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Podcast Transcription Implementing Lean Marketing Systems The states have all sorts of rules, the dealers who give tons of money to the state legislatures have set it up so it's very difficult for the car manufactures, any of them--Toyota, Ford, GM, Honda--to create a network that is serving their customers. The dealers have their essentially franchise, and changing how they do business is very difficult. Joe: When we talk about Lean and Toyota and Dr. Deming's management system, is that the shortcoming of it, is on the demand side? Because they've done extremely well on the supply side, I would say. John: On this I agree with you. I think they've done extremely well really across the board. This particular thing I think they would have dealt with if it wasn't for the political issue that's challenging to get at. But Lean in general, when I look at other implementations, applying Lean in a manufacturing environment is in some sense very easy compared to putting it in your sales department because there are so many good examples. Many of the tools that exist right now tie directly to a manufacturing environment. There are so many experienced consultants on exactly what to do in many different manufacturing situations. I think that Lean is still more developed in that manufacturing production kind of set up. Another thing where Deming communities sometimes overreach, in my opinion, is on individuals. I think individuals like Taiichi Ohno make a huge difference in what's happened. I believe if you took Tai Chi Ono, and instead of him being alive, then he was alive today, and he was focused on things like sales and software development, we would have all sorts Dr. Deming on Lean in 2012 Copyright Business901

Hunter on Deming  

Recently, I had a a podcast, Dr. Deming on Lean in 2012, with John Hunter. author of the new Deming Blog sanctioned by the Deming Institute....

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