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July 2010

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Kochi July 2010

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Dr. Ananda Bose envisages relief to coconut growers through CDB-NAFED tie-up

Women have a finer Snap shots sense of touch Smart phones exposing kids to suicide, sex

The joining hands of Coconut Board and NAFED will be rewarding for coconut- based industries and consumes as well as NAFED is strong in marketing and international trade. NAFED is planning vigerous marketing of coconut products in North India. For this it will tie-up with retail chains in various states

Women seem to be gifted with a finer sense of touch, thanks to their slender, smaller fingers. ‘Neuroscientists have long known that some people have a better sense of touch than others, but the reasons for this difference have been mysterious,’ said neuroscientist and study author Daniel Goldreich of McMaster University.’ Our discovery reveals that one important factor in the sense of touch is finger size,’ added Goldreich. To learn why men and women have different finger sensitivity, the authors first measured index fingertip size of 100 university students. Each student’s tactile acuity was then tested by pressing progressively narrower parallel grooves against a stationary fingertip — the tactile equivalent of the optometrist’s eye chart.T he authors found that people with smaller fingers could discern tighter grooves .’The difference between the sexes appears to be entirely due to the relative size of the person’s fingertips,’ said Ethan Lerner of Massachusetts General Hospital, who is not with the study group.’So, a man with fingertips that are smaller than a woman’s will be more sensitive to touch than the woman.’

Business News Service Coconut Development Board (CDB) is joining hands with the National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation (NAFED) to market coconut products across the country as well as globally. Dr. C.V. Ananda Bose IAS,Chairman of CDB and Managing Director, NAFED told Business Digest that the objective of this tie-up is to avoid intermediaries to reduce the price spread and introduce coconut products in non-traditional area also. NAFED, which is strong in marketing, plans to market coconut oil,virgin coconut oil, tender coconut water, coconut milk and desiccated coconut powder under the NAFEd brand through co- branded retail out-

lets and retail chains in different states. For this NAFED will tie-up with retail chains.’ Since NAFED is involved in procurement, it can supply coconuts at affordable prices under strict quality standards. It can act as a canalising agency for the export of coconut productsas NAFED is a major exporter of onion and soya been cake and importer of pulses. Copra can be marketed in North India as a dry fruit. We are thinking of making tender coconut water a part of the mid-day meal scheme in some schools of Delhi and to promote refrigerated push carts to sell coconut water in metros. “Delhi Commomwealth Games also will provide an opportunity for us to promote the NAFED

Dr. C.V. Ananda Bose

Civil Service Institute Pala: A prestigious institution - Tom Kuriakose -

brand of coconut products. Tender coconut water, we expect, will be well accepted during the Games”, says, Ananda Bose. As part of this new marketing initiatives, Coconut Board >> Turn to page 8

Smart phones such as Apple’s iPhone are allowing children to download violent and sexually explicit games that have escaped government classification.T he classification loophole means schoolchildren given smart phones and similar devices by their parents are being exposed to material w h i c h would be restricted in other forms of media, such as video game consoles, magazines and movies. The material can be downloaded on >> Turn to page 11

Dull hair is signs that someting is amiss with your health Brittle nails, dull hair or a crease in one of the earlobes these are some of the many signs thrown up by your body to indicate something is amiss with your health, according to an American expert. Dr. Holly Phillips said these signs could signify underlying >> Turn to page 7

Kerala will see a new star in management education LEAD College of Management in Dhoni, Palakkad, a business school with many special features opens for admissions LEAD College of ManageFully residential, Life skill ment, the Institute located at training, Flexi timing, Student Dhoni, Palakkad provides post graduate education for budding managers, administering state of art teaching tools and procedures for the same purpose. The institute owned by Prompt Charitable Trust incubates the Students from Civil Service Academy, Pala who have been successful in Civil Service Examinations entrants into excelling execuwere felicitated at a function held at the Academy. K.M. Mani MLA, Prof. Isaac Thomas Principal, tives with an edge in their attiDr. Joseph Vettickadan, Chief co-ordinator, among others, are seen with the achievers. tude and professional outlook. Civil Service Institute Pala IDCHRD Trust, the institution is Kanjirappally . It is approved by The trust is run under the guidhas an excellent track record sponsored, jointly, by Arch-Dio- the government of India as a ance of its chairman Thomas in the civil service coaching. cese of Changanacherry, the National Institute for Pre - ex- George K., & Trustees, Pratheesh Established in 1998 by Diocese of Pala and Thomas George: Innovative Ideas >> Turn to page 9 V. and Zacharia George.

mentoring by specialists, Out bound training,Special focus on entrepreneurship, Practical business exposure, English speaking campus, Coaching for foreign languages, Corporate Social Responsibility projects, Earn while you learn etc, are the special features of Lead. Full-fledged campus satisfying all AICTE norms, 24 Hours Full-fledged Online Digital Library, Library with more than 6000 books accesible >> Turn to page 11

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July 2010

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Business Digest

July 2010

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Inflation in layman’s language - N.P.G. Nair, Mumbai I remember having purchased in the year 1971 a small one bedroom and kitchen flat of 410 sq.feet carpet area @ a price of Rs. 40/- per Sq.ft. in the Western Suburb of Mumbai. The cost of the grill provided in the said flat was amounting to Rs.276/-, when I got the possession of the flat in the year 1974. Today, the cost of cartage of the grill alone will exceed this amount. And imagine the price for providing that type of a box grill can exceed Rs.25 to

N.P.G. Nair

30 thousand these days. To make a comparison, the price of pure Gold per 10 grams then was about Rs.100/- to 120/whereas its price today is a prohibitive Rs18,000/-. A neighbour of mine retired from the services of a reputed company in 1974 and collected Rs 65,000/- as his all-in-all dues including gratuity and provident fund. Having had a sound knowledge of the fact that investments then in real estates would give him appreciable returns, I advised him accordingly. Briefly, that was to invest in two flats in the building complex where I too had a

flat. He could have bought over these two flats for an aggregate amount of Rs. 44,000/-. In one he could have lived and the other he could have rented out for Rs 500/-. Those where the times when clerical and upper division level employees in banks and private companies were earning Rs.400 to Rs.600/- per month as salary. I tried to impress on him that property prices will always appreciate and it was a sound and a right investment for him to make. But the advice was turned down and the person concerned lost his entire savings in grocery business, a trade in which he had no knowledge whatsoever. Look at the present scenario. The on-going average price of a small one bedroom kitchen flat is about Rs.50 Lacs and my friend could have fetched a price of minimum of Rs.1 crore , for the two flats that he could have possessed as per the advise given to him in 1974. Likewise, he could have earned a minimum of Rs.65-70 lacs if he were to invest in gold then. People tend to invest their entire life savings, from the proceeds of gratuity, voluntarily retirement benefit, PF and other dues, the way they fancy it. I have noticed people who collected their final dues in the year prior to 15 and 20 were happy enough to invest it in the fixed deposit for 10 and more years for which they were happy enough to get up to 11 to 12% interest. Those were

the days the proceeds of Rs.18 to 20 thousand per month was quite enough for a middle class retired family man to lead a comfortable life. As days pass by, the cost of living is moving up at breakneck speed resulting from currency inflation and other factors. At the same time bank interest rates on deposits are getting reduced incrementally, and at aster clip. Again the interest incomes attract tax popularly known as TDS. Naturally, middle class senior citizens who generally live on interest earnings are in a tight spot. When compared to how they lived 15 to 20 years ago. Getting back to the real estate scenario, our friend in question could also have had a flat of 550 sq.ft. into 2 in those times i.e. in the year 1990/1995 while the value of Rs.20 lacs >> Turn to page 10


Training facilities certified by




V.K. Saigal has joined in North Malabar Gramin Bank as Chairman on 20-05-2010. The posting is for a period of 2 years and 6 months. Saigal is a post graduate in Geophysics from Cochin University. He joined Syndicate Bank as an Officer in 1977 and worked in various capacities at Port Blair, Kolkatta, Delhi,

Thiruvananthapuram, Mumbai and Bangalore. In Kerala he worked as Branch Manager at Ponkunnam, Alappuzha, Sreekaryam, Trivandrum-Fort branches. He worked as Chief Manager at Asset Recovery Management Branch, Mumbai and Regional Office Mumbai and as Asst. General Manager in Ernakulam Regional Office. He was working as Deputy General Manager of Recovery Department at Corporate Office of Syndicate Bank before joining NMGB. His wife Lissiamma is working in Southern Railway, Divisional Office, Thiruvananthapuram. Both the children Smitha and Sudha are Software Engineers working with Cognisent Technology and Infosys respectively.

*Conditions Apply

V.K. Saigal appointed as North Malabar Gramin Bank Chairman

International Gold Star Millennium Award DÄs¸sS \nch[n AhmÀUpIÄ IcØam¡nb ap³ t\hn DtZymKØ\pw temI¯nseXs¶ anI¨ Social Rank Ifn H¶mb Knight Hood (Sir ]Zhn) t\Snb Dr. Sir. G. Mohan Kumar BWv tImtfPns³d Øm]I\pw amt\PnwKv UbdÎdpw. TM

COLLEGE OF MARINE TECHNOLOGY Marine Mechanical Fitter Course

(An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institution) | AuthorisedT raining Centre of STED Council

Marine Building, KSN Menon Road, Near South Over Bridge, Ernakulam

Ph : 0484-2356718, 2357761, 4044144, 3017245 4030593, 2375343, 93886 79584, 98951 91234 Branch: Ponnurunni, Vyttila.

Web : | Email :

Business Digest

July 2010

Tata Motors introduces Tata Winger Platinum and space. The Tata Winger Platinum has been specially designed to fulfill the needs of passengers who look for carriers but have

for a similar vehicle size, it provides much more space in the passenger seating area. The seven individual reclining captain seats provide private space for each passenger. The Tata Winger Platinum comes in two colour options, such as Pearl White and Cycus Grey. It is backed with a 1.5 lakh km/ 18-month warranty. It would be available at a price of Rs.6.94 lakhs (ex-showroom, Cochin) The Tata Winger Platinum launched at a function held at Hotel Le-Meridian, Kochi. Samit Langer, R.Shanker, R.Pisharady, Sanjay Misra, seated, designed to provide an to depend on utility vehicles. Debasis Ray (all are from Tata enhanced on-road experience The innovative design of Motors) were present at the with a perfect blend of comfort Winger Platinum ensures that launch event. Tata Motors launched the Tata Winger Platinum in Kerala, a new offering in the Winger range. The Tata Winger Platinum is a luxurious seven

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler launched Honda Motorcycle & among the mature male cusScooter India Pvt.Ltd (HMSI) tomers. launched its CB Unicorn DazLiving up to the style aspizler Bike. Honda entered in the ration of Indian two-wheeler Motorcycle market in India in 2004 with the introduction of

Unicorn (now CB Unicorn). CB Unicorn has been refreshed regularly to meet the diversified needs of customers. With one of the most refined engine in the segment, CB Unicorn has created a very premium image

customers, the CB Unicorn Dazzler offers aggressive styling, advanced equipments, blistering performance, impressive milege of 60 kmpl*, comfort and convenience. The bike has aggressive

style with floating side cowl, aggressive front, screenless front cowl, 110/80 wider rear tyre and half-chain case. Other attractive features are two-tone seat, new design mirror, handle bar weights, 3D emplem, digital meter and front & rear disc brake. The CB Unicorn Dazzler available to the customers by the end of May, 2010. The bike will be available in four attractive colours - Armour Gold Metallic, Pearl Nightstar Black, Sword Silver Metallic and Pearl Siena Red. The price in ex showroom Kochi is Rs.65,395. Komatsu (Advisor HMSI), Watarai (Advisor HMSI), P.Raja Gopi (Regional Manager South), Vivek (Zonal Manager -Kerala) were present at the launch event.


Aegon Religare Life Insurance targets a premium of Rs. 500 crore Aegon Religare Life Insurance is targeting an increase in topline to a total received premium of Rs 500 crore during the current fiscal as compared to a total received premium of Rs 166 crore achieved in 2009 -10. Yateesh Srivastava, Chief Marketing officer, Aegon Religare Life Insurance and K.S. Gopalakrishnan, Chief Financial Officer at a press conference in Kochi said

that to achieve this target, the company will add more branches to its existing branch network, spread across the country. These branches will be staffed with a well-trained sales force to provide better advice to customers and to this end the company plans to increase the life advisor base to 20,000 and hire over 800 relationship managers in this fiscal year. In addition, the company will also

focus on increasing third party distribution through fruitful business alliances. In Kerala 2 more branches will be added in Kozhikode and Kottayam during the fiscal increasing the number of branches in the stae to 5. Ms. Suman Purohit, Senior Manager- Branding & Communication, Eagon Religare Life Insurance was also present at the press conference.

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GM’s May sales grow by 61% at 8,225 units Chevy Beat, Spark and Cruze continue to evoke overwhelming response General Motors India has registered an impressive growth of 61% in sales in May 2010, compared to the corresponding period last year. It sold 8,225 units in May 2010 against 5,109 units in May last year. The May 2010 sales comprise of 2,812 units of the Chevrolet Spark, 2,296 units of Chevrolet Beat, 1,418 units of the Chevrolet Tavera, 854 units of the Cruze, 396 Units of Chevrolet Aveo, 312 units of Chevrolet Aveo U-VA, 84 units of the Chevrolet Captiva and 53 units of Chevrolet Optra. The increase in the sales was primarily driven by the tremendous response to the extremely popular and much sought after Chevrolet Beat, Cruze and Spark. The Chevrolet Beat and Cruze have become the industry benchmarks in their respective segments and a winner among consumers in India, with its best-in-class design, perfor-

mance and other product attributes. Chevrolet Spark continues to register impressive sales, clearly validating it as the most sought after mini car in its segment in terms of styling, performance, fuel efficiency, value for money proposition and other product attributes. Commenting on the performance, P. Balendran, Vice President, GM India said, “We are excited by the continued overwhelming response to Chevrolet Beat, Cruze and Spark. Introduction of best-insegment cars from the 300 series, increase in customer outreach through distribution network, our unique value proposition like Chevrolet Cashless Ownership offer and our promise to deliver quality and performance are the factors that have led to the impressive sales.” GM India recently launched the Chevrolet Aveo CNG in Ahmedabad. This launch is a testament to the im-

Audi India records impressive growth Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer, has continued to post impressive sales figures with a growth of 65 percent in India for May 2010. Audi India’s countrywide vehicle sales in May this year grew to 200 cars as compared to 121 units sold in May 2009. The recently announced

Limited Edition offer on the Audi Q7 4.2 TDI quattro - the latest and most powerful version of the largest selling luxury SUV in India has received an overwhelming response from customers. The Audi model range in India includes the Audi A4, the Audi A6, the Audi A8, the Audi Q5, the Audi Q7, the Audi TT

Yateesh Srivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, Aegon Religare Life Insurance and K.S. Gopalakrishnan, Chief Financial Officer at a press conference in Kochi.

and the super sports car Audi R8. The entire Audi model range is available across the country: in Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai and Ludhiana. Further developments include Lucknow, Coimbatore and Nagpur.

Peerless Mutual Fund launches Income Plus Fund Peerless Funds Management Co. Ltd, sponsored by The Peerless General Finance India Co Ltd has an launched their Income Plus fund. The New Fund offer commenced on 9th June 2010 and closes on 8th July 2010. Income Plus Fund is an open ended debt schemes investing in Minimum 80% and Maximum of 98% in Debt & Money Market Instruments and Minimum 2% and Maximum of 20% in Equity and Equity related instruments. The

scheme seeks to generate regular income through a portfolio of predominantly high quality fixed income securities and capital appreciation with a marginal exposure to equity

and equity related instruments. The issue price for the scheme is Rs 10 each for cash during the NFO and applicable

Cochin Stock Exchange conducts Investor Awareness Programme on Derivatives Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd. (CoSE) is conducting a series of seminars on derivatives. Those who benefited from these seminars are investors, traders,sub-brokers, employees of brokers & sub-bro-

portance that GM India attaches to green technology and environment friendly mobility solutions. This new offering is expected to appeal to both individuals and fleet customers due to the lower operational cost and expansion of the CNG stations footprint across the country.

kers, research students, management students & faculties. Limited Seats are available. Advance registration preferable. Venue- CSE Institute of Capital Market, Friday Club Building, behind Cochin Stock

Exchange Ltd., Judges Avenue, Kaloor, Kochi - 682017. Registration request can be sent by email or visiting the Exchange. Contact Phone 0484-3048521

NAV thereafter on an ongoing basis. No entry and exit load will be charged. However, an exit load of 1% would be applicable, if redeemed before one year. Retail investors can start investment with as little as Rs.1,000/- in multiples of Re.1/thereafter during the NFO and on an ongoing basis. Minimum Additional Purchase amount would be Rs.100/- and in multiples of Re.1/- thereafter on an ongoing basis liquidity. Speaking on the launch, Akshay Gupta, CEO, Peerless Mutual Fund said that Peerless group has a captive base of 8 million customers predominantly in tier 2 and tier 3 towns. It has also serviced 5 crore customers thus far. These customers are untapped for such products and have immense loyalties for the trusted Peerless brand.

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July 2010

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Lovely Professional University to SB Global conducts Workshop tie-up with European universities

for Women Entrepreneurs - Business News Service, Kozhikode SB Global Career Enrichment Centre organised a oneday workshop for women entrepreneurs at NSS College of Commerce and Management Studies Chalappuram, Kozhikode. The workshop was inaugu-

rated by Dr. Jameela, Principal, Coaching Centre for Muslim Youth Puthiyara. R. Balachandran, CMD of SB Global Pvt. Ltd. presided over the function. Sr. Jancy George, V.U. Erady, P. Sreeja, Dr. K.S. Jayasree, P.K. Krishnan Unni,

Prof. D.D. Namboodiri, M. Sreeram, K.N. Sivasanu and Sr. Catherine Chacko spoke. A book published by Janavartha publications released on the occasion. Prof. Padmanabhan proposed a vote of thanks.

In order to establish mutual ties with Universities of Europe’s prominent countryFinland, house of great corporate names like Nokia, Kuoni , Lovely Professional University had invited the delegates from three different Universities of Finland . To begin with senior representatives from three Government Finnish Universities Visited L P U to make Indian students / teachers pave their way through the collaborative and multilateral exchange programmes to Finland. They purposefully met the Chancellor, ViceChancellor and Executive Dean of LPU in this regard. Dean Elina Martin & Rector Elisabeth Malka from Vaasa University Of Applied

Sciences; Director Harri Mikkonen & Programme Director Kaija Saramaki from North Karelia University of Applied Sciences and, Vice- Rector Mervi Vidgren & Maija Suhonen from Savonia University of Applied Sciences explained the main areas of specializations of their related universities like Engineering and Energy Industry, International Business & Business Studies. During the discussions the universities of both the sides agreed for the collaboration of students/faculty exchange programmes. One of the visiting representatives, Ms Elisabeth Malka, freely said: “Inter-nationalization of higher education has always been one of the key development areas in Finnish education policy. The objec-

tive defined by the Ministry of Education of Finland to be able to send students abroad on an exchange, has become necessary for Finnish institutions of higher education to intensify their efforts to internationalize their campuses.” On this occasion, the Chancellor of LPU, Ashok Mittal, said: “It is better to understand the timely importance of the trans-nationalization of education. In the present scenario of continuously increasing intelligence quotient, especially, of professional students; the key issue for us is to produce internationally relevant human resource. This is only possible if the Indian counterparts work with foreign counterparts jointly.”

Career Seminar conducted Mrs. Sivapriya, Corporate Trainer, SB Global Career Enrichment Centre speaking at the workshop for women entrepreneurs held at Kozhikode. R. Balachandran, CMD, SB Global Pvt. Ltd. is also seen.


Dengue : Prevent mosquito bites Dengue is a highly infectious disease which will be transmitted from a patient to a healthy person through infected mosquito. Some places it spreads as an epidemic disease. It is also known as break bone fever. In our country earlier this disease was found only in north India, especially in Delhi. Since last few years it spread to south India including in many parts of Kerala. Two years back a lot of people were affected by this infection. Even now at the onset of monsoon different parts of Kerala, cases of dengue are reported Cause of the disease The disease dengue

Dr. K.O. Antony Kannankeril

caused by a particular type of virus. The species name of dengue virus is known as “Arbo virus” which is an ultramicroscopic micro-organism. The Arbro virus transmits from sick person to a healthy person is through a carrier. Usually a par-

ticular species of mosquito known as “Aedes Egypti” serves as the carrier of this germ. Arbro virus can survive only in the body of this mosquito. When this mosquito bites a sick person, along with his blood the germs of dengue enter into its body. Once this infected mosquito bites a healthy person the germs of dengue enter into his body and he gets infected

PEACE (Programme on Education and Career Enhancement) Kerala Chapter and MSM Kozhikode district committee jointly conducted two-day seminar and educational exhibition on Higher Education ,’Care Era’ at Jubilee Hall, Kozhikode. The seminar and exhibition was inaugurated by V.S. Ramachandran, the director of Calicut regional science centre. PEACE chairman Dr. V. Kunhali presided over the inaugural session. Shukkoor Konickal, Syed Muhammed, C.M. Subair Madani, Faisal Nanmanda, Faisal Palathu, K.

Harshidu, Anasu Kadalundi, Shahid Nallalam, Labeed Areekkode, Majeed Moothedam and Muhsin spoke. Medical College superintendent Dr. T.P. Ashraf, KAM Anwar, Hamsa Ansari, Adv. A. Dinesh presented papers on different subjects. As an organisation for career enhancement PEACE already made its mark. Counselling, training for resource persons, employment guidance, talent tests, personality development are conducting by PEACE. This was the 3rd career seminar and exhibition conducted by PEACE for the

students who completed SSLC, Plus-two and Degree courses. Interaction, counseling, information about courses available in and around the state, aptitute test, moral gathering and exhibiting stalls of various academic institutions were the activities. Reputed Technical Institutions, Medical Campuses, Distant Learning Centres, Hotel Management Institutes and Teaching Centres were the key participants in the programme. Hundreds of students succeeded in securing their career paths through first two Care Era programmes.

Incubation period At the time of entry of the “Arbro virus” into the body of a healthy person no signs and symptoms are found. Usually it will take five to ten days for >> Turn to page 11

For Your Good Health

Simple Exercise Calicut Regional Science Centre Director, V.S. Ramachandran inaugurating ‘Care Era’, the career enhancement seminar and exhibition at Kozhikode Jubilee Hall.

A Physically Active Lifestyle is very important for Good Health.

NIIT Technologies partners with Hitachi Information Systems

At least 30 Minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity is very essential for a healthy living. Walking briskly, swimming, gardening, dancing and even doing house work are good. ter.

The more you do the bet-

The picture shows some So be Active and change simple exercise which can be your lifestyle for good, for your done anytime by anyone. Good Health.

- Dr. Sashikala Chandrasekar (

NIIT Technologies Limited, a leading global IT solutions organisation announced its partnership with Hitachi Information Systems, a leading provider of IT infrastructure services in Japan, to offer services in Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is an emerging megatrend which is standardized IT capability delivered via the Internet in a pay-

per-use and self-service manner. NIIT Technologies pursuing its non-linear services model of business is an early entrant in this space. Through this partnership NIIT Technologies and Hitachi Information Systems will provide unmatched value based on the strengths of both companies. “Hitachi with its reliable and scalable infrastructure would

own the Cloud, while NIIT Technologies will harness its competencies and world class process capability in Remote Infrastructure Managed Services to operate the Cloud” said Arvind Thakur, CEO, NIIT Technologies Ltd. “Together our customers will experience the highest quality of reliability, security and service” he added.

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July 2010

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Telecom equipment sales in Spectrum Auction: Milestone or India grow 18.6% in 2009-10


- Sanjiv Kataria-

Millstone? by Prasanto K Roy The figures are staggering. It may look like a stroke of genius by the government, and may be poised to wipe out a tenth of our fiscal deficit, but that is a short-sighted view. Operators are going to be hard pressed to recover the money, while keeping voice and data services affordable. Affordable mobile data services and high quality mobile voice would have given a big boost to industry and the economy, employment, tax collections. The finance ministry has taken the easier way out—taking all the money upfront. This is not unlike what hotels in India did by overpricing phone calls (and later wi-fi), forcing customers to use alternatives. A simpler

parable is of the goose that laid the golden eggs. I am not suggesting that the operators will collapse and die under the strain: they are innovative, and will find ways to thrive just as they managed to remain profitable in the world’s lowest ARPU regime while facing unique cost pressures like diesel genset backup for thousands of mobile towers. But it will not be easy. Other than the nearly Rs. 70,000 crore spectrum license fees, the leading telcos have to worry about the premium they will now pay for the 2G spectrum they own in excess of 6.25 MHz. The pressure to recover the investment will be very high. If it could be recovered from the entire mobile base, it would be easier, but nine-

The Indian telecom equipment segment maintained its tenths of that base is low- growth momentum clocking a ARPU prepaid customers. growth of 18.6% in the finanTaking the postpaid base, the cial year 2009-10 marginally telcos have to somehow re- lower than the the 20% growth cover over Rs 10,000 per in the previous year, according customer for just the license to Voice & Data100 survey The overall telecom equipfees. ment revenue stood at Rs What we would see, 136,833 crore (USD $28.8 biltherefore, is high initial priclion) during the fiscal, as ing of 3G data services. That against Rs 115,382 crore in would be India’s second 3G 2008-09, This segment is market fiasco, the first being largely dominated by telecom when the BSNL-MTNL duo were allowed to launch 3G equipment providers targeting services a year ahead of the telecom operators as well as rest, and failed to get any mobile handset makers like traction. I sincerely hope this Nokia that derives bulk of its does not happen, and that the sales from this segment. The Voice&Data100 anoperators are able to come nual survey by Asia’s largest up with innovative ways to specialty publishing house launch affordable data serCyberMedia, on telecom equipvices—and raise the quality ment is based on the revenue of voice service, while keepof telecom vendors in the ening it affordable. terprise equipment, carrier equipment and phone segments. “The telecom equipment segment growth is impressive in the backdrop of the recession-hit economy at large, less connectivity at extremely and the fact that the 3G rollout affordable rates while on inter- did not happen last year,” said national roaming.” Ibrahim Ahmad, group editor, These Daily and Monthly Voice & Data). Data Usage Packages are available for Vodafone customers using the data services through Vodafone Mobile Connect or iPhone Access Point Names (APN) on Select PartIdea subscriber, Ms. ner Networks and Blackberry Shalini M. from Kannur saw her on All Partner Networks where dream come true as she drove Vodafone has a Data Roaming away in a swank new Car, tie-up. Customers need to when she was announced the SMS ACT <Package> to 111 in winner of Idea Lucky Recharge order to avail the benefits on Contest in Kerala. IDEA Celluthe Daily and Monthly Data lar, the pan-India mobile operaPacks. tor and the leader in Kerala had launched the Lucky Recharge Contest for its prepaid customers in the state, giving them a chance to win exciting prizes power MRF24WB0MA/MB em- such as Car & Bikes, besides bedded Wi-Fi modules enable other assured offers for every the “Internet of Things” by re- customer who recharged moving the complexity and cost through the portal. of developing RF circuitry and Ms. Shalini M. from Kannur obtaining agency certification. District was announced the Additionally, Microchip has im- bumper prize winner and was proved its free TCP /IP stack, presented the Car key by B. and offers free EZconfig and ZeroConfig utility protocols, to make commissioning and configuring Wi-Fi networks easy.

Vodafone customers can save up to 77% through data usage packages This Holiday season, Vodafone post paid customers traveling to international destinations can enjoy data services at most affordable rates through Vodafone Daily and Monthly Data Usage Packages. Through these Daily and Monthly Data Packs customers can pay a nominal daily rental and save up to 77% on their data usage while on international roaming. The Daily Data Usage Packages, priced between Rs 299 to Rs 1299, provide customers up to 10 MB data usage and thereafter, customers

can enjoy discounted rates and save up to 27% on subsequent data usage. Additionally, the Monthly Data Usage Packages, priced between Rs 1999 to Rs 3999, provide customers up to 30 MB data usage and thereafter, customers can save up to 30% on subsequent data usage. Commenting on the launch, K Sundararaman, Business Head, Vodafone Essar Kerala, said, “It is an exciting offer that will best cater to the needs of our post paid customers. These data packs will provide them with seam-

to Microchip’s free TCP/IP Protocol stack and 8-, 16- or 32bit PIC® microcontrollers. Embedded designers are increasingly leveraging the ubiquitous Wi-Fi infrastructure to enable wireless communication in a broad range of remote monitoring and control, and machine-to-machine applications, such as smart-energy monitors. Microchip’s low-

Carrier Equipment Industry The carrier equipment industry showed a steady 21% growth, clocking Rs 89,476 crore (nearly $19 billion), driven by high growth of wireless infrastructure, WiMax, transmission and broadband infrastructure. Even though growth slowed compared to 2008-09, due to lower operator investments in the wireless infrastructure (primarily cellular service providers’ equipments for rolling out services), it was still very healthy. Service providers slowed down their 2G expansion plans, in the absence of clarity on the 3G auctions, which finally happened in the current fiscal. Even before the auction of BWA spectrum was initiated for private players, the country saw investments in WiMax by players like BSNL and Tata Communications. Despite the cautious approach by 2G operators, wireless infrastructure grew 26% to touch Rs 43,200 crore. The Enterprise equipment segment grew by 31% to touch Rs 20,007 crore. The Switch and Router segments showed 92% and 65% growth, respectively.

Idea subscriber from Kannur wins car in Lucky Recharge Contest

Microchip announces certified embedded Wi-Fi transceiver modules Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, has announced from the Embedded Systems Conference in Chicago its next-generation, agency-certified MRF 24WB 0MA/MB embedded Wi-Fi transceiver modules. The IEEE 802.11 module firmware has an easy-to-use API driver interface

The telecom segment will continue to see robust growth in the current fiscal in the wake of upcoming 3G and Broadband Wirelss Access (BWA) launches and 2G expansion by new operators. Nokia, Huawei, Nokia Siemens networks top the revenue chart Finnish mobile maker Nokia maintained its top ranking with revenues of Rs 14,100 crore despite a decline in revenues as compared to last year, followed by the Chinese equipment maker Huawei.H. Huawei clocked revenues of Rs 11,000 crore, despite India’s security concerns about Chinasourced telecom equipment. Nokia Siemens Networks maintained its third position at Rs 10,824 crore, growing nearly 10%. Ericsson, which had been in a comfortable second position for the last two years, fell to the fourth place. ITI and Tech Mahindra were the new entrants in the V&D Top10 list of telecom equipment vendors in FY 200910. ITI entered the top 10 ranking with its spectacular 172% growth, touching Rs 4,732 crore.

Ramakrishna, Chief Operating Officer - Kerala, IDEA Cellular. Idea subscribers from across the state won Bikes on a weekly basis. Hundreds of other Idea subscribers won many assured prizes in addition to receiving the best tariff offer by doing the Lucky Recharge, earlier. An enthralled and excited Ms. Shalini M. said, “I am grateful to Idea for giving me this wonderful opportunity to see my dream come true. With this winning experience, I can now say with belief that ‘An Idea can change your life!’” Announcing the winner, B. Ramakrishna, Chief Operating Officer - Kerala, IDEA Cellular,

said, “In a highly competitive environment like telecom, we need to constantly innovate and offer something new and different to reward our customers for having faith in our mobile communication services. We believe in continuous innovation and work towards bringing great ideas to reality. We launched the Idea Lucky Recharge Contest, which not only drove revenue but also helped us connect better with our subscribers in Kerala.” The Idea Lucky Recharge Offer started in March 2010 and continued for two months. Winners were selected through a validated process.

ON Semiconductor acquires Sound Design Technologies, Ltd. ON Semiconductor Corporation, a premier supplier of high performance, energy efficient silicon solutions for green electronics, announced it has acquired privately held Sound Design Technologies, Ltd. (SDT) from an affiliate of Global Equity Capital, LLC, in an

all cash transaction for initial consideration of approximately $22 million. Under the terms of the acquisition, the seller will also have the ability to receive additional earn-out proceeds of up to $10 million if, among other things, SDT is able to

meet certain revenue thresholds in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The initial consideration value represents approximately one times SDT’s first quarter 2010 annualized sales levels. SDT will now become an integrated part of ON Semiconductor’s Medical Division.

B. Ramakrishna, Chief Operating Officer-Kerala, IDEA Cellular presenting key of Chevrolet Spark to Ms. Shalini.

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July 2010


Is air travel safe in India? Business News Service The Mangalore air crash that killed 160 people has raised concerns about air safety in the country. Rather than the journey itself, it’s the landing and takeoff that are more dangerous on Indian airports.After Mangalore crash, there have been a series of near misses happening- a tyre burst in Delhi, a go around at Patna airstrip and sudden descent over Muscat while the pilot took a toilet break. In 2006 International Civil Aviation organization rated India poorly in its safety audit. In our country little attention was paid to safety surveillance; we didn’t even fill up the essential safety posts. There have been several reports of pilots who were caught, reeking of alcohol. Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel said in Rajya Sabha that “39 cases have been reported to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) from January 2009 to December 2009, where pilots or co pilots were

found to have consumed alcohol during pre-flight breathanalyzer test.”In 2009, only eight of the 42 pilots who were caught in a tipsy state while reporting to duty last year were terminated from service, while the rest were either grounded or suspended for brief periods. Delhi accounted for half the cases of drunkenness among pilots detected last year; 21 cases were detected at New Delhi airport. Another 11 were found under the influence of alcohol at Mumbai airport. Despite various fleet upgrade programmes, several old aircrafts are still flying in Indian skies – some well over 20 years old. When an Indian Airlines Boeing crashed at Patna on 17th July 2000, there was a huge uproar demanding immediate grounding of the ‘Flying Coffins’ – as the ageing B737s were described by the pilots, who were wary of using an aircraft that was over 20 years old. Ultimately, the probe into the crash identified ‘pilot error’ as

the primary cause behind the crash. But that does not make the old and outdated aircrafts any less dangerous for civilians to travel in. Lack of funds has hampered the modernisation of airports around the country. Our Government needs to take extra care of airports as better infrastructure will reduce chances of mishaps .In the past we have seen many air crashes that happened due to miscommunication between the pilot and the ground staff. After every accident, a probe is set up into the incident that takes forever to solve. And it’s usually reactive, never preempted or proactive. How long before action is taken to avert further air mishaps such as these? But some say that safety concerns in India are overplayed. Their question is whether air travel in India worse than rail or road transport in terms of accidents?. A lot of people are dying every day in road- rail accidents.

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'The Tata values' - A.M. The Tata Group often boasts of ‘Tata values’. In the 2G spectrum controversy as well Tata Group has justified corporate lobbyist Ms. Nira Radia, who was caught in a controversy over her alleged role in 2G spectrum allocation. The opposition was demanding telecom minister A. Raja’s resignation over the issue. Justifying Ms. Nira Radia, Chairperson of Vaishnavi Corporate Communications, a Tata Group spokesperson says, ‘Vaishnavi’s interactions with the government on

The verdict of Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court of Bhopal on Union Carbide and its officials over the death of more than 25,000 and toxic exposure to over half a million people may not have a parallel in the world. This kind of things will happen only in India. The verdict, coming after 26 years since the world’s worst industrial disaster saw 8 former top managers of

Union Carbide India getting ‘maximum punishment’ of 2 years imprisonment. The biggest joke was that the judgement kept silent on Warren Anderson, the then Chairman & Managing Director of Union Carbide Corporation, who was declared an absconder after he didn’t subject himself to trial in the case. It was clear that political interference and judicial delays

betrayed the Bhopal gas tragedy victims. Alongwith judicial delay, it was the Supreme Court that diluted the charges against the accused. The trial court in 1993 charged 8 Indian officials under provisions dealing with culpable homicide not amounting to murder. The offence carried a maximum punishment of 10 years in jail. >> Turn to page 13

Who is to be blamed? Lalit Modi or BCCI? Business News Service Lalit Modi, the suspended commissioner of Indian Premier League (IPL) was, actually, a prey to the high-level conspiracy involving top politicians and BCCI bigwigs. Modi, who was instrumental in putting the IPL on the top of the world cricket, over night became a villain after he tweeted against then Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Shashi Tharoor in connection with the Kochi IPL team controversy. To Shashank Manohar, President, Board of Control of Cricket in India, the action of Modi revealing the shareholding pattern of Kochi IPL team was a big sin. Tharoor

had to resign from the ministry for his involvement in the whole affair. What happened, subsequently, was the congress leadership gave an ultimatum to the cricket bigwigs to remove Modi as well. The media attack against Modi followed. Although BCCI owns, benefits from and supports IPL, the cricket body was absolved from all charges and Modi became the lone accused. As BCCI Secretary, Sreenivasan himself, owns an IPL team Modi was accused of planting his relatives in various IPL teams. After all the IPL controversies the BCCI failed to field a better team in 20-20 World

Cup. Again mismanaged things sending a weak team to Zimbabwe for the 3-nation tournament. Now the BCCI is boycotting the Asiad. Cricket is included in Asiad for the first time and they are not keen in representing the country in China. The allegation against BCCI was that they are not interested in Asiad as it will not fetch money to them. Here what has been happening in Kerala cricket? While a stadium is there owned by GCDA, Cricket Association is constructing another stadium in Kochi. Corruption charges against the Association may be still fresh in minds of the people.

and his associates that they have bribed extremists in Assam, where Tata Group owns vast tea estate, to avoid attack from them. In Kerala as well Tata failed to convince the public regarding the Munnar controversy. Although the allegation of various groups, some of them having vested interests, against Tata Tea may not be true, the persons who represent the Tata in Kerala lack credibility and they failed to defend the group successfully in the state.

FIFA World Cup and Indian Football Business News Service World’s most watched sports event, FIFA World Cup matches are progressing in South Africa. Whatever may be the ranking of India in World Football, India has been celebrating the World Cup in style.

Bhopal: Worst case of denial of justice Business News Service

behalf of the Tata Group, have in keeping with Tata values, never involved payouts or seeking undue favours.’ Raja has been facing allegations of distributing new telecom licenses and spectrum at throwaway prices and causing huge losses to the exchequer. Nine new licenses were issued in January 2008 at Rs.1,658 crore, while the recent 3G spectrum fetched Rs.67,700 crore. 6-7 years back there was an allegation against R.K. Krishnakumar of Tata Group

Earlier the football fever were confined to West Bengal, Kerala and Goa. Now things have changed - football’s popularity is rushing northward. If the football associations and the governments could have shown at least one percent of the sincerity and spirit the common men have, towards this game, India could have played in the World Cup long ago. The association ‘proprietors’ were engaged in spoiling football; they are interested only in ensuring their position till death. FIFA World Cup is an event that attracts the attention of global advertisers. Estimates indicate that global ad spends for the World Cup 2010 will touch a figure of Rs. 6000 crore. But in India football plays second fiddle to cricket. Vested interests, with the help of top advertising agencies were busy to boost cricket. Their justification was that unlike cricket which has grown exceedingly marketing friendly, football is a short format sport with fewer in-game

breaks. It may be true. But global companies were prefering FIFA World Cup for advertising. This time Coca-Cola has a fully integrated marketing campaign running across 150 countries. In India as well FIFA World Cup advertising is picking up with the average spot rate increasing by more than 250% compared to 2006 edition. The rate to be charged for 10 seconds would be Rs.2 lakhs. ESPN-Star Sports has signed on brands like Vodafone and Airtel DTH as joint presenting broadcast sponsores almost a year ago,

dictions may not come true. In the last World Cup everyone saw champions in Brazil. But Ronaldinho failed to deliver. The underdogs Italy won the cup. Along with Argentina football watchers see the possible winners in Brazil, Spain and England. Spain, undoubtedly, is the best team this time. But they were found unlucky several occasions in the past. Although a team from Europe, Spain was playing beautiful attacking game like the Latin Americans. Holland, another European nation is also good ball players; but they also proved unlucky in the past. They failed to win the cup even at the time of great Yohan Kraif. European teams - Italy, France and Germany can win any match with the help of their European defensive style play. Although African nations like host South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana are in a position to be giant killers, they are not expected to win the cup. Asian power house South Kowith Samsung, Nokia and Hero rea may not repeat their 2002 Honda as associate sponsors. feat. In 2002 they reached upto Parle Agro is also spending semifinals. But by beating huge money for FIFA World Cup advertising. Coming to the action in South Africa, most of the football lovers and commendators are predicting Argentina as the winners of 19th World Cup. They believe Greece by 2-0 in their opening Argentina’s Manager game Korea wanted to signal Maradona and Star player that they are a force to reckon Lionel Messi can win it. But pre- with.

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medical problems that need attention.She said it’s “incredibly important” to carefully check your body for such indicators and recognize subtle changes.Phillips advises

people to check their body head-to-to for any tell-tale signs. Eyebrows: If you notice you’re losing the hairs on the outer corners or they appear to

be shortening, that could be a sign of low thyroid hormone. Eyelids: Tiny yellow bumps in the inner-corner of the eye could actually be fatty deposits-an important sign of high cholesterol.

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July 2010

Dishtv launches Tru High Definition Service Redefining television viewing , Dishtv, India’s largest Direct-to- home company, has announced the launch of High Definition (HD) Service - Dish Tru HD on its platform. This offers the best high definition audio video experience to its viewers and takes television viewing to an entirely new paradigm.

Krishnakumar, Dy. Vice President, Dishtv in a press conference in Kochi said that the Dish Tru HD creates an

audio visual sensory experience that is far richer, deeper and more panoramic than standard definition viewing. It comes with the latest MPEG4 DVBS2 technology, which provides the best of digital entertainment in HD quality. Dishtv HD brings exceptionally clear, crisp pictures with vivid colors, upto five times more picture detail and upto 3 times enhanced sound quality, than standard definition. At the commencement of its HD service, Dishtv has an exclusive tie-up with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. to offer its flagship channel Zee TV and the most popular Hindi

Movie Channel Zee Cinema on its HD platform. In another first, Dishtv will offer football aficionados the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2010 on High Definition, which offers viewers a nearstadium experience with 1080i resolution. The channels which Dish Tru HD offering includes Zee TV HD, Zee Cinema HD, Discovery World HD, National Geographic HD and FIFA World Cup broadcasted by ESPN on HD. P.B. Radhakrishnan, Regional Manager, Dishtv was also present at the press conference.

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Padmini Appliances launches Induction Cooker Delhi-based Padmini Appliances has launched Country’s first ISO certified Induction Cooker in Kerala market. A patented product of the company, Padmini’s induction cookers are available in 3 models, priced between Rs. 3000/and Rs.4800/-. Mohammed Thajudheen, Marketing Head, Kerala, Padmini Group, M. Imran, Managing Partner, Sibga Trading , Habeeb Rahman, Partner, Sibga and Praveenkumar, Business Development officer, Padmini told press persons that these induction cookers are many-fold energy-efficient than the traditional heaters and gas cook tops . The company offers 2-year service

guarantee for these products with ISI mark. According to Mohammed Thajudheen the company is thinking of marketing the product through ‘Kudumbasrees’ in the state. Apart from the Kochibased C&F agent Sibga Trading, Padmini Appliances have 6 regional distributors. and 300 dealers in the state. Padmini Appliances with 35 years presence in the Indian home

appliances segment has more than 80 products in the market such as mixer grinders, cook tops, cooker hoods, designer hobs series, dry iron, glass top series, electric kettle, food processor ,cooking range, built-in –ovens, mixer grinder, juicer, insect killer, gas heater etc;.

Akzo Nobel India Pvt Ltd launches Environment-friendly watches two new innovative products Akzo Nobel’s Dulux Shield can reflect IR rays by players in the exterior paints from Seiko WeatherShield SunReflect is a unique product which has been formulated to combat the Indian climatic conditions. Regular Emulsions absorb the heat causing infra red rays of the sun, causing the inside of the house to heat up. Dulux WeatherShield on the other hand, created using SunReflect technology has higher Solar Reflective Index (SRI)-the ability to reflect the heat causing IR rays. Because of this technology, Weather

upto 90% higher* as compared to regular exterior paints. Dulux WeatherShield has been certified by the Centre For Energy Studies and Research (CESR), as being a paint which reduces temperatures of walls by upto five degrees. Not only that, the cooling effect that Dulux creates on the walls turns out to be an energy saver if the paint is used as per prescribed systems. The Dulux WeatherShield Range is one of the strongest

market in India. It is a complete package of protection for exterior walls. The WeatherShield SunReflect is equipped with a unique Colour Lock Technology which makes colour last for a longer period of time. Weather Shield is a superior exterior paint that prevents the growth of fungus and algae, is 100% waterproof and has a five year weather protection. It also has the lowest VOC among all the existing paints in the market.

Green issues are today playing a huge role in consumer choice in the watch market. Seiko has long been the pioneer of an ecological approach to the production of watches. Their facilities stopped using CFS gas as early as 1993 and achieved full compliance with EU Nickel, packaging and waste directive in early 2000’s. In 2006, they eliminated minute traces of lead from their soldering in quartz watches on IC board, an achievement that

many companies are yet to match. Seiko set up the standard for environmental protection again in 2008. Seiko was

the first company to offer mercury- free batteries, and the company made this possible by making them themselves. They have completed a shift in their production and all their quartz watches produced since 2008 use mercury free batteries. But Seiko knows it needs to go further. They are expanding the production of Spring Drive, Kinetic and mechanical watches , so as to reduce the damaging environmental impact of discarded batteries. Retail Price in India: Rs 55,800/-

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has convened a meeting of coconut processers recently in Kochi. Addressing the meeting Ananda Bose called up on the processers to introduce new technologies including packaging for manufacturing diversified coconut products.The Board is mandated with encouraging production and productivity improvement of coconut, product diversification, value addition and providing support to coconut industries. India is the highest producers of coconut in the world. But in terms of volume of coconut products traded in the global market, India is far behind compared to other major coconut growing countries. It was in this context, CDB and NAFED decided to join hands for increasing productivity and exporting of coconut products. It is helpful to the coconut growers of the country, especially, those from Kerala . According to Ananda Bose NAFED is also considering supplying the procured copra to coconut millers and buy back the oil for marketing under NAFED’s brand. NAFED will procure the products from the manufactures

under “Farm gate to the Home coconut gratings, coconut pargate” scheme. It helps to avoid ings, coconut chutney powder, mediators. medicated coconut oil, coconut oil based hair/massage oils, Coconut Development virgin coconut oil, coconut Board notified as Export Pro- based convenience foods, comotion Council conut shell, coconut shell powThe Department of Com- der, coconut shell charcoal, merce, Ministry of Commerce coconut shell- based activated and Industry, Government of carbon, handicrafts made out India , last year, notified Coco- of coconut shell and parts of nut Development Board as an coconut tree, coconut wood Export Promotion Council furniture etc. fall within the ju(EPC) for all coconut products risdiction of the Coconut Develother than those made from opment Boardl. coconut husk and fibre. A sizeable quantity of coconut and Dr.C.V Ananda Bose coconut products are exported Dr.C.V Ananda Bose IAS from the country with registra- took charge of the Chairman of tion from various Export Pro- Coconut Development Board motion Councils. In pursuance on 30th April 2010. He is the of the above notification coco- Managing Director of the Nanut products such as tender tional Agricultural Cooperative coconuts, tender coconut wa- Marketing Federation ter, packed tender coconut (NAFED). Dr Bose, is a 1977 water, nata-de-coco, coconut batch officer of the Indian Adwater based vinegar, coconut ministrative Service (IAS), water based soft drinks/bever- Kerala cadre. Dr Bose brings ages, raw coconuts, partially with him vast administrative dehusked coconuts, desic- experience. During his long cated coconut powder, years in government, he has skimmed milk powder, coconut occupied important positions in milk/cream, coconut oil, dry Kerala including Kollam District coconuts, ball copra, cut copra Collector, Principal Secretary to coconut flakes, coconut chips, the state chief minister, Addi-

Hotmail alerts on SMS

Lava handset

Its celebration time for all Hotmail users. you can get Hotmail alerts on your SMS in three simple steps - no GPRS connection required and what’s more it’s absolutely free! With this fun and simple service, you can forget about going to the cyber café or logging on to your computer every time you want to check your mails. This service makes checking your mails as easy as checking your SMSs. So what are you waiting for, to get ahead and get going with the cool new Hotmail on your SMS, log on to

LAVA International has unveiled its new handset A9, loaded with advanced multimedia features and latest technologies. LAVA has entered the arena of mobile phones with handsets which have ability to stand out of the crowd. This mobile is designed for style conscious consumers who are active on social networks. LAVA A9 is a small mobile computer with silver cues featuring a 2.4 inches TFT display. The product gives the user a truly personal internet experience in a compact handset. With many other different applications and services available in LAVA A9 like high speed web access facil-

ity, media player, games, will create a buzz in the market with its astonishing features that will take the company to newer heights.

tional Chief Secretary and Chairman, Atomic Energy Education Society. It was he who conceptualised and implemented Kerala Nirmithi Kendra to promote low cost Housing. His administrative initiatives have brought him many national and international awards including the Jawaharlal Nehru

Fellowship, the United Nations Global Best Practice Award and the Singapore Government Award for Urban Green Management Excellence. He has addressed the UN General Assembly on Housing and Habitat Development and represented India in the International Atomic Energy initiatives

such as the International Thermo Nuclear Organisation, France and the European Council of Nuclear Energy (CERN – Geneva). Dr Bose is also an award-winning author and has published nine books in English and Malayalam including a novel, short stories and poems.

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July 2010


Advantage of keeping mouth shut

People are like People are like stained out. vealed only if there is a light glass windows: They sparkle But, when the darkness from within. and shine when the sun is sets in, their true beauty is re-

Perception One day a father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. On their return from the trip, the father asked his son, “How was the trip?” “It was great, Dad”. “Did you see how poor people live?” the father asked. “Oh yes”, said the son. “So, tell me, what did you

learn from the trip?” asked the father. The son answered, “I saw that we have one dog and they had four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of the garden and they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night. Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants to serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food,

but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to protect them.” The boy’s father was speechless. Then his son added, “Thanks, Dad for showing me how poor we are.” Isn’t perspective a wonderful thing? Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for everything we have, instead of worrying about what we don’t have.

Lord Rama and Ayodhya In Ramayana, after the death of Ravana, Vibhisbana fell at the feet of Rama and said, “Swami, I never aspired to be the King of Lanka. I only wanted my brother to give up his bad qualities. I pray to you to take over the Kingdom of Lanka.”All the rakshasas also came and prayed to Rama that he should become King of Lanka. Lakshmana also sup-

ported them saying, “O brother, Bharatha is already ruling over Ayodhya. Even if you return to Ayodhya, you may not be crowned as the King. So, I request you to take over this kingdom and transform all the rakshasas.Lanka is full of golden mansions. Where else can you find such a beautiful place? I will be very happy if you rule over this Kingdom.” Rama lovingly took

Lakshmana close to him and said,” Lakshmana, how could you get such a silly desire? Just because one’s mother is ugly, can he call any other beautiful woman as his mother? Even though my country is poor compared to Lanka, I still consider it as my mother. Lanka may be full of gold, but I don’t want it”!!

Why invest in laughter? It is impossible to worry while you’re laughing. Humor cuts stress levels in half. Laughing helps you to stay happy and healthy and helps you return to good health when ill. Laughter increases, by 20%, the activity of killer cells within the body which serve to destroy viruses and tumor cells. Train yourself to look for the comedy in your chaos. A sense of humour is the number one survival skill

George Bernard Shaw once said, “When you find something funny search it for hidden truth.” “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” Voltaire Humor helps us cope, conquer, and carry on. A good laugh is not only the result of humor, it is often also the cause. The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy. The best exercise is jumping

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amination coaching. Out total 17 candidates who passed civil service examnations this year from Kerala, 12 were studied in Civil Service Institute Pala. 4th rank holder Miss Anupama T. V. was among them. Hari Kishor - 14th rank in 2008, S.Aswathy- 3rd rank in 2002 and S.Suja - 4th rank in 2003 were the other remarkable achievements. Situated at Pala in Kottayam district, this is the only institute for teaching Malayalam as optional subject and Malayalam as the medium of instruction. In the past few

Page No. 9

years, Civil Service Institute Pala achieved excellent performance and brought out sparkling result in civil service examinations. Classes are conducted by highly qualified resource persons with vast experience in civil service coaching. The tie-up with a reputed Delhi Institute brings added quality to the course contents. Civil Service Institute Pala offers optional subjects for civil service examination such as Economics, Political science, History, Sociology, Public administration, Geography, English and Malayalam. It also provides personality develop-

for joy.” Joy is the serious business of heaven.” C.S. Lewis. We begin to solve our problems when we begin to see the humor in them. “Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods.” Japanese proverb. When we feel like laughing the least , we need it most. If it feels good to laugh, then laugh to feel good.A sense of humour is not inherited, it is learned.

A woman goes to the doctor, beaten black and blue... Doctor: “What happened?”. Woman: “Doctor, I don’t know what to do. Every time my husband comes home drunk he beats me to a pulp....” Doctor: “I have a

real good medicine against that: When your husband comes home drunk, just take a glass of green tea and start swirling it in your mouth. Don’t drink it, just swirl it around and around”... 2 weeks later she comes back to the doctor and

looks reborn and fresh again. Woman: “Doctor, that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband came home drunk I gargled repeatedly with green tea and he never touched me.” Doctor: “You see how keeping your mouth shut is such a good idea !!!”

Making a million friends Making a million friends is not an art, but the real art is to make a friend who will stand with You when millions are against You. Do You know the relation between your two eyes?.They blink together, they move together, they cry together, they see things to-

gether and they sleep joined me together,even though they I wished the road would never see each never end. other.Friendship should be just Friendship is just not like like that. rain When I was walking alone It come soon and gone I wished that Friendship is like a air I can reach the end of the We can’t see it’s only feel road. Frienship is like a air But when friend like You With u ever and ever.

Men’s logic A man and his wife were in a court for their divorce case. The Problem was who should get custody of the child. The wife screamed and jumped up and said: “Your

Honor. I brought The child into the world with all the pain and labor. The child should be in my custody.” The judge turned to the husband and said: “What do you have to say in your

defense?”The man sat for a while contemplating... then slowly rose. “Your Honor... If I put a dollar in a Pepsi vending machine and a Pepsi comes out... Whose Pepsi is it... the machine’s or mine?”

Only questions The average man’s life his mother ask him where he wife ask the same question; consists of : is going, And at the end, the Twenty years of having Forty years of having his mourners wondering too.

My wife’s expecting A young private sought permission from his Commanding Officer to leave camp the following weekend. “You see,” he explained, “my wife’s expecting. “Oh...” said the Officer, “I understand. Go ahead and tell your wife that I wish her luck. “The following week the same soldier

was back again with the same explanation: “My wife’s expecting. “The Officer looked surprised. “Still expecting?” he said, “Well, well, my boy, you must be pretty bothered. Of course you can have the weekend off.” When the same soldier appeared again the third week,

however, the Officer lost his temper. “Don’t tell me your wife is still expecting!” he bellowed .”Yes sir!” said the soldier resolutely, “She’s still expecting. “What in heaven is she expecting?” cried the Officer. “Me.” said the soldier simply.

IAS( Retd.) serves as the Director and Prof.Issac Thomas is the Principal of the institution. Dr.Joseph Vettickad is the Chief Co-ordinator and Lt.Col.(Rtd) N.J Francis is the Course Co-ordinator.

designed a new Add-on course for College students,both Professional and Arts and Science, to be conducted on holidays so as to enable them to prepare for civil service exams at the earliest. This course is specially meant for those brilliant students who are ready to take up the task of preparing for IAS, IPS etc. along with their undergraduate studies. The duration of the course is three years. The course covers all the three parts of the civil service examination - Prelims, Mains and Interview.

off-campus centres in such schools as have atleast 40 students to attend the coaching classes.

Courses Civil Service Institute Pala offers full time civil service course for graduates & Post graduates and add-on course (part time) for degree & PG students. With the aim of preparing more candidates for civil service examinations, the institution started foundation course for higher secondary and degree students. It provides crash programs in optional and general subjects, preliminary and main exams. Pala Civil Service Institute conducts PSc coaching classes also, covering all KPSC & CPSC tests.

ment classes, spoken English, and phonetic classes. The institution got a well-equipped library with course - specified books and internet facility. Separate hostel facilities are provided for both boys and girls. Mar Joseph Perumthottam (Arch Bishop of Changanacherry), Mar Joseph Kallarangattu (Bishop of Pala), Mar Mathew Arackal (Bishop of Kanjirappally) are the Patrons of this institution. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Naduvilezham (Vicar General, Arch-Diocese of Changanacherry) is the Chair- Add-on course Civil Service Institute Pala man of this trust. K.J Mathew

OFF - Campus centres Civil Service Institute Pala drawn up a plan to provide civil service orientation coaching to school students in accordance with the proposed restructuring of the Civil Services Examination Schemes. The coaching package consist of 30 weekly classes, for the benefit of students from 8th class to 11th classes. The institute will setup

Intensive training program The Intensive training program has been designed to equip Civil Service aspirants for the All India Aptitude Test, proposed to be introduced from 2012 onwards. The duration of the program is 3 years consisting of annual workshops during summer vacations, periodic get together for evaluation of assignments and project works. Women empowerment program In turn with the national policy of women empowerment, this institution launched Women empowerment program to provide all possible assistance to those women participants in the fields of Local Self Government, social work, education, self employment, private enterprise etc.

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July 2010

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KSIDC sets up National Need for forest certification Resource Centre; Monthly Newsletter released stressed HAPPENINGS

- Business News Service, Kozhikode Two day workshop on Responsible Wood Trade and Forest Certification conducted at Kozhikode stressed the need for forest certification for responsible wood trade. The international workshop was organised by Global Forest and Trade Network India in association with Malabar Chamber of Commerce and OISCA International South India Chapter with the support of SWITCH Asia programme. M.K. Raghavan MP inaugurated the workshop and Malabar Chamber of Commerce President P.V. Gangadharan presided over the meeting. Dr. T.R.

Manoharan, Aravind M. Singh, Principal Chief Conservator of forests T.M. Manoharan IFS, Dr. Alan Smith and C. Jayarajan spoke. Aspects of forests and resources, environment and wood trade were discussed in different sessions of the workshop. Forest certification is a process that leads to the issuing of a certificate by an independent agency, which verifies that the area of forest from where these products are sourced is managed to a defined standard. Forest certification refers to two separate processes one, forest manage-

ment unit certification (FMU) and chain of custody certification (COC). The Ministry of Environment and Forests has recognised the need to promote forest certrification in the country and has constituted a committee to develop a national forest certification system. The success of such a system largely depends on is credibility in both local and global contexts. Textiles and handicraft exporters, timber merchants, traders, wood processors and other national and international delegates attended the workshop.

Elamaram Kareem, Minister for industries releasing the KSIDC news letter by handing over to P.T. Nandakumar, T. Balakrishnan, Secretary, Industries Dept. and Alkesh Kumar Sharma, Managing Director, KSIDC are also seen.

As part of its ongoing mission towards industrial and investment promotion in the State, Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC), the premier promotional agency for industrial development has started a couple of new initiatives for ef-

fective dissemination of information for development of industries in the State. They are opening a National Resource Centre for Industrial Development (NRCID) facilitating dissemination of industry-related information to stakeholders and launching a monthly news-

letter - ‘Enterprise and Industrial Update-Kerala’. Elamaram Kareem, Minister for Industries, Government of Kerala inaugurated the National Resource Centre. The Minister also released Enterprise and Industrial Update>> Turn to page 15

Vijaya Bank - United India tie-up M. K. Raghavan M P inaugurating the conference on “Responsible Wood trade and forest Certification “ organised by Global Forest and Trade Network India at Kozhikode. P.V. Gangadharan, President, Malabar Chamber of Commerce, among others, are also seen.

Risk management & IFRS key challenges for banks Banking sector needs to be adequately sensitized about the need and urgency for advanced risk management system and a smooth convergence to the IFRS framework. This was the unequivocal sentiment expressed at the oneday Workshop on Risk Management and IFRS hosted by Vijaya Bank at Bangalore. The Workshop, a post-Annual Policy initiative of RBI and IBA, was graced by Dr K Ramakrishnan, Chief Executive of IBA, Vijay Bhaskar, Regional Director of RBI- Bangalore, Ravi Mohan, Chief General Manager from RBI Central

Office, Albert Tauro, C&MD and S A Panse, ED of Vijaya Bank. In his Welcome Address, Tauro spoke in detail about the two important challenges i.e., Risk Management and IFRS, and underlined “Skill Sets, Technology, Data and an enabling infrastructure as the cornerstones for smooth migration to such best practices as advanced Basel II and IFRS”. Dr. Ramakrishnan, while maintaining that risk management is not something new to bankers, yet, he felt, “the complex operating environment has made bankers conscious about it.” Vijay Bhaskar while mentioning

about the proximate and core causes of recent global crises, advocated for “evolving a fit and proper risk management architecture suiting specifically to the Indian context.” The workshop featured executive participation from the functional departments of Vijaya Bank, Andhra bank, Corporation Bank, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank, ING Vysya Bank, Karnataka Bank, NHB and the Indian Banks’ Association. Participants of the Workshop also had the benefit of presentations made by consultants of repute in the areas of risk management and IFRS.

alternative to tighten their belt. One thing we can conclude from this is that depending on one’s earnings derived out of his fixed deposit is just a temporary benefit. It has got no meaning as the value of the deposit amount virtually diminishes very fast. And the proceeds of interest of this longterm deposits become non-dependable for one’s gradual future planning. On account of

this vast variation of people tend to invest their retirement income in the property even in a small way. N.P.G. Nair (Tel:. 022-28798211 / 28781270 / 28778350 Mob : 09322501290 / 09869422733 / 09892979749 Email :,

Vijaya Bank, the Bangalore based Public Sector Bank and United India Insurance Co. Ltd, another major Public Sector organization in the general insurance sector, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the distribution of the general insurance products of United India Insurance Co. Ltd., by Vijaya Bank on referral basis. At a function held at Bangalore to mark the occasion, the heads of both the organizations were present to formalize the MOU. Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman & Managing Director of Vijaya Bank, Albert Tauro said that the MOU offers immense scope for value addition to the customers as well opportunities for the optimum use of bank’s existing infrastructure, apart from providing

additional revenue. With more than 7.5 million customers spread across several segments and with a pan India presence of over 1160 CBS networked branches, Bank will have considerable scope for catering to all types of general insurance requirements of its customers through the quality products of United India Insurance Co. Ltd., one of the biggest and most reputed Public Sector general insurance companies of India, he added. G. Srinivasan, Chairman cum Managing Director, United India Insurance Co. Ltd., said that the coming together of the two major entities would enable them to combine and utilize the Bank’s and the insurance companies’ synergies for enhancing customer satisfaction and serving social objectives of the

nation. He informed the gathering that United India Insurance, today, is the fastest growing non life major in India and also had recorded the highest business increase in the Industry. It is foremost in rural, social sector & Micro Insurance and has the largest network among all non life insurers in India. The Company has Bancassurance as a major component t of its business strategy for the future. The brief, but grand function was attended by Ms. Shubhalakshmi Panse, Executive Director, Vijaya Bank, K. Sanat Kumar, GM, United India Insurance Co. Ltd., apart from other General Managers and executives from both the organizations, in addition to a large number of well wishers of both the organizations.

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comes to hardly anything today that he cannot even purchase a one room and a kitchen of 300 sq.ft. Look at the real value of money that is diminishing year by year. The man who used to invest like this must have been repenting now. I have few friends who are victims of such and similar target struggle enough to make and meet their both end enough happy or else they have only

Albert Tauro, Chairman & Managing Director, Vijaya Bank and G. Srinivasan, Chairman cum Managing Director, United India Insurance Co. Ltd. exchanging MoU. Ms. Shubhalakshmi Panse, Executive Director, Vijaya Bank and K. Sanat Kumar, General Manager, United India Insurance Co. Ltd. are also seen.

Business Digest

July 2010

IOB opens 3 more ATMs under Ernakulam region Indian Overseas Bank Ernakulam region has installed 3 on-site ATMs recently at Edappally, Kayamkulam and Nyettoor-Kulanada branches, increasing the total number of ATMs in the region to 18. According to M.S. Ramani, Chief From page 1

round the clock, more than 50 National & International journals, Dedicated Leased Line Internet (1:1)- unlimited connectivity, student run canteen, WIFI campus with 24 hrs internet connectivity, Ultra modern computer lab, Facility for online share trading and Excellent atmosphere including provisions for sports and arts are the excellent facilities offered by this B-School. The trainings at Lead are administered by a team of highly professional trainers who have set their footprints in the educational training scenario. The methods are rigorously time- tested through the successful training sessions of Turning Point. Turning Point is the lifeskill training endevour of Prompt Group.‘Turning Point’ has guided thousands of young professionals towards their career heights and is successful in instilling the passion oriented mind set into young graduates. In the past five years Turning Point trained above fifty thousand professional students and executives through more than two hundred intensive training sessions. Turning Point’s client base spread all over the world. Many of the MBA Colleges and Engineering Colleges of Kerala including NIT Kozhikode are clients of Turning Point. Learning becomes fun once filled with activities and the concepts and ideas are transmuted to specific skills when it is made to practice. This philosophy is practiced through out the designed activities. The students themselves get opportunity to design their own course according to their taste under proper guidance. Getting ready to the new corporate environment needs specific skills to handle odds. Through getting stretched in trainings one gets prepared to handle difficult situations and

Regional Manager, 10 more ATMs will be opened in the region in the near future. IOB, one of the major nationalised banks in the country have 3 regions in Kerala, viz. Ernakulam, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram.

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Seminar appreciates Government's role in the resurgence of PSUs

Ernakulam region headed by Chief Regional Manager with its headquarters at Ernakulam - V.V. Divakaran, Kozhikode is having 60 branches spread in five district - Pathanamthitta, A Regional Seminar on quer. It was the period of velopment. The willingness of Ernakulam, Alappuzha, ‘Resurgence of State Owned vigerous privatization. This ex- the State Industries Minister to Kottayam and Idukki. Enterprises - The Kerala expe- periment of un restricted hear the advice of the officials, rience’ was organised by the privatisation and free flow of experts and his action plan Department of Industries, Govt. capital influenced our govern- gave momentum for this. Govof Kerala in Kozhikode. The ments against the PSUs. But ernment did not allow deliberseminar was inaugurated by the present Left Democratic ately an industry to die. MinisMinister of Industries Governments of Kerala which ter Kareem took keen interest Elamaram Kareem and differ- assumed office in 2006 timely in reviving sick industries. Each ent trade union leaders ,repre- intervened to save the public month a full day has been desentatives of different industrial sector units from pathetic con- voted to review the perfororganisations, management dition. The success of this in- mance of the industries by the experts and government offi- tervention made fruitful results Minister. Apart from these cials participated. The regional and now majority of the PSUs monthly meetings quarterly reseminar was conducted as part are working profitably and views and annual reviews were of the continuation of the Na- government is making every also conducted. More investments were attional seminar held on this sub- effort to save remaining as tracted in capacity building. ject on 16th November 2009 at well. New Delhi. The seminars held at New Measures were taken to enKerala is the state which Delhi and Kozhikode dis- hance productivity. The joint has more number of state level cussed the aspects of this suc- venture with central PSUs, M.S. Ramani, Chief Regional Manager, IOB inaugurating Bank’s public sector enterprises. cess in detail. The financial were crucial. TELK, with NTPC, ATM in Edappally There are 114 public sector support the state government SILK and Autocast with railunits in the state, among which given to the public sector un- ways, KEL with BHEL and 28 units have been lying closed dertakings played a major role Steel complex with SAIL were for several years. It was due to in it. Healthy co-operation be- proved successful. KELTEC mismanagement, absence of tween central government and was taken over by Brahmos. professionalism and wrong state government remain the This strategic tie-ups with ceneconomic policies of the Gov- another reason. During these tral PSUs/Institutions made reernments. Especially from periods joint ventures between markable achievements. Regional seminar upheld 1990 onwards the public sec- state and central PSUs were tor institutions were looked encouraged widely. Union De- all these achievements and upon with contempt as they re- fence Minister A.K. Antony’s pledged for co-ordinated efforts main liabilities to the exche- role was remarkable in this de- to sustain this in future also.

meet bench marks A relaxed mind learns 10 times faster than a tensed mind. Fun is accordingly incorporated in activities and classroom sessions to make use of our minds to its optimum level. Palakkad being the second largest industrial hub of Kerala provides ample opportunities for an MBA student to learn live business. Live management activities is a routine in industry. Various industries at Kanjikode Industrial Area is closely associating with LEAD for different activities like Placements, Industrial visits, Projects, Consultancy, and

Case studies. Thomas George, Chairman Prompt Charitable Trust is also the founder, Managing Director & Chief Architect of Turning Point. He is B.Tech in Electronics & Communication, Master in Business Administration, Master in Psychology, MPhil in Management, MPhil in Psychology, Currently doing PhD in Psychology, International Trainer of Junior Chamber (Excel), Guest faculty for MBA at Bharathiar University & Calicut University, Resource person & Coordinator of “Good Governance” a training program for Government Officials in the Palakkad District under Institute of Management in Government, Project Director of AIDs Intervention in Industries under KSACS/NACO/ USAIDSISO 9000:2000 Lead Assessor / Auditor by British Standard Institute ans Thomas George Won “Kamal Patra Award” from Indian Junior Chamber XXI for “professional excellence”

Industries Minister Elamaram Kareem inaugurating the regional conference on “Resurgence of State owned Enterprises - the Kerala experience” at Kozhikode

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this germ to become virulent. This period is known as the incubation period of dengue. The signs and symptoms of the patient begins after the incubation period. Fever, general weakness etc. are the initial complaints. Head ache ,body ache, pain in the joint, tremor, sleeplessness, loss of appetite etc are other difficulties of the patient . The body temperature of the patient may increase in between 103-105 degree Fahrenheit.The location of head ache of dengue patient will be above and behind the eye. This patient also feels pain and tenderness of muscles and tendons in the body. Occasionally there will be soreness in various parts of the

body, especially in the eye . Some times there will be nausea and vomiting. Sweating is the another symptoms of the patient. Red coloured rashes appear on the skin three or four days after the infection. In this circumstance there will be thickness on the skin. The bone pain of the patient will be so severe that he will feel that his bone will break into pieces. As a result the disease dengue is also known as” break bone fever.” Complication In addition to the normal type of dengue, certain serious type of dengue are also seen. Out of that dengue haemorrhagica is very danger>> Turn to page 13

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to iPhones from Apple’s App Store in as little as 60 seconds, and only a credit card or debit card is needed to create an iTunes account to download the apps. An example of such games is the ‘5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)’ game, which has an image of a man with a knife through his head as a logo, and where players have the option of a number of weapons to “get the job done”. Another is the ‘Girls And Drinks’ game where players are encouraged to drink excessively to attract “sexy” barmaids, with a spiel saying, “Choose a sexy bartender. The more you drink, the sexier she gets”.

Business Digest

July 2010

Panasonic launches FIFA World Cup promotions in Kerala

Footballers N.P. Pradeep and Mohammed Rafi flagging of Panasonic’s FIFA World Cup road show in Kochi. Kunal Dua, Marketing Manager (Consumer Sales Division) Panasonic India (P) Ltd and Baburaj A. Menon, Business Manager are also seen.

Panasonic, the Global Technology leader is the primary sponsor of the Indian National Football Team and by way of this promotes the game of football in India. To leverage this association, Panasonic has planned attractive offers and schemes for its customers during FIFA World Cup season. Panasonic’s road show by way of a mobile cantor whose theme is that of a football stadium was flagged off at Kochi by players from the Indian National Football Team from Kerala, namely N.P. Pradeep and Mohammed Rafi. Panasonic unique offers will compliment the football fever which its customers are so passionate about during this time of the World Cup which comes only once in four years. Panasonic has introduced a unique “Panasonic Soccer Mania 2010” offer on their range of ‘Viera’ Plasma and LCD TVs whereby the customers can get a chance to win

assured gifts. This is aimed to maximize the wave of excitement and joy during the football season. Consumers get a chance to win an assured gift, which include Adidas T-shirts ,Reebok footballs and even Panasonic Products. Introducing the offers, Kunal Dua, Marketing Manager (Consumer Sales Division) Panasonic India (P) Ltd. said “Panasonic Soccer Mania 2010” will bring in a never-before opportunity to all the Panasonic Viera Plasma TV and LCD TV buyers to try their luck with football shaped scratch card and win assured gifts. “With these interesting offers unveiled by Panasonic, we intend to connect with football more closely and strengthen our link with our consumers. We have introduced exciting range of products backed by special offers and we look forward to make this FIFA World Cup time more meaningful and

special for our customres”, says Baburaj A. Menon, Business Manager, Panasonic..The customers will be able to avail these offers till end July at Panasonic Authorised dealers across India. Kunal Dua said that Panasonic consumer division has achieved Rs.900 crore turnover last year and the target for the current year is Rs.1600 crore. According to Baburaj Menon, in Kerala the turnover of last year was Rs.70 crore and expecting Rs.100 crore this year.” In Kerala we have double dhamaka this time as world cup, apart from Onam, will boost the sales. We are targeting a sale of Rs.70 crore during this 4 months”, adds Baburaj. Ms. Radhika, Manager, Corporate Communications, Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd. (Consumer Sales Division) and Ms. Richa Sethi, PR Executive were also present at the press conference.

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ICTT is getting ready for the launch

In the wake of the final additions being made to India’s first transhipment terminal, the Cochin port Trust for very first time in the history of the Indian port industry, made a bold decision to review its vessel related tariff. In a board meeting the board of trustees passed a resolution to match competitors’ tariff for all mainline vessels that will now use ICTT as their transhipment hub in the region. In April this year, the Tariff Authority of Major Ports had passed an order increasing

CoPT already high tariffs further upwards by 40%. The EXIM trade expressed surprise at the increase, describing it as a major blow to the competitiveness of the Port and said that the timing was ill-advised since it was close to the commissioning of the DP World’s ICTT. Associations like CSLA wrote letters to the port requesting CoPT not to implement the increase. The CoPT Board of Trustees has reviewed the VRC for ICTT and approved a lower tariff for mainlines at ICTT effec-

Anil Singh, Senior , Vice President & Managing Director, DP World Subcontinent, DP World and Suresh Joseph, Head of DP World, Kochi interacting with media in Kochi

tive from the date of commissioning till 30 September 2011. The revised tariff is in line with that at transhipment hubs like Colombo, Port Klan, Tanjung Pelepas etc. Anil Singh, Sr, VP & Managing Director, DP World Subcontinent said that “ The decision taken by CoPT is of great significance to the changing face of India’s port industry, and is a testament to CoPT and DP World’s commitment to the success of ICTT and giving our customers and the trade at large a true value proposition.” Progress at ICTT has quickened over the last 3 months. Earlier May the project completed two significant milestones – the completion of all 11 bridges on the new highway connectivity, and the arrival of ICTT’s 11 latest technology eco friendly RTG’s that are going to service the terminals’ 1 million TEU capacity >> Turn to page 13

Indian Chamber conducts workshop on ‘Export Documentation & Marketing’

Funskool ties up with LEGO Funskool (India) Ltd., India’s largest toy company has attained exclusive distribution rights from LEGO Group to distribute the complete range of LEGO toys in India. John Baby, CEO, Funskool (India) Ltd said that in the initial phase Funskool will offer the main categories of toys like LEGO Duplo, LEGO City, LEGO Creator, LEGO Technic, LEGO Atlantis, LEGO Racers,

LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Starwars etc. the company aims to add on more categories in the longer run depending on the market demand and requirement. Distribution of LEGO toys commenced in April and products are now available with all leading retailers of toys in India. Funskool (India) Limited is a leading player in the Indian toy industry. In addition to the

complete range of toys from its joint venture partner Hasbro Inc of USA, the company also represents Tomy, the well known Japanese toy maker in India, and has licenses from Walt Disney for board games and Warner Bros for board games and puzzles. Board games and puzzles of Dora, Doraemon and Noddy are also part of Funskool’s portfolio in India. In addition to Imports, the company manufactures a wide range of toys at its manufacturing units at Goa and Ranipet. Transformers, NERF, PlayDoh, Playskool, Monopoly are all among prominent brands from Hasbro Inc which Funskool markets in India. The company is on an accelerated growth path and registered a growth of 28% in its domestic business in 2009 -10 over the corresponding period of the previous year.

Smt. V. Rama Mathew, Commissioner of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax, inaugurating a twoday workshop on “Export Documentation & Marketing” organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation supported by Hanns Seidal Foundation of Germany in collaboration with the Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, at Kochi. Others in the picture are N. Radhakrishnan, ICCI Former President, Smt. Shipra Chatterjee, FLO Executive Director, Jasbir Singh Chawla, ICCI President and Faculty Dr. Kalyana Chakravathi.

A workshop on “Export Documentation & Marketing” has been conducted by Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mattancherry to impart knowledge and create an awareness among potential exporters of Kochi and peripheral areas. The 2-day workshop was inaugurated by Smt. V. Rama Mathew IRS, Commissioner of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax. In her inaugural address she stated the impor-

tance of export business of a country in general and its documentation process in particular. Most companies have much to learn about selling the products to a particular market, she added. Jasbir Singh Chawla, President, Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry spoke about the Government of India’s initiatives in promoting exports which will ultimately fetch foreign exchange in favour of the country. Smt.

Shipra Chatterjee, Executive Director, FICCI Ladies Organisation, New Delhi, explained how this workshop would help in enhancing the professional skill of exporters of this region. N. Radhakrishnan, former ICCI President, also spoke on the occasion. Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthi, Lecturer in International Business, GSIB, Visakhapatnam, was the faculty in the technical sessions that followed.

Business Digest

July 2010

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Matsyafed starts commercial Banking service in all production of Chitone capsules villages by 2015 The most efficient & safe fat-absorbing food supplement to control obesity In view of the increasing, global acceptance of Chitosan as a natural food supplement against obesity / overweight and high blood cholesterol level and also extending further value addition to the exoskeleton of fresh marine prawns, crabs and lobsters, the Kerala State Cooperative Federation for Fisheries Development Ltd (MATSYAFED) has started its commercial production, under the brand name Chitone. The product is extracted hygienically from the exoskeleton of fresh marine prawn, crab and lobsters in technical collaboration with the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Kochi. The quality control is also maintained by the Institute. Advo. V.V. Saseendran, Chairman,Matsyafed at a press conference in Kochi said that the co-oprative movement has established a hi-tech plant in - Neendakara, Kollam- with capacity to produce 1.5 lakh capsules per day with an in-

vestment of Rs. 1.10 crore. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Meenakumari, Director CIFT said that apart from its role as a fat binder, Chitosan is most effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels. Chitosan is able to reduce the body’s accumulation of low density lipoproteins (LDLs) which are harmful from of cholesterol. Body’s natural production of High Density Lipoproteins or good cholesterol is not affected by chitosan’s fat blocking action. Gross reduction LDLs can keep the ‘Heart and Arteries’ healthy. Dr. D. M. Vasudevan M.D, FRC Path; Department of Biochemistry, Amritha Institute of Medical Science & Research, Kochi said that taking Chitosan before the meals will reduce the amount of fat being absorbed by the body. It will trap the beneficial fat soluble vitamins also. Prolonged use of Chitosan (4-5 months) can lead to deficiency of these vitamins.

Various toxicological studies also show Chitosan is a safe fat absorber. The extensive use of Chitosan as a OTC healthcare product in all the developed and developing countries without any side effects is the proof of its safety and effectiveness, he added. The Federation has ensured availability of Chitone capsules in medical stores as well as shopping malls, cooperative outlets etc. Being an OTC product, consumers can buy it from any of these outlets, without doctor’s prescription. Adv. Saseendran said that Matsyafed is planning to start a Glucose Amine plant at Chantiroor, alappuzha District. Glucose Amine is a medicine for arthritic paients. P.Kesavan Nair, Managing Director, Matsyafed and Ms. Dhanalakshmi, Dy. General Manager,Extension and Mass Communication were also present at the press conference.

ORO presents an exquisite collection of gold bangles Pioneers in crafting world class gold bangles; ORO has unveiled five exquisite bangles to their latest collection. The brand ORO epitomizes purity, quality and value of gold where every product is hallmarked for

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(Phase 1A). Capital Dredging work is to be completed by July equipping the terminal with a 14.5 metre draft, giving Kochi the ability to handle the largest vessels afloat today. Suresh Joseph, Head of DP World Kochi said that “ this is what we needed and it is great to see the Government’s unrelenting support to this

quality. Creating masterpieces for the past three decades with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs and guaranteed product quality, ORO has made a name for itself in the jewellery business. ORO is an exclusive range of bangles showcasing a perfect blend of latest

project. India’s marine related port costs have always been some of the highest in the world and a bone of contention for many shipping lines to grow business in India. CoPT has challenged the status quo. By offering the trade competitive prices at Cochin Port, we are confident that ICTT will attract India cargo back to home ground”.

trends with traditional designs, personifying elegance and style. The new range includes Gold, Rhodium, Enamel, Engraving and Stones. The entire collection is made of pure 22 Karat gold. Plain Gold Bangles: This is a stunning collection of gold bangles crafted in pure 22 Karat gold designed in a traditional style. Rhodium Bangles: Beautifully crafted gold bangles with rhodium plating, designed in white or black colour, perfectly blending traditional and contemporary styles. Enamellieur Bangles: The enamel collection is stylized in traditional meenakari designs personifying elegance and colour. Engraving: A trendy collection of colourful and vibrant printed bangles for the generation next. The Move Collection: It is an exotic collection of bangles designed with precious stones, highlighting a woman’s inner beauty. This collection is priced from Rs. 40,000 onwards. Elaborating about the collection, Avinash Pahuja, Managing Director, ORO said “ORO’s blend of traditional and contemporary designs offer something for every woman. The entire ORO collection is hallmarked, ensuring purity in quality with genuine 22 karat gold used in all our creations.”

“By 2015 all villages in India should have booking service and all households in the country should carry a bank account,” said Dr. K.C. Chakrabarty, Deputy Governor of RBI. He was releasing the 14th issue of the India micro small and medium enterprises report 2010 by Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED), in Kochi. “Todays micro enterprises are tommorrow’s small ones, and then they grow to medium, later to national and then to

multinational levels.” In this era of globalisation, organisations can’t attain growth if they neglect micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). Loans to GDP ratio in India is 55%, where as it is 155% in many other countries. That account for the lack of banking service in 90% of the total 600,000 villages in India. The Federal system which offered on inherent strength to the Indian economy, saves us from the worst of melt down crisis. A major contributory fac-

tor was the cushioning produced by MSHE’s. “The report is an aperture for the vast population who are socially excluded and the victims of the catching-up syndrome”, said Prof. Kamal Nayan Kabra, who spoke on the occasion. The report was introduced by Prof. Yerram Raju, Senior Fellow ISED, T.O. Sooraj, Director of Industries, Kerala, Dr. P.M. Mathew, ISED, Director and KSSIA representative Francis Mundadan also spoke.

Dr. K.C. Chakrabarthy, Dy. Governor, RBI releasing the 14th issue of the India Micro Small and Medium Exterprises report in Kochi. Prof. Yerram Raju, Dr. P.M. Mathew, Prof. K.N. Kabra and T.O. Sooraj are also seen.

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ous. In addition to the usual signs and symptoms this patient would have bleeding from various part of the body especially from nose, gum etc. Diagnosis Various tests are done in a clinical laboratory for the diagnosis of dengue fever. Usually routine blood test like Platelets test, Elisa test etc may be performed. In a positive case total count of WBC will be comparatively very low. Total

number of WBC will come between 2000- 4000 cells per cu. mm of blood. This is known as leucopoenia. In differential count test usually the number of granulocytes cells will be much decreased. The platelet count also will be very low. There will be elevation in the Liver function tests of the patient . Preventive measures Since Dengue is a mosquito -borne disease if one live very carefully it can be avoided. To control this infection we

should take certain precautions. Preventing mosquito bites is the most important and effective step against this infection. Avoid stagnation of water around the dwelling place. Spray DDT in the drainage. Use mosquito net while sleeping. If one follow such precaution against mosquito biting, it is possible to control spreading of this infection. If the patient is in a serious condition he should be treated in a hospital under the guidance of a specialist doctor.

Confirming the central government’s interference, the CBI never persued to get Anderson extradicted after he left to U.S. Anderson was arrested on December 7, 1984 and was released on bail the same day. CBI investigation officer B.R. Lal was saying that he was under pressure from the external affairs ministry not to pursue the case against Union Carbide Chief Warren Anderson. Abhishek Singhvi, the vocal spokesperson of Congress (I) and the legal advisor of Sonia Gandhi has given legal advice to Dow Chemicals, again a US multinational which took over Union Carbide Corporation after the Bhopal tragedy. It was in 2006. Singhvi was asked to offer advice to Dow by Prime Ministers’ Principle Secretary, T.K.A. Nair. Singhvi told Dow that it cannot be in anyway held accountable for what

happened in Bhopal as it has acquired Union Carbide India Ltd. years after the tragedy. He also told Dow that it will not be liable for the contamination and its clam-up as it can’t be seen as the successor-in-business of Union Carbide. Before this incident Andrew Liveris, CEO of Dow Chemicals met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New York in 2005. Letters written between 2006 and 2008 indicates that ministers in the UPA Government supported the Dow Chemical’s plea that it was not responsible for cleaning up the Union Carbide site. The then Commerce and Industries Minister Kamal Nath had asked the Prime Minister in 2007, requesting him to concede the plea of Dow as the company was willing to play a lead role in the flow of FDI Info India. The same year the Cabinet Secretary wrote to the Prime Minister supporting the view of Kamal Nath.

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The accused moved the Madhya Pradesh High Court, challenging the lower court’s decision to try them for culpable homicide. Their plea was that they could atmost be tried for committing the milder offence of causing death due to a rush and negligence act, which entails a maximum sentence of two years. Although High Court rejected their plea in 1996 Supreme Court bench chaired by the Chief Justice Ahamadi acceded the version of the accused. It was evident that the then congress government under late Rajiv Gandhi was behind the safe passage of Anderson from India after the incident. Even AICC General Secretary Digvijay Singh has made a statement confirming this. 4 days after the gas leak Anderson was flown to Delhi in then Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Arjun Singh’s official plane.

Business Digest

July 2010

Page No. 14

Bankers' Club felicitates Birth World: The heaven for mothers and their babies K.U. Balakrishnan K.U. Balakrishnan, vibrant General Secretary of the State Forum of Bankers' Clubs, Kerala as well as the Secretary of Greater Kochi Bankers' Club who retired from the services of Corporation Bank has been given a touching send-off by the members of Greater Kochi Bankers Club. As Balakrishnan's continued service will be available for the club, his send-off function infact, turned in to a felicitation by his colleagues. Speakers after speakers stressed the fact that although K.U.B. served Corporation Bank for a long period of 38 years, he spent more of his

time for Bankers' Club than the Bank. L.R.R. Warrier president of the Club said that K.U.B. is a visionary and State Forum of Bankers' Club Club was his brain child. Abraham Thariyan, Executive Director, South Indian Bank and Chief Patron of the Club pointed out that Balakrishnan became undisputed leader of the Bankers' Club movement because of his hardwork and he was successful in co-ordinating with junior staff of the banks to top management bringing them under one umbrella. Abraham P. Kurian, Dy. General Manager, Corporation Bank, M.S. Ramani, Chief Re-

gional Manager, Indian Overseas Bank, N. Devadas, Dy General Manager, Vijaya Bank, V.I. Mathew, Dy. General Manager (Retired), Union Bank of India, Thomas Mathew, Ex-president, Bankers' Club, Palakkad, P.V. Surendranath, Asst. General Manager, Catholic Syrian Bank, Captain Premnath, Chief Manager, SBT, S.P. Pillai, Senior Manager, Bank of India, Kollam and T.V.G. Ramanathan felicitated Balakrishnan. K. Surendran, Joint Secretary of the Club welcomed the gathering and K. Rajeev, Vice President proposed a vote of thanks.

Birth World, wholly owned subsidiary of Med Tree Healthcare pvt Ltd is launching an innovative range of maternity and infant care services that specializes in meeting the infants. Birth world services inunique and ever-changing cludes Birth spa which focus on needs of pregnant women and infant massage therapy and

Birth academy for child birth education. It also provides other variety of pregnancy support services . It’s like get together place for pregnant women, moms and babies, a place where they can relax and >> Turn to page 15

Rajeev Satva lauds the philanthropic activities of Madhavrau Scindia Trust

Rajeev Satva, President, All India Youth Congress inaugurating the ambulance with freezer facility introduced by Madhavrau Scindia Charitable Trust, Kannur to mark its 9th anniversary.

Abraham Thariyan, Executive Director, South Indian Bank and Chief Patron, State Forum of Bankers’ Club presenting memento to K.U. Balakrishnan. L.R.R. Warrier, President, Bankers’ Club and Mrs. Shailaja Balakrishnan are also seen.

State Forum of Bankers’ Clubs: L.R.R. Warrier and K.U. Balakrishnan re-elected

L.R.R. Warrier President

K.U. Balakrishnan General Secretary

V. Shyam Sunder Joint Treasurer

N.B. Viswan Vice President

K.T.P. Unnikrishnan Vice President

Tiney Dev Secretary

Clubs in the state held in Kochi reelected L.R. Ramachandra Warrier as President and K.U. Balakrishnan as General Secretary. Other office –bearers are K. K. Surendran Surendran, Kochi Treasurer (Treasurer), M.V. Shyam Sunder, Thrissur (Joint Treasurer), N.B. Viswan, Kochi, K . T . P . Unnikrishnan, Kozhikode and Sivadasan P. Pillai, Kollam (Vice Presidents), K.T. S.P. Pillai S u d h e e r , Vice President Kozhikode, Peter The An- Sebastian, Kochi and Tiney nual Gen- Dev, Palakkad (Secretaries). eral body Manoharan - Guruvayur, meeting of K.V. Suresh - Kozhikode, Roy The State Xavier - Muvattupuzha, AnForum of thony Johnson - Thrissur, B a n k e r s ’ P.A.Premkumar - Kannur, C l u b s , P.K.Sugathan - Thrissur, Kerala ,the K.L.Tomy - Kothamangalam, apex body >> Turn to page 15 of Bankers’

Rajeev Satva, President, All India Youth Congress said that the philanthropic activities of Madhavrau Scindia Charitable Trust of Kannur, targeting the poor and the deprived were commendable. Launching the Ambulance with freezer facilities to mark the 9th anniversary of Madhavrau Scindia Charitable Trust, Rajeev added that the

activities of the Trust were more remarkable considering the backwardness of the region. The ambulance was dedicated to the memory of late Mercy Ravi. K. Pramod, Chairman, Madhavrau Scindia Charitable Trust presided over the function. K.P. Anilkumar, former Youth Congress State Presi-

dent, P.K. Vijayaraghavan Master, Brijesh Kumar, Pradeep Vattipram, Adv. Rasheed Kavvai, Rigil Makkatti, Jaison Thomas, Shaji Chaliloth, Abdulla Blathur, Kallikkodan Rajesh, Kookkiri Rajesh, Sajith, Rajeevan Elayavoor, Rajeev Puthalath and K. Lakshmanan spoke on the occasion. Adv. Sajeev Joseph welcomed the gathering.

Business Digest

July 2010

Page No. 15

Try to bring investments from Gulf Sundaram BNP Paribas Home countries: Capt. Krishnan Nair Finance to strengthen presence Captain C.P. Krishnan Nair, Chairman, Leela Group said that investments from Middle East will be helpful for the development of Kerala. He adviced those concerned to try for it as the present situation is congenial for the development of the state. Releasing the manual

broughtout in connection with the Gobal NRI Meet being held in Kannur in July by handing over it to A.P. Abdullakutty M.L.A., Capt Krishnan Nair pointed out that the new projects such as Kannur Airport, Azheekal Port and Power Plant are able to change the very face of Kannur.

Aattakoya Pallikandi, Chairman, Indo-Arab Confederation presided over the function. Mahesh Chandra Baliga, President, North Malabar Chamber of Commerce was the chief guest. T.K.C. Ahmed, Assinar Thalankara, Shukkoor Nangarath, Remsy Hassan and K.K. Subair spoke. T.K.C. Ahmed proposed a vote of thanks. From page 14

At a function held in Kannur, Captain C.P. Krishnan Nair releasing the Silver Jubilee Manual brought out in connection with the Global NRI Meet being conducted by Indo-Arab Confederation Council, by handing over it to A.P. Abdullakutty, M.L.A. (From left): Mahesh Chandra Baliga, T.K.C. Ahmed, Aattakoya Pallikkandi, Assinar Thalankara, Shukkoor Nangarath, Remsy Hassan and K.K. Subair are also seen.

From page 10

Kerala, a monthly newsletter being brought our by the Corporation. Dr PT Nandakumar, President of the Trivandrum Management Association received the fist copy form the Minister. T Balakrishnan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Srinivas IAS, Additional Secretary-Industries and Alkesh Sharma, IAS, Managing Director-KSIDC attended the function. National Resource Centre The National Resource Centre for Industrial Development (NRCID) has been set up at the KSIDC headquarters at Keston Road, Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram, for the benefit of the investor community, academia and researchers. The platform can also be made use of by government departments, State PSUs and new entrepreneurs. NRCID will provide services towards economic research and collection of reliable data on industry and economy in India, including Data Analysis and Forecast. Services of trained professionals will also be made available, to ensure efficient use of databases and to help the users. The Centre will have the central Terminal set up by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd (CMIE) for providing authentic information on different fields, including Macro Economic Databases, Firm Level Databases, Sectoral Databases and Regional Databases.It will also offer a State Analysis Service through which the economic development of the state is closely monitored, major sectors and industries are tracked and the results presented in the

form of a “State Analysis Service”. The centre will help address problems such as absence of knowledge about the right source for data, non-uniformity of available data, difficulty in comparability, hindrances for standardization of data etc., which are essential for drawing inference and which also would help to frame policies and guidelines. Such centers are already functioning in the States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and in institutions such as IIM –A, IIM- C, large corporates like HUL Ltd, ITC Ltd and financial institutions / banks. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India also avail such services. Newsletter The monthly 8-page English newsletter - ‘Enterprise and Industrial Update-Kerala’ will seek to create and enhance Kerala’s image as an investorfriendly state. It will report the developments on the industrial and investment front of Kerala and feature the latest trends, industry-specific reports and interviews. The newsletter will be mailed to decision-makers, administrators, CEOs of prominent industries/organizations in India and abroad, educational institutions, research institutions, banks/financial institutions, editors/correspondents of Indian and foreign newspapers and journals. The e-version of the newsletter will be available on the KSIDC website and will also be mailed to various stakeholders.

T.G. Balakrishnan - Ernakulam, Ravi Mohan - Kollam, K. Mohanan, Kothamangalam, Raj Mohan- karunagappally, T. Mukundan- Kannur, G. Madhusudanan NairKayamkulam and Ramachandran Ernakulam are the Executive Committee members. President and Secretary of all affiliated clubs will be the members of Executive Committee. Returning officer N.R. Pillai conducted the election proceedings. L.R. R. Warrier Presided. K.U. Balakrishnan presented the annual report.

in South India With the Housing market in recovery mode, Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance (SBNPPHF), the Housing Finance Subsidiary of Sundaram Finance Ltd., which achieved a 39% growth in disbursements in 2009-10, is now looking to expand and strengthen its presence with increased investments in the four Southern Markets this year. Sundaram Home will be adopting the ‘Hub and Spoke’ model for expansion as it enters the next phase of growth. Srinivas Acharya, Managing Director, Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance Ltd said that over the next 12months, the company will be specifically targeting the Karnataka and Kerala markets and ex-

pects contribution from these markets to rise from the current single digit levels. Sundaram Home’s expansion in Karnataka and Kerala will include opening up new offices in Hubli, Mangalore and Mysore regions in Karnataka and in Kollam and Malappuram districts and the Thiruvananthapuram market in Kerala, among other locations in these two states. In addition to the above, Sundaram Home will also expand its already strong presence in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh by penetrating into more Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns in these two states. Going forward, the company will also explore the possibility of expanding into other locations in

India.As part of this growth strategy, SBNPPHF will also leverage the strong Sundaram Finance branch network and existing customer base to expand its presence in these markets. Currently, about 25% of the Home Finance customers are existing customers of Sundaram Finance. Sundaram Home has over 23000customers. Sundaram BNP Paribas Home ended FY10 with Net Profit of Rs.27.72cr. Similar to the parent company (Sundaram Finance), the Housing Finance subsidiary, too had an industry best in class Net NPA of just 0.11%, again reflecting the focus on customer quality.

Microsoft launches Office 2010 System Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. announced the availability of Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010 and Project 2010 for business customers in India and across

the world. More than 90 million existing business customers worldwide can start taking advantage of the latest office productivity suite from Microsoft that delivers the best unified

productivity experience across PC, Web and Mobile. ‘When we set out to reinvent the world’s favorite productivity suite, we discovered

ment specialists” Said ,Dr.M.A.Babu,Managing Director of Medtree Healthcare Pvt Ltd. The state- of -the art facility at Panampilly Nagar, Kochi will be officially opened during the first week of July’10. Speaking on the benefits of

gestion and teething,decrease production of stress hormones, strengthens the parent’s understanding of their baby’s cues and increases parent’s confidence in infant care. ‘In a study conducted

first of year operation, mainly, through franchising. A large portion of the investment of the center will be done by the franchisee. The investments required for setting up a center is around 15 lacs. MedTree will

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From page 14

be pampered while simultaneously getting educated with the information and services they need. Birth world provides services for women still trying to get pregnant, and those in their postpartum months and offers almost everything a

Dr. Surya Subhashini conducting baby massage classes

woman could need or want in respect to pregnancy. Birth World aims at making strong, competent, capable mothers. “Birth world will be the first centre in India to provide scientific infant massage therapy in an organised manner , with highly qualified physiotherapists and clinical child develop-

infant massage training, Chief Program officer, Dr.Surya Subhashini said that infant massage emphasis on mom’s loving touch and through this babies learn the comfort of loving and of being loved. Infant massage also helps baby learn to relax, enhances bonding and communication between the child and the mother, aids growth and development of the baby, improves immune system,promote positive body image,helps to regulate digestive,respiratory ans circulatory systems, improves baby’s sleep,helps in relieving discomfort from gas, colic, con-

Birth World Team (Team of Physiotherapists and Child Development Specialists)

Touch Institute of US it was found that the children who were undergone massage therapy were 41% more smarter and energetic than others’, says, Rafeeq, Director, Med Tree. The Clinical child development specialists from Birth World were trained in Malaysia by Sister Choon, Regional Director,Asia-Pacific, International Association of Infant Massage, USA. Birth World, promoted by a group of NRI doctors and businessmen will initially extend their services to Kochi and has plans to set up 25 centers in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta,Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram, in the

concentrate mainly in concept development, setting the standards and creating a brand. According to Dr. Babu arrangements have been already made to launch Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram centres. Child Birth Education and Infant Massage courses are conducted in 4 sessions each. Rs.500/- to be charged for each session. For more information contact: Ms.Sajeena Rafeeque, Corporate office, Birth World, 27/292, 7th cross, KrishnaVihar Colony, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi-16, Tel:0484 4062220 Email:

Business Digest

July 2010

Page No. 16

IIM Kozhikode to partner with Coir Board to celebrate “YEAR OF Kerala government in higher COIR 2010” in a befitting manner education, tourism and health To offer management training programe in Kochi

Debashis Chatterjee

IIM Kozhikode, one of India’s top business school, credited with so many firsts is once again at the core of changing Kerala’s business landscape. IIMK will take the lead and partner with the Govt of Kerala to create leaders in education, tourism and health. Initiatives will be taken towards charting a course with different ministries and IIMK will be the epi centre for repositioning Kerala and be a catalyst in the state’s resurgence. IIMK focused on creating true leaders is organizing a Leadership Clinic, a 3 day workshop in Mumbai. IIM K hopes to global-

ize Indian wisdom and create thought leaders for domestic and overseas businesses. The institute plans to become a ‘centre of differentiated learning’ and is exploring the possibility of offering a new program in Kochi for driving its various initiatives. The Kochi management training programme will target managers working in different organizations who possess a chance to become the Chief Executive of the respective organizations in future. Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director, IIM Kozhikode at a press conference in Kochi said that the Institute is planning one year training programme as well as short-term programmes. According to Dr. Sanal Kumar Velayudhan, Fellow IIMA Professor- Marketing Area & Dean (Development) Member, Board of Governors the IIM K is also expanding its horizon to foreign shores through Management Development Programs and Interactive Distance Learning and pushing its agenda of creating leaders.

“Though IIM Kozhikode is the fifth IIM in India, it is the first for many initiatives. It will be the first B School to induct close to 100 women students, this year. Assuming 25% qualify to become CEOs then 15 years later we are looking at Indian and Global women CEOs who have their origin in IIM K. The Institute seeks to inculcate the spirit of social sensitivity and environmental consciousness in its management students. IIM Kozhikode is committed to the development of communities of dependable, capable, caring and fair-minded people who will lead India and the world in the future, adds Dr Chatterjee. On 28th June, IIM Kozhikode is set to create history and induct nearly 100 women students in 2010 batch. The institute aspires to create the first batch of women leaders for global and Indian businesses in the next 15 years and create pathways for the young and new IIMs to follow. T.T. Thomas, Board member, IIM-K was also present at the press conference.

M. Narendra will the next CMD of IOB The Government of India decided to appoint M. Narendra, Executive Director, Bank of India as the next Chairman & Managing Director of Indian Overseas Bank. 6 more public sector banks will get new CMDs. H.S.U. Kamath, ED, Canara Union Bank of India will move Bank will be the CMD of to Canara Bank as CMD, R. Vijaya Bank, S. Raman, ED, Ramachandran, ED, Syndicate

Bank will assume charge as the CMD of Andhra Bank, Ramnath Pradeep, ED, Central Bank of India will take charge as the CMD of Corporation Bank, Nagesh Pydah, ED, Punjab National Bank will head Oriental Bank of Commerce as CMD and Arun Kaul, ED, Central Bank of India will move to Uco Bank as CMD.

The Coir Board has drawn up an elaborate action plan to celebrate the “Year of Coir2010” at the national level in a befitting manner in order to enhance the share of coir and coir products in the domestic market following its recent approval by the Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. As part of the year long celebrations, the Board will undertake aggressive publicity campaigns throughout the country to create an awareness among the public on the diverse utility of the eco-friendly coir and coir products for floor furnishing, soil and water conservation, and as an ideal substitute for wood products be-

sides for agriculture and horticulture purposes, Coir Board Chairman V S Vijayaraghavan said . The governmental declaration to this effect was formally launched by Union Defence Minister A.K.Antony, by handing over its copy to Kerala Minister for Co-operation and Coir G Sudhakaran at the function organized in connection with the inauguration of the Palakkad Coir Cluster . The Board has also identified various activities including organization of workshops and seminars in various parts of the country, conduct of school level competitions, as also architects and interior decorators meets besides participation in major

trade fairs within the country and abroad to popularize the utility of coir and coir products. Intensive campaigns about the technological innovations and research findings of the Central Coir Research Institute, Kalavoor and the Central Institute of Coir Technology, Bangalore, in order to improve quality of products would also be undertaken in an aggressive manner during the period. The growing global demand for coir and coir products because of its eco-friendly nature, vouched by its enhanced exports to the global market has prompted the government to launch the Year of Coir-2010, Vijayaraghavan added.

eral other features and enhancements that allow businesses save, innovate and grow.”, said Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman - Microsoft India As per a Forrester Research, companies deploying Office 2010, SharePoint 2010,

Exchange 2010 and Office Communications Server 2007 R2 can expect more than 300% return on investment in less than a year; see more than $13 million in savings over a three year period and an average savings of more than two work weeks per year.

From page 15

that seamless collaboration and anywhere, anytime access to documents are crucial enablers of the next generation of productivity gains. The latest wave of Office 2010 and related products delivers exactly that, along with a host of sev-

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ACHIEVERS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION For more details: Baby Jose : 09249562510 Email:

Edited, Printed and Published by P.V. Radhamani, Printed at Printers Castle, Kochi - 16. Published at Journalist Nagar, Thrikkakara P.O., Kochi - 21. Chief Editor: A. Madhavan (Responsible for selection of news under PRB Act). Tel: 98471 78836, 90482 11587, 0484-4025403/3240781. Fax: 0484-2357581 E-mail:, Web:


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