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and Tarong Energy where in both instances she maintained a strong focus on safety. Along with working as the under treasurer for the State, she has also worked as the Chief Financial Officer for Brisbane City Council affording her a strong financial planning acumen.

leadeRsHiP is KeY The problem with vision though is exactly that - it’s only a vision until someone enables it to become a reality. At Queensland Rail, Helen Gluer is the woman tasked with the mammoth task of fulfilling the company’s vision whilst ensuring the trains continue to run on time. Ms Gluer, a former under treasurer for the State, took the reigns in January 2014 on a short-term basis before extending her contract in April of the same year. Prior to her present role, she held diverse roles across a number of banking, financial and infrastructure industry companies. Perhaps most notably she was previously the Chief Executive for Stanwell Corporation

During her impressive career, Gluer has also held a number of positions and directorships such as Director of Brisbane Airport Corporation, TransLink Transit Authority and as Chair of the Central Queensland Ports Authority. These positions have enabled her to build a wealth of experience within the transport sector providing her with a deep and rich understanding of its mechanisms and pinch points. Gluer is also an Adjunct Professor at the Queensland University of Technology and has held previous appointments as the Deputy Chancellor and Council member for the University. Also keen to play a role within the community where possible, she has also been involved as a Trustee of the Lord Mayor’s Community Disaster Relief Appeal Fund and also as a member of the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal. 49

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Australasian Business Coverage Issue 15