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September 2011

COMPANY PROFILE Berson UV was founded in Nuenen, The Netherlands in 1972 by Hans Berson and started out as a manufacturer of high voltage insect exterminator equipment. In the mid 1970's, the Company changed their main direction to UV-C disinfection, and in the late seventies opened their own Research facility that focussed mainly on the development of new lamp technologies and new applications for UV-C disinfection. In 1979, the Company was the first UV equipment producer to develop and supply medium pressure lamp technology for the disinfection of Drinking Water in the Netherlands. Within a few years, Berson had supplied more than 50 Drinking Water plants with UV-installations fitted with Berson medium pressure lamps. Their focus on new market applications started paying off resulting in UV installations being supplied for; Industrial Water treatment, Pharmaceutical applications, Maritime and Off-shore disinfection, Swimming Pools and Sewage Waste Water disinfection. By the mid-eighties, Berson UV became an internationally recognised UV supplier, represented by an extensive network of agents and distributors throughout the world. In 1986, Berson UV was taken over by an English Holding Company, HALMA plc. The new Holding, with a turnover of over £ 300 million and growing, already had more than 50 different companies in the field of Environment and Safety within the Group. They were able to provide Berson with substantial support through their significant financial resources. In 1990, these resources were used to support the development of another ground breaking UV technology involving both new lamp technology and a revolutionary UV-chamber design. It took another five years to fully test and then commercialise this advanced UV-technology. Then in 1995, Berson UV introduced their new product line; the bersonInLine® with bersonMultiWave lamp technology. This was a milestone in the history of UV-technology development and took the UV world by storm. It opened up a much wider field of applications for UV-technology, including Semiconductor plants, Fish Hatcheries, Advanced Photo-oxidation, Ballast Water treatment and Industrial Waste Water disinfection. By the end of the twentieth century Berson UV-techniek was one of the world's leading UV companies with extensive experience in the fields of Drinking Water, Sewage Water and Industrial Waste Water disinfection and supported by a substantial list of references in these applications. Today, with more than 16,000 UV-installations in all corners of the World, Berson UV-techniek is well qualified to provide their customers with effective solutions for UV-disinfection using the best available technology in the business. Many of Bersons’ UV-units for disinfection of drinking water are third party validated according to the German DVGW), the Austrian Ö-norm, the Swiss SVGW/SSIGE and US-EPA. Bersons’ UV wastewater-disinfection units are per april 2009 validated for implementation in re-use according to the American NWRI /AWWRf UV-guidelines.


ORGANISATION Berson UV-techniek currently employs 30 people at their headquarters in Nuenen, The Netherlands. It is an independent UV company with its own Research, Production and Technical Service facilities. It combines its own sales force organisation with an agent/ distributor network around the world made up of more than 60 local representatives. Agents and distributors can be found throughout the North American continent, in all European countries, in most countries in Asia-Pacific, South America, South Africa and Middle East. EXPERIENCES A selection of some of the 16,000 reference installations are illustrated below:

Mery-sur-l’Oise – Paris, France Drinking Water disinfection Type: bersonInLine 1500 Number units: 5 Configuration: parallel Gwinnett County, Georgia, USA Yellow River/Sweetwater Creek Secondary wastewater disinfection Type: bersonInLine 25000 Number units: 4 Configuration: parallel Flow: 5.450 m³/h Disinfection: <25 cfu/100 Cyberport WWTP, Hong Kong Primary wastewater disinfection (CEPT) Type: bersonInLine 5000 Number units: 4 x 3 Configuration: parallel / series Flow: 1.050 m³/h


Gwinnett County, Georgia, USA Crooked Creek Secondary wastewater disinfection Type: bersonInLine 25000 Number units: 4 Configuration: parallel Flow: 6.240 m続/h Disinfection: <25cfu/100 ml

Essen-Horst, Germany

Drinking water disinfection (german DVGW-validated) Type: BiL 15000+ DVGW Units: 4 Flow 4400 m3/h

In Europe, Berson UV has sold more than 5000 UV-installations for (municipal) drinking water disinfection and in the USA, Southern Europe and Australia, Berson UV-techniek has installed more than 500 closed channel bersonInLine速 installations for the disinfection of secondary and primary sewage waste waters.



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