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In 2019, the Calgary Chamber will continue to advocate for the government to make improvements to Bill C-69. The uncertainty around building major projects in Canada has resulted in a chill on foreign investments, international companies divesting from Canada, and a business environment that has become increasingly uncompetitive. On behalf of the business community, the Calgary Chamber submitted a letter to the Senate committee recommending the bill be sent back to the House of Commons for further amendments.

MOVING FORWARD Building a competitive operating environment is not the sole responsibility of one level of government. All levels – municipal, provincial and federal – implement policy that can either hinder or harm competitiveness for the business community for all sized organizations. An election year as big as 2019 offers the opportunity to shape the landscape for success for the near future. The Calgary Chamber is committed to be the business voice advocating for the growth of our business community.

Ignite GET A DEPARTMENT OF TAKING MY BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL As a business owner, business chief executive or founder, you are faced with questions daily about where to take your business. What products to launch? What customers to target? Should you pivot directions? The Ignite business accelerator is here to help. Ignite is designed for businesses that want to grow but aren’t quite sure of the next steps. It is designed for business leaders who want to scale-up their existing operations or kick-start a new revenue stream. Participating companies work with an experienced facilitator to learn a set of tools and strategies to test and validate new ideas and develop a business model focused on growth for their business. Ignite can be a simple, low-cost way to de-risk a new venture and prove (or disprove) its viability. Hippo Hug, a local Calgary company, entered Ignite in September 2018. Hippo Hug makes weighted blankets that provide deep-pressure sensations designed to reduce anxiety and instil a sense of calm. Started in 2011 as a one-person shop, Hippo Hug has seen exponential growth selling over 500 blankets in 2016. Hippo Hug entered Ignite with a goal to increase production and tap into a new market. “It was an intense program that showed us, while we are great at creative thinking, we are not so great at focused business thinking,” says Leslie Brooks, president of Hippo Hug.

Ignite created the opportunity for Hippo Hug to look inwards, change some business processes, build a strong team and create a foundation for growth. “The program solidified our team thinking, preparing us to tackle problems and prepare for growth,” adds Brooks. Ignite guides you through a deep exploration of your business operations and growth initiatives to deliver a researched, tested and validated growth strategy in less than 60 days. The Calgary Chamber runs five, 60-day cohorts a year with the next cohort starting March 7, 2019. To learn more about Ignite and how it could benefit your business, visit calgarychamber.com/ignite.

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Business in Calgary - January 2019  

Business in Calgary - January 2019