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PCL Partners with AltaML to Co-develop AI/ML Program

PCL is a group of independent construction companies that works in Canada, Australia, the United States and the Caribbean. AltaML is a developer that helps companies leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create more efficient workspaces. While a construction company and a tech company may seem to have little in common, both have come together to create innovation and disruption in the construction industry. “Combining PCL’s expertise in construction and execution with AltaML’s expertise in AI and ML, and harnessing data from PCL’s Job Site Insights™ smart construction platform, [together we are] dramatically enhancing the industry’s leading digital construction platform,” announced a recent press release from PCL. “By applying advanced analytics and machine learning to the incredible data volumes generated by our digital construction platform, PCL is realizing predictive, actionable, and measurable insights into its construction operations,” said PCL’s CIO, Mark Bryant. “This drives better productivity, improved safety, and greater efficiency, and affirms PCL’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.” Cory Janssen, CEO of AltaML added, “We are extremely excited to be partnering on this initiative with PCL. It is refreshing to deal with an organization whose management team has such a forward-thinking vision for the future of their industry. The data and decades of experience from PCL combined with our experience in ML commercialization is an amazing combination.”

The technology stemming the partnership will do more than enhance Job Site Insights™. It will also create solutions in every aspect of PCL’s operations, from business development to project planning, preconstruction, quality control, safety initiatives, procurement and even jobsite operations. Working with AltaML is part of PCL’s overall mandate to leverage innovative technologies and partnerships in the pursuit of operational excellence. In this regard, AltaML is an ideal partner. AltaML exists to help progressive companies learn how to use machine learning to solve business problems, citing the technology “augments human decision making and uncovers powerful insights to build new competitive advantages.” The technology is not one-size fits all. AltaML identifies applicable challenges within a company that could benefit from ML, then helps deploy custom solutions. AltaML sees this technology as being beneficial for every industry, including ones where Alberta is heavily invested, such as: fintech, energy, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing.




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