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AppZoro Technologies Inc:

A leading Custom Software Development and Venture Capital Firm of Atlanta, USA Indranil Roy|Business Connect


them an advantage over their clients’ competitors. The second problem they tackle is the lack of seed funding to jumpstart. AppZoro brings on private equity investors for startup projects. AppZoro, through its years of networking and connections, is able to pool in funds from various Angles and VCs to club investment strategies for startups. Which in turn leads to business development strategies and guidance by industry-specific mentors and advisors.

AppZoro Technologies Inc: A leading Custom Software Development and Venture Capital Firm of Atlanta, USA Mobile applications and proprietary software solutions (SaaS) have dominated the latter part of the decade like never before. Innovative ideas, when powered with advanced software solutions, kick off some of the best companies from the ground up to the stratosphere in a matter of few years. Apps like TicTok and DocUSign have not only touched the masses at a personal, intimate level but also provided great business usages revolutionizing how we go about our daily lives. This wave of massive successes has led to exponential growth in the number of ambitious, visionary Entrepreneurs around the world. However, ambition and vision alone do not propel a startup to the riches for which they aspire. Execution is what leads to making a “Dream into Reality.” When entrepreneurs lack the technical expertise and/or the funding to execute, they find themselves at a roadblock. To solve this very problem, AppZoro Technologies Inc., a Software Development Studio and a Venture Capital Firm, came into existence.

AppZoro has been responsible for funding many early-stage startups with high growth potential, that lacked funding sources, all of which are based in either Atlanta, USA or Jaipur, India. The visionary leading the movement forward AppZoro took its first step in the Year 2016, led by Mr. Sam Agarwal (Founder/CEO). Mr. Agarwal incorporates a basket of experience in Mobile App development (Android/iOS), Tech Startup Consulting, Technology Strategy for Businesses, Programming (Swift, Java, SQL), Database Migration and Management, Web Design and Digital Marketing. Basically, an all-rounder of Business and Technology consulting. Since 2017, he has been on the advisory board for Technology at the Atlanta Tech Village, the 4th largest Tech Hub in the USA. He is a private consultant/interterm CTO for his clients, who work towards merging current and emerging technologies to assist entrepreneurs in increasing revenues, streamline productivity, attract investors, and nurture customer relationships.

A 10,000-foot overview of the organization The company focuses on two main problems of the startup industry. Firstly, designing and creation of Proprietary Software/Mobile Applications for startups and enterprises. They take the idea from its infancy stages and build a plan for development with research data from the market and target user base. This is what differentiates AppZoro from its competitors. The extra efforts put into R&D prior to writing a single line of code helps give | Vol. 2 | Special Edition December 2019 INDIA