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Issue 15 August / September 2015



Welcome... Welcome to the August / September Business Connected Essex magazine. This edition is packed full of news, features and much more. We kick off by taking a look at the benefits of driving an electric vehicle has on business. For this summer edition we also look at few of the golf days happening around the county. In the centre pages we have a look at the best networking events around, this month sponsored by the Chelmsford Business Breakfast Club. Our own events are featured on page 5 and soon we will be announcing two new and exciting venues to add to the four we currently operate. This magazine launches the much awaited Auditel business challenge which sees them challenging four companies to save them ten thousand pounds. A list of our new premier partners is

Leading B2B Magazine

Business Networking

Featured Local News

on pages 5 & 6 and a round up of Essex news is also in this edition. Essential HR have put together a fantastic A-Z of pension enrolment, we review the recent Tedx

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event and look at ways to plan your office move from a telecoms point of view. A full list of features is below. Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Richard Pond Managing Director


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Bringing Local Businesses Together

The Strategic Marketing Solution For Your Business

HR Update The A to Z of Pension Auto Enrolment

Update 22 Technology Cyber Security – Why now is the time to start talking about it

24 Essex Networking Events 25 Recommended by Business Connected

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H&S Update One Small Step for Magistrates, But a Giant Leap for Criminal Fines

Telecoms Update Office Relocation

Essex Round Up News From Around The County




About Us Business Connected is proud to be operating the county’s

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venue, which is just

are below. There is no


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just come along when


you can.

you to network before the

At all events we follow the













delegate list, on the


day at the meeting



delegate lists out in




advance, have plenty of time to network, listen to one or two short but informative talks and have a great

For more information

To book tickets for any Business Connected event please visit: or call 01702 513113.

or to book on to one of our events please have a look at www.

breakfast. We always make sure there is a real focus on or give us

networking. We have some great videos of our events

a call today on 01 702 5131 13.

Business Connected

Business Connected

Business Connected

Business Connected

Business Connected

@Essex Cricket Club

@Southend Airport

@Ipswich Town FC

@Colchester United

@The Olympic Park


The Business Connected

Premier Partner Scheme The Business Connected Premier Partner scheme is designed to support companies who need to introduce a co-hesive and co-ordinated marketing strategy or a company who wishes to enhance an existing offering. We provide companies with an effective, structured solution at an affordable price. How often do you promise yourself that you’ll invest more in social media, run regular email and print campaigns but simply don’t have the time or expertise to do it? Our Premier Partner scheme could be the answer.

How VORTEX paid for Sponsorship

To view our video testimonial

with Spare Capacity

have a look at our Premier VORTEX EXHAUSTPartner TECHNOLOGY are experts in

improving efficiency of vehicle engines and wanted to expand their brand awareness by creating a marketing budget they currently didn’t have.

page on our website 1. Vortex opened a



2. BBX sold Vortex’s Spare Capacity (Exhaust Systems) within the BBX Community.

3. Vortex received BBX pounds. 4. BBX sourced a sponsorship opportunity (Legends Cars) for Vortex. 5. Vortex paid for the sponsorship with their BBX pounds leaving their cash flow intact.

To find out how to become a Premier Partner and to see if =your business category still Result Vortex have paid for Sponsorship with Exhaustis Systems. (picture below)

available then give us a call today and we can pop in for a chat and run you through the many features of becoming a Business Connected Premier Partner. 01702 513113.

Turn your spare capacity into something you want. Call BBX on 0333 400 2014

M A N Fleet Loyalty Reward System



Trade Exchange

Leadership and Management Training

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Zone 1 About Geerings

Sound Financial Planning Group The Retirement Planning Specialists

Zone 2 Print Management, Mobile Printing & Data Security Zone 3 Document Management

Financial Planning

CBHC Launches ‘Investor Matchmaking Service’ & FD 4 toOutsourced ProvideZone Local Businesses withCourier a Successful Managed Print Services & Cloud Accounting Freight Services Route to Funding Zone 5 spirit, Essex is home Renowned for its entrepreneurial Equipment Demonstrations to a large number of thriving companies, using their unique ideas and initiative to generate business that

in a position to access funding, if required. At the same time, we work with a number of high wealth individuals looking for good quality investment opportunities, so it

In 2011, the Chancellor also launched the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) to help small, early-stage companies raise equity finance by offering a 50 per cent income tax relief to those investing up to £100,000 in a qualifying start-up. The latest figures show the uptake of doubled to £155m in the year April 2014, Book for the 23rd July S the P ESEIS A Knearly ING Speakerwith Masterclass and receive up from about £80m a year earlier almost 1,900 the Business Connected offer price TO THE of £57 for the whole day including companies receiving investment.


refreshments (offer code “BIZ57”)

Public & Business Speaking For more information

and to book: “The tax reliefs afforded under the Enterprise Investment Motivational speaker /speakerx Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme Inspirational speaker provides a huge incentive for high wealth individuals to Event speaker seek out speaker investment opportunities which in turn, provide Business Conference speaker businesses with a golden opportunity to new and growing Speaker coach needed funding.” access much

David Bell is an award-winning businessman, speaker and entrepreneur who is helping businesses and their

“In order to be viewed as an ideal investment there

We hope our ‘Investor Matchmakin more companies to take advantag secure the investment they need,”

For more information about CBH Matchmaking Service,’ please con

About Gary White:

Gary is the Business Developmen He has a background in industry a qualified in a large PLC in the food owned a successful accounting pr becoming a partner in CBHC, mak to help other company owners ac theirs. Genuinely passionate abou

Here is a list of exactly what our Premier Partner scheme offers:

EXCLUSIVITY – We only work with one

NETWORKING EVENTS - Many people know

company of any type within the county.

Business Connected from our countywide events and we want you to be part of them.


Fancy being a speaker or displaying your

page in every edition of our magazine. We

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media sites. WEBSITE - Our Business Connected website SOCIAL MEDIA - Yes, you may have a Twitter/

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account, interact as a ”raving fan” or simply

We are offering our Premier Partners prime

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your staff. ACCOUNT MANAGER - Probably the most EMAIL CAMPAIGNS - Need to get the message

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out to the masses? We have a number of

Our account managers are working around

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of your business. From monthly newsletters,

many networking events we attend and run to

your logos and links on our email campaigns

the list of leads. Our staff are introducing and

or simply a help with data.

passing referrals on a daily basis.

Logo usage

Lending 5

Telecommunication Straplines Auditel style guide Colours




Straplines Incorporating

There are two approved straplines that can be

Lowering the cost of doing business

combined with the Auditel logo.

Office Furniture

HR & Auto Enrolment

The logo may also be combined with the web address.


Cost Management

The preferred position of the logo is bottom right of the page, but this may vary depending on the content and space available.


Taking cost and purchase management to a new level

Commercial Flooring, Blinds and Curtains est. 1988

Research & Development Tax Advice

IT Support & Consultancy

Home Choose are very proud of the

Commercial Flooring, commitment to quality and service we provide our customers. Blinds & Curtains

We offer a mobile service with over 5,000 samples of carpets, curtains and blinds brought to you and we are very confident to satisfy your

Call Free:

0800 243 110 Call for details 01702 513113

HR Update

The A to Z of Pension Auto Enrolment

A is for ACT NOW! Pension auto enrolment has arrived for small businesses and you must get ready to avoid fines for non-compliance. B is for BRING FORWARD your workplace pension staging date to avoid the capacity crunch in the market in 2016! C is for CERTIFICATION. You will need to check that your pensionable pay definition meets at least the minimum required under the new rules and then complete a special certificate if you are not using qualifying earnings. D is for DIRECTOR ONLY BUSINESSES that must inform the Pensions Regulator of their status to avoid fines. E is for ELIGIBLE JOBHOLDERS who are aged between 22 to SPA and earn over £10,000 per year or equivalent monthly/weekly amount and who you must auto enrol into your pension plan. F is for FARMERS who must also meet auto enrolment rules for their employees, including those who might only be seasonal workers! G is for GROSS EARNINGS which is an employee’s earnings before tax and national insurance are deducted. H is for HOTEL OWNERS with seasonal employees who need to check their workers’ status carefully and plan early to ensure compliance. I is for IFAs who are regulated by the FCA to provide advice on products such as pensions. J is for JOBHOLDER. This is a UK employee aged between 16 and 74 and to whom you pay qualifying earnings. K is for KEEP GOING with your pension auto enrolment activities after your staging date to make sure you enrol the right staff at the right time. L is for LIKE IT OR NOT, pension auto enrolment has arrived and you must assess your workforce every time you run your payroll. M is for MINIMUM CONTRIBUTIONS that you must pay into a workplace pension for each eligible employee.

Q is for QUALIFYING PENSION PLAN which is the type of company pension plan you need to put in place by your staging date in order to meet the new rules. Existing pension plans may not meet the requirements so you must check to be sure. R is for REMINDERS which you can get if you sign up for a free trial of AE Wizard, the workplace pension toolkit for small business at www. S is for STAGING DATE which is the date that is set by the Pensions Regulator and is when your pension auto enrolment obligations begin. T is for THE PENSIONS REGULATOR who will issue fines for noncompliance starting at a fixed fine of £400 and then daily fines for continued non-compliance. U is for UNDERSTAND THE NEW PENSION AUTO ENROLMENT RULES for your business so you don’t get caught out. V is for VERY IMPORTANT that you keep records of your pension auto enrolment actions for at least 6 years. W is for WORKER who is an employee or has a contract to perform work personally for you and must be included in your assessment. X is for eXASPERATING that lots of businesses are leaving it too late to get started with pension auto enrolment. Don’t let that be you…. Y is for YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to meet the new rules as a small business. Don’t be complacent - make sure your advisers are doing what they say they are going to do as the Pensions Regulator will come to you if there is anything wrong. Z is for ZERO HOURS WORKERS who in the majority of cases must be included. This type of worker can make pension auto enrolment more complicated for you as they have fluctuating earnings.

For more information about any of the terms in our A to Z of Pension Auto Enrolment, please contact Fiona Cowie. Fiona is owner of Essential HR Solutions based in Chelmsford. As a pension auto enrolment guru, Fiona is also the ‘go to’ person for any business needing to deal with the new legislation.

N is for NON-ELIGIBLE JOBHOLDER who you do not need to auto enrol into the pension plan but who can choose to join if they wish to. O is for OPTING OUT which eligible jobholders can do if they do not want to stay in the pension plan but only after they have been automatically enrolled. P is for PAYE REFERENCE which determines your staging date. If you had a PAYE scheme on 1st April 2012, you will already have been allocated your staging date.



Tel: 01245 349492 Email: Web: Fiona Cowie, HR & Workplace Pensions Specialist


The One-Stop Solution for Your HR and Pension Auto Enrolment Needs

How we can help you Easier Staff Management

Easier Auto Enrolment

Let us take away the worries about  managing your staff.  We will free up your time so you can  focus on your business.  Let us reduce your fear of making  a wrong HR decision. 

We will take away the pain and hold your hand  every step of the way.  Quick, easy and cost-effective support.  From full consultancy through to a self-service   toolkit - you choose what works best for you! 

HR support, providing priority access to advice whenever you need it. 

guide you step by step through the new rules and manage the planning and implementation in your business. 

 Tailored HR Solutions  Essential HR Solutions Club for retained

Flexible Workplace Pension Solutions   Full auto enrolment support on a fixed fee to

 Pay As You Go HR advice to dip in and out only when you need us.   HR project support on a fixed fee for

 AE Wizard, our innovative online, self service

those bigger jobs.

toolkit for small business providing a very costeffective alternative to consultancy support. |




at The Essex County Ground, Chelmsford Wednesday 19th August 2015

THE CHAPS CHARITY GOLF DAY at Crowne Plaza Colchester Five Lakes Championship Course

WEDNESDAY 14TH OCTOBER 2015 Entry £70 per player

Early bird discount: only £60 if booked by 31st August


Open to

10.00 11.00 12.00 18.00

Ladies & Gentlemen - max handicaps 36 & 28


Pairs: Any Combination, Stableford, Combined Scores

Registration Opens Golfers’ Breakfast Shotgun Start 3 Course Dinner

Prizes will include

Best Scores, The CP Water Challenge, Longest Drives / Nearest The Pin, plus a raffle and lots more fantastic prize winning opportunities

Optional Extras

Non-Golfers’ Breakfast £10; Dinner £25; Special B&B Rates; Range Balls £2; 9 Holes warm up on the Links Course £10

07734 747854

To book contact CHAPS on 01206 321253

Book health checks online -

Why a financial director is a critical member of the team when it comes to accelerating business growth JULY 2015: No matter what the size of a business, the ability to work productively as a team is crucial to achieving long term success. Not only does teamwork facilitate creativity in the workplace and improve the quality of work, it also ensures that individuals and departments that have their own specific targets and objectives to meet, work collaboratively with other parts of the business in line with the company’s strategic direction. About CBHC: When a business is at a stage where it is looking to accelerate growth, understanding the company’s cashflow and ongoing financial health is crucial to setting the strategic direction which in turn filters down to the goals and objectives of individual team members and departments.

and guidance to managers and staff to enable them to meet their objectives. While many businesses recognise the importance of having a Financial Director and the positive impact they can make to their team and the business, one of the main obstacles many encounter is the cost of a full-time hire.

CBHC is one of the largest independent firms of accountants in the Essex and East London region with branches in Chelmsford and Canary Wharf. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the traditional accountancy remit, to support our clients more fully with their business venture. While compliance and taxation are at the heart of what we do, our comprehensive portfolio of integrated financial services help clients transform their business, ultimately improving their bottom line. Our commitment to personal service means we work with clients to create a bespoke strategy, support them with our broad commercial expertise, and help them to achieve their business goals.

Having a Financial Director as part of the team is often critical at this stage as they play a vital role in supporting several aspects of the business including; providing strategic and financial guidance to ensure that the company’s financial commitments are met; developing policies and procedures to ensure the sound financial management of the company; and providing advice

28091 our CBHC advert - Chronicle - new lo At CBHC, Outsourced Financial Director Service enables companies to overcome the costbarrier allowing them to access a wide spectrum of Financial Director advice and guidance that is specifically tailored to their individual business requirements.

Gary White, Business Development Manager at CBHC, said “The service has revolutionised our

client relationships. We can establish where a company is now and where it wants to be in the next five years; analyse how a company makes their profit and providing strategic advice to ensure it is more successful; and provide advice on maximising profits through sales revenues and maximising the brand and intellectual property within the business.

CBHC Chartered Accountants, Carlton House, New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0PP


This shows that while an effective team is critical to driving business success, your ‘team’ does not have to be limited to your internal staff.

While a core advantage for our clients is the obvious cost benefits of having access to Financial Director advice as and when they need it, without the need to engage a Financial Director on a full- time basis, one of the key aspects that has made the service such a success is our ability to become an effective part of our client’s team. We work in partnership with clients to understand every aspect of their business so that we can provide strategic advice on the key areas of their business 28/04/2015 09:41 Page 1 that facilitate growth and impact their bottom line. Utilising the Xero accounting system, we have access to our client’s financial data anytime and

At CBHC the value that we place in facilitating teamwork and good working relationships with our clients often extends to including clients in activities that are outside the usual business remit. Recently, a team of CBHC staff along with several of our clients took on the Three Peaks Challenge which involved climbing the three highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in just 24 hours! Not only did we support each other along the way to conquer the challenge, as a team we also managed to raise over £10,000 for The British Heart Foundation and Farleigh Hospice.” If your company is looking to gain the benefit of a Financial Director that will become an active member of your team without requiring you to hire them on a full time basis then do get in touch with Gary White, Business Development Manager at CBHC at gary.

anywhere which means we are always on hand to provide instant advice and guidance whenever our clients require it. Essentially, our clients get all the benefits of having a Financial Director as part of the team but at a fraction of the cost.

T: 01245 495588 E:

Auditel launches business ch


Are you up for “Can’t afford that new sales person?” “Been told there is no budget to attend that trade exhibition?” Well, by taking part in the Auditel challenge and freeing up cash that is currently being misspent, you can have all of the above and use these funds to help your business grow to the next level!

Strategic Cost Management Benefits businesses by helping them achieve: • Competitive advantage • Improved efficiency in the business • Financial survival of the business • Accelerate performance A recent Auditel survey showed that 70% of businesses have no strategic approach to dealing with costs. Companies simply do not have the internal resources to undertake this exercise effectively in terms of time, people and money. I am passionate about helping companies to stop throwing money down the drain and at Auditel we deal with over 125 costs on a regular basis for our clients.

hallenge to save 4 companies


the challenge? So I want to issue a challenge to all of you. We are looking for 4 companies to take part in a challenge which is for me to save each of these £10,000 per annum in 6 months. Initial work up to £10,000 savings completely free of charge with a fee payable once £10,000 exceeded. It’s not about price but service is paramount. Participants have to be prepared for their details to be used for marketing purposes and updates provided at Business Connected events.

So who wants to help your businesses and take advantage of this challenge? Businesses will be chosen subject to certain criteria.

Tel: 01279 722167 Mobile: 07803 246737 Email: Lee Freeman, Auditel

A true partner for all your recruitment needs… • • • • • • •

Accountancy Financial Services Human Resources IT Marketing Office Support Executive

Also offering a wide range of initiatives to support clients and candidates including… • • • •

Women’s Leadership Programme Best Employers Eastern Region Compare My Salary Seminars and Forums

T 01245 708808 E

5, 88A High Street, Billericay, Essex, CM12 9BT 01277 658868 |

Effective Bookkeeping Solutions We offer practical and affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll solutions to SME’s in Essex. With over 20 years experience we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services, all tailored to suit your company. Work can be under taken at the client’s premises or at our office in Billericay.

M A N Fleet 01206 844905 |

M A N FLEET IS CLOSELY BECOMING THE PREMIER VEHICLE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY IN ESSEX AND THE UK OFFERING A FULL RANGE OF SERVICES • Daily collections throughout the UK • New vehicle handover • Corporate deliveries • Short notice collections • Non runner(s) can be collected

• VIP customer delivery • Full risk comprehensive insurance • Tracked collection/delivery service • Full appraisal of vehicles • Driven or transported deliveries

Our clients range from automotive manufacturers and fleet, leasing and finance companies, to franchise and independent dealers of all sizes. We donate a large amount of our proceeds to local charities/worthy causes and are at the moment in discussion with several local groups/individuals to see how we can help them.

Technology Update

Cyber Security – Why now is the time to start talking about it.


he latest PWC Information Security Breaches Survey commissioned by HM Government shows that security breaches continue to grow in number and impact across large and small business alike.


of large organisations


of small businesses

had a security breach. Up from 81% a year ago. Up from 60% a year ago. The report sampled large and small business across the UK and in both size categories the rise in breaches is significant. Some security commentators say that almost all large business have suffered a breach but just don’t know that they have – potentially a more worrying statistic. Of those surveyed 59% expect the number of security incidents to grow over the coming 12 months and will continue to increase their spend to seek better protection through technology and people skills. The impact on businesses will inevitably be measured in terms of additional costs, lost sales and reputational damage. The smaller business often suffer disproportionately more and with some businesses unable to sustain the damage caused and never recover.

£1.46m - £3.14m £75k - £311k is the average cost to a large organisation

is the average cost to a small business

of its worst security breach of the year. Up from £600k - £1.15m a year ago. Up from £65k - £115k a year ago. The nature of breaches are changing with attacks from externals sources continuing to grow. Larger businesses are more prone to attack although smaller businesses may simply not know that they have been attacked as the available budget and resource to monitor attacks is not available. The ‘Denial of Service’ type of attack is continuing to reduce from a high point in 2013.



of large organisations


of small businesses

were attacked by an unauthorised outsider in the last year. Up from 55% a year ago. Slightly up from 33% a year ago. Whilst external attacks continue to play a large part in the breaches recorded, the Human Factor remains a big issue for large businesses in particular. The need to ensure that a security culture is developed and maintained within a business is ever more present. The acceptance of unexpected emails and the opening of their attachments is a key contributor to a breach where malware is installed and access to systems provided to cyber criminals.


of large organisations


of small businesses

suffered staff related security breaches in the last year. Up from 58% a year ago. Up from 22% a year ago. There are clear business benefits to be gained from developing and maintaining a Cyber Security strategy and include:- less disruption caused by breaches; confidence that the business can protect valuable data, both that of the business and of its clients; ability to secure contracts requiring security standard accreditation; and many others. For more information about Cyber Security contact Maria West on 01268 494160 or email

Tel: 01268 494101 Email: Web: Paul Rolison, Yellowspring Ltd

you started talking about Cyber Security? Isn’t it about time

If you hold sensitive information about clients, customers or any Third Party, are you sure your security measures are sufficient to protect against the growing number of Cyber attacks?

Cyber Essentials is a Government initiative designed to help responsible businesses demonstrate that they take Cyber security seriously and have implemented controls to protect data held about their clients and connected parties.

Yellowspring has the skills and experience to help you develop your security using technology and importantly process controls, and if certification is required Yellowspring can guide you through the process.

Telephone Maria West on 01268 494 101 to arrange a meeting or email: Yellowspring Ltd Astra House, Christy Way, Laindon, Basildon, Essex SS15 6TQ.

Essex Networking Events August



04 07

03 & 17



10 & 24

12 & 26

4N Rayleigh

Friends of

Business Connected

Success in the City

EBN Basildon

Hungry Horse,

Braintree Town

@Essex Cricket Club

The Bayhorse,

The Burstead Golf Club,


Braintree Town FC,


Chelmsford, CM2 0LG

Little Burstead,

Cost: £12



7.30am to 9.30am

CM12 9SS

Membership Required:

7.00am to 9.00am

7.30am to 9.30am

Cost: Free

7.00am to 8.30am


Cost: Free

Cost: £20.00

Membership Required:

Membership £195

Membership Required:

Membership Required:


Breakfast £10







14 20 21


27 28

Business Connected @

Friends of the City


Hoskins Golf Event

Business Connected

Southend Airport

Chelmsford City FC,

Professionals Lunch

@ Colchester United

Holiday Inn,


The Chop Bloc,

Cost: £25

Colchester United,

Southend SS2 6XG

12pm to 2.00pm

Chelmsford, CM2 6QR

Membership Required:


7.30am to 9.30am

Cost: Free

1.00pm to 3.00pm


7.30am to 9.30am

Cost: £20

Membership Required:

Cost: Free

Membership Required:


Membership Required: No


Cost: £20.00 Membership Required: No


Sponsored by

Every Thursday CBBC The Secret Gardens, Chelmsford, CM1 3BL Cost: Membership £75 Breakfast £10

Why get up early and


• Meet local business people in an informal setting • Generate new business through recommendation • More leads than cold c • Convenient time and location • Not-for-profit club run by it’s members • Nominal annual memb If you want to see if CBBC is worth your time - attend our next visito






01 04

07 & 21


09 & 23

Friends of

Business Connected

Success in the City

Bishop’s Stortford

EBN Basildon

Braintree Town

@Essex Cricket Club

The Bay Horse,

Chamber of Commerce

The Burstead Golf Club,

Braintree Town FC,


Chelmsford, CM2 0LG

Great Hadham

Little Burstead,



5.00pm to 7.00pm

Golf Club, SG10 6JE

CM12 9SS

4.30am to 6.30am

7.30am to 9.30am

Cost: Free

8.00am to 10.00am

7.00am to 8.30am

Cost: Free

Cost: £20.00

Membership Required:

Cost: £15.00

Membership £195

Membership Required:

Membership Required:


Membership Required:

Breakfast £10














Friends of the City at

Business Connected



Friends of the City

the Races

@Southend Airport

Professionals Lunch

Professionals Lunch

Chelmsford City FC,

Chelmsford City

Holiday Inn,

Bar Zero, CM12 9DZ

The Chop Bloc,



Southend, SS2 6XG

1.00pm to 3.00pm

Chelmsford, CM2 6QR

7.00am to 9.00am

4.00pm onwards

7.30am to 9.30am

Cost: Free

1.00pm to 3.00pm

Cost: Free

Cost: £7

Cost: £20.00

Membership Required:

Cost: Free

Membership Required:

Membership Required:

Membership Required:


Membership Required:








24 25 25


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Hoskins Golf Event

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d network at CBBC?

calling, tele-sales or advertising • Gain valuable business help and advice • Share knowledge, ideas and business experiences bership cost • Restricted membership - one per profession • Free visitor day to give us a try first! ors day* simply register online:


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BBX is a complimentary currency that works in addition to core revenue, enabling businesses to sell what they haven't been able to in a less competitive marketplace About 60 per cent of businesses experience ‘Spare Capacity’ on a regular basis in the form of vacant hotel rooms, empty restaurant tables, unsold advertising space, unfilled appointment times, slow moving or surplus stock… costing UK business owners billions of pounds a year. Carole at Contempo PR said: “By unlocking Spare Capacity in our business we have saved thousands of pounds. Spare Capacity for our company Contempo PR came in the form of under-utilised staff and therefore the ability to take on an extra PR client every other month." BBX is an international company who work with businesses that find themselves with Spare Capacity that they would like to turn into additional revenue without discounting or eroding their core business. By adopting the BBX







payment facility the business can sell their Spare Capacity to other businesses within the BBX community in exchange for BBX pounds. Accounting for this in a business is simple as one BBX pound is accounted for in the same way as one pound sterling and can be used in any of the 12 countries that the BBX community is established. Carole at Contempo PR has found utilising the BBX facility very simple: “Once I established I could handle another customer I contact my local account manager at BBX who promotes me within the community and sends me an additional client. By using BBX to sell our Spare Capacity we have seen an increase in sales, saved on costs, and improved our bottom line profitability. We spend our BBX pounds on such things as printing, design, roller banners,

business cards, accounting services, business advice, restaurant meals and hotel stays to name but a few! But also as business owners, we can use our BBX pounds on personal purchases too, which adds value to the income from our business. With such a large and varied database of clients using this service, it is a fantastic way to save on your cash flow and at the same time afford the extras within your business. There is such a wide variety of businesses now using BBX within the UK.”

To find out how your business can be involved in creating efficiency go to or call 0333 400 2014.





“The digital growth programme has been very successful for us. We would no longer shy away from employing graduate trainees but in fact would welcome the positive effect of bringing fresh minds into the mix.” - Cath Fox – Objective Computing

“This training is definitely helping to boost morale, due to the fact that we’re investing in training to grow the business” Tracy Meakins – Able Canopies

“There were no suitable apprenticeship programs that met our requirements and this scheme enabled us to devise a funded but targeted training program.” – Valeria Lynch– AND Technology Research LTD

“We’ve been very focused on the Education sector for the past 10 years, and this will now give us more skills to use Internet platforms and tools more effectively to target new market sectors.” Tracy Meakins – Able Canopies

“By having someone else that can do the work it has released me to concentrate on developing the business in other areas, when I would not have otherwise had time to do so.” – Steven Blackwell – CAD Bureau Southern

“Technical knowledge and skills are naturally disseminated throughout the company after they are gained, with “did you know that….” being a common statement after the courses are taken”– James Brabyn – Delicious Webdesign

Wheels for Wilderness Sponsored Bike Ride In aid of the

Sunday 6th September 2015 Wilderness Foundation, Whitbreads Business Centre, Whitbreads Farm Lane., Chatham Green, CM3 3LQ 45 mile route and special 8 mile family circuit

There are two routes available - a short circuit of 8 miles for families and a more challenging 45 mile ride out through the villages of Essex. Both routes are circular, starting and finishing at our UK Head Office in Chatham Green, where there is plenty of free parking. 45 Mile route ÂŁ25 per person 8 Mile route

ÂŁ10 per family

Entry fees cover the cost of the event so all cyclists are asked to pledge to raise sponsorship for the charity. Your support will allow us to transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in our community.

Please support us by registering today for Wheels for Wilderness Tel : 0300 123 3073 Registered charity no. 1118493

H&S Update

One Small Step for Magistrates, But a Giant Leap for Criminal Fines


allen asleep yet? No three words have caused more eye-rolling or ridicule at the water cooler over the latest low-ladder-usage training course than good old Health & Safety. And admittedly, when people do engage with it, it’s not the most exciting of subjects. But it is a hugely important part of what we do every day. Whether you’re a multimillion pound construction company, or a three man band professional services provider, it’s something that we all have to embrace (well, at least address) to create a safe and secure working environment for our employees. So let’s be a little radical and look at it from a different perspective: using Health & Safety as a PR tool. We put a lot of time and investment into Health & Safety (or at least we should) so why not try to make a return on that investment? Some very familiar brands have gone the extra mile to highlight their dedication to Health & Safety. Companies such as Laing O’Rourke (the “Get Home Safely” scheme), Carillion (“One”) and Scottish Power (“It All Matters”) are just a few of the major players to put it all on display when it comes to their take on Health & Safety. The idea is simple. First and foremost it is to communicate their message of how seriously they take their Duty of Care to their employees. But not just internally. By creating a brand out of their Health & Safety, it is also a way of saying to potential clients or customers just what a grown-up, responsible and forwardthinking organisation they are.

and notepads. And if you’re in a business that uses them, stick it on your hard hats or company vehicles. Getting your workforce to buy into your safety brand is as important as the external message you’re trying to get across. A few Health & Safety “brand” messages around the office may be a little more eye-catching than just the proforma Health & Safety Executive posters and immersing them in the brand will help them further promote the message to clients. But make sure you practice what you preach by keeping your employees refreshed with training and legislation updates and reinforce the importance of what you are doing and why. So ensuring your staff are safe and their working environment is a healthy one can also be used to your advantage. You will inevitably invest time and money in the endeavour - so why not try and get something back? It’s not as if your lowladder-usage training course is going to directly bring you new business (unless you make low-level-ladders, that is) but promoting the fact that you consider your staff important enough to warrant such training could put your nose ahead in a closely run tender. We are all striving to find something that sets us apart from our rivals and, in a competitive market, these really are the things that can make the difference.

Well so what? Funnily enough, it turns out that most potential clients would much prefer to deal with a supplier that considers itself careful and responsible to both its customers and staff, and not one that would have its employees cleaning the windows of the London Shard using an abseil harness made out of bailing twine. Of course, as a small or medium size business, no one would expect you to have the same resources to put into a Health & Safety campaign as the national and global conglomerates, but there are a lot of simple, practical things you can put in place to start reinforcing your safety brand. The key is to shout about it: promote it in your client newsletter and on the website; use social media and email footers. Why not brand it alongside your usual corporate branding on promotional materials such as pens, mugs


Tel: 01206 752100 Email: Juliet Price, Park City

Bringing Health & Safety expertise to your business

Talk to the experts Call us on 01206 752100 or visit us online at Real people, real experts, real time Park City Consulting Limited Tel: 01206 752100 Fax: 01206 752400 Email: 894 The Crescent, Colchester Business Park, Colchester, Essex CO4 9YQ


Book for the Wednesday 30th September Speaker Masterclass and receive the Business Connected offer price of £57 for the whole day including refreshments

Motivational speaker

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Inspirational speaker Event speaker Business speaker Conference speaker Speaker coach David Bell is an award-winning businessman, speaker and entrepreneur who is helping businesses and their owners to make the impossible possible. If you want to be inspired, motivated and captivated then David will certainly take you on a journey that may include a twister to the world of Oz and even a trip down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, but watch out for the twist and turns as David explores the yellow brick road with you at his side! The question is how will your story finish? Will it be “The end” or “To be continued”?

“ Very informative, inspirational and useful.” Graham Manfleet “Excellent presentation, very inspirational.” Penny Rollo “ Thanks a million times, amazing.” Ernest Attah

How can David help you to make the impossible possible? Call us now to learn more on 0333 1500 136 |

All Things | Scene Developing great marketing strategies and delivering with... Websites

Content Management

We can build you bespoke websites to really showcase your business

We can create and manage high impact copy, that really delivers results, and wows your customers!




Email Marketing

As mobile grows and grows, we can build your sites or apps to really wow your customers

We can build you a bespoke store online that will really sell your products

Whether it's leading SEO strategies, or pay per click campaigns, we can get your site seen by more

We can build great email campaigns that will inform and encourage your customers to buy more

Photography We can supply unique photography that will really make your business stand out

Copywriting We can write high impact copy, that really delivers results, and wows your customers

Branding We can develop a clear brand identity and materials to support your business

Design We can develop high quality designs that will really work for your business

T: 01702 292 161

Essex Golf Days... Business Connected takes a look at a handful of golf days from around the county Sound financial planning golf day proceeds to launch new charitable fund Following our Annual Charity Golf Day on Wednesday, 10th June 2015 at Ballards Gore Golf Club, your Sound Team are delighted to confirm that the day raised £4,300.This aids us in launching the Sound Financial Planning Charitable Fund in partnership with The Essex Community Foundation.

ebn launches its first annual golf day the ebn classic The popular business networking group saw a great turnout for its first golf tournament. A number of players from ebn groups across the county gathered at The Burstead Golf Club in June. The Stapleford competition was won by James Blower of the Savings Guru.

BSCC 4th annual charity golf day The Bishops Stortford Chamber of Commerce charity golf day was held at the Manor of Groves on Friday 3rd July with all proceeds raised going to help St Clare Hospice at Hastingwood. A field of 14 teams saw the course in superb condition and superb weather accompanied the day. The team event was won by the Manor’s Pro Team of Ben Goodey Golf with Auditel second and Pelly’s third. An individual competition was run this year and Gareth Thomas of Team Auditel is now the proud owner, or certainly was on the night, of a case of Blind Pig Cider donated by Kevin Concannon of Water Lane Bar and Restaurant. Richard Pond of Business Connected won the main prize of a fourball at the Belfry in the £20 draw in the evening, and I am sure he will enjoy that.

The 4th Elwell Taylor Golf Hackers Day took place on the 17th June at Little Channels Golf Club, Chelmsford Following our Annual Charity Golf Day on Wednesday, 10th June 2015 at Ballards Gore Golf Club, your Sound Team are delighted to confirm that the day raised £4,300. This aids us in launching the Sound Financial Planning Charitable Fund in partnership with The Essex Community Foundation.


if you have a golf day that you would like to showcase in the next magazine then please send a picture and write up to

Print. Managed.

Premier Partner

Sound Financial Planning Group The Retirement Planning Specialists

The Retirement Conundrum Will you outlive your money, or will your money outlive you? Most people do not know the answer to this question In fact, most people do not even realise that this is the question! Planning for the longest holiday of your life involves careful consideration and long term financial planning. This question can only really be answered by considering your lifelong cash-flow requirements.

The Lifestyle Wealth Programme™ A step by step process designed to help you achieve and maintain financial independence.

Cash-flow modelling, the only real way to be certain about your future.




Please contact us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION demonstration of how cash-flow modelling works. Remember people do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan!

01268 567567 | |

TEDxChelmsford was many months in the making

With 16 speakers, including 4 younger speakers from local schools, the event was a huge success. The day of idea sharing opened with the Mayor of Chelmsford in attendance and Nick Looby speaking


and was received last month to great acclaim.

about effective communication demonstrated with

The line up of speakers was excellent from Sacramento based Dan Foxx talking about human connection to Maya Patel (11 yrs old) talking about how a change in perception can change your reality.


stress balls being thrown everywhere!

The videos of all the speakers will be available very

The event could only take place with the support of the local companies that sponsored it. Sponsor feedback has been great and several have already committed to next year too.



If you would like to be involved next year in any capacity then sign up by visiting

Telecoms Update

Office Relocation

Moving Office? Start planning your telecoms move early.

7. Leave time for service provider surveys

Moving your office IT and telecoms can be painful and time consuming. Take the opportunity to evaluate your telecoms and determine whether to relocate your existing telephone system or upgrade to something new?

In some instances, your service providers or Openreach may need to survey your new location before they can get your new service up-and-running. This often comes as a surprise to businesses if they haven’t left enough time before their move-in date.

Whatever your choice, one thing’s for sure, your customers expect service and that you are just a phone call away. So above all else, take care of your telecoms during your relocation. The secret is in effective preparation. To help, here’s a simple guide to relocation, including suggested timescales so you can start early enough to ensure the best results. 1. Audit your current telecoms equipment At the earliest stages, audit your existing telephony. How many lines and type of lines do you have? Have you got enough or too many ? Is everyone within your organization happy with the existing functionalities? Remember, now is the time to examine the service you receive and the features available to your business. 2. Meet with your telecoms service provider It’s important to inform your telecoms service provider of your intention to relocate as soon as possible. See if they can come up with a plan of action for moving your telephone system and services (lines, ADSL/ broadband) with little disruption. In addition, it is important to determine what type and speed is available for your ADSL/broadband connectivity. 3. Consider your IT network and cabling for voice and data Now is the ideal opportunity to reconsider your network and install new cabling without disrupting operations. Your telecoms service provider should be able to advise you on a setup that will ensure you have ample bandwidth and high levels of availability. 4. Choose the right location for your telephone system The best place to locate your telephone system is often determined by the geography of your office. Where can it be situated safely and securely? Are you working within the restrictions of existing cabling, or can you let your telephone system lead your decisions? Try to avoid installing your telephone system and IT hardware in the same area or where temperatures are not consistent. 5. Check the power supply for your telecoms Your telecoms system requires a reliable power supply. Your handsets and other devices on your network may also require power. Don’t forget to check if you have enough power sockets and whether they are located appropriately; if they’re not, it’s easily solved at this early stage with a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

8. Leave extra time for a lease line (Ethernet fibre) Lease Line services are notoriously slow to install. In most cases, they take around 90 working days or in some cases longer, especially if you don’t own the building. If you are opting for this kind of service, always leave ample time for your service provider to conduct the implementation. 9. Check your workstation locations are marked correctly With the planning and ordering phase complete, it’s a good time to check your workstation locations for the final time. Is every device where it needs to be? Are you satisfied with your office layout and locations for phone & IT sockets? Any changes after this stage will require a time-consuming, costly revision to your telecoms and IT systems. 10. Check you can take your existing phone numbers Ideally, you’ll be able to take your existing phone numbers with you. Ask your service provider for the options available to you. 11. Plan for disaster recovery and business continuity Your service provider may be able to help you formulate a robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan. In essence, this is a strategy for communicating – and continuing to do business – if your telecoms systems encounter downtime. When things are working it’s great, but what would happen when things stop working? 12. Installing and testing For the most part, your service provider can take care of your implementation on your behalf. However, it’s important that you remain involved in verifying your installation and checking that the solution provided matches your expectations. 13. Always have a plan B As your move-in date approaches, it’s time to prepare for things to go wrong. Whilst we wish you the best of luck with your move, sometimes that’s not quite enough. Things do go wrong, particularly in more complicated relocations, and that’s why you should always have a contingency plan in place. We would suggest discussing this early on with your supplier. Feel free to contact us for any help or advice – we are your local service provider, and we are only a call away.

6. Notify your chosen network providers early It takes time to implement telephony and data services in any location – and can take even longer in a new build space. For your peace of mind, notify your service providers as soon as you have a date for your move. Make sure your new address is registered with Royal Mail to avoid any potential delays. All service providers within the UK use the Openreach system to check for line availability and installation addresses.


Tel: 01206 848 090 Email: Web: Shahram Bagherzadeh , Managing Director

R & D Consulting T: 01245 905 145 |

Are you missing out on Research & Development Tax Credits?

R & D Consulting was formed with the simple aim of helping all eligible companies in the UK claim R & D tax relief.

We are a specialist firm who employ industry experts and only offer advice regarding R & D Tax Relief, so there is no need to change your current accountant to use our services. In fact a lot of our clients come from a referral network we have in place with accountancy firms who do not offer R & D tax advice themselves.


Commercial Flooring, Blinds and Curtains est. 1988

Call Free:

0800 243 110

Home Choose are very proud of the commitment to quality and service we provide our customers. We offer a mobile service with over 5,000 samples of carpets, curtains and blinds brought to you and we are very confident to satisfy your every requirement.

Home Choose have been involved with the recent refurbishment and renovation of schools and offices and also nursing and residential homes, supplying carpets, curtains, bedcovers and blinds.

Covering the home counties and surrounding areas Unit 2, Station Industrial Estate, Burnham on Crouch, Essex, CM0 8RW 01621 782020 |


InXpress help businesses send and receive documents, parcels and pallets around the UK and between Europe and the rest of the world. We provide these services in conjunction with familiar national and international carrier partners who include DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS , UK Mail and Palletways. They handle all the pick-up and deliveries, while we provide a personalised customer service and the invoicing. Our customers get a secure, reliable, discounted service, multiple carrier options, full auditability and one clear invoice, all of which is available through our web shipping portal WebShip. For further information or to receive a no obligation quotation please contact Martin Hagger on: 0845 576 0006 or email: twitter: @InXpressLDN_E ANYTHING • ANYWHERE • ANY TIME • ANY WEIGHT

Essex Round Up

News From Around The County Business Connected @ The Olympic Park Business Connected launches new venue. We are delighted to announce we have an extra venue for our networking events. We will be holding regular events at the East Village, Olympic Park, East London. This will sit alongside Colchester United, Essex Cricket Club, Southend Airport and Ipswich Town FC. Business Connected Mangaing Director Richard Pond said “we are delighted to finally announce our latest venue. We have been working hard to find the perfect partner to bring quality networking to East London.” Richard went on to say. “We have a formula that works really well in both Essex and Suffolk and are determined to make Business Connected @ the Olympic Park the number one networking group in East London.” For more details on this exciting announcement please take a look at

Essex-based e2v ‘overwhelmed’ at success of its role in New Horizons mission to Pluto Essex technology firm e2v says it is “overwhelmed” at the success of its imaging sensors on board NASA’s New Horizons space explorer which has just completed an historic flypast of the dwarf planet Pluto. The Chelmsford-based company supplied two sensors, one for colour images and one for high-resolution black and white pictures, for New Horizons, which was launched in January 2006 and has travelled more than three billion miles. The first pictures relayed back to Earth following the flypast have revealed a ma jor surprise – a range of mountains rising as high as 11,000ft above the surface of the icy planet. The mountains are from no more than 100million years ago, mere youngsters relative to the 4.56bn-year age of the solar system, and may still be in the process of building, according to the New Horizons scientific team. New Horizons is just one of more than 150 space projects in which e2v has been involved, with the list also including the European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission, which successfully landed a probe on to comet 67p in November last year. Matt Perkins, president of space imaging at e2v, said: “At e2v we are overwhelmed to once again see our technology make history as our image sensors captured the first ever close-up pictures of Pluto.”

Colchester MP Will Quince secures place on Transport Select Committee Colchester’s newly-elected MP has secured a place on Parliament’s Transport Select Committee. The role for Conservative Will Quince means he will play a part in scrutinising the Department for Transport, including its expenditure, administration and policies. The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, appointed by the House of Commons and drawn from the three largest political parties. Mr Quince said: “Transport is one of the biggest issues facing Colchester and our region which is why I am so pleased to have secured a place on this important committee. We have our rail franchise up next year and ma jor plans underway for the A120 and A12, this position will give me the opportunity to scrutinise these issues and make sure the Government delivers for the people of Colchester.”


Year of growth for regional law firm Prettys Regional law firm Prettys has reported a 13% increase in revenue for the year to April 30. Prettys, which has offices in Ipswich and Chelmsford, saw particularly strong growth in areas including corporate, dispute resolution, employment and commercial property. Among the transactions in which the firm was involved were the purchase of the Snape Maltings complex on behalf of Aldeburgh Music and the acquisition by Maritime Transport of Roadways Container Logistics. Prettys chief executive Ian Carr said: “The end of the financial year was a very busy period for the firm across all disciplines and the results are very satisfying, reflecting the hard work put in by the teams. The outcome exceeded our expectations and outperforms the ma jority of other firms in the sector.” He added: “We have finalised our budget for the current year and forecasting further substantial growth for the current year, supported by the energy and enthusiasm from our people and also the increasingly buoyant market place.” Prettys has hosted another pair of Business Academy studies, this time on the theme of “Social impact for fun and profit”.

Green growth fuelled by £105,000 grants in Chelmsford Over the past year, £105,237.06 of EU funding has been granted to Chelmsford businesses through the Low Carbon Business scheme. Results show resounding success in helping local enterprise and drastically lightening the city’s carbon footprint. Low Carbon Business grants opened for application in 2014 and closed in March 2015. The programme aimed to help lower carbon emissions, while also providing businesses with support. For example, businesses considering investing in new machinery, building improvements or transport could apply for a grant towards the cost, so long as they made the business more carbonefficient. Initially, organisers expected to allocate around £100,000 to the area. Exceeding this marker shows the high levels of interest from businesspeople in the city. 17 businesses in Chelmsford received grants: 90 were engaged in the programme of support, including environmental, start-up, innovation and ICT.

Business park broadband’s £200k boost in Colchester Seven business parks in Colchester look set to benefit from superfast broadband after regional funding was secured for the scheme. The South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) will give £200,000 from its Single Local Growth Fund to Colchester Borough Council to improve connectivity to the business parks or clusters around the borough. Although the names of the centres due to receive the upgrade have not been revealed, as the information is classed as commercially sensitive, they will be sites not likely to be able to access superfast broadband from a commercial provider. They are also not sites covered by the Superfast Essex programme, Essex County Council’s initiative to bring high-speed broadband to areas not already covered by commercial operators. However two of the centres have been confirmed as the new Knowledge Gateway at the University of Essex and the Colchester Northern Gateway business parks.



For more from around the county and to find the sources to all of these and many more Essex news stories please visit Business news stories are updated every day.


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Managing your sales team – SFA is the answer SFA (sales force automation) is using software to automate sales tasks, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis, employee performance evaluation, inventory monitoring and control.

“If you are not managing your customers someone else will”

Can you afford not to call now!

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What message does your printed sales and marketing literature give about your business? Upgrade your printed sales material to portray the professionalism of your company. • Stationery • Brochures • Flyers • Exhibitions • Point of Sale • Packaging • Branded/Marketing Items • Logo and Brand Design

T: 0207 242 0081


create@ec1 LLP, Olympic House, Third Floor, 85 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JR

THE GREEN ESSEX AWARDS 2015 Recognising organisations, community projects, education establishments and charities within Essex for their efforts to create a greener county.

The Green Essex Awards are the awards to win for organisations leaving behind a greener footprint across the county, providing a recognised accreditation for the adoption of environmental best practices and continuous commitment to green standing. The ten award categories have been created to recognise the diversity of business, community and not for profit organisations who deliver:

Greenest business

Greenest product or innovation

Greenest school or educational establishment

Greenest community project

Waste and recycling

Greenest transport

Water management

Greenest building

Local food and drink champion

Best renewable energy project

be announcing the winners on October 23rd at a special awards breakfast at the ESSEXWe’ll Weston Homes Community Stadium, so if you want to be proudly displaying one of


our winner’s logos while adding a trophy to your cabinet.

greener lives, greener business, greener future.

Visit to enter now!


greener lives, greener business, greener future.

Issue 15 Business Connected Essex Edition  

Issue 15 Business Connected Essex Edition

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