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Research & innovation

Research into microalgae at the New Caledonia Technopole’s AMICAL laboratory.

New Caledonia: regional leader in development research Although the New Caledonia’s Investment Promotion Agency, ADECAL, was established back in 1995, it has recently experienced a major expansion. Finance from the three provinces, the New Caledonia government and the French State is being used to develop a unique and exciting structure for innovation and technology transfer: the New Caledonian Technopole.


he general objectives of the Technopole—an innovation and technology park—are to contribute to increasing New Caledonia’s competitiveness and appeal through development research, transfer and innovation. In particular, this will be done by developing links between the business world, public and private research, higher education and public authorities. It aims to promote the emergence of innovative projects and industries, while contributing to the sustainable development of natural resources. The New Caledonian Technopole was formed in 2012 with two divisions of excellence focused on ‘marine ecosystems’ and ‘land ecosystems’ and an innovation support centre. These three divisions comprise six specialised technology centres, an incubator for innovative businesses emerging from public research, the ZoNéCo research and development program


on marine resources, plus a unit responsible for European projects, which also carries out market and technology watch activities. Ultimately, two other divisions of excellence are planned— concerning new energies and materials for eco-building, and information and communication technologies and multimedia. Its activities are today divided up between New Caledonia’s three provinces.

Close collaboration The Technopole is above all a collaborative structure, bringing together, development stakeholders such as the SOFINOR, PromoSud and SODIL groups (see page 16) on specific projects. ‘The SOFINOR group works in close collaboration with the Technopole,’ says Laurent Chatenay, Director of Development for the North Province’s semi-public company. ‘We need the