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Business Arena Magazine proudly announces the upcoming special awards gala dedicated to the ladies that make a difference in business. Business Arena Magazine recognizes the creativity and leadership of women in the workplace and their vital contribution to the success of business

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“All the world's a stage” ”And all the men and women merely players”, as Shakespeare put it, masterfully capturing the essence of life back in the 1600’s. May it be art or business, we all have our entrances and exits, sometimes playing many parts. “Work is life for me, it is the only point of life - and with it there is almost religious belief that service is everything,” the famous Sir Laurence Olivier once said. Change the utterer of the words and they will still turn out a generic and immutable truth, no matter the field you apply it to. Even more decisive is reading it in the key of business, in its fullness. Goal oriented, selfish, competitive, bowing in front of the best puppet master, life is a stage and us all, actors in an endless play. We play for each other, we play for awards and reputations, sometimes forgetting who we truly are in the chase of a perpetual dream. The same Oliver stated: “Surely we have always acted; it is an instinct inherent in all of us. Some of us are better at it than others, but we all do it.” Again, is it theater or business? We train day by day to become the perfect mélange between cold rationalization and powerful message, aware of the necessity of playing right our cards in order to have a successful business... Having a business plan (script), adapting to our audience (clients, partners, etc.), developing more than just an expected reaction (products, services), connecting in a dialog (directly or indirectly/ see PR, advertising), following nuanced indications from a powerful director (market changes, economic shifting, etc.), we are nothing more than actors on a stage... Tired, happy or sad at the end of the day, cleaning off the glamorous make up, throwing away the wrinkled costumes (business suits) - just for the night - , we try to remember who we really are, what makes us tick, in which values we really believe. Maybe it’s not fashionable anymore to feel and have moral values, but King Theater shows teaches us that one must stand true to their beliefs in order to be complete, to understand that there is more to life than material accumulation. In part it is true that you cannot do much or help anyone without access to material resources, but the difference stands in the reasons for which we do what we do everyday. Wealth is necessary, but not enough. If we are not motivated by desire to change something, to bring a smile instead of a frown, to heal, educate, support or protect talent... what will we leave behind? Turning back to Sir Laurence Olivier, “I take a simple view of life: keep your eyes open and get on with it.” May 2012 bring you health, wealth, abundance and prosperity, as well as confidence in yourselves and your values!

From all of us here at Business Arena, enjoy the quality, admire the value!

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Greece - Romania Roundtable Business Conference & Awards


While Greece seems determined to push forward with tough measures aimed at securing a speedy and thorough recovery for its economy, we at Business Arena Magazine are proud to continue our tradition and monitor the evolution of Greek investments here and the expansion of Greek business expertise. Thus we are pleased to announce the special 2012 annual Greece-Romania Roundtable Business Conference and Awards, which will offer a great forum to leading business people, investors, bankers and diplomats to get new perspectives and insights from the business sector. The event will also allow the participants to voice their successes and challenges and air their views on future economic development here. This special Greece-Romania Roundtable Business Conference and Awards offers a strong platform for greater visibility and promotion for Greek-owned and jointventure companies and banks currently operating here and those considering entering the Romanian market in 2012. Contact: Cosmin Stangaciu: mobile: 0755.274.125




Public sector officials from within the European Bank Coordination “Vienna” Initiative met in Vienna on 16 January with the aim to enhance the coordination of national policies that could impact the economies of emerging Europe. The meeting brought together supervisors, central banks and fiscal authorities from host and home countries of major cross-border banks, as well as officials from EU institutions (the European Commission, the EBA, the ESRB) and International Financial Institutions (IMF, EBRD, EIB, and the World Bank Group). The ECB participated as observer. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange views on how to better co-ordinate national policies in order to avoid adverse cross-border effects in the context of the ongoing bank deleveraging in advanced Europe and to support transition toward a more sustainable banking model in emerging Europe. According to the World Bank, the Euro zone crisis has led to renewed risks in the financial sectors of emerging Europe since mid-2011. Market tensions notably in equity and funding markets have resulted in significant deleveraging pressures in most countries. In order to respond to intensified funding strains and limited market access, several home and host regulators have tightened liquidity provisions. The World Bank also indicated that public sector parties within the European Bank Coordination Initiative are keen to cooperate to avoid the emergence of uncoordinated and competing policy responses in Europe’s closely integrated financial markets. They emphasize the need for coordination and effective dialogue in a regional context between home and host country authorities including regulators, central banks and fiscal authorities - for which the Vienna Initiative offers a forum complementing EU frameworks. In the absence of coordination, excessive and disorderly deleveraging as well as a credit crunch may be the outcome. Although the circumstances are different from 2008/9, there is a similar need for collective action to avoid suboptimal outcomes: this is Vienna 2.0.

According to the World Bank, it is important that home country authorities internalize the crossborder effects on EU and non-EU countries in formulating their measures, and coordinate the implementation of macro-prudential/regulatory policies and their communication with host authorities. In particular, the recapitalization plans of international banks submitted to the EBA should be scrutinized by the supervisory colleges for their systemic impact on host economies, taking into account ESRB’s focus on systemic risks. Host authorities should further the development of local sources of funding as market size permits so that banks can reduce excessive reliance on capital inflows. Information sharing between home and host authorities should be stepped up to avoid unnecessary ring fencing of liquidity. Furthermore, in particular, in the event of sales of systemically important subsidiaries, home and host authorities should share information and take each other’s concerns into account. The international institutions will assess the impact of the aggregate recapitalization plans on the host countries to identify systemic risks and advise on policy actions. They should stand ready to provide external assistance and financial support to banks in host countries within their mandate and balance sheet capacities. They pledge to collaborate closely to maximize their impact. The European Bank Coordination Initiative, launched in early 2009, helped preserve financial sector stability in emerging Europe at the height of the global financial crisis. Cross-border banking groups maintained their exposures in emerging Europe and recapitalized their subsidiaries under programs supported by the IMF and the EU with positive spillovers to other countries in the region. On this basis, the participation of the private sector in the Vienna Initiative was successful. With systemic risks abating during 2010, the focus shifted towards analyzing issues of regional relevance in public-private working groups, such as increasing the use of local currency and developing local capital markets, managing non-performing loans and assessing the impact of Basel III in emerging Europe.


AVIVA SELLS ITS CZECH, HUNGARIAN AND ROMANIAN BUSINESSES Aviva has announced the sale of Aviva Czech Life, Aviva Hungary Life and Aviva Romania Life & Pensions to MetLife, Inc. The UK-based company said the transaction was consistent with its strategy to focus on markets where it has strength and scale. The transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals in each jurisdiction, is expected to be completed during 2012. As at 30 June 2011, the combined net assets of the three businesses were approximately 57 million Euro. Andrew Moss, group chief executive of Aviva, said: “We are pleased to have agreed the sale of our businesses in Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania to MetLife. This transaction is another step to further focus the group on our priority markets.” Aviva Romania Life is the seventh largest life insurer in Romania, measured by gross written premiums as at 30 September 2011. In turn, Aviva Romania Pensions is the fourth largest for mandatory pensions and sixth largest for voluntary pensions in Romania, measured by the num-

ber of participants as at 30 November 2011. Aviva is the world’s sixth largest insurance group - based on gross worldwide premiums at 31 December 2010 - serving 44.5 million customers across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Its main business activities are long-term savings, fund management and general insurance, with worldwide total sales of 47.1 billion British pounds and funds under management of 402 billion British pounds at 31 December 2010. The company is the largest insurance services provider in the UK and one of the leading providers of life and pensions products in Europe. It provides life, general and health insurance products to more than 32 million customers. MetLife, Inc. is a leading global provider of insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs, serving 90 million customers in over 50 countries. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, MetLife holds leading market positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.


Business news

JOHNSON CONTROLS OPENS ITS CRAIOVA PRODUCTION FACILITY Officials from Johnson Controls, a global leader in automotive seating, overhead systems, door and instrument panels, and interior electronics, celebrated the grand opening of its new production facility in Craiova. The just-in-time (JIT) plant will supply Ford’s local assembly plant with complete seat systems for the new B-MAX minivan on a just-insequence basis. Valentin Mocanu, State Secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection, represented the Romanian government at the ceremony. “We are pleased to support our customer Ford Motor Company in Craiova, bring growth to the region and become a member of the local community,” said Jeff Williams, group vice president and general manager, customer group Americas for Johnson Controls Automotive Experience. “Romania is an important part of the growing Eastern

European automotive market as industry projections expect the country’s automotive market to grow by approximately 80 per cent over the next four years.” The Craiova plant will create 160 new jobs. Johnson Controls Automotive Experience employs approximately 4,500 people in Romania. The company has a seat assembly plant and five seating component plants in the country. Additionally, Johnson Controls has recently acquired the automotive business of Romanian company Spumotim SA which included two polyurethane foam plants in Timisoara and Poiana Lacului. “The opening of the new Johnson Controls plant is a milestone in the industrial development of Romania. It will significantly contribute to the economic growth of the area around Craiova and have a considerable impact on employment,” said State Secretary Valentin Mocanu.



Enterprise Investors, one of the largest private equity and venture capital fund managers operating across CEE, together with Pedersen & Partners, the leading international executive search firm, have announced the MBI & MBO Club meetings schedule for 2012. In all, 22 meetings will be held in 12 countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania and Latvia. The organizers expect to meet with over 1,000 managers in 2012 at these club events. The MBI & MBO Club is the first and only organization in Central and Eastern Europe that focuses on the issues and challenges facing ambitious managers interested in acquiring a business through a management buyin (MBI) or buyout (MBO) and raising the necessary capital. This informal network of selected successful directors and managers has been active since 2004. Club meetings are held several times a year in different countries of the CEE region. All members are part of an exclusive network of high-profile, influential managers, regardless of whether they have completed a deal or not. The meetings,

which combine informal networking with structured presentations, can help members succeed with their MBI or MBO plans. Membership also gives access to an extensive network of useful contacts and advisors. “For the managers, the club is a win-win. It does not cost anything to belong or to attend our club events, and closing a deal can fulfill the dream of a lifetime. The club also benefits members who don’t complete deals, as it is a great networking forum with interesting and inspiring discussions,” said Poul Pedersen of Pedersen & Partners. In turn, Ryszard Kruk of Enterprise Investors said: "Alongside information about Enterprise Investors’ current offer for successful companies, the club meetings feature presentations by presidents of our portfolio companies, who explain how they grew the value of their businesses. We thank everyone who came and contributed to the stimulating exchange of information and experience last year, and we look forward to closing a number of joint transactions in the wake of those meetings."


HOSPITALITY BUSINESS TURNS TO THEATRE FOR INSPIRATION The hospitality business shares a lot with theatre. Costumes, scenery, the permanent interaction with the public and a highly skilled team as your backup. A little training and everybody is ready to create easier connections, pass on further emotional messages in order to create an emphatic and dedicated, passionate and quality service product. Just like bringing more people to the show, Luc Gesvret, Country Manager for Accor Czech Republic and Romania, hopes to see an increase the leisure travel segment in Romania. Also, the scene needs more actors, so the New Year will bring some of the new Accor Hotels’ products, the Ibis Budget and Ibis Styles, to our region and our country.

Do you see expansion opportunities for Accor in other Romanian cities? Our first hotel brand here, which is a massive brand with more than 1,000 units worldwide, is the Ibis. However, we’ve moved into a new phase with the Ibis, creating different styles. We have the core Ibis, which currently operates in Romania, with Ibis Gara de Nord, Ibis Parlament, Ibis Sibiu, and Constan]a. But we have also created additional brands to complete the core Ibis brand, namely the Ibis Budget and Ibis Styles. The Ibis Budget, as its name suggests, will be a somewhat simpler hotel product. In turn, the Ibis Styles will focus more on style and design. Currently we are looking at projects in Brasov, Timi[oara, Târgu-Mure[, and even Bucharest. So there is plenty of potential. There are some other interesting opportunities, mainly for boutique hotels like our brand Mgallery. They have very specific historical design and we offer very special locations. We have such hotels in Paris, in Prague, and I think we also have good potential to open such hotels in Bucharest and in the region.


What strategy changes have been implemented in order to limit the effects of the economic recession? First of all, at Accor we have a wonderfully performing booking system that allows us to sell rooms anywhere in the world at anytime. And to do that we are very cautious at positioning the right hotel product at the right price. So, first of all, we always position our hotels according to market and demand. Then you have to have very strong brands in order

for the customer to feel reassured in their hotel experience even in the recession time. What are the main similarities and differences between Accor’s operations in the Czech Republic and Romania? The main difference between the hospitality markets in the two capitals, Prague and Bucharest, lies in the percentage covered by business and leisure travelers respectively. I would say that leisure tourism accounts for 70 per cent to 75 per cent of the total in Prague, while in Bucharest the situation is totally different; nearly 80 per cent of the visitors are here on business. In terms of similarities, I think the main similarity is that customers have high expectations from their hotels everywhere. In fact, nowadays it is no longer enough to offer a clean room and a good product. Customers want to have an emotional experience and contact with the hotel’s team. “Hotel is like a theatre” This is why we have developed special training programs. We continued to invest in training during the crisis. We train our teams on issues related to the leisure market, just like any other hotel would do, but we also bring theatre coaches to work with our staff, to help them interact more easily and give them the tools to bring some emotion in their contacts with the clients. The program is called “Actors on stage” and it is very innovative. We explain to our staff that a hotel is like a theatre, with actors interacting with the audience.

Coming back to Romania after seven years I can see that the level of service is progressing in Accor Hotels generally. The guest satisfaction is recognized and it is important because these days people talk about these experiences. They have websites and blogs and the opportunity to share their experience. So we don’t just need to be good, we need to be above good. I think we are moving in that direction because at Accor Hotels we’ve always had a desire to improve and add to our performance in order to raise the guests’ satisfaction. Here we can see that the city’s centre is transforming, I mean Lipscani is a good example for that. There are new facilities entertainment which is an important aspect for the leisure travel market.

There is plenty of potential in Romania Luc Gesvret Country Manager for Accor Czech Republic and Romania



What are the main elements that Romania’s hospitality business should focus on in order to become more competitive? I think that we need to create points of attraction for the leisure market so that Romania can grow and take a more significant share of the European business in that segment. Also, there are many high visibility business events every year. And I believe we have the proper infrastructure and logistics to attract such events to Bucharest. These events provide business opportunities to the local hospitality sector, but at the same time they raise the profile of Bucharest and Romania as business and leisure travel destinations. I think Romania has a great potential of expanding its incoming travel segment based on cultural events. Also, many cities in Europe are visited by students in their studies. We need to be able to bring them here, because Romania has a great history and cultural heritage that need to be shared. What is your view regarding Romania’s economic prospects in the short term? Over the last few years Romania has become an integral part of the European economy and it is now a key-player in that network. Therefore all the European countries have to work together to overcome the financial difficulties and return to growth and prosperity. I am very positive about the prospects of growth. Ten years ago when I arrived in Romania there were four upscale international hotels, while the rest were independent hotels, with poor to medium quality standards. Now there are a lot more international brands here that have contributed to the development of local hospitality industry. The quality and services have improved in all hotels and most of them are doing well financially considering the circumstances, so I think the prospects are quite encouraging.

Create points of attraction for the leisure market


What are the main difficulties that you have encountered in this market? The market is very competitive today, because everybody is trying to do their best and secure a share of the business. Otherwise, I would say that we don’t have many problems in this market.

How would you characterize the level of competition in your segment? I would say that in Bucharest there is a very strong competition between hotels, as the market is not adequately structured. We have a different star rating and we position our prices differently. Obviously we have had to adapt to the situation and be extremely agile and cautious on a day-to-day basis, because you have to stay in line with the prices used by the competition. I have also noticed a positive trend: as one hotel improves its services, it causes the others to follow suite. What are your future development targets? We have more than 4,000 hotels in the world and our ambition is to add 30,000 new rooms every year. As for Romania, we currently operate six hotels here and by 2015 we plan to open another four to six hotels. This is an important target, which aims at consolidating Accor Hotels’ position as one of the strongest players in the country. Our plan is to look at the cities that may have potential for us, adapting the product to suit each location. What is your main professional goal at this stage? My main objective is to ensure general development. I focus on developing our network, our teams’ abilities and skills, guest quality satisfaction, and profitability. If I were to list the key elements for development in Romania I would include results, team and network development. When did you decide to build a carrier in the hotel industry? I was touched by this - shall we say – “hospitality business virus” quite early, when I was very, very young. This is indeed a job that requires a lot of passion and dedication. People who work in hotels and hospitality in general are passionate, dedicated individuals. This is valid for all countries and Romania makes no exception. In my case, I got in contact with this sector when I was very young because my parents were hoteliers. We lived in the hotel, I was raised there and for me it was a natural living environment. I went to a hotel and hospitality school in Brittany, in the west of France, and I also have a degree from the commercial school in Paris. I have worked in many countries, including the UK, Romania, Russia, France and the Czech Republic. I have to admit that I tried to change my career once, but it only lasted for two months and a half, I think. I tried a job in sales, but I was missing the contacts with the people all the time. BY LUCIANA PETRESCU

EBRD CUTS 2012 GROWTH FORECASTS The EBRD has reduced its economic growth forecasts for 2012 for central and south eastern Europe, as well as eastern Europe and the Caucasus, and warned that a further deterioration of conditions in the eurozone could have a substantial further impact on the whole of the EBRD region. The bank’s latest Regional Economic Prospects report also calls for a coordinated response from all parties to limit the impact of the eurozone crisis on eastern Europe. The report sees a significant overall slowdown in growth across the EBRD’s 29 countries of operations from central and south Europe to central Asia – to an average 3.1 per cent in 2012 from 4.8 per cent in 2011. Although this outlook is based on no further deterioration in the eurozone crisis, the report refers to "substantial risks" to the baseline scenario. It says a worsening of the eurozone turmoil would pose a systemic challenge to emerging Europe because of the deep integration of its banking sector with eurozone-based banks, particularly if compounded by the re-emergence of uncoordinated national policies, with negative cross-border spillovers. The EBRD region would also be negatively affected by a resulting slowdown in the US and elsewhere and from linked declines in commodity prices. In its baseline scenario, the report assumes that deleveraging by international banks active in the EBRD region will be managed in a collective response that - as in 2008/2009 - involves governments, international agencies and banks, most likely in the context of a new “Vienna 2.0”. Erik Berglof, the EBRD’s Chief Economist, said: “It is absolutely essential that we build a coordinated response to Western bank restructuring that fully takes into account the impact on eastern Europe. Any failure to do so would mean a significant setback for the emerging economies.” The forecast for 3.1 per cent growth across the whole EBRD region is roughly in line with

predictions made last October, but the new report underscores a growing divide among the 29 countries surveyed. It notes that central and south-eastern Europe is particularly exposed to eurozone stress and it points to Slovenia and Hungary as countries that are likely to see a return to recession in 2012. But it says Russia and other CIS countries that are less integrated with western Europe are continuing to enjoy respectable growth, partly as a result of elevated commodity prices. The report says that turmoil in the eurozone will affect output in the transition region via financial, trade and remittance channels. A recession in the Euro area in 2012 would translate into weaker export markets for its eastern neighbors, with this effect compounded by the importance of foreign direct investment and shorter term financing for the EBRD region. It noted that capital flows into the region had turned into outflows in the third quarter of 2011 – for the first time since 2009. This situation was unlikely to change while capital was scarce and risks remained high in western Europe. There has also been evidence of Western bank deleveraging in most new EU member countries since the autumn. The EBRD report warns specifically that Western banks’ subsidiaries in eastern Europe will receive less support from parents that are having to strengthen their balance sheets. As a result the subsidiaries make less credit available to their economies and contribute to a slowdown in the real economy. The report revised the 2012 forecasts for central Europe and the Baltic states down to 1.4 per cent from the 1.7 per cent seen last October. Referring to Hungary, the country in the EBRD region that is most exposed to the eurozone, it said that the external problems faced by Hungary had been compounded by a series of domestic policy mistakes that had unnerved investors. In southern and eastern Europe, the growth forecast for 2012 has been revised down by 0.6 percentage points to 1.0 per cent.



Luxury & lifestyle

Top Brand

UR-110 Torpedo


Case in Grade 5 titanium with bezel in 5N red gold Dimensions: 47mm x 51mm x 16mm Two position crown with integrated protection Water resistance: 3 ATM Movement Calibre: UR 9.01 mechanical, automatic winding Balance: Monometallic Frequency: 28,800v/h, 4Hz Jewels: 46 Balance spring: Flat Power: Single barrel Power reserve: 39 hours Winding system: Uni-directional rotor regulated by double turbines Finish: Matting, circular graining and diamond-cuts Indications: Satellite complication with rotating hour/minute modules mounted on planetary gears Control Board: “Day/Night” indicator; “Oil Change” alerting service intervals and small seconds

The UR-110 Torpedo has now been embellished with a solid gold armor. The UR-110 RG with its red gold bezel – 5N for the purists – consummately blends a golden touch of class with a high-tech Grade 5 titanium body. “We are known for complications that require cutting-edge highperformance materials, yet gold has always been one of our favorite materials,” says Felix Baumgartner, URWERK co-founder and chief watchmaker. “All of our collections feature a version crafted in this noble metal, from the very first UR101 to the UR-110. More than a tradition, it is a milestone for us and we feel that a collection is only complete once a gold version has been created. Gold and titanium are the main components of this new UR-110, a watch of contrasts.” Martin Frei, URWERK co-founder, adds: "Gold provides a unique feeling and emotion thanks to its density and its special appearance. In all the ancient and modern civilizations, gold was regarded as the material of the Gods. For me, as a trained sculptor and painter, touch is the first sense. This certainly explains my visceral attraction to gold. I like its solid, heavy, reassuring and eternal character. Our UR-110 collection could not be complete without a counterpart in gold. We have now achieved this." In the UR-110 RG, the time is always shown on the right side of the watch. The satellites follow a vertically arced line, graded from 0 to 60 minutes, in a downward motion. Planetary gearing keeps the three hour-satellites and their arrow-shaped “torpedoes” in parallel formation as they take turns to indicate the time as they pass the 60-minute track. This performance is made possible by means of an architecture featuring three levels of complexity: - A central carousel providing the complication with stability and equilibrium - Planetary gearing assuring the parallel rotation of the three hour-satellites as they orbit the dial - Three counter-rotating hour modules – each comprising an hour satellite, minute hand and counter balance – are each mounted on a planetary gear. These three modules are in constant counter-rotation to offset the direction of rotation of the central carousel. The UR-110 RG therefore thoroughly enriches the 110 collection, where the classicism of a cherished material has been wonderfully juxtaposed with the avant-gardism of state-of-the-art micro-engineering.


Sapphire dial with hand-applied minute track. Silvered opaline watch dial. 18k yellow gold case. Buckle: Adjustable triple fastener folding buckle in 18k yellow gold with double safety pushbutton or pin buckle.

· HAUTLENCE timepiece with manufacture’s own calibre. · Limited and numbered editions of 88 pieces per model. · Hand-winding mechanical movement. · Jumping hours, retrograde minutes. · Power reserve of 40 hours. · Rotation: 21’600 beats per hour. · 24 stones. · Caseband dimensions: 43.5mm horizontal, 37mm vertical and 10.5 mm thick. · Sapphire crystal glass with angled edges. · Back of the caseband: screwed on with 4 screws, sapphire crystal. · Unique numbered timepiece with identification plate. · Buckle: triple fastener folding buckle in solid gold, with cover for adjustment and lengthening, double safety pushbutton or pin buckle in solid gold. · Alligator strap: square scales, skin folded over on itself with metal insert, hand sewn. · Water-resistant up to 30 metres (3 ATM). Movement (Over 150 components) · Basic works, adjustment and pieces: 7001. · Balance: Nivarox. · Barrel: General Ressort. · Shock Absorber: Incabloc. · Bridges & bottom plates: Brasses. · Decoration: “perlage”, sandblasting, “Côte de Genève”, anglage. 2N gilding of etchings. Rhodium. · Connecting rods: Decorated, nickel plated and PVD treatment. · Jumpers : Durnico, machined and cut using thread electro erosion. 550 HB structural hardening. · Springs and steel bridges: Sulem H1. Hardened and tempered. · Precision engineering: 20AP steel. Hardened and tempered + electrochemical polishing. · Runner: Nickel. · Star: Nickel. · Cam: Nickel + extra-hard PVD surface treatment. · Stones: rubies (NIHS4102 standard). · Screws: hardened, tempered and polished 20AP steel. · Pins: hardened, tempered and polished 20AP steel / NM2 nickel silver.

The HAUTLENCE watch is built around the calibre. The technical elements are exposed and the technique is perfectly visible; the overall design is very minimal. The different levels of the display elements give a unique, indepth view. A tonneau-shaped bevelled sapphire crystal glass is fit to the case thanks to its lower lug and reveals the inner levels, seals and flange volumes. The flange is finished by hand to obtain a flank with a silky satin finish. The case band is composed of the solid gold body on which the tube and crown are fit. A case back and horns are associated with each case band – one of the main elements of the case –, which is individually crafted by a “case artist”. The exterior components then receive their punches and finishes, which will make each case a totally unique product. The case back is screwed on with four specially designed HAUTLENCE screws. The case band is made up of a single vertical surface with a simple machined pit that limits the upper part of the horns. With a total thickness of 10.5 mm, this piece offers a massive and generous character, as well as optimum dimensions and ergonomics. The lower dial reveals part of the minute circle and winding mechanism, and supports the second flange, which cleverly floats between the connecting rods and the upper sapphire dial. The alligator strap is cut from high-quality skins and is shaped around a metallic insert to assure excellent hold and integration of the horns. The skin is folded over on itself and hand stitched.



Sapphire dial with hand-applied hour and minute markers. Bushed grey rhodium-plated dial. 18k pink gold case. Buckle: Adjustable triple fastener folding buckle in 18k pink gold with double safety pushbutton or pin buckle..

Luxury & lifestyle

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Renaissance incorporates an accumulation of knowledge and experience, and takes the classical Speake-Marin elements to another level: another level of elegance, with its slim design; another level of mechanical complexity, with its tourbillon and minute-repeater; and another level of aesthetic sophistication, with its opendial architecture featuring harmonious bridge design and superlative finishing. What is more, the back of each Renaissance movement is decorated with a different intricate hand-engraved design making each one a unique piece. Renaissance means ‘rebirth’ and commonly refers to the era of cultural resurgence in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries when scholars revisited the intellectual and artistic treasures of Greco-Roman antiquity in an effort to achieve greatness in disciplines such as philosophy, art, architecture and literature. With this Renaissance timepiece, Peter Speake-Marin has embarked on his own intellectual journey of rediscovery to harness the classical elements of Speake-Marin and reinterpret them to extraordinary effect. The Renaissance movement was developed to Speake-Marin’s specifications by La Fabrique du Temps in Geneva. The 60-second tourbillon at 5 o’clock maximises timekeeping precision by averaging the effects of positional variations caused by gravity. But the tourbillon provides esthetical as well as technical benefits as it rotates, catching the light and the eye thanks to the fine finishing of its topping-tool shaped cage, with a heatblued hand indicating seconds. Timekeeping precision is also ensured thanks to an isochronism-improving free-sprung balance and the lightweight, energy-efficient silicon escape wheel and anchor. The minute repeater, activated by a slider on the case band at 9 o’clock, chimes the hours, the quarters-hours and minutes after the quarter-hours so enabling the ‘reading’ of the time without having to look at or see the dial. The Renaissance minute repeater features an all-or-nothing mechanism, found on the highest-quality minute repeaters, which avoids the incorrect time being chimed if the slide is incompletely activated. The regularity of the chimes are silently and precisely controlled by a centrifugal inertia regulator, that can be appreciated through the display back thanks to its large transparent sapphire bearing. The display-back also reveals the repeater hammers and gong with ‘London-Geneva’ engraved on the repeater mainspring bridge, while the straight drum-like sides and form of the Piccadilly case and the open dial act as the perfect amplifier for the crystalline chimes.

Features and indications: • Foundation-style, heatblued hour and minute hands • Heat-blued second hand on tourbillon cage at 5 o’clock • Open dial revealing finelyfinished movement Case and Strap: • Hours, minutes and small seconds (on tourbillon cage) • Minute repeater featuring an all-or-nothing mechanism and centrifugal inertia regulator • 60-second tourbillon • Each piece features a unique, hand-engraved movement • Iconic Piccadilly design • Dimensions: 44.0mm x 11mm • Three-piece case crafted in 18k red gold • Two-position Speake- Marin crown • Minute repeater slider on case band at 9 o’clock • Sapphire crystal treated with anti-reflective coating • Water resistance: 3atm/30m/100’ • Display-back • Case-back circumference engraving: “Speake-Marin - Minute Repeater The Piccadilly-Tourbillon” • Strap made from natural alligator skin with gold tang buckle Dimensions: 32.4mm x 5.36mm • Power reserve: 100 hours • Jewels: 29 • No. of components: 330 • Speake-Marin signature motif topping tool design tourbillon cage • Tourbillon cage: 13.59mm • Free-sprung balance • Balancefrequency: 21,600vph / 3Hz • Balance diameter: 8.8mm (9.6mm with regulating screws) • Balance inertia: 10mg/cm2 • Silicon anchor and escape wheel • Two-hammer minute repeater featuring all-or-nothing mechanism • Speake-Marin bridge design and hand-finishes • Unique, hand-engraved motif on back plate • The latter includes “Speake-Marin - Piece Unique GravéeMain” • Minute repeater chime mechanism engraving: “Geneva-London”

MILLENARY 4101 The Millenary 4101 asserts itself as the perfect expression of an idea that took shape and steadily matured in the mind of the Audemars Piguet teams before seeing the light of day. This model with its oval calibre exercises a persistent fascination testifying to the fact that the Manufacture in Le Brassus has once again superseded existing design codes and defied the laws of technology in order to master and even transcend these technical constraints. Its designer made the deliberately daring choice to give the structure and functional aspects of the movement an essential role in terms of the overall aesthetic. This model features the sleek form of the oval case inherent to the Millenary collection, as well as the signature off-centred dial and imposing Roman numerals. The elaborate design of the watch is distinguished as much by this unusual three-dimensional appearance as by its atypical architecture. Designed for men who find their way through time while making light of ephemeral trends and show a marked preference for audacity rather than slavishly following the crowd, the Millenary 4101 comes in two original interpretations: one in steel and the other in pink gold. By offering its owner the privilege of observing the inner life of its oval movement, the Millenary 4101 breaks free of conventional watchmaking codes. Nonetheless, technical sophistication is not achieved at the cost of aesthetics, since this model marries function and design by granting equal importance to the inside and outside of the watch. This accentuates the striking visual presence of the regulating organ and draws all eyes to its balance, lever and escapement. The heart of the movement is the variable-inertia balance with eight white gold inertia blocks that ensure enhanced longterm rating stability. It beats at a 4 Hz oscillating frequency, meaning 8,800 vibrations per hour, thereby improving timing precision and making the regulating organ less sensitive to extreme disturbances. The selfwinding Millenary 4101 watch has a 60hour power reserve. Its cross-through balancebridge echoes the aesthetic of the 3120 and 3090 calibres and ensures enhanced shock resistance. MOVEMENT – Proprietary selfwinding oval Calibre 4101. – Overall dimensions (width/length) : 37.25 x 32.90 mm. – Casing diameter (width/length) : 36.75 x 32 mm. – Thickness : 7.46 mm. – 253 parts and 34 jewels. – Bidirectional winding 22-carat gold oscillating weight mounted on ceramic ball bearings. – 60-hour power reserve. – Cadence of the balance : 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz). – Variable-inertia balance with eight inertia-blocks and Breguet overcoil balance-spring. – Screw-down mobile balance-spring stud-holder. – Mainplate and bridges : rhodiumed and gilded for pink gold model and anthracite galvanic treatment for stainless model. – Finishing : all parts decorated by hand. Mainplate adorned with horizontal Côtes de Genève on the front and circular-grained on the back. Bridges bevelled, snailed and adorned with horizontal and circular Côtes de Genève and with circular graining. Diamond-polished jewel sinks; diamond-polished countersinks and bevelled wheel spokes; bevelled screw rims and slots. – AP monogram as well as Audemars and Piguet family crests engraved on the oscillating weight.


North American International Auto Show 2012

This year's edition of the Detroit Auto Show attracted an increased number of visitors

New Ford Fusion banks on technology

Ford’s all-new Fusion brings alive the next generation of more expressive vehicles from Ford and is the first sedan to offer gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions – each expected to deliver top fuel economy and an engaging driving experience. Featuring a sleek silhouette and fresh face, the new Fusion is the latest in a series of vehicles from Ford – following the 2011 Fiesta and 2012 Focus – developed to satisfy customers everywhere who want leading fuel efficiency, helpful technologies and game-changing looks. “Our vision for Fusion was clear – deliver the very best of


what One Ford stands for,” said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president of Global Product Development. “We brought our global teams together around a blank slate with the charge to develop a midsize car with groundbreaking design and jaw-dropping fuel economy – one that featured technologies to help make our customers safer and better drivers. This car is the result.” Fusion is revealed in North America in S, SE and range-topping Titanium series and points to the next Ford Mondeo for world markets. The new Fusion offers a rich portfolio of driver assistance and convenience technologies based on sensors, cameras and radar that enable the car to see and respond. Fusion can help drivers maintain proper lane position, adjust vehicle speed to changing traffic conditions, identify suitable parking spaces and help park, even aiding drivers backing out of parking space where visibility is obstructed. Fusion will be produced at Ford’s Hermosillo, Mexico, manufacturing facility, soon adding production at AutoAlliance International Plant in Flat Rock, Mich. The car will appear in Ford showrooms in North America and South America later this year. Mondeo will be introduced next year in Asia and Europe.

Automotive manufacturers showcase future trends in Detroit The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) expanded its footprint inside Cobo Center this year and offered an additional 2,322 mp of main floor exhibit space. Hosting the unveilings of dozens of the most exciting production and concept vehicles in the world, the NAIAS 2012, open to the public between January 14-22, featured exhibiting manufacturers such as Acura, AMG, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, CODA Automotive, Dodge, Falcon Motor Sports, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Maybach, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Scion, Shelby American, Smart, SRT, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota, Vehicle Production Group, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Entering its 24th year as an international event, the NAIAS is the only auto show in the United States to earn an annual distinguished sanction of the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles, the Paris-based alliance of automotive trade associations and manufacturers from around the world.

Cadillac ATS challenges German dominance The all-new 2013 Cadillac ATS sedan was among four General Motors’ concept or production vehicles making world premieres at the 2012 North American International Auto Show. “ATS is a crucial part of Cadillac's expansion,” GM Senior Vice President of Global Product Development Mary Barra told the Automotive Press Association. “ATS enters the biggest market segment in the global luxury car industry, both in terms of volume and importance. “It’s a segment dominated by German cars, including the BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4, so we’ve developed a compelling and convincing new challenger,” she said. ATS marks the debut of a new rear-wheeldrive-based architecture designed for agile, quick-and-fun driving dynamics and advanced technology. The ATS goes into production next summer at the Lansing, Mich., Grand River Assembly plant. Barra, who was named to her position about a year ago, oversees a 15 billion USD operation currently designing and engineering 113 major product programs globally “from concept to production… mini-cars to full size body-on-frame trucks…and everything in between,” she said. Barra said she has spent much of her time seeking and executing efficiencies in the way GM develops products. Core archi-

tectures – the basic building blocks of new vehicles – accounted for 30 per cent of volume when she took over. Today, the same architectures cover 48 per cent of volume. “We’re targeting 60 per cent by 2014… and 90-plus per cent by 2018,” she said. “It’s a similar story with our engine

platforms. As recently as 2009, we built 20 different engine platforms around the world. Over the next several years, our goal is to reduce that to 10.”


North American International Auto Show 2012

A peak into Lincoln’s future The new Lincoln MKZ Concept, revealed at the North American International Auto Show, signals a significant step in Lincoln’s reinvention, providing a clear vision of its nextgeneration vehicles. “With the Lincoln MKZ Concept, we are not introducing a new car. We are essentially introducing a new brand,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford Motor Company group vice president for Global Product Development. “The MKZ Concept is the next step in the reinvention of Lincoln, something we’ve been quietly but aggressively pursuing.” The MKZ Concept strongly hints at the production model arriving in dealerships later this year, as well as Lincoln’s design future. “The MKZ Concept’s shape is a vision of simplicity completed with just a few strokes,” said Max Wolff, Lincoln

design director. “Our movement as a brand is toward something we call elegant simplicity. It’s something warmer and more restrained, which is moving away from complex designs and traditional luxury.” By retaining key, recognizable brand design elements, the MKZ Concept remains clearly identifiable as a Lincoln. One example is the more refined interpretation of the splitwing grille, introduced on the 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr. “Lincoln is an important part of our company’s success,” said Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company president of The Americas. “The luxury piece of the industry is significant. In any given year in the U.S., the luxury segment is 11 to 13 per cent of overall sales, and it is important for us to win customers in the luxury market with strong new vehicles. That is a key reason we have invested so heavily in Lincoln.”

Hyundai reveals more aggressive design for its 2013 Genesis Coupe


Hyundai Motor America introduced the significantly redesigned 2013 Genesis Coupe in a North American debut at the Detroit auto show. In keeping with impressive performance upgrades, Genesis Coupe now sports more aggressive coupe styling, complemented by improved interior materials and design. Both four-cylinder and V6 engines benefit from significant technology enhancements, with the 3.8-liter V6 engine receiving sophisticated direct-injection technology and the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine upgrading to a more precise twin-scroll turbocharger and larger intercooler. Automatic transmissions for these two models now have 8-speeds, with paddle-shift SHIFTRONIC® manual-shifting capability. Hyundai’s proprietary telematics platform, Blue Link®, is now available, providing Genesis Coupe owners with a variety of infotainment services to meet their individual connectivity needs.

Mercedes-Benz bets on green The world premiere of the new SL and two all-new hybrid models took centre stage on the Mercedes-Benz stand at the opening of the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The new models from Mercedes-Benz delivered a strong impetus for the new automotive year and for the future of the brand as a whole – directly in the wake of the best sales year in company history. For the first time, the all-new SL Roadster is made almost entirely from aluminium and weighs up to 140 kg less than its predecessor thanks to intelligent lightweight design. The new BlueDIRECT engines are more powerful, yet up to 29 per

– more than ever before. 2012 will see us push forward with our product offensive and repeat two things that worked extremely well last year – we will launch another six new models and we will set the bar even higher by making green cars cooler and cool cars greener”, said Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, at the NAIAS press conference. To back this up, Mercedes-Benz presented the sixth generation SL. Compared with its highly successful predecessor, the new model offers a considerable boost in sporting character and comfort and sets new benchmarks in the luxury roadster class. Plus, it comes with a full serving of everyday usability. The E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID is initially planned for the European market, while the E 400 HYBRID will be launched


cent more fuel efficient than the engines in the out- Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG going model. More driving fun with even lower fuel and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, at the Mercedes-Benz press conferconsumption is also on offer from the two new Eence in Detroit with the new SL and the 300 SL from 1952 Class hybrid models – the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID consumes just 4.2 liters of diesel per 100 km (109 g first on the American market and later offered in further CO2/km, both figures combined; energy efficiency class: A+). countries such as Japan and China. The gasoline-powered E 400 HYBRID, which will be launched The V6 spark-ignition engine in the E 400 HYBRID delivfirst in the USA, delivers fuel economy of 27 mpg (8.7 l/100 ers 225 kW (306 hp) and generates 370 Nm of torque, plus a km) (combined). further 20 kW and 250 Nm from the electric motor. “In 2011 we sold more than 1.36 million cars worldwide

North American International Auto Show 2012

Honda presents its 2013 Accord Coupe concept

Honda unveiled the dynamic Accord Coupe concept providing the first official glimpse of the athletic styling direction, as well as revealing a host of new technologies for the all-new, ninth-generation 2013 model, set to go on-sale this autumn. The 2013 Accord will feature three all-new powertrains, including the first US application of both a 2.4-liter direct-injected engine and two-motor plug-in hybrid system from Honda’s suite of next-generation Earth Dreams™ powertrain technologies. In addition, the V-6 Accord will be the first Honda sedan to feature a new six-speed automatic transmission. Both the Accord Sedan and the Accord Coupe models are expected to achieve class-leading fuel economy ratings and will be available with a number of innovative new safety and technological features. “Marking the 30th anniversary of US production, this new ninth-generation Accord will raise the bar again through a tour de force of new Honda powertrain and safety technologies, geared to ensure that Honda and the Accord continue to lead in fuel economy, safety and funto-drive performance,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. The Accord Coupe concept features an athletic styling direction for Honda’s best-selling model. The front bumper’s dynamic lines are highlighted by a


revised four-sided honeycomb grille and deeply set multireflector headlights. Lower fog-light spoilers are accented by crystallized chrome inlays. The 2013 Accord lineup will also feature the first application of a new two-motor plug-in hybrid system to the Accord Sedan. The Honda two-motor hybrid system moves continuously through three modes - all-electric, gasoline-electric and direct-drive - to maximize driving efficiency and fuel economy. In all-electric mode, the 2013 Accord Plug-In Hybrid will use a six kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery and a powerful 120 kW electric motor to achieve an all-electric range of approximately 10-15 miles in city driving scenarios and a top speed of 62 mph. Fully recharging the battery will take less than four hours using a 120-volt, outlet and less than 1.5 hours using a 240-volt charger. In the gasoline-electric hybrid mode, the Accord is powered by its fuel-efficient 2.0-liter, i-VTEC inline fourcylinder, Atkinson cycle engine, paired with an electric Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT). For more efficient high-speed cruising, the Accord Plug-In Hybrid can engage in a direct-drive mode, in which only the engine drives the front wheels. The Accord Plug-In Hybrid will launch next winter.


NSX Concept

Acura unveils three new vehicles Representing the leading edge of a wave of new products and technologies, Acura unveiled three new vehicles at the North American International Auto Show, including a concept version of the all-new gateway to the Acura brand, the ILX luxury compact sedan, a prototype of the 2013 RDX crossover sport utility vehicle, and the NSX Concept, which presages the direction for Acura’s next-generation supercar. Acura also announced that the next-generation NSX will feature Acura’s innovative new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® technology and that the vehicle will be developed by Honda R&D Americas and manufactured in Ohio. “Over the next 24 months the Acura brand will unleash a series of new models that will remake our product lineup and shake up the luxury market,” said Jeff Conrad, vice president and general manager of Acura. “Acura will once again defy conventional wisdom to become one of the top luxury brands by creating luxury vehicles based on our own unique values.” Debuting three new models in Detroit heralds the beginning of Acura’s second 25 years as a premium luxury-performance automobile brand. The Acura ILX Concept is the precursor to an all-new Acura luxury compact sedan scheduled for launch in spring 2012. To be positioned as the gateway to the Acura brand, the ILX will feature three different powertrains, including Acura’s first-ever gaselectric hybrid. As with all Acura models, the ILX will have a long list of standard features, different trim levels (that will include a Technology Package), multiple transmission choices, and excellent standard safety features— including Acura’s acclaimed Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ body structure, front, side and sidecurtain airbags, 4-channel anti-lock brakes and Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA™). Acura anticipates that the ILX will achieve top ratings in both NHTSA and IIHS crash safety testing.

Shown as a prototype version of the 2013 RDX, the second generation of Acura’s five-passenger crossover SUV, will up the ante with a new approach to achieving both advanced performance and fuel efficiency via a new engine, transmission and allwheel drive system. The 2013 RDX, scheduled to launch in spring 2012, will have as standard equipment a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that produces 273 horsepower — 33 more than the outgoing model. For even higher performance and improved fuel economy, the RDX makes use of a 6-speed automatic transmission with a new lock-up torque converter. The RDX also gets a new, lighter all-wheel-drive system that provides the required performance and safety with increased efficiency. The dynamically-styled NSX Concept gives an indication of the next great performance vehicle from the Acura brand. Making use of lightweight materials and a mid-mounted V-6 engine, the NSX Concept employs several new technologies for Acura, including application of Acura’s innovative new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® (Super Handling All Wheel Drive™) hybrid system. Utilizing a unique 2 Electric Motor Drive Unit with a bilateral torque adjustable control system, the all-new hybrid all-wheeldrive system can instantly generate negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering. Acura anticipates the new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® will deliver handling performance unmatched by previous AWD systems. In addition to the handling benefits of the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® system, a powerful nextgeneration VTEC® V-6 engine with direct-injection works in concert with a dual clutch transmission with built-in electric motor to create supercar acceleration while offering outstanding efficiency. “This Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system will make NSX the ultimate expression of Acura’s idea to create synergy between man and machine,” said Takanobu Ito, president and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. “The NSX will make the driver one with the car to enhance dynamic driving abilities without getting in the way.”

North American International Auto Show 2012

Bentley’s new Continental models receive new four-liter engine Bentley launched two new Continental V8 models at the Detroit auto show. The new 4.0 liter, twin turbocharged V8 engine achieves exceptional standards for power-to-emissions in the high luxury sports car sector. The new engine is available in the Continental GT and the Continental GTC. Expressing their potent, muscular character, these models are distinguished by a black gloss matrix grille with chrome frame and centre bar, a red enamel Bentley ‘B’ badge, and a black matrix three-segment lower front bumper divided by distinctive body-coloured strakes. Commenting on the launch of the new V8 Continental models, Wolfgang Dürheimer, Chairman and Chief Executive, Bentley Motors said: “With the new 4.0 liter V8 engine we are widening the appeal of the latest generation of Continentals, introducing a completely new driving experience. The new engine will have all the exhilarating power, drama and performance you would expect from a V8 engine sporting the famous Bentley wings, effortlessly delivered with our characteristic ‘wave of torque’. This is complemented by innovative powertrain technology that delivers exceptional fuel efficiency and emissions.”

Volvo boasts its new XC60 plug-in hybrid concept


Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation, displayed an electrifying presence at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit when he drove the new XC60 plug-in hybrid concept onto the stage at the press conference. The innovative gasoline plug-in hybrid is actually three cars rolled into one. “No other manufacturer delivers fuel economy and electrical range on this level in a capable performance car with a total of 350 horsepower,”

Toyota unveils four-door plug-in hybrid concept Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) unveiled the “TOYOTA NS4” plug-in hybrid concept, representing a next-generation four-door environment-friendly vehicle. Designed for around 2015 when the company predicts environment-friendly vehicles will be commonplace, the TOYOTA NS4 features outstanding environmental performance, advanced safety, and communications technology that links people, cars and infrastructure. Using the triangular silhouette iconic of Toyota-brand hybrid vehicles as a motif, the TOYOTA NS4 realizes a design that emphasizes the vehicle’s low center of gravity. The adoption of a narrow A-pillar allows increased visibility while still maintaining excellent collision safety performance. The vehicle also achieves a balance between refined proportions, aerodynamic performance and ease of ingress and egress. Numerous advanced safety features include a popup hood3, adaptive driving beam4 headlights, and the Precollision System (PCS) with Collisionavoidance Assist5.

said Stefan Jacoby. “The beauty with this plug-in hybrid technology is that you can keep all the power and capacity of your present car, combined with an even better range,” said Jacoby. “The XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept gives you up to 35 miles all-electric range. Or you can drive it as a superefficient hybrid with a fuel economy of over 100 miles per gallon according to the European driving cycle.” An electric motor producing 70 horsepower - combined with a 280 horsepower, four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine - also gives the driver a muscular power plant packing a total of 350 horse-

Three rear-view cameras provide a panoramic rear view on a monitor in the center of the instrument panel to maintain rear-view visibility while minimizing movement of the driver’s line of sight. An innovative touch-screen user interface in the central two-screen display allows for fun, easy and intuitive operation of the communications technology for linking people, cars and infrastructure. Also on display at the NAIAS Toyota-brand booth was the Prius family of hybrid vehicles, which comprises the “Prius”, the “Prius Plug-in Hybrid”, the “Prius v”, and the “Prius c”. The “FCV-R”, a sedan-type next-generation fuel-cell concept, was also on display.

power. “The XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept features an engine from our all-new, state of the art, four-cylinder engine family. Our new fourcylinder powertrains will get performance on today’s six-cylinder level. At the same time, they will also give consumers better fuel economy than present four-cylinder engines,” Stefan Jacoby said. He added: “A diesel-electric plug-in hybrid is coming to our European dealers this year and we are busy preparing a gasoline version for the American showrooms.” The United States is Volvo Car

Corporation’s largest market. Volvo was the fastest growing European brand in 2011 with sales up nearly 25 per cent compared to 2010. Globally, Volvo sales increased with 20 per cent in 2011. “Along with our foundation of safety, the focus on clean, uncluttered Scandinavian design and improved performance characteristics are resonating with American consumers,” said John Maloney, President of Volvo Cars North America. “And recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded a 2012 Top Safety Pick to five Volvo models which puts us in the top among luxury car brands.”


North American International Auto Show 2012

Porsche shows its new 911 Cabrio The sports car manufacturer has unveiled the Cabrio version of the new 911 for the first time at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. “The USA is and remains an important market for Porsche with good growth prospects,” said Bernhard Maier, Porsche AG Board of Management Member for Sales and Marketing. “Detroit was deliberately chosen for the world premiere of the new 911 Cabrio because the USA is far and away our largest 911 Cabrio market.” The Coupé variant of the sports car classic will be available in the USA starting in February 2012 with the Cabriolet following a few months later, providing a fresh impetus. In 2011, Porsche’s dealers in the USA sold 29,023 Cayennes, Panameras, 911s, Boxsters and Caymans to US customers. That was 15 per cent more than in the previous year. The most successful model in 2011 was the Cayenne with 12,978 units (+55.6%). Shortly before the change of model, Porsche even managed to boost 911 sales by 4.9 per cent to 6,016 vehicles. In the New Year 2012, the Zuffenhausen company anticipates selling more than 30,000 vehicles in the United States. To achieve this, the sports car manufacturer is fielding numerous new models in the United States: the premiere of the new 911 will be followed by the 430 hp Panamera GTS in spring. This will subsequently be followed by the Cayenne Diesel as Porsche’s first compression-ignition car in the USA. The compact Cajun off-road vehicle will also be celebrating its debut in 2013

Nissan reinvents the Pathfinder


Nissan is reinventing its popular Pathfinder SUV to appeal to customers looking for SUV capabilities with more passenger comfort, innovative technology and fuel-efficient performance. The Pathfinder Concept previews the all-new look, style and attitude Nissan will bring to the segment when the next-generation Pathfinder goes on sale in the autumn of 2012 at US Nissan dealers. Pathfinder, Nissan’s best-known nameplate in the United States, is one of 20 new or redesigned products Nissan plans to introduce in this market within the next two years. “Nissan is in a great position today. Sales are up, market share is increasing and our dealers have a great selection of 2012 Nissan cars, trucks and SUVs in inventory,” said Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager, Nissan Division, Nissan North America, Inc. “This new Pathfinder Concept is just the beginning of a far-reaching wave of new products on the horizon for Nissan. By the end of 2012, more than 70 percent of our sales volume will be all-new or redesigned.” At first glance, it is clear the Pathfinder Concept is a game-changer for the Nissan brand. The stylish fourth-generation Pathfinder design brings a new look and packaging that’s ideal for adventurous owners who need versatility and SUV capability without compromise. The sweeping character lines of the Pathfinder Concept give a hint of a design language that will carry through future Nissan models. The Pathfinder Concept also features innovative 3-row interior flexibility and room for seven passengers. The new Pathfinder’s aerodynamic body is combined with a refined V6 engine and next-generation Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to make it one of the most fuel-efficient seven-passenger vehicles on the market.

Real estate




spaces was mainly buoyed by relocations, as companies looked for lower rent facilities, and by small businesses in need of small spaces in areas of busy foot traffic. “Last year, Euroest had rental demand for small and medium retail spaces for the food sector, with businesses such as restaurants, cafes and pastry shops, for the fast moving consumer goods sector, and for the tourism service sector. The most sought after locations were those in central areas, more precisely in large office buildings and in the historic center of Bucharest,” said Folea. He believes that 2012 will be rather unpredictable in terms of retail segment development, as Romania’s economic instability will not make the situation any easier. Other analysts are even more pessimistic. “2012 will be quite slow in terms of new modern retail space delivery”, said Razvan Sin, head of retail department with DTZ Echinox. “This trend will mostly favor the existing projects, considering that retailers will not have new options for opening new

While the much-debated financial crisis has had a negative impact on the entire real estate industry and demand has increasingly focused on low cost retail spaces, analysts expect 2012 to be a difficult year for retailers. Twelve new commercial centers have been slated for completion in 2012, but real estate agents remain skeptical whether all of them will be ready by the end of the year. In spite of the lingering financial difficulties in the real estate sector, the retail segment remains an active one, powered by a strong demand. According to Costel Alecu, Retail & Warehouses Department manager with Regatta, there are retailers who can offer guarantees for steady, long-term operations. At the same time, he pointed out that the demand is focused on small rental spaces, with prices as low as possible. Generally, the trends in the commercial space segment will remain largely unchanged this year, which will be reflected in a marginal variation in rent prices, capitalization rates and a modest growth in the volume of new modern commercial spaces, according to Catalin M\run]elu, valuer for BNP Paribas Real Estate. The situation could change rapidly however if there are new developments in the economic environment, be they positive or negative. The retail segment was greatly influenced by the general volume of consumption in the local market last year, RAZVAN SIN FROM according to Titel Folea, marDTZ ECHINOX keting manager for Euroest. The demand for commercial


facilities, therefore focusing on the commercial centers that are already in operation,” he added. Sin also estimated that the absence of new projects will trigger a slight increase in rents and a decrease in the vacancy rates at the existing projects.

Rent levles favor dominant commercial centers Real estate analysts agree that the medium rent value for street-level retail spaces has dropped by 10 - 15 per cent since 2010, following the same downward trend recorded in the second half of 2009. The rate of rent decrease for commercial spaces was lower in the large shopping centers. “Rent levels generally decreased in Bucharest last year, except for the best performing commercial centers, where we saw a slight increase due to their low vacancy rate and increased demand from retailers,” said Razvan Sin of DTZ Echinox. “Premium units of around 100 sqm, located in some of the top commercial centers, requested rents between 60 to 70 Euro per sqm per month. Rent rates varied between 25 to 30 Euro per sqm per month for the same type of space, located in less prominent commercial centers. Outside the Capital, rent rates for premium units in dominant commercial centers were between 25 to 30 euro,” he added. Sin also indicated that the difficult financial conditions in the market favored the strongest retailers, as most of them did not depend on banks to finance their expansion. “Basically, many of the retail developers targeted hypermarkets, which own the necessary resources to buy land and develop a project on their own.” Regatta’s Costel Alecu believes that more attractive rents, new commercial concepts and better contracting conditions than last year could help developers remain steady and successful in their expansion plans in the retail market. According to Titel Folea of Euroest, the rent level is decisive and it must reflect an honest ratio of revenues and expenses. “Any retail developer needs to understand that the rent level must come in line with the volume of consumption in Romania.”

COSTEL ALECU FROM REGATTA remains an attractive destination for international retailers, according to Catalin M\run]elu of BNP Paribas Real Estate. They prove that by going ahead with their expansion plans in Romania. “There are growth opportunities on the domestic market, but the main problem is lies in adapting future projects to match the absorption capacity of the market. That involves a close assessment of the size of projects, their mix of tenants and their specific location inside each community,” he explained. Sin does not expect any major retailers to enter the market this year, especially in the hypermarket segment. However he cannot rule out the possibility that one of the existing retailers could be bought out by a more powerful player. Folea has a more optimistic view of the market and believes that Romania continues to attract strong retailers. He mentioned that his company’s portfolio includes retailers who are eager to enter the market, which still relies on a steady consumption.

Some of the shopping centers which were announced to be delievered in 2012:

Foreign retail investors continue to show interest Even though the prospects for economic recovery continue to be volatile in Romania, the country

Source: DTZ Echinox

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LOCURILE DE MUNC|, DIN NOU PE PRIMUL LOC ~N REVENDIC|RILE POPULA}IEI Indecizia autorit\]ilor centrale de a da o solu]ie cu privire la `nceperea exploat\rii aurului la Ro[ia Montan\ a generat, la sfâr[itul lunii ianuarie, proteste ale popula]iei din zona Mun]ilor Apuseni. Aproximativ 1.500 de persoane s-au strâns sâmb\t\, 28 ianuarie, `n pia]a central\ din Ro[ia Montan\ cerând dreptul la locuri de munc\ [i la o via]\ decent\. La protest au participat locuitori din comuna Ro[ia Montan\ [i din alte localit\]i miniere din jude]ele Alba [i Hunedoara. ~n condi]iile `n care rata [omajului `n zona Ro[iei Montane este de 80%, Cristian Albu, pre[edintele Sindicatului Viitorul Mineritului, a declarat c\, prin aceast\ ac]iune,

locuitorii din zon\ `[i propun s\ arate ]\rii c\ nu vor ca al]ii s\ vorbeasc\ `n locul lor despre investi]ia de la Ro[ia Montan\. “Nu mai putem accepta ca al]ii s\ cear\ m\suri pentru salvarea noastr\, prin pie]e pe la Bucure[ti, sub pretextul c\ ne vor binele. Ne propunem s\-i transmitem guvernului c\ este momentul s\ ia decizia repornirii minei, s\ nu mai amâne [i s\ dea dovad\ de responsabilitate [i voin]\ politic\, pentru c\ noi dorim s\ avem locuri de munc\, noi [i copiii no[tri. Noi dorim ca mineritul s\ aib\ un viitor, la Ro[ia Montan\ [i `n alte zone ale României”, a spus Albu, citat de Mediafax.


“MINERITUL ADUCE BANI LA BUGET” ~n paralel, la Bucure[ti s-a organizat o ac]iune de strad\ `mpotriva proiectului de la Ro[ia Montan\, la care au participat aproximativ 200 de persoane, `n organizarea unor asocia]ii ecologiste [i a confedera]iei sindicale Cartel Alfa. Ini]ial, se anun]ase participarea a 5.000 de persoane. Cristian Albu s-a ar\tat nemul]umit de faptul c\ grupurile de activi[ti din Bucure[ti `ncearc\ s\ acrediteze ideea c\ revendic\rile sociale ale popula]iei sunt legate de proiectul minier de la Ro[ia Montan\. “Noi vrem s\ transmitem ]\rii c\ mineritul creeaz\ locuri de munc\ [i aduce bani la buget pentru

pensii [i salarii”, a mai afirmat Albu. Compania Ro[ia Montan\ Gold Corporation (RMGC) a[teapt\ autoriza]iile finale de la Guvernul României pentru a `ncepe exploatarea aurului [i argintului. ~n planul s\u de afaceri, RMGC prevede investi]ii totale de circa dou\ miliarde dolari. ~n perioada de func]ionare a minei, Proiectul Ro[ia Montan\ va crea peste 3.600 de locuri de munc\ directe [i indirecte [i un impact total de 19 miliarde de dolari asupra economiei române[ti, potrivit societ\]ii de consultan]\ britanice Oxford Policy Management.

Analistul financiar Ionel Bl\nculescu, pe site-ul s\u, a realizat un studiu la un pre] al aurului de 1.800 dolari/uncie [i la un nivel al redeven]ei de 6%. Potrivit calculelor sale, din proiectul Ro[ia Montan\, "statului român i-ar reveni suma total\ de 5,39 miliarde USD, format\ din taxe, impozite, redeven]e, dividende, alte elemente fixe, iar partenerului canadian, 5,79 miliarde USD, sub form\ de dividende. Prin efectul de multiplicare, reprezentând contribu]ii pe orizontala economiei, de 3,5 ori, ca medie, `n timpul celor 27 de ani de func]ionare a proiectului, `n special `n primii 18 ani, statul român va câ[tiga alte 20 miliarde USD". Potrivit unui studiu dat publicit\]ii `n luna ianuarie de PricewaterhouseCoopers, se a[teapt\ ca pre]ul aurului s\ ajung\ la 2.000 dolari/uncie `n 2012.

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MODELUL GERMAN PENTRU SUCCES CAMELIA TUDOR Mizând pe soliditatea modelului german de business `nc\ din 1991, Mihaela Mititelu a reu[it s\ transforme calit\]i proprii, precum rafinamentul, perfec]ionismul [i dinamismul, `n atuuri ale unei companii. Astfel, firma pe care o conduce, Creditreform România, este `n prezent `n m\sur\ s\ ofere clien]ilor s\i informa]ii despre firme, precum [i consultan]\ `n domeniul recuper\rii de debite.

Ob]inerea licen]ei Creditreform pentru România [i aducerea `n ]ar\ a reprezentan]ei firmei germane au reprezentat unele dintre cele mai spectaculoase reu[ite ale Mihaelei Mititelu, iar aceste succese s-au materializat `ntr-un moment `n care pe pia]a autohton\ nu era foarte cunoscut domeniul politicilor de risk-management. Serviciile oferite de Creditreform România constau `n realizarea rapoartelor de bonitate,

monitorizarea firmelor, recuper\ri de debite din ]ar\ [i din str\in\tate, studii de fezabilitate, de pia]\ [i consultan]\ pentru investitorii str\ini interesa]i de companii române[ti. Men]ionând c\ firma-mam\, Creditreform International, are sediul central `n ora[ul german Neuss [i o experien]\ de peste 125 de ani pe pia]a european\, Mihaela Mititelu a indicat c\ rapoartele de credit sunt esen]iale `n procesul de luare a unei decizii privind acordarea de bunuri sau a unor sume de bani pe credit [i reduc riscurile `n rela]iile de afaceri. ~n ceea ce prive[te raportul de bonitate, acesta cuprinde informa]iile disponibile `n sursele oficiale de informare [i `n bazele proprii de date, finalizându-se cu men]iuni privind comportamentul `n pl\]i al subiectului [i recomand\rile aferente `n ceea ce prive[te rela]iile de afaceri. Raportul de bonitate include [i “o recomandare din partea agen]iei de rating `n ceea ce prive[te indexul de bonitate [i creditul maxim, informa]ii de un real folos `n cadrul unei decizii strategice”, a precizat aceasta. “~n majoritatea cazurilor, debitorii ajung s\-[i onoreze obliga]iile contractuale restante pe cale amiabil\. Aceasta se ob]ine `n urma unei analize atente a debitorului, ce nu implic\ costuri suplimentare pentru client [i care scoate `n eviden]\ care sunt posibilit\]ile de recuperare a crean]elor. Procedura amiabil\ pune accent pe negociere [i mediere [i are drept scop continuarea rela]iilor de afaceri `ntre p\r]ile diferendului.” Creditreform România pune la dispozi]ie [i un serviciu de monitorizare, ce presupune o informare privind partenerii unei companii [i schimb\rile de pe pia]\ care ar putea s\ `i afecteze. Societ\]i financiare, asigur\tori de credite, companii de logistic\ [i transport, firme din domeniile medicale sau prestatoare de servicii se num\r\ printre clien]ii care apeleaz\ la Creditreform România. Referinduse la elementele care ofer\ companiei un avantaj `n fa]a competitorilor de pe pia]\, Mihaela Mititelu a men]ionat flexibilitatea [i capacitatea de a personaliza pachete de servicii pentru clien]i. Dezechilibrele de pe pia]a financiar\ nu au avut o influen]\ negativ\ asupra domeniului de activitate al companiei. Totu[i, Creditreform România a regândit [i propria strategie de costuri [i volume derulate, optând astfel pentru cre[terea productivit\]ii pe



Ora[e: Capetown [i New Orleans }ar\: Africa de Sud Restaurant din Bucure[ti: Casa Di David Film: marile filme clasice din perioada anilor 1930-1949 Scriitor: Mihail Sebastian Ma[in\ condus\: Mercedes Benz – E Class Ultima carte citit\: “I don’t know how she does it” (Allison Pearson) Hobby: s\ organizez, s\ conduc [i s\ finalizez cu succes proiecte (func]ionarea unei firme, investi]ii, modernizerea unui apartament, implicarea `n proiecte social-umanitare) Personalitate admirat\: fiul meu Muzic\: de oper\ [i simfonic\ Compozitor: Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski Sport: schi B\utur\: [ampanie Zodie: Gemeni Ultima vacan]\: San Juan, Puerto Rico, `n septembrie 2011 Obiectul cel mai de pre]: un ursule] de plu[

Mihaela Mititelu, relaxându-se `n Palma de Mallorca

fondul eficientiz\rii costurilor, f\r\ a recurge la disponibiliz\ri. Chiar [i `n contextul instabilit\]ii de pe pie]ele externe, `nc\ de la `nceputul anului, Creditreform a `nregistrat o cre[tere a num\rului de rapoarte comandate, ce au drept subiec]i companii din str\in\tate. “Firmele din România care urmeaz\ s\ `ncheie contracte noi sau s\ le re`nnoiasc\ pe cele vechi cu partenerii externi se tem c\ ar putea s\ nu `[i mai `ncaseze banii, ca urmare a schimb\rilor

survenite pe pia]\, ce pot afecta puternic chiar [i firmele cu o reputa]ie solid\. Chiar compania creditoare e pasibil\ s\ intre `n blocaj financiar”, a spus aceasta. Domeniul rapoartelor de bonitate, dar [i cel al recuper\rii de debite, business to business, au adus o cre[tere a cifrei de afaceri din 2011 comparativ cu anul 2010, iar num\rul clien]ilor interni s-a m\rit considerabil. “Pia]a din România reac]ioneaz\ la necesitatea de a apela la surse de informare pentru diminuarea riscurilor asumate `n rela]iile de


s e c t i o n

afaceri [i la mijloace moderne de recuperare a debitelor”. Pre[edintele Creditreform România [i-a propus o dublare a cifrei de afaceri pentru ambele linii de business derulate.

R o m a n i a n

Mihaela Mititelu, la aniversarea fiului s\u, `n prim\vara anului 2008

Absolvent\ a Facult\]ii de Cibernetic\ din cadrul Academei de Studii Economice, Mihaela Mititelu a demonstrat o deschidere permanent\ c\tre mediul de afaceri european [i interna]ional, iar acest aspect a propulsat-o spre nivelurile cele mai `nalte din domeniul managementului. Conduce `n prezent [i grupul de firme Romdata - Romdata Company, Romdata Eval - [i este membru fondator al Asocia]iei de Management al Crean]elor str\in\tate cu care “se creeaz\ sinergii pe termen Comerciale. S-a implicat activ [i `n proiecte sociallung `ntr-o multidiversitate a mediului de afaceri, umanitare, `nfiin]ând Clubul Bucure[ti [i Uniunea benefice pentru dezvoltare personal\ [i profesioSoroptimist `n România. nal\”. ~n ceea ce prive[te N\scut\ `n Bucure[ti perspectivele econo`ntr-o frumoas\ lun\ de mice din anul 2012, var\, Mihaela Mititelu Mihaela Mititelu este este foarte mândr\ de fiul de p\rere c\ econoFirmele din România care ei, Mihai, medic oftalmomia româneasc\ va fi log, care `[i desf\[oar\ afectat\ de sc\derea urmeaz\ s\ `ncheie contracte noi activitatea profesional\ la cererii la export, de sau s\ le re`nnoiasc\ pe cele vechi New York. De mul]i ani accesul dificil la cu partenerii externi se tem c\ ar `[i g\se[te oaza de lini[te finan]are [i de lipsa [i `[i `ncarc\ bateriile `n unor politici care s\ putea s\ nu `[i mai `ncaseze banii, Statele Unite ale stimuleze activitatea ca urmare a schimb\rilor survenite Americii. A v\zut multe economic\. pe pia]\, ce pot afecta puternic chiar locuri interesante, vizi“Companiile care au `n]eles s\-[i restructu[i firmele cu o reputa]ie solid\. Chiar tând 30 de ]\ri pân\ acum, dar Africa de Sud reze [i compania creditoare e pasibil\ s\ [i Vietnamul au avut darul s\-[i eficientizeze intre `n blocaj financiar. de a o `ncânta prin natura activitatea prin regânlor impresionant\. ~i plac direa costurilor au designul interior, `notul [i sc\pat de riscul major este, de asemenea, o al falimentului [i chiar iubitoare a schiului. ~n privin]a carierei, consider\ au cunoscut o `mbun\t\]ire gradual\ a cifrei de afac\, dac\ nu ar fi lucrat pentru Creditreform ceri [i a profitabilit\]ii, `n ciuda fiscalit\]ii excessive”. România, ar fi ales paleontologia sau geologia, Atragerea de fonduri europene, dar [i deblocarea domenii care au atras-o de mic copil. Rememorând credit\rii s-ar num\ra printre m\surile de succes una dintre cele mai inedite `ntâmpl\ri din c\l\toriile care ar frâna procesele de faliment. sale, Mihaela Mititelu a men]ionat `ntâlnirea de la Reu[ita afacerii pe care o conduce se bazeaz\ pe Capul Bunei Speran]e cu o maimu]ica, care nu a o echip\ tân\r\, ambi]ioas\ [i bine `nchegat\. coborât de pe umerii s\i decât atunci când a reu[it Pre[edinta Creditreform s-a declarat `ncântat\ [i de s\ o lase complet f\r\ mâncare. colabor\rile dezvoltate cu parteneri din ]ar\ [i din


BCR LEASING EXTINDE OFERTA DE FINAN}ARE BCR Leasing a anun]at lansarea unui produs de finan]are pentru achizi]ia vehiculelor comerciale mai vechi de [ase ani, comercializate de Cefin România. “Necesitatea de a crea un astfel de produs de finan]are este rezultatul unei analize atente a nevoilor societ\]ilor comerciale [i a cererilor venite din partea clien]ilor Cefin. Exist\ multe companii care activeaz\ în domeniul construc]iilor sau transporturilor [i care nu î[i pot permite în acest moment s\ achizi]ioneze vehicule comerciale noi, având în vedere costurile ridicate. Pentru aceste companii, produsul nostru va fi o gur\ de oxigen, care le va permite s\ r\mân\ active în pia]\, într-un mediu economic înc\ dificil”, a declarat Bogdan Speteanu, director general BCR Leasing. De altfel, interesul companiilor pentru acest tip de vehicule rezult\ [i din configura]ia parcului circulant de vehicule comerciale al României, care, potrivit BCR Leasing, este format preponderent din ma[ini cu o vechime de peste [ase ani. Tranzac]iile de vânzare-cump\rare de vehicule comerciale

rulate au reprezentat un segment de pia]\ cu dimensiuni ce au ajuns în 2011 la dublul volumelor de vehicule noi vândute. De asemenea, vehiculele achizi]ionate prin acest serviciu de finan]are beneficiaz\ [i de garan]ie tip drive-line pe o perioad\ de [ase luni, valabil\ în re]eaua de service autorizat Cefin. “Acum putem oferi o solu]ie unic\ adresat\ unui segment de pia]\ foarte dinamic – vehicule fiabile - datorit\ garan]iei [i accesibile – datorit\ nivelului de pre] [i finan]\rii. Aceast\ ofert\ ne va ajuta s\ devenim mai competitivi [i în ofertele pentru înlocuirea marilor flote, pentru c\, în principal, vehiculele comerciale înmatriculate în perioada 2002 [i 2006 sunt produsele tipice de trade-in. În încercarea noastr\ de a aborda diferit [i specific segmentele de cerere, am g\sit în BCR Leasing un partener de încredere care, pe lâng\ o bun\ cunoa[tere a pie]ei auto, are experien]\ [i flexibilitate”, a declarat Stefano Albarosa, CEO Cefin România.

VOLKSBANK ADUCE NOUT|}I PENTRU SECTORUL IMM Volksbank România a anun]at modificarea ofertei de produse destinate opera]iunilor curente ale IMM-urilor. Astfel, noile pachete de servicii destinate companiilor includ acces gratuit la un cont curent `n lei sau `n valut\, un card de debit Visa Business [i acces la Internet Banking, precum [i gratuit\]i la opera]iuni bancare curente. Pentru toate aceste servicii, banca percepe un comision lunar unic. Potrivit oficialilor b\ncii, costurile sunt cu pân\ la 75% mai mici decât cele aferente contract\rii separate a fiec\rui serviciu. ”Segmentul IMM-urilor a devenit unul strategic pentru Volksbank odat\ cu adoptarea noii strategii pentru 2010-2015. Vrem s\ oferim servicii competitive, care s\ r\spund\ nevoilor de baz\ ale clien]ilor”, a declarat Lucian Cojocaru, vicepre[edinte Volksbank România. Conceptul “Afaceri prin Internet Banking”, destinat opera]iunilor curente ale IMM-urilor, ofer\ patru optiuni – S, M, L, XL -, adaptate volumului de activitate al clien]ilor [i, implicit, num\rului de

opera]iuni bancare. De asemenea, banca ofer\ clien]ilor posibilitatea de a verifica modul `n care partenerii de afaceri `[i respect\ termenele de plat\ aferente cecurilor [i biletelor la ordin, op]iunile incluzând [i interog\ri gratuite ale CIP (Centrala Incidentelor de Plat\), administrat\ de BNR. Volksbank a intrat pe pia]a din România `n 2000, iar `n prezent este una dintre cele mai mari 10 b\nci de pe pia]a local\, cu active de 4,7 miliarde de euro [i o re]ea de 135 de unit\]i. ~ncepând din 2010, strategia b\ncii s-a modificat, aceasta fiind `n curs de repozi]ionare ca banc\ universal\, care acord\ egal\ aten]ie atât activit\]ilor de economisire, cât [i celor de creditare [i se adreseaz\ atât clien]ilor companii, cât [i clien]ilor persoane fizice. ~ncepând din octombrie 2011, controlul asupra Volksbank România a fost transferat c\tre vehiculul VBI Beteiligungs GmbH, `n contextul vânz\rii diviziei Volksbank International, f\r\ subsidiara din România, c\tre Sberbank, din Rusia.



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Business briefs



BAUMIX ESTIMEAZ| O STAGNARE A PIE}EI ~N 2012 Produc\torul de materiale de construc]ii Baumix anun]\ c\, dup\ o sc\dere de minimum 20% `n 2011 fa]\ de 2010, `n acest an, varianta optimist\ este c\ pia]a s-ar putea men]ine la nivelul de anul trecut. Astfel, potrivit reprezentan]ilor Baumix, `n 2012, pia]a renov\rilor nu are perspective de cre[tere pân\ când nu va fi relansat\ politica de credit\ri, iar `n ceea ce prive[te pia]a construc]ilor noi – ansambluri reziden]iale sau cl\diri de birouri, aceasta depinde `n foarte mare m\sur\ de politica na]ional\ de taxe [i impozite care, `n acest moment, nu este atractiv\ pentru investitori. Legat de evolu]ia pre]urilor pentru materialele de construc]ii, 2012 va fi cu siguran]\ un an

cu materii prime [i resurse mai scumpe, `n general, ceea ce, potrivit Baumix, va duce la o scumpire cu minimum 5% a materialelor de construc]ii. “Tendin]a anului 2011 a fost, din p\cate, de promovare a produselor cu pre] mic, ceea ce a dus la sc\derea profitabilit\]ii pe `ntreg lan]ul, [i va avea ca efect lucr\ri cu durat\ scurt\ de exploatare [i la nivel calitativ mediocru. Noi sper\m `ntr-o reorientare a preferin]elor consumatorului `nspre produsele de calitate `n detrimentul celor caracterizate doar de un pre] mic, fapt ce ar putea aduce efecte benefice spectaculoase `n industria de profil atât pe vertical\, cât [i pe orizontal\”, a declarat R\zvan Bobe, director Cercetare Dezvoltare, Baumix. A[adar, o revenire din punct de vedere calitativ a pie]ei materialelor de construc]ii `ncepând cu 2012 va atrage [i o revenire a valorii pie]ei. Totu[i, conform reprezentan]ilor Baumix, `n privin]a volumelor, acestea nu se vor mai situa la nivelul anilor preceden]i. ~n ceea ce prive[te posibila intrare pe pia]\ a unor juc\tori noi `n 2012, potrivit reprezentan]ilor Baumix, aceasta este pu]in probabil\, `n condi]iile `n care suma capacit\]ilor de produc]ie existente, conform declara]iilor produc\torilor, dep\[e[te necesarul actual. De asemenea, se estimeaz\ c\, dat fiind contextul economic [i faptul c\ pia]a materialelor de construc]ii a fost una dintre cele mai afectate de criza din ultimii ani, [i `n 2012 vom asista la falimente/prelu\ri. Baumix se va concentra `n 2012 pe promovarea celor mai noi produse, lansate la sfâr[itul anului 2011, respectiv sisteme complete pentru termoizolarea fa]adelor, sisteme complete pentru hidroizola]ii [i produse speciale pentru plac\ri ceramice.

CARREFOUR ~{I EXTINDE RE}EAUA DE MAGAZINE LA IA{I Grupul Carrefour a anun]at deschiderea celui de-al 46-lea supermarket din ]ar\, la Ia[i. Carrefour `[i continu\ astfel expansiunea `n acest ora[, deschizând primul supermarket, dup\ cele dou\ hipermarketuri, Ia[i Era [i Ia[i Felicia. Noul Carrefour Market, situat `n zona central\, `n Complexul

Comercial Tudor Vladimirescu, `[i desf\[oar\ activitatea pe un spa]iu de vânzare de aproximativ 600 mp. Potrivit companiei, modelul comercial se axeaz\ pe o gam\ de aproximativ 6.300 de produse, iar oferta include peste 1.000 articole marc\ proprie Carrefour la acela[i pre] ca `n hipermarket.

e v e n t s and

together with


Austria-Romania Roundtable Business Conference & Awards 2012 While the general economic context remains fragile this year, we at Business Arena Magazine are proud to continue our tradition and monitor the evolution of the Austrian investments here and the expansion of Austrian business expertise. Thus we are pleased to announce the special 2012 annual Austria-Romania Roundtable Business Conference and Awards where leading Austrian and Romanian diplomats, bankers and business leaders will discuss their successes and challenges and air their views on the future economic prospects in Romania. The special Austria-Romania Roundtable Business Conference and Awards offers a strong platform for greater visibility and promotion for Austrian-owned and joint-venture companies and banks currently operating here and those considering entering the Romanian market in 2012.

For more information please contact Cosmin Stangaciu at or phone 0755.274.125

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PROFESIONALISM {I D|RUIRE ÎN SLUJBA PACIENTULUI CAMELIA TUDOR Absolvent al Facult\]ii de Kinetoterapie din cadrul Universit\]ii Na]ionale de Educa]ie Fizic\ [i Sport, {tefan Ign\tescu [i-a transformat pasiunea `ntr-o afacere de succes. Intuind poten]ialul de dezvoltare pe segmentul serviciilor medicale private, acesta a creat Kineto Professional Care `n urm\ cu [apte ani, iar rezultatele nu au `ntârziat s\ apar\. Cabinetul este împ\r]it în trei sec]ii - gimnastic\ medical\, masaj [i drenaj limfatic - [i dispune de toate mijloacele terapeutice necesare desf\[ur\rii de programe complexe de kinetoterapie în recuperarea afec]iunilor. Sala pentru masaj este prev\zut\ cu o lamp\ cu raze infraro[ii pentru reducerea contracturilor musculare [i ameliorarea durerii, exist\ [i un aparat medical de terapie cu lumin\ Bioptron, care ac]ioneaz\ într-un mod natural prin stimularea capacit\]ii regenerative a corpului, ajutându-l s\ î[i activeze astfel poten]ialul propriu de vindecare. Sunt disponibile [i un aparat pentru magnetoterapie, dar [i cu[ca Rocher, destinat\ scripetoterapiei. Cabinetul se adreseaz\ persoanelor care prezint\ un deficit neurologic, `n urma unui accident vascular cerebral de exemplu, care au fost supuse unor interven]ii neurochirurgicale, sau au avut afec]iuni ortopedice, precum fracturi, entorse sau luxa]ii, a men]ionat administratorul acestuia. Totodat\, firma ofer\ servicii profesionale [i persoanelor care vor s\ piard\ în greutate sau s\ preîntâmpine anumite

Sfat pentru investitori:


“Cei care doresc s\ porneasc\ o afacere similar\ trebuie s\ ]in\ cont de faptul c\ actele medicale, precum [i activit\]ile conexe ale acestora urm\resc, `n primul rând, s\ vindece oameni, [i nu s\ aduc\ profit. În plus, o asemenea meserie implic\ foarte mult\ munc\ [i pasiune”.

afec]iuni, celor care au discopatii lombare cu dureri de spate [i care nu au ajuns într-un stadiu foarte grav. Pentru a putea consolida [i dezvolta activitatea cabinetului pe care `l coordoneaz\, {tefan Ign\tescu a urmat diverse cursuri de perfec]ionare în Germania. Printre domeniile pe care le-a studiat se num\r\ scripetoterapia, recuperarea afec]iunilor reumatismale ale umerilor, bra]elor [i coloanei vertebrale prin gimnastic\ medical\ [i mijloace ajut\toare de terapie, drenajul limfatic manual [i terapie fizic\ complex\ de drenare [i metode de decontracturare muscular\, dar [i reeducarea somatic\. Experien]a sa `n domeniu se bazeaz\ [i pe cuno[tin]ele acumulate `n perioada 2001-2003, când a lucrat la Centrul de Fizioterapie [i Reabilitare Ulrike Schedler din Munchen. Acum, la 40 de ani, {tefan Ign\tescu este membru în comitetul de conducere al Asocia]iei Profesionale a Kinetoterapeu]ilor Muntenia, membru al Funda]iei de Asisten]\ Medical\ în Recuperare Reumatologic\ Munchen, sec]ia Bucure[ti, [i lucreaz\ [i ca profesor kinetoterapeut în cadrul Spitalului Universitar de Urgen]\ Elias, sec]ia Neurochirurgie. Dac\ ini]ial firma sa a pornit la drum cu servicii precum masajul terapeutic [i gimnastica medical\ pentru afec]iuni neurologice [i ortopedice, în prezent, serviciile oferite s-au extins acoperind zona de kinetoterapie complex\, fizioterapie [i drenaj limfatic manual. Referindu-se la tehnica drenajului limfatic manual, pe care [i-a perfec]ionat-o la Clinica Földi din Germania, Ign\tescu a precizat: “Este un serviciu care ajut\ atât pacien]ii care prezint\ un limfedem primar, ce apare printr-o tulburare congenital\, cât [i pe cei care prezint\ edem limfatic secundar, postoperator, dup\ mastectomii sau histerectomii”. Acesta a ad\ugat: “Drenajul limfatic manual este o tehnic\ special\, menit\ s\ accelereze transportul limfei în organism [i s\ stimuleze inima sistemului, angiomul limfatic. Este o terapie bazat\ pe patru piloni: drenajul limfatic manual, igiena pielii, bandaj compresiv [i gimnastic\ pentru drenare”. Urm\rind men]inerea unui standard `nalt de

calitate a serviciilor, firma Kineto Professional Care asigur\ cursuri de formare profesional\, atât în ]ar\, cât [i în str\in\tate pentru angaja]ii companiei. Astfel, li se ofer\ pacien]ilor atât metode de terapie [i tehnici cât mai complexe [i performante, cum ar fi terapia manual\, ce presupune tratarea articula]iilor, cât [i tehnica McKenzie, ce ajut\ la tratarea discopatiilor. Vorbind despre modul de lucru cu pacien]ii, {tefan Ign\tescu a precizat c\, întâi de toate, bolnavul este supus unei examin\ri clinice atente, dup\ care este stabilit un obiectiv clar. Ini]ial, trebuie eliminat\ durerea, apoi identificat\ cauza ce a

succesului pe care `l are Kineto Professional Care, Ign\tescu a amintit r\bdarea [i aten]ia cu care sunt trata]i pacien]ii [i gama complet\ de servicii oferite. Administratorul companiei a mai precizeazat c\ num\rul pacien]ilor a crescut cu aproximativ 10% în cursul anului 2011 fa]\ de 2010. {i chiar dac\ firma la cârma c\reia se afl\ a înregistrat profit într-o perioad\ de criz\ economic\, Ign\tescu consider\: “Cel mai probabil, medicina [i, implicit, kinetoterapia nu sunt menite s\ aduc\ câ[tiguri, ci s\ trateze afec]iuni [i s\ ajute oameni”. Astfel, rezultatele ob]inute în urma planurilor terapeutice bine puse la punct pentru pacien]ii s\i îi aduc cea mai mare


{tefan Adrian Ign\tescu Func]ie: administrator Companie: Kineto Professional Care

provocat suferin]a. Planul de kinetoterapie poate suferi diverse modific\ri, în func]ie de modul în care organismul r\spunde exerci]iilor. “Astfel, po]i observa c\ ai ni[te rezultate foarte bune cu anumite tehnici sau, din contr\, c\ anumite exerci]ii nu dau randament [i atunci trebuie s\ le schimbi”, a declarat acesta, men]ionând c\ un program de kinetoterapie este eficient atunci când are continuitate, iar pentru ob]inerea celor mai bune rezultate pacientul trebuie s\ investeasc\ mult\ r\bdare de-a lungul planului de recuperare. ~n privin]a elementelor care stau la baza

satisfac]ie la nivel profesional. În prezent, {tefan Ign\tescu [i echipa sa preg\tesc un catalog de prezentare a serviciilor din cadrul cabinetului, menit s\ indice [i s\ explice serviciile oferite, cu accent pe tehnica drenajului limfatic. “Din p\cate, foarte mul]i pacien]i nu beneficiaz\ de acest tratament din cauza lipsei de informa]ii, dar [i a lipsei de doctori specializa]i pe sistemul limfatic”, a indicat acesta. În pu]inul timp liber pe care îl are, lui {tefan Ign\tescu `i place s\ c\l\toreasc\, s\ joace polo [i s\ fac\ scufund\ri.

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Business news

VOLKSBANK NUME{TE UN NOU VICEPRE{EDINTE Alexander Tscherteu a fost ales `n func]ia de vicepre[edinte al Volksbank România, fiind responsabil de activit\]ile de administrare a creditelor. „Alegându-l pe Alexander Tscherteu pentru a ni se al\tura echipei Volksbank România, am ales un specialist cu excelente cuno[tin]e [i o important\ experien]\ `n domeniul financiar-bancar. Activit\]ile de management al creditelor vor juca un rol esen]ial `n perioada urm\toare, `n procesul de consolidare a Volksbank România”, a declarat Johann Lurf, pre[edintele b\ncii. La rândul s\u, Alexander Tscherteu a spus: „Sunt impresionat de reu[itele echipei actuale de management a Volksbank

România. Urm\toarea etap\ important\ este ca aceast\ schimbare de direc]ie s\ devin\ un succes de durat\”. La cei 37 de ani ai s\i, Alexander Tscherteu are peste 10 ani de experien]\ `n sistemul bancar [i `n consultan]\. {i-a `nceput cariera la Bank Austria Creditanstalt - BACA (actuala Unicredit–Austria) `n cadrul departamentului de cercetare, unde a rea lizat analize ale riscului asupra ]\rilor din Europa Central\ [i de Est. ~n perioada 2001-2006, acesta a activat ca auditor `n cadrul departamentului de inspec]ie pe teren al B\ncii Na]ionale a Austriei. Din 2008, s-a al\turat grupului Volksbank, unde a coordonat departamentul de management al riscului la nivelul grupului. Alexander Tscherteu a acumulat experien]\ [i `n consultan]\, `ntre 2006 [i 2008 lucrând pentru firma de consultan]\ McKinsey & Co., acordând asisten]\ clien]ilor globali din domeniul financiar, punând accent pe proiecte legate de optimizarea capitalurilor [i managementul riscurilor. Volksbank a intrat pe pia]a din România `n anul 2000, iar `n prezent este una dintre cele mai mari 10 b\nci de pe pia]a local\, cu active de 4,7 miliarde de euro [i o re]ea de 135 de unit\]i.



Suspendarea noii taxe auto va determina cre[terea num\rului de tranzac]ii `n cazul autovehiculelor `nmatriculate `nainte de 1 ianuarie 2007, potrivit reprezentan]ilor ~nc\ din luna decembrie 2011, pe fondul calculelor rezultate din noua tax\ auto ce urma s\ intre `n vigoare, a existat o cre[tere considerabil\ a num\rului de re`nmatricul\ri pentru autovehiculele second-hand, `nregistrându-se un record istoric de 51.013 tranzac]ii, potrivit aceleia[i surse. “Amânarea deciziei va conduce la o cre[tere a ofertei datorit\ faptului c\ de]in\torii de autovehicule second-hand afecta]i de noua tax\ se vor gr\bi s\ vând\ `n decursul anului 2012 autovehiculele care au devenit greu vandabile `n condi]iile noii taxe auto. Cre[terea ofertei va duce implicit la o

sc\dere a pre]ului pentru ma[inile care se supun condi]iilor noii taxe auto”, a declarat Bogdan Axinia, General Manager Suspendarea noii taxe auto pân\ la 31 decembrie 2012 presupune ca to]i cei care cump\r\ o ma[in\ `nmatriculat\ `nainte de 2007 s\ nu mai achite taxa, `n timp ce pentru toate ma[inile nou `nmatriculate taxa se va achita `n continuare cu observa]ia c\ proprietarii ma[inilor `nmatriculate `n România dup\ ianuarie 2007 nu vor mai pl\ti taxa auto dac\ au achitat-o deja, plata f\cându-se o singur\ dat\. Cei care au achitat deja taxa pentru ma[inile `nmatriculate dup\ 2007 [i constat\ o diferen]\ `ntre valoarea taxei conform noii legi [i cuantumul achitat pe vechea lege pot solicita diferen]a de bani.

BCR {I BCR ASIGUR|RI OFER| ASIGUR|RI PRIVATE DE S|N|TATE Banca Comercial\ Român\ (BCR) `mpreun\ cu BCR Asigur\ri de Via]\ Vienna Insurance Group au lansat o asigurare privat\ de s\n\tate, „Asigurarea privat\ pentru s\n\tatea ta”. “Este timpul ca fiecare dintre noi s\ ne responsabiliz\m din timp pentru a ne asigura s\n\tatea. Situa]ia actual\ a sistemului de asigur\ri de stat impune acest lucru. Împreun\ cu BCR, oferim clien]ilor no[tri o alternativ\ viabil\ pentru a-[i proteja s\n\tatea în condi]ii occidentate de care, pân\ la urm\, este firesc s\ beneficieze orice persoan\ la costuri accesibile”, a spus Florina Vizinteanu, pre[edinte Directorat BCR Asigur\ri de Via]\ Vienna Insurance Group. Potrivit BCR [i BCR Asigur\ri de Via]\ Vienna Insurance Group, „Asigurarea privat\ pentru s\n\tatea ta” este un produs care ofer\ acces la servicii medicale de calitate, medici speciali[ti, metode, proceduri de diagnosticare [i tratament de ultim\ genera]ie. De asemenea, asigurarea le ofer\ clien]ilor posibilitatea de a alege unul dintre cele cinci pachete de asigurare puse la dispozi]ia lor, în func]ie de nevoile medicale [i suma pe care pot s\ o aloce în scopul protej\rii s\n\t\]ii. Pachetele con]in de la analize medicale de baz\ (ex. analize de laborator, biochimie [i hematologie) pân\ la investiga]ii mai complexe (ex. RMN sau tomografie computerizat\), precum [i reduceri substan]iale pentru alte servicii medicale (ex. cheltuieli de spitalizare [i interven]ii chirurgicale).

Serviciile medicale incluse în pachete sunt oferite de c\tre clinicile [i spitalele din re]eaua MedLife, precum [i de c\tre partenerii MedLife din întreaga ]ar\. Pre]ul unui astfel de pachet difer\ în func]ie de serviciile medicale incluse gratuit [i porne[te de la 25 lei/lun\ pentru pensionari sau 60 lei/lun\ pentru persoane cu venituri medii. De asemenea, exist\ [i un pachet destinat copiilor, care poate fi achizi]ionat împreun\ cu unul dintre pachetele pentru adul]i. Aceste pachete pot fi achizi]ionate individual sau de c\tre alte persoane care doresc s\ protejeze s\n\tatea celor dragi. De asemenea, [i companiile pot oferi aceste beneficii angaja]ilor proprii, incluzând gratuit medicina muncii, iar pre]ul acestui pachet este în totalitate deductibil fiscal. Pentru oricare din pachetele achizi]ionate, clien]ii loiali ai BCR care încaseaz\ salariul sau pensia în contul curent BCR beneficiaz\ de o reducere a pre]ului de 10%, iar pentru orice client care opteaz\ pentru plata anual\ integral\ - o reducere suplimentar\ de 5%. “Oferim astfel clien]ilor no[tri oportunitatea de a beneficia de calitatea serviciilor medicale private [i de costuri decente atunci când se confrunt\ sau doresc s\ previn\ o problem\ de s\n\tate. Am decis s\ lans\m aceast\ asigurare împreun\ cu BCR Asigurari de Via]\ Vienna Insurance Group [i MedLife din convingerea c\ atunci când vine vorba de s\n\tate, cu to]ii merit\m ce este mai bun”, a declarat C\t\lina Zincenco, supervizor Biroul Produse de Economisire [i Investi]ii din BCR.

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF ~{I MEN}INE POZI}IA DE LIDER AL V+NZ|RILOR ~N EUROPA Volkswagen Golf continu\ s\ fie cel mai bine vândut automobil din Europa, `n ciuda unei sc\deri a vânz\rilor de 1,6% `n 2011 comparativ cu 2010. Volkswagen Polo [i-a p\strat locul al doilea, `n timp ce Ford Fiesta s-a pozi]ionat pe locul al treilea, conform celui mai recent studiu realizat de JATO Dynamics, dealerul mondial de informa]ii din domeniul auto. Ford Focus [i VW Passat au `nregistrat de asemenea cre[teri ale vânz\rilor `n 2011 `n Europa, cu 7,0%, respectiv 46,5%. Volkswagen Passat a `nregistrat o cre[tere a vânz\rilor de 46,5% comparativ cu anul precedent, ca urmare a lans\rii noii versiuni `n cursul anului 2011. Pe parcursul anilor s-a observat statistic ca Volkswagen Golf este modelul cel mai ofertat inclusiv pe pia]a auto second-hand `n

mediul on-line din România, cu un num\r de peste 45.000 anun]uri postate pe `n ultimul an. Media pre]urilor cerute pentru un Volkswagen Golf second-hand a `nregistrat `n ultimul an o cre[tere de 5% comparativ cu 2010, potrivit datelor furnizate de AutoIndex. Pia]a european\ de ma[ini noi a cunoscut `n 2011 o u[oar\ sc\dere fa]\ de 2010. ~n ciuda acestui fapt, brandurile premium nu au fost afectate de situa]ia economic\. Volkswagen este marca num\rul unu pentru al treilea an consecutiv, cotat\ drept cea mai bine vândut\ marc\ din Europa, majorându-[i cota de pia]\ cu 9,1% [i confirmând `nc\ o dat\ faptul c\ modelele sale sunt foarte apreciate de c\tre consumatori.


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Business news

BCR BANCA PENTRU LOCUIN}E ANUN}| CRE{TEREA VOLUMULUI DEPOZITELOR ~N 2011 BCR Banca pentru Locuin]e (BCR BpL), liderul pie]ei de economisire-creditare pentru domeniul locativ, a `nregistrat pe parcursul anului 2011 o cre[tere spectaculoas\ a depozitelor, de peste 85% fa]\ de finalul anului 2010. „În ultimul an, clien]ii BCR Banca pentru Locuin]e au continuat s\ fie optimi[ti, s\ economiseasc\ pentru planurile lor de viitor [i pentru `mbun\t\]irea condi]iilor de locuit. De aceea, `n toamna anului 2011, am venit `n `ntâmpinarea lor cu un nou produs, care ofer\ op]iuni flexibile pentru faza de economisire. Concret, clien]ii no[tri pot s\ economiseasc\ atât `n rate lunare regulate, cât [i prin mai multe pl\]i neregulate, `n func]ie de disponibilit\]ile lor b\ne[ti. Cre[terea continu\ a depozitelor atrase de la clien]i este un semnal pozitiv `n condi]iile curente ale pie]ei, demonstrând `nc\ o dat\ orientarea românilor c\tre economisire [i investi]ii pentru

locuin]a [i viitorul familiei lor”, a precizat Alexandru Ciobanu, pre[edintele BCR Banca pentru Locuin]e. BCR BpL a ajuns, la finele anului 2011, la un num\r de peste 250.000 de clien]i [i care au reu[it s\ economiseasc\ o sum\ de peste 800 milioane de lei (circa 200 milioane de euro). Creditele acordate de BCR Banca pentru Locuin]e pentru domeniul locativ au ca destina]ii posibile modernizarea, extinderea, cump\rarea unei locuin]e, a unei case sau a unui teren, refinan]area unor credite pentru domeniul locativ sau crearea unui avans pentru alte credite pentru domeniul locativ. Contractele de economisire-creditare pentru domeniul locativ pot fi `ncheiate cu BCR BpL direct `n sucursalele [i agen]iile B\ncii Comerciale Române (BCR), precum [i prin re]eaua de distribu]ie proprie a BCR BpL, respectiv prin for]a direct\ de vânzare [i prin partenerii BCR BpL.



Hotelul Novotel Bucarest City Centre l-a prezentat pe noul s\u director general, Stéphane Barbazan, `n cadrul unui eveniment, la care au participat directori ai grupului Accor, numero[i parteneri [i reprezentan]i din media. Având o vast\ experien]\ `n domeniul ospitalit\]ii, Barbazan `l `nlocuie[te pe Philippe Drivon la cârma hotelului din centrul Capitalei, iar anterior a ocupat func]ia de director general al hotelului de cinci stele Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza din Shenzhen, China. Stéphane Barbazan a acumulat o experien]\ de 22 de ani `n industria hotelier\, ocupând numeroase func]ii de conducere, `n diferite zone ale lumii: Europa, Oceanul Indian, Africa de Nord, America de Nord [i Caraibe.


STUDIILE DE MYSTERY SHOPPING IDENTIFIC| LACUNE ~N CALITATEA SERVICIILOR Studiile de mystery shopping realizate de compania Voichi]a Business Solutions (VBS) în ultimele [ase luni pe pia]a clinicilor private de s\n\tate, farmaceutic\ [i bancar\ relev\ faptul c\ exist\ o discrepan]\ major\ între a[tept\rile clientelei române[ti, tot mai ridicate, [i calitatea slab\ a serviciilor oferite de c\tre juc\torii care activeaz\ pe aceste pie]e. “Din p\cate, realitatea din clinicile noastre private este dezam\gitoare. În aproape 70% din cazuri operatorii din call center nu au adresat toate întreb\rile necesare determin\rii nevoilor pacien]ilor. 59% din ace[tia nu i-au întrebat dac\ apeleaz\ la serviciile clinicii pentru prima dat\. Mai mult decât atât, s-a observat c\ uneori preocup\rile birocratice sunt mai importante decât nevoile pacientului, operatorii din call center fiind de cele mai multe ori expeditivi [i nepolitico[i”, a declarat Cosmina Voichi]a Mese[an, Specialist în Mystery Shopping & Customer Care, VBS. Potrivit rezultatelor studiilor, serviciile medicale din România sunt înc\ la un nivel minimal de calitate în ceea ce prive[te aten]ia fa]\ de pacient. Pe segmentul farmaciilor, în]elegerea st\rii de s\n\tate a fiec\rui pacient în parte joac\ un rol major în men]inerea clien]ilor mul]umi]i [i loiali, aspect pus în practic\ de numai 37% din farmaci[tii cu care poten]ialul client a intrat în contact. ”~n peste 60% din cazuri, farmaci[tii au eliberat medicamente f\r\ s\ întrebe care sunt simptomele prezentate sau care este vârsta [i starea persoanei care are nevoie de îngrijire” a completat managerul VBS. Un alt aspect, deloc de neglijat, este faptul c\ toate recomand\rile farmaci[tilor sunt îndreptate numai pe gama de medicamente intens promovate [i exclusiv din gama pre]urilor ridicate. În ceea ce prive[te sectorul bancar, studiile VBS arat\ c\ numai 12,5% din b\ncile evaluate au reu[it s\ ob]in\ not\ de trecere din punctul de vedere al excelen]ei în rela]ia cu clientul. “Dac\ doar 37,5%

din unit\]ile bancare analizate au fost interesate s\ ofere o simulare personalizat\ clientului, aproape o treime din acestea au considerat c\ nu merit\ efortul de a lista graficul de ramburasare sau c\ ar trebui s\ men]ioneze clientului c\ aceast\ simulare are un caracter informativ [i poate suferi fluctua]ii în func]ie de sumele înscrise pe actele doveditoare. În plus, doar în jum\tate din cazuri clien]ii sub acoperire au fost întreba]i despre venitul net (salarial [i în unele cazuri bonuri de mas\, alte venituri fiind complet omise) sau dac\ au posibilitatea unui copl\titor pentru ob]inerea creditului. Procentul de 50% se men]ine [i în cazul întreb\rilor legate de preferin]a clientului pentru un credit în euro sau lei, iar dintre ace[tia doar jum\tate au explicat avantajele corelate tipului de credit pe diferite monede.” Aplicabilitatea studiilor de mystery shopping este mult mai mare decât m\surarea comportamentului [i ac]iunilor concuren]ei. De expertiza rezultatelor ac]iunilor de mystery shopping se bucur\ [i managerii companiilor care î[i propun s\ evalueze obiectiv, profesionist [i concret competen]ele [i comportamentele propriilor angaja]i. “Atunci când vorbim despre m\surarea rezultatelor ob]inute, datele sunt certe [i fie provin din situa]iile financiare, fie se colecteaz\ din diferite rapoarte [i statistici. În cazul evalu\rii competen]elor [i a comportamentelor individuale, situa]ia este cu totul alta. Exista riscul ca, în lipsa unor metode obiective, discu]iile de evaluare s\ alunece pe o zon\ în care se emit judec\]i pur subiective asupra tr\s\turilor [i comportamentelor angaja]ilor, f\r\ o leg\tur\ corect\ cu obiectivele de business”, atrage aten]ia Monica Bor[, General Manager, Premium HR. Din punctul de vedere al specialistului în HR, prin serviciul de mystery shopping se face o monitorizare obiectiv\ a comportamentului angaja]ilor de c\tre o ter]\ persoan\, din afara companiei, evaluare care se face în “secret”.


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~N C|UTAREA VACAN}EI P AURELIA-NICOLETA BUCURESCU S\rb\torile [i vacan]ele de iarn\ au trecut, dar asta nu `nseamn\ decât c\ trebuie s\ ne gândim unde le petrecem pe urm\toarele. Pân\ la Pa[te mai sunt doar dou\ luni, deci trebuie s\ ne hot\râm cât mai repede unde ne vom petrece zilele libere. A[adar, cei care `[i permit o vacan]\ `n str\in\tate pot petreace un Pa[te spectaculos `n Israel sau Grecia, Turcia sau Cipru, dar cine î[i doreşte lini[te se poate `ndrepta spre plajele din Egipt sau Thailanda. Nimic nu egaleaz\ m\re]ia Egiptului Antic. Nici o construc]ie modern\ nu poate rivaliza cu for]a piramidelor sau privirea Sfinxului, iar dac\ v\ dori]i s\ îmbina]i schiatul cu statul la soare, atunci Egiptul este destina]ia ideal\. Amatorii de sporturi de iarn\ pot petrece zile de neuitat `n Austria, Bulgaria, Cehia, Polonia, România, Ucraina sau Slovacia.

Pentru c\ iarna î[i face înc\ sim]it\ prezen]a, pute]i petrece vacan]e minunate sau sejururi atât `n ]ar\, cât [i în str\in\tate, a[a c\, dup\ ce totul a fost stabilit, nu v\ r\mâne decât s\ a[tepta]i ziua plec\rii [i momentele unice pe care le presupune o vacan]\: b\taie cu bulg\ri, patinaj, s\niu[, plimb\ri cu sania, schiat, snowboard, sau curse de s\nii trase de câini. Pentru o vacan]\ reu[it\, putem enumera câteva destina]ii unde se poate ajunge u[or [i care pot oferi peisaje s\lbatice, zone nemai`ntâlnite... amintiri de neuitat.


~n România. O destinaţie destul de popular\! Pensiunile din Bu[teni, vilele din Sinaia, hotelurile din Azuga sau Predeal se `ntrec `n propuneri cât mai incitante, oferind ca discount o noapte `n plus sau reduceri `n cazul copiilor. ~n prezent, sta]iunea Poiana Bra[ov se afl\ `ntr-o continu\ transformare, pe zi ce trece apar tot mai multe locuri noi, crescând gradul de confort [i satisfac]ia turi[tilor care aleg s\-[i petreac\ vacan]ele aici. Cele patru masive muntoase - Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Piatra Mare [i Post\varul - îşi fac sim]it\ prezen]a în peisajul deosebit. Ascensiunea pe Post\varul este u[urat\ de noile instala]ii de transport pe cablu, aflându-se `n dotare dou\ telecabine, o gondol\ [i [ase teleschiuri. Sta]iunile de pe Valea Prahovei sunt un adev\rat magnet pentru iubitorii sporturilor de

iarn\, unde pute]i petrece momente de neuitat. De luat `n calcul ca destina]ie de vacan]\ este [i localitatea maramure[an\ Cavnic, care dispune de dou\ pârtii de schi, „Icoana” [i „Roata”. Aceste pârtii sunt practicabile cam cinci luni pe an [i sunt dotate cu transport modern pe cablu. O ]ar\ ce figureaz\ `n topul preferin]elor turi[tilor este Austria. Aici se g\sesc pârtii de calitate excelent\ de care pot beneficia atât `ncep\torii, cât [i schiorii profesioni[ti. Dup\ cum se [tie, Austria este paradisul sporturilor de iarn\, cu oferte pe placul fiec\ruia. Un concediu la schi `n Austria este distrac]ie sigur\, iar z\pada este garantat\. Sta]iunea Bad Gastein este renumit\ nu numai pentru apele sale termale, ci [i pentru programele [i activit\]ile recreative. O alt\ sta]iune de iarn\ austriac\ atr\g\toare este Kitzbuhel, care poate fi alegerea potrivit\ pentru o vacan]\ la... în\lţime. Bulgaria. Ca [i vacan]ele pe litoral, un sejur la schi `n Bulgaria ne rezerv\ doar surprize pl\cute, cu cele mai bune condi]ii pentru sporturile de iarn\: schi, schi nocturn, snowboarding, cross-country, s\rituri, biatlon, ski-doo [i altele. Sta]iunile de schi din Bulgaria se apropie foarte mult de cele din Austria sau Elve]ia. Tocmai de aceea, aici s-au organizat chiar competi]ii mondiale. Bansko, Borovets [i Pamporovo sunt recunoscute interna]ional [i atractive `n rândul schiorilor datorit\ condi]iilor foarte bune pentru sportul preferat. Dar şi ofertele de cazare sunt demne de luat în calcul, deoarece sunt foarte atractive [i se poate spune c\ oricine `[i poate permite o vacan]\ la un hotel de 4 stele. Cehia, un alt paradis al `mp\timi]ilor sporturilor de iarn\. Sta]iunea Špindlerův Mlýn vine cu cei 26 kilometri de pârtie clasic\ [i peste 100 kilometri de pârtii de schi-fond. Împ\timi]ii snowboardingului nu trebuie s\ rateze o deplasare `n snow-parcul St. Peter din sta]iunea Rokytnice nad Jizerou. Parcul este amenajat special cu obstacole [i trambuline, cu grade de dificultate diferite. Nu au fost uita]i nici pasiona]ii de curse de s\nii trase de câini, pentru ace[tia existând facilit\]i speciale la Černá hora [i Janské Lázně. Combina]ia de pârtii Pec pod Sněžkou, Černá hora - Janské Lázně, Harrachov [i Rokytnice nad Jizerou alc\tuiesc cel mai celebru


PERFECTE complex natural de schi din Cehia. O alt\ recomandare unde pute]i petrece clipe de neuitat este Ucraina. Vecina noastr\ de la nord de]ine un poten]ial natural r\mas `nc\ neexploatat. Cu siguran]\ ve]i avea parte de o cazare standard de calitate chiar `n inima Ucrainei dac\ alege]i Kievul. Cu toate c\ turismul `n Carpa]ii ucraineni este relativ nedezvoltat, realit\]ile de teren demonstreaz\ c\ este `n cre[tere rapid\. În fiecare an se deschid noi [i noi pârtii de schi [i se construiesc sta]iuni. În prezent, singura pârtie de schi amenajat\ conform normelor europene este cea de la Bukovel, iar cea mai `nalt\, aflat\ `nc\ `n curs de amenajare, este la Drahobrat, `n imediata apropiere a ora[ului Yasina. Ucrainenii nu s-au rezumat doar la Mun]ii Carpa]i când vine vorba de schi, astfel `ncât ora[e precum Kiev, Harkov, Poltava [i Dnepropetrovsk beneficiaz\

de pârtii artificiale. Se poate schia chiar [i `n Peninsula Crimeea, unde autorit\]ile locale au creat condi]ii propice în trec\toarea Angarskyy, sau `n AyPetri, lâng\ Yalta. Fie [i pentru lini[tea [i frumuse]ea `mprejurimilor, un sejur `n Ucraina r\mâne un cadou inspirat pentru cei dragi. Slovenia. Ţara cu cea mai mare suprafa]\ `mp\durit\, raportat la dimensiune [i num\r de locuitori dintre toate statele europene, este Slovenia. Aceast\ ]ar\ este un exemplu ce demonstreaz\ c\ mediul ambiant poate fi protejat la cel mai înalt nivel, dar [i se pot ob]ine sume fabuloase de bani dintr-un turism extrem de bine pus la punct. Sta]iunile montane sunt situate la graniţele cu Italia [i Austria, oferind condi]ii incredibile pentru sporturile de iarn\, pârtii intacte, facilit\]i ultramoderne [i pre]uri foarte mici pentru calitatea condi]iilor oferite. Una dintre cele mai c\utate sta]iuni este Kranjska Gora, situat\ `n inima Alpilor Julieni, iar Bohinj, pe malul celui mai mare lac glaciar din Slovenia, poate fi, la rândul s\u, o alegere inspirat\. Dac\ sunte]i prin zon\, nu ezita]i s\ merge]i [i `n Planica: aici a fost stabilit recordul mondial la s\rituri la trambulin\. Thailanda sau “p\mântul celor liberi”. Dac\ nu dori]i s\ petrece]i vacanţa la munte, atunci alegerea ideal\ e la mare. Thailanda este perfect\, [i anume ora[ul Pattaya, care este situat pe coasta estic\ a Golfului Thailandei, la 165 kilometri sud-est de Bangkok. Turi[tii sunt atra[i de vremea frumoas\, serviciile de cazare accesibile [i de via]a de noapte fierbinte. Pattaya este locul cel mai potrivit pentru turi[tii preten]io[i. Aici vor g\si o cultur\ aparte, cu bogate vestigii istorice, frumuse]i naturale, de la mun]i [i jungle, `n nord, la planta]iile de orez, din centru, [i pân\ la plajele str\lucitoare [i insulele din sudul ]\rii. Firea vesel\ a poporului v\ va face cu siguran]\ s\ v\ sim]i]i exact ca `n mijlocul celor dragi. Recunoscut\ de turi[ti ca fiind “cea mai exotic\ ]ar\ de pe continentul asiatic“, Thailanda `[i onoreaz\ cu succes renumele. Oricât de pu]ini ar fi banii aloca]i pentru concediu, cei care vor s\ petreac\ m\car câteva zile `ntr-un loc de neuitat pot alege atât sta]iunile din ]ar\, cât [i cele de peste hotare. A[adar, oricând [i oriunde am dori s\ ne petrecem concediile, avem de unde alege!

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INVESTITORII EVIT| O EXPUNERE SUPLIMENTAR| Raliul de sfâr[it de an sperat de mul]i juc\tori din pia]\ pentru luna decembrie nu a avut loc. Dimpotriv\. Indicii de ac]iuni de pe majoritatea burselor din ]\rile emergente au c\zut din nou, potrivit unui raport realizat de Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H. Nu a fost nevoie de al]i factori negativi. A fost suficient faptul c\ [efii de guvern din UE nu au putut prezenta nicio solu]ie conving\toare privind controlul crizei datoriilor. În cadrul conven]iilor bilaterale, statele din UE (cu excep]ia Marii Britanii) vor s\ stabileasc\ reguli bugetare mai drastice `mpreun\ cu limite impuse legal ale datoriilor, mecanisme de sanc]ionare [i drepturi de codecizie ale UE `n politicile bugetare na]ionale. O `n]elegere mai cuprinz\toare ce includea modificarea tratatelor UE a fost sabotat\ de Marea Britanie. Reglementarea mai drastic\, precum [i impozitarea crescut\ din industria financiar\, ar fi `nsemnat o pierdere semnificativ\ pentru Londra `n calitate de centru financiar [i, astfel, ar fi afectat semnificativ ceea ce este, probabil, cea mai important\ ramur\ economic\ din Marea Britanie `n momentul de fa]\. Din acest punct de vedere, atitudinea britanicilor nu este o surpriz\. ~n concluzie, documentul celor de la Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft precizeaz\ c\ incertitudinea pentru anul 2012 din punct de vedere economic [i politic r\mâne foarte crescut\ pentru zona euro. Pe de-o parte, eficien]a m\surilor avute `n vedere este `ndoielnic\. Pe de alt\ parte, acestea trebuie confirmate `n toate statele membre. ~n aceast\ privin]\, `n anul 2012 ar putea ap\rea mai multe surprize nepl\cute, cu atât mai mult

cu cât ace[ti pa[i implic\ modific\ri constitu]ionale, ceea ce reprezint\ un obstacol `n plus. ~n acest context, reprezentan]ii Raiffeisen consider\ necesar\ precizarea c\ criza din cadrul zonei euro – care `ntotdeauna a fost o construc]ie politic\ – este `n primul rând o criz\ de natur\ politic\ [i abia `n al doilea rând o criz\ economic\. Acest fapt poate `nsemna c\ g\sirea unei solu]ii viabile s\ fie u[or de stabilit pe hârtie, pentru c\ tot ce trebuie f\cut e s\ fie adoptate deciziile politice “corecte“. ~n realitate, g\sirea unei solu]ii viabile este foarte dificil\. “Statele Unite ale Europei“ ar fi trebuit s\ constituie o premis\ pentru crearea euro – [i nu invers. Dup\ rezultatele mai degrab\ dezam\gitoare ale `ntâlnirii EU la vârf, Banca Central\ European\ a stabilizat, `n primul rând, sistemul bancar european, oferindu-le, practic, b\ncilor lichidit\]i nelimitate pentru trei ani – conform garan]iilor corespunz\toare. ~n ]\rile emergente se face sim]it\, ca peste tot `n lume, `ncetinirea cre[terii economice. Reprezentan]ii Raiffeisen v\d majoritatea ]\rilor emergente relativ bine preg\tite pentru o `ncetinire a economiilor la nivel global, având `n vedere resursele financiare sporite [i cre[terea puternic\ a pie]elor interne ale acestora. ~n acela[i timp, nu se poate face abstrac]ie de tendin]ele din spa]iul UE [i din SUA. Tocmai pentru economiile na]ionale central [i est-europene exist\ `nc\ riscul unei c\deri economice puternice ca urmare a unei recesiuni `ndelungate [i profunde `n zona euro – `n special dac\ va escalada criza datoriilor [i/sau guvernele decid programe de austeritate mai severe decât sunt preconizate `n momentul de fa]\.

TOSHIBA LANSEAZ| NOUA CAMER| V Prin lansarea Camileo Z100, Toshiba Europe GmbH anun]\ extinderea teritoriul divertismentului 3D c\tre familia camerelor video Camileo. Potrivit companiei, cel mai nou membru al portofoliului de camere video inteligente le permite utilizatorilor s\ captureze filme de o calitate 3D deosebit\ [i cu o rezolu]ie Full-HD 1920 x 1080 pixeli. Datorit\ ecranului LCD 3D Parallax Barrier, utilizatorul

poate viziona înregistr\rile direct în format 3D f\r\ ochelari pe ecranul LCD tactil de 7,1cm (2,8”). Camileo Z100 beneficiaz\ de un zoom digital 8x `n mod 3D pentru a captura chiar [i cele mai mici detalii. Prin intermediul portului HDMI, camera video Camileo Z100 poate fi conectat\ cu u[urin]\ la un televizor 3D sau la un laptop. Creat\ pentru persoanele care doresc s\ cap-

BITSOFTWARE FACE BILAN}UL ANULUI 2011 BITSoftware a anun]at c\ 2011 a fost un an al consolid\rii prezen]ei sale pe verticalele existente (retail, distribu]ie, servicii profesionale, construc]ii, produc]ie, telecom [i agro) [i al extinderii gamei de solu]ii de business oferite. Politica firmei a fost aceea de a se axa pe proiecte ample, care au vizat dezvolt\ri complexe ale solu]iilor ERP Socrate+ [i SocrateOpen. ~n Socrate+, solu]ia ERP destinat\ cu prec\dere companiilor din retail, distribu]ie [i produc]ie a fost dezvoltat\ o func]ionalitate de “Proiecte” complex\, ce permite companiilor care lucreaz\ pe proiecte s\ planifice [i s\ urm\reasc\ execu]ia din punct de vedere financiar a proiectelor pe oricare dintre fazele acestora. Totodat\, au fost dezvoltate o serie de func]ionalit\]i specifice pentru retail [i distribu]ie, precum introducerea de formate predefinite de magazine (companiile din retail reducându-[i în acest mod timpul de set-up pentru deschiderea de noi magazine), automatizarea procesului de vânzare “la pachet” a produselor intrate în gestiunea magazinelor sub form\ vrac, implementarea de mecanisme automate de tip\rire etichete raft (pre]) de pe o recep]ie, de generare coduri de bare interne, precum [i o serie de integr\ri cu aplica]iile de online banking ale ING Bank, UniCredit-}iriac Bank, BRD Group Societe Generale, Banca Transilvania [i Raiffeisen Bank. Pentru SocrateOpen, solu]ia ERP&CRM open source furnizat\ de BITSoftware, 2011 a însemnat dezvolt\ri de func]ionalit\]i noi cu prec\dere în zona de Fleet Management, Warehouse Management [i Logistic\, oferind astfel mai mult\ flexibilitate [i eficien]\ companiilor care activeaz\ în zona produc]iei discrete [i a construc]iilor. În acela[i timp, eforturile speciali[tilor BITSoftware au fost canalizate înspre extinderea portofoliului de

produse cu solu]ii de Business Intelligence (BI) integrate sistemelor de gestiune a afacerilor Socrate+ [i SocrateOpen, luna noiembrie însemnând lansarea oficial\ a SocrateBI, dezvoltat având la baz\ platforma MicroStrategy, cel mai mare furnizor independent de solu]ii de Business Intelligence din lume. Prima versiune a solu]iei proprii de BI a cuprins trei module, Financial Reporting Analysis Module (FRAM), Sales and Customer Analysis Module (SCAM) [i Project Controlling Analysis Module (PCAM), oferind o flexibilitate crescut\ în procesul de luare a deciziilor de business. Compania a mai precizat c\ anul 2011 a reprezentat [i o implicare proactiv\ a BITSoftware în parteneriatul cu Google pe zona aplica]iilor de business GoogleApps, fiind realizate implement\ri la companii enterprise [i mari din diverse sectoare, precum distribu]ie, produc]ie, salubritate etc. Urmeaz\ integrarea între GoogleApps [i solu]ia ERP&CRM open source SocrateOpen, completânduse astfel portofoliul BITSoftware cu solu]ii care pot eficientiza activitatea companiilor, aplica]ii integrate care se pot accesa u[or, de la distan]\, cu costuri reduse fa]\ de cele tradi]ionale. Pe ansamblu, compania a raportat pentru 2011 o cre[tere cu 20% a cifrei de afaceri, consolidarea prezen]ei sale în verticalele sale tradi]ionale (retail, distribu]ie, produc]ie discret\, servicii profesionale, industria alimentar\, construc]ii, telecomunica]ii, agro) [i îmbog\]irea portofoliului de produse cu solu]ia de business intelligence SocrateBI. Pentru 2012, strategia BITSoftware este în continuare de cre[tere, prin diversificarea solu]iilor [i serviciilor oferite, prin extinderea [i pe alte pie]e decât cea româneasc\ cu solu]ii ERP flexibile [i, nu în ultimul rând, prin cre[terea satisfac]iei [i fidelizarea clien]ilor existen]i.

| VIDEO FULL-HD 3D CAMILEO Z100 tureze în special imagini 3D, compacta [i eleganta camer\ video ofer\ inova]ii avansate [i un raport foarte bun calitate-pre], potrivit oficialilor companiei. Produsul va fi disponibil în Europa începând cu al doilea trimestru al anului 2012 (disponibilitatea local\ poate varia în func]ie de ]ar\). “Prin intermediul lui Camileo Z100 extindem fascinanta tehnologie 3D c\tre familia noastr\

de camere video. Este urm\torul pas logic deoarece le ofer\ posibilitatea consumatorilor nu numai s\ se bucure de efectele fascinante ale filmelor 3D, ci [i s\ produc\ ei în[i[i con]inut 3D remarcabil precum momente petrecute în familie sau amintiri din vacan]e”, a declarat Andy Bass, vicepre[edinte Marketing [i Vânz\ri Toshiba Europe GmbH.


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adresându-se astfel [i expa]ilor din ]ara noastr\, fiind o surs\ util\ de informa]ii pentru oamenii de afaceri [i speciali[tii care nu sunt vorbitori de limba român\. Analize Sectoriale: • B\nci / Finan]e / Leasing • Pia]a Imobiliar\ si Construc]ii • IT&C • Pia]a Auto • Turism • Avocatur\ • Retail & FMCG • Sec]iune dedicat\ sectorului antreprenorial • Responsabilitate Social\ • Life & Style • Sec]iune dedicat\

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Business Arena este o publica]ie lunar\ editat\ de Media Grafic, adresându-se cu prec\dere liderilor [i exper]ilor in afaceri, din diverse sectoare

ale economiei.

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