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Best Place to Work Coldwell Banker Caine

Represented by Stephen Edgerton • CEO

When you are having a bad day, your first inclination to make it better probably isn’t going to the office but Stephen Edgerton, CEO of Coldwell Banker Caine, says that’s what he wants. “We want that—when you have an awful day—you come to the office,” he says. According to Edgerton, we spend most of our time in the office working, so it’s vital to build an environment that is supportive and enjoyable. And Coldwell Banker Caine makes it much more than a workplace, it makes it a family. “It’s a family business. Coming from outside into the company that was the first thing I realized. The company was truly a special place. They ran it like a family,” says Edgerton. Moving to the Greenville area in 2006, Edgerton met Brad and Frank Halter and within 18 months came on board of the Coldwell Banker Caine family. “Real estate in general is very competitive, but something that is truly unique about us is that everyone celebrates each other’s successes,” says Edgerton. It is an intentional decision by the leadership team to create a family atmosphere and a culture where employees feel responsible with maintaining it in various ways, like get-togethers and community involvement. “People talk about culture a lot, but it’s the people that come before the culture, and they are responsible for it,” says Edgerton. “You have to make that a core value.” And that culture can go beyond just your office. After all, the employees aren’t the only part of the family but their customers and the community at large. “If we can build an environment where people are caring and supportive of each other, they in turn can offer exceptional service to their clients,” says Edgerton. When you are treated like family in the workplace, it’s easy to forget you are actually working. “That’s one of the unique things: everyone in the company refers to it as the Caine family,” says Edgerton. “Not only do we live in the community, we do business here. We are locally owned and operated. All of our revenue is generated here,” says Edgerton.


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