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13,000 Foot View

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hen I turned 50, my husband gave me a gift that I had wanted for years: an opportunity to go skydiving. The scariest part of the whole experience was the paperwork. It was about 12 pages long and said, multiple times, and in every conceivable pattern of words, that you would very possibly die and if you did, your family could not sue. Then you watched a video that told you the same thing. Finally, they strapped you in the gear and took you out to the tiniest plane I have ever seen. There were three of us planning to jump out of this plane, along with our experienced jumpers and the pilot. We sat on the floor (all the seats had been removed) with our legs drawn up to our chins as the plane took off and started making circles, climbing the necessary 13,000 feet. It was a perfect day. Blue sky, a few puffy clouds, a light breeze. As we approached our desired altitude, my tandem jumper began giving me last minute instructions. “Arch your back. Spread your feet and lift them up to the sky as far as you can. Spread your arms. Lean forward as far as you can.” By the time I had repeated and worried about all of that, we were out the door in a freefall. Ok, that was a little scary. It was hard to breath and the sense of movement was incredibly intense. And then it was over. The parachute deployed, and we were floating in total silence. Exhilarating doesn’t begin to describe it. I said to my instructor, “I see why you like this. It’s so peaceful.” “Actually,” he said, “I do it for the freefall.” Not me. I could have floated above the world for hours watching the dots of people and cars. Looking down, not up, at the birds. Drinking in the silence and the glory of a perfect day. It was another near-perfect day when we shot the cover for this issue of Business Central. Dan Pearson, the owner of PleasureLand RV Center (see the story on page 30) was a good sport when we asked him to climb on the roof of his St. Cloud building. He never complained once when photographer Joel Butkowski said, “Take another step back. Take another step back. You’re still a few feet from the edge, take another step back.” I’d go skydiving again anytime. I’m looking for an opportunity to try hang gliding. But I’m guessing Dan doesn’t have either of those experiences on his bucket list. As we stood on the roof, ever closer to the edge, all he said was, “I’m glad this is a photograph so you can’t see my knees shaking.” It turns out, Dan’s afraid of heights. Until next issue,


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