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ENVIRONMENT Respecting the planet and its resources

As we produce more than 90% of our products in-house, we strive to minimise impacts to the environment by taking advantage of every opportunity to have more efficien operations and maximise our use of precious resources. One of the ways that Gildan reduces its greenhouse gas emissions is energy conservation efforts. Since 2010, we have reduced our energy per kg of production by 14%, mainly through the installation of high-efficiency steam absorption chillers that run o steam produced by our biomass steam generation expansion. Gildan has made a firm commitment to ely more on renewable energy sources. Last year, 51% of our energy needs were met through renewable resources, such as the use of biomass in our steam generation plants. Furthermore, we have transitioned the majority of our steam generation plants from fossil fuels to biomass steam generation in Central America and in the Caribbean Basin. In 2015, we also recycled or repurposed our total waste by 89% and reduced waste to landfill by 19%

Protecting water

In an industry heavily reliant on water, Gildan is exploring more ways to reuse water within its operations and experimenting with new methods for reducing water usage in the production of our garments. IN COMPARISON TO 2010, WE HAVE REDUCED OUR USAGE OF WATER PER KG OF PRODUCTION BY 17%, WHICH TRANSLATES INTO SAVINGS OF APPROXIMATELY 3.85 MILLION CUBIC METERS OF WATER. Gildan’s innovative Biotop filters wastewater naturall , without chemicals to return the water to the environment. It is a highly efficient biological wastewater t eatment system that treats wastewater through a series of interconnected lagoons. The Biotop wastewater treatment process helps maintain a rich ecosystem beside our production facilities.


in greenhouse gas emissions intensity since 2010



was powered by renewable resources in 2015



COMMUNITY Creating better futures

With manufacturing operations in the United States, Canada, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Bangladesh, we are a major employer in most of the local regions in which we operate. Having this presence comes with both a responsibility to be an exemplary corporate citizen and an opportunity to make our communities a better place than they would be without us there. We work closely with community organisations and local governments to determine precisely where the needs are greatest and work collaboratively with them to provide the resources, support and financial assistance to make a eal difference. IN 2015, GILDAN COMMITTED TO DONATE THE ENTIRE GRANT RECEIVED FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF HONDURAS IN CONNECTION WITH OUR PARTICIPATION IN AN EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME CALLED “CON CHAM-BA VIVÍS MEJOR” (WE LIVE BETTER WITH JOBS). AS PART OF GILDAN’S COMMUNITY INVESTMENT PROGRAMME, MORE THAN U.S. $3.5 MILLION IS BEING ALLOCATED OVER A TWO-YEAR PERIOD TO SPECIAL COMMUNITY PROJECTS IN HONDURAS AIMED AT IMPROVING EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE SERVICES AND LIVING CONDITIONS IN THE NORTHERN REGION.

Donating U.S.

$3.5 MILLION to community projects in Honduras (2015-2016)

One of the main areas we focus our community engagement on is youth education, with the goal of helping youth acquire the job and life skills necessary to contribute to the future of their communities. GILDAN WAS INVOLVED IN SEVERAL SCHOOL RENOVATION PROJECTS TO IMPROVE THE CONDITIONS FOR SCHOOLAGED CHILDREN IN LATIN AMERICA AND BANGLADESH. SINCE 2006, GILDAN HAS PROVIDED OVER 1,000 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR EMPLOYEES AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS TO ATTEND PROFESSIONAL AND VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS.


Another area of focus is humanitarian aid and health, with employees raising money through events like the Gildan Glow Run, to raise aware-ness and funds, which are matched by Gildan to support health-related causes.

Encouraging local economies

Another way that we support our communities is by hiring local talent to staff our management positions, ensuring we offer these opportunities for development to our employees. We also strive to have a positive economic impact by using local suppliers for transportation, food services and raw materials and accessories for our production facilities such as dyes, buttons, zippers, boxes and office supplies


Invested over U.S.

$1.9 MILLION into the Central American Polytechnic Institute (IPC) in Honduras, which has graduated over 6,500 students since its inception


In 2015, Gildan’s global proportion of local managers – director level and higher

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