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the principles that underpin the way TasRail approaches what are frequently complex social and economic decisions that affect us individually, and as a company - they are essential to TasRail’s commitment to sustainable development,” says the company.


“Working safely is fundamental to the success of our business. A safety or health incident could lead to personal harm for an individual, which we strive to avoid at all costs. Employees are required to stop and complete a pre-task hazard assessment prior to commencing work activities to minimise the risk of an unplanned event. All our people are empowered – and encouraged – to stop work if they don’t feel safe.”

In 2013-14 alone, those savings were worth approximately $26 million to the Tasmanian community, highlighting the integral part TasRail plays in supporting the wider economy.

Australasian Business Coverage Issue 15

In July 2015, a major study into the enefits f ail f ei ht in asmania revealed that moving freight by rail rather than road will deliver an estimated $159 million in savings to the state’s ec n my e the fi e yea s t

The study was commissioned by TasRail and undertaken by leading infrastructure consultants Pitt & Sherry. It shows the savings were generated by reducing costs related to road accidents, pollution and road maintenance as well as the operating costs of industry and commerce.

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Australasian Business Coverage Issue 15  

Australasian Business Coverage Issue 15