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Lost Your Sizzle? If your marketing efforts have lost their sizzle, here are three ways to get them back on track. By Noah Schmidt

where they will be exposed to the message, and why they will be exposed to the message. With those areas properly addressed you can start expanding on the individual areas like timing, advertising medium, placement, target audience, etc. Murky Goals


arketing is an essential tool for businesses. When used correctly, it gives your brand a voice, builds trust, communicates to consumers, and increases your sales. When done incorrectly, it can deteriorate your return on investment (ROI) and potentially be a turn-off to consumers. If that last sentence seems to resonate with you, it’s time to pinpoint the “why” behind marketing that just isn’t working. Here are three common reasons marketing efforts can fizzle,

as well as easy ways to get everything back on track. Lack of Strategy

To create a well-performing campaign or advertisement, you need to start with a solid strategy. On the most basic level, you need to be able to answer the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. It may seem elementary, but every successful campaign properly addresses the audience(s) you are targeting, the message you are trying to get across to consumers, when they will be exposed to the message,

One of the biggest mistakes when starting a campaign or placing advertisements is not setting goals for performance. Without goals, you will have no meaningful way to evaluate the performance of your marketing, which will make it even more difficult to gauge ROI. Additionally, it is important that your goals can be measured in some way and that they are realistic, attainable goals. Setting clear goals – along with continuous evaluation of the performance of your campaigns – will help you identify what’s working well,

The average consumer needs to view or hear your message at least seven times to take the next step, and 20 times for the message to be memorable. what’s not working, and where you can adjust to maximize your marketing investment. Improperly Mixed Media

Contributor ________ Noah Schmidt is a designer at WhiteBox Marketing, a full-service marketing agency in St. Cloud.


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feel compelled to take action. The average consumer needs to view or hear your message at least seven times to take the next step, and 20 times for the message to be memorable. For these reasons, it’s important to be reaching your consumers with your message multiple times, in multiple ways. To determine your media mix, it’s crucial to know where and how your consumers are spending time to ensure you reach them in the way they prefer to be communicated to, whether that be by text, mail, radio, social media, or some other way. Having a balanced mix of advertising mediums that your consumers use regularly will ensure they are receiving your message multiple times and in multiple formats to help reinforce your message. Strategy, goals, and media mix are just a few of the many factors that influence the

An improper media mix can be detrimental to the performance of a campaign. Consumers need multiple touchpoints before they

performance of your campaign and advertisements. With a solid understanding and development of these three areas, your next advertisement or campaign can start on the right foot and keep going in a direction that’s effective for your business.