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Happy new decade!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and were able to spend some time relaxing and recharging. We often forget how important it is to have some days away from technology and just enjoy the moment.. Instagram free. My Christmas and New Years were spent relaxing and surrounded by family. And not to mention, lot’s of naps! Over the holidays though, 17.9 million acres of Australia has been burning. A sense of helplessness was felt by many. Tenille Bull is one of the many who have been affected by the fires but decided to create an initiative to help businesses in the East Gippsland area. I got the chance to interview her last week and ask her some questions about ‘It’s My Shout’ and its journey. We have an amazing article by Leanne Webber which is all about taking the time to set yourself up for success this year. She takes your step by step on how to lay it all out, to make what may seem unachievable, achievable. I am also so excited for you to read ‘5 ways to improve your mindset’ written by the gorgeous Casey Mason. After such a whirlwind of 2019, it is essential to get your mindset right. Casey goes through 5 actionable ways that you can start working on now. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did!

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MINDSET Us e t h e s e a c t i o n a bl e s t ep s t o improve your mindset in 2020. By Casey Mason

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I N S TA G R A M A U D I T Give your Insta a makeover with this DIY Audit.

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Y O U S E L F S A B O TA G I N G ? Are you doing it without even realising?

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TO FOLLOW 3 Instagrams that you NEED to f o l l o w. DIRECTORY

5 Business Edit. January 2020



IT ’S MY SHOUT! What if you could virtually buy a coffee, a meal or even a nights accommodation to help those businesses who are affected by the fires? Tennille Bull decided to make that a reality and helps many businesses who are dealing with the affects of the fires.

Photos from the devastating fires that are affecting Victoria, Canberra and New South Wales.

7 Business Edit. January 2020


he fires that have stricken our country have been plastered all over our social media and media outlets. There are no words that can describe what is happening to our country, peoples homes, wildlife and how this is impacting them and their businesses. Tenille Bull is one of those people that is affected by the fires and the crippling impact they are having. “I run three Airbnb’s in the East Gippsland area which is my main source of income,” she says, “I had ever single booking in January and February cancel which meant I lost $40,000 of income for January alone.” And she wasn’t alone, thousands of small businesses have been affected by the fires. After driving from Warragul to Sale to register her location with Red Cross at the evacuation centre, she realised that other businesses in East Gippsland were going through the same financial pain that she was. On that morning drive, Tenille came up with the amazing initiative, It’s My Shout.

What was the process of how you came up with It’s My Shout? I actually came up with the idea Monday morning on the 6th (yes, as in a few days ago), when I was driving from Warragul to Sale to the evacuation centre, where I had to register our location with the Red Cross. I was just really upset and I had no idea how I was going to pay my mortgages. I had every single booking in January and February cancel, which meant I lost $40,000 of income for January alone. I now couldn’t pay my mortgages and I was looking at having to sell. That $40,000 pays my three properties mortgages for the whole entire year. Then I got to thinking, if I’m in this kind of financial pain, what are other small businesses in East Gippsland going through, as well as other fire affected areas. Without our local shops and businesses then that’s going to

have a role on effect for all of our tourism. That idea then snowballed into how someone could potentially buy a virtual nights accommodation to support a hotel that had lost all of their customers and then it expanded from there while I continued driving. I thought that we could get all businesses involved. People could buy virtual coffees and virtual meals. I didn’t want businesses to sell an actual physical product that had to be served, posted or redeemed, as I didn’t want to put businesses under any undue stress with the current situation they are currently facing. But what I found has been incredible, businesses off their own back are paying it forward and actually donating meals that people have bought. They are donating coffees and donating certain percentages of what they’ve received to the CFA. So this incredible impact has an ongoing rolling effect.

So you had the idea, what were your next steps? I posted about my idea in a Facebook group called "Like minded bitches drinking wine"- and had over 170 comments pouring love into the idea and that’s where I teamed up with Melody Jarvis. She is the genius behind all the tech and had the platform up and running in 24 hours. Melody’s hometown of Stanthorpe is still recovering from the September fires in QLD, so she is passionate about helping small businesses in rural areas.

Do the businesses get paid directly? The money goes directly into the businesses bank accounts or PayPal account. When they sign up they have the option to select how they would like to be paid out. The Sandbar Motel, for example, is being paid directly to a Bank account and it will take 3 business days to clear into their accounts. There are no extra surcharge etc that I’m charging for my time, it’s all going straight to the businesses affected.▶


For the businesses who are on It’s My Shout, what has their response been?

Has creating a new online business been a massive learning curve?

The response from local businesses has been incredible, we’ve had so many get on board and so many purchases already made in less than 24 hours. As of 10am we have made just over $15000 for our businesses and 263 products purchased. ($21,000 has now been raised!)

I have been involved with creating an online business before. I designed a subscription based business which is called Mail Savvy. This is an email marketing platform, which helps small businesses connect with their customers through email. A lot of small businesses aren’t tech savvy, so I made a platform that makes email marketing super simple. The platform allows them to send their customers professionally coded birthday emails and special offer emails throughout the year at an affordable price, without the stress of having to know too much about marketing and creating custom coded emails. The media side has been very interesting learning curve.

What about the people who are jumping on to buy a virtual product or service? We have 118 sellers on board and growing every minute. The outpouring of love from our shoppers has been so heartfelt. We’ve had customers calling up the businesses that they’re purchasing from and sharing their stories, of when they’ve been through tough times and how they’d love to support that business. I’ve had people in tears over emails that have been sent to them wishing them luck and praying for them. So the support from our shoppers has been absolutely incredible!

What is the biggest thing you have learnt on this incredible journey? My biggest take away is the generosity of both the business owners and the customers. It’s incredible how the business owners are in a desperate position, yet they are still paying it forward! It’s so incredible!■

Buy a virtual coffee today! Follow their journey on Facebook:

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Leanne Webber from The Founders Team

HOW TO SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS Written by Leanne Webber The Founders Team


o you want to succeed in 2020? You’ve got big goals and you are excited to tick them all off. But wasn’t that the same at the beginning of 2019? The challenge with big goals is that to achieve them, it takes many, many small steps over a period of time and most of us don’t actually take the time to break these big goals down into achievable action items. So? We hope and wish that our big goals and dreams come true and usually we’re pretty disappointed when they don’t. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely achieve everything you want in 2020. And I’m going to show you how! Firstly, below are some reasons and explanations of why we don’t achieve the goals we set. Are you guilty of any of these? 1. We don’t spend time working ON our business. We spend all of our time completing client work. 2. We don’t have any accountability so we always push our own goals and deadlines to the side. 3. We are surrounded by small minds - meaning people that don’t encourage us to think big and keep us playing small. 4. We have a lack of purpose and vision. 5. We have too much actual work to do! So by the time we get around to taking care of ourselves and our businesses, we’re exhausted! 6. We let fear hold us back. 7. We don’t have standards for our life and business. 8. And finally, sometimes life just happens.

So, how can we make sure none of these reasons are what stops us from achieving our goals in 2020? 1. We don’t spend time working ON the business. We spend all of our time completing client work. + Allocate non-negotiable time to work on your business every week! + Treat your own business as a client 2. We don’t have any accountability so we always push our own goals and deadlines to the side. + Find a buddy + Join a mastermind + Hire a coach (better for short term goals) 3. We are surrounded by small minds meaning people that don’t encourage us to

think big and keep us playing small. + Go to networking events + ‘Find your five’ - five people that you can rely on to keep you pushing yourself + Have an honest and open conversation with your family and friends and explain your big vision to them properly

4. We have a lack of purpose and vision. + Hire a coach to help you find clarity (In Progress has some great ones to choose from!) + Take time away from social media and then journal what YOU want, what YOU enjoy, what YOU see in your future - try to avoid the comparison trap!

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5. We have too much actual work to do! So by the time we get around to taking care of ourselves and our businesses, we’re exhausted! + Work out how many clients you can look after while still having wiggle room in your calendar + Stop saying yes to every client that comes your way + Again...lock in non-negotiable time and treat your business as a client 6. We let fear hold us back. + Take small steps + OR take a huge leap and dive straight in + Have an accountability partner 7. We don’t have standards for our life and business. + Set some non-negotiable standards that align with your goals (e.g. you want to get healthy - a standard might be exercising 4 times per week) + If you want to bail on your standard, take five minutes to imagine your future self looking back at you - would they be disappointed?! 8. And finally, sometimes life just happens. + Take time out + Don’t beat yourself up for taking time out! + Reward yourself for getting small tasks done + Choose fun tasks to start with. Action leads to more action so if you start with something fun you will be more likely to actually start. Now that you are prepared, let’s actually break everything down to make it super simple to achieve your goals - no #overwhelm here!

| STEP ONE | Take five minutes in your own space with no distractions to close your eyes and imagine… + What your life looks like in 12 months time + What your business looks like in 12 months time + Think about where you are now and what you want to improve or change + Do NOT compare yourself or your vision to anyone else + What is the true vision for your business Now, choose 4-6 goals that you would like to accomplish in the next 12 months (these can be all business or a combination of business and personal - up to you). I’m sure most of you have heard of S.M.A.R.T goal setting - this is definitely relevant here. For example, there’s no point having a goal “I want to be healthy” as that’s not really trackable. A different version might be “I want to prioritise my health and wellness by keeping my weight consistent, making healthy choices when I am out and spending 3 hours per week on bettering myself ”.

Remember - it’s really common that we overestimate what we can achieve in one year, and underestimate what we can achieve in five years so keep them big, but also realistic


| STEP THREE | Breaking these down into weekly action items. For this step, ask yourself… “what can I do each week to get ensure I achieve my monthly goal?” Here are some examples to help… BIG GOAL: I want to speak onstage to an audience of 200 health professionals M O N T H LY G OA L : Speak at one event per month to build my portfolio

| STEP TWO | Let’s break these 12 month goals into smaller monthly goals. To do this, ask yourself… “what does this goal look like on a smaller scale?” Here are some examples to help you… BIG GOAL: I want to speak onstage at an event to an audience of 200 health professionals M O N T H LY G OA L : Speak at one event per month to build my portfolio

W E E K LY AC T I O N I T E M S : + Add to my list any new events I’ve found + Reach out to 5 event coordinators to pitch myself as a speaker BIG GOAL: I want to lose six kilos M O N T H LY G OA L : I want to lose 500 grams per month W E E K LY AC T I O N I T E M S : + Exercise 3-4 times per week + Plan meals for the week on Sunday + Do grocery shopping on a full stomach + Choose the healthiest option when eating out

BIG GOAL: I want to lose six kilos M O N T H LY G OA L : I want to lose 500 grams per month Can you see how this combats the overwhelm and makes it easy for us to action?! Well, it’s about to get even easier.

13 Business Edit. January 2020

| STEP FOUR | Okay, now for the fun part! I am a strong believer in the saying “Action leads to more action” so, what can you action right now to get you started on each goal? Let’s use the above as examples again... BIG GOAL: I want to speak onstage to an audience of 200 health professionals M O N T H LY G OA L : Speak at one event per month to build my portfolio W E E K LY AC T I O N I T E M S : + Add to my list any new events I’ve found + Reach out to 5 event coordinators to pitch myself as a speaker TODAY’S ACTION ITEM!: + Create a speaker document and pitch email template (OR) + Create a Hit List spreadsheet (a list of events and coordinators to reach out to) BIG GOAL: I want to lose six kilos M O N T H LY G OA L : I want to lose 500 grams per month W E E K LY AC T I O N I T E M S : + Exercise 3-4 times per week + Plan meals for the week on Sunday + Do grocery shopping on a full stomach + Choose the healthiest option when eating out TODAY’S ACTION ITEM!: + Find a gym (OR) + Do a workout

By doing these four steps, we are so much more likely to achieve our goals as we are integrating them into our weekly work - it’s as simple as adding it onto your to do list or setting some time aside each week. ■

If you need any further help with setting your goals or breaking them down, you are more than welcome to email me on leanne@ or DM me on instagram

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DIY INSTAGR AM AUDIT How do you make your bio inviting but also informative, leaving them wanting to know more but not in the creepy-tinder-guy sort of way? Here’s how you conduct an Instagram Audit so you can see if you are utilise the platform, or... not.


NSTAGRAM can be an amazing tool in your marketing strategy. You are able to gain brand awareness, get your brand in front of potential clients/customers and use it as a tool to drive them to your website. Sometimes it can take a while for all these things to happen, but it could also be your strategy for Instagram - or lack thereof. Instagram isn’t a ‘post a pretty picture’ platform anymore. For businesses to grow using Instagram, there needs to be valuable content, thought out hashtags and little things you might not think about, like your bio. Your bio is one of the first things your audience will see when they go to your profile. It can be a source of information, determining if they will click on your link, or keep scrolling your content. We could think of it like Tinder. You pop up in someone’s feed with a scroll stopping photo, or an amazing piece of content. They click on your handle because they have decided to get to know a little bit more about you. They like what they see and are thinking about wanting more. So there they are, reading your bio, deciding whether or not to press the follow or not. Best case scenario, they click follow and hop onto your website - which is pretty much taking the relationship to the next level. Worst case scenario, they end up swiping back, wishing that finding the one wasn’t that hard. So here is a simple do it yourself audit that you can use for your own Instagram, or get one of your business friends to do it on you! YOUR BIO PHOTO This is seen everywhere - on the feed, your profile and the activity feed. If you are a productbased business, have a clear logo or icon as your photo. You want people to identify that little circle with your business. If you are a servicebased business, have your logo, icon or team! If you, yourself, are a brand, have a nice photo of you so people can associate it with you!


Clear, easy to see, branded photo? YOUR BIO Does your bio explain who you are and what you do? If you are a product-based business, have a bit about your brand, what you sell and have a call to action like ‘shop the new arrivals online now’. Give them an incentive to click your link in the bio, and not just follow and leave. If you are a service-based business, do you explain what you do, what you specialise in, any courses or products you sell? This is a chance for people to quickly get to know you. Think of it as an email subject line, you want people to be intrigued enough to keep reading. Also make sure you include your name somewhere in your bio, this makes it easier for your audience to identify with who you are and know there is a person behind the brand. Ah the link in the bio. There are so many ways you can target this, that it almost makes you want to just forget about it. Hot tip: make sure it is to your website or something relating to your brand. Make sure you don’t use programs like, rather creating a page on your website where you can link up everything Have an easy to read, punchy, intriguing bio? Do you use Is the link to your content?




Have you done a follower purge since starting your Instagram? Some may think of it as a time waster, but us? A breath of fresh air. Now it’s not mean to go unfollow people, especially other businesses. If you are no longer their target audience, you are kinda doing them a favour. The reason it is good to do a purge every now and then is so that what is showing up in your feed is giving you joy, lighting you up and not making you feel anxious or make you want to delete the app. As a business, we are on social media so much, trying to use it as a tool to grow our business (and spend hours mindlessly scrolling..) that if you don’t want to go on a platform, or feel less than when you do, delete those people who aren’t lifting you up! Another thing to look at is if the people following you are your target audience. If you are noticing a lot of them aren’t, it might be a good idea to shift your strategy so you can attract people who will turn into sales.

Humans are very visual creatures, and conveniently, Instagram is a very visual platform. When people click to see your Instagram, the first thing they see are your first 6 photos. They say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but boy do people judge profiles on the first 6 photos. It is a chance for you to showcase your brand, and let them know that “hey, if you follow me you’ll be getting more of this”! And if you are thinking, but whenever I post a new tile will be in the top 6? Exactly. Every piece of content you post should be worthy of that top 6.

Do you have a lot of ghost accounts? Are your followers your target audience? QUALITY OF CONTENT You know what they say, content IS Queen. Content is what gets that person to stop, to keep reading, to go onto your profile, to follow, to go onto your website and then buy or choose to work with you. So you could say it is pretty important! Have a look at your feed as to what sort of content you are producing. Is it providing the type of value to your audience that makes them shocked that you are providing this information for free, or is it just filler content so that you can say that you post everyday? Providing valuable content to your audience is a great way to grow your following. You are nurturing them down the customer journey line, and will hopefully turn them into a loyal fan.

Are your top 6 tiles eye catching? Do you need to work on your top 6? DO YOU USE STORY HIGHLIGHTS Do you share lots of amazing tips? Do you showcase different ways to style a certain piece of clothing? You could save these stories so that people can watch them after they expire, on your story highlights. This is a great way to keep people on your profile and get to know your brand a bit better. You could also think of it as evergreen content! ARE YOU #HASHTAGS QUALITY? Hash-tagging for the sake of hash-tagging won’t get you your ideal clients or customers. When you hashtag, are you using ones that relate to your business and niche? Are you using a mix of low, medium and high popularity hashtags? If you don’t know how to do hashtag research, have a jump on Google and there are amazing hashtag generators or some SM Scheduling like Plann, that can suggest hashtags for you. Are you making the most of the 30 hashtags that you can use?

Are you posting quality content?

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How often are you posting to the ‘gram? Is it once a week? 3 times a day? There has been a lot of mixed research about whether Instagram penalises you for how often you post. What usually wins is quality over quantity! If you are a product-based business and have heaps of new product, your audience is probably going to want to see it. If you are a service-based business posting once a fortnight, you probably won’t get the same result as posting more often.

A Large aspect of Instagram is using it to build a community. You want to use it as a tool to nurture your audience and of course, move them down the customer journey, but also to build supporters of your brand. Take the time to reach out to new people, comment on their posts, even DM them. If someone takes the time to comment on your post or sends you a DM, make an effort to reply and try start a conversation with them. ■



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5 WAY S T O IMPROVE YOUR MINDSET Every one of these tips can be done instantly. Shifting your mindset doesn’t take hours of meditation or journalling, it’s more about making multiple small steps that add up to a happier, and healthier mindset. When you are in that better space, everything else in your life will improve as well. Written by Casey Mason The Real Her Project

Visit : Follow : @therealherproject

of your mind during a period of change? It is just as important to improve your mindset as it is your technical skills, because without you performing at your optimal, nothing is done optimally. I love the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and that is so true when it comes to your mind. If you are stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, confused, anxious - all of the feels, it is going to reflect in your work. So, to help ease the load, I have put together 5 really simple, quick, yet effective solutions to improve your mindset and wellbeing so you can stop spending time self sabotaging, and spend more time kicking goals. 1. PRACTICE GRATITUDE


ne of the biggest hurdles I see my clients face time and time again is they have all the technical skills required to create change in their life, but their mindset holds them back. So much of the time we tell ourselves we are not good enough, not ready or not deserving, even if it something we really want. We are great at self sabotaging and holding ourselves back, but what do we do when we decide enough is enough? I am assuming if you are reading this, you are an ambitious lady, so at some stage in your life you are going to want to take a stand and demand more from your life. That’s the by product of being a high achiever, second best will not cut it. So, how do you find the balance of taking care

This is the simplest way to create a mindset shift in times of stress or doubt. It takes less than a minute and can dramatically change the direction of your day. I find practicing gratitude so imperative, that it is now a daily habit and forms part of my morning routine. When I wake up first thing in the morning, or am feeling lost, or overwhelmed, I like to think or even write down three things I am grateful for. The key though is to be very specific. Most of the time we like to say “I am grateful for my health” why? Become really clear so you understand the true value. Something like “I am so grateful to be fit and healthy so that I have the opportunity to go about my day and work towards my dreams without any physical strain” makes you more appreciative of even the simplest things. Can’t think of something you are grateful for? How about waking up today? Being given another day on Earth, another chance to be better, do better? Deep, I know! But I bet you are feeling way more grateful for life right about now.

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2. DITCH THE TO DO LIST This is something I implemented a year ago and it has changed everything for me! As a Type A, organised and structured human being, I was letting To Do lists run my life. When I didn’t achieve a task, I would hone in on that and forget everything else I had accomplished for the day, which took a huge toll on my mind. So to combat that, I decided to ask myself every morning “What do I feel called to do today?”. Essentially, it is still a to do list, but it puts the power back in my court. I am choosing tasks based on what I feel like doing, not what is required of me. I only write 3 key tasks down, and make them my priority, and work from there. When we work from a place of intuition, rather than “hustle” we are far more likely to a. Want to do the tasks at hand and b. Find more flow in our day rather than resistance and stress. 3. ENGAGE IN POSITIVE SELF TALK This is a big one. Our thoughts become our reality right? So if you are constantly telling yourself you are too stressed, don’t have enough time, aren’t smart enough, that will be your reality. It is really important to treat yourself just the way you would treat your loved ones, with the utmost respect and love. I want you to imagine for a second you have succeeded in whatever endeavour you want to follow. What does that woman look like? Is she smart, in control, has time and freedom to do what she wants? Cool! Start telling yourself that. Research has shown that our minds don’t know the difference between imagination and reality. When you think and talk to yourself as if you have already achieved your goals, guess what’s going to be easy? Achieving those goals. Write down 3 phrases you can say to yourself every morning, even on the days you don’t believe it and see how your mindset and self

worth shifts. If I am being honest, there was a point in my life where I had to tell myself “I am happy” multiple times a day for months, until one day, I was happy, that was my reality and I really think I changed that for myself. 4. CHANGE THE SCRIPT Sometimes in life there are things that happen to us that seem out of our control, or can’t be resolved immediately. They bring us down and make us question everything. It’s all we think about, and it affects the way we live our life. For example, say you are in credit card debt and aren’t earning enough to get out of it. It is all you think about, it consumes you and the decisions you make. I really encourage you to change the way you look at these struggles. For example, how lucky are you to have a credit card that helps you pay off debts or buy the things you desperately needed at the time? By putting a positive spin on your struggles, you are allowing your mind to shift perspectives and in different perspectives, you can find different solutions 5. SET BOUNDARIES AROUND TECHNOLOGY Finally, probably the most important improvement to your mindset that can be done in less than 5 minutes, is to be very intentional with your technology time, especially social media. The toll these platforms can have on your mindset can be detrimental, so be super self aware of how much and what you are consuming. Turn your phone off during work periods and family time, and then treat yourself during a break. Having no boundaries disrupts the flow of your day and one post has the power to ruin your whole day, so set boundaries and stay strong, your mind will thank you for it. ■




elf-sabotage happens, whether you notice yourself doing it or not. You start working towards a massive goal, you’ve put in the hard work and the long days but then you suddenly decide you “don’t want to do it anymore”. Or maybe as the days go by, your narrative evolves to tell the story that you can’t do something. Even though there is no proof, you talk yourself down and say “why bother, you know you can’t”. That is self-sabotage. Think of it like this, you know that friend that was seeing a guy and it didn’t end to well, and now you are out to dinner and drinks, wanting to text him? We all have that one friend, or maybe you have been that friend! One part of your personality (self-sabotage) wants to text him, even though deep down you know the facts and another part of your personality (logic) knows it’s not a good idea. Here’s the thing, it sucks. There are so many ways that we can self-sabotage without even realising we are doing it! So which ones are you guilty of, and are you going to make an effort in 2020 to not let yourself stop you from achieving what you want? ▶

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SABOTAGE YOUR ROUTINES Have you ever said this to yourself: “I can’t wake up early and go to gym because it’s 11pm at night and I will be too tired”. Sure, every now and then you might lose track of time on a binge and next thing you know it’s way past your bedtime and you haven’t even eaten dinner. Keep track if this type of thing happens regularly as it could be self-sabotage. Not enough sleep = excuse not to go to the gym and excuse not to do your best work. As great as excuses are, they aren’t going to help you!

NOT TRYING If you don’t try, you can’t fail, right? Wrong. Not trying is failing. Don’t stop yourself from trying and seeing if you can do that 8-week gym challenge, or start that blog. If you don’t try you don’t know, and hey, what if it works?


FEAR OF SUCCESS Like change, a fear of success can stop you from achieving your full potential. For some reason, you fear it, or maybe you don’t think you deserve it. But one thing is for sure, everyone deserves success. Write out why you think you might be blocking yourself from success and it might be beneficial to seek help from a mindset coach.

Ah yes, if you fail to plan you are planning to fail. But if you are stuck in the planning cycle and never let those plans eventuate, you are sabotaging yourself. This comes with ‘not trying’ and ‘procrastinating’ because really, you are procrastinating by just writing plans, and you are not trying because you don’t act on them. The easiest way to get out of this self-sabotage is to just start with one plan and adapt and evolve from there.


RESISTING CHANGE Some people love change, and some people? Not so much. If you are more the ‘I like my routines and change makes me break out in a nervous sweat’, this could you be stopping yourself from growing and changing for the better. What if you changed your product slightly and make more profit? It might be comfortable to just live with the status-quo but nothing comes from resiting change.

PROCRASTINATING Do you procrastinate instead of doing work, your self-care, or just showing up? When you notice you are procrastinating, ask yourself if it is because you are tired or if you are sabotaging yourself.


GETTING CLOSE TO A GOAL AND QUITTING You work so hard to launch that new product, or even launch your business, then when it comes close to the launch date, fear starts to creep in. You then think, “eh, I’ll just stop and take it as a learning curve” instead of just doing the final things to finally get there. Persevere, push through that yucky feeling of wanting to quit and launch that damn thing!

You know you can do it. You know you can start training to run that 5km, but your not-sologic part of your personality tells you “you hate running”, “you can barely run 1km without wanting to quit” or “why bother when you won’t be able to do it anyway”. This is creating a negative story when really, you don’t hate running you just never really do it, you can run 1km, and you can train yourself to run the full 5km. Don’t let your brain create negative faux-realities.

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HOORAY BROWNIES We started following Hooray Brownies awhile back after seeing just how amazing their products and marketing were. They absolutely nail being themselves on Instagram, making them stand out and our go-to dessert choice! @hooray.brownies

LIFE UNCUT PODCAST Want to listen to a refreshingly uncut podcast about life, love and all the in-betweens? Life Uncut is all about that! Hosted by the Bachelor’s Brittany and Laura, you will laugh and cry with them as you listen to each episode. @lifeuncutpodcast

CHLOE SZEP Starting as a Youtuber, Chloe has since launched her own fitness apparel line, Szep, and co-founded the Bloom app. She is all about keeping it real, posting about her acne journey, mindset and her body updates. @chloeszep


Show up, even if no one applauds you for it.

27 Business Edit. January 2020

THE DIRECTORY MARKETING TWO GIRLS AND A LAPTOP: Sales and Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Ongoing coaching, Express Coching.

JES SOLUTION MARKETING: Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Copywriting, Email Marketing.

THE KEEN COLLECTIVE: Creative Strategies, Marketing Sducation, Consulting.

OH MY DIGITAL: Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Copywriting, Email Marketing.

DOTCOM DIGITAL: Digital Strategy, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Email Marketing. GREENERY AND CO: Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Social Media Management, Copywriting, Content Creation and Education. THE SOCIAL HUB: Social Media Coaching, Sales Coaching, Online Courses. LET’S BE FRANK DIGITAL: Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Marketing Strategy. TECHNO BIRD: Website/SEO audits, SEO, Website Design. THE SOCIAL DIFFERENCE: 1:1 Facebook Ad Coaching, 1:1 Strategy and Business Coaching, Facebook Ads Management, The Social Difference Academy.

SOCIALISED Social Media Management, SM Ads, Content Creation, Copywriting, Email Marketing YOUNG FOLKS DIGITAL: Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Communications Strategy, Copywriting, SEO, Marketing Management. SBJ STUDIOS: Social Media Management, Paid Social Media Advertising, Facebook Ads Training, Custom Social Media Strategy. CRISP COPY: Copywriting, Copy Coaching, Speaker, Courses. BLETHER DIGITAL: Copywriting, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Web Design. AMANDA JANE COPY: Copywriting, Copy Editing and Proofreading, Content Audits.



BAY BRADFIELD: 1:1 Business Strategy and Mindset Coaching, Group Business Coaching, Business Plan and Audit Power sessions, Online Business Courses.

CLARE WOOD COACH: Business Coaching, Strategy Sessions, Hour of Power Sessions.

MINDSET COACHES THE REAL HER PROJECT: HI HANNAH MAREE: 1:1 Mindset and Life Mentoring, Speaker/ 1:1 Confidence Coaching, Group Educator, Podcast. Coaching, Breath to Breakthrough Membership. CHRISTINE CORCORAN: Mindset Coaching, Events, Workshops, LWYD Events.

BOOKKEEPING BUSINESS LANE: BOOKKEEPING BY LILY: Business Registrations, Start Up Bookkeeping, Accoutning and Workflow Assistance, BAS, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Software Training, Money Mindset. Finance Management, Accounts Payable and Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, Debt Collection and Recovery, Document and Process Management. LITTLE MISS BOOKKEEPING: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Business Solutions, Consulting for Start ups and Small Businesses.

29 Business Edit. January 2020

WEBSITE DESIGN OLA DIGITAL: All things websites, Email Automation, Digital Strategy, Domain and Hosting.

THE DESIGN ORDER: Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing Collateral.

JESSICA M STUDIO: Web Design, Branding, Copywriting.

NAKED DIGITAL MARKETER: Digital Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Copywriting.

DREAMBOARD DIGITAL: Branding, Web Design, Social Media Management, Content Creation.

GRAPHIC DESIGN KING ST CREATIVE: Print and Digital Graphic Design, Branding, Logos, Social Media Graphics. AMY KATE: Branding, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Collateral.

HEIDI LOU DESIGN: Branding, Graphic Design including business cards, stationery, social media collateral, packaging, flyers and posters. HANNE CREATIVE: Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design.

CONTENT C REATION AMANDA CAMPEANU: Photography and Videography, 1:1 Instagram Strategy Sessions, Instagram Story and Feed Animations.

THE LATEST: Express Portrait Sessions, 1 hour Packages, Product Content Photography, Subscription Options, Model Portfolios.



ZOE TAYLOR: Life Organisation, Database Management, Project Managment, Automation.

MY VIRTUAL SECRETARY: Wordpress Website Buils, MailChimp Managment, Webmaster Services/Website Updates, System Organisation.

HUMAN RESOURCES CLUB SANDWICH: Strategy, Culture, Feedback, Compliance, Support.

31 Business Edit. January 2020


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