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The Business Network Central & East Lancashire Welcome Stanley House – 15 March 2018

Seminar Presenter Peter Dickinson KUB Limited

Speaker Mark Fallon Mr. Finch

“The Business Network Central and East Lancs is the premier event on the monthly business calendar. Karen is a fabulous host, who helps with introductions and connections; she is an experienced, successful business woman, who offers insights into making the right connections. I have come to appreciate her help and support during my time with The Business Network.� Nick Brookes, Cornfields

Timetable – 15 March, Stanley House 11.50

Part One Registration, ‘Free Range’ Networking and Welcome Drinks


Take your seats for lunch


Introduction by Karen Tems


Part Two Table Presentations – Exchange business cards and make your 2-3 minute presentations. Tip: Talk about the key benefits and solutions that your company provides that will be most relevant to those around the table and their business contacts.


Speaker Mark Fallon, Mr. Finch


Table to Table Networking


Member News


Close Don’t feel you have to rush away. Now is a good time to make those appointments and commit them to your diary.

The Business Network – Morning Seminars 12 April

Your Accountant Is For Reliance Not Just Compliance, Mark Heaton, K M Chartered Accountants How do you view your accountant? Just someone who sorts the numbers out at the end of the year to keep HMRC happy? Well – today’s accountant should be more than that and work with you to help you achieve your goals – whether this be a successful sale of your business or a well-earned retirement. This seminar will look at how to get the best out of your accountant – from efficiency in bookkeeping to monitoring your business performance and advising you in getting to where you want to be.

17 May

Developing Personal Resilience, Caroline Dakin Life can be testing. Inevitably, we all face challenges and setbacks at some time in our lives, and how quickly and easily we bounce back from these is down to our own personal resilience. Continual change, increasing demands and the pace of work in many organisations means that we must not only build new and different capabilities, but actively develop our levels of personal resilience for the body and mind. This workshop, based on scientific research, will ensure that you know exactly how to do this. Resilience is not something that we have or do not have, it's something that we can develop on a daily basis. • What we mean by resilience and why resilience underpins our happiness, productivity and success in life. • What happens in our brain and body when we respond to challenging situations and how to deal with this so that stress doesn't overwhelm us and derail our ability to realise our potential. • The importance of our physiological and psychological resilience protection factors and how we can ensure we develop them effectively to become the most resilient versions of ourselves. • Habits and practices of the most resilient people from around the world and what we can learn from them. • Increasing your self-awareness - find out which areas of resilience you need to develop and create an action plan to do this

The Business Network – Morning Seminars cont… 4 July

How Savvy SME’s Can Use IT to Enhance Their Business, Ben Griffiths, Clever IT Tech is the future - having a good IT strategy can help you attract the best millennial talent, improve productivity and exceed customer expectations. Knowing the best IT options for you is tricky for SME’s but can also be crucial to get ahead of the competition. • Keep up or get left behind – Like it or not, we live in a society which is becoming increasingly digital and reforms such as Making Tax Digital remind us that, for any industry, it’s a case of either keeping up with the times (and technological advances) or being left behind. • The real value of IT - for small businesses IT can be very expensive but investing in the right solution doesn’t need to cost the earth and done well your IT can help deliver substantial value, protecting your data, improving flexibility and productivity. • Fitting into the bigger picture – IT is a crucial, over-arching link which connects all business areas together and gets them working in harmony. • A tech strategy which works for your business model – the traditional office is becoming a set-up of the past, with remote workers playing an increasingly prominent role in many SME’s. IT can work for your business to provide flexible working for employees and less restrictions. • Cybercrime – those businesses who invest in the right tech can protect themselves against cybercrime, a growing threat to businesses, particularly SMEs.

Coming Soon…

SEO in your Coffee Break, DigiEnable There’s only so many hours in the day. A recent survey found that on average, business owners spend over 50.5 hours a week at work. So when your friendly local digital marketing company comes along with suggestions which could help grow your business, there’s only one logical response… “but when?!” Search Engine Optimisation is not a quick process, and involves many ever-moving parts, but there are some quick fixes which you could apply to your business, in the time it takes to brew a good cup of coffee.

The Business Network – Skills Development Workshops 22 March

Presentation Skills for Seminar Presenters and After Lunch Speakers, Karen Tems If you would like to present a seminar or take an after-lunch speaker slot this year, why not refresh your presentation skills. In this morning action packed workshop, you will learn how to: • • • • •

Structure a workshop and presentation Engage the audience Deliver a persuasive and/or informative presentation Create and access ‘confident’ and other resourceful states Confidently handle Q & As

Also ideal for those who want to refresh their existing skill set for presentations in a variety of workplace situations. 31 May

Making the Most of your Membership, The Business Network, Karen Tems Having made a time and financial commitment to The Business Network, you will want to get the most from your investment. Our interactive workshop will encourage you to consider your expectations and show how to achieve them. Come and join us for a light buffet breakfast followed by an interactive and enjoyable workshop and of course, some excellent networking.

Dates for the Diary

12 April – Stanley House 17 May – Barton Grange Hotel 7 June – Stanley House 7 July – Stanley House 9 August – Stanley House

13 September – Barton Grange Hotel 11 October – Stanley House 15 November – Barton Grange Hotel 12 December – Stanley House 17 January – Stanley House

Download these dates into your calendar at

Introduce a Guest £1000 Travel Voucher to Spend with Chic Boutique Travel

Our Members are generous inviting Guests who always add value to our monthly events. Indeed, a good proportion of Guests go on to express interest in joining The Business Network Central & East Lancashire. For every Guest that you introduce who then joins our group, you will get your name in the 'hat' for our draw at the Christmas event with a chance to win a £1000 Travel Voucher to spend with Chic Boutique Travel. In it to win it already are: • • • • • • •

Martin Garry, McDade Roberts for introducing FWP Chris Durham, Ronset for introducing Tienda Digital Suzanne Waring, The Helping Hands Group for Tutus James Evans, Evans Accountants for Begbies Traynor Amanda Jackson, Tigerfish PR for The MPA Group Suzanne Gibson, Ecompli for Adele Carr Financial Recruitment Sorrel Holland, Physiofusion for Caroline Dakin

We are still looking to attract: • Private Hospital • Wine Merchant • Commercial Property Agent

Member Thank You’s, News and Offers Jo Fulthorpe Start Up Loans 07782 163182

Help us to #supportastartup - see our crowdfunding project and get involved - lots of business benefits!

Sue Thompson Rosemere Cancer Foundation 01772 523454

Come along to our Open Evening on Wednesday 18th April to find out how we have spent the money you helped us raise for Rosemere's 20th Anniversary Appeal. To register for your free place email

Wendy Hope Stanley House Hotel & Spa 01254 769200

Paul Bolton My Total Office Solutions 0800 1833 800 Anne Williamson Customer Love 07824 190 743

20% off dining during March in Grill on the Hill for Sunday lunch Downloadable voucher: 20% off dining during March in Mr Fred’s Bar & Lounge Downloadable voucher:     For any Business Network members we will offer free installation on any of our photocopier solutions, saving you up to £200

I’d like to offer my book “Are You a One Night Stand Business?’ at £7.50 including postage, to members… it is normally £10.30 (£7.50 + postage on Amazon). This is a saving of £2.80.

Member Thank You’s, News and Offers cont… Phil Heaven Shopper Anonymous 07824 365101

During March and April 5 free Mystery Shop experiences for all Law Firms as part of the National Client Journey Project. Get free reports plus local and national benchmarking data as to your customer's experience.

Peter Whyte Whytelight Solutions 01257 424 642

Carbon Trust and Growth Hub accreditation allows us access to funds that can be release for YOU (or businesses you know) towards LED and Infrared Heating conversions, lowering the cost of energy bills, maintenance and carbon footprint, contact us for free surveys!

Sam Moxham Halo HR 01282 686622

HR Masterclass is a half day onsite course for up to 8 managers/supervisors Includes Onboarding & probation, Disciplinary, capability & grievance – risk assessment, process & good practice, Performance management, Probation, Absence management £150.00 per person with a minimum participation of 4

Richard Barnes Studholme Bell 01257 241111

On the 24th March I am running the Coniston 14 For Derian House. Support from Network members would be greatly appreciated, please see my just giving page, it’s a great way to save some tax if you Gift Aid your donation.

Daniel Fisher Tienda Digital 07920 404531

I will be doing the 3 peaks for charity, I would be grateful if you could share my donate link to the group to help me hit my target:

Terry McKay Hypnos Contract Beds 07715 167170

We are delighted to confirm that Hypnos ContractBeds have developed a very special rate for members of The Business Network Central & East Lancashire. If you are interested in taking up this generous offer, please contact Daniel Sandford at and copy in Terry McKay

Getting the Most from your Membership – Make sure that your company is only represented at the events by senior decision-makers – Come with a buying as well as selling attitude. Bring plenty of business cards – Prepare your three minute presentation, focusing on the benefits or solutions your company provides. – Seek out people you don’t know. Listen to them and be interested. – Smile at the table. Shake hands with everybody. Remember their first names. Listen intently during each 3 minute presentation. – Once back at the office, get out and review the business cards from around the table, and ask yourself: – Who shall I write to and say how good it was to meet them? – Who shall I ring and make an appointment to see? – Who am I going to tell in my organisation about somebody I met today that could help him/her? – Who else on my contact list could benefit from an introduction to one of the people I met today? – Always keep in mind the members of The Business Network, and always be on the look out, for any way in which you can pass on leads.

Included as Part of your Membership Package – Free Educational Seminars – Member Offers – Special offers from Members for Members – Your Business Network Host Acting as “Matchmaker” – Free Stands at the Events – Free Access to the National List of Members – Monthly Meetings with Senior Decision Makers – Introductions to New Businesses – Increase Sales and Buy More Effectively – Improvement of Your Networking Skills

Welcome pack march 18 v2  
Welcome pack march 18 v2