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Silver Linings


n January 2020 I was sitting in an airport waiting for a flight to Israel. I texted my brother to let him know I

was leaving as I had neglected to mention it to him when I saw him at Christmas. "Good thing you're not going to China!" he texted back. I had no idea what he was referring to so I went online and Googled "What's up in China?" He was right, I was glad I was not going to China.

There’s nothing better than fresh pizza from t h e o v e n … e v e n a t 10 i n t h e m o r n i n g .

Two weeks later, I had a lay-over in Frankfurt, Germany on my way home. Here I was greeted by airport staff with

I am totally aware that my plans, and their subsequent

questions like "How long have you been traveling?" "Have

cancellation, are nothing compared to what many people

you been to China?" "Have you had a fever or cough?" The

and businesses have faced. Brandon Testa (see the story

rumors in the airport were that anyone arriving from China,

on page 32) was well on his way to opening a new House

or who had visited China at all during their travels, were

of Pizza location when COVID-19 arrived. It's one thing for

not being allowed in the airport. What do you do if you’re

me to try and recoup my pre-paid flight to England and

not allowed in the airport and you’re not allowed back on a

something quite different to face a mountain of financial

plane? Again, I was glad I had not traveled to China.

commitments when revenue is drying up daily.

Looking back, I'm shocked at how naive I was...and so

I'm a believer in 'silver linings' and Brandon must be,

grateful that Aunt Nancy and I were able to make our trip

too. He forged ahead by negotiating new contracts,

to the Middle East (and back!) with a few weeks to spare

finding vendors who supported his vision, and

before COVID-19 started to ravage the world. That was

consolidating operations.

the last of my 2020 plans that actually happened. In March all visitors were banned from my mom's

Meanwhile, I FaceTime with my mom, enjoy Zoom happy hours and dinners with family and friends, and

nursing home in Willmar. Instead of regular personal visits

pour over brochures eagerly awaiting the green light for

we were on the phone where she regularly asked "Why do

travel. An added bonus…my flower gardens have never

you keep calling me? Why don't you ever visit me anymore?"

looked better!

In May the Chamber's trip to Alnwick, England, in cooperation with St. Cloud State University was cancelled. In June, fledgling plans to travel to Norway and

Until next issue,

Iceland with a friend were scrapped before we could even start looking at dates. In August, Aunt Nancy and I sadly looked at our calendars, which told us we were supposed to be in Mongolia.


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