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PEOPLE Keeping our employees healthy

For our 48,000 employees around the world, we strive to offer safe, healthy and fair work environments and opportunities to grow and develop with Gildan. In our manufacturing facilities, we have free onsite medical clinics staffed with doctors and nurses who provide pre and postnatal care, vaccinations, preventative screenings and health education on topics such as the Zika virus, HIV awareness and heart health. As part of their overall benefits, employees a e entitled to free medication, subsidised meals and free transportation to and from work.

Empowering through education

INTERNAL & EXTERNAL SOCIAL AUDITS were performed in 2015 at our owned and third-party contractor facilities

Gildan provided nearly

1,000,000 MAN-HOURS OF TRAINING in 2015

Our fully equipped

MEDICAL CLINICS provided more than

142,700 instances of free medical care in 2015

Conducting ongoing audits

Gildan is committed to having all of its own manufacturing facilities and contractors comply with its strict internal code of conduct, which encompasses local and international laws, the code of conduct of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production’s (WRAP) set of principles and best practices in the industry. To ensure that our Code of Conduct principles are respected, we regularly conduct internal and external audits. Ultimately, Gildan’s goal is to visit 100% of its manufacturing facilities annually, including our third-party manufacturing contractors. This includes manufacturing facilities for third-party contractors at least once in an 18-month period. Each third-party manufacturing contractor is assessed on risk-based approach and audited at least once in a 18-month period.




We encourage and promote continued education through an internal training academy for technical professions, high-school equivalency programmes and university scholarships. We were a founding member of the IPC in Honduras, a school that offers technical education to members of the community. Since 2005, we have invested over $1.9 million dollars in supporting the development of marketable skills for members of the community to create a better life for themselves and their families.

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