Business Fit Magazine July 2020 Issue 1

Page 14



CHECK IN on your Business Continuing their series on business success and development, Maike Benner and Lilli Rohde, take a look at the WHY of your business and offer ideas and guidance on how to move your business idea forward. What does it mean to CHECK IN with your business? Well, as mentioned in the previous issue we want to give you some ideas and guidance on how to you can start, maintain and grow your business.


Everything on the entrepreneurial journey starts with YOU, your WHY, your VALUES and your ABILITY to manage yourself. Most entrepreneurs or wannabe-entrepreneurs think the business idea is enough, and they don´t have to have a clear picture and vision of themselves as business owners. From our point of view, a vision and congruent message are crucial for consistent success. As an extra, it will also help you get through tough times.