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ransGrid’s proud history of connecting New South Wales residents to energy stretches back more than six decades, operating one of Australia’s largest electricity transmission networks. During this time, it has proven its capability in planning, building, operating and maintaining an extensive network that has matured over this time, creating a sustainable business with a highly skilled workforce along the way. TransGrid operates and manages the major high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and the ACT,with an office at the Sydney Central Business District and operations at various sites around the region including Western Sydney, Orange, Wagga Wagga, Yass, Tamworth and Newcastle. Operating over such a long period of time means TransGrid has had to constantly adapt to changing conditions and demands. It has also had to develop new opportunities for growth outside of its regulated portfolios. Diversifying the business has been a constant consideration, and in 2013 we have branched out with a new business diversification strategy to help strengthen this further.

New era In December last year, NSW Electricity Networks became the new lessee of TransGrid. The Australian-led consortium took on the 99 year lease as owner and operator of the NSW electricity network. The consortium, led by Hastings fund management, is made up of a Canadian pension fund, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait investment authorities and Spark Infrastructure, an ASX listed company. The government expects to complete the transaction by mid-2016. “The lease provides new opportunities for the business in terms of service provision and commercialisation of services,” says TransGrid. Delivering a promise TransGrid plays an integral part in providing critical infrastructure to households and businesses in NSW and the ACT. Its first concern and priority is to provide a safe, secure, reliable and economically efficient network. Maintaining a reliable network in a cost efficient manner means delivering capital works projects on time, on budget and as efficiently as possible requires innovative solutions. TransGrid has committed to responding to the changing environment by altering the way it plans, operates and maintains its network. Energy and demand forecasts form a fundamental input in this process. “Planning and development of the network is undertaken on a cyclical and needs basis to ensure transmission service delivery to energy consumers is cost effective, environmentally responsible and responsive to changing requirements,” says the company.

eNgagiNg with the commuNity TransGrid understands the importance of engaging with the local communities it serves to understand their needs. A major part of this is being able to accurately assess network capabilities and correctly identify the areas of the network where limitations are expected to emerge in the future. Working collaboratively with stakeholders including the community, customers and partners within the electricity industry allows TransGrid to come up with innovative solutions. “We have opened our planning processes and have committed to engaging with the community from the onset of a project,” says TransGrid. “We now start our conversations with the community in the early planning stages, when we identify the need to address an energy supply constraint and involve them in the decision making process.” DemaND maNagemeNt aND NoN-Network solutioNs When the demand for electricity at peak times approaches the capacity of network infrastructure, TransGrid has to act to maintain reliable electricity supply to consumers. Sometimes the use of standby electricity generators or other embedded electricity generation like solar panels or diesel generators are put in place as short-term solutions. As can willing customers to reduce electricity usage at times of peak demand. Reducing peak demand is in the interests of both the network and consumers. It defers the need to build new transmission lines, cables and substations. Managing demand has the potential to reduce electricity bills in the long term while still ensuring a safe and reliable supply of electricity. Installing upgrades to the network is not always necessary,

and TransGrid assesses non-network options alongside network solutions to address constraints where feasible and cost effective to do so. This open-minded approach can defer or avoid significant capital costs associated with network investment and deliver benefits to consumers through lower transmission prices. These include demand management solutions such as load curtailment or shifting, embedded generation and energy conservation measures wherever these factors reduce load on the network. “We are a proven leader in innovative demand side management, integrating demand response into network planning and development of major projects. We have been recognised for our work, claiming the Best Demand Response category of the Energy Efficiency Council Awards,� TransGrid states.

iNNovative solutioNs “We strongly believe that encouraging innovation in engineering, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, supporting research and encouraging greater diversity across our industry are key to addressing the challenges of the future,� says TransGrid. The company appreciates that the energy industry is in a time of transformation. Flexible and scalable, the grid enables TransGrid to accommodate more sustainable solutions as they become more accessible. An important part of this planning and development is to provide connections for proposed new generators, including from the renewable energy sector. TransGrid has invested in constantly looking for new and innovative ways to overcome challenges that may arise.





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Wilson Transformer Company Pty Ltd. Established in 1933 with a proud history, Wilson Transformer Company is a leading specialist in the delivery of transformer solutions. From our manufacturing base in Australia, we deliver solutions to a wide variety of industries and customers around the world including electricity generators, transmission and distribution organisations as well as variety of heavy and light industrial users. Our products range from 16kVA single phase polemount transformers and three phase 100 kVA compact MV substations, right up to three phase 550MVA 400kV transmission transformers. Through collaboration with international organisations and our ongoing focus on innovation, we have pioneered a range of alternative solutions for various sectors that are commercially and technically attractive. Our ideas, experience and commitment to continuous improvement enable us to provide products that minimise our customer’s whole of life cost and operational risks. Within our product range, our state of the art facilities are equal to the best the world has to offer. By using the latest design software, analytical and manufacturing technology, we engineer and manufacture our products in clean work environment incorporating strict quality control measures in all critical processes. We have a dedicated team of people for field operations and support. Our ability to provide cost effective and innovative solutions for transformer life management is proven within the industry and is backed by the resources of our technical teams and manufacturing facilities. We specialise in transformer life optimisation utilising comprehensive transformer audit services to provide accurate condition assessment reports and recommendations for strategic management decisions. We also provide systems for on-line monitoring to ensure asset life is maximised. Through our world-class capabilities, specialist knowledge, proven reliability and partnering with organisations internationally, our customers can be assured of a quality outcome. We are building smart for life solutions and this means performance you can rely on.

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These include iDemand, an electricity demand management system including a battery, solar panels and energy efficient lighting. iDemand is designed to reduce TransGrid’s electricity use at our Sydney West site by almost half at times of peak demand. It facilitates research into and commercial development of demand management opportunities in NSW and funded under TransGrid’s ‘demand management’ allowance for 2009 to 2014. By streamlining the business and working to drive down costs for consumers, TransGrid’s growth strategy is in a good place and the company has a bright future ahead.

NJ Construction -

Professionals in Electrical and Communications Infrastructure Solutions NJ Construction are leading service providers of electrical infrastructure solutions: - Engineering and Design - Construction and Maintenance - Transmission, Distribution and Substations - Utility, Renewable, Mining, Road and Rail NJ Construction self perform the majority of works undertaken and has the capable workforce and modern plant and equipment to ensure efficient and safe performance. NJ Construction was established in 1994 and are known, throughout Australia, for project delivery regardless of complexity using innovative design and construction solutions and a committed team.

Phone: 61 (0)2 6232 9400 Fax: 61 (0)2 6232 9700 Email:

NJ Construction

Specialist Electrical Transmission Line Build and Refurbishment NJC TRANSMISSION AND TRANSGRID With 20 years experience and in excess of 1000 towers refurbished in NSW and Qld, NJ Construction is the foremost transmission line tower refurbishment contractor in Australia. NJ Construction lead the industry with the advancement of work methods to improve safety and increase efficiency. NJ Construction is excited to be a chosen key partner of Transgrid for transmission tower work. NJC is currently undertaking the refurbishment of Steel Lattice Towers at Vales Point Power Station. The scope of work includes the design and replacement of steel members and bolts, replacement of anti-climb devices and the removal of corrosion and contaminated asbestos paint using specialist surface preparation techniques and finally coating with Zinga paint. This work is necessary to extend the life of these critical Transgrid assets that may otherwise need replacement. NJ Construction has the capable workforce and modern plant and equipment to design and construct transmission lines, such as 132kV underground feeders and fibre optic for Endeavour Energy through the streets of Liverpool, or 150km of 132kV concrete pole line from Yass to Wagga Wagga for Transgrid, or the installation of 330kV towers for Transgrid at Ryhope.

NJC RENEWABLE Recent successful delivery of the Moree Solar Farm Electrical Infrastructure (Transmission Line, Substation and Solar Farm) has highlighted NJ Construction’s renewable capability. NJ Construction has extensive experience with design and installation of overhead and underground Wind Farm collector systems and grid connections having being involved with Emu Downs (WA), Snowtown (SA), Gullen Range (NSW), Capital Hill (NSW) and others.

NJC DISTRIBUTION NJ Construction has grown to be the largest Level 1 service provider in NSW providing design and construction services for rural connections, sub divisions and significant highway conflict area relocations and street lighting. NJ Construction can provide considerable resource throughout the state with established offices in Queanbeyan, Dubbo, Port Macquarie, Alstonville and Sydney. NJ Construction has also established a Brisbane office to support our work as authorised Ergon Energy contractors and as Powerlink Transmission Panel contractors. NJC’s Managing Director, Dion Jones, attributes the success of the business to the competent and motivated team at NJ Construction and the maxim that long lasting relationships with our clients are developed through an honest and open approach to contracting.

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