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The Secret Sauce To engage your employees, create an engaging workplace.


o your employees think like an owner? If so, most likely they are engaged in their work. Simply put, engagement is a measure of how frequently employees think and consciously reflect on their actions and performance and how those actions affect the organization. Employees who think like owners are more engaged, more likely to do what is good for the company, and are more accountable. The best leaders do not need to be great motivators, they need to design engaging workplaces. In fact, the concept of a leader who can motivate others to

high levels of performance is a long-standing myth. The research regarding motivational leaders is less compelling than that regarding an engaging workplace. Leaders who focus on the workplace will discover that their efforts provide the most immediate benefits. The Gallup organization measures employee engagement annually and always discovers that the majority of workplaces do not really engage employees. The survey results (available at can help leaders design a workplace where employees are engaged and self-motivated.

By Bruce Miles

HOW TO MEASURE IT here are many commercial tools available to help measure employee engagement. A simple version is to ask your employees the following three questions: 1 What two or three things are going well? 2 What two or three things need to be improved? 3 Would you recommend this as a place to work to your friends and family? Why or why not? These open-ended questions typically elicit sentences and short paragraphs, providing more useful information than a ranking score of 1-to-5.


THE SECRET SAUCE ccountability is emerging as an amazingly potent predictor of employee engagement. Employees who believe they are accountable to the organization and to others, report feeling more competent, committed, creative, and innovative. They have higher morale and job satisfaction, and focus on improving their performance. What leader would not want those dividends? Leaders need to deliver tough messages when people are not performing as individuals. That has been a leadership responsibility forever. But when employees view accountability


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