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Virtual Office Policies and Procedures Business Procedures In The Virtual Office Just like you would expect in a traditional business environment you should expect to establish a list of policies and procedures that will help your start a business run smoothly and efficiently. You should write these policies down and share them with your clients, via our website or some other medium. Doing so will save you a lot of hassle and confusion when working with clients. Here are some basic office policies and procedures you should consider for your virtual office: Work Hours - Establish regular work hours so clients no when they can contact you and when you might be available for communication.

Login Policies - Write down all of your passwords and keep track of how you are managing security. Let any assistants you work with know your login policies and procedures but be sure you manage your security when doing so. Best Methods To Contact - You should establish a set of procedures that defines the best methods for people to contact you. If you prefer to operate for example solely through IM or email you need to let clients and staff know this. Out of video conferencing Procedures - Establish policies and procedures for times when you will not be available, whether planned or emergent. Payment Protocols - Establish some standard rates and fees and be sure you communicate these to clients and staff. This will reduce any confusion associated with payment. You should also set payment terms prior to working with clients.

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