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Small Business Marketing Lake Charles Decisive Minds is for entrepreneurs who aren’t scared of rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. We will never sugarcoat things. We tell it like it is because we work with clients who take decisive action. They want to be told what works and what doesn’t work. With a detailed and actionable approach to building business at Decisive Minds we show you the strategies used in online and offline marketing, pricing, revenue projection, sales, team building and much more. The strategies in the “Decisive Minds Business Building Method” are used to build businesses that make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.

Social Media Marketing Lake Charles To ask yourself this – Why do I want to blog? To generate leading authority status for you or your business? To drive traffic to your website? To keep a log of your growing children? (Maybe I should start a blog about my grandbaby.) To share recipes you love with the world? Maybe you just have stuff in your head that you want the world to know? Once you know the “why”, the content will come. You know the line “build it and they will come.” It doesn’t just work for baseball fields. It works for blog content as well.

Business Consultant Louisiana Are You Ready to Build a Million Dollar Brand? From the outside your business looks successful. You are in the office every day. Your phone is always ringing. You have customers and employees. But the reality is that most of your time in the office is spent trying to figure out how to make this business work, those phone calls are usually problems and you can’t seem to hold onto good customers or good employees. You are not only trying to figure out how to increase revenues and profits but also how to have the freedom to live the life you thought you would have by being a business owner. The Millionaire Minds program is the next level of partnership between you and Stevie Award Winning Business Consultant Michele Scism. Together you will identify goals, create strategic business plans and determine the metrics to be tracked to guarantee the desired business results.

Business Consulting Lake Charles Imagine spending the day with an entrepreneur who has built multi-million dollar businesses. Whether you are trying to figure out how to create a consistent cash flow, get to the next level or sell your company, Michele’s lifetime of entrepreneurial experience is invaluable. If you are an entrepreneur who needs to see the whole picture and wants to create that picture in one day then our REAL Business – REAL Results Day with Michele is perfect for you. In your day with Michele you can either be focused on developing an overall business plan, or take a deeper dive focus looked at a specific area of your business (such as sales strategy, marketing, etc…).

Social Media Marketing Lake Charles To be a small business owner takes guts, courage and a commitment to facing the unknown. It’s that unknown that can cost entrepreneurs everything. The majority of entrepreneurs started a business because they had a skill, product or knowledge that was sellable. What they don’t think about it is that they have to know how to sell, how to hire a team, how to read financials, how to market their business and build their own visibility and expertise.

Internet Marketing Lake Charles Our Digital Information Product Creation packages include: • Work with you to outline your video information product and over see your product development. • Create videos for modules in our studio. • Create delivery site for product. • Write and set up product sales page. • Connect sales page to shopping cart. • Create and set up thank you page (with upsell if you have one already available) • Write and set up email sequence for delivery of product.

Business Consultant Lake Charles

The life of an entrepreneur is exciting, empowering and extremely overwhelming. It can also be lonely because your family, your friends and even your employees do not know what it is like to be the owner. Working with the right small business consultant means having someone to brainstorm business strategy with that has been through what you are struggling with. As a small business owner, you should consider a consultant if you feel like…. * You are working too hard in your business and the rewards are too few. * You have no personal life because your life is consumed by your business. * You can’t see how your business could ever work without you. * Your business doesn’t create consistent, predictable results. * You don’t have a consistent flow of new prospects coming into your business.

Small Business Consultant Lake Charles We all need help, advice, and support. Sometimes we simply need someone who has done it before to tell us what to do and how to do it.

And more than that we need someone to believe when we can’t believe.

Michele Scism has built multi-million dollar businesses and can help you do the same. The Decisive Mind coaching programs have been developed with a customized approach in mind, so no matter what level your business is at, or what industry you are in, the program will be catered to fit your needs. This means a customized approach to sales, marketing, content, branding, and everything else that is vital in the creation of a legacy business.

Internet Marketing Experts Lake Charles At Decisive Minds we create several types of email marketing campaigns for our clients:     

Nurture sequences for new prospects Launch sequences for product and service Transactional sequences to eliminate buyers remorse General/Newsletter sequences Our Email Marketing Sequence packages includes services such as writing the sequences and setting up the sequence for delivery through your autoresponder.

Small Business Marketing Lake Charles

Small Business Marketing Lake Charles  
Small Business Marketing Lake Charles