the $448 million grant based on six agreements signed with Bahrain’s finance minister on Sunday, BNA said. The first agreement provides $200 million to fund housing and infrastructure projects in Bahrain’s southern province, while the second agreement supports the education system in Bahrain with $85 million in funding. Three agreements support various infrastructure projects across Bahrain with $136 million, while the sixth agreement provides funding of $27 million to water-related projects.

Bahrain seeks to progress Dragon City project BAHRAIN: Senior Bahraini

officials have held talks in a bid to push ahead with plans to bring a major China-themed mall to the Gulf kingdom. The country’s deputy Prime Minister and chairman of the Ministerial Committee for Services and Infrastructure were among those at a meeting to discuss the feasibility of establishing the Dragon City retail project in Diyar Al Muharraq. The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Hassan Abdullah Fakhroo, plus directors of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry were also at the meeting, Bahrain News Agency reported. Further talks have been agreed to establish “an

integrated mechanism for the project as well as procedures and controls of establishing it in the kingdom of Bahrain”. In May, it was reported that Bahrain’s Diyar Al Muharraq had signed a deal with Chinamex to develop a 334,000 sq ft Chinathemed shopping mall in the Gulf state. Dragon City, slated for completion in September 2014, will have an initial capacity for up to 100 Chinese companies and businesses. The mall, located in the downtown area of the Diyar Al Muharraq development, will be managed by Chinamex. Dragon City is expected to attract more than half a million visitors a year, said the company.

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Manama may temporarily t il ban new schools in Juffair

BAHRAIN: The municipal

council of the Bahraini capital Manama may reintroduce a temporary ban on the opening of new private schools, institutes and universities in Juffair, Gulf Daily News has reported. “Juffair is facing a genuine traffic crisis and allowing more educational facilities won’t solve the problem. It will further escalate it,” said council technical committee chairman and area councillor Hussain Qarqoor.

There are already 12 government and private educational facilities in just four blocks of Juffair. Last June, the council took the decision in a bid to tackle mounting traffic chaos while a study into the classification of the area was completed. However, the municipalities and urban planning affairs minister, Dr Juma Al Ka’abi, revoked the decision in July, saying the ban broke the country’s classification rules.



BD24.2 million ($63.7 million) Mina Salman Interchange project has reached 47 per cent and is expected to be opened for traffic in November next year, said a top government official. “The share of the domestic

market in the landmark infrastructure project, will top an overall 70 per cent,” Works Minister Essam Khalaf said. The tunnel is expected to cut driving time between King Fahad Causeway and Khalifa Bin Salman Port to 18 minutes, from 38 minutes now.

No plans for new projects in Manama this year

Corniche to get major facelift BAHRAIN: Three top investment

companies have submitted bids worth millions of dinars to give Al Fateh Corniche, one of Bahrain’s most popular sea fronts, a major facelift, said a report. The Al Fateh Corniche was put up for tendering by the Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry after a shortage of funds delayed the BD1.2 million project ($3.16 million), which was due to have begun in July 2010, said the Gulf Daily News in its report. Three private companies have come forward with bids to develop the project with New Investment Company offering $100 million followed by Fortune Promoseven

for BD36 million and Jenan Properties for BD11.4 million. Under the original plans, the ministry would have to build a new walkway and instal playground facilities under the first phase, while the investor would be responsible for recreational and family areas as well as restaurants and coffee shops as part of the second phase of the corniche’s 153,430 sqm area facelift. However, the ministry says the investors should incorporate both phases under their suggested plans to develop the corniche. Work to clear up the coastline along the corniche is expected to begin early this year.

BAHRAIN: The Bahraini

government has not allocated funds for new projects in the capital, Manama, Gulf Daily News has reported. Councilors have said a list of developments presented to them by the municipalities and urban planning affairs ministry were similar to those earmarked for 2009-2010 and 2011-2012, and have yet to be implemented despite funds

already being allocated. They also said ministry officials said that the $10bn ‘GCC Marshall Plan’ couldn’t be used to purchase land or carry out beautification projects. The ministry said it had not spent any money on new projects in 2012 because of a funding shortfall linked to it being owed BD30m from the Electricity and Water Authority in late municipal payments.




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Alba gets loan for $169m bond

BAHRAIN: Aluminium Bahrain, or Alba, which owns the world’s fourth-largest aluminium smelter, said on Sunday it received two loans from banks to refinance a US$169m bond maturing in March 2013. Alba, 69 percent owned by Bahraini sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat and 20 percent by the Saudi government, said it obtained a five-year US$85m loan from Bahrain’s Gulf International Bank according to a statement on the Bahrain bourse. The company also received a three-year US$84 mn loan from

a group of banks including Ahli United Bank, National Bank of Bahrain, Bank of TokyoMitsubishi UFJ Ltd, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait and Arab Banking Corporation. Alba earlier in December said it had hired Bechtel Canada to conduct a feasibility study for its proposed US$2.5bn expansion plan to add a sixth production line. The new line - which will add 400,000 tonnes annual capacity to its current production of 881,000 tonnes a year - could be completed by early 2015.

FIFA bans Qatari from all football QATAR: Former FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam has announced his resignation from all positions in football with immediate effect, FIFA said. The Qatari official, who was a FIFA Executive Committee member and AFC President, “will never be active in organized football again”, the world footballing authority said in a statement. FIFA said it received a resignation letter from Bin Hammam on December 2012. The life ban is based on the final report of Michael J Garcia, chairman of the Investigatory Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee. That report showed repeated violations of Article 19 (Conflict of Interest) of the FIFA Code of Ethics, edition 2012, of Mohamed Bin Hammam during his terms as AFC President



and as member of the FIFA Executive Committee between 2008-2011, FIFA said. Bin Hammam had a lifetime ban overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in July but was suspended again one week later, this time for a provisional period of 90 days, as FIFA announced a fresh probe by its ethics committee. Bin Hammam was accused of trying to buy the presidential votes of Caribbean officials by handing them $40,000 each in brown envelopes at a meeting in Port of Spain. He withdrew his candidacy for the FIFA elections and Blatter was re-elected unopposed for a fourth term as FIFA president.


UAE: Aspiring business owners in the Middle East must overcome obstacles including legal hazards, a lack of funding and an outdated education system if they want to start a company. That was warning from some of the region’s most successful business gurus including CEOs of low-cost airline Air Arabia, retailer Axiom Telecom and logistics giant Aramex at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Dubai. The event was opened by UAE Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In a discussion on the future of entrepreneurship delegates

were warned that research shows only 8 per cent of young people in the region had ambitions of starting their own business. Entrepreneurship, said Aramex founder and CEO Fadi Ghandour, “is sexy, it is nice, people talk about it... but in my view we need to demystify it and bring it down to earth so we don’t think it is like rocket science.” But even for those who are already resolved to creating their own company - it ain’t easy. Axiom Telecom CEO Faisal Abdulaziz Al Bannai warned that budding businesses face a funding “bottleneck” that is “too narrow” for many good ideas to become reality.

GFH fund plans partial exit BAHRAIN: Gulf Finance House (GFH) has said it plans to partially exit Clients Funds Under Management from infrastructure projects, Khaleej Times has reported. The move is part of the

plan that started in 2012, to early redeem the investors’ funds, the firm said. GFH is working on high-yield income-generating properties in the GCC, Dubai in particular, it said.


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Bahrain has continued to secure significant foreign investment throughout 2012, with forty international businesses establishing operations in the Kingdom as a result of direct outreach activities carried out by the Economic Development Board (EDB). The EDB attracted investments in 2012 from North America, Europe and Asia as well as the Middle East region. These will help create close to 900 jobs over the course of three years across a range of sectors including financial and professional services, logistics and renewable energy. Non- financial services related investments comprised of over US $ 102 million, particularly in the areas of professional services and information and communications technology (ICT).

During the course of the year the EDB continued to assist companies that had initiated projects in the Kingdom in 2011, including the inauguration of projects by German industrial firm RMA and German chemical company BASF. These businesses, along with IndianPolyester company JBF, invested US$ 200 million during the course of 2011, and will help create over 500 jobs over the course of three years in the Kingdom. As a leading business and financial hub at the heart of the Gulf, a market now worth $1.4 trillion, Bahrain has long been considered the gateway to the region, with easy access to the large economies of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. The Kingdom’s highly skilled bilingual local workforce and low cost of doing business mean that it is a natural home for firms looking to invest in the region.

GCC must invest in sustainable energy sources

ABU DHABI: A huge increase in GCC population to just under 55 million by 2020 will force the region to develop new and more sustainable energy sources. Even in the Gulf, where the six states have some of the largest reserves of hydrocarbons in the world, it is not sustainable for this valuable resource to be simply burned away in order to support the energy-profligate lifestyles of most of the Gulf’s inhabitants. The need to switch to more



sustainable energy habits was a dominant feature of a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which was right to spell out the urgent need for the GCC to invest in renewable and clean energy to satisfy domestic consumption and to conserve its valuable energy reserves. The focus on renewable energy is the long-term answer and the GCC is right to invest in developing these technologies.

Online Billionaire Shop Lets You Buy Jets, Yachts in One Click

It must be hard to be a billionaire. Apparently there’s no easy way to impulse buy things such as yachts, jets and real estate. The good news, however, is there’s a new website called The Billionaires Shop, which allows you to throw millions of dollars away in a matter of seconds. Want an $8 million penthouse in Miami? Add it to your shopping cart and checkout. How about a new Ferrari 458 sports car? That will be $230,000. “Luxury items and products are often hard to find and buy,” a spokesperson for the

company told Mashable. “At, it’s the opposite: easy, available and curated. ” The concept came after the Swedish-based team, which also runs an international gambling company called, realized that -- like the classic comedy film Brewster’s Millions -- big winners didn’t always know what to do with their cash. The most popular category on the site so far is its luxury yacht collection, with private jets not far behind.


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World’s largest Cheesecake Factory opens in Dubai DUBAI: The largest

Cheesecake Factory restaurant in the world has opened at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The US-based eatery, occupying 2,120 sq m with 526 seats, is the brand’s second opening in the UAE. The launch was announced by Kuwait-based retailer MH Alshaya Co, the first international licensee for The Cheesecake Factory. “The response to The Cheesecake Factory’s international debut in the UAE last summer and at The Avenues in Kuwait last month was truly overwhelming, and we are delighted this momentum is being sustained by opening in such a prime location at Mall of the Emirates,” said Duncan Garrood, president of Alshaya’s food division.

The Cheesecake Factory Inc, the New York-listed restaurant chain, last year signed a deal with Alshaya to franchise its outlets across the Gulf in its first overseas expansion. The deal allowed for 22 restaurants to be built over the next five years in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. The UAE restaurant market is set to grow 30 percent to $780m in the next four years and will be dominated by American-style fast food brands, an industry expert said in November 2011.

GCC POPULATION TO SOAR BY 30% BY 2020 ABU DHABI: The GCC population will soar by 30 per cent to 53.5 million people who will form an increasing strain on the region’s supplies of electricity, food and water, a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed. “By 2020, the GCC population is forecast to reach 53.5 million, a 30 per cent increase over the level in 2000. Over the same period, the region’s real GDP is expected to grow by 56 per cent and the nominal GDP, which was US$341.6bn in 2000, is forecast to soar to over US$1 trilion in 2010 and US$2 trillion in 2020,” the report showed. The Economist Intelligence pointed out that the GCC nations are undertaking a variety of measures “to ensure long term sustainable growth introducing energy-efficiency

measures, investing in clean fuel and renewable energy supplies, improving water efficiency, investing in new water desalination capacity; and buying or leasing agricultural land abroad.” The UAE oil potentials amounted to 8.5 per cent of global oil wealth, ranking fifth at the international level while its natural gas deposits which approximately account for 3.3 per cent of the world’s total proven gas resources have pushed the UAE government to think of renewable energy to benefit from the rise in prices of hydrocarbon resources, Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of Masdar, said. Al Jaber added that this has driven the UAE to think of renewable energy to generate power to meet the rise in demand.

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Well worry no more! The answer to your issues is a phone call away. Anne Mostafa,PsyD Clinical Psychologist Tel: +973 36317033, email: JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012



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GULF TO ADD 21,000 KM TO ITS CURRENT PIPE NETWORK constitutes 14% of the globally extended planned pipeline network of 161,000 km. This was revealed at a press conference held in Dubai by Al Fajer Information & Services (AFIS), Messe Essen and Messe Dusseldorf, organizers of the Arabia Essen Welding & Cutting, Tekno Arabia and Tube Arabia at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre. The press conference was supported by German Welding Society (DVS) and International Tube Association (ITA). Satish Khanna, General Manager, AFIS said: “Each of these industrial exhibitions

GCC: The GCC tubes and pipes industry will invest US$ 18 billion in the next 5 years in new pipelines and associated infrastructure, as the Gulf is set to add more than 21,000 km to its current pipe network. This

has its own value proposition to respective industries in the UAE and the wider pan Arab region. The GCC’s drive to extend its railway network will boost the demand for tubes, pipes and welding solutions. This demand is being met with increased domestic production by local players. Moreover, the remarkable utility and construction projects are giving a shot in the arm to the pipes, tubes and welding industries. This has boosted the importance of these three shows by attracting more companies to display their products to target the rapidly increasing trade visitors.”


UAE: Dubai now has about a 29 per cent market share of global gold trade with nearly 1,200 tonnes - worth about $41 billion. That’s up from around $6 billion worth traded in the emirate in 2003, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre head Malcolm Wall Morris was quoted as saying by Gulf Daily News. The centre was set up by the emirate to oversee the trade. The emirate has set up gold refineries and vaults and jewelry making facilities, importing gold - including scrap from India - and melting it down to produce gold bars. At the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, traders and speculators buy and sell the metal on the futures market.


Steve Jobs’ yacht stuck in payment feud USA: Though the details are fuzzy, the mega-mega-mega yacht that was being built for Apple founder Steve Jobs is stuck in an Amsterdam port over a financial disagreement. According to the Associated

big -tionary Describing business terminology


Press, the 256-foot super-duper yacht has not been allowed to leave because the Frenchman who helped Jobs design it says he’s still owed money. The yachtus giganticus

reportedly cost a total of 105 mn euros (about $138 mn) to build. Port of Amsterdam spokesman Jeroen Ranzijn, according to the AP, said he believed the dispute might be resolved soon.

INVENTORY WRITE-OFF An accounting term for the formal recognition that a portion of a company’s inventory no longer has value. An inventory write-off may be handled in the company’s books by charging it to the cost of goods sold or by offsetting the obsolete inventory allowance. Most inventory write-offs are small.


UK: A gallery of Britain’s top tax criminals of 2012, including two gangs that smuggled gold and cigarettes via Dubai, has been published online for the first time by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The list of 32 criminals includes the names of seven British men who smuggled more than 20m cigarettes into the UK from Dubai and a Londonbased jeweler who evaded over GBP£7m (US$11.2m) in VAT payments after bootlegging gold into the country via the emirate. The gallery is part of a GBP£1 bn crackdown on tax evasion. New legislation, introduced in 2010, allows HMRC to publish the details of people or companies caught deliberately evading more than GBP£25,000.


SNIPPETS Qatar Telecom (Qtel), the majority state-owned telecom operator, has agreed with the Tunisian government to buy a further 15 per cent stake in that country’s operator Tunisiana for $360 million.


w According to guidelines issued by the UAE central bank, mortgages for foreigners are to be restricted at 50% of the property’s value.

8.3 PC

Oman’s gross domestic product, adjusted for inflation, grew an estimated 8.3 per cent last year, faster than the government’s target of 7 per cent, Finance Minister Darwish al-Balushi said.

20,000 Oman will continue spending heavily on job creation for its citizens this year aiming at creating 56,000 jobs, of which 20,000 will be in the government sector.

KD164 mn

Kuwaiti electricity and water ministry has said unpaid bills have reached more than KD300m over the last few months, of which only KD136m have been collected.


us$360 mn

Brent crude oil hit a one-month high above $112 per barrel early this month after the US Congress approved a deal to avert a fiscal crisis.

18 years old

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has said the age limit for nationals seeking driving licence has been raised from 17 to 18, as part of new measures taken to crack down on traffic rule violators and for making Omani roads safer for motorists.

10.37 MN BPD

Crude output edged up almost 1 per cent to a new post-Soviet high of 10.37 million barrels per day (bpd). Russia, whose proceeds from oil gas constitute around half of budget revenues, aims to keep its crude production at no less than 10 million bpd until 2020.

US$ 100 MN

Dubai’s Emirates Integrated Telecommunications (du) has signed a $100 million financing deal with Standard Chartered to shore up liquidity, the company said.



eXtra Comes Leading electronics and home appliance retailer in the Middle East launched

Under the patronage of National Guard Commander Lt. General Shaikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa, Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr. Hassan Fakhro officially opened early this month the first United Electronics Company (eXtra) store in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


he opening of the company’s 30th store in the region, which is located in Tubli, along the Shaikh Isa Highway opposite Adhari Park, was also attended by Shaikh Hamad Bin Mohammed Bin Isa Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of eXtra Abdullah Al Fozan and board member and Chief Executive Officer Mohamad Galal as well as leading local businessmen. With a consumer electronics market worth an estimated $600 million annually, eXtra, a publicly listed company, has decided that it is the right time to enter the electronics market in the Kingdom. With a population that has grown by 17.9 per cent over the last four years, a need in the market for high quality products and services, and its close proximity to Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain is a natural choice for the next stage of eXtra’s ongoing expansion.



to Bahrain

“Following our huge success in Saudi Arabia, we are delighted to transport the eXtra brand the short distance across the causeway to the Kingdom of Bahrain,” said Abdullah Al Fozan. “Customers can also enjoy same day delivery on goods purchased before 6PM; a 30 day, no questions asked, returns policy on undamaged products; and a lowest price guarantee, meaning that if a customer finds a product advertised cheaper, eXtra will pay the difference plus 10% of the difference,” said Expansion Director Usama Bukhari. Occupying 14,000 square meters, the new store employed approximately 200 people. eXtra’s new store is the largest home appliance and consumer electronics retail showroom in the country, offering more than 12,000 world-leading products. The new store is completely wired by Viva Telecommunication Company and offers free 4G Wi-Fi to all customers, which allows them to keep in touch with their daily business while shopping. eXtra is Saudi Arabia’s fastest-growing consumer electronics and home appliance retailer and the largest in the Middle East region. It was recently named as one of “The Top 200 Companies in the GCC” by Forbes Middle East. In addition, eXtra was also recently named as one of the Arabia 500 top companies in recognition of its exceptional growth and sustained commercial success.



AN ENTREPRENEUR’S EXPO First Tamkeen Conference and Exhibition a Success More than 2000 participants including 80 entrepreneurs from various economic sectors took part in the conference and exhibition that was held under the patronage of Tamkeen Chairman Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa.


he expo is part of Tamkeen’s efforts to support private sector enterprises and develop the skills of Bahraini citizens. It seeks to provide a platform for entrepreneurs in particular and the private sector in general to exchange knowledge and expertise, and for the general public to learn about Tamkeen’s various support programs and how to benefit from them. “We participated in this expo to get volunteers in our programs and to get people to participate on it,” said a representative from inJaz Bahrain, a non-profit organization that provides economic education programs to youth. “As a beneficiary of Tamkeen that has trained our staff and sponsored medical equipments for the hospital, we’re here to maximize their help by showing our packages to visitors,” said another exhibitor



from American Mission Hospital, Salwa Fadhul. The two-day event also featured interactive workshops led by leading experts from Bahrain and abroad, who shared knowledge and expertise on entrepreneurship and the best international practices on various economic issues of interest to business owners. The conference focused on Tamkeen’s achievements and the role of entrepreneurship and the private sector in advancing economic development, while the workshops discussed key topics that are relevant and would benefit SME owners and enterprises in Bahrain. Tamkeen is an initiative tasked with developing Bahrain’s private sector and positioning it as the key driver of economic development. Established in August 2006, Tamkeen is one of the cornerstones of Bahrain’s national reform initiatives and Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.

Exhibitors (Part 1): l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

East Star General Trading Golden Trust Takatof KG Kids Haffadh Specialised Dental Hospital S.P. Private Clinic Dr. Suha Auto Max Curve Jewellery Gulf Future Business S.P.C. Smart Fox Lala Land Candyz My Bakery Spectrum Cleaning Co. W.L.L. Tails Al SafIr Tower Hotel Big Deal Arabia Green FX W.L.L. Daskalides Al Bayan Media Group Reload Consulting Services Jeeves of Belgravia Creative Solutions Hejair Gardening and Landscaping Bahrain Dutch Foundation American Mission Hospital Flowers Corner Raghadan Trading



Exhibitors (Part 2): l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l


Tasneem Trading Est. Milad Marketing & Promotions Saberi Construction BDO Bahrain Islamic Bank Khaleeji Commercial Bank Bahrain Development Bank Ernst & Young Ebdaa Bank Family Bank Protiviti Standard Chartered Bank Tender Board BBIC EDSA - KPMG Fakhro Bahrain Training Institute BMI Bank Women Development Centre Ithmaar Arabian Taxi Third Wave International W.L.L. National Institute for Industrial Training (NIIT) Bahrain Airport Services Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance Gulf Aviation Academy Bahrain International Retail Development Centre W.L.L.


Exhibitors (Part 3): l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

Silah Gulf eGovernment Authority Al Rafed Advertising inJAz Bahrain NIT Al Atheer Audit and Consulting Arabian East Training Centre Eeha’a Media Grant Thornton Bahrain Institute of Hospitality and Retail W.L.L. Mandevco International College Of Health Sciences INVITA Company B.S.C. (Closed) Bahrain Women Union Think Smart for Development and Training W.L.L. Success Training Centre AIT Centre Sylvan Learning Emic Training London Training Centre Social Media Club, Bahrain Mircosoft Training Plus Zain Capital Knowledge B Link Computer



AUTUMN FAIR 2013 Bahrain’s Biggest Shopping Bonanza Returns for the New Year The Autumn Fair, Bahrain’s largest and most popular annual consumer products exhibition, is returning to the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre from 23 – 31 January 2013.


acked with over 700 exhibitors from 20 countries, the 13,300 square meter shopping extravaganza will showcase thousands of products from across the globe. A huge variety of goods will go on sale during the 9-day period, ranging from specialty food, fashion and furniture; to technology, toys, textiles and much more. “The Autumn Fair is a hugely popular annual event in Bahrain’s calendar with a unique atmosphere. Now in its 24th successful year, traders who have traveled to Bahrain, bringing with them their country’s best exports, will transform the whole of the exhibition center into a colorful bazaar. The largest international groups assemble to form national pavilions and include countries such as China, Egypt, Kuwait, Turkey, Syria, UAE and Pakistan,” said Arabian Exhibition Management’s project manager Mohammed Ebrahim.



“With so many exhibitors, prices at the Autumn Fair can be competitive. There are potential bargains on new to market products and a host of regular visitor favorites. There is also a strong businessto-business element. The Autumn Fair acts as an important sourcing venue for local companies, and wholesale agreements and new partnerships will be established during the course of the exhibition. Numerous local businesses also regularly take part in the exhibition and many offer special deals to visitors,” he added. The fair is going to be held under the patronage of H. E. Dr. Hassan A. Fakhro Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Chairman, Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Authority. For more information visit or call 17 550033.

New Timings

Opening hours at the Autumn Fair 2013 have been extended, allowing visitors more time to shop and browse in comfort. The exhibition will open daily to public on this schedule: 23 January: 12 pm – 10 pm on 25 January: 12 pm – 10 pm on 26- 29 January : 10 am – 2 pm and 4 pm – 10 pm 24, 30 and 31 January: 10 am to 10 pm Special ladies only mornings will take place on 27 and 28 January. Entry is 700 fils and children under 5 years old will be admitted free of charge.






Gulf Industry Fair (GIF) 2013 aims to be region’s ‘business-enabler’

In this region where billions of dollars are being spent on industrial and infrastructure capacity building, GIF organizers Hilal Conferences & Exhibitions (HCE) have made every effort to deliver a show where real business is done and high caliber contacts are made.


o be held from January 15-17 at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, this networking opportunity has anticipated specialist industrial product and service providers. Lined up for the event are distributors and agencies - representing the aluminium, energy and environmental protection, steel and alloys, industrial processes and manufacturing, ports, logistics and free zones, training and security and safety segments. “Gulf Industry Fair’s success has historically drawn upon this ambitious economic foresight and momentum, as well as the show’s close proximity to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in particular, and wider Northern Gulf in general, and the 2013 edition will be an reflection of this,” said HCE Managing Director Jubran Abdulrahman. This is the sixth edition of the most important and comprehensive industry related exhibition in the Middle East where it attracted more than 2,300 trade visitors at the last year’s event. This year HCE promises to raise the bar yet again, with priority given in particular to encouraging more meaningful and valuable engagement between exhibitors and visitors. For the first time the fair will feature an innovative ‘Industry Week’ concept, which will include industry seminars and site visits to world-class industrial facilities. The seminar’s series will be hosted by leading exhibitors including Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) and Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco), and will aim to share knowledge on the latest projects and trends with visitors. Visitors will have the chance to witness new product launches and live demonstrations from almost 100

exhibiting companies, of which about a fifth are from overseas. For also the first time, a Dutch Pavilion will host 12 specialist companies showcasing the European country’s industrial expertise and heritage in oil and gas, water and electricity, process management, and training and education. The Pavilion is an initiative of the country’s consulate in Bahrain, working in partnership with two Dutch consultancies based in the Kingdom. The overseas exhibitor contingent will also be represented by companies from Saudi Arabia, Germany, the UAE and the UK, all of whom will be looking to raise awareness of their capabilities and reinforce their market presence in the booming Northern Gulf. Regional governments, keen to diversify their economies, have identified the industrial sectors as key future revenue drivers. New worldscale manufacturing projects, including aluminium smelters and petrochemical plants, are being built. New transport and logistics nodes are being created to connect new economic clusters, and port facilities and free zones are being expanded. Vibrant downstream sectors are evolving to support these developments. As the region’s largest economy, Saudi Arabia will see the lion’s share of new industrial investment over the next few years. As in previous years, GIF 2013 will enjoy top-level support from luminaries including Bahrain’s National Oil and Gas Authority (Noga) in association with Bapco, Alba, and Majaal, a Bahrain-based SME-focused industrial facilities developer. Tamkeen also extended financial assistance to SME exhibitors, in a continuation of its successful ‘Tarweej’ growth assistance scheme which provides up to 80 per cent of participating costs to eligible companies. Note: Photos are from last year’s event. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013 2012


WEAR YOUR HUMOR T-shirt producers on Bahrain’s fashion lookout Two friends Munther Buhindi and Abdulla Abdul Rahim utilized their common sense of humor to print…literally. Day n’ Age began around April 2011 when they were reminiscing their childhood from the kind of ice cream they ate to the most popular chips back then and having it on a T-shirt. Their Khaleeji humor connects to Bahrain people of all ages and true to their belief, everyone loves their prints including non-Bahrainis who ordered their shirts from abroad. We sit with these two lads as they share their experiences and plans with Day n’ Age. It’s not common in Bahrain for guys to enter into fashion or clothing lines. So tell us, why shirts?

How did you go about introducing it to the market?

M: It was a random idea, really. It started

and after that we joined Market 338 last year, which was where people got to see our T-shirts physically. We started with five designs and now people just want to see more. M: It’s been great. A lot of people are emailing us and following us on Instagram. A: Even after the first market 338, we got a lot of responses and orders even from Saudi Arabia.

when we were hanging out at Abdulla’s place and we were talking about what we used to do when we were kids. This popular ice cream then called Gold ice cream was brought up and one of us said that how cool would it be if there was a shirt with its picture on it. And then another suggested the Okay chips. Everyone just agreed and we just hit it from there.

Are you both into arts? Who made the designs? M: Actually we both don’t know anything

about graphic design. A: But we’ve met someone who became a friend. He’s a graphic designer and he knows all the programs and software needed to produce the prints. Basically we give him our ideas and he does the designs.

How did you come up with the name Day ‘N Age? A: That’s a funny story. M: I’m the oldest in the group of five guys

and sometimes I exaggerate. I give them advice as if they are still young and have a whole lot of years ahead of them and in this “day and age they should focus. A: He acts like he’s 50. So we just said “Munther you’re just four years older than us so just cut it out.” So we were thinking of names and his catchphrase just popped up. We thought it’s a cool name. M: It happens to fit with our line too because at a certain day or at a certain age of your life, you probably experienced whatever is on our T-shirts. 28


A: We started with Facebook and Twitter

What exhibitions have you participated in? M: The Market 338 in Adliya was the biggest exhibition we joined. There was also Galleria Exhibition. It’s a women’s only exhibition but we managed to get in because we have cousins and sisters who sold products for us. We’re also planning to join the Proud to be Bahraini Exhibition. Hopefully we can join that. A: We also joined the Amwaj Market. Whenever we have the chance we just go for it.

Where is the farthest place you have distributed your products? A: We displayed our T-shirts in Kuwait at

Fursa Q8. The organization emailed us and we participated. Our shirts were sold out. M: We also had orders from Los Angeles so that would be the farthest. We have links in the US and UK so I guess they must have seen it through Instagram.

Who were your first customers? A: Our family, of course. You know how it is

when you first start your business and your family gets excited. They’re happy that you’re finally doing something.

What makes your T-shirts unique? M: If you notice our T-shirts connects to Bahrainis of all sects. It’s not focused on one specific section of people in Bahrain.

What kind of challenges do you face in this business? A: We don’t know whether or not people get our humor or idea. It’s also a challenge to follow up a good design to keep that certain level or improve it. M: Time is also a challenge. We don’t have a factory to produce everything at once. But so far everything is manageable.

How do you plan to innovate your business? A: We have a lot of ideas and we don’t

know where to start. I think what we are going to do is expand. Do something else aside from T-shirts like jackets or hoodies or maybe jeans. We’re still thinking on how to put it all together. M: We’re taking it step by step. We want to be very careful about it. We want to see where we are first. But our immediate plan is to have more designs. It’s in the process.

How do customers place an order? A: They can message us in Facebook, Twitter or email us. M: Basically we tell them to go to The T-shirt Shop or Memo in Seef Mall or if they’re out of Bahrain, we’ll offer to send our stuff via air freight and they send us the payment. We’d like to keep it as simple as that. A: If it’s just in Bahrain, we deliver it the soonest. Within the day or the following day at most.

Do you plan on opening up a store in the future? M: That’s definitely something we

want to do in the future but right now we’re satisfied with where we are. If the opportunity comes to have a shop in a good location and is feasible to get our hands onto we will go for it for sure. Day N’ Age can be found at and in Twitter: @ThedayNage.





How to conquer the most common problems that you’ll face Striking out on your own as an entrepreneur is exciting and, in equal parts, terrifying.


or one thing, the “shackles” of the corporate world may now appear comforting in retrospect, especially when recalling the entire team of experts you once had at your disposal to pay your taxes, provide you with office supplies and fix the printer … not to mention the support of your coworkers and relative stability of ongoing work. After leaving the safety of the corporate net, all entrepreneurs face many of the same challenges — chief among them stress, solitude and instability. In my experience, I’ve found that embracing these struggles as your new reality is the first step to overcoming them.

Here are just three of the countless yet conquerable - challenges that lie ahead for all entrepreneurs:


Instability is the new norm. You hear it all the time from established business owners that having your own gig with dozens of paying clients is more secure than working for a single employer. And in an economy with high unemployment and a lot of competition, it’s true. However, the viewpoint fails to acknowledge that building up your business to a place of monetary stability leaves you unstable in the interim. For the entrepreneur that craves predictability, this fact is terrifying. After all, your one employer did so much work for you: bringing in clients, assigning them to team members, handling payments and still covering your paycheck if the money didn’t arrive on time. Now, that’s all on your shoulders.



I’m not telling you this to be Debbie Downer; in reality, most entrepreneurs scale up their business while working a full-time job or still in school. If you’re already out on your own, then solid systems for marketing and sales are your best friend. Build up the business — you may be excellent at what you do, but stability comes from having clients and leads in the pipeline.


Stress is a natural state. Not

many people in the population understand the demands of an entrepreneur because they assume the career choice brings a lifestyle of relaxing on the beach while making the occasional conference call. Considering that the U.S. Small Business Administration reports that over 50 percent of small businesses will close within its first 5 years, most entrepreneurs are not sitting around relaxing. It’s natural then to experience periods of high stress

when trying to figure out how to get enough clients, what rates to charge, how to market your product and figuring out all the things an employer once handled for you in the past. Even more so, anyone who has had to navigate the waters of business insurance or employment law can tell you entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. This is because some people shy away from stressful situations by ignoring essential parts of owning a business, like paying taxes. Instead, accept stress as part of the learning process and get the support you need. There are thousands of coaches, teachers and mentors who work exclusively with entrepreneurs to help navigate the path you’ve chosen. It’s valuable to remind yourself of why you chose this path in the first place, and that the long-term benefits outweigh the temporary stresses. There may never be a time when everything subsides, for the

makes all the difference. Whether you join a networking group, mastermind circle or mentorship, find a community of people who understand you and have faced your struggles. There’s something uniquely comforting to know that even though you may currently work alone, you don’t have to bealone on the journey. Some entrepreneurs need a local community that includes coffee, handshakes and direct interaction, while others are more comfortable with an online group, video chats and roundtable calls. No matter which community you join, it’s important to give and take. Share your struggles, ask for help, resources and advise from others; at the same time, be willing to guide others, share your solutions and provide a listening ear. The life and work of an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, and it can be discouraging when it appears others do not face the struggles you do. Accept these universal challenges and embrace the supportive community — though the monetary and emotional costs of entrepreneurship may be high, its rewards can also be immeasurable beyond belief!

Kelly Azevedo is the founder of She’s Got Systems, a custom coaching program that leads clients to get support, documenting and dominating in their fields. The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs.

challenges will continue as your business grows. Instead of fighting it, embrace the stress and develop coping and management techniques so it doesn’t become so overwhelming.


Build a community to fight the solitude. Entrepreneurs are

a special brand of people who buck tradition and work differently, so it can be very isolating to go at it alone. Because business owners need to project self-confidence so often, it can be difficult to admit our struggles, ask for help or admit defeat. Combine all of that with high-stress situations and a measure of instability, and you have created a circumstance where entrepreneurship can seem like an impossible dream! Luckily for you, there are thousands of other entrepreneurs who also feel isolated and lonely. In periods of stress, knowing that others understand and support you



Flowers First,

Business Second

The other day a sudden fit of gratitude, I bought a dozen roses and brought them home to my wife.


sually, when I think of buying roses, I go through a predictable sequence of events. First, I surrender to a feeling of expansiveness that takes me over. Then I get curious and smell the flowers. Then I ask the shopkeeper how long she thinks the roses will last. This is following by calculating the per stem price, doing the math and reaching the pitifully male conclusion that $46.95 is way too much too spend on something that won’t last the week and is probably much less expensive somewhere else and it’s obviously indulgent of me to be buying so many roses when I’ve got two kids to put through college and besides, beauty is within.



All of this, of course, is my inner Woody Allen taking the low road in response to what is obviously a Johnny Depp moment. So I dig deep and bring the roses home -- my entire living room taking shape around them. I become immediately aware of a trend even Republican pollsters could not deny -- there are definitely not enough flowers in the living room. Somehow, the recent appearance of roses has made the rest of the room painfully barren. Tabletops and shelves that only minutes ago were doing just fine, are now utterly flowerless. So I do the only thing a man can do when faced with such a situation -- I return to the flower shop. But the shop is closed. Closed? Impossible! I need flowers! So I get back into my car and speed my way to the other flower shop in town. It, too, is closed -- or, should I say, closing. The owner is shutting the door and giving me the “too-bad-youdidn’t-get-here a few-minutes-ago” look. But I will not be denied. And he knows it. “What do you want?” he asks. “Flowers,” I reply. He signals me to enter and I buy way more flowers than makes sense. A ridiculous amount.

Let’s put it this way: if I was in the federal witness protection program, my sudden flower buying behavior would have made my government handlers very nervous. Fast forward ten minutes to my wife in our kitchen. She is looking at me as if I am totally insane -- me, the guy who, only yesterday was making an airtight case for a more modest household budget. Yes, I am insane, but in a good way. Here’s my philosophy: Flowers first. Business second. If money is tight, buy more flowers. The more flowers you buy, the more money will appear. And if not in this lifetime, then the next (or maybe the one after that). OK. There you go -- my not very financially sound, flower-centric view of the universe. Not quite as newsworthy as credit default swaps, but a whole lot more dependable. Mitch Ditkoff is the Co-founder and President of Idea Champions. For more information visit the Heart of Innovation blog www. and Idea Champions at www.

PEOPLE’S NET WORTH FROM AROUND THE WORLD Level of wealth among countries starting to equalize at some degree


or many years in history, the United States used to be the richest country in the world but that is not the case anymore. Data shows that other countries have risen significantly and are becoming at par with the US in terms of the level of wealth. However there is still a wide gap between the net worth of an average US citizen compared with someone from the third world country, although the cost and standards of living are starting to catch up to the US.

Net Worth

A report on the breakdown of wealth and financial statistics of almost all countries in the world was published by Credit Suisse in 2011. It shows that in terms of region, roughly 28% of the world’s gross wealth resides in North America, 34% of it is found in Europe and about 22% of it is an the Asia-Pacific sector and 9% is in China alone. It broke down the average net worth per adult by country into the following categories by U.S. dollars.

Less than $5,000 Majority of Sub-Saharan Africa, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. From $5,000 to $25,000 Majority of the countries in Latin America, a large portion of countries bordering the Mediterranean, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines and Russia. From $25,000 to $100,000 Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa and Namibia. From $100,000 to $300,000 North America, Western Europe, rich Asia-Pacific and Middle East countries. From $300,000 to $500,000 Australia and Norway Over $500,000 Switzerland

Cost of Living

This data is not exactly surprising and it does not tell the whole story when comparing the net

worth of people in different parts of the world. Without doubt, the cost of living from one country to another varies respectably. The debt-to-income ratio of household in the top categories is now higher than ever. This is a factor that could eventually affect these rankings in the future. A survey published by Kiplinger’s magazine in January 2012 broke down the cost of living along with several other financial and economic factors in several cities around the globe. It revealed that those who live in Tokyo work an average of nearly 50 hours a week and took home an average paycheck of $135,000 in 2011, which is understandable given that the price of an upscale two-bedroom apartment there is a whopping $5,044 per month in U.S. dollars.


Americans who complain about the price of gas may want to think carefully before leaving the country. The price of gas in Ankara, Turkey is just over $9.50 a gallon and is over $7.00 a gallon in Athens, Rome,

Stockholm, London, Berlin and Tel Aviv. It is around $6.00 a gallon in Tokyo and Madrid and over $4.00 in Ottawa, New Delhi and Beijing.


Tokyo again leads the world in the average cost of groceries. If you use the cost of groceries in Washington D.C. as the mean, then Tokyo’s groceries cost 35% more on average, with Ottawa and London only beating Washington D.C. out by a few percentage points each. Stockholm, Rome and Tel Aviv are close behind, while Berlin, Athens, Madrid and Beijing lag more substantially. New Delhi and Ankara boast the lowest costs in this sector.

The Bottom Line

Although the countries in the top categories of net worth per adult still boast the highest standard of living, many of them also come with the highest costs of living as well. Time will tell how these factors change with the continuing development of the lower-tier countries in the world. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013


HOW COMPANIES CAN RESPOND TO ONLINE COMPLAINTS Tone and context are crucial to effective damage control; the thing to avoid is a heavy impersonal hand.




n 2010, a prominent European comedian took to Twitter to complain about a mobile phone carrier’s customer service. After receiving an apology, which he deemed inappropriate and overly corporate, he invited others to share their disappointing experiences with the company. Within a week, the number of negative Twitter statements about the carrier soared; the company said it lost between US$255,000 and US$382,000 because of the incident.

IN THE PAST, WHEN CUSTOMERS COMPLAINED ABOUT A PRODUCT OR SERVICE, their opinions were typically confined to one-on-one conversations with a company representative. But now, with the click of a mouse, one consumer can spread damaging sentiments across blogs, social networks, and message boards to reach a global audience. Through an in-depth survey of online users, this study found that companies can repair their brands’ reputations by having spokespeople engage with dissatisfied consumers online, especially with those who explicitly request a response. But damagecontrol efforts can be ineffectual when companies try to preempt critical views in online contexts designed for consumers. In those cases, a company’s efforts are typically seen as intrusive and pushy. This paper aimed to fill a void in research about online marketing. Many Internet-based businesses, including Amazon,, and Tripadvisor. com, offer services that allow companies to respond, either overtly or discreetly, to unfavorable opinions posted on their sites, the authors note. But a 2011 study found that the majority of companies are hesitant to use these services because of a lack of evidence that responding to consumers will help restore their reputation. In fact, little research has been done on the topic.

THE STUDY To explore this type of reputational impact, the authors asked 163 participants to evaluate a blog post that appeared in online forums, about a recall announcement from an automaker. The blog post was followed by a negative comment from a customer. The customer stressed how disappointed he was with the recall process. He stated that he had lost all confidence in the brand, and vowed not to buy his next car from the company. Participants in a control group saw no follow-up message from the company, but the rest of the participants read one of two streams of posts from the automaker’s spokesperson. The first stream was reactive; the spokesperson responded to the blog post only after a consumer asked for a response. The reactive replies began with the spokesperson thanking the customer for his question. In the second, proactive stream, the spokesperson made an unsolicited attempt to redress grievances. These responses led off with the spokesperson saying that the company searches the Internet for questions, suggestions, and complaints from customers. In both the reactive and proactive streams, the spokesperson then continued with the same explanation of the recall procedure. The announcement and posts, all of which were copied from real blogs, were embedded in either a consumer- or brand-controlled site. (According to a 2011 report, 30 percent of consumer complaints appear in brand-sponsored forums and 70 percent on consumer-operated forums.) After reading the material, the participants answered a series of questions to evaluate the brand and the company’s responses.


The analysis showed that consumers evaluated the brand more favorably when the spokesperson responded — whether in a reactive or proactive fashion — than when the company remained silent. But the study also showed that the effectiveness of a company’s interactions depended on the context of the complaint and whether the response was reactive or proactive. Direct responses to requests, on both consumer- and brand-controlled sites, were generally deemed to be effective. “By responding to NWOM [negative word of mouth] when it is explicitly asked to do so by the customer, a company apparently signals a willingness to engage in conversational communication in a natural way,” the authors write. But in a context designed for consumers and their conversations — such as an individual’s Twitter account, Facebook page, or blog — a company’s proactive approach was seen as intrusive and inappropriate, which “dehumanizes the nature of its communications,” the researchers say.


Thus, although engaging with disgruntled consumers online can be beneficial, proactive interventions taking place in consumercontrolled mediums are less effective than on company-run sites, the authors caution. “Instead of trying to respond to all NWOM, companies should save their efforts and respond only when the platform is likely to engender positive context effects,” they write. The authors also suggest that companies take care to strike an appropriate tone. For example, personalizing the interactions can be helpful, by having the spokespeople use their names in online interactions. When companies — in an effort to underscore the seriousness of their commitment to customer service — insist that their representatives use only official titles, they may wind up putting people off. “As companies’ responses to complaints are now observed by many other consumers than the complainant in the online environment, it is important for companies to determine [not only] how to respond, but also when to respond,” the authors conclude.


At a time when people can quickly spread negative opinions about a brand online, companies can help restore their reputation by interacting via the Web with disgruntled consumers, especially those who explicitly request a response. But preemptively reaching out through platforms intended for consumers and their conversations can be ineffective, making it essential for companies to plan their Internet responses carefully. Guda van Noort and Lotte M. Willemsen of University of Amsterdam conducted this study that was first published by strategy+business of the global management consulting firm Booz & Company.





CAKES & BAKES Desserts that will keep your taste buds…and eyes satisfied In this part of the world, it is more common to find female bakers than male but in that one of a hundred ratio, you find Mahmood Janahi. Baking under Mahmood Janahi – Cakes and Bakes since 2008, it will not be a surprise if you have already heard or ordered from this young lad who is a banker by profession. His signature “crownie” – a brownie and cookie rolled into one, spell tantalizing and is supplied in Blaze Burgers in Adliya. For several years now, his ultimate place to hang out is his kitchen, which by the way is more than one, to meet all the orders he gets from his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers. We catch Mahmood over coffee to know more about the soon to be entrepreneur. You seem to be an accomplished person with what you have completed in academics and your profession at a young age. Was being a baker part of your plan too?

Actually this came as an accident. As a kid I was extremely naughty so to keep me and my cousins contained, my grandmother would put us in the kitchen and have a ready-mix cake for us to bake. I’d read the instructions and do it. My cousins unfortunately would only lick the bowl when I’m done with all the mixing. Growing up I watched cooking shows and cooked too but then I had to pursue my studies abroad which brought me to cooking more for myself being independent. When my friends knew about it, they asked me to cook and bake for them until someone suggested doing it as a business but never realized it until 2008.

What brought about the start of Mahmood Janahi’s Cakes and Bakes?

A dear friend got me a Kitchen Aid for my birthday after I fervently asked for it. When I got home, I started baking right away. Another event that pushed me to doing this was when I had to make for a birthday cake for a coworker because we couldn’t get a cake from this particular store. A coworker took a piece home and someone who tasted it asked to get an order from me. After I refused because I don’t do it as a business, this coworker suggested why not make it into one. I remember my first order was from a lady whom I’d like to refer to as H.E. She ordered a red velvet cake and I can still recall how nervous and awkward I was at that time.

Have you ever had disaster baking for a customer?

Not exactly. The disaster happens while I bake. I get paranoid whether the cake has reached the perfect moisture inside so I slice it. When I know that it’s good, I have to bake another cake again because I can’t deliver an already sliced cake. This went on during my first three weeks of baking for customers until I learned how to perfect my cakes.

Have you received negative feedback on your desserts? That rarely happens but when I encounter such things, I take it in a positive note. It’s already 2013 but I don’t think I have reached my peak yet. I’m still developing and learning inspite all the positive feedback I get too.

Were you always sure with what you wanted earlier in your life?

I think it’s just about having passion for something and in my case fulfilling what I wanted to do. My aim was to get a degree and I got it. My parents wanted me to work in a certain field, which I did. I pleased them and achieved what I needed to achieve academically and work wise and now it’s time to look at what I want for myself. I love my job and that’s the challenge that I face – juggling my profession and passion with the little time I have.

the icing or frosting sticks in the box so I decided to deliver them myself or have the customer pick it up from my place. This way, I can also get to meet and talk to my customers which I enjoy doing.

What are your specialties?

Although I’ve been doing a lot of desserts lately, I also do low calorie food which I know is the exact opposite. I also accept catering on salads. My best sellers are my Red Velvet, Chocolate Truffle and recently, Rose Cake and Crownies. I don’t have a personal favorite because I already get full by the aroma of it.

What makes you desserts dierent from the rest?

My desserts are very homie. I use natural ingredients like saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, fruits and nuts. If you go through my Instagram and Facebook page you will see what I mean. I try to stay away from making it look like an over-glamorized

Q: What are your specialties? A: Although I’ve been doing a lot of desserts lately, I also do low calorie food which I know is the exact opposite. I also accept catering on salads. My best sellers are my Red Velvet, Chocolate True and recently, Rose Cake and Crownies. I don’t have a personal favorite because I already get full by the aroma of it. How do you balance your work and attending baking orders?

In daytime I go to my job and when I get home I do all the baking by myself. I need to be informed of the orders at least two days in advance to accommodate all as much as possible. For weekends, however, it gets very hectic so I need at a week of a heads up to take in orders. Also, not all of my ingredients are from Bahrain so I need time on certain recipes to get all of my ingredients shipped here.

How are the desserts delivered?

I consider my cakes and other desserts as my children so I take high precaution when it comes to delivery to make sure nothing disastrous happens to them. I used to have someone deliver it for me but sometimes

French desserts where you have specs of chocolate chips here and there because they’re too pretty to eat. And usually when something looks very pretty, when you eat it it’s not as appetizing as it visually is. So I try something that you can get from home but done with passion and is stylized.

What are your plans for your business? This year I’m working on adding my menu with custom made cakes for those with dietary needs. So there will be muscle food, glutton-free, sugar-free, diabetic cakes and low-fat cakes for example. I will be adding also the nutritional information for each category. Opening up my own store is a dream but right now there’s a lot to juggle and everything is still manageable as it is. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013





Walking into the kitchen is easy. Delivering a dish that tantalizes your taste buds requires both the right knowledge and a certain level of developed skills. Confidence is often thought to be the key when it comes to giving a public speech or delivering a presentation. Many professionals truly believe that confidence is the be all and end all. All you need to present and speak in public is confidence. Have that and you are set. A professional feels that he or she is confident enough to get up and present or give a public address (walking into the kitchen), and automatically makes an assumption that they are good at it (delivering a tasty dish). False! This couldn’t be further away from the truth.



Forget about the lack of confidence issue some professionals have. Indeed, it is an important part of what I refer to as ‘The Inner Game’ which must be developed. After all, you need to be able walk into the kitchen in order to get to the pantry and start cooking. But the assumption that a

confident professional equates to a good presenter or speaker is an undermining reality I witness every

day. I see many smart, sensible, savvy and seasoned professionals continually making this fatal assumption. This costs them in how their audience begins to perceive them. Their image, their value proposition, their credibility and their competency, all take a nosedive.

“Presenting and public speaking requires you to have developed the ability to know what to say, what not to say (the last thing you would want is the entire pantry in your pan), how to say it, and the purpose of why you are even saying it in that order.”

Let me make my point by sharing with you an ingredient of ‘The Outer Game’. Presenting and public speaking requires you to have developed the ability to know what to say, what not to say (the last thing you would want is the entire pantry in your pan), how to say it, and the purpose of why you are even saying it in that order. Time and time again I see far too

many professionals confidently get up to present but do a terrible job with the content they delivered.

They lack the finesse to impact, inform, influence, engage, excite, and inspire. The last thing you would want to do is walk into the kitchen without having developed and refined the skills to cook. Though you will assume and marvel at the thought that you have delivered well (both on stage and in the kitchen), your audience will have a completely different view. Confidence is not the be all and end all. Confidence is important, and if you have it then great, because confidence is required.

Confidence is a key ingredient. But it is not the only ingredient. To have the confidence to stand up and deliver a presentation or make a public address on stage is commendable. But realize that there

is much more for you to master in order to present with power and speak with impact. There are many

more ingredients within ‘The Inner Game’ and ‘The Outer Game’ that must be utilized in order for you to be presenting with power and speaking to impact. I am yet to meet a professional who is a great presenter and speaker and has not taken the time to develop their skills. Indeed they have gained a great level of confidence, but they understand that it is only one part of the game. It is not their entire game. Walking into the kitchen is no guarantee for a tasty dish.

Kevin Abdulrahman is a celebrated Leadership Speaker and a World Class Public Speaking Coach whose client list include ambassadors, associates, athletes, CEOs, CFOs, delegates, diplomats, directors, entrepreneurs, investors, managers, partners, politicians, VPs, presidents and royalties. Those serious about wanting to Present With Power and Speak to Impact, Inform, Influence & Inspire can reach Kevin at http://www.



IMPORTANCE OF CREATING A PERSONAL BRAND Branding is about creating an image/feeling/connection with the customer. There are many branding experts that say that the customer actually owns the brand and creates the brand – but I believe that an organization or person can have a great deal of influence on how the brand is perceived in the marketplace by the consumer. An excellent example of branding would be products that are automatically tied to thoughts and emotions. Some examples would be: Volvo equals safety A diamond is forever Pepsi is for the new generation Nike: just do it! BMW, the ultimate driving machine The little blue box from Tiffany's Ritz-Carlton = ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen With a name like Smuckers it's got to be good!

example might be soy milk – it isn’t until consumers start asking for it that major chains will pick it up – that is why a lot of new products from smaller companies use guerrilla marketing to build up a big fan base – and then have their raving fan customers demand their products from their local suppliers – think: micro beers. Advertising is the tool used to implement the marketing strategy.

All of these organizations have done a fantastic job of linking their brand to a belief or emotion. The goal of branding then, is to understand the emotions, thoughts, beliefs that you want your customer to have – and then attempt to present your brand in such a way that it will elicit those thoughts and feelings when your customer thinks about you.

Sales, is the last step in the process which is convincing the consumer to buy the product. This is where it is critical to understand the customer/client at the deepest possible level – and understand the decision-making/ purchasing process. I have a saying here that is one of my very favorites: Whoever owns the voice of the customer – owns the marketplace. Whoever gets the closest to the customer, has the strongest relationship, and understands them at the deepest level – has a huge advantage in the marketplace. Now you can take all of these things and apply them directly to personal branding. Today, to create a successful career as a person who delivers professional services – such as a lawyer, insurance salesperson, real estate agent, financial manager… or “business expert” such as myself, it’s critical that you take the time to think through the images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and connections that you want your clients to make when they think about you – and when they refer you to their friends and colleagues. Let me use myself as an example: After more than 17 years as a business consultant and professional speaker I have listened to my customers closely enough to understand that they hire me for three very specific reasons – what I call the three R’s.

PUSH STRATEGY Marketing is much more about getting someone to want to purchase your product. Marketing focuses on features, benefits, price – and your USP or Unique Selling Proposition. There are two major marketing strategies – the push strategy, which says you push information out in the marketplace and drive the end-customer to go buy the product at whatever place you want them to go to, for example – think of a computer or electronics company that tells you about their awesome new product and says, Available at Best Buy now!

PULL STRATEGY The other major marketing strategy is the pull strategy which says that you create awareness and interest in the customer and get them to request your product from the supplier – so that the customer “pulls” the product into the marketplace. A good 40


THE THREE R’s Research – you would be hard-pressed to find any other business consultant or professional speaker in the world who spends as much me, energy and effort as I do in reading 100+ books a year, listening to another 50 on audio, reading hundreds of white papers, magazine ar cles, blogs – truly inves ng a major part of my life into becoming as knowledgeable as I possibly can about the topics I teach. Real Life – not only do I read and study an enormous amount of informa on and data – I have been the CEO of 10 companies – two of them mul na onal – so I don’t just teach, I have been there and done that. I know what it’s like to have to make payroll – I know what it’s like to make bets with hundreds of thousands of dollars and many people’s jobs on a strategy. I have been in the trenches and con nue to be there with my clients right now. I don’t teach theory – I teach what I know works from direct personal experience. ROI – the number one reason that people hire me is that I don’t waste their me or money – everything I teach, every idea I put forth, every workshop I deliver is focused intensely on delivering a strong Return On Investment for the money they have invested not only in me – but the some mes very substan al expense of bringing in a large group of people, flying them in from all over the place – pu ng them up at a hotel – feeding all of them - and le ng them spend a few days in training with me. The investment can be massive – the return must also be significant.

To my clients my brand is pretty straightforward: John Spence is a human Cliff Notes who can teach my people extremely valuable ideas in a simple and easy to understand way – and he constantly drives for turning the ideas he teaches into action in my company! As you can see I have a very clear and specific understanding of the brand that I am trying to portray – and that my clients have told me reflects who I am and the work I do for them. That is exactly the idea of personal branding, just like any company would, you sit down and figure out clearly what you want the brand “YOU” to stand for the marketplace and how you want your customers – and potential customers – to think about you and the services you offer. And in this day and age if you want to be successful as someone who delivers professional services it is absolutely essential that you take the time and effort to carefully craft a unique and compelling (compelling – as defined by the customer) personal brand and then become and expert at using social media and personal referrals to market your brand aggressively. But that’s an entirely different topic.

John Spence is the author of Awesomely Simple – Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas into Action. He is an awardwining professional speaker and corporate trainer, and has twice been recognized as one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America.




With many leadership development programs advertised for 2013, this may suggest that organizations are seeking to develop leaders or that training companies feel that it is time to develop leaders.


ost leadership theorists currently agree that leaders are made and not born – and that young people can learn and develop leadership attitudes and skills (Fertman & van Linden, 1999).

Ê Alexander The Great was tutored by Aristotle and, by the time he was 30, had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world Ê At 15, the current Dalai Llama assumed full political power (head of the State and Government) after some 80,000 Peoples Liberation Army soldiers invaded Tibet Ê At the age of 15, Andrew Fitzgibbon became the youngest winner of the Victoria Cross during the Third China War Ê Thomas Flinn, also aged 15, on 28 November 1857 at Cawnpore, India, during a charge on the enemy’s guns, although wounded himself, engaged in a hand-to-hand encounter with two of the rebel artillerymen. 42


In a more contemporary context, Wayne Rooney has led the national football team (totaling over £100m of sporting talent) at the age of 27. People who dropped out of further education who went on to ‘lead’ a business would be (the obvious two) Gates and Zuckerberg – and other ‘dropout billionaires’ would include Larry Ellison, head of Oracle; Michael Dell, head of Dell Inc.; Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club; David Geffen, head of Geffen Records and one of the founders of DreamWorks… the list goes on. So, in some cases, education doesn’t make you the leader. I won’t put my finger in the air and give you a guessed percentage of how many leaders DO come from a good education, so let’s just call it 50%.

What I am keen to emphasize here is this: just because you are called a ‘leader’, does not mean you are a leader.

In my consultation work, I hear “becoming a leader is a slow process and may not be the same for young people as it is for adults”. OK… what I hear there is the word ‘may’ – maybe… and here’s a thought… we are frightened to take the risk of developing a young leader? I agree with the point that young people need to develop their leadership skills in ‘real situations’ which allows them to become actively engaged in the decision-making processes affecting their lives – in other words, young people need opportunities to both learn about and practice leadership, in meaningful and authentic ways.

Characteristics of a leader t Enthusiastic – someone who can see a

bigger picture and ‘speak the language’ of the team around them – someone to inspire and enthuse;

t Goal-focused – articulating the wider

vision of the enthusiast into goals and tasks – cultivating and recognizing achievement;

t Structured – showing an attention to

detail without micro-managing; timedisciplined, systematic and organized. When they say they will call you at 2pm… you can bet that the phone rings right on time;

t Team-player – a colleague who is warm

and supportive – taking people along with them on the journey to achieving the tasks, goals and vision;

t Consistent – respecting others, showing

impartiality and objectivity – and a commitment to free group expression;

t Personal Identity – understanding

But how do they do this? If we assume that a 25 year-old MBA graduate is a ‘leader’ can we not also assume that a 17 year-old with zero education also has some of the attributes mentioned in the bullet-points above? Do we just assume that a ‘leader’ is over the age of 30, of an above-average education… or do we seek out leadership qualities in young people… and do we then have a program to nurture that particular skill? Do we assume that a 19 year old apprentice is only good for making the tea… or do they have some inherent capabilities that can be tapped into? Many leadership scholars and youth development professionals agree that leadership development is an important, but often overlooked aspect of youth development and education (MacNeil 2000). Leadership skills, such as goal-setting, problem-solving and sound decisionmaking, are not just necessary for business leaders – these skills are needed by all young people in the modern world because, let’s be honest… it’s a harsh place out there. If we work on leadership development with young people, we are able to raise their capabilities and aspirations in such areas as teamwork, communication, career, and self-esteem – and this leads to wider community benefits. There are common discussions between business people about the issue of leaders being born or made. We often talk about “born leaders” and there are definitely people out there with innate leadership traits but every great leader knows that they must invest heavily in themselves – coaching, mentoring, soundboarding, training… all of the external tools required to build their skill set.

Humble bosses lead by example, admit their mistakes and recognize their colleague’s strengths – we need to be humble enough to ask young people to get involved in leadership… but can we ‘man up’ to that?

Reasons for assuming the role of mentor to young people: t To overcome these obstacles and

help young people effectively develop leadership skills, adult allies can promote youth / adult partnerships.

the relationship between them and the community – and taking pride in that membership. Aware of areas for selfimprovement, they take responsibility for their actions and the resulting consequences (‘man up’);

t Professionalism – demonstrating

tactfulness, understanding protocols, appropriate dress and action, delivering quality work, positively presenting oneself to others; and

t Communicator – able to develop

rapport with different personality types in order to convey a consistent message

t We need to be prepared to give young

people real power to make decisions and responsibility for the consequences of their decisions, ensuring that they are equipped with the training and support needed to take on new levels of responsibility and decision-making. t We should recognize and respect

the knowledge, experience, and skills that young people have now while still challenging them to enhance these skills and try new things – they bring new-thinking (as well as a ‘can-do’ attitude that is lost in later years).

Assumptions by some ‘adults’ t Leadership is something that one

‘grows into’ or earns t Young people are not capable of being

leaders today t They are unwilling to share their power,

responsibility, and decision-making t They assign young people to tasks

rather than allowing them to determine what happens

t Finally, adults can help dismantle the

barriers that might prevent a young person from authentic engagement in leadership roles, and help create opportunities to learn and practice leadership in ways that make a real difference to them, their organizations, and their communities.

Neil Fogarty is an international speaker, adviser, mentor, consultant and the author of Crack On and Kill Your Salesman. For more information visit You can also visit his blog




ONE-STOP-SHOPS! The malls that bring buyers and sellers together


s budding entrepreneurs embark on the next step of catering their products to a larger market, one of the biggest factors to consider is the location of the business. In this Kingdom, malls have certainly created a mark of being the place to be either to catch the latest blockbuster or escape the desert heat during summer. Sure, Bahrain people love to shop too, which probably explains the shopping centers sprouting on almost every major area. Therefore, BIG is back with the annual listing of the malls in the country just to keep you up to date.

BAHRAIN MALL Established in May 2001 it is the ultimate family shopping experience in the heart of Bahrain’s retail district. Housing Bahrain’s first hypermarket, an additional 120 shops, 18 food outlets and can facilitate 600 diners, in addition the events hosted by Bahrain Mall make it the shopping hub for families and tourists. The ethnic fortress like red brick façade captures the legendary culture of Bahrain. Catch the excitement of world class shopping recreated in a traditional ambience. Desert palms, water features, flaming torches and tent structures of the Center Court evoke the Arabian heritage. Bahrain mall covers an area of 750,000 square feet and its car park can hold 1600 cars. Timings: Everyday 10am - 10pm Management: Fu-com International

SEEF MALL Established in 1997, the first authentic mall in Bahrain is located in Seef District with 300 retail outlets coupled with 55 food outlets divided between two food courts and Magic Island. Seef Mall continues to dominate the retail sector, occupying 1,453,127.91ft2 (135,000m2) and with parking for 1750 cars it is the heart and soul of the Seef district. Its distinctive architecture and atmosphere combines both modern and traditional elements in its architecture for the whole family to enjoy. Timings: Saturday - Tuesday 10am -10pm; Wednesday - Friday 10am - 11pm Management: Seef Properties



ISA TOWN MALL Launched in 1993, Isa Town Mall is one of Bahrain’s first modern malls serving the community needs of Isa Town, Jidd Ali, A’Áli and Riffa areas. Islamic in design and surrounded by green areas, footpaths and ample car parking, the mall is fully equipped to cater to the shopping needs of the entire family. Strategically located at the center of Isa Town’s commercial district, next to Isa Town’s main gate, it has 114 retail outlets and 30 food outlets. The Mall has public, commercial and government services as well. Timings: Everyday 8 am - 8 pm Management: Seef Properties

BAHRAIN CITY CENTER Created in 2008 it is the Kingdom’s biggest multi use development project, which occupies three-levels assuming an area of 450,000 sqm, located on the water front of Seef district. Bahrain City Center has 350 retail outlets, 60 food outlets and includes a 20-screen cinema, the largest of its kind in the region. Wahoo is the biggest indoor/outdoor water park in the region along with Magic Planet, a family entertainment center and 5500 free indoor car parks. Timings: Sunday - Wednesday 10am - 10pm; Thursday - Saturday 10am – 12am Management: Majid Al Futtaim Properties

YATEEM CENTER Everyone in Bahrain knows the Yateem Center. This retail and commercial center has been in the Suq at the heart of Manama for more than 25 years, and many of us have grown up with it. Despite competition from the newer malls, the Center is still a shoppers’ jewel. The Center extends to some 130,000 square feet with 140 car-parking spaces with 2 hours free parking for customers. It has 90 retail outlets and 4 food outlets. Situated in Manama city center, the Yateem Center was the first air-conditioned shopping center to be developed in Bahrain and is among the best known. The development comprises shopping over 3 floors, with a six-storey office tower. Timings: Everyday 9am - 9:30pm Management: Yateem Center Management JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013


AL AALI SHOPPING COMPLEX Operational since 1996 in one of Bahrain’s prime shopping Seef district, spread over 52,000 square meters, the Complex epitomizes luxury shopping. Harmoniously blending customer friendly design, an array of international and local luxury brands as well as its unique fine dining outlets the Complex provides the shopper with the perfect retail experience. The Complex boasts a unique architectural design, which gracefully combines contemporary architecture and traditional Arabic elements and styles. The Suq area or traditional market wings complement the luxurious elegance of the Complex as they house 110 prestigious boutique style stores and 23 food outlets. The unique central atrium boasts of a magnificent glazed canopy through which natural light filters in to give the complex an open air shopping experience. Timings: Saturday - Thursday 10am - 10pm; Friday 4pm - 10pm Management: Haji Hassan Group


Established in 2009 and located in East Riffa, Oasis Center offers a convenient and family-friendly shopping experience showcasing the choicest of brands. The mall spans an area of 18,000 square feet center is spread across three levels with parking available for up to 250 vehicles. In addition to it’s retail outlets, the Oasis Center has been paying special attention to health and wellness offerings and have added it to the retail mix, Balance Wellness Club 360 Spa, Balance Café, iCARE Clinics and the first Fitness First outlet that is exclusively dedicated to women. In line with the mall’s community centric positioning, it hosts other concepts like Fun City, Spaces Salon and Spa, Carrefour Express, Beauty Bay, Cello Music and Ballet Center and a food court which features a delectable spread from fast food to cafes. Timings: Thursday - Saturday 10am - 12pm; Sunday – Wednesday 10 am - 10 pm Management: Al Rashid Group (ARG)

RAMLI MALL A new comer introduced in 2011, the mall has been designed and created by some of the finest minds in the construction and hospitality business, keeping in mind the space the mall requires and also the developing suburban neighborhoods of A’ali. Ramli Mall is spread over 45,000 sq. m. of leasable land, which is home to 50 international brand retail outlets and 18 food outlets. The mall aims to provide a complete shopping and entertainment experience. It also has an enormous Lulu Hypermarket and also offers great fast food and gourmet dining experience with a food court that can seat 1400 guests with an amusement arcade complete with rides, video games and even a soft play area for kids. Timings: Sunday - Wednesday 10am - 10pm; Thursday - Saturday 10am - 11pm Management: EMKE Group 46


MARINA MALL Established in 2001, the 35,000 square feet Marina Mall located at the famous Central Market of Manama, is a multi-storey arcade, comprising several mega-stores and a series of privately leased shops. It consists of 15 retail outlets with 4 food outlets and a food court. It is a one-stop shopping mall, wherein one can find everything from newborn and toddler clothing, to toys, nursery products, gift ideas, home furnishings, teens and adult clothing, footwear, lingerie and more. Timings: Everyday 10 am - 10 pm Management: Al Rashid Group (ARG)

THE CENTER Formerly known as Al Alawi Complex, The Center is a favorite among the locals for it’s stores and fast food outlets, which includes McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Hardee’s, KFC and Papa John’s Pizzas. Located in Nuwaidrat it caters well for everyday shopping for both the local Bahrainis and the expatriates who live in the area. Timings: Everyday 10 am - 10 pm Management: Al Alawi Complex Managment

MODA MALL Moda Mall, the ultra-exclusive shopping complex located on the ground floor of the landmark Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC), with tenants comprising a veritable who’s-who of the fashion world. The mall is home to some 160 exclusive brand name boutiques a number of which were previously unattainable in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Complementing the retail offering, are four fine dining restaurants and two cafes. It covers 16,500 square meter and has a parking capacity of 1700 cars. Timings: Everyday 10am - 10pm Management: The Bahrain World Trade Center JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013


SITRA MALL Opening its doors to the customers in 2006 it is one of the most advanced malls in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Located in Sitra, just off the highway, it is a three storey building with a total area of 46,838 square meter, 118 retail outlets, 12-outlet food court, a hypermarket (Le Marche), and covered parking for 850 vehicles on the ground floor, it also consists of a central atrium with two parallel arcades, a variety of coffee shops, food courts, games arcade and other offices on the second floor. The mall draws inspiration from the traditional Suq architecture in Bahrain and the surrounding region. Timings: Thursday - Saturday 10am to 12am; Sunday - Wednesday 10 am - 10 pm Management: DTZ

COUNTRY MALL Country Mall is the ideal community mall for all local and neighborhood requirements. Located directly on the Budaiya Highway, Country Mall allows all visitors easy access and extensive covered parking over three floors to its wide array of stores and services. Built on 15,000 square meter, it includes parking for 230 cars. It has a unique design and is a well-defined landmark which is definitely worth a visit. Timings: Everyday 10am - 10pm Management: CBRE 48


DANA MALL The mall caters for all its clientele needs offering a variety of exclusive retail shopping outlets with a relaxing umbrella of coffee shops all around. An entertainment theme park grants full amusement to all family members topped with most exclusive cinema complex in the region, offering 12 screens of the highest international caliber and most distinguished in the latest fashion and design. Its popular lounge, Teatro Lounge; probably the most unique restaurant & lounge in the Gulf area, with its lavish interior and superb service, makes it the place to be for a mouth watering gourmet experience of its kind. Dana Mall has a parking capacity of 1,800 cars and a retail shopping area of 390,000 square feet. Timings: Everyday 10am – 12 midnight Management: Al Arian Group

AI-ENMA MALL Located in East Riffa, Enma Mall is one of the biggest malls in Bahrain with area covering 55,000 square meter. The new amenities, state of the art technology and family friendly features of this newly designed mall enhance the overall shop ping experience. The partial basement area has been dedicated to hypermarket ware house. The mall consists of ground plus 2 storey building. Contemporary in design and surrounded by green areas, footpaths and ample car parking, it also has a central court, travelator and panoramic lift facilities. It also features 600 parking spaces. The popular retail chain GĂŠant Hypermarket opened its second outlet in the country at the mall.

GOSI COMMERCIAL COMPLEX With a stunning domed roof and a giant wall-mounted aquarium, Gosi Commercial Complex has a unique structure and is one of the oldest shopping malls in the Kingdom. The biggest outlet in Gosi is Batelco Customer Services. It is more popular as the seller of mobile phones and gadgets with the numerous electronic shops in the mall. There are other few interesting shops and restaurants and visitors commend it as a pleasant place to escape from the very busy Exhibition Road area. Timings: Saturday - Thursday 7:30am - 10pm; Friday 4pm-10pm Management: Gosi Management JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013


Malls with the Best


Atmosphere Bahrain’s malls that have helped spread the festive spirit & increased their foot traffic December is a celebration-studded month for Bahrain not only because of Christmas, which is celebrated by a significant number of expats and locals in the Kingdom, but also because of New Year and National Day that is celebrated by all. Along with these festivities, it is a rightful sow for the retail industry to capitalize on this season to revive itself from the slippery slope it has been facing recently. On this regard BIG lists the top five malls in Bahrain that did the smart move of using the season as an opportunity to increase sales.


f you were new in the Kingdom driving along national highways, you would definitely think how cheerful it is celebrating December festivities in this part of the world, i.e. until you realize that the month long celebrations are in conjunction to the National Day commemoration, which also falls on December 16-17. For that reason, even after New Year, the country retains its festive mood. which gives visitors to the kingdom all the more reason to continue celebrating the festive spirit. What’s more interesting to note on the other hand, are the number of private enterprises that choose to take part in these events. Given the fact that Bahrain has been facing issues recently, it does not come as a shock that business enterprises have laid low when it comes to allotting budgets for attracting more customers, namely putting up festive decorations. Often forgotten, ‘but it is when customers are happy that they feel enticed to shop, till they drop’.



And no one can deny how customers are attracted to decors and lights regardless of beliefs as proven by how packed malls are in Dubai, which has exerted every little bit of attention in making its malls attractive. There are only but a handful of malls in Bahrain that have been creative as reflected with activities such as Santa Clause visits and of course, decorations. Not all of them do that due to different religious beliefs internally amongst organizations and management. Whether or not that effort has helped them in their business or not, people certainly choose to visit malls that provide for a more “homie” and lively feel. In this issue, BIG recognizes the malls in order of those who have put in an effort to do a splendid job keeping the festive spirit alive. On a different note, it is a wake up call for Seef Mall, Bahrain Mall, Dana Mall, Sitra Mall, Moda Mall and Enma Mall among other big shopping centers in the Kingdom that did nothing to commemorate the festive season which could be the reason why they suffered most in terms of foot-fall or visitors.


Ramli Mall

If you’re in Ramli Mall you cannot miss to see the tallest and biggest Christmas tree in Bahrain that soars four storeys high at 15 meters. Perhaps aiming for a Bahrain Christmas tree record, it is notable for Ramli Mall to create an eye catching dÊcor that has made a buzz amongst mall goers. A definite catch for Christmas tree fanatics who love to take a picture with it!





Bahrain City Center (above)

It is a close call for the top spot with BCC’s Winter Wonder Land. This visually appealing spot gives an inviting atmosphere to all visitors regardless of age. The sight of it takes you on an experience you often see on the telly depicting a white December wonderland. As the holidays are closely tied with snow, the fantasy area creates a false yet happy impression on spending the holidays at a cold and faraway land.

Marina Mall (left)

This tall Christmas tree surrounded by items to shop for, from the mall’s outlets, welcomes visitors and shoppers thanks to its strategically located position near the entrance. Fairly decorated, this tree bridges between a commercial and non-commercial festive symbol. 52



Oasis Mall (right)

This Christmas tree reminds us of the ones we see at home. Beautifully lit with warm yellow lights, it is a head turner for passersby. The vibrant contrast of ornaments and the tree make it stand out and alone in the vast hallway of the mall.

Jawad Dome (below)

Situated beside the entrance of Artikel, this Christmas tree at the Jawad Dome, Budaiya, stands with just enough decors to complement the well-decorated entrance beside it. A decent tree with fair amount of festive lights, this completes the list of Bahraini mall’s that went out on a limb to treat their visitors with festive decorations and entertaining ambiance.


MALLS THAT FAILED TO CAPITALIZE ON THE FESTIVE SEASON: † Bahrain Mall † Seef Mall † Isa Town Mall † Yateem Center † Al Aali Shopping Complex † The Center † Sitra Mall † Country Mall † Dana Mall † Al Enma Mall † Gosi Commercial Complex JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012




Revamped Hotel Lobbies during the Festive Season

In comparison to malls, hotels were an absolute absolutely abso lutely ly different story, story as December De r turned out to be one of the busiest months onths due to promotions and and events geared d for the festive seaso sea season. son n.

T 54

he beginning of the month marked all the Christmas tree lighting events and choir performances in hotel lobbies. It was seemingly becoming a competition for hotels in terms of the lineup of offers but most especially on making their interiors at its prettiest. For people who wanted to experience Christmas and New Year outside their homes, they knew that a good hotel is always the place to be. All hotels in the Kingdom had a new look to welcome the holiday season but BIG decided to list only the ones that made it above the line in revamping their lobbies with festive decorations.




Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre

Kempinski is beau ful any me of the year, but for Christmas the beauty of this hotel was excep onal. The place was decorated with Christmas trees and gingerbread villages (not just a conven onal house) that were surely a delight to see. You could feel the Christmas spirit all around Kempinski from the hotel lobby to even its cafĂŠ - T-Spoon. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012


Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa


SOFITEL BAHRAIN ZALLAQ THALASSA SEA & SPA Another amazing decora on incorpora ng a gingerbread house and Christmas tree at the hotel lobby, crea ng a cozy, home-like feel to this extravagant hotel. Presents were stacked under the tree just like home, which made the lobby look like a giant living room. Definitely one of the coziest and most homely ambiances in the Kingdom.


RITZ CARLTON BAHRAIN HOTEL AND SPA With the enormous sparkly Christmas tree to welcome guests, it was a sure warm atmosphere at the Ritz Carlton especially during the evenings. Not only did the Christmas decora ons do the trick, but the massive christmas tree at the center of the lobby once again took the cake as guests and visitors made it a point to stand in front and take photographs. As always the drive into the hotel was a stunner too with lights adorning the trees and greenery in and around the hotel’s car park saying “Yes! It is that me of the year!” 56


Golden Tulip

Sheraton Bahrain Hotel



It was a white Christmas at Golden tulip as reflected in their Christmas trees decorated with shiny blue ornaments. A gingerbread house was also situated in the lobby that was decorated with fes ve lights and a small Santa Clause figure at its door. Cute!

If Christmas tree ornaments were the only criteria for this list, Sheraton would have been on the top spot. Photo taken from their Christmas tree ligh ng event where Santa Clause was among the highlights. Costumed sta also added to the fes ve spirit in this hotel.






With more than 17,000 stores in 55 countries, Starbucks is one of the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. But once upon a time, the company was just a single store in Seattle, Washington’s historic Pike Place Market.


The Coffee Shop




The first Starbucks opened on March 30, 1971 by three partners: English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegl, and writer Gordon Bowker. The three were inspired by coffee roasting entrepreneur Alfred Peet, whom they knew personally, to sell high-quality coffee beans and equipment. Originally the company was to be called Pequod after a whaling boat from Moby-Dick but this name was rejected by some of the co-founders. The company was instead named after the chief mate on the Pequod, Starbuck. Ú

The company only sold roasted coffee and did not yet brew coffee to sell. During their first year of operation, they purchased green coffee beans from Peet’s, then later began buying directly from growers.

In January 2011, Starbucks announced that they would make small changes to the company’s logo, removing the Starbucks wordmark around the siren, enlarging the siren image, and making it green.



In 1984, the original owners of

Starbucks, led by Jerry Baldwin, took the opportunity to purchase Peet’s. During the 1980s total sales of coffee in the USA were falling, but sales of specialty coffee increased, forming 10% of the market in 1989, compared to 3% in 1983. By 1986 the company had six stores in Seattle and had only just begun to sell espresso coffee. In 1987, the original owners sold the Starbucks chain to former employee Howard Schultz, who rebranded his "Il Giornale" coffee outlets as Starbucks and quickly began to expand. In the same year, Starbucks opened its first locations outside Seattle at Waterfront Station in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Chicago, Illinois.

Top: Howard Schultz, CEO, Shanghai Starbucks Below: Pike Place Market, Starbucks, 1977

Starbucks entered the tea business in 1999 when it acquired the Tazo brand for US$8.1 million. In late 2012, Starbucks stated it will be paying US$620 million in cash to buy Teavana. As of November 2012, there is no intention of marketing Starbucks’ products in Teavana stores, though the acquisition will allow the expansion of Teavana beyond its current main footprint in shopping malls. In 2010, Starbucks began selling beer and wine at some US stores. As of April 2012, it is available at seven locations and others have applied for licenses. In 2011, it introduced its largest cup size, the Trenta, which can hold 31 ounces. In September 2012, it announced the Verismo, a consumer-

The original owners sold the Starbucks chain to former employee Howard Schultz From Starbucks’ humble founding in 1971 in Seattle as a local coffee bean roaster and retailer, the company now began to expand rapidly. In the 1990s, Starbucks was opening a new store every workday, a pace that continued into the 2000s. The first store outside the United States or Canada opened in the mid-1990s, and overseas stores now constitute almost one third of Starbucks’ stores. The company planned to open a net of 900 new stores outside of the United States in 2009. The first Starbucks location outside North America opened in Tokyo, Japan, in 1996.

hair, but her navel was still visible. The fish tail was cropped slightly, and the primary color was changed from brown to green, a nod to Bowker’s Alma Mater, the University of San Francisco. In the third version, used between 1992 and 2011, her navel and breasts are not visible at all, and only vestiges remain of the fish tails. The original “woodcut” logo has been moved to the Starbucks’ Headquarters in Seattle.

grade single-serve coffee machine that uses sealed plastic cups of coffee grounds, and a “milk pod” for lattes. In 2012, Starbucks began selling a line of iced refresher beverages in its stores which contain an extract from green arabica coffee beans. The beverages are fruit flavored and contain caffeine but, according to the company, “with none of the coffee flavor”. Starbucks’ green coffee extraction process involves soaking the beans in water.


In 2006, Valerie O’Neil, a Starbucks

spokeswoman, said that the logo is an image of a “twin-tailed mermaid, or siren as she’s known in Greek mythology”. The logo has been significantly streamlined over the years. In the first version, which was based on a 16th-century “Norse” woodcut, the Starbucks siren was topless and had a fully visible double fish tail. The image also had a rough visual texture and has been likened to a melusine. In the second version, which was used from 1987–92, her breasts were covered by her flowing JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013



MONSTROSITIES If you’re out on the hunt for an affordable SUV that’ll not only take you from point A to point B, but also give you the freedom to go beyond point B, then this is definitely the list that you’ve been waiting for.

Below are some of the best affordable all rounders in the market today.

Landcruiser The Toyota Land Cruiser remains at the top of the class when it comes to luxury and off-road capability. It provides legendary durability and reliability thanks to Toyota’s impressive level of quality control. The four door Land Cruiser can seat up to eight passengers in three rows of seating. A 381hp 5.7-liter V8 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission sends power to the four-wheel drive system. Driving at low speeds on rough or steep terrain, the Crawl Control system automatically controls the

vehicle’s engine and brakes which allows the driver to focus on steering. It boasts ten airbags and comes standard with four-wheel anti-lock brakes, brake assist, active traction control, tire-pressure monitoring system, vehicle stability control, and active front headrests for whiplash protection, rear seat entertainment system, cooled console storage, lip spoiler, navigation system, rain-sensing wipers, HID low beam headlights with washers, ventilated front seats and more.

“Driving at low speeds on rough or steep terrain, the Crawl Control system automatically controls the vehicle’s engine and brakes.”



Nissan Patrol The Patrol can be optioned up with enough features to classify it as a full-fledged luxury vehicle, with some class-leading features and new technology. Engine options include a base 5.6-litre V8 with 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual, known as the Patrol SE, as well as a brand-new 5.6-litre V8 with more power, direct injection and a 7-speed automatic, known as the Patrol LE. Depending on trim level, the 7-seater Patrol can be had with standard or optional features such as all-wheel-drive with low-range gearing, hydraulic independent air suspension, computerized terrain response system, an Off-road Monitor that

provides real-time information such as tyre conditions involving steer angle, slip and pressure, as well as hill start, hill descent, and an electronically-locking rear diff. Most models get a regular off-road ready front bumper, while the top trims get a slightlylower ‘city’ bumper.

Mitsubishi Pajero The Pajero is a true off-roader, and a legend in its own right. It comes in either three-door or five-door body styles. The powertrain options are either a 3.5-litre V6 mated to a 4-speed automatic, or a 3.8-litre V6 engine mated to a 5-speed auto. The standard package includes ActiveTrac four-wheel-drive with

rear-wheel, full-time all-wheel and 4WD high and low range with locked centre differential. Standard features include an RV meter showing external temperature, time, date, compass, pressure, altitude and maintenance intervals. The top-level 3.8 models get side airbags as standard.

Chevrolet Tahoe The Chevrolet Tahoe is a purpose-built, full-size four-door, family-oriented SUV that’s available in 2WD or 4WD and offers three distinct trim levels. The LS, the LT1 and the LTZ. All Tahoes come with a 320-hp 5.3-liter Vortec V8 E85 FlexFuel engine coupled to an efficient six-speed automatic

transmission. Safety features standard on all models include dual-stage front airbags, side curtain airbags, seat-mounted side airbags, four-wheel anti-lock brakes with dynamic rear proportioning, Stabilitrak stability control system with rollover mitigation and tire pressure monitoring system.

“The Pajero is a true off-roader, and a legend in its own right.”

GMC Yukon

The GMC Yukon has a sleek body mounted on a strong, stiff frame with power steering, disc brakes, and a touring suspension. Available in 2WD or 4WD, the Yukon seats up to nine passengers. The SLE and SLT trims both come with a standard 320hp V8 5.3-liter engine which is coupled to an efficient six-speed automatic transmission. The 2WD or AWD Denali trims come with a standard 403hp 6.2-liter V8 coupled to an efficient six-speed automatic transmission. Safety features on all models include ample amount of airbags, four-wheel anti-lock brakes with dynamic rear proportioning, Stabilitrak stability control system with rollover mitigation and tire pressure monitoring system.



Honda Pilot The Pilot is Honda’s midsize 4x4 offering, and their largest offering at this time. The exterior features a standard grille, new front and rear bumpers, and optional new wheels, along with a few other cabin additions. The Pilot can seat eight people at a pinch. The standard 3.5-litre V6 engine features Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) and it’s mated to a 5-speed

automatic. Standard features include 7-speaker CD/MP3 stereo with USB/AUX ports, auto headlights, rear parking sensors and 17-inch alloy wheels. The full option models come with 10-speaker stereo with hard-drive navigation, rear DVD entertainment, rear camera, rear sun blinds, powered front seats, sunroof and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Kia Mohave The Kia Mohave is supposed to strengthen Kia’s “family” SUV line-up and brand image in the world market. With a 3.8-litre V6 engine mated with the 6-speed automatic transmission, the Kia Mohave is characterized by fully-independent air suspension and its various safety systems, including the ABS brakes,

electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), brake assist, stability control, traction control, and front and side airbags. Furthermore, the Mohave is equipped with Downhill Assist Control, keeping the vehicle’s speed steady while going down straight and strong slopes, while a Hill-Start Assist Control is also available.

“Kia Mohave is characterized by fullyindependent air suspension and various safety systems.” 62


Jeep Wrangler Unlimited The long wheelbase, four-door Wrangler Unlimited is configurable in Sport, Sahara and Rubicon trim with standard four-wheel drive. A 285hp 3.6-liter V6 engine is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission (you even get a six-speed manual transmission). Electronic stability control with roll control, traction control, brake assist and hill hold control are standard on all Wranglers. The vehicle features equipment that off-road enthusiasts usually add anyway, including heavy duty axles, front and rear electronic locking differentials, 32-inch BF Goodrich mud tires, sway bar disconnect system, rock rails and a heavy-duty transfer case with 4:1 low-gear ratio.

Ford Explorer Sport Ford adds excitement to the Explorer lineup with the addition of the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, billed as the first-ever performance version of the Explorer. What’s different? Start with 350hp 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine mated with a six-speed automatic transmission. There are also new styling details: the Explorer name appears on the front of the vehicle, new wheels and polished tips on the high-performance exhaust. Other Sport features include rearview

camera, 4WD with Terrain Management system, front heated seats, 12-speaker Sony Premium Audio system with HD radio, and SYNC with MyFord Touch.

Mercedes M Class “Electronic stability control with roll control, traction control, brake assist and hill hold control are the standard.”

The M-Class SUV is the original luxury sport utility in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. Comfortably sized, it seats five with room for plenty of luggage, drives like a sedan, and is a capable off-roader. All models are equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission. Electronically managed 4MATIC all-wheel drive is standard on all models except the rear-wheel drive ML350 4x2. The ML350 is powered by Mercedes’

latest-generation 3.5-liter gasoline V6, generating 302 horsepower. The ML550 includes a 4.6-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 402-hp and the ML63 AMG has a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 with either 518- or 550-hp and ECO stop/start. The extensively equipped M-Class includes standard features such as stability control and active front head restraints, as well as front, side, side curtain, and driver knee airbags. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012




The cool pieces designed to ease stress and get more stuff done Working in an office is not exactly very fascinating. Most people find the routine work boring and stressful but there are a lot of ways to fight office it. Organizing things in your desk is one, however, even that cannot set your mood back to working mode. One of the proven ways so far in breaking office monotony is the introduction of some interesting items to the workplace, and that is what we will be sharing with you here. This article is aimed to add happiness to any workspace thanks to 10 seriously cool pieces of technology.


LaCie Rugged USB

This compact and hardcore USB drive is less about boosting endorphins than it is about creating peace of mind. The Rugged USB is like any other USB device but with a protective (and bright) orange cover. Drop resistance up to 100 meters and with secure encryption included, this is a solid drive for mountain bikers and desk jockeys alike.



This little guy is charming as all get-out. Some sophisticated sensors in Keepon’s base and body allow it to intelligently react to commands, noise, and various forms of pressure (from head pats to pokes to tickles). It might get some stares, but advanced robots like Keepon can actually provide some health benefits. Similar companion bots (such as the dinosaur PLEO) have been used to help disabled and autistic people socialize and emotionally adapt to new surroundings. 64



USB Greenhouse

Plants naturally make us happier and can even help us be more productive in the workplace and get sick less often. If opting for a plant, feng shui masters say greenery with rounded leaves creates a calming affect while upward-pointing plants, such as bamboo, provide energy. This USB greenhouse is a nice way to keep plants alive (and flourishing) even when plugged in at work.


Guitar Mobile Apps

Music has a calming affect that’s sure to boost our happiness, but jamming out on an instrument can also provide similar relaxing benefits. For any rock starsto-be or those looking for a mid-day stress buster, try downloading either the Real Guitar app or the PocketGuitar app. These two apps simulate the sound and action of a real guitar on an iPhone with several sound options and the ability to bend and pluck notes. Relaxation never sounded so good.



“Sun” Lights

This family of lights and lamps use special bulbs to create a natural, sun-like ray. The lights — colloquially called “Happy Lights,” like this one from Verilux — not only remind us of the great outdoors but also activate a personal dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps maintain our metabolism, immunity, nervous system, and bone density. A burst of UV rays provides vitamin D, helping us feel happier. While vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to depression, consuming more than 50 mcg can also lead to problems such as decreased appetite and nausea.

Desktop Vacuum

Yes, “Henry the Desktop Hoover” is meant to make us smile, but having the little sucker around is sure to remind us to keep desks cleaner. Clean desks, free of clutter or debris, can help decrease stress and make work a little easier.


Baoding Balls

Baoding balls are probably the oldest “gadget” on the list. This pair of balls is an ancient Chinese meditation aid and a way to improve manual dexterity. At the very least Baoding balls can help us have a little fun (like Buckyballs) and provide a problem-solving boost.



These magnetic balls have become popular among serious professional and curious kids alike. But it’s not just for fun — playing has workplace benefits. One study found that on-the-job playfulness improved communication, creativity, problem solving, and team building. Another suggested people naturally tend to involve the body during complex cognitive functioning. Buckyballs may just be for fun, but a little fun could be the solution.


Stand-Up Desks


Wacom Inkling

One of the best ways to be productive, according to efficiency expert Ari Meisel, is to free the mind to focus on the task at hand. So stop worrying about lost pieces of paper and start automatically transferring handwritten notes straight to the computer. The Wacom Inkling lets users doodle to their heart’s content, converting pen and paper into digital vector or image formats for easy reference.Moleskine is jumping on board, teaming with digital note-taking software Evernote for a special line of notebooks.

Sitting in a chair all day at work does all sorts of nasty stuff to our back and our posture. While we wrote up an ultimate guide to good posture at work, sometimes the best answer is not to sit at all. Stand Up (or Sit-Stand) desks don’t hurt our posture and can even improve creativity and performance. We’ll stand for that!



CURRENT TRENDS THAT LOOK INTO DRESSING UP OF A PERSON BIG brings to you the latest fashion from the top brands in the fashion world. v

‘Outdoorsman®’ Aviator Sunglasses Ray-Ban The iconic Ray-Ban aviator frame style holds true to the classic like the gradient brown lenses, but with added luxe touches like leather accents on the brow bridge and temple arms.

Cordoba Clutch Elliott Lucca

Our best selling shape seamlessly converts from a daytime shoulder bag to an evening clutch. The Cordoba clutch is available in textured, exotic or new colorblock color ways.



‘Shane’ Boot To Boot New York

Calfskin leather upper/ leather lining and sole. Lustrous grained calfskin shapes a ripple-toe boot with meticulous stitching. Made in Italy.

‘Ferguson’ Pump B Brian Atwood

Shimmering, iridescent snakeskin elevates a luscious double-platform pump.

Printed Panel Dress Mango

Sleeveless bodycon dress with round neck, printed panel at front and zip fastening at back.

‘Ultimate Color’ Collection Estee Lauder

Be your own makeup artist with 24 colors, a full-size Sumptuous Extreme Mascara, brushes and more. Set includes a beauty wallet with interchangeable eye and cheek palettes, look cards for subtle and statement looks and a slim, red case traveler.

‘Ambit’ GPS Watch Suunto

Reversible Belt Salvatore Ferragamo

Black leather belt reverses to brown, secured with a double Gancini logo buckle crafted from brass-plated gunmetal.

A clean design defines a premium sports watch designed with a built-in GPS system and everything needed to navigate the great outdoors including a 3D compass, altimeter, barometer and vertical speed display.




STUFF WE LIKE Check out the latest gadgets and a host of other items for executives on a break or having some family time


Cartier has now come out with the Rotende de Cartier 42 mm Panther. Made in 18-carat yellow gold, the watch’s case is set with 306 brilliant-cut diamonds for 3.63 carats, while the beaded crown in yellow gold is set with a diamond.



To be able to purchase this laptop, Luvaglio CEO has to first invite you to access the website where you can purchase the computer. This also boasts a self-cleaning display screen and a power button chiseled from a rare diamond, which also functions as the laptop’s anti-theft device.



Inspired by Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the body and cone comes engraved with Einstein’s most important formulas and the hand-crafted rhodiumplated 18K gold nib features an engraving of the element named after him, einsteinium.



Designed by luxury accessories maker Peter Aloisson, this thi unique object features a cover adorned with 50 diamonds, 10 of which are the rare blue ones.



Made in Japan, 20 carat diamond Yalos Diamond LCD TV is the most expensive TV in the world. It has a total of 160 diamonds weighing 20 carats. Produced in limited editions, the TV is a reflection of uniqueness, craftsmanship and materials of Yalos Diamond.



The Poison Dart Frog is perhaps the most fierce of the Horological Machines created by Max Busser and Company. Two half-spherical dials resemble the eyes of an actual poisonous dart frog. A primarily black face is accentuated by 18-22 karat yellow gold and a sleek black alligator skin strap.



The iPad 2 Gold History, of which only two have been made, is the work of British luxury goods designer Stuart Hughes. The Apple logo comprises of 52 diamonds, while the front section is made from a 75-million-year-old ammolite rock. The front is completed with a 8.5 carat diamond together with 12 outer diamonds.



Appointments The

We keep track of promotions as people in the Gulf move up in the world

Al Haddad Motors BAHRAIN - Al Haddad Motors, the authorised general distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Bahrain, has made three new appointments to its sales team. Salman Yousif joins as Showroom Manager, Melville D’Souza comes on board as Corporate Sales Executive and Fawaz Ali, as Sales Consultant. Salman Yousif brings 22 years of local experience to Al Haddad while both Melville D’Souza and Fawaz Ali hold 12 years of experience before landing their new roles.

KUWAIT - Zain the leading Telecommunications Company in Kuwait announced that it has appointed Mr. Hani El Kukhun, an expert in the field of communications, as Chief Operating Officer at Zain Kuwait. El Kukhun is an expert in communications and technology who has 17 years of experience in both sectors. Previously El-Kukhun held positions in Xerox, TELUS and Cisco in the Middle East, the United States of America and Canada. He holds a degree in computer engineering from the University of Notre Dame in the United States.

Khatif Consult

BAHRAIN - BDO in Bahrain to announced the promotion of Mr Nath Venkitachalam as a Partner within their Audit services division. Nath who has joined the Firm in 2005, has over 12 years of post qualification experience. His main responsibilities include planning and managing the audits of publicly listed and closely held companies and government entities, and ensuring that a quality and valueadded audit is performed.

Primedia BAHRAIN - Primedia International announce the appointment of three new board members: Feras Shehab, Ketan Gorania and Mike Orlov. Mr. Shehab spent 13 years in the banking industry between Bahrain and Dubai in recognized and wellknown banks such as Bank Taib, HSBC and BNP Paribas. Mr. Orlov is the CEO of Primedia International. Mr.Gorania carries 20 years experience and holds valuable international experience running Kaiser Capital Pvt Ltd. 70


KUWAIT - Khatif Consult, the consulting arm of Khatif Holding - a $50m Kuwaiti based acquisition and venture capital company - announced the appointment of Alaa Badran as the new director of its consultation services in Kuwait. Badran brings along over 20 years of international professional experience in consultancy, risk management, financial analysis, feasibility studies, micro and SME project finance and auditing. He comes with a diversified experience gained from working in projects of the World Bank and the European Investment Bank.

Rezidor Hotel Group UAE - The Rezidor Hotel Group announced the appointment of Elie Younes as Senior Vice President, Head of Group Development. Younes joined Rezidor’s regional office in Dubai in April 2010 as Vice President, Business Development Middle East & Africa, and took over the interim leadership of Rezidor’s corporate development department in October 2012. In his new role Younes will be based at the corporate support office in Brussels, Belgium. He will also be a member of Rezidor’s Executive Committee chaired by President & CEO Wolfgang M. Neumann.


International Advertising Association UAE - The International Advertising Association’s new Chairman and World President, Faris Abouhamad, has taken over Alan Rutherford. Mr Abouhamad is Founder and Managing Partner of Interone Resonance Middle East LLC, Dubai and IAA Vice President and Area Director for Middle East and Africa, a position he has held since 2010. Before his appointment to Chairman and World President, Mr Abouhamad served on the UAE Chapter Board of Directors and acts as their representative on the IAA World Board.

Arab Union QATAR - The Arab Union for Securities Commissions has announced the appointment of Jalil Tarif Union’s next Secretary General. The move came in the Union’s current session during which Tarif is reported to have won the confidence of the managerial committee. Choosing Tarif for this position in the Arab Union for Securities Commissions, which is chaired by Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA), came as a result of Tarif’s experience and efficiency in many financial institutions, according to the QFMA CEO HE Naeser Ahmad Al Shaibi.

Volkswagen OMAN - Wattayah Motors, the exclusive dealers for Volkswagen in Oman, have appointed Mr. Hemant Bhat as General Manager. As a part of his new role, Mr. Bhat will be looking to grow Volkswagen’s business in Oman by strengthening the presence for Volkswagen in Oman’s automotive environment. Mr. Bhat was formerly Head of Regions at General Automotive Company and will now be heading the Volkswagen brand in Oman and enhancing the market share for the German automobile giant.

DO YOU NEED... Oil Change O OBattery Change O OWiper Blade Change O OLight Bulbs Change O OBrake Change O OA/C Foul Odor Cleaning O OA/C Gas Filling O O


A. P.O. Box 108, Manama, Bahrain T. +973 17 404 131 F. +973 17 405 441 W. autoMAX Car Care spc

Valentine’s with Sofitel

Best deals to choose from in a luxurious ambiance With ample time until the hearts day, it is the perfect time to discover the best place to spend with your loved ones. This year, celebrate February 14 by expressing your love to your loved ones and friends with only the best there is to offer. Sofitel’s luxurious atmosphere is the ideal way to enjoy a magnifique Valentine’s Day.



LLa a Mer: Me Seafood Restaurant

This T Th his is s yyear ea make your Valentines Day a bit more special ea celebrating it whilst overlooking a breathe taking byy c e eb el b off tthe Arabian Gulf in the highly recommended, vview vi iew ew wo awar aw a dw ar award winning seafood restaurant, La Mer. Treat yourself yo our urse self se lf to a uniquely prepared, scrumptious set menu of a bottle of house wine while being m me nu u iinclusive n soft so ftly ft l sserenaded ly e softly by a violinist and saxophonist. BD 58+ per couple inclusive of a bottle of house wine.

Fiamma: Authentic Italian Cuisine

Love is in the air at your favorite Italian restaurant, Fiamma, which promises a treat for romantics. Give your loved one a night to remember with an awe-inspiring journey to Italy as you indulge in a selection of sumptuous delicacies set to excite your tastes buds along with romantic Italian live music.

Magnifique Romance Room Package Aside from the range of restaurants to choose from, Sofitel also has a room package to complete the celebration. Discover the Magnifique Romance Package and enjoy a luxurious comfort in elegantly styled accommodation, a bottle of bubbly on ice delivered during the stay, a wonderful breakfast served in the room every morning, romantic gift of half an hour spa treatment per person per day (pre-booking is required) and of course, VIP room amenities. Price is BD 105++ per night per couple Book early to avoid disappointment. For reservations and inquries please call +973 - 1763 6363 or email

Price is BD 48+ per couple inclusive of a bottle of house wine.

Luxury Moonlit Romance

Book your private tent on the beach and enjoy a dinner under the stars. Price is BD 175++ for a set menu for two inclusive of a bottle of champagne. Only 8 tents are available. Book early to avoid disappointments. Booking is required one week in advance.

La Mer: Seafood Restaurant

Fiamma: Authentic Italian Cuisine

Magnifique Romance Room Package



A GOURME GOURMET MET T FEAST T Series of fine offers in line at Mövenpick Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain begins the year with no less than splendor. Fondues, kitchen parties and Belgian mussels highlight the gourmet feast, ready to capture everyone’s taste buds.

Fondue Swiss bliss As part of their regular themed cuisines, it is time for some Swiss bliss to invade the dining tables at Silk’s Restaurant. From 6th of January to 21st of February on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays-Sundays, Silk’s recommends to sample the varied delights of classic Swiss Cheese Fondue. Save your appetite for Fondue Bourguignonne, the tenderest beef filet cubes plunged into hot oil and served with french fries and a range of tasty sauces. Don’t miss the Fondue Chinoise, beef, veal, chicken and fish, simmering in a broth-filled hot pot. “There is no better way to make the cold days shorter than with a Fondue on the table,” said Executive chef Alfred Zuberbühler. Chef Alfred, a Swiss, has more than 25 years experience in the hospitality industry in Switzerland and around the world. He has worked at the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in Switzerland for different VIP’s and celebrities such as the president of the confederation of Switzerland Mrs. Micheline Calmy-Rey and the CEO of Sony music corporation. He has joined the Mövenpick hotels and resorts including the Mövenpick Ulysse Palace & Thalasso in Tunisia, Mövenpick Hotel Doha in Qatar and Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna in Egypt for two years before joining Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain. To book in advance and ensure a reservation, call the Fondue line at +973 1746 00 00. Price is at BD 12.500++ per person

Kitchen party Meanwhile if you have a special event such as birthday and seeking for something unique, Mövenpick invites you to come with your loved ones or friends to spend it at the hotel. At the Flamingo Bar table, instead of watching the Chef do his usual cooking, a group of



eight to twelve guests will be provided with hats and aprons and will be juggling with their Italian or Arabic menus, while enjoying cooking their Penne Al Dente or their mixed grills to perfection. It’s spontaneous; it’s fun. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a private party or a birthday celebration. Priced BD 19.000++ without drinks, or BD 22.000++ inclusive of welcoming and soft drinks.

Belgian mussels When it comes to authentic dining experience, one will have no regrets with Belgian food. From 22nd of February to 1st of March, Chez Léon chef Paul, who has forged an unparalleled reputation in the world, will not rest on his laurel. Among the dishes to be awaited are the Sole Meunière, mussels with curry or with tartar sauce, french fries and turkey steak. If you’ve never had one of these authentic Belgian delicacies, then you’re in for a treat. Chez Léon has been and still is one of the flowers of national Belgian gastronomy and chef Paul is a fierce supporter of traditional Belgian cuisine. Chef Paul has been choosing the dishes since 1961. He had learnt the traditional Belgian cuisine from his father, Georges and has been training his nephew, Alexandre, since 1999. His faithful team is still with him. The last recruit has been working for him for six years. There are even the sons of his first cooks working in the restaurant, which makes Chez Léon a real family. He also presents a few typically Belgian recipes nearly all of which can still be found on his menu. “I love them all!” he says enthusiastically. He then adds, “The rabbit here is cooked in kriek (cherry) beer but you can also cook it in gueuze, beer or mustard. The kidney recipe calls for Chimay beer but they are also available in the restaurant à la liégoise or à la gueuze.”




guide HOTEL


SOFITEL BAHRAIN ZALLAQ THALASSA SEA & SPA Fiamma: Italian Restaurant Designed with an indoor and an outdoor seating area, this outlet will serve authentic Italian food.

DINING SHERATON HOTEL BHARAIN Al Safir Restaurant Gastronomical buffets for breakfast lunch and dinner as well as superb á la carte options.

Soie Chinese Restaurant

Wok: South East Asian Restaurant

Golestan Restaurant Discovery of traditional Iranian dishes with freshly oven-baked breads served at the table. Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday Lunch 12:30 PM – 2:45 PM Dinner 7:30 p.m. – 11:30 PM Friday: Lunch 12:30 PM – 3:45 PM Dinner 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM Closed on Saturdays

Espressamente Illy A perfect place to meet and enjoy a cup of espresso, refreshing beverages and light snacks. Opening Hours: Daily: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM For Information & Reservations Al Safir: +973 17533533 ext 259 Soie Chinese Restaurant: +973 17 533 533 ext. 497 Golestan Restaurant: +973 17 533 533 ext. 375


Exquisite buffets with flavors from across the world. Available is breakfast, lunch and dinner and also a la carte and live cooking station. Opening Times: Daily 6:30AM to 10:30 AM (11AM on weekends) Lunch: 12:30PM to 3:30PM Dinner: 7:00PM to 10:30PM

Opening Hours: Daily: 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM Closed on Fridays


Saraya: All Day Dining / International

Opening Hours: Breakfast 6:30 AM -10:30 AM Lunch 12:30 PM – 3.30 PM Dinner 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM Relax in the dramatic ambience with dark wood floors, oriental ornaments and lanterns.

La Med, Ritz Carlton

Opening Hours: Thursday - Saturday 12:30PM to 3:00PM Every night except Sunday: 8:00PM to 11:00PM Fiamma is closed on Sundays

Espressamente Illy: +973 17 533 533 ext. 1790

The perfect combination of stones and wood in the décor to reflect an Asian feeling is defiantly there. Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday: 7:00PM to 11:00PM Wok is closed on Tuesdays

Tapas: Restaurant It services a wide range of exciting tapas, and the best cocktails on the island. Tapas bar has a truly vibrant and lively atmosphere with its Cuban band. Opening Hours: Daily: 11:30AM to Midnight

La Mer: Seafood Restaurant It is the signature restaurant of the hotel, guests will enjoy the freshest seafood and catch of the day cooked at the live cooking station with a French savoir-faire to please all tastes. Opening Hours: Daily: 7:00PM to 11:00PM

Pashawat: Arabic Restaurant It is open in the evenings and offers a delightful Lebanese cuisine. Guests will enjoy large varieties of Mezzah as well as delicious charcoal grilled specialties. Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 7:00PM to 1:30 AM (Closed on Saturdays and Sundays) For Information & Reservations Hotel: +973 1763 6363 Concierge: +973 39349659

China Garden The restaurant, which is designed in a modern oriental style, offers a varied selection of food influenced by distinct Chinese regions creating Cantonese, Szechuan and Peking specialties.

Klouds Restaurant, The K Hotel

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday Lunch 12:00pm to 3:00pm Dinner 7:00pm to 11:00pm Closed on Sunday

Klouds Enjoy an assortment of culinary delights with their special Themed Nights everyday of the week. Opening Hours: Daily: 7PM to 11PM

Friday Brunch Discover The K difference in Friday Brunch!

Plums The specialty being premium beef and fresh, top quality seafood, it provides guests with the ultimate in dining pleasure. Opening Hours: Dinner: 7 PM to 11:30PM

Primavera Primavera, the ever popular Italian restaurant offers a very exciting menu.

Opening Hours: Friday, 12:30PM to 4:30PM

Opening Hours: Lunch: Noon to 3PM Dinner: 7PM to Midnight

The K lounge


Some new dishes include the world famous Angus steaks and exceptional desserts with that extra K flavor. Our ongoing promotions include: Daily Happy Hour from 5pm to 7pm Coors Light & Burger Treats Ladies Night from Saturday to Wednesday all cocktails free of charge for Ladies.

Nirvana brings royal flavors to The Ritz-Carlton for a dining adventure rarely enjoyed outside of India.

Opening Hours: Daily: 11AM to 2AM

The Ritz-Carlton has a dedicated cigar lounge with a cellar of premium malts, cognacs and vintage wines.

Kenza Lounge

Opening Hours: Daily: Noon to 2AM

Outdoor seating and Arabesque interiors, experience the finest Lebanese dining. Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 7PM to 2AM For Information & Reservations

K Hotel: (973) 1736 0000 Klouds: (973) 1736 0000 ext. 4019 K Pool: (973) 1736 0000 or email

THE RITZ‐CARLTON, BAHRAIN HOTEL & SPA Overlook Café The perfect place to relax by the water and enjoy a variety of light lunch items, refreshments, beverages and cocktails with a tropical flair. Opening Hours: Daily: 10 AM to 6 PM

La Med Casual dining in generous surroundings is brightened with natural sunshine and views of the turquoise blue waters of the Gulf. Opening Hours: Continental and Arabic Breakfast: 7AM to 10:30AM Lunch Buffet: Noon to 3:30PM Lunch Express: Noon to 3:30PM All Day Dining Menu: 3:30PM Dinner: 7PM to 11:30PM Friday Brunch: 12:30 PM to 4PM

Opening Hours: Lunch Noon to 3PM Dinner 7PM to 11:30PM

Burlington Club

The Lobby Lounge The traditional high tea is served daily in the Lobby Lounge and boasts all the luxurious delicacies that you would expect. Opening Hours: Daily: 8AM to Midnight

The Ritz Gourmet Lounge Experience authentic chic ambience like in a Parisian along with homemade pastries and richly decorated desserts.

It is favored by Japanese Embassy staff who are said to love its peaceful Zen-like surroundings and exquisite features, including teppanyaki rooms and an authentic robatayaki grill and a Sushi bar with a smoking section. Opening Hours: Lunch 12:00pm – 3:00pm Dinner 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Takht Jamsheed Fusions



Fusions is a contemporary and stylish rooftop restaurant boasting unrivalled views over the hotel’s tropical gardens and Manama skyline. Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday 6pm – 12am Closed on Saturday

La Pergola Renowned for being one of Bahrain’s oldest Italian eateries, the intimate restaurant offers a fantastic Mediterranean ambience with a vaulted roof and striking wall murals depicting scenes of ancient Rome. Opening Hours: Lunch 12:00pm – 3:00pm Dinner 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Margarita Mexicana All dishes, including tortillas and guacamole, are freshly prepared at guests’ tables to guarantee that the menu and fine dining experience are as authentic as possible. Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday 6:00pm – 12:00am Closed on Saturdays

Royal Thai The restaurant is situated in a grand pagoda in the grounds of the hotel’s tropical gardens and provides scenic views overlooking the turquoise waters of the outdoor swimming pool. Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday Lunch 12:00pm – 3:00pm Dinner 7:00pm – 11:00pm Closed on Mondays

Taking inspiration from Persia’s royal palace of Takht Jamsheed, the Gulf Hotel’s chic restaurant offers a fine dining experience fit for a king. Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday Lunch 12:00pm – 3:00pm Dinner 7:00pm – 11:00pm Closed on Mondays

Zahle The menu boasts an extensive selection of hot and cold mezze, grilled meat and regional Lebanese fare, such as beautifully presented shish kebab served in a golden box atop warm Arabic bread and burning coals. Opening Hours: Monday to Friday Weekdays: 7:00pm – 1:00am Weekends: 7:00pm – 2:00am Saturday Lunch 12:00pm -3:00pm Dinner 7:00pm – 2:00am

For Reservations

Al Waha: +973 1774 6425/26 China Garden: +973 1774 6423/24 Fusions: +973 1771 3000 La Pergola: +973 1774 6419/20 Margarita Mexicana: +973 1774 6462 Royal Thai: +973 1774 6421/22 Sato: +973 1774 6429/30 Takht Jamsheed: +973 1774 6431/32 Zahle: +973 1774 6417/18

Golestan, Sheraton Hotel Bahrain

Opening Hours: Daily: 7AM to Midnight For Information & Reservations Hotel: +973 1758 0000

GULF HOTEL Al Waha Diners are spoilt for choice with an extensive array of buffet fare featuring local and international dishes, as well as an impressive variety of Bahraini hummus. Opening Hours: Breakfast 6:00am – 10:30am Lunch 12:00pm – 3:30pm Dinner 7:00pm – 11:00pm Friday Brunch: 12:30pm - 4:00pm JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012



Opening hours: Daily: 7:00pm - 12:00am


Mediterranean Grill buffet restaurant serving a variety of Mediterranean and international foods.

Conveniently located on the ground floor of Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre with direct access from the mall, bringing flavours that will delight your sweet tooth. Opening Hours: Daily: 9:00am – 11:00 pm

Mezzanine Lounge The comfortable lounge setting features a media wall with 11 mounted screens; complemented by a collection of innovative food design of tasty salads and platters. Opening Hours: Daily: 11:00am - 1:00am

Nasmat - Lounge & Restaurant


Opening hours: Daily: 6:30am - 11:00pm

SOFITEL BAHRAIN ZALLAQ THALASSA SEA & SPA Thalassotherapy (Call for Appointment) For Information & Reservations Hotel: +973 1763 6363 Concierge: +973 39349659

For Reservations

Hotel: +973 1729 8008


The al fresco poolside Mediterranean ambiance offers a haven in which to escape and unwind from Manama’s buzz throughout the day.

Alhilal Bookshop

Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

For Information

Opening Hours: Daily: 9AM to 9PM

Alhilal Bookshop: +973 17 531 665

THE RITZ‐CARLTON, BAHRAIN HOTEL & SPA Elie & Jean Beauty Center Gents Saloon Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday: 9:30AM to 8PM Friday: 10AM to 7PM

Sports Club & Spa (Membership only) Opening hours: Daily: 5:00AM to 10:30PM

Saveur Contemporary international cuisine and luxurious ambience ensure its place as Manama’s restaurant of choice for special occasions. Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday Breakfast 6:30am - 11:00am Lunch 12:30pm - 3:30pm Dinner 7:00pm - 10:30pm

THE RITZ‐CARLTON, BAHRAIN HOTEL & SPA Chopard Boutique Opening hours: Daily: 7AM to Midnight

Baharat Experience Arabian fine dining that promises to deliver a new, exceptional culinary adventure for the whole family. Opening Hours: Wednesday to Friday 7:00pm - 01:00am For Information & Reservations All restaurants: +973 1717 1000

MÖVENPICK HOTEL BAHRAIN Silk’s restaurant Experience fine dining and sample creative menus prepared by seasoned and culinary experts. The unique show-kitchen/live-cooking concept provides an exciting and lively setting. Opening Hours: Daily: Breakfast 9:00am - 10.30 am Lunch 10:00am – 4:00pm Dinner 5:00pm – 12:00am For Reservations

Mohd Sharif Hatam & Sons Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday: 10AM to 2PM – 4PM to 8PM Chopard Boutique: +973 17 580 667 Mohd Sharif Hatam & Sons: +973 17 580 889


Opening Hours: Daily: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm For Information & Reservations +973 1717 1122

THE RITZ‐CARLTON, BAHRAIN HOTEL & SPA Elie & Jean Beauty Center Gents Saloon Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday: 9:30AM to 8PM Friday: 10AM to 7PM

Opening Hours: Daily: 6Am to 10PM

Opening hours: Daily: 5:00AM to 10:30PM

Sheraton Health Club Opening Hours: Daily: 7AM to 10PM

For Information


Pure Spa

Sports Club & Spa (Membership only)




Image Spa & Leisure

Sheraton Fitness

Enjoy a delicious range of culinary specialties with an extensive selection of appetizers, salads and desserts to complement your choices Seafood and fishes.

Pure Spa, Kempinski

For Information

Silk’s restaurant: +973 17460017

La Perle

Elie & Jean Beauty Center - Gents Saloon: +973 17 580 798

Opening Hours: Daily: 9AM to 8:30PM

Image Spa & Leisure: +973 17 524 570 Sheraton Fitness: +973 17 524 570 Sheraton Health Club: +973 17 533 533

For Information

Elie & Jean Beauty Center - Gents Saloon: +973 17 580 798

THE K HOTEL The K lounge Opening Hours: Daily: 11AM to 2AM

Champions Sports Lounge Opening Hours: Daily: 11AM to 2AM For Information

K Hotel: (973) 1736 0000

GULF HOTEL Sherlock Holmes Opening Hours: Daily: 12:00pm – 2:00am

Typhoon Bar and Lounge Opening Hours: Daily: 5:00pm – 1:00am Happy Hour: 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Vintage Wine Bar Opening Hours: Daily: 5:00pm – 1:00am

For Reservations

K Hotel: (973) 1736 0000 Sherlock Holmes: +973 1771 2450 Typhoon Bar and Lounge: +973 17 746 395 Vintage Wine Bar: +973 1774 6461

Vintage Wine Bar, Gulf Hotel

NIGHTLIFE SHERATON HOTEL BHARAIN An Nada Lounge Opening Hours: Happy Hour: 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm Daily 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM For Information

An Nada Lounge: +973 17 533 533 ext. 293

KEMPINSKI GRAND & IXIR HOTEL Boudoir Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 5:00pm - 2:00am

Bizarre Lounge Opening Hours: Daily: 9:00pm - 2:00am For Information & Reservations Hotel: (973) 1717 1000



Amber Bar

Le Bellevue

Lagoon Pool Bar

A relaxed yet elegant bar offering one of the most stunning views of the sea and city skyline. Light live music in the evenings.

Opening Hours: Daily: 8AM to 8PM

Opening hours: Daily: 4:00pm - 2:00am

Lobby Lounge Bar

Pool Bar

Opening Hours: Daily: 8AM to Midnight

Tapas: BAR

Pool bar is open on weekends during December- February and every day from March 1 until November. (Closed during Ramadan).

Opening Hours: Daily: 11:30AM to Midnight

Opening hours: Daily: 9:00am -8:00pm

Opening Hours: Daily: 6PM to 2AM

For Information

Hotel: +973 1763 6363 Concierge: +973 39349659

For Reservations

Hotel: +973 1729 8008



Quoted “This is the worst period in Bahrain considering that in history, members of both sects fought for this country to develop. We need something major that all agree on for people to unite, hopefully all those concerned will come with it.” Dr Ali Al Oraibi, Bahrain community leader

“By communicating consistently, effectively and honestly, you gain trust and respect.” “Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.”

“Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life.”

Mary Kay Ash, American businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Unknown Author

Gretchen Rosswurm, Celanese communications executive

“Holding on to anger, resentment and hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life.”

“The first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest.”

“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”

Unknown Author

Groucho Marx

Joan Lunden, American journalist, author and television host

“It’s never been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done.” Kathy Ireland, supermodel turned super mogul



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