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Presents WWTP Rural Waste Water Treatment Plant

Facts • For governments and local authorities the protection of fresh water sources like groundwater, river water and surface water are essential. • Fresh water is the most important source pre-dominantly for the production of drinking water. • For development of tourism and recreation clean and reliable surface water is of great importance. • The challenge therefore lies in avoiding domestic and industrial pollution.

Traditional design • For decades domestic wastewater treatment has relied upon bespoke designs based on concrete construction and tanks. • This approach has led to a great diversity in design, construction, engineering. • This makes such water technology for many decision makers and end users inaccessible. • In many cases this has resulted in a disappointing performance as well as high operating and maintenance costs. • Furthermore installations based on concrete constructions are difficult to modernize or adapt to growing waste streams.

Concrete design • Costs of a new build project based on concrete constructions are not just restricted to material expenses. • But also costs for other design factors, construction calculations & design drawings. • In addition, concrete structures are most inflexible so that future improvements, scaling and system changes are virtually impossible. • This often results in such outdated plants being shut down and dismantled at high cost.

PUREleau WWTP Basic design criteria • Decentralized rather than centralized design. (Small and manageable) • Based on standardized system and parts. • Modular design; simple and up scalable. • Simple assembly and fast delivery time. • Easy to relocate and re-use providing the ultimate level of sustainability. • Low operation and maintenance costs. • Easy to maintain; only requires low level skilled staff.

PUREleau design • Based on a Pre-fabricated system. • Uses standard apparatus and parts. • Uses standardized, user-friendly software. • Easy to transport anywhere globally in 20 and 40 ft containers. • Easy to assemble and position on-site. • Use of sustainable materials with a low Carbon Footprint.

PUREleau WWTP tank installation • Direct from the pallet, the corrugated steel or composite plates are placed on a tile or concrete floor. • The corrugated plates are easily mounted by bolts and nuts. • These tank systems are available in diameters ranging from 1,8 meter up to 31 meter, height varies from 6,10 meter down to 2,36 meter, depending on the diameter.

PUREleau WWTP Tank liner installation • After mounting the metal tanks a protective felt is laid inside to cover the sides and bottom mounted. • By means of straps and ratchet buckles the tank liner is fastened externally. • Several solutions such as conical outlets and flanges provides a watertight connection to the inlet and outlet pipes.

PUREleau WWTP Assembling of equipment • Once the tanks are installed, the aeration systems and mixers can be mounted. • The supply line from the local authority can be connected. • The container and hardware can be positioned between the tanks. • The platform is on top of the container which allows the tanks to be easily inspected and the required equipment can be put in place.

PUREleau WWTP Container with hardware • A container is prepared with all the required controls and instruments installed. • A fan for the ventilation system, power steering pumps and pre-assembled couplings can be connected externally. • A computer is installed in a separate room which provides process control and interfaces with the various processes.

PUREleau WWTP The result

PUREleau tank systems Variety of solutions

PUREleau WWTP Features Over all features for metal and composite systems: • Low investment costs, use of pre design and standardized systems. • Short delivery time, delivery from stock. • Pre design as a self build kit, easy and fast to install. • Easy to transport in 20 or 40 ft containers all over the world. • Easy to relocate and re-use providing the ultimate level of sustainability. • High UV and chemical resistance.

Presentation BUCON_ARCADIS ovember2-nd, The Hague  
Presentation BUCON_ARCADIS ovember2-nd, The Hague  

Presentation Bucon The Hague