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ranspower New Zealand began operating as a separate State-Owned Enterprise in 1994 and prides itself on being the backbone to New Zealand’s economic and social well-being for more than a century. Today, Transpower is the owner and operator of the New Zealand national grid. The high voltage transmission network is made up of lines and substations connecting areas of electricity generation in towns and cities across the whole of New Zealand. Though more than an electricity supplier, Transpower recognises its responsibility

for making it possible for families across the country to enjoy hot showers and home entertainment. Operating, maintaining and managing the national grid, Transpower make it possible for families and businesses, throughout the country, to effortlessly enjoy a commodity that is taken for granted the world over. Yet consumers often forget that the electricity so readily enjoyed now, was considered an unattainable luxury just a few generations ago. As a country, New Zealand began building its national grid over 100 years ago and it is the

vision of making electricity accessible to everyone that has enabled Transpower to continue realising this dream. Working to maintain and build upon this vision, Transpower make it possible for people in New Zealand to economically heat and cool their homes, make morning coffees and cook family dinners. Electricity is the cornerstone of our lives across the world, but continued growth means diversifying with the technological changes available and Transpower is continuously searching for new and innovative solutions for the challenges we face.

Demand response Today’s peak demand continues to increase and with the mass use of electronic cars looking ever more likely in the future, the increase in demand of energy will only continue to grow. Providing real value and benefiting communities, Transpower is responding innovatively to such constraints on supply. With demand reaching maximum capacity of transmission lines in a few regions, essential maintenance can sometimes temporarily limit the amount of electricity available to be transported,

leading to constrained supply of electricity and increased costs. Transpower is working tirelessly to keep the lights on for its customers, but recognises something must give. An expensive solution would be to build more lines and towers but with it often only being a problem during times of maintenance, that would not make good business sense. The Transpower Demand Response programme is an ideal situation for the small number of areas impacted, this innovative scheme works with organisations during times that the supply is stretched and enables businesses to earn extra revenue by reducing their energy consumption during agreed periods. With the cost of introducing

infrastructure outweighing the speed in which demand will grow in these few areas, Demand Response offers a unique opportunity to areas that are impacted. The scheme works by alerting participants when the demand is forecasted to be larger than capacity. Demand Response members are alerted digitally, with a mobile app or e-mail inviting participants to specify if that time is convenient for using a generator and turning off their electricity, in return for extra revenue. During shortage events, members can lighten Transpower’s load by using a standby generator for an agreed time frame, often lasting no longer than a couple of hours. With access to on-site

Ashhurst Engineering and Construction (AEC) leads the way in providing steel, stainless and aluminium fabrication, electricity generators, transmitters and folding services. Located centrally in New Zealand, with a purpose-built, fully-equipped engineering facility, AEC is a one-stop shop for quality fabrication services. Our full in-house service means we are able to consistently deliver projects on time and on budget. Having been originally founded in 1875, AEC has worked hard to build a reputation for delivering on large, challenging projects to enhance the success of our clients. Focusing on quality, customer focused growth, innovation and productivity, the majority of our work today is in steel fabrication for substations, hydro dams and wind farms throughout New Zealand. We also deliver ongoing maintenance services for the latter both domestically and overseas.

generators during such events, members can continue with business as usual. It’s not just district councils taking part, there are growing numbers of members that recognise the benefits that the scheme offers the community too. Whilst this innovative scheme may not be the answer for every region, particularly when an area is experiencing continuously high growth in demand, it is certainly managing demand on the grid in restricted areas. Offering a win-win situation to many small businesses who need to run a generator regularly anyway, Transpower has successfully implemented a scheme that enables consumers to receive compensation for its involvement. Simultaneously, businesses

recognise that in addition to the extra money, they are helping to manage the demand in the community and prevent a shortage in supply. Charging the industry In addition to innovating, providing an enviable service and ensuring the communities it strives to supply are kept in the light, Transpower is committed to working in a socially responsible way. From sponsoring educational activities and assisting communities, to ensuring safety is at the forefront of the organisation, Transpower’s Zero Harm policy is in place for its workers and the public. Working closely with its stakeholders, Transpower is


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dedicated to remaining respectful to both the communities but also the environment in which it operates. The organisation actively works to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and reports on its carbon footprint annually. With consumers becoming increasingly concerned by climate change, in recent years Transpower has responded by ensuring its supply is sustainable. Currently, it is producing more than 80% of its power from green energy sources, from hydro dams in the south to wind turbines in the blustery hills. With plans in place to increase this to 90% by 2025, Transpower is charging the country as well as the industry and looks set to enjoy a bright future.

The lady who knows what’s watt Alison Andrew is the Chief Executive and bright spark of Transpower Newzealand. Having joined Transpower in 2014, Andrew has held many senior executive roles across various industry sectors during her career. Most recently as Global Head of Chemicals for Orica PLC and has also held the position of Director for Genesis Energy. Prior to these most recent roles, Andrew was in a number of senior roles at Fonterra Cooperative Group and worked across the Fletcher Challenge Group in Energy, Forests and Paper. Alison has a MBA from Warwick University and studied Engineering (Chemicals and Materials) at Auckland University.

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