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“The Medical Technology Industry is Thriving” – Bill Doherty, Cook Medical.

Inside: • e56 Million Research Investments

• HSE sign contracts for e35 million • Limerick’s skyline is transformed Your Chance to win Tickets to Bob Dylan & Pink Concerts & Ireland V’s Barbarians. Simply answer the following question: What year was Thomond Park redeveloped? Answers to:

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Cities Drive Regions

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Our politicians and ministers have viewed the confrontation of this important issue as political suicide and for years have hedged their bets on both sides of their respective fences, but at a cost to the competitiveness of the region.


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It is encouraging to see that we are finally going to confront the ‘boundary issue’ which has been a massive obstacle and a total block to the development of Limerick City. It is farcical that three local authorities are responsible for the Limerick urban area. We have now reached the stage where the boundary issue is directly responsible for the demise of business in the city centre. ‘Cities drive regions’ and we find ourselves seriously underperforming as the third city of Ireland.

The poor planning decisions by the individual authorities have seen the many new shopping centres develop on the outskirts of the city, outside the city boundary, yet effecting the overall growth of the city centre creating the ‘doughnut’ effect on our commercial development. Empty shops on O’Connell St, William St, Saresfield St, Cruises St, Henry St, and Catherine St, are a sorry sight in the heart of our city. The time has come, it is imperative that the three local authorities grasp this opportunity offered by Minister Gormley with the set up of the new Limerick Local Government Committee. This is a totally independent body committed to the revival of the city and the region. One strong authority can guide business and investment back into the city centre and get the heartbeat of the region ticking again. Frank Collins Editor 3

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“The Medical Technology Industry is Thriving” – Bill Doherty, Cook Medical. Even as the manufacturing sector faces challenging times, the medical technology industry is thriving and Cook Medical, which has a base in Limerick, is one of its biggest success stories. Limerick native, Bill Doherty is the Executive Vice President of Cook Group Europe and he believes that supporting existing companies in areas like ‘med-tech’ and a strong approach to regional development is key to getting the mid-west back on its feet.

Speaking with Mr Doherty at the company’s state-of-the art manufacturing and development plant, it is hard to believe that 570 employees are working within. “I started with Cook Medical in 1994. They bought the site here in Castletroy and were looking for someone to manage the plant. I was with EG&G in Shannon at the time and I decided that it would be interesting to make the move into the medical technology sector. Fifteen years ago, it was one of the growing sectors

in general. Limerick was Cook’s first site in Ireland. There are plants in Denmark, Australia and about six or seven in the US. There are different parts of the organisation all over the world. It’s a truly global organisation,” he explained. Cook is an American company which has been growing steadily since it was founded in the sixties; its main area is making medical devices for minimally invasive surgery-an area which ensures constant demand.


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“The business is structured along the lines of medical specialties like vascular, gastroenterology, urology, radiology and others. There are hundreds of areas. This kind of technology is win-win, first of all for patients because procedures are far less traumatic and in many cases, they are back on their feet faster. From an economic point of view, the less invasive the surgery the faster people can get in and out of hospital. That cuts down on healthcare costs,” he said. In a major coup, the Limerick plant is soon set to become the only site to manufacture a revolutionary new device called Zilver PTX, which is for the treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease. The product is the “first and only approved drug eluting stent of this type” in the world and is designed to keep vessels open using a special coating to stop cells multiplying and scar tissue forming.” According to Bill, clinical trial results were “very very promising” and Cook is currently perfecting the manufacturing technique and standards with the process expected to “be fully validated here by the middle of the summer”.

“The medical technology area is one of the sources of hope and strength in the country at the moment. We have the basis of a very strong medical technology industry going forward.”

“We have already recruited 40 to 45 people since we made the announcement last summer. As it goes into the market over the next few months, and various markets globally, we’re hoping to add to those numbers. It’s busy, exciting and nerve-wracking. There is a lot of responsibility. The plant will be the only source for this product; we have to make sure the product and the “The west coast is particularly strong. process works and is repeatable. In all of It’s on a par with major players like Masthese things, the patient comes first.” sachusetts or Minneapolis in terms of its concentration of companies and manufacCook is one of several strong ‘med-tech’ turing expertise. In the last 10 years, we companies in the mid-west, including are seeing the growth of small, indigenous Stryker, Vistakon and Teleflex but “there is companies. Creganna, based in Galway, a lot of potential”, he added. just bought another company in the US. Developments like that are very good for “It’s a challenging time for Ireland and glo- the country. We have the basis of a very bally, particularly for the manufacturing strong medical technology industry going sector. This region had an above average forward.” amount of manufacturing companies and it is suffering as a consequence as some Cook works with the University of Limerick have moved off-shore. The medical technol- in research and other areas while NUI Galogy area is one of the sources of hope and way collaborates with companies there; strength in the country at the moment. the two institutions recently established Most med-tech companies in Ireland are a formal link and Bill believes that these doing well; some are expanding,” he said. kinds of partnerships are vital.

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He has also done a lot of work with Atlantic Way, which aims to be “a positive force of key public and private sector decision-makers, collaborating for progress” in developing the western corridor. He feels that co-operation is key to working toward the greater good but if he had the power to create a ‘quick-fix’ for the midwest, what would it be? “Well that’s the $64,000 question; it’s very difficult to answer. When we look at the region, we have to look at our competitors. The area around Barcelona in Spain is a good example or Frankfurt-Cologne or some areas in Denmark and Sweden. It’s important to try to get rid of local boundaries and differences and present ourselves as a larger region. Limerick City has three local authorities running it; it doesn’t make sense. It’s like having three management teams running one company,” he said. “When you’re competing internationally, it’s a question of scale. We need to be looking at promoting the whole western area, and think outside of Limerick and the midwest. That said, we need to have a very strong city for a strong region. We could also take a ‘twin’ approach for Galway and Limerick and use the draw of two strong cities; the travel distance is only an hour. It could be like Minneapolis and St Paul.”


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“Infrastructure is particularly important and Shannon Airport is a key element of this. Shannon Airport is operating with one hand tied behind its back because it is still part of the Dublin Airport Authority. It has its own board but that can’t make major decisions or control the budget. All the Irish airports are competing with each other and if Shannon had its own authority, it would be competing on a more level playing field. It has a lot to offer, such as a full pre-clearance facility, which it is hoped will be extended to freight in the next few months.” Bill thinks that the establishment of the proposed Lynx Cargo facility at the airport would be very beneficial-becoming a hub to allow multinationals to ship products to Europe and America more easily. “People in the mid west need to get over Aer Lingus. As long as Shannon has the Heathrow connection, that is the important one. And that came back. There are other airlines using the airport, like Continental, which is very strong and supposedly looking at more flights. The problem with Aer Lingus is the uncertainty. Is it going to stay or leave? As long as there are other carriers, you never know what will happen. If they decide to move, it may open opportunities for other airlines.”

“The biggest challenge is unemployment. There is an obvious financial loss, a loss of revenue to the State, but there is also a human side. It has huge consequences socially. Getting people back to work has to be the priority. There are cycles in industry and as the next phase comes along Ireland has to have the people and knowledge to engage with it.” 6

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Originally from Rosbrien, he attended the Model School and CBS Sexton Street before going to study engineering in UCD; he also has an MBA from Trinity College Dublin. He first started working with Koll Morgan in Shannon and went on to work with companies including Atari and Digital Equipment. “I had various manufacturing roles related to engineering and I progressed through the ranks to engineering management, operational management and general management. Engineers tend to be hands-on but when you’re in management you have to leave the hands-on stuff to other people. The instinct is always there to jump in.”

“It’s important to give the multinationals a voice. The IDA strategy, using low corporate tax, to encourage companies to come to Ireland really worked and could work well again. Multinationals have gotten a lot of bad press with people saying that they arrived, made their profits and left but that isn’t the case. The legacy they have left in this country is huge. They developed management structures and expertise that would not have been here otherwise. All those companies paid taxes here for years,” he said.

“The biggest challenge is unemployment. There is an obvious financial loss, a loss of revenue to the State, but there is also a human side. It has huge consequences socially. People feel frustrated and unable to contribute. Getting people back to work Having garnered a lot of experience from has to be the priority. There are cycles multinational companies, Bill draws on this in industry and as the next phase comes as chairman of the American Chamber in along Ireland has to have the people and the mid-west. knowledge to engage with it.”

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BL | news

Green Hospitality Award for Hotel Doolin

Airport Welcomes Opening of Limerick/Galway Rail Link

Director of Shannon Airport, Martin Moroney joined with the region in welcoming the opening of the first phase of the Western Rail Corridor linking Limerick, Sixmilebridge, Ennis and Galway. Picture from left shows James Hogan, Director of the Green Hospitality Award, Eric Murrihy, General Manager Hotel Doolin and Philippa King, Regional Co-Ordinator with Limerick/Clare/Kerry Regional Waste Management Office.

Delighted with their Silver Award for Hotel Doolin, Eric Murrihy, General Manager said “Since joining the Green Hospitality awards we have made substantial reductions in our waste going to landfill, we have also reduced our water and energy consumptions. Even by changing our light bulbs to low energy bulbs has a positive effect on the environment and we are delighted to see from our own customer satisfaction surveys, that our guests are very happy that we are taking a proactive approach to becoming a Green Hotel. Both myself and the team here are delighted to have been recognised for our efforts to date with this Silver award and environmental management will continue to be a key focus for us going forward”

The four star Hotel Doolin in the traditional village of Doolin recently picked up a Silver Award for excellence in Environmental Management from the Green Hospitality Awards programme. The GHA programme has been funded by the Limerick, Clare and Kerry Waste Management Office since 2007 and continues to be the most successful environmental management programme for the hospitality sector in Europe. The Green Hospitality Award provides a stepby-step approach to environmental management with awards given at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and has swiftly become the standard for environmental management within the hospitality sector in this country.

Mr. Moroney said, “this is a very important day for the region as this rail link offers a major improvement in connectivity and further strengthens the economic ties between Clare, Limerick and Galway. Improvements in connectivity are vital in supporting business development which in turn enhances the economics of the region. I believe this new rail service has the potential to expand the airports catchement area. Options for transferring passengers directly to/from the airport via Sixmilebridge Station are currently being examined ,so as to maximise the benefit to the airport and its customers. I would like to wish Iarnród Éireann every success with this service and look forward to working with them in developing business for the region.”

Limerick’s Professional eyecare & Hearing Aids specialist specsavers is located at: Cruises Street, Limerick. Tel: 061 312 811

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Crescent Shopping Centre, Dooradoyle, Limerick. Tel: 061 302 120


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Munster Rugby Supporters Club target 2,000 New Members

SFA Award Winners 2010

Applications for the Munster Rugby Supporters Club (MRSC) are now open with the objective of adding 2,000 members to Munster Rugby’s ‘sixteenth man’. Supporting the Launch in Cork were Doug Howlett, Tom Gleeson and Tommy O’Donnell with Jennifer Kiernan, the MRSC Manager. Two new initiatives have been introduced this season to encourage existing members to help sign up their friends and to reward new members, “Refer a friend” and the “Golden Ticket”. Jennifer Kiernan, MRSC Manager outlined these initiatives “In order to build our new membership we are asking our existing members to refer a friend and they will receive credit’s in their ticket account, we will also have a number of “Golden Tickets” where a number of new members will be selected for free membership and a Magners League season ticket for Thomond Park.” Munster’s Doug Howlett, at the launch of the 2010/11 membership campaign, said ‘The Supporters Club are the core of the 16th Man on match days and having met with many members at their Q&A’s I found their knowledge of the game and interaction with the players is great .... It really is like an extended family in Munster’. Existing members can renew from 31st March and new members can join from Wednesday 7th April. Membership costs €30 for the coming season. Full details of membership and benefits are available on www.


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Pat Carroll Chartered Accountants Ireland, Taoiseach Brian Cowen, Liam Ryan BMS Irl., Aidan O Boyle SFA Chairman. The Award was the SFA National award for Innovation, manufacturing & export.

The annual Small Firms Association(SFA) Awards took place recently in Dublin, with a Limerick company getting the gong in one of their most prestigious categories. An Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, TD, presented the Awards to each category winner at an Awards Ceremony on Thursday, 4th March 2010 in Trinity College Dining Hall. The Manufacturing Award went to Limerick company, BMS Ireland. Electronic torque manufacturer BMS Ireland has a strong focus on exports, having secured deals with Nissan in India and the US Navy in the past year with its Paddy brand. With recent support from Enterprise Ireland, it plans to invest €600,000 in R&D in the next two to three years. Now 30 years in operation, Liam Ryan, managing director of BMS Ireland is confident that his Paddy range of torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, torque testers and analysers are the market leader for tools

which produce extreme accuracy for the aerospace, automotive industries, etc. “Our torque tool range are easy to use complete with a display screen with a choice of multiple languages and a high level of accuracy. Our Paddy range software and hardware development is done here in BMS in Limerick. We also use components in our tools produced locally by Analog Devices and Molex. Designed, manufactured and marketed from Limerick. Our torque tools are sold worldwide,” smiled Liam. “We see an emphasis on research and development playing a major part in continuing success of our company going forward and we acknowledge the support and funding received to aid our R&D from Enterprise Ireland.” BMS employ 18 workers full time and 12 on a sub-contractual basis, based in Annacotty Business Park.

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Crescent Farmers Market Puts the ‘Art’ in Artisan Food HAVE you ever wondered just what an artisan producer really is? Quite simply an artisan is someone who is skilled at their craft and in the case of food producers this goes a lot further as artisan foods are made from really high quality ingredients, in small batches with a full hands on approach by very talented people. Their efforts result in some of the most amazing food and drinks you will ever taste.

In Limerick we have some of the best Artisan producers in the country, and yet they are one of our best kept secrets. Locally produced food has become very desirable as people have started to realise the importance of it in everything from the economy to the ecosystem. A trip to the Crescent Farmers Market to meet the producers could be they start of a whole new way of looking at food. The Crescent Farmers Market, every wednesday from 9:30am to 2:30pm.

RENT at LIT CentreStage Youth Theatre presents the Broadway musical RENT Sunday April 25th in the LIT Millennium Theatre, Limerick. CYT is a new Youth Theatre Company causing quite a stir in Limerick. Centrestage Youth Theatre have already focused their talents on a tremendous production of Les Miserable’s in UCH last April and ‘A Night at The Musicals’ and ‘CHESS in Concert’ at CentreSPACE Studios, Alphonsus Street, Limerick.

RENT is a rock opera with music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera, La Boheme. It tells the story of a group of impoverished young artists and musicians struggling to survive and create in New York’s Lower East Side in the thriving days of Bohemian Alphabet City, under the shadow of AIDS. It tells the unforgettable story of a group of young artists learning to survive, falling in love, finding their voices and living for today.

SIMI Pleased with Radisson is Europe’s largest Upscale Hotel Increase Brand

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) today released the official industry figures for new cars registered in March 2010 which at 13,813 are up 78% on March 2009 (7,764). Commenting on the figures, SIMI Press Officer Suzanne Sheridan said, “At the end of Q1 2010, the industry is now in a far stronger position than it was this time last year. New car sales are up 78% in March which brings the year to date increase to 31%. This represents an Exchequer gain of €284million (VAT & VRT), a significant increase of €57million compared to the same period last year. We hope that these very strong figures represent a turning point for the industry.”

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Simon Delaney Launches Summer Camps

Radisson is Europe’s number one! The recent MKG Hospitality ranking establishes Radisson as Europe’s largest upscale hotel brand. Radisson is Europe’s number one! With 170 hotels and a total of 38,079 rooms across the continent, Radisson is Europe’s largest upscale hotel brand – unifying Radisson Blu and Radisson Edwardian hotels and leaving Hilton International with 146 hotels and 37,806 rooms as well as Marriott with 86 hotels and 20,806 rooms behind (source: “Upscale Brands Top 10 in Europe” by MKG Hospitality, Paris).

Simon Delaney launches Limerick’s CentreStage Performing Arts SUMMER CAMPS at the University of Limerick / UCH. Irish television and theatre director, Simon Delaney, whose works includs the ITV drama series Cold Feet and Donovan, the RTE series Bachelors Walk the title character in the film Zonad, launches Limerick’s CentreStage Theatre School’s Performing Arts Summer Camps at UCH with local director/producer Richie Ryan. Full details are now available on

17KM Of New Motorway Now Open Limerick County Council has announced that the M7 motorway, currently open to traffic along a section of the Nenagh bypass, will open to traffic as far as the Birdhill Interchange (Junction 27) from 01 April 2010. Traffic coming from the Dublin direction can exit the M7 on the Birdhill link road (R494), which will lead to the Birdhill roundabout on the existing N7. Traffic coming from the Limerick direction along the existing N7 may access the new motorway via the Birdhill Roundabout on the R494 to the Birdhill interchange (Junction 27). The additional section of the M7 is approximately 17km in length. Traffic restrictions currently in place to the North of the Carrigatogher Interchange (Junction 26) will remain in place. 9

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BL | NEws

Leisure Centre to Deliver 18 Jobs The €1.4m redevelopment of a swimming and leisure facility in Shannon, County, Clare, will result in the creation of 18 new jobs. The Chairperson and Directors of Shannon Swimming & Leisure Centre Co. Ltd. announced that work has commenced on the redevelopment of the facility, which will include a 25 metre swimming pool, gymnasium, skateboard park, climbing wall, two sports halls, dance studio, floodlit outdoor tennis courts, café, steam and sauna, treatment rooms, and wet and dry dressing rooms. All the facilities will be accessible for persons with a disability. Management say 12 full-time and 6 part-time positions will be created when the facility opens on Saturday July 3rd. The estimated cost of the renovation and restoration works, as well as the delivery of new outdoor facilities, will be €1,236,673. The replacement of the Air Handing Unit, Retiling of The Pool and Surround, Fitting out of Kitchen and Lounge Area will cost an additional €135,213. For more information see

Turkish Agency on Fact Finding Mission

Dr Vincent Cunnane, Chief Executive, Shannon Development (right) greets Serif Yilmaz and Hasan Basri, Regional Governors from Turkey during a visit to the Shannon Region of a delegation from Turkey.

A high profile delegation from the newly formed Mid Black Sea Development Agency in Turkey were in Ireland recently on a fact finding mission to study the Irish experience of regional development. The group is meeting with Shannon Development, Ireland’s only regional development agency, which last year celebrated its 50th anniversary. During their stay

the group will receive a comprehensive brief on all aspects of regional economic development from key Shannon Development personnel. They will learn about the many innovative and pioneering actions and strategies devised by the Shannon Development over the years to generate regional economic development in the Shannon Region.

5 million Austrian Tourists Targeted

UL rower reaches Barbados THE operations manager of the UL Activity Centre is celebrating being part of a crew which recently completed the massive feat of rowing 5,000km across the Atlantic. A jubilant Mike Jones was one of two Irish members on an international team-reaching Barbados on March 10 almost 58 days after setting off from Morocco. Meanwhile, this week Limerickman Sean McGowan has less than 1,400km to go on his own epic attempt to be the first Irish person to row solo across the huge ocean.


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Pictured with members of the Austrian travel writers group is (far right); Oonagh Kelly, European Tourism Marketing Executive, Shannon Development.

Over 5 million Austrians will be reading about reasons why they should holiday in Limerick City and County thanks to a major tourism promotion undertaken by Shannon Development, Austrian tour operator group Blaguss and Tourism Ireland. This follows the visit to Limerick this week by a group of high profile tourism travel journalists from top Austrian newspapers and magazines.

Shannon Development organised a familiarisation tour for the group to highlight some of the Limerick’s top visitor attractions including; the Hunt Museum, St. Mary’s Cathedral, King John’s Castle, and Georgian Limerick. The group visited the Irish Harp Centre in Castleconnell where they enjoyed a performance by the Junior Harp Orchestra. They stayed overnight in the Absolute Hotel in the city and dined at the Locke Bar and Restaurant.

08/04/2010 16:39:01


Tánaiste announces €56 million research investment

Tánaiste Mary Coughlan T.D. with John Travers AER Ltd (left) and researcher J.J Leahy, UL at the launch of the Competence Centre for Bioenergy & Biorefining in Dublin. The centre which is based in NUI Galway, will research ways to convert energy from plants into fuel, heat and power, and is one of nine centres in this €56million joint Enterprise Ireland & IDA Ireland initiative to increase levels of industry-led research in Ireland.

Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment Mary Coughlan T.D. recently, a welcome €56m boost to companies determined to succeed and grow in the Smart Economy. Conceived by her Department as part of the Government’s Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation, the Competence Centres are being delivered jointly by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland. Clusters of companies will work together to overcome common research challenges and drive opportunities for innovation, growth and jobs.

both of these are sustainable raw materials for producing the next generation of bioenergy and biorefining products.

There will be 180 SMEs and multinational companies involved in nine centres, five of which are now established. Those established cover Bioenergy & Biorefining, IT Innovation, Applied Nanotechnology, Composite Materials and Microelectronics. Four more – Manufacturing Productivity, Energy Efficiency, Financial Services and E-learning - are at different stages of completion. Each centre will be based in a UniThe Competence Centre for Bioenergy & versity with support from partner Higher Biorefining will be based in NUI Galway, Education Institutes (HEIs) to deliver on and co-hosted by UL and UCD. Bioenergy the research needs of the companies. is energy that is latent in plants and the Competence Centre for Bioenergy & Bi- Enterprise Ireland has already ring-fenced orefining researchers will focus on ways €32 million in funding for the initial five to convert that energy into useful forms centres and it anticipates investing a furlike heat, energy and fuels for transport. ther €24 million over the next five years across the nine centres. There are curAccording to John Travers of AER Ltd., one rently six Universities involved: NUI Galway, of the Irish SMEs involved in the Bioenergy NUI Maynooth, UCD, UL, TCD (CRANN) and Biorefinery Centre: “The value of inter- and UCC (Tyndall) and more HEIs are exnational markets for bioenergy and biore- pected to join. One of the key benefits to fining is €40 billion and that’s growing at the HEIs involved is that they get access to 12% each year”. There is an opportunity industry and the real problems that they for Ireland to leverage its natural resourc- are facing. This will assist the HEIs to align es as according to Travers, we have some their research agendas with what indusof the highest yields of grass in the world try is looking for. and we have prolific growth of algae and

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BOSI Announces Closure Date Bank of Scotland (Ireland) has announced the closure date of its Limerick Halifax branch and will shortly begin writing to each Halifax and Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Intermediary customer on how the withdrawal of these businesses affects their accounts. The Limerick branch, on Shannon Street will close on Wednesday 23rd June 2010. All 44 Halifax branches are due to close over two phases towards the end of June this year. 21 branches will close on Friday 18th June and the remaining 23 branches will close on Wednesday 23rd June (see Editors Notes for details). To coincide with the first branch closure date, the final date for customers to close their accounts has been extended to 18th June 2010. Shortly, the Bank will begin writing to each Halifax and Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Intermediary customer detailing how the closure of these businesses will affect their account and the actions and options available to them. The Bank recommends that customers visit the Limerick branch and speak to a branch colleague who will talk them through exactly what needs to be done. Alternatively, customers can visit the website,

International Architects go into Liquidation

The announcement that highly acclaimed architects, Murray O’Loaire are to go into liquidation has come as a major shock to many. The international company has always been a great ambassador for Limerick and its professionalism and expertise are world renowned. It is most saddening to see the demise of this most successful company brought about due to the cumulative customer bad debts and the failure of getting paid on time if at all. Murray O’Laoire Architects are thirty-one years in business with 127 staff based in Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Slovakia, Libya, Germany, Russia and Barbados. 11

09/04/2010 17:42:06

BL | news

‘Flannagans on the Lake’ Opens with Stylish Party Speaking at the launch of the Mid-West’s latest exciting new restaurant, ‘Flanagan’s on the Lake’ in Ballina/Killaloe, Brian Hayes, who returned last year after six years working as a chef in Australia, said there has been a dramatic improvement in the quality of Irish produce, not least beef, lamb and fish, since he left for Australia in 2003. The former Adelaide based chef, whose vast overseas experience included a stint at the award winning South Australian Jockey Club, is part of the new management team at Flanagan’s On the Lake restaurant and bar in Ballina/Killaloe. “Since I returned home I definitely saw changes in the quality of Irish food, changes for the better. It is fair to say now that Irish produce is among the best in the world. In Australia they place a huge importance on the quality and freshness and we are right up there with the best in the world now here in Ireland. Given that this huge effort has been made to raise our standards, each and every one of us must do what


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At ‘Flanagan’s on the Lake’ launch party in Ballina/Killaloe were the new management team of Brian Hayes and Cathal Quinn.

we can to support our own. Taking over a restaurant in the current climate is of course a challenge but doing so with such high quality produce to work with makes it a lot easier.”

courage diners back during mid week. We have already begun with an Italian night which is proving immensely popular and really now it’s about value, creativity and, of course, quality food.”

Brian has worked with all international cuisines and says that while the downturn has hit the restaurant industry hard, it has realigned prices, which is good for the consumer. “People now tend to dine out only at weekends but restaurants have had to respond to that challenge and at Flanagan’s we will be unveiling a range of themed nights, that will be built around value, to en-

‘Flanagan’s on the Lake’ opened its doors under new management recently at a glamorous launch party. Flanagan’s first opened in 2007 and is now under the management of its head chef Brian Hayes and Tipperary businessman Cathal Quinn, who has worked in the café and bar business for many years and has extensive front of house experience.

08/04/2010 15:24:38

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€20m Revenue Boost Expected From Limerick Skyfest

“a kind-a different” “The flowers are bursting From every bough and twig As the bells of Easter ring; Each pure white lily’s waking, To welcome infant spring”

Tourism chiefs are predicting that the National Lottery Skyfest event in Limerick could generate as much as €20 million in revenue spend for the local economy. Speaking about the success of the Skyfest extravaganza which took place recently (Saturday 13th March 2010) Eoghan Prendergast, Shannon Development’s Limerick Development Division Manager said; “When all the sums are done we estimate the revenue generated for the city from Skyfest could yield as much as €20 million, or to measure it another way it would be the equivalent of the spend generated from two Thomond Park Stadium events. This combined with the positive national and international media coverage will be of major benefit to us our in efforts to promote Limerick as a ‘must visit’ tourist destination.” “As the tourism authority for the Shannon Region we are delighted to have secured the Skyfest event for Limerick. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the National Lottery and the St. Patrick’s Festival Committee for bringing the event to Limerick. It provided us with a superb platform to showcase the best of Limerick to

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a national and international audience. We were delighted to work with journalists, TV and radio crews from Ireland, the US, China and the UK, who broadcast from the City during the event.” “Our pre-Skyfest programme of entertainment worked well drawing people to the heart of the city centre to experience its fun side. Preliminary estimates show that our work with hotels, the service sector and transport providers, to put together special short break packages and entertainment to entice visitors for the Skyfest and Limerick’s St. Patrick’s festival proved very successful,” he said. “We were delighted to provide King John’s as the launching platform for the fireworks and the images of this iconic visitor attraction featured in TV coverage will help brand Limerick internationally. Skyfest was a wonderful vehicle and put Limerick centre stage as a fun loving place to be. We will continue to use the positive images of Limerick created from the event in our future tourism marketing campaigns,” he concluded.

Designer Florists Rachel Hannon and her team of Flowers Forever Raheen have better reasons than most for welcoming infant spring, as this time of year gives them unlimited scope to create flower arrangements that are a cut above the ordinary. Its no wonder then Rachel says that “ our spring flowers with their soft delicate petals, sprouting young buds and radiant colour are a perfect way of saying whatever you want this easter. not only that “ our flower arrangements are the perfect way to add warmth, radiance, and feelings of cheer to any easter celebration” - they are a fitting symbol for the season.. Rachel and her team go on to inform us that “easter flowers awaken the senses and remind us of new beginnings. why not call in and see our spring Collection soon !!

Raheen Roundabout, Raheen, Limerick. Tel/Fax: 061 307123


02/04/2010 17:01:55


UL Awarded €5 million for Composites Research Centre

Dr Trevor Young, UL composites research, Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Vice President Research and University of Limerick President, Professor Don Barry celebrate the award of e5 million for the Irish Centre for Composites Materials to UL. Pictured with the new state-of-the-art equipment for composites research at the University of Limerick.

The University of Limerick (UL) has been selected by Enterprise Ireland (EI) and the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to lead and support four national centres of excellence announced today by the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Mary Coughlan TD. UL will host the Irish Centre for Composites Research with initial funding of €5 million and will co-host Competence Centres for BioEnergy, Microelectronics and IT innovation. Enterprise Ireland has already ring-fenced €32 million in funding for the initial five centres and it anticipates investing a further €24 million over the next five years across the nine centres. University of Limerick President, Professor Don Barry welcomed the announcement saying; “The University of Limerick has an excellent track record in research in the key areas of composites, energy, ICT and microelectronics and our significant involvement in four of the five centres of excellence announced today is testament to the quality of our researchers in these fields. We welcome UL’s leading role in the Irish Centre for Composites Research and look forward to continuing partnerships in the three other competence centres of bioenergy, microelectronics and IT innovation.” Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Vice President Research at the University of Limerick said; “The Competence Centres build on the strengths of each institution and will support our focus on research which has a direct impact on industry. The Irish Centre for Composites Research at UL is a 14

14BL201004.indd 1

major step in furthering Ireland’s leading role in advanced research and innovation in an area that has far-reaching impacts while building on our success in a translational approach to research.” The Irish Centre for Composites Research will provide a national focal point for worldclass composites research, innovation and technology transfer, with a research agenda set by Irish industry partners including ÉireComposites, Henkel Ireland, Bombardier Aerospace, Element Six, Tyco Electronics, AMPAC and Cavanagh Foundry. Dr Trevor Young of the University of Limerick led the proposal to host the Centre at UL said; “The world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier have committed to significantly increase the use of advanced composites on the next generation of aircraft. This revolutionary decision is having a massive impact on the composites industry, increasing demand for research and development of future composites and cheaper manufacturing techniques.” The new centre will assist Irish industry to undertake the R&D needed to compete in this high-tech industry. Composite materials have been a major focus of research at UL for nearly two decades and a key aspect of the research conducted in the Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI) based at UL. UL has worked with almost every major aerospace company in Europe on more than 35 funded research projects, including 14

funded by the EU. The reputation built up through these projects has led to directly funded contracts from Airbus, EADS and Bombardier Aerospace. Michael Ryan, Vice-President and General Manager, Bombardier Aerospace, Belfast, said: “We are delighted to be able to build on our existing relationship with the University of Limerick through this new centre for composites research. Research and development is the backbone of competitiveness, and collaborative research such as this into advanced composites technologies will enable companies to develop their processes and capabilities, and ultimately improve their competitiveness in an extremely challenging global market place. Within the aerospace industry, this research will also provide an important opportunity to take further steps towards developing more environmentally friendly aircraft of the future.” The University of Limerick is fortunate to possess the best research infrastructure for composites in the country, with additional, state-of-the-art equipment acquired through a recent €1.5 million investment in laboratory facilities. Through the investments in infrastructure and the development of world-leading expertise in this field, the University of Limerick is well equipped to lead a research agenda which will support innovation and development in the composites industry at a national and global level. For further information about Irish Centre for Composites Research at the University of Limerick go to

30/03/2010 16:52:58


Applebox Media are ‘the Business’

Local Photographer Wins Award

Mark Griffin and Simon McGuire, Applebox Media

Apple Box Media Ltd. is the brainchild of Simon McGuire and Mark Griffin. The idea came about to create a new video production company to supply corporate businesses with broadcast standard productions for their websites. This is no easy feat with the current economic climate however both Mark and Simon feel it is something that businesses in the mid-west of Ireland can avail of instead of employing Dublin based companies at a higher cost. The Company doesn’t just have video production on offer. Both Mark and Simon are tutors in two third level colleges in the Limerick area. Mark is a tutor in the Limerick College of Further Education, on Mulgrave Street in Limerick. And Simon is an assistant Lecturer in Video Post Production at Limerick Institute of Technology in Moylish Park. With this experience Apple Box Media is offering either Group or One-On-One tutoring sessions on Video Production and Post Production using Broadcast equipment and software such as Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro. Apple Box Media has been in action since March of 2009. They have a number of business clients and have been involved in the production of live events for Limerick City as well covering sports conferences for websites and businesses. Clients include: Bank of Ireland, BDO, Bigwave Media Training, Business Limerick Magazine, Limerick City Council, Limerick Co-Ordination Office, Limerick Independent Newspaper, Limerick Sports Partnership,

15BL201004.indd 1

ick Youth Service and Tidi. Simon started his career at a very young age as a boom operator for Creative Visual Productions (now known as Matt Kelly Productions). One of the first jobs was a UTV news report on the Good Friday agreement and the local talks in his hometown of Limerick City in the Republic Of Ireland. An instant attraction to the media art form ensued and Simon went on the study camera operation and editing. He was taken on as a freelance VT Editor with the independent broadcaster TV3 in Dublin. He returned to Limerick when a new opportunity in video streaming and compression came along with an elearning company Thomson NETg. Later, he teamed up with Pat Shortt and with Short Comedy Theatre Company, he became part of the editing department for the popular Irish sitcom ‘Killinaskully’. Pat Shortt is currently working on ‘Mattie’ a new Limerick based sitcom. This pilot was well received last Christmas and Simon was at the helm as editor. Mark is a freelance editor and an Adobe certified trainer, and conducts training for Ireland’s premier digital media specialist, Bigwave Media Training. They provide Adobe and Apple certified training at their training centres in Limerick, Dublin and Belfast. He worked as an assistant editor on “Killinaskully Series 5” (RTE 1), and is currently assistant editor on Pat Shortt’s new sitcom with Simon McGuire. He recently provided camerawork for the big Screen for Heineken Cup Semi Final (Leinster V Munster 2009) in Limerick.

Peter O’Donnell A.I.P.P.A, Q.E.P. from Lisnagry, Co Limerick was named the Irish Professional Photographers Associations (IPPA) - RSA Insurance Professional Photographer of the Year 2010. Peter, whose stunning pictures of the Irish landscape are gaining an international reputation, was presented with the coveted award by IPPA President Paddy Clarke The awards ceremony took place in Co.Louth recently. He is currently preparing for the opening of his gallery in Castleconnell. This year saw over 2000 entries in the competition from IPPA professional photographers from all over Ireland. Chairman of the judging panel Vincent O’Byrne FIPPA, commented on the very high standard achieved in the 30 categories of the competition. This is the 15th year that the RSA Insurance has sponsored the Irish Professional Photographers Associations (IPPA) National Photographic awards and touring IPPA exhibition. The winners’ exhibition will shortly start its countrywide tour. All IPPA members are qualified, registered and insured professional photographers. Peter can be contacted on 061 219836 and his award winning panel viewed at 15

30/03/2010 16:48:58

BL | GALLery

Gallery Pictured with IPU President Liz Hoctor at the graduation ceremony, which was held in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, are (left – right) Maria McBrearty and Evelyn McDermott, both from Medicare Pharmacy in Castletroy

You’re a Star winner, Leanne Moore, model Ruth Griffin and Limerick Co-ordination PR guru, Laura Ryan launched the 2010 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign ib Brown Thomas, Limerick recently.

Bernie Moloney, Assistant CEO, Limerick City Enterprise Board Donncha Hughes, EAC Manager at LIT and MarketLink Co-ordinator Ronan O’Brien, Head of Department of Business, LIT Mark O’Connell, Director, Marketing BDO Simpson Xavier and MII MidWest. MarketLink, the innovation and entrepreneurship programme at LIT.

Limerick County Council Cllr. and Chairman of the Mid West Regional Authority, Leo Walsh leads the Limerick New York St. Patrick’s Day parade group down 5th Avenue on 17th March 2010.


16BL201004.indd 1

Also at the ceremony was Magdelena Bratus, Unicare Pharmacy, Thomandgate, pictured here with Irish Pharmacy Union President Liz Hoctor

Michael Gleeson, Limerick City Centre Traders Association; with Chief Superindendent David Sheehan; Kieran McSweeney, President, Limerick Chamber of Commerce; and Superintendent Frank O'Brien in the Savoy Hotel for a meeting between Gardai and Limerick City Centre Traders.

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Michael Wilkes (centre) and his wife Lady Mayoress Vivienne share a joke with Cllr David Naughton, Cathaoirleach of Limerick County Council, during their visit to the County Hall, Dooradoyle, Limerick.

02/04/2010 16:00:44

BL | gaLLery

A CHARITABLE ‘CARRIe’-ON: Susan Fitzpatrick, James Collins, Edel Cassidy, Eamon Jones and Tracey Larkin of the Limerick Thomond and Limerick-Shannon Rotary Clubs at the launch of details of their Sex And The City 2 charitable fundraiser.

At the HSE contract signing for the €35 million Critical Care Unit at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Limerick were: from left: Hugh Murray, Murray O Laoire architects; Brian O’Connell, O’Connell Mahon architects and John O’Brien, HSE National Director.

At the HSE contract signing for the €35 million Critical Care Unit at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Limerick were: seated: Brian Gilroy, HSE National Director of Estates (left) and Joe McLoughlin, Director, John Sisk & Son. Standing: Dr Paul Burke, MWRH and John O’Brien, HSE National Director.

Stephen McNamara with Prof Peadar Cremin, President MIC; and Prof Teresa O'Doherty, Dean of Faculty of Education, MIC. Stephen was awarded a scholarship in the University of Notre Dame valued at $80,000.

At the HSE contract signing for the €35 million Critical Care Unit at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Limerick were: from left: Joe Hoare, HSE Estates Manager Mid-West; Fergal Flynn, Acute Services Manager Mid West; Geraldine Shaw, Director of Nursing MWRH; and Anton Dempsey, Clinical Director MWRH.

Barry Kiely, Mags and Tony Enright celebrating Barry’s 30th birthday in Chocolat recently

Christine Conway, Lady Captain Limerick Golf Club, Gaye Moore, Special Olympics and Pat Murray, Manager Limerick Golf Club at the launch of the Open Golf Day held at the club on Good Friday, a fundraiser for the Special Olympics.

Sharon McMeel, Funion Events, Anthony Foley, Munster, Gaye Moore, Special Olympics, Ian Costello, UL/Bohs, Fergal Dempsey and Peter Shane, UL students Union at the launch of the fundraiser ‘Grab a Tag for Special Olympics’.

17BL201004.indd 1


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BL | GALLery

Launch of the new Flanagan’s on the Lake

Jane Mulcair, Sandra Blaser and Kirsty Hayes pictured at the launch of New Management of Flanagan’s on the Lake in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Proprietors Brian Hayes and Cathal Quinn pictured at the launch of New Management of Flanagan’s on the Lake in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Tara Hartigan, Colette Acton, Erin Hartigan and Karen McInerney pictured at the launch of New Management of Flanagan’s on the Lake in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Gearoid and Maria Prendergast pictured at the launch of New Management of Flanagan’s on the Lake in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Sarah, Brian and Kathryn Hayes pictured at the launch of New Management of Flanagan’s on the Lake in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Barry Duggan, Finan Waters and Philip McLoughlin pictured at the launch of New Management of Flanagan’s on the Lake in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Keith Morrissey, Denis Barry and Seamus Coady pictured at the launch of New Management of Flanagan’s on the Lake in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Sandra Blaser, John Wood and Brenda Murphy pictured at the launch of New Management of Flanagan’s on the Lake in Killaloe, Co. Clare.


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BL | gaLLery

Official Opening of Limerick’s first Specialist School of Mathematics Education by Mr. Willie O’Dea TD pictured here with head of the school, Mark McGrath in Castletroy last Friday.

Jean Slattery, Therese Smith, Marie Threrse Hates and Claire Smith organizers of the Heart Children Ireland, annual ladies lunch held in the Strand Hotel last Friday.

Jean Touhy, manager Savins, Peter Lee, Sales Manager, Panasonic Ireland , Martin Smith, Panasonic Ireland and Matt Billing, Panasonic UK among the first in Ireland to view the new Panasonic 3D HD home entertainment system on a 65” screen in Savins, Panasonic Centre on O’Connell Street last Monday.

LIT President Dr Maria Hinfelaar with John Gerrard, artist attending the opening of the EV+A 2010 held in the Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT on Clare Street last Friday.

At the inaugural MarketLink Open Forum ‘Business Growth through Focused Marketing’ at the Limerick Institute of Technology were: from left: Glyn Billinghurst, Sales & Marketing Managaer, Munster Rugby; Dr Maria Hinfelar, President LIT; and Shane McAllister, Founder, MobaNode. MarketLink in an eight week multidisciplinary programme for 3rd level students at LIT.

Sheila Deegan Limerick City Arts Officer with her mother Patsy attending the opening of the EV+A 2010 held in the Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT on Clare

At the official opening of the Centre for Expertise in Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning at the Limerick Institute of Technology, were staff members Reegina Kelly, Teresa Bradley, Majid Guanbari and Leah Wallace.

At the official opening of the Centre for Expertise in Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning at the Limerick Institute of Technology were from left: Dr Maria Hinfelaar, President LIT with Dr George McClelland, Director NCE-MSTL and Prof. John O’Donoghue, Director NCE-MSTL., holding response pads(or clickers).

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12/04/2010 10:53:32


Aer Lingus/Aer Arann Franchise Takes Flight The first Aer Lingus Regional flights took to the air recetly as the franchise agreement between Ireland’s regional airline, Aer Arann, and the national carrier, Aer Lingus, began on 12 routes from Dublin and Cork. Of the 12 routes, 6 will operate from Dublin to the UK, with the remaining 6 serving the UK and France from Cork. The new route network increases frequency on busy business and leisure services between Dublin and both Glasgow and Edinburgh, while also offering direct connectivity from a number of UK regions to Aer Lingus trans-Atlantic services. Speaking at Dublin Airport as the first Aer Lingus Regional flight departed Stephen Kavanagh, Aer Lingus Chief Commercial Officer said; “The expanded route network will enable us to serve key UK regional destinations with improved frequency and schedule options, while providing connectivity with our transatlantic network.” Also at Dublin Airport today for the first departure was Aer Arann Chief Executive Paul Schütz who welcomed the franchise agreement saying; “With our franchise partner we have created a product that offers a customer-focussed schedule with increased frequency and both regional and trans-Atlantic connectivity. The additional flights on existing routes combined with new direct services linking regional centres in the UK with Ireland offers a significant boost to both business and the tourism industry at a time when it is badly needed.” The Aer Lingus Regional service is operated by Aer Arann ATR 72-500 aircraft and crew. All franchise flights are sold and distributed through www. In addition to the UK routes, new seasonal services from Cork to Jersey in the Channel Islands and La Rochelle in France will begin operating in May. 20

20BL201004.indd 1

HSE Sign Contracts for €35M Critical Care Unit at MWRH

The HSE has announced that it is proceeding with the development of a new €35 million Critical Care Unit at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Dooradoyle, Limerick. HSE National Director of Estates Brian Gilroy signed a contract on behalf of the HSE at the Hospital today with John Sisk & Son Ltd for the design & construction of the new unit. The development of the Critical Care Unit is a major step forward in the reconfiguration of acute hospital services in the Mid West and follows on radical improvements in the provision of emergency care, diagnostics and acute surgery. HSE chief executive, Dr Brendan Drumm, said the developments now under way in the region are setting a headline for the rest of the country. Commenting Brian Gilroy said, “This is one of the largest capital projects being undertaken by the HSE this year and will provide the Midwest with a state of the art critical care facility. The overall project budget includes for the construction of the new unit, a provisional equipping budget and an allowance for other costs associated with the project. It is anticipated that a planning application will be lodged within the next two months with construction due to commence in August subject to achieving a grant of planning without any undue delays. The project is due to be completed by the end of 2011”. John O Brien, HSE National Director and Integrated Services Manager Mid West added: “This project is a key element of the reconfiguration of our health services in the Midwest. It will provide essential critical and high dependency care for

patients across the region and address safety concerns raised by HIQA and other external reviews of acute health care in the region.” Dr Paul Burke who is leading the reconfiguration project across the hospitals in the region added, “This new facility is a tremendous boost to the health care infrastructure of the entire Mid-West. It will help ensure that critical and coronary care services of the highest level will be available and easily accessible to all people of the region”. The development, which will link with the existing hospital, will consist of a six storey block over two levels of basement car parking. A new 12 bed intensive care unit will be located on the first floor along with supporting accommodation. The second floor will provide a new 14 bed high dependency unit while the third floor will provide a new 16 bed coronary care unit. The fourth floor will accommodate a cardiac non-invasive investigations unit along with two catherisation laboratories and a nine bed day ward. The ground floor will be available for later development while the fifth floor will be required to accommodate the building services plant. Each level will have a floor area of approximately 1450 sq m. The facility will be state of the art, meeting the highest infection control standards. Strong emphasis has been placed on the segregation of the different users of the building which is very important from an infection control perspective. The development includes 19 full isolation rooms spread over the first, second and third levels.

30/03/2010 16:46:41


Limerick’s Skyline is Transformed Ireland’s largest single-support canopy is installed at Limerick’s Milk Market. The once-familiar sight of cranes graced the skyline of Limerick again in recent days as Ireland’s largest single-support canopy was installed at the city’s Milk Market. This was part of the ongoing €2m refurbishment project there, which is due for completion this summer and will transform the Milk Market into a unique, allweather, 7-days-a-week venue. The installation of this specially-designed canvas canopy, which was manufactured in Wales, involved a major logistical exercise. This included the transportation by road from Rosslare of the 79-foot-high central support column, comparable in height to an 8 storey building. This necessitated special traffic arrangements en route. Upon arrival in Limerick, the 5tonne steel mast was then hoisted into position with specialised equipment, so that it could support the 1.8-tonne canvas canopy, spread out over a surface area of approx. half-an-acre, making it the biggest single-support canopy in Ireland.

The new canopy installation at the Milk Market supported by a 79-foot central column.

Clare-based construction firm, L&M Keating, is the lead partner in the Milk Market refurbishment project, which was commissioned by the Limerick Market Trustees; a not-for-profit organisation set up in 1852 “to expand and manage the affairs of markets within the boundary of Limerick City and one mile beyond.” While still upholding this brief, nowadays the Trustees have direct responsibility for the running of two markets in Limerick; The Milk Market, which operates on Saturdays all year round and The Riverside Market on Bedford Row, which is open on Sundays during the summer. Both markets were recently awarded the “Certificate of Good Practice Standard for Farmers’ Markets” by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in conjunction with Bord Bia. Contrary to its name, the Milk Market (www.milkmarketlimerick. com), which is one of the longest-operating markets in Ireland, does not specialise in the sale of milk. Instead, it offers a wide range of premier produce from the land and sea for sale there weekly, showcased by some 40 traders from the Region and

21BL201004.indd 1

Picture taken with a fisheye lens from the crane shows the canopy on the ground before hoisting on the column.

beyond. The Milk Market received a European Heritage Award in 1995. A not-forprofit organisation, the board of the trustees is made up of members of Limerick

City Council, Limerick County Council and Limerick Chamber, who are re-elected annually.


30/03/2010 17:10:03


73 NEW ‘HIGH POTENTIAL START UP COMPANIES’ IN 2009 Economy. They will create over 900 new jobs over the next three years, bringing total employment in these businesses to almost 1500. Total sales over the same period are expected to reach €600m, with exports accounting for over 80% of this figure.

Billy Kelleher TD

The Minister for Trade and Commerce, Billy Kelleher TD, announced that the Government, through Enterprise Ireland, has supported the establishment of 73 new high potential start-up companies (HPSUs) in 2009. These young companies are an integral part of the Government’s blue print for the Smart

add value for customers, opening new markets, increasing export sales across the globe, and securing economic growth and jobs here at home. This is a very strong performance by these new companies that will contribute to the Government’s strategy for positioning Ireland centre stage as the internationMaking the announcement al hub for innovation.” at Enterprise Ireland’s annual High Potential Start-up Show- The Minister stressed the imcase event, Minister Kelleher portance of supporting the consaid: “It is absolutely critical for tinued successful commercialithe development of the Smart sation of third level research. Economy that we do everything “The Government is focused on possible to drive the continued developing Ireland into a ‘smart’ growth of entrepreneurial, in- or knowledge-based economy novation led companies that will and over the last decade has underpin Ireland’s reputation continued to increase its investworld wide as a centre of innova- ment in the generation and extion excellence. They are at the ploitation of intellectual properforefront of innovation, creating ty developed in Ireland’s higher the products and services that education institutes. With the

Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative set up by Enterprise Ireland in 2007, we are supporting Technology Transfer Offices across the higher education institutes providing a world-class system for transferring valuable intellectual property from research into commercially viable propositions.” Greg Treston, Head of High Potential Start Ups at Enterprise Ireland said: “We are greatly encouraged by the performance of these 73 companies, and their potential for continued growth. Their backgrounds may be different, but they all show that ability to see a business opportunity and to tap into market trends for new and innovative businesses. Start-up business activity in Ireland is showing no let up.”

City Prepares For Great Limerick Run With just under eight weeks to go to the inaugural Great Limerick Run in association with the Irish Times, the organisers are delighted to announce full details of the event sponsors and the event programme which will cement Limerick’s place as Ireland’s number one Sports tourism destination, at a Press Reception in Thomond Park. The event which takes place on May 2nd 2010, forms part of Limerick’s Riverfest and incorporates a new marathon, half marathon and 10k run into one single event for the first time ever in Ireland. The run offers participants from social joggers and walkers to professional athletes the chance to take part in a fun filled, well organised event that has already captured the imagination day May 1st where it will double as a registration area for all those taking part and an of runners across the country. interactive event showcasing all the latest Speaking at the press reception announc- running apparel and equipment, including ing details of the Great Limerick Run Expo that of New Balance, the official sportswear and corporate sponsors, Martin Tynan, partner of the Great Limerick Run. ” Event Organiser, said, “Firstly, I would like to thank all the corporate sponsors and sup- The Great Limerick Run Expo on Saturday pliers who have come on board to support will ensure thousands of participants will the first year of the Great Limerick Run. converge on Limerick city for at least two I’m also delighted that the iconic Thomond days adding colour and atmosphere to the Park Stadium has become a supporter of Riverfest weekend and it is expected that the event and will play host to the Great Lim- the economic contribution to the economy erick Run Expo that will take place on Satur- could reach €10million in year one alone. 22

22BL201004.indd 1

The Great Limerick Run in association with the Irish Times, is being supported by New Balance, Thomond Park Stadium, Newstalk, Spin South West, Shannon Development, Limerick City Council, Limerick County Council, Limerick City Enterprise Board, Health Services Executive, Limerick City Sports Partnership, County Local Sports Partnership, Limerick Regeneration Agency & the Limerick Coordination Office. For those looking to take part, you can register on or by calling 061 609627.

19/03/2010 11:30:37

BL | news

The legal framework of eCommerce – is your website ready to sell goods to the eConsumer? By Keith Burke

It is now fifteen years since the launch of some of the world’s most well known “online shops” such as In that period, the volume of eConsumers or online shoppers has grown at an impressive rate. It was thought that the law would struggle to keep pace with the growth of the online marketplace and the legal conundrums posed by rapidly advancing technology. On the contrary, a considerable body of statute law enacted in the past ten years has served to supplement existing consumer protection law and ensures robust protection for the eConsumer when shopping online. Is your business ready to market its products online?

ing or via email) no later than the time of delivery of the goods to the consumer.

1. Allow your customers to “cool off” Under the 2001 “Distance Selling” Regulations, subject to certain exceptions, the consumer has a 7 day cooling off period within which he/she may cancel a contract concluded by means of distance communication (e.g. via online shopping). For goods purchased online, the period will generally begin to run from the day on which the consumer receives those goods. A contract may be cancelled during the cooling off period without reason and the consumer is entitled to a full refund (less only the direct cost of returning the goods).

4. Keep your terms and conditions fair... It is important to protect your business via a set of terms and conditions but you must keep them fair. The EC (Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts) Regulations 19952000 strengthen the consumer’s position when contracting with suppliers, where they have not had an opportunity of negotiating the specific terms of the contract. Where a term is “unfair” within the meaning of the Regulations, an online supplier will not be able to rely on the fact that the consumer has clicked the ever present “I Accept” button to a set of standard terms and conditions. “Unfair” terms include matters such as giving the supplier the sole right to determine whether goods are in conformity with the contract or enabling the seller to alter the terms of the contract unilaterally without a valid reason which is specified in the contract.

2. Keep the consumer informed In order for a contract concluded with a consumer online to be enforceable, you must supply the consumer with full information about the product they are purchasing before the contract is concluded. This information includes the price of goods including taxes, delivery costs, arrangements for payment and the right of cancellation referred to above. In addition, you are obliged to confirm such information to the consumer in a durable format (e.g. in

23BL201004.indd 1

3. Are you entitled to substitute goods? You may be entitled to offer substitute goods of equivalent quality and price to the consumer, where the original product is out of stock. In order to avail of this right, you must notify the consumer of the entitlement prior to his/her placing the order. Even where the consumer has been notified of this however, he/she will retain the right of cancellation during the cooling off period and in this case, the cost of returning the goods is to be borne by you as seller of the goods and not the consumer.

5. Not only modern legislation is relevant... Although much of our consumer law predates the advent of the online market-

place, many of its provisions are equally applicable to online transactions. Accordingly, the terms of a contract implied under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Acts 1893-1980 will ensure that the consumer has for example, a right to goods of merchantable quality in that they are “fit for their purpose”. 6. Let your customer know who you are… Treat your website as you would your company letterhead. Under the EC (Companies) (Amendment) Regulations 2007, Irish limited companies are now obliged to publish on their website details such as the legal name and form of the company, the company number with which it was registered and the address of the company’s registered office. Businesses should not be intimidated by selling online but it is paramount that when doing so, they are fully cognisant of the eConsumer’s rights. An appropriately drafted set of terms and conditions will provide clarity for both your business and the consumer. Encompassing statutory obligations, such as those set out above, in your terms and conditions will instil consumer confidence in your business, ensuring that your online presence enjoys the same level of integrity as your on-street presence. Keith Burke is a solicitor in the Intellectual Property & Technology Unit of Holmes O’Malley Sexton Solicitors and may be contacted at 061-313222 or via email at . This article is intended to be a general guide and is not intended to act as a substitute for specific professional advice on a given matter. Neither the author or the publisher will accept any responsibility for loss or damage occasioned to any person as a result of their acting or failing to act as a result of the information contained in this article


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Pulitzer Prize Winner Confirmed For Limerick Festival

Bank Of Ireland Seed Fund Leads €600k Investment In Resourcekraft

The programme for one of Ireland’s largest annual gatherings of contemporary poets and writers was announced in County Limerick recently. Pulitzer prize winning US poet Jorie Graham has been confirmed among the line-up of participants for Éigse Michael Hartnett, which is organised by the Limerick County Arts Office and takes place in Newcastle West from 22-24 April 2010. Michael Hartnett, who wrote both English and Irish poems, was born in Croom, County Limerick, in 1941 and died in Dublin in 1999. He is regarded as one of the most significant voices in late 20th century Irish writing. Other confirmed participants of the 2010 literary and arts festival include Fintan O’Toole, author, cultural and political commentator, and Irish Times Deputy Editor; Mark Pollock, professional speaker, adventure athlete, author, broadcaster, and the first blind man to reach the South Pole; Patrick Hederman, author and Abbot of Glenstal Abbey; Eileen Sheehan, award winning Kerry poet; Gearóid Mac Lochlainn, ground breaking performance poet; and Rita Ann Higgins, poet and dramatist. The festival will be officially launched at Newcastle West Library on Thursday April 22nd when keynote speaker Abbot Mark Patrick Hederman OSB presents ‘Irish Poets, learn your trade: Poetry as speaking Truth’. Other events include an ‘Open Mic’ session where prizes will be awarded for the best performed original poem and the best performed Hartnett poem. The competition adjudicators will be Eileen Sheehan, Gabriel Fitzmaurice and John Cussen. Full details of the Éigse Michael Hartnett programme are available from the Limerick County Arts Office on 061 493498/496300 or 24

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David Cronin, CEO, University of Limerick Foundation; Orla Rimmington, Operations Manager, Kernel Capital; Prof. Don Barry, President, University of Limerick; Frank Casey, CEO, Resourcekraft, announcing a €500,000 investment in Resourcekraft by the Bank of Ireland Seed Fund.

Kernel Capital confirms that the Bank of Ireland Seed and Early Stage Equity Fund has led a €600k investment in Limerick based energy cost control technology specialist Resourcekraft. The Fund committed €500k and the remainder of the funds were raised through Enterprise Ireland. Resourcekraft, founded by UL Post Graduate Liam Relihan and Frank Casey in April 2007, delivers dynamic energy management software that enables their clients to maximise the efficient usage of electricity and other energy resources such as oil, gas, water and heat. To date, the ResourceKraft’s technology has been deployed in over 40 customer sites resulting in substantial customer savings. Commenting on the announcement, CEO of Resourcekraft, Frank Casey said: “Our unique approach focuses on managing energy as a cost, providing smart decision making tools for companies. The funding from the Bank of Ireland Seed Fund will be used to expand our market coverage beyond Ireland and the UK and to recruit additional software developers to join our team.”

Don Barry, President University of Limerick said: “This investment in ResourceKraft epitomizes the type of innovation-based start ups that the University of Limerick Foundation is keen to support through our investment in the Bank of Ireland Seed Fund. ResourceKraft was born out of scientific research carried out in UL in 2007 and creating success from university spinouts like this one is crucial if we’re to spark new growth and job creation opportunities in Ireland.” Denis Minihane, Regional Business Manager, Bank of Ireland added: “This investment and the strong pipeline of prospects for the Bank of Ireland Seed Fund confirms our commitment to supporting domestic early stage companies developing innovative technologies that have a strong IP platform with the ability to grow.” Dr. Daniel McCaughan, Chief Technology Officer, Kernel Capital added: “ResourceKraft has developed a product suite which is very timely for the marketplace and by extracting and presenting intelligence on energy consumption and costs it leads to real energy savings. This Company has a great future.”

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Education & Business Training Company No. 6 Pery Square, Limerick.

Tel: 061 446534 E-Mail: BLOG:

E.B.C MANAGEMENT PROGRAMMES ILM (Institute Of Leadership & Management) From pure management and leadership to specialised programmes in coaching and mentoring, ILM has a range of qualifications that have been carefully formulated to meet the varying learning and development needs of employers of all sizes and across all industries and sectors. Entry routes to these practical and relevant management programmes can be at Level 5 or Level 7. Further details of these programmes will be in the May ’10 Business Limerick Issue Education and Career Planning Information Day at EBC on Fri 16th April, 11.00 am to 3.00 pm

SUMMER TRAINING E.B.C will be delivering short term courses over the summer months. These will have flexible training schedules covering areas of Computing, HR, Marketing, Accounting and short business modules.

E.B.C BUSINESS TRAINING PACKAGES Create an employee training plan by choosing one of these training packages or select four individual programmes from the categories below for the same cost Find more programmes on our website under our Professional Business Training section

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National Spring Clean Campaign

Aer Lingus Concluding Services Review

New Minister of Defence, Tony Killeen. Model Sarah McGovern pictured with Gretta Purcell (left) and Mary Killeen Fitzgerald (right) of Limerick County Councils Environment section at the County Limerick launch of National Spring Clean 2010 on Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hundreds of community groups from across County Limerick are expected to participate in the 2010 Spring Clean Campaign, details of which were announced today. Limerick County Council, in conjunction with An Taisce, is once again asking groups to register their planned clean up as part of the 12th annual National Spring Clean Campaign. The local authority says organised clean ups will be held throughout the month of April and that the participation local community groups in Ireland’s leading anti-litter initiative is paramount to its success. It added that National Spring Clean is an ideal opportunity for communities to take responsibility for their local environment and to take action against litter. Over 150 organisations from across County Limerick participated in the 2009 campaign. Sports clubs, TidyTowns organisations, businesses, schools, community development groups and Residents Associations from every corner of the County came together to undertake clean up their local areas. To register a clean up with An Taisce and to receive a free clean–up kit visit, call: (01) 400 2219 or email: If additional equipment or bagged waste collection is required, please contact Limerick County Council’s Environment Section at 061496264. 26

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The Head of Aer Lingus says the airline expects to complete a comprehensive review of its long haul and short haul services at Dublin and Shannon Airports in the next four weeks. Christoph Mueller was responding to a letter from Clare T.D. and Minister of Defence, Tony Killeen who asked the company CEO whether the development of services at Shannon Airport was being sacrificed to prop up operations at Dublin Airport. Minister of Defence Killeen explained: “I contacted Mr. Mueller on behalf of numerous business and political interests in the Mid-West region to make the case that Aer Lingus proposals as they relate to Shannon Airport are unjustified on the basis of the performance of the airline’s Trans-Atlantic services at the airport. I also outlined that any reduction of services will impact negatively on business in the West of Ireland and that the airline will be poorly placed to benefit from an upturn in the economy as a result of such a decision.” He continued: “I am deeply concerned that any proposed reduction of existing services will impact negatively on cabin crew and other staff at Aer Lingus’ Shannon base. Notwithstanding the difficulties for the airline in the current downturn, I did point out to Mr. Mueller that options which could be taken on the basis of passenger numbers and income on Shannon services appear to have been avoided to prop up Dublin operations.” “I informed the CEO that a former Aer Lingus employee has confirmed that management at the airline was actively dictating policy to staff over the last two decades to downgrade Shannon. I told him that this appeared to be a repeat designed to wrong foot him as the new CEO. I respect-

fully suggested that he seek independent advice before reaching final decisions”, added Minister of Defence Killeen. In response to Minister of Defence Killeen’s representation, Mr. Mueller stated: “Aer Lingus remains committed to the Shannon region as an important part of the Aer Lingus network. Since my appointment I have visited the area several times and in addition to meeting our staff, I have met with a wide variety of business, tourism and airport interests. There has been much talk about Aer Lingus’ approach to Shannon. I deal in facts only.” He added: “The Shannon market is an extremely seasonal one and in the case of the New York route, Aer Lingus has lost money every winter for the last 10 years and has made a profit over a full year in only 2 out of the last 10 years. The performance on Boston has been marginally better. Despite what you may believe to be the case, profitability from Dublin is equally challenging in the current environment. As we set out at a recent Investor day, Aer Lingus is a demand led business.” “We must serve the markets where passenger demand exists. In this regard, we are currently carrying out a comprehensive review of our long haul and short haul network in the context of our short and medium term schedule planning. This review is expected to be completed within the next 6 weeks. While I am very cognisant of the importance of connectivity to the region, Aer Lingus must serve market in the most efficient manner. We will continue to work closely with the Shannon Airport Authority and the various tourism interests so that we can continue to serve Shannon and the wider region to the benefit of all stakeholders”, the airline CEO concluded.

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Doug Howlett Visits Co-Op SuperStore Raheen Doug Howlett, Munster and New Zealand All-Black’s popular rugby star, was mobbed by enthusiastic young rugbyites when he visited the Co-Op SuperStores Family Fun Day at Raheen (Limerick) and Mallow (Co. Cork) recently. Marking the official launch of the stores under the CoOp SuperStores brand, celebrations included a whole suite of attractions including the Agri-Aware Mobile Farm with live animals, the Dulux Dog and lots of in-store demonstrations. Doug said: ‘While I get a great kick out of playing rugby, it means a lot to me to meet people face to face, particularly young

sports enthusiasts and their parents who turned out in their hundreds today. The Co-Op SuperStores are really welcoming places to come to and have something to offer everyone in the family, hence the great reception we got here.’ Co-Op Superstores is the retail division of Dairygold Co-Op Society Ltd which has recently acquired 7 stores, formerly trading as 4HOME. The company now operates 39 stores across Munster providing a range of Hardware, Household, DIY and Gardening as well as the traditional Agri offering.

Doug Howlett, Munster & New Zealand All-Black’s popular rugby star, pictured with Jake Grace (Clarina, Co. Limerick) at the Family Fun Day at Co-Op SuperStore, Raheen.

MarketLink Hosts Inaugural Open Forum at LIT Advances in technology and the massive growth in digital and mobile communications are shaping the future of marketing today, delegates heard at the inaugural MarketLink Open Forum at LIT recently. The Forum was organised in conjunction with the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII) and was attended by over 100 students and members of the business community in the MidWest. MarketLink is an eightweek multidisciplinary careers, innovation and entrepreneurship programme for 3rd Level students studying in LIT. Ronan O’Brien, Shane McAllister, Lucy Meehan and John Anslow.

Speakers at the event included Lucy Meehan, Managing Director, Impact Media, John Anslow, Retail Marketing Manager, Meteor, Shane McAllister, Director & Founder of MobaNode and Glyn Billinghurst, Sales & Marketing Manager, Munster Rugby. The event was chaired by Ronan O’Brien, Head of Business at LIT and the Official Welcome given by Dr. Maria Hinfelaar, President of LIT. All speakers pointed to the exciting challenges and opportunities for businesses today in relation to embracing the advances in technology and the new media. Said Lucy Meehan of Impact Media, “Through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, companies can now tap into the emotional side of their target audience more than ever before . This is enormously powerful and allows companies and brands to enter into a dialogue rather than a monologue with customers.”

However, Ms Meehan cautioned against reducing your marketing spend in the current downturn, “In challenging economic times, a knee jerk reaction in business can often be to reduce the budget and resources within the marketing function. However, the reality is the only way to grow your share in a decreasing market is through marketing.” Glyn Billinghurst, Sales & Marketing Manager with Munster Rugby said, “We, Munster Rugby, have worked closely with LIT over the years with its close proximity to Thomond Park and our Branch Offices currently on the Campus. I was delighted to provide the students and local entrepreneurs with an overview of the business and objectives of Munster Rugby off-thepitch and how we are looking to establish a benchmark sporting business to challenge the clubs across Europe.”

Concluded Ronan O’Brien, Head of Business at LIT, “We were delighted with the attendance at our first MarketLink Forum and with the insights provided by the speakers into how to harness marketing for business growth in today’s environment.” The first MarketLink programme ran during October and November 2009 and the second is scheduled for October and November once again this year. A key ingredient of MarketLink is the interaction between LIT students, local entrepreneurs and SME managers in the MidWest. A Shannon Consortium Initiative, the MarketLink programme is a collaboration between LIT’s Department of Business, Careers Office and the Enterprise Acceleration Centre. The programme is supported by the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) and the Enterprise Boards in the MidWest Region. 27

BL | news Celia Interview

Cecilia Holman Lee interviewed by ilovelimerick. com presenter Olivia O’Sullivan.

Ahead of her 60th birthday, Celia Holman Lee looks back at the highs and lows of her amazing 40 year career in the fashion business. In an interview with presenter Olivia O’Sullivan, Celia recalls how she overcame tough times before finding success after years of hard work. The interview, which is live on the online TV channel since early March, features never before seen personal photos of Ireland’s queen of fashion from her childhood, her modelling days and her family life. Celia describes how she “always had this urge to entertain” and did her first fashion show ages 15 which got on the front of all the national papers at the time. Shortly after, a photographer took a shot that featured on the front of the Daily Mirror in England captioned ‘A pioneer in hotpants in the West of Ireland’. It may have been 40 years ago but Celia got a deposit for a house out of her modelling career, and she has been no stranger to hard work ever since. Speaking about the support she gets from people and the agency: “I think once you have pride in where you come from, and who you are, and what you are, people respect that and they come alongside with you. I think that has happened in the sense that I have taken a provincial modelling agency and I made it national and I think that has gone a long way.”


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Energy Upgrade Scheme Will Create Thousands Of Jobs A Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme designed to energy upgrade virtually every building in Ireland over the next decade was officially recognised at Ireland’s prestigious 2010 Green Awards in Dublin recently. Green building magazine Construct Ireland editor Jeff Colley, received the Green Leader and Green Communications awards for his successful campaigning work on PAYS. The scheme, which is scheduled to be rolled out by Energy Minister Eamon Ryan before the end of 2010, will enable cashstrapped homeowners and businesses to pay for energy saving measures through fixed repayments on their energy bills over several years. “Save as You Pay can become a major driver in Ireland’s economic recovery,” commented Mr. Colley. He said the upgrading of 100,000 homes per year will create thousands of jobs, reduce Ireland’s 6bn euro energy import bill, dramatically cut carbon emissions, and enable all Irish people to have comfortable, healthy homes.” However Colley, who has no commercial interest in PAYS, cautioned that an ill-informed approach could see the scheme falling well short of its potential. He continued: “It is critical that the utilities give considered, independent advice, and that they do not contradict each other. If one utility says ‘you should put in wall insulation’ and another says ‘don’t do that - you should put

Minister Eamon Ryan

in solar panels and heating controls,’ it will create confusion and lack credibility.” Energy minister Eamon Ryan announced in December that his Department plans to test pay-as-you-save by the summer, before mandatory roll-out by the end of 2010. Colley and Construct Ireland developed a campaign for PAYS last August and September through www.payscampaign. ie, with consequent national helping Colley to successfully lobby for the inclusion of PAYS in the renewed programme for government. In August an Amárach/Construct Ireland survey found that 80% of Irish homeowners would be interested in paying for energy upgrades through their utility bills.

Limerick Special Olympics Ball Limerick native and 2FM DJ Will Leahy will join top TV3 presenter Elaine Crowley as hosts of the much anticipated Limerick Special Olympics Ball, on Saturday May 15th in the Strand Hotel. Guests will enjoy wonderful food, wine, a Most Glamorous Lady prize and a raffle with fantastic prizes, an auction and celebrity MCs. The auction will include five star weekends away and much more! The evening will begin with a champagne reception to be followed by a gourmet banquet and dancing to Ace Minsky and his Swing Band who will entertain with jazz, swing, R&B and rat pack music until late.

Tickets which are expected to sell out quickly are priced at €125 each or €1000 for a table of ten and can be obtained from Gaye Moore, telephone 061308008. The Ball is being held to raise vital funds for the 2010 Special Olympics Ireland Games which are taking place in Limerick between June 9th-13th 2010. The 2010 Special Olympics Ireland Games which will take place in Limerick from 9-13th of June. In what will be one of the biggest and most exciting sporting events to take place in Ireland this year 1,900 athletes from all over Ireland will compete in 13 different sports in venues through out Limerick.

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Cllr Jim Long, Deputy Mayor of Limerick with Libby, Dave, Richard and Suzanne Hickey of Souths Bar as they opened their doors for the first time on Good Friday at 6PM.

Cllr Jim Long, Deputy Mayor of Limerick serving pints with Dave Hickey of Souths Bar as they opened their doors for the first time on Good Friday at 6PM.



Poppadom Early Bird Special

3 courses `19.95 (3 courses vegie `17.95) Sun - Thurs 5 till late, Fri - Sat 5 to 7.20 pm

OPEN 7 DAYS: Sun - Thurs 5pm - 11.30pm • Fri & Sat 5pm - 12am Unit 2c Robert Street, Corn Market Square, Limerick 061 44 66 44 oTher PoPPadom brancheS:

Unit 5b, newlands cross, dublin 22 · 01 - 411 11 44 • 91a rathgar road, dublin 6 · 01 490 23 83 • 34 o’connell Street, Sligo · 071 914 71 71

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News from the Limerick Civic Trust Successful Art Auction at the Georgian House The Georgian House and Garden was buzzing on the evening of March 25th last when over thirty works of art, from some of Limerick’s best-loved artists, came under the hammer during an auction in aid of Limerick Civic Trust. Walter Verling, Martin Finnin, Jack Donovan, Geraldine Sadlier, David Lilburn, Gavin Hogg, Charles Harper, Nora Hurley and John Collins were just some of the featured artists. Gabrielle WallaceO’Donnell, Chairman of Limerick Civic Trust and an accomplished artist, also featured and had her work snapped up very quickly. Bidding was brisk and, by the end of the evening the walls of the upstairs drawing rooms in the house were left almost bare following a very successful series of sales. Auctioneer Billy Gabbett kept the bids rolling as a packed house enjoyed the proceedings. A ‘sidebar’ sale of smaller artworks, some of which were bid for through ‘silent’ auction, also featured in the event and many quality artworks were sold here.

Jennifer Gabbett, Limerick Civic Trust, Mayor Kevin Kiely and Gabrielle Wallace O’Donnell, Chairman Limerick Civic Trust.

Mayor Kevin Kiely officially opened the event, congratulating all of the artists involved and Gabrielle Wallace-O’Donnell, Chairman of Limerick Civic Trust thanked the artists for their generosity of spirit

in submitting work for the event. All proceeds from the event will go towards the Trust’s restoration and environmental works throughout the city.

Limerick Civic Trust – 22nd Golf Classic, Thursday, May 27th The Limerick Civic Trust Annual Golf Classic is now in its 22nd year and takes place, this year, on Thursday, May 27th in Limerick Golf Club. The Golf Classic was initiated in 1989 by Limerick Civic Trust’s visionary founder, the late Denis Leonard whose work, on behalf of the people of Limerick, is evident throughout the city. As in previous years, the 2010 event will include a vast array of team prizes with one very special prize being introduced for the first time this year - The Denis Leonard Perpetual Trophy, which will form part of the winning team prize. The Civic Trust Golf Classic is always a very well supported popular event at Limerick Golf Club. This year, commemorating Denis Leonard’s lifetime of work for

30BL201004.indd 1

his city as well as some twenty two years commitment to the golf classic, the event is set to be a huge success., or Limerick Civic Trust’s long standing Executive Member and golf organizer, Pat Moriarty on 061 313399.

As with all of the Trust’s fundraising events, the proceeds of the golf event will go towards the funding of restoration, environmental and other civic projects throughout the city. Limerick Civic Trust has no commercial income and is very dependant on successful fundraising events such as the Golf Classic. Participating in this event affords an opportunity, to the individual, to share in Limerick Civic Trust’s project work throughout Limerick. To register for Limerick Civic Trust’s 22nd Golf Classic, contact Carolyn@ 30

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Cyclists Gear Up For The Sky Ride Etape Hibernia 500 people from throughout Ireland and the UK have so far registered for The Sky Ride Etape Hibernia, an international cycling event taking place in County Clare on August 22nd. IMG, in partnership with Sky, Fáilte Ireland, Shannon Development, the Shannon Region Conference and Sports Bureau, Clare County Council, last month announced details of the country’s first closed road cycle event. The event organisers expect to attract 2000 entrants from throughout Ireland and abroad this year, bringing significant economic benefit into the local economy, with numbers increasing considerably over the next five years. The mass participation event, which is being marketed internationally and nationally, is open to all standards of cyclists, aged 18-80. The cycle will start and finish in Ennis and travel through County Clare, taking in part of West Clare’s spectacular coastline. Meanwhile, IMG has announced that it has engaged the services of Sports Academy International to market the cycling event as well as secure some well known celebrities as event ambassadors. IMG, along with its partner agencies, is also

planning to run a competition for County Clare’s 124 primary schools. Competition details will be announced in the coming weeks. Sky, the UK and Ireland’s leading entertainment company behind the Sky Ride series of events, is the title sponsor of The Sky Ride Etape Hibernia. The sponsorship supports Sky’s aim to encourage one mil-

lion more people of all ages and abilities to get cycling by 2013. Sky Ride consists of a range of initiatives to get people back on their bikes, with activities like mass city cycling events on traffic-free streets through to local group rides. Details of The Sky Ride Etape Hibernia are available from or

Look After Your Eyesight…Take care of your Image Good health is perhaps the most important thing you can have in your life. At Vision 2 Opticians the well-being of a person’s eyes is paramount. Vision 2 boasts a team of highly qualified opticians and an array of cutting-edge technology that ensures its patients receive the highest quality eyecare. The Colour Me Beautiful took place recently providing visitors with plenty of advice regarding lens prescriptions and overall eye health, while of course there was plenty of professional advice regarding how to achieve your perfect look. Orlaith Ryan, senior optician at Vision 2 Opticians, stressed the importance of taking good care of your eyes: ‘The quote “Your eyes are the windows to your soul” is quite true. Your eyes are one of the first things people see when they meet you, and their appearance, their well-being, can say an awful lot about you. You should

31BL201004.indd 1

Orlaith Ryan FAOI, Vision 2 Opticians with little Aoife Lyons and Caroline Ryan of Style by Caroline.

be proactive when looking after your eyes. You should make sure they’re as healthy as can be. With our Digital Retina Camera we can now photograph the retina of your eye and have a current picture of your eye health. This enables our optometrists to closely monitor eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetes, all so we can act quickly if we spot a potential problem.’

Expert Colour Me Beautiful consultant Claire Fitzsimons attended the Colour Me Beautiful session. Claire, along with the team at Vision 2, offered visitors to the store expert advice on the style and shape of spectacles that best suit their features. An added convenience at Vision 2 Opticians is its state-of-art viewing system, which provides patients with photographic and digital support to assist them in choosing their spectacles. 31

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Limerick Chamber Referral Network Launch in The Maldron Hotel

Elaine O’Hehir- Fine Wines, Rachel Ryan -AIB, Gaye Moore- Special Olympics

Neil O’Keefe- IEG Marketing Ltd., Brendan O’Brien- Crestcom. Tony Scott- Horseshoe Creek.

Padraic O’Connor- O’Connor Financial Planning, Brain Cheasty- Munster Rugby, Kevin Dore- FJ Hanly and Associates, Philip Culbert- uMobilize Promotions Ltd.

Maura Mc Mahon- Limerick Chamber, Karl Daly- Karl Daly Pensions and Investments, Maria Gilsenan- Melior Management

Maura Mc Mahon- Limerick Chamber, Sean Fitzgerald –Herbst Software, Enda Conboy- 3 Ireland

Neil O’Keefe- IEG Marketing, Brendan O’Brien- Crestcom, Sean Dwan- Speak for Success International, Joe Littleton- Joe Littleton and Co. Accountants

Neil O’Keefe- IEG Marketing Ltd., Shane Blake- Richmond, Ita Murphy- Otto Clinic, Jim Vaughan- Ulster Bank.

Andy Flynn- General Refrigeration, Maura McMahon- Limerick Chamber


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Supporting Small Business in Limerick this April Training & Workshops Start Your Own Business Start Your Own Business Course To commence in late April. One day Business Planning Workshop 1st Wednesday each month, LES Office, Tait Business Centre Limerick. COST: No Charge Running Your Business April 8th 6.30pm – 8.30pm Assist Training, 24 Barrington Street. COST: €20 Effective Sales Techniques April 15th 10am – 5pm, Maldron Hotel. Cost: €20


Marketing on the Internet. April 21st, 2pm - 5pm, Assist, 24 Barrington Street. COST: €35

Established Business Programmes Problem Solving. April 15th 5pm – 9pm, Clarion Hotel. COST: €20

Using EBAY in your Business Advanced, April 27th, Savoy Hotel. COST: €20

Project Management. April 26th 5 – 9pm, Clarion Hotel. COST: €20

Business Healthcheck Clinic. April 30th By Appointment. COST: No Charge

For further details & to book your place please see or call Chris or Sammy at 061 312611 or email:

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Entrants to the competition put their profile up on stating who they are and what they would do with €5,000. They only have 250 words to play with and the post must try both to increase their profile and convince the other businesses to vote for them. An initial online poll will identify 6 businesses with the greatest “vision” and these 6 will make a 10 minute pitch at a live event in the Woodlands Hotel, Adare, on May19th where a second round vote will decide who will walk away with the €5,000.

Board. He says “Of course all businesses could do with an additional €5,000, but good publicity could be even more beneficial in the long run. Raising your profile is always a challenge for SME’s. So, even if you don’t scoop the €5,000, Fortune 50 will be beneficial to your business. The Limerick County Enterprise Board wanted me to come up with a night that would attract local businesses and would facilitate networking. I had liked a clever “out vesting” initiative conducted online by Limerick businessman James Corbett, founder of Daynuv & Vizitant. James was able to raise €5,000 through 100 donors who wanted nothing more than to support a start-up. However Fortune 50 is far less altruistic. Only those that enter can vote so it is a competitive event”.

Garry Lowe, is organising the initiative on behalf of the Limerick County Enterprise

There are a maximum of 100 slots available and there has been considerable

Fortune 50 is a novel networking and profiling initiative launched by the Limerick County Enterprise Board, where one Limerick business will walk away with €5,000.

interest already. Closing date for entries is May 10th. Details are also available at or call 061 339178.

Garry Lowe, Whizzkids IT Training

Under-Communication Causes Fear in Downsizing “Addressing and managing the separation of employees from a company in a downsizing is a difficult task for any organisation,” said Miriam Magner Flynn, managing director of Limerick-based Career Decisions, speaking at a recent Shannon Chamber seminar. “If a redundancy is handled badly, with poor communication and poor career support for departing or surviving employees, then companies can expect departing employees to be extremely angry and hostile towards the company. The morale of remaining employees will significantly drop, with a corresponding drop in productivity, and the organisation’s brand and reputation may be seriously damaged,” added Ms Magner Flynn, who had led the downsizing and restructuring of many large companies throughout Ireland. “Redundancy causes stress and upheaval at many levels, not just internally with employees but externally, with suppliers and the wider business community - local, national and international. All the signals emanating from such situations must be planned for and communicated in an open 34

34BL201004.indd 1

and honest way. This report has a serious message for people facing redundancy or for those concerned about enhancing their future career prospects. It highlights the necessity for career transition support to clarify their future career direction, their training and development needs, as well as producing quality CVs and interview coaching.” said Ms Magner Flynn. Similar sentiments were expressed be fellow presenter Derek McKay of Adare Human Resource Management, a vastly experienced practitioner specialising in employment law and human resource management. “While we are now seeing a lot more redundancies, lay offs and short-time working, changes in working conditions are also prevalent. The change trigger is often beyond the control of the people who experience it so the first step in any change management programme must be to manage the people experiencing the change,” said Mr McKay. “Employment law practitioners expect to see a significant increase in the number

Miriam Magner Flynn, Career Decisions

of unfair dismissal claims in the next few years due to unfair selection for redundancy, breach of contract, and payment of wages, so it’s in everyone’s best interest that such litigation is avoided through carefully constructing a change management plan. Managers must ensure that their change programmes comply with employment law,” advised Mr McKay. Further information on upcoming series of seminars from Cathy O’Brien at Shannon Chamber: Tel. 061 708341.

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Branding: Your Firm’s Ethos in a Nutshell Branding is a crucial component of business life in the 21st Century. A brand is a graphic or verbal ‘signature’ that has been developed over time, to convey the nature, ethos and values embodied by your company’s products or services. In short, a brand or logo actually IS your company, and in a consumer-driven arena populated by a multitude of competing firms, it’s vital to get it right.

ture, plus the cost of distribution. Modern value-creation branding-and-advertising campaigns are highly successful at inducing consumers to pay, for example, 50 dollars for a T-shirt that cost a mere 50 cents to make, or 5 dollars for a box of breakfast cereal that contains a few cents’ worth of wheat.

If you think of some of the world’s most successful companies, such as Coca Cola; Ryanair; Mercedes; Apple; Dyson; to name but a few, chances are that rather than the actual services they offer, you will automatically think of the company’s brand or logo. And it’s also likely that you will have a good idea of the various markets that have made those companies the successes they have been in their respective fields. Much of this is down to brand management—the practice of giving a distinctive stamp of identification to your firm by means of a name (Ryanair; Dyson) or a symbol (Apple). A brand acts as a unique signature, which has been developed over time, to convey the bundle of tangible and subjective values that make up a product. Brand managers manipulate different product dimensions to position the product’s “personality” in a unique spot in the mind of the customer. Brand management Careful brand management seeks to make the product or services relevant to the target audience. Therefore cleverly crafted advertising campaigns can be highly successful in convincing consumers to pay remarkably high prices for products which are inherently extremely cheap to make. This concept, known as creating value, essentially consists of manipulating the projected image of the product so that the consumer sees the product as being worth the amount that the advertiser wants him/her to see, rather than a more logical valuation that comprises an aggregate of the cost of raw materials, plus the cost of

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A good example of the importance of branding is provided by Bulmer’s, who successfully repositioned their cider product, which had been dogged with negative social connotations, into a market leader through increasing the price of their product, reducing the bottle size, changing their logo and advertising “time honored skills”. Bulmer’s epitomizes the pivotal role of a qualified marketing professional in the coordination of the advertising; price management, distribution, public relations and graphic design elements and brings them together under a coherent brand management strategy. The benefits of branding Branding helps buyers identify, compare and choose between competing products. Brands provide customers with a guarantee of consistency and quality. Strong brands create and support customer loyalty. Ownership of a specific 12192 Molly D March 2010 26/3/10 12:09 brand can confer social status and can

Page 1

Business Styling… Think ‘outside the box’

Dympna O’Callaghan

Just as individuals pay attention to how they look and what they say when presenting themselves in public, so too must companies ensure that they project their corporate image, product or service to its best advantage…aesthetically, editorially and physically - on or off-line.

Q: Are you struggling to be noticed in your marketplace? YES


Q: Are you stuck for words or ideas to describe or show what your business does? YES


If your answer to one or both questions is YES, then you would benefit from linking up with someone who can… …Visualise bright, energetic design ideas for use across all communications media – print, advertising, website, and signage & display materials. … Write impactful editorial to attract the attention of varied media and diverse audiences.


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That someone is Dympna O’Callaghan, an experienced marketer and communicator who set up molly d marketing specifically to support businesses with their marketing communications undertakings. Dympna has assisted companies in a number of sectors, with brand development and brand refinement, working with them from the design brief stage through to roll-out and implementation of their entire marketing collateral suite. She is currently the outsourced marketing communications arm of a number of small to medium sized enterprises. Where external expertise is required, molly d marketing works in partnership with graphic/web design and display agencies throughout Ireland. Dympna’s expertise extends to editorial services and public relations. She has crafted business articles, speeches, press releases, presentations and papers, pitched at diverse audiences and varied media. Her work has appeared in local, national and international publications.

Don’t stay in the dark. Let your business be seen. FIRST CONSULTATION IS FREE For marketing, editorial, and public relations that will get you noticed, call Dympna at: molly d marketing, Castlecrine, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare. T: 061 369898 M: 086 2371508 E:

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be an expression of self-identity – as the parents of any teenager will testify! Established brand names allow companies to introduce new products more easily. A well-established brand is an intangible asset whose equity captures the years of advertising investment by the company . A brand mark is the visual manifestation of the brand and acts as shorthand that helps customers evaluate and distinguish between competing brands. Logos are most effective when they are unambiguous, easy to replicate, scalable but most of all, relevant. The better design professionals will thoroughly brief themselves with the their client’s business prior to commencing the creative process. Trademarks provide a regulatory protection to copyright infringements. Corporate identity should be coherently applied across every aspect of the company’s operation.

Strategic Marketing Strategic marketing is about the shaping and reshaping of a company and its products in line with changing customer expectations. If a product fails to deliver the values that it promises in its brand then its brand equity will ultimately suffer. No matter how impressive the artwork or the PR is, the discerning customer will not be convinced by cracked veneer. Think of how banks in Ireland have been affected by the last two years of bad-news stories—it’s unlikely that anyone looking at the Anglo Irish Bank logo will be awash with feelings of security and confidence. Another good example is Aer Lingus who have seldom been in the headlines for the ‘right’ reasons in recent times, with the result that the company’s trademark shamrock logo has wilted. Also, even when times are good for a business, it is vital that complacency does not set in—brands must be continually refreshed in order to remain relevant to the

FD, Ireland’s only nationwide PR Agency

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Bringing you closer to the people that matter most to your business

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marketplace and the world. British jam manufacturer James Robertson & Sons used a golliwog called Golly as its mascot from 1910, after John Robertson apparently saw children playing with golliwog dolls in America. Robertson’s started producing promotional Golliwog badges in the 1920s, which could be obtained in exchange for tokens gained from their products. However, by 1983, the company’s products had been boycotted by the Greater London Council as offensive, and in 1988 the character ceased to be used in television advertising. Take also the example of Bisto; the ‘Bisto Kids’ were created in 1919, and cartoons of the kids were very popular in newspapers of the day. The Kids, a boy and girl in ragged clothes, would catch the odour of Bisto on the breeze and exhale longingly, “Aah, Bisto!” It was a clever move to capture the then all-important ‘Oliver Twist’ (or ‘urchin’) segment of the working-class market. However, this logo, although one remembered fondly has not been used for many years, and the latest campaign for Bisto encourages families to sit up at the table for one night a week to eat ‘proper’ food. This advertising campaign has seen support from unlikely sources such as politicians and members of the clergy. It is rare for an advertising campaign to have a social message, as well as encouraging more sales of a product. Pursuing a branding strategy requires a considerable commitment of corporate time and money towards a long term vision. In order to retain that focus, marketing expenditure must be seen as a long-term investment. Branding policies are most effective in the consumer market when demVand within its product class is high and the quality of the product is above par. Companies should select relatively stable market segment to operate within and should pursue evolutionary, rather than revolutionary change.


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Office Ireland Celebrates First Anniversary

Green Light for Limerick City Transport Project Mid West TD and newly appointed Minister for Defence, Tony Killeen has confirmed the Government is investing 4 million euro in the development of green routes in and around Limerick City.

Office Ireland at Castletroy Park Commercial Campus, Limerick has signed new tenants, Wind Energy Direct. Photo shows Orla Kelly, Office Ireland with Dominic Costello and John Cusack of Wind Energy Direct. - Photo: Kieran Clancy / PicSure

A sound business model and a professional image in all aspects of its operations is what epitomises a winner in business today,” said Orla Kelly, Office Ireland, announcing the arrival of Wind Energy Direct to its office suites at Castletroy Park Commercial Campus in Limerick, which enable fledgling or established companies to project an image befitting a progressive and sustainable enterprise. As Wind Energy Direct’s founder Dominic Costello stated at the welcome reception: “The high quality of the fully-finished offices and the support services aligned to a location that our employees really value is what attracted us to choose this part of Limerick as our preferred start-up location. We have a bank, gym, shops, and restaurants on our doorstep in a location that is impressive to customers.” Wind Energy Direct (WED), which was founded in Limerick in 2006 by Dominic Costello, specializes in installing commercial wind turbines on the sites of large energy users, such as factories, hospitals, and large office buildings, enabling its clients to benefit from reduced-cost green energy and significant reductions in carbon emissions. WED commissioned its flagship project on the site of Munster Joinery, Ballydesmond, Co Cork in May 2009. Two, 2MW turbines are supplying Munster Joinery with up to 30% of its annual energy needs – providing the company with significant financial and carbon savings. Welcoming Wind Energy Direct, Ms Kelly said: “Start-up and establishing businesses don’t like to be burdened with longterm lease requirements; they need to keep overheads to a minimum. That’s why we have highly flexible letting agreements

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and our monthly fee includes rent, rates, service charges, furniture, broadband, insurance, maintenance, utilities and cleaning. We give our clients 24/7 access to their office suites. Companies can hire a room for training and meetings or for hosting conferences; they get dedicated free parking and they are in a prime business location, adjacent to the University of Limerick, the National Technology Park and Limerick city. Feedback from our clients , including WED, is that they have all the ingredients to be up and running and growing their businesses without the stress and strain associated with large overheads. We’re delighted to offer a friendly and professional service to all our clients; we even provide free teas and coffees from our express coffee dock. “Some clients use the office as a fullyfledged operational base; others use it in a virtual manner. They want a Limerick base, an address, phone number and a receptionist without physically having an office. That’s the perfect solution for a start-up on a tight budget,” added Ms Kelly. Companies operating from Office Ireland’s Castletroy Park Commercial Campus can now avail of sister facilities in Dublin, Cork, Galway and London – an added bonus for companies with customer or territory expansion plans. Wind Energy Direct’s Dominic Costello looks forward to expanding his business from his new Limerick location. Further information on the facilities available to start-ups and established business at Office Ireland’s Castletroy Campus are available from Orla Kelly, Tel: 061 502000 or log onto

Limerick is one of four regional cities in Ireland to benefit under a 14 million euro investment programme, which is targeted at providing bus priority on some of Limerick City’s busiest commuter routes. Of the 4 million euro being invested in Limerick City, 2.4million euro is being provided for the Southern Green Route ranked as the highest priority for a green route from the south in the Limerick Bus Corridor Selection Report. This will complete the Southern Green route already in place in the county through the city council area to the edge of the city centre. 1.7 million euro is being provided for the William Street and Mulgrave Street Green Routes which are heavily used by bus operators in Limerick city as well as to advance design of Phase II of the Dublin Road Green Route in the county area of Limerick city. Welcoming Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey’s announcement today, Minister Killeen said that the investment in bus priority will significantly improve journey times for commuters and shoppers on the routes concerned. He added that reliability and the quality of bus services that will be delivered by these bus priority measures, are a key element in reducing traffic congestion in Limerick City. He continued: “The 2010 allocations are focused on bus priority measures on routes with the heaviest usage during peak hours. This will deliver the greatest time savings for the largest number of public transport users as possible.” Meanwhile, Minister Killeen said that the Department of Transport is currently awaiting the findings of the Limerick Public Transport Feasibility Study on Park and Ride and other issues relating to public transport. He added that the Department will consider proposals for Park and Ride emerging from the study. 39

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Limerick: You’re a spin-out In the week when a University spinout company, HKPB Scientific, announces the creation of 200 jobs in Nenagh, it is worth considering how Limerick might benefit from another type of venture – the corporate spinout. Limerick has suffered greatly from the transient nature of foreign direct investment in that with the departure of each large overseas employer a great vacuum was left. One solution to this which aims to reduce the dependence on single large employers is to encourage large employers to spin out non-core elements of their operations into new firms – corporate spinouts. These spinouts will initially be very dependent on the parent company but, provided the separation process is well planned and provided that particular part of the operation was world-class these spinouts can form the basis of very healthy new companies gradually building their customer base such that they will survive the eventual departure of the original parent company. Sometimes the gradual demise of a large operation such as that of Digital in Galway can lead to a good cluster of firms coming into being but it is difficult, if not impossible, to do it when there is a sudden pull-out of a big firm, such as Dell. This is because essential to the success of a corporate spinout is the notion that for a time it will have a revenue stream from the parent company. To understand the nature of a corporate spin-out it is worth looking at a couple of examples. One type involves a company spinning out an existing line of business into a new venture that is solely focussed on that line of business. In 2001, Kainos, Ireland’s largest indigenous IT Consultancy, completed the spin-out of an Electronic Document and Record Management software product called Meridio. Six years later, Meridio had grown to a significant company and was acquired by Europe’s second largest software company, Autonomy, for $40m. Kainos CEO Brendan Mooney explained “In 2001, Meridio had revenues of about £1m, and represented less than 10% of 40

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our total revenue. It was a great product but we were struggling to give it the resources it needed to reach its potential. So we spun it out in 2001, and just six years later its revenue exceeded £10m and it was competing on a global stage”. Another type of spinout involves taking a product or service which was successfully developed for a company’s use and, recognising that there are many other organisations with similar requirements, and spinning out a new venture which will offer this product or service on a commercial basis back to the original company and others. In 1996 AIB commissioned software to automate its disputed credit card transactions. The team developing the software recognised the wider commercial potential for this, agreed a royalty with AIB and went on to sell the software to twelve banks in eight countries before their company, Exceptis, which was sold for $26m in 2000. To understand why corporate spinouts are generally more successful it is worth contrasting their gestation with that of normal start-up firms or university spinout firms. Despite the generous state aid many major challenges bedevil typical startups. Amongst the largest of these is the challenge of devising and developing something that customers will buy from a start-up company – a challenge which is immediately overcome by the corporate spin-out. University start-ups/spinouts have a further challenge in that the founders often have little sight of the business problems which their potential products will be intended to solve – though they do have the advantage of enormous budgets for background research for such products. The corporate spinout has solved these major challenges before it is even formed. Crucially, someone is already paying for the product or service and the product or service already exists and is in daily use. This empirical test for viability is vastly more accurate than any market research which the best planned typical start-up might aim to do. Additionally, the

bones of a management team already exist and this team has successfully worked together for a significant period. The likelihood of success is further aided by the fact that that a potential corporate spinout can operate as a separate P&L within a larger corporate entity for a time before being formally spun out, thus fully testing the viability of the venture before everyone commits to the new corporate structure. The type of person who would be most suited to initiate a corporate spinout is normally one of the following: • Individuals, usually at a middle-management level, who have been responsible for the development of a product or service within a large company. • Principals of companies (mostly software companies) who have successfully completed what was expected to have been a once-off development for a client. However, they now see wider potential for the solution delivered but their companies are not product-oriented, they don’t want them to be. • Principals of companies who can see that a line of business or an inhouse-developed product or service would be better developed if it were spun out into a new venture. Anyone who can relate to one of the above scenarios should aim to progress their spin out opportunity. The viability tests are relatively straightforward and can initially be done confidentially before you declare your intentions more widely. It is well worth doing and it sure beats looking for a job after your employer has decided to move on and disband your team.

Pearse Coyle,

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Ireland Leading the Way in eGovernment The National Centre for Taxation Studies (NCTS), based in the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick, in partnership with the Revenue Commissioners, is set to host the 10th European Conference on eGovernment on June 17th and 18th this year. Ireland is recognised by academics and Governments across Europe as a leader in the area of eGovernment with Revenue’s online ROS system, in particular, receiving a number of awards and accolades in recent years. eGovernment encompasses more than the use of information and communications technology – it challenges the way in which public sector service providers, citizens, and businesses interact. Transformation of service delivery, democratic renewal and citizen participation are all key elements of this rapidly evolving area. Government representatives, academics and policy makers from all five continents will attend the conference. “Attracting such an international conference to Limerick is a great achievement for UL and for Revenue” according to Tom Collins, NCTS Director and Conference Co-chair. “We work closely with Revenue in terms of further education and research as we accredit their Diploma courses, and deliver the B.A. (Hons.) degree in Applied Taxation for Revenue personnel.” There is a strong taxation theme running

Tineke Leonard, Conference Executive (NCTS, UL); Pat Molan, Principal Officer and Limerick District Manager with the Revenue Commissioners; Professor Donal Dineen, Dean of Kemmy Business School (UL) and Tom Collins, Director of the National Centre for Taxation Studies (NCTS), UL.

through the conference according to Revenue’s Pat Molan, Conference Co-chair. “Ireland has been ranked in 1st place in Europe, according to the World Bank/ PWC/IFC report – ‘Paying Taxes 2010’, for the third year running as operating the easiest system by which to pay business taxes. The strength of this conference is that it attracts both academics and practitioners. This conference provides an opportunity to showcase the best examples of innovative eGovernment in practice in Ireland and we have attracted contributions from Government Departments

such as Finance, Revenue, Social and Family Affairs, and Agriculture.” Keynote addresses at the conference will be delivered by Limerick native, Josephine Feehily, Chairman of the Revenue Commissioners and John Morison, Professor of Jurisprudence, Queen’s University, Belfast and an internationally renowned expert in the eGovernment field. Further details and registration: htm

NAMA Member to Address Limerick Business Event A member of the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) board will address local SME’s at a business and networking event in Kilmallock on Monday, 19 April next. Rathkeale native and NAMA member Brian McEnery, who set up the corporate recovery section of Horwarth Bastown Charleton, will be joined by John Ahern of Indaver Ireland at the event, entitled “Your County Your Call - Building Future Business Opportunities in Kilmallock and District”. The seminar, which is organised by the County Limerick Enterprise Board in association with Kilmallock Partnership, is

41BL201004.indd 1

the second in a series of business and networking events being held throughout County Limerick. The events provide expert advice on issues including Starting a Business, Sales and Marketing for Beginners, Taxation for Self-Employed, Developing an Internet Business, Time Management in a Small Business, Credit Control and Financial Management for the Owner Manager. Commenting on the upcoming event, Limerick County Enterprise Board CEO Ned Toomey said: “The event is for anyone interested in starting or growing a business, particularly in the Kilmallock region. The speakers on the night include Brian

McEnery who will be talking about Nama and business recovery. The second speaker is John Ahern, Managing Director of Indaver Ireland, who have been very innovative in the waste to energy business market in recent years. He will be speaking about future trends in the alternative energy market.” “Your County Your Call - Building Future Business Opportunities in Kilmallock and District” takes place in The Deebert House Hotel, Kilmallock, from 7.00-9.30pm on Monday April 19th. For further information contact the Limerick County Enterprise Board on 061-496520 or visit:


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Dragon’s Den Pregnancy & Baby Fair Girls Get SMA Support SMA Nutrition is delighted to announce its title sponsorship of Ireland’s Pregnancy & Baby Fair, an event that has received investment from Dragon’s from RTE’s Dragon’s Den. The pitch in the Den by two girls, Claire Finnan and Jennifer Shaw, amused and impressed the Dragon’s and broke the record for the number of Dragon’s to invest in an idea with Niall O’Farrell, Sean Gallagher, Bobby Kerr and Sarah Newman all taking an interest. The Dragon’s are delighted that SMA Nutrition will be sponsoring the Pregnancy & Baby Fair as all four Dragon’s who invested in the fair were fed SMA as babies, as were their own children! Parent, Entrepreneur, Dragon and former SMA baby, Bobby Kerr said, “We are delighted that SMA is supporting Ireland’s Pregnancy & Baby Fair as it takes its first steps, in the same way that SMA has supported so many Irish babies over the years! Easy access to useful information is really important to parents in this baby boom nation.”

RTE Dragon’s Niall O’Farrell, centre, Sean Gallagher, right, and Bobby Kerr, pictured with bouncing SMA babies, from left, Nora Callaghan, Amber Dunne and Aoibhe Branegan at the announcement of SMA Nutrition’s title sponsorship of Ireland’s Pregnancy and Baby Fair, an event that received investment from the Dragon’s on Thursday night’s episode of Dragon’s Den. As a brand that endeavours to support new parents in their journey through parenthood, SMA is delighted to be involved in a fair that will provide parents with helpful tips in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Following the investment of the entrepreneurs, SMA Nutrition also received a pitch from the girls and they too were impressed by what they heard. Not only is the show a unique chance for parents to access information, expertise and products in one location, but to support four former SMA babies, Niall O’Farrell, Sean Gallagher, Bobby Kerr and Sarah Newman with their new investment is a wonderful opportunity for SMA.

Rachel Bowden, Marketing Manager SMA Nutrition commented, “SMA is a forward thinking brand that endeavours to support new parents in their journey through parenthood, this sponsorship will allow us to further promote our expert panel who will be present at the event to offer parents advice on everything from child nutrition to behaviour. Our panel of experts, including Sleep Doctor, Marian Murphy and family and child psychotherapist, John Sharry, will be available to provide parents with helpful tips in a friendly and fun atmosphere.”

On the announcement of the sponsorship,

To find out more information and helpful

tips on parenting, visit: www.smanutrition. ie. For booklets or fact sheets on topical aspects of infant nutrition and parenting issues, call the SMA Careline on 1800 931 832, (Mon – Fri, 8am – 6pm, calls charged at freefone rate). For expectant parents or families, Ireland’s Pregnancy and Baby Fair is the place to be. This event is being held in the RDS, Ballsbridge Dublin, 9th & 10th October 2010. For further information about the event please visit or e-mail

Racing in Red on April 11th Following on the success of our Racing in red day last year for Munster Rugby supporters we are doing it all again this year on the same weekend that Munster shall be playing against Northampton Saints in the quarter final of the Heineken Club in Thomond Park. The Munster V Northampton game will kick off on Saturday 10th April, with the Racing taking centre stage on Sunday 11th April. So why not come along to Limerick races wearing your Munster or Northampton Jersey and only pay €5 for admission into the races.


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There are two feature races on this the highlight of our Spring Racing, the Grade 2 Hugh McMahon Chase which has provided some excellent close finishes in recent times. Victors of the race have included horses such as Offshore Account a Grade 1 winner at the Punchestown Festival and recently beaten a nose for third at the Cheltenham Festival in the Grade 3 William Hill Trophy Chase. The Kevin McManus Champion Bumper in 2009 witnessed the Dermot Weld and local jockey Robbie McNamara combination work in excellent unison, when they collected the spoils with

a very fine performance by Universal Truth, the winner of four races from eight starts. As always Limerick Racecourse caters for everyone not just the racing enthusiast, as we have the facilities to cater for your every need. Children’s entertainment will be provided by our kids club in the Munster suite, thus allowing parents a little time to take in the racing. Please go to or contact the office on 061320000 for further information.

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Non Principle Private Residence Charge In this article, Paul Nestor summarises the main points in relation to the operation of the Non Principle Private Residence Charge (NPPR) which falls due for payment on 31 March 2010. The Local Government (Charges) Act 2009 applies a charge to the owners of certain residential property. This payment is due to the local authority in whose area the property is located. A person who on the “liability date” in 2010 is the owner of residential property shall be liable to pay of sum of €200 to the relevant local authority. The liability date and payment date for 2009 and 2010 are set out hereunder: Year

Liability Date

Due date for payment of Charge

2009 2010

31st July 2009 31st March 2010

30th September 2009 31st May 2010

The liability date for subsequent years will be 31st March. The charge must be paid within three months of the liability date (i.e.30 June for 2010 where charge is due for 2010) in order to avoid late payment charges. The 2010 charge is based on the ownership and status of the property on 31 March 2010. Residential property means a building situated in the State used, or suitable for use, as a dwelling, including any house, maisonette, flat, apartment or bedsit, but does not include the following residential dwellings: • Property of particular heritage value. • A new residential property that forms part of builders stock provided no income has been derived from that property nor has the property been occupied. • Property let by certain public authorities. • Property the subject of a shared ownership arrangement with a housing authority. • Property owned by voluntary housing bodies. • Property the subject of a contractual arrangement with a housing authority (under the rental accommodation scheme) or the Health Service Executive, or leased to a housing authority. • Residential property liable for commercial rates. • Where a decree of divorce or a decree of judicial separation has been granted, a residential property owned by a spouse, but which is occupied as his/her only or main residence by the other spouse is excluded from the charge. A granny flat or similar dwelling is exempt from the charge if a relative of the owner (or a relative of a spouse or partner of the owner)

lives in it free of rent and if it is located no more than two kilometres from the residence of the owner. The main types of residential properties liable for the charge are: 1. A private residential property not being a principal private residence. 2. A vacant property except (new but unsold residences). 3. Holiday homes. Owners of principal private residences are exempt from the charge. Owners who occupy their property as their principal private residence but let rooms within it are also exempt provided that such persons qualify for relief under the Rent a Room Scheme in accordance with Section 216A of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997. How much is the charge? The charge is set at €200 per residence for 2010. The law provides that the Minister for Finance may increase the charge in future years in line with inflation. The charge is payable to LGCSB NPPR on behalf of the City or County Council in which the residential property liable for the charge is located. You can pay the charge electronically at You must declare your liability for the charge when you are making the €200 payment. This declaration can be made through the website or in writing on the approved form. Late payment fee The Act provides that if a charge is not paid within one month after the last date for payment (i.e. 30 June for 2010) a late payment fee will apply for every month or part of a month that the €200 charge remains unpaid. The late payment fee amounts to €20 per month or part of a month and will continue to accumulate while the charge remains unpaid. What happens if the charge is not paid? The bill provides that an unpaid charge together with late payment fees will become a charge against the property subject to the charge. The unpaid charge and unpaid fees will remain a charge on the property for 12 years. A person who does not pay the charge within the relevant two-month period could be liable to prosecution by the local authority to whom the payment is due. Deductibility of NPPR charge against Rental Revenue has confirmed that the NPPR charge is not an allowable deduction in calculating the rental income assessable to income tax.

BDO Simpson Xavier are Ireland’s leading advisers to entrepreneurs and owner managed businesses. Paul Nestor is Partner in the Taxation Department of BDO Simpson Xavier, Limerick. He can be contacted on 061 414455 or BDO Simpson Xavier will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage arising to any person as a result of refraining from acting as a result of the information contained in this article. Professional advice should always be sought before acting upon any matter covered in this article.

Paul Nestor

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Tourism Ireland Scores A Hat Trick at Travel Marketing Awards Tourism Ireland scored a hat trick when it scooped three awards at the prestigious CIMTIG Awards (Chartered Institute of Marketing Travel Industry Group Awards) in London recently. Tourism Ireland won awards in the following categories:- Best online advertising campaign- Best Radio campaign- Best use of Direct Marketing. Tourism Ireland was runner-up in the Best Press Campaign category for its Go Where Ireland Takes You brand campaign. Tourism Ireland’s global advertising campaign, Go Where Ireland Takes You, will reach up to 200 million consumers this year. The innovative campaign centres around engagement, spontaneity and fun and at the same time showcases the huge variety of things to see and do while holidaying on the island of Ireland. Accepting the award, Vera Stedman, Tourism Ireland’s Head of Marketing in GB, said: “We are delighted that our marketing campaigns have been singled out for this recognition by CIMTIG. To

Celebrating their triple win, at the prestigious CIMTIG Awards, is the Tourism Ireland team in London with Minister of State John Curran TD.

be short-listed and indeed to win against such tough competition is fantastic and a reflection of the great quality of work produced.” The CIMTIG awards are awarded annually. They recognise marketing excellence and showcase the most innovative work

in tourism and travel and are judged by a panel of 24 of the ‘leading lights’ in the travel, creative and marketing industries – including John McEwan, Chairman of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents); Tracey Cheffey, Creative Director of Yahoo!; and Alex Gisbert, Director of Expedia.

Thomond Rotary Club Aid Haiti Limerick Thomond Rotary Club are coordinating a campaign to raise funds for Haiti. To date, over 100 ShelterBoxes have been donated by Limerick Thomond Rotary Club and forwarded to Haiti where up to 100 Rotarians are working on the ground. Just some of the items included in the ShelterBox are a 10 persons tent, a children’s pack including drawing books, crayons etc; survival equipment including thermal blankets, insulated ground sheet, mosquito nets, means of water purification, basic tool kit, a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, etc. Three enterprising young ladies – Rebecca Lloyd/Karen Meagher/Tracey Larkin organised a magnificent fashion show in Killaloe to raise funds to provide more ShelterBoxes to Haiti. A special Shelterbox account has been opened at the Bank of Ireland, 94 O’Connell Street, Limerick to receive do44

44BL201004.indd 1

Pictured presenting a cheque for €8,000 to Limerick Rotary Club Haiti Fund are (L-R) – Tony Brazil, President of Limerick Thomond Rotary Club; Tracey Larkin, Killaloe; Rebecca Lloyd, Killaloe; Brian McCarthy (Killaloe) and Limerick Thomond Rotary Club; Karen Meagher, Killaloe; Edel Cassidy, Incoming President of Limerick Thomond Rotary Club.

nations from the public in support of this campaign. Payments may be made to ac-

count number 42070429 – sort code 90 43 17.

01/04/2010 15:53:25

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New Chamber President Kieran Mac Sweeney, Consulting Partner of the Discovery Partnership and former MD and Senior Vice President of Avocent International, has been elected the new President of Limerick Chamber. Limerickman Kieran, formally took over the reins from outgoing President Harry Fehily in March.

The Irish Restaurant Awards for 2010 took place in the Clarion Hotel, Cork recently. The Limerick winners included the Mustard Seed winning three awards, and AuBars , the River Bistro, and La Cucina getting the gong in their categories.

Speaking about his priorities for his year ahead, the new President said “These are certainly very worrying times for anyone in business and the focus must now be on finding the solutions not on the problems. The priorities and strategic direction of the Chamber will represent what is in the best interests for the business community, our members and the economic well being of our region.” “There is a clear need for better government focus on supporting SME’s. Growing small companies will be essential to generating wealth and jobs in this country in the next few years and the Chamber intends to drive and support initiatives aimed at that sector including increased funding from our banks. Government policy must at all costs support the productive, tax generating sectors of this economy as they seek to cut costs, sustain employment, survive and position themselves for the upturn when it eventually comes.” Mr. Mac Sweeney said. “The establishment in February of the Limerick Local Government Committee chaired by Denis Brosnan is a very significant development for the region and the Chamber will be making a strong submission to this group on behalf of our members. We are a City and County Chamber with a catchment area and membership that covers the entire Mid-West so our focus will be on what structure will best serve our City, County and our Region.” “One of the biggest issues facing the Region is the competitiveness of our City Centre. Vibrant and attractive cities act as drivers for investment and are catalysts for economic growth throughout the region. We have been busy engaging with city traders, the Council and key stakeholders in the city to come up with short and medium term measures that focus specifically on reviving the City

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The Irish Restaurant Awards 2010

Kieran Mac Sweeney

Nominations were sent by readers of the Sunday Independent Life Magazine, members of the Restaurants Association of Ireland and by regional judging panels. All County winners will go forward for the Regional and All Ireland Title to be announced at the Irish Restaurant Awards in the Burlington Hotel Dublin on Wednesday June 9 2010.

tre.” Mr. Mac Sweeney continued. “Shannon Airport, as a key driver of investment to the Region will always be high on our list and while Customs Pre-Clearance has opened up some very significant opportunities and advantages we are very concerned about the reduction in services and passenger numbers at the airport. If we are to attract investment into the region and retain existing jobs we must have an international airport with strong transatlantic and European connections. Other issues such as job creation, training and upskilling our people, helping to develop strategic partnerships for our city and region, improving our infrastructure and developing the full potential of deep sea facilities in the Shannon Estuary will always be on the Chamber agenda.” “Finally, the Office of President of the Chamber will issue a weekly Blog outlining and updating progress on the various initiatives that I have outlined. We encourage people to log on to www.limerickchamber. ie and click on President’s Blog to track our progress.” Mr. Mac Sweeney concluded.

Dan Mullane’s Mustard Seed won ‘the best hotel restaurant’, ‘best customer service’ and ‘the best chef’ categories. Diarmuid & Carmel O’Callaghan of The River Bistro took the title for the ‘best restaurant in Limerick’, no mean achievement considering the relative short space of time since they opened their doors in Georges Quay. Padraig Frawley’s Aubars are the ‘best gastro pub’ in Limerick, while Matt the Trasher’s in Birdhill took this award for Tipperary. Castletroy based La Cucina, took the title in the best casual dining category. Other nearby restaurants to shine were Dromoland Castle winner of ‘best chef’ in Clare category and Galaghers in Bunratty took the ‘best service’ award. Wishing all these restaurants every success as they now go forward to the national judging process in June.


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BL | Festivities & CeLeBrations

Limerickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Band Parade 2010


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BL | Festivities & CeLeBrations

Limerick’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2010

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BL | restaurant of the month

New Concept in Dining in the Salt House Masterchefs Hospitality Munster, contracted to run the food operation in Bunratty Castle banquets, Knappogue Castle, Mac’s Bar, and now Thomond Park, introduced Moll Darby’s restaurant on George’s Quay as a flagship to showcase their culinary expertise, back in 2003. In November 2009, Moll Darby’s after extensive renovation was transformed into the Salt House and to date, the ‘word on the street’ is very favourable as a quality, dining landmark. An invitation from Pat O’Sullivan, the man at the helm of this much talked about venue, was welcomed by the Business Limerick Magazine foodie team. The Salt House is ideally located on the banks of the Abbey River as it meets the Shannon. We visited the restaurant on a Thursday evening and it was buzzing with the hum of jovial conversation. The lay-out of the restaurant has been completely transformed since my last visit as Moll Darby’s, and is somehow a lot more spacious and the décor a lot brighter and more welcoming. The table arrangements are generous with soft discreet lighting, beamed ceilings, stone flooring and nautical decorations all generating to its unique ambience. Our most efficient and friendly hosts for the evening were Monica Oliveira and Leah Hyland.


48BL201004.indd 1

To start, Boston Clam Chowder, clams and fish with a sweet chilli butter; Salt House Caesar Salad; Mussels Papillote with coconut juice and lemon balm; and Tomato Basil soup topped with goats cheese, guacamole and crusty bread. On to the main event, Sirloin Steak, 10oz served with peppercorn sauce or garlic butter; Cod with smoked chilli butter served with spinach; pan fried Supreme of Chicken served on a bed of chived whipped potatoes, roast pepper chutney and wine jus; and Irish Rib-eye Steak with choice of sauce. Our fabulous selection of sideorders included sautéed onions & mushrooms, onion rings, gratin potatoes, garden vegetables and tossed salad.

a welcome addition to Limerick’s dining social scene. Business Limerick recommends that our readers visit and experience the culinary delights at the Salt House for themselves, in their new and most intimate of surroundings. Telephone 061 411511 to book your table in the Salt House, open 7 days 5pm-12am on George’s Quay, Limerick. The Wines… A wonderful Pinotage, Graham Beck 2007 with rich full bodied flavour and a refreshing Chardonnay, Morande Pionero were our choices from their attractive wine-list.

To finish, Warm Apple & Cinnamon Crumble served with cardamom anglaise; Brown Bread & Bailey’s Cheesecake served with caramel sauce; and a selection of home made ice creams served with mint chocolate sauce. Freshly brewed coffee and superbly presented Irish coffee completed this special dining experience. This was a fabulous meal and a delightful treat. The service is excellent and the food presentation is most creative, compliments to the chef, award winning Denis Cregan. Well done to Pat O’Sullivan on his new innovative concept of the Salt House which is

Pat O’Sullivan, Masterchefs Hospitality Munster

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Fancy a playdate? In conjunction with the BDO Get BACk Challenge, students of the UL MSc Marketing Consumption & Society are pleased to launch ‘Playdate’, an evening of retro fun and games to raise vital funds for Milford Care Centre. The BDO Get BACk Challenge was initially developed to bring businesses together to raise funds in tackling cancer. The idea is that encouraging activity among kids and a healthy lifestyle will reduce their risk of contracting life threatening illnesses later in life and that they will carry through a health focus with them in life. While the acronym (Get BACk) represents a unifying theme of Business Against Cancer it also embraces the key message of getting back to exercise, looking at diet and well being, back to basics!

t-shirts up for grabs designed by Bono.

ganiser’s of Playdate.

Playdate, which takes place on April 9th in Trinity Rooms is a culmination of fundraising and awareness initiatives being held in the weeks leading up to event. On the night there will be tunes from your childhood, life size games including Jenga and Twister, goodie bags and special edition

“We are hoping to make this a night where people can let their hair down and remember the fun and games of their childhood, while at the same time bearing in mind the fantastic cause that we are fundraising for “, states Miriam O’Brien from the MSc in UL , one of the chief or-

Playdate kicks off at 9pm, with tickets available on the door for €10. There is 50% discount on entrance fee until 10pm and all tickets include free admission to the Trinity Rooms night club. So come on, get back your childhood; get back the good times...come on a playdate!

Ray Foley, Clare FM with one of the special edition t-shirts up for grabs designed by Bono.

Price of a 3 bed semi in Limerick drops by 1.88% According to the latest Property Barometer issued by leading Irish property website,, asking prices for properties across the country have continued to fall. However, the rate of decrease in asking prices has eased for the second successive quarter. The most notable exception being Dublin City South where the average asking price rose by 1.1% In County Limerick the price of a 3 bed semi fell by 1.88% to €208,740 down over 20% from peak prices. Asking prices nationally fell by 3.3% in the first quarter of 2010, compared to a fall of 3.5% in the last quarter of ‘09. The average asking price for a home is now €301,449 compared to €342,666 twelve months ago and overall asking prices nationally have fallen 27.3% from their peak. In Dublin asking prices fell by 3.9% bringing the total fall over the last 12 months to 15.2%. Prices in the capital have now

49BL201004.indd 1

fallen by 33.4% since their peak in 2006. The average asking price for a house in Dublin now stands at €355,657. New homes recorded the largest drop in asking prices in quarter one, declining by 4.4% during Q1, This was the largest decrease on any of the property barometer indices and means the average price of a new home now stands at €271,437. The asking prices for second hand homes fell by 3.2%, the smallest amount of any sector covered. The average asking price for a second hand home is now €305,767 down from €422,990 or 27.7% since the peak of the market. Asking prices in Limerick city remain the lowest of any urban area with the median price of a house in the city now standing at €240,000. In Cork the corresponding price is €289,500 while in Galway it is €275,000. In the 3 bed semi market, the biggest falls were in Wexford and Westmeath, which both recorded falls of over

6% in Q1. Commenting on the results, independent economist Paul Murgatroyd said the 3.3% the rate of decrease in Q1 was significantly lower than the 6.13% recorded over the same period in 2009. ‘Asking prices have continued to fall as do actual sales with plentiful anecdotal evidence showing peak to trough declines in sales prices in the order of 40 to 50% depending on property type and location.’ Angela Keegan, Managing Director of said the three fold increase in sale agreed properties in Dublin compared to the same period last year was encouraging. ‘It is also interesting to note that three quarters of first time buyers are looking to purchase a second hand property while one in five is seeking a newly built home. Nearly half of first time buyers have a preference for a semi-detached home while a further 10% prefer an apartment’ she said. 49

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BL | rugBy

Ireland Left a Triple Crown Behind Them By Mick galwey We never see Scotland coming, do we? There we were, having done the hard work to win another Triple Crown by beating England in Twickenham; just to be bushwhacked by the Scots again. It was a sickener really. If ever Ireland left a Triple Crown behind them then this was the one. You’d have to say that the tactics on the day were wrong and the attitude going out on the field also appeared to be off the mark. I might be wrong on this but I reckon Ireland approached the Scottish tie in a similar manner to the game in Rome two years ago when they handed out a real hiding to Italy and almost robbed France of the championship. This time around, however, the wheels came off the wagon when the Scots refused to roll over. When the lads lost their way in the lineout, we were always going to struggle to beat a limited but committed and canny Scots outfit.

Denis Hurley , Munster Rugby scores the opening try against the Glasgow Warriors during their Magners League match in Thomond Park last Friday.

That being said, beating Ireland in Croke Park to take joint second-last in the championship does not really entitle a team to a lap of honour. That was a bit over the top in my book. But maybe that’s just sour grapes on my part. I really would have loved to see the lads finish up in Croker with a win. Unfortunately, we’re unlikely to see an Irish side play there again for a while. Aviva didn’t put all that loot into Lansdowne Road for internationals to be played in Jones’s Road. On a positive note, I felt Keith Earls had a cracking tournament and was probably Ireland’s man of the Six Nations. Brian O’Driscoll and Tommy Bowe were also in the shake-up, obviously, but I thought Keith was simply outstanding. The Under-20s also gave the Irish game a real lift when they took the championship on points difference over France. Hopefully, they’ll keep their heads (and their clothes on) and we’ll see a few of them progress to the senior ranks. 50

50BL201004.indd 1

Jean de Villiers, Munster Rugby crashes through the Glasgow Warriors defence during their Magners League match in Thomond Park last Friday.

The focus for Ireland now shifts to the summer tour to New Zealand and Australia. Declan Kidney has to make a big call on the squad make-up for this trip. There is an argument for taking the strongest side possible down under, but given that the All Blacks are here in November, I think the likes of Paul O’Connell, John Hayes and Brian O’Driscoll should be rested. They’ve a lot of mileage under the belt and they need and deserve a break this sum-

mer. Next season is a hectic one and will run right into the World Cup. Leaving the lads at home would also give the Irish management the opportunity to try out some of the fringe players against the Kiwis, Maoris and Wallabies. Players such as Tony Buckley need to be given an opportunity to prove themselves at the top level through 80 minutes, rather than making cameo appearances for the last 15 minutes of test matches.

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BL | Sport

The provincial game now takes centre stage for the remainder of the season and Munster remains in the reckoning for both the Magners League and Heineken Cup. The return of Northampton for the quarter final of Europe’s premier tournament brings top class club rugby back to Limerick for another weekend. These occasions are certainly special ones but I hope that those fortunate enough to have landed a ticket for the game will play their part and get behind the Munster team. This will not be an easy assignment for Munster. Northampton showed just how good a team they were on their last visit to Thomond Park. Had the English side shown a little more belief and had they converted their penalty chances, then it could have been a very different story that night. The Saints are playing winning rugby at present and will come to Limerick with confidence. They are sitting pretty at the top of the English Premiership at the moment and are still in the play-off stages of the main cup competitions. However, this is cup rugby now, it’s winner takes all stuff and that’s grist to the mill for Munster. The lads will know that, apart from Ronan O’Gara, they didn’t perform the last day and they’ll be keen to set the record straight. Staying with the European Cup, it’s magnificent to see that the ERC have decided to mark the 15th year of the competition. They are to make awards in four categories: the top 15 players from those years; the best overall players; the best coach; and a fair play award. Given Munster’s success in the competition you’d hope that players such as John Hayes, Ronan O’Gara, Anthony Foley, Paul O’Connell and David Wallace will be in the frame for honours. Similarly, Declan Kidney should have a ding off the award for top coach.

51BL201004.indd 1

Alan Quinlan, Munster Rugby wins the line out against the Glasgow Warriors during their Magners League match in Thomond Park last Friday.

Looking back, it’s amazing how Munster rugby has developed since the province played its first game in the Europe; that was against Swansea on a Wednesday afternoon back in November, 1995.

and will need results to go their way in the final games of the season.

On a more immediate and local front, the club scene is hitting into the business end of the season and Limerick’s clubs could well land some silverware. Shannon and Garryowen are not out of the hunt for a top-four place in Division 1A of the AIL. Which of the two goes through could very well be decided when they meet in Coonagh in the last league game of the campaign. Unfortunately, UL/Bohemians are at the bottom of the table and will need bonuspoint wins in their last games to get them out of relegation trouble. Young Munster are still in with a chance of winning Division 1B and making the play-offs. However, they are guaranteed promotion. In Division 2, Bruff are lying second, while Thomond are in mind-table. Old Crescent have a battle on their hands to stay up

Paul Warwick, Munster Rugby running through the Glasgow Warriors defence during their Magners League match in Thomond Park last Friday.


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Appeal for New Members

Limerick Civic Trust is inviting you to help us in our mission to undertake an ongoing programme of project work for the better of Limerick.

MEMBERSHIP / DONATIONS Membership of Limerick Civic Trust is welcomed from all sections of our community. We have a range of membership categories to accommodate all interested parties. i.e. voluntary and civic organisations, industry, businesses and commercial enterprises semi-state. Professional and private individuals.

Corporate E1,500 or more per annum. Corporate donations are allowable for taxation purposes General All interested parties/individuals can become full membership for E275 or more. Associate Anybody wishing to be associated with Limerick Civic Trust can do with a contribution of any amount. The suggested associate subscription is E20, more or less. Taxation Limerick Civic Trust is a Registered Charity CHY 6717 with Revenue Commissioners. The Trust has been approved as an eligible charity for the purposes of Section 45 of the Finance Act 2001 DONATIONS IN EXCESS OF E250 WILL QUALIFY FOR THE TAX RELIEF PAYE earners can complete a CHY2 certificate which will enable Limerick Civic Trust to claim a tax relief refund from the Revenue Commissioners. Certificate forms are available on request. MEMBERSHIP / DONATIONS

I/We wish to support the work of Limerick Civic Trust and agree to become a Member/Donor

Name:..................................................................................................................... Address:............................................................................................................... .................................................................................................................................... ....................................................................................................................................

Contact Person................................................................................................ Phone:.................................................................................................................... Email:.................................................................................................................... Donation enclosed E.................................................................................... Simply fill in this form & return it with your donation to the address below

Limerick Civic Trust Bishops’ Palace King’s Island Limerick


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protect our environment 53BL201004.indd 1

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The Regional Waste Management Office Promotes Waste Minimisation in Limerick, Clare and Kerry Launch of eGuide on Waste Management

Limerick•Clare•Kerry M A N A G I N G W A S T E B E T T E R

On this website you can find out more about an exciting and innovative waste prevention programme that has been running in the Limerick Clare Kerry Region. This New Integrated Prevention Programme (NIPP) which commenced in July 2006 was granted 75% funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (NIPP) These were the initiatives we undertook: • Academia & the public sector: reducing paper consumption. • C&D waste reuse and reduction in a city centre mixed use development. • Household waste reduction for residents of urban apartments. • Waste arisings from retailers in a managed shopping centre. • Better management of waste, energy & water at a Regional Airport.

At the launch of the Limerick, Clare and Kerry Region’s eGuide to waste prevention at The Hunt Museum ( )

New Food Waste Regulations In December 2009, the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government signed these new Food Waste Regulations. The Regulations came into force on 1 January 2010. The Regulations will in particular facilitate the achievement of targets set out in the Landfill Directive 99/31/EC for the diversion of biodegradable waste from landfill. The regulations place an obligation on specified producers of food waste to segregated food waste at source and provide it segregated for collection so that the waste can be taken to an authorized facility for recovery. The food waste may also be treated on the premises under specified conditions. From 1 January 2010, producers must avail of source segregated food waste collection where it is available to them. The requirements will apply in general from 1st July 2010. Producers are not permitted to put food 54

waste in the residual bin or use sink macerators – the latter unless in accordance with conditions of a discharge licence. Producers producing less than 50kg waste per week are exempt until 1 July 2011 but must seek this exemption from their local authority prior to July 2010. In any event, they must comply from 1 January 2010 if a segregated food waste collection service is available. Producers / Premises covered by the regulations include: Class 1: Premises used for the supply of hot food for consumption both on and off the premises, including premises where the supply of such food is subsidiary to any commercial or retail activity. Class 3: Premises where food is supplied to employees or prepared on the premises for the purposes of supply to employees, including premises which are used for carrying on any industrial, commercial

or trade activities as well as office buildings and mixed-use premises. In addition to these Food Waste Regulations, local authorities can exert more onerous conditions in accordance with their Waste Management Plans and conditions under Waste Collection Permits. An Authorised Treatment Process means processing, transformation or use as a raw material in an authorized facility, other than incineration. The authorized facility must have planning permission or an exemption from planning. The uses of food waste as a raw material for pet food production, or as a replacement fuel are acceptable. A producer who fails to comply with the relevant provisions of the Regulations shall be guilty of an offence. Note: The above summary is a limited and not definitive guide on the relevant legislation. Please consult the regulations for a full and legal interpretation of requirements.


Limerick / Clare / Kerry Region – The latest waste management statistics

Green Hospitality Award celebrate successes from 2009 as 10 businesses in Clare and Limerick pick up Green Hospitality Awards Green Hospitality Award celebrate Successes from 2009 as 10 businesses in Clare and Limerick pick up Green Hospitality Awards. Hospitality businesses in Limerick and Clare picked up awards for excellence in Environmental Management from the Green Hospitality Awards programme, The presentations took place in Dromoland Castle on Tuesday 23rd February 2010. Four Hotels in Clare: Hotel

Doolin, Armada Hotel Spanish Point, Oak Wood Arms Hotel and Dromoland Castle received awards, and three Hotels in Limerick: Radisson BLU Hotel, Carlton Castletroy Park and Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel received awards. Contract caterers; Sodexo based at Dell Limerick, Corporate Catering based at Vistakon, Limerick and a Department of Justice Accommodation Centre based at Knockalisheen also received awards on the night .

The 3rd Annual Report on the Limerick /Clare / Kerry Regional Waste Management Plan 2006-2011, shows positive trends in many aspects. Key performance indicators for commercial waste generation demonstrate that, quite apart from the economic downturn, there are signs of improved waste reduction at source. Some of the region’s achievements are listed as follows: Decrease in waste generation per employee in the region going from 1165 kg per employee in 2007 to the 2008 figure of 1010 kg per employee. Commercial segregated organic / food waste collections commenced in January 2009 Domestic segregated organic/food waste collections commenced roll-out in autumn of 2009. Household recycling has once again risen in the region and now stands at 30% for 2008 – an increase on our 2007 figure of 28%. This is above the EPA national indicator of 26% for 2007. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collected for recovery is 9.6kg per head of population - higher than the national average of 9kg per head

Debbie Hannon, Paul Dyar and Blan Sexton of Dromoland Castle with the Gold Award pictured with James Hogan-Director Green Hospitality Award and Philippa King-Regional Waste Management Office at the Green Hospitality Awards in Dromoland Castle on Tuesday 23rd February.

List of Winners and Categories

There are now 21 Facilities processing End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) in the region Battery Collections have commenced under Waste Management (Batteries) Regulations. Implementation of Local Authority Prevention Demonstration Programme (LAPD)

Knockalisheen Accommodation Centre



Hotel Doolin



Armada Hotel Spanish Point



Significant Education and Awareness Programme

Oak Wood Arms Hotel



Continuing Enforcement Action Programme

Dromoland Castle



Radisson BLU Hotel Limerick



Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel



Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel



Corporate Catering Vistakon


GH Award

Sodexo Limerick


GH Award

You can read the full report on the regional website Regional Waste Management Office Lissanalta House Dooradoyle Road Limerick Tel 061 496596 – Fax 061 583955 Web 55

BL | feature

Think ‘green’: think waste-management Protecting our environment and effectively dealing with waste remains one of the world’s major challenges, for business as well as in the home. Our feature opens a window upon the companies in the MidWest that specialize in helping this region to play its part in the world-wide effort to conserve our environment for future generations. At a business level, protecting the environment requires a commitment to management planning, staff training and environmental awareness if it is to be successful. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the keywords in planning the best strategy for our waste management policies. The combined aim is to minimize the current and potential adverse environmental impacts by investing in managing waste more efficiently, for the greater good of all. Taking action on waste is essential and urgent, since we are consuming natural resources at an unsustainable rate and contributing unnecessarily to climate change. Each year we generate around 100m tonnes of waste from households, commercial and industry combined. A huge chuck of this waste currently ends up in landfill, where biodegradable waste generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Much valuable energy is used in making new products which are later disposed of, so also contributing to climate change. Investment in our environment requires a commitment from us all on this planet. But it can be achieved through increased recycling of resources and recovery of energy from residual waste using a mix of technologies. There is some debate over the economic efficiency of recycling. Some authorities have pinpointed fiscal benefits from the implementation of recycling programs, largely due to reduction in landfill costs. For instance in Denmark, it was found 56

56BL201004.indd 1

that in 83pc of cases, recycling was the most efficient method of disposing household waste.

favour of recycling, saying that it reduced the country’s carbon emissions by a net 49m tonnes in 2005.

But a separate Danish study also concluded that incineration was the most effective method of disposal for drink containers, even aluminium cans.

In the United Kingdom, the Waste and Resources Action Programme stated that Great Britain’s recycling efforts reduced CO2 emissions by 10-15 million tonnes a year.

Much of the fiscal efficiency attached to a recycling program derives from unpriced costs and benefits—externalities—including decreased air pollution and greenhouse gases from incineration, reduced hazardous waste leaching from landfills, reduced energy consumption, and reduced waste and resource consumption, which leads to a reduction in environmentally damaging mining and timber activity. To make such non-fiscal benefits economically relevant, advocates have pushed for legislative action to increase demand for recycled materials. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in

Certain requirements must be met for recycling to be economically feasible and environmentally effective. These include an adequate source of recyclables, a system to extract them from the waste stream, facilities capable of reprocessing the recyclables, and a potential demand for the recycled products. These last two requirements are often overlooked—without an industrial market for production using the collected materials and, a consumer market for the manufactured goods, recycling is incomplete and, in fact, collection-only.

02/04/2010 16:37:58

BL | feature

There is even a school of thought which contends that the industrial realities of a recycling programme economically and environmentally negates the effort of redirecting the products from landfill. But getting into the nitty-gritty of the economic realities of recycling would require many pages of debate, and has fuelled countless pages and blogs on the world-wide web. At a micro level, the three Rs—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—have much to recommend them. The pros of recycling are numerous. What it boils down to is the instilling in younger generations of the notion that everything has a value and a cost. Diverting material from needlessly taking up space in a landfill dump is hardly something that can be criticised. It will teach our own children the idea that personal actions can have an impact, for the good, on the wider community. Due alone to the environmental benefits— decreased air pollution and greenhouse gases—recycling cannot be ignored. It has already become second nature for

many people, and as the mainstream profile of the ‘Green’ movement continues to gather momentum, Recycling will continue to be a major priority for municipal and State policy.

In the middle of the last century, Ms Carson wrote: “The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”

Rachael Carson is the American marine biologist and nature writer whose writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement.

Four to five decades on, Rachel Carson’s writings still reverberate with the ring of truth.

• Security Shredding of Confidential Waste. • I.T. Disposal & Destruction of internal components (i.e. Hard Drives, CD’s, etc…) • Total Waste Management & Recycling Solutions.

“We make it our Business to make sure no-one knows yours” Bay M1, Raheen Business Park, Limerick. Tel: 061 491333 E-Mail:


57BL201004.indd 1 57

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BL | news

Dell’s Limerick Women’s Network Seminar Dell Ireland recently hosted a breakfast seminar at its Limerick campus to focus on the important role that networking can play in helping people to be successful in their careers. The event, organised by Dell’s Limerick Women’s Network, concentrated primarily on how women can use networking to help them to achieve their career and business objectives. Attendees, mainly

women in management positions from Dell and from companies across a diverse range of industries in the mid west region, were provided with tips, guidance and information on how networking can help to support an individual’s career objectives.The role networking can play in both private and non-profit organisations were also highlighted.

Tommy Geary, Director, Business Operation, Dell; Judith Browne, Dell Ireland Senior Manager Global Product Configuration; Lucy Fallon-Byrne, Director, National Centre for Partnership & Performance; Fergus Finlay, CEO Barnardos; Mary Davis, MD of Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia; and Ingrid Devin, Dell EMEA Diversity Manager.

Moveen Cantillon, Outsource ; Sussan Fitzpatrick, Flextronics and Finola Fox, Dell Perot.

Mairead Holland, Analog; Helen Downes, Shannon Chamber and Carolyn O’Callaghan, Analog

Irene Hamilton, M.D. Limerick Leader; Ingrid Devin, Dell EMEA Diversity Manager; and Dorothy Quinn, DMG Group (and Network Limerick)

Teresa Bulfin, HSE; Kate Sheahan, St. Gabriel’s School & Centre; Maire O’Leary, St. Gabriel’s School & Centre; and Valerie Dolan, (Dolan’s Warehouse) and President Network Limerick

Maeve Duff, AIB Limerick; Niamh Creue, Dell and Berna Scanlan, AIB.


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08/04/2010 16:51:25


Southill House Campus Website Launch Ger Fahy, Deputy Mayor of Limerick, formally launched the new website on behalf of all campus organisations. Achieving this mile-stone has come at a significant stage in development of the campus which has been evolving over the past couple of decades. The campus is home to: Southill Community Services Board Ltd. overall campus manager, Southill Development Co-operative Society Ltd (SDC) and its enterprises, South Hill Credit Union Ltd, Gael Scoil Seoirse Clancy and Naoinra, Integrated Development Southill Ltd (Jobs Club based at LEDP) Southill & District Housing Association Ltd. and the Southill House office of the Local Employment Service.

Launching Southill House Campus website recently, is an important means of communicating existing and future planned developments to residents of all ages in Southill, nationally and internationally. The website along with a quarterly newsletter will ensure that people are aware of and can make their views known about facilities and services on the campus. This is a significant new development by campus organisations one that can attract socially directed investment that will enable the campus group to respond positively, to needs and opportunities as they become known. Southill Community Services Board on behalf of the campus organisations wish to express appreciation and thanks to: Tim Madden of Sales Aid, Alex O’Connor web-

Left to right: Deputy Mayor of Limerick Cllr. Ger Fahy, Sandra Tyrrell Butler (Southill House I.T.), Alex O’ Connor (DigiAct), Tim Madden (Sales

site developer, Sandra Tyrell Butler and Aishling Mulhall for their dedication in developing Southill House Campus website, involving many changes and meetings to achieve the launch of the site.

Roches Street Spring Shopping Festival 15th–17th April ‘10 After a long cold winter, it is encouraging to note the announcement of a Spring Shopping Festival on Roches Street which should raise a few spirits in tune with the warmer days and long evenings ahead . Spring has truly arrived! The daffodils are in full bloom and the traders on Roches Street are in generous mood to encourage shoppers into the city centre with lots of attractive offers and surprises in store. What better way to start the festival than to avail the many free Park Magic starter packs on offer from each trader which in effect offers €5 worth of free parking credit - city wide for anyone who signs up to receive a council approved disc for their car . Known for their fundraising efforts and initiatives (which includes the annual art festival each September,) Roches Street traders have donated almost €100,000 to locally based charities over the last 8 years, and have decided to dedicate this festival in aid of the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association. A street collection has been earmarked for Fri 16th April. Apart from the huge variety of goods and services supplied by the 50 or so traders on the street – mostly small family owned businesses offering a very personal and

59BL201004.indd 1

At the launch of the Roches Street Traders Spring Shopping Festival with Limerick's ParkMagic, taking place from April 15-17, in aid of the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association, were, from left: Virgina Daugirdaide, Virgina's Bridal; Lynn Buffington, Spina Bifida; Maura McMahon, Limerick Chamber of Commerce; Paul Fitzgerald, Limerick ParkMagic; Laura Ryan, Limerick Coordination Office; and Michael Murphy, Eve's and President of the Roches Street Traders Association with Steven Casey, Limerick Spina Bifida. Picture: Keith Wiseman

friendly service - there will be an opportunity for all shoppers who spend a minimum of €5 at any outlet during the festival to receive an entry into a draw for two tickets to Toronto from Shannon plus a day trip to Niagra Falls , as well as many other valuable prizes. A variety of promotions and activities will appear on the Limerick Co-Ordination website prior to the 15th April. Limerick’s Live 95FM will broadcast live from the street on Fri 16th April and will an-

nounce a ‘caller of the day ‘winner on each of the weekday shows (Mon – Fri) for a variety of prizes donated by various traders . Be sure to tune into Live 95FM as always for your instructions on how to be in with a chance of winning a free giveaway. It all adds up to a bit of fun and great value in Limerick for the three days of the festival. So be sure to browse through the shops on Roches Street, spend a few euro between 15th & 17th April and get ready to avail of the prizes and deals on offer during the festival. 59

02/04/2010 15:50:44

BL | news

Innovative Training for Small Businesses Aine Murphy of Encore Business Services recently delivered a seminar on ‘Using Ebay in Your Business’ targeting Small Businesses in Limerick. Limerick City Enterprise Board(LCEB) are well into their Spring programme and finding a greater demand than ever from small businesses for programmes to assist and support their changing needs. Bernie Moloney from LCEB is finding that the issues local businesses are dealing with are very different now to those 12 months ago. “People are finding they need to manage their business and view the marketplace in a different way. They are seeking innovative ways to do this and to build their businesses again to be more competitive & to reach a broader market,” said Bernie. The LCEB Spring training programme is reflecting this requirement & in particular the Ebay workshops, one of which is completed and the second one to be held on April 27th. Aine Murphy from Encore Business Services & formally Head of Education in EBAY Ireland conducted the first workshop with great success in mid March. Attending the event was Ben Jordan of Jordan

Embroidery Services, who supply workwear, corporate wear, promotional wear, schoolwear and sportswear embroidered with clients company logos. “The Ebay seminar was good and showed me exactly what Ebay is all about and how it works. It guided me in the right direction. I highly recommend this course to anyone,” stated Ben. Also attending was Con O Callaghan of Abington Garage Doors, and he found the Workshop to be the most interesting and enlightening. The seminar highlighted the necessity for a change of emphasis in his business and a way to increase trade dramatically at very little cost. “It has opened my eyes as to the huge potential that exists at the touch of a button, provided one follows the guidelines so clearly and carefully given by Aine,” he stated. someone with a basic working knowledge of Ebay and interested in learning more on conducting their business differently, should log on to for more details on the ‘advanced’ workshop. LCEB will be running other workshops in April in problem solving, project management, effective sales techniques & marketing on the Internet.

Letter to the Editor:

Government Ignores Plight of SME’s The Irish Small & Medium Enterprises Association has excoriated the Government for its total abdication of responsibility for commercial payments for small & medium businesses. The 2002 legislation is aiding accountancy led big business and government agencies to delay payments to cash strapped small firms and, despite continuous warnings and corroborating statistics, the outgoing Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment refused to do anything to remedy the situation. The Prompt Payments legislation must be amended to take account of the abuse of a dominant position by big business and state agencies. The law, in this case, does the exact opposite to what was intended in, allowing powerful customers to dictate unreasonable terms to their smaller suppliers. The main findings are: • Actual average payment period in Ireland for SMEs is 76 days. • Only 17% of firms being paid within 30 days. • 48% are experiencing delays of 3 60

60BL201004.indd 1

months or more. • 17% waiting over 120 days, the highest on record. • Leinster counties are the slowest at 79 days, while Connaught is best at 62 days. • Construction firms are waiting a massive 90 days, an increase from 88 days in winter ’09. All small and medium trading concerns rely heavily on fluid cash flow to pay bills, buy stock or take advantage of market conditions. With the deterioration in late

payments across the board, cash flow in the entire sector is drying up and this, coupled with the lack of available, affordable credit from the banks, is placing many small companies at risk, with the resulting closures and job losses. I call on the new minister for Enterprise, Trade & Innovation to prioritise the review of the Prompt Payments legislation, which should be amended to assist rather than crucify the SME sector. Mark Fielding, ISME Chief Executive

01/04/2010 16:47:14


NSAI & IoD launch of New Code of Practice The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and the Institute of Directors in Ireland (IoD) are tackling some of the challenges that Irish organisations face regarding corporate governance with the launch today of a new Code of Practice for Corporate Governance Assessment for Irish companies and State bodies. The new code provides a best practice standard for an independent evaluation of an organisation’s compliance with existing corporate governance codes such as the OECD principles, the Combined Code on Corporate Governance and the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies. The code, SWiFT 3000: 2010 Code of Practice for Corporate Governance Assessment in Ireland, is the first of its kind in the EU and the first to award certification to companies which meet the required standard. Evidence based evaluation of an organisation’s corporate governance practices will be carried out by independent assessors who have met comprehensive qualification and experience criteria. Companies which meet the specifications of the Code will be awarded the SWiFT 3000 Certification by independent accredited certification bodies. Mr. Billy Kelleher, T.D., Minister for Trade and Commerce, stated, “Good corporate governance is a key factor in sustaining economic growth and development. Corporate governance failures in some of Ireland’s prominent private sector and state sector companies has resulted in a loss of reputation for Ireland and a loss of support from many international stakeholders. Or-

Billy Kelleher T.D. Minister for Trade and Commerce launched the new code of practice recently.

ganisations that undertake the independent assessment will send clear signals to their shareholders, stakeholders and to the international community that they are operating to the best standards in corporate governance. With the introduction of this new voluntary code, Ireland is not only advancing the corporate governance agenda, but is in fact leading it.” The Corporate Governance assessment will focus on three core areas: i) Board composition; ii) Board processes and iii) Fulfilment of board responsibilities, as well as looking at other aspects of governance procedures including Chairman-CEO separation. The assessor will have access to all relevant internal documentation and will evaluate an organisation by using processes that will include: • Completion by boards of a questionnaire based on the principles enshrined in these codes. • Interviews with company directors, Chairpersons, CEO and other directors

as deemed appropriate. • Reviewing a company’s compliance with relevant corporate governance codes. The development of the Code, which commenced in October 2009, is the output from new NSAI’s priority development process (SWiFT). More than a dozen key professional bodies engaged in the promotion of best corporate governance practice participated in its development, including NSAI, IoD, the public and private sectors, the Financial Regulator, Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement, Corporate Governance Association of Ireland (CGAI), Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME), Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA), Institute of Public Administration (IPA), Standards in Public Office Commission and corporate governance experts from academia. The code will be reviewed on a regular basis to reflect changes in regulation, legislation and corporate governance codes.

MIC Student Awarded $80,000 Scholarship Stephen McNamara, a third year B.Ed student in Mary Immaculate College, was recently awarded a much sought after scholarship to the value of $80,000 to study in the University of Notre Dame in the US. The scholarship was awarded by the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) at Notre Dame Indiana, which was set up in 1994 to develop at graduate level a core of highly motivated and committed educators to work within Catholic Schools. The ACE sustains and strengthens

61BL201004.indd 1

sourced Catholic schools through leadership formation, research and professional service to ensure that all children, especially those from low-income families, have the opportunity to experience a Catholic education. In order to accomplish this ACE provides talented and enthusiastic young teachers to under-resourced Catholic elementary and secondary schools across the southern United States. ACE also offers intensive professional preparation to equip those teachers with the skills and

experience to become effective Catholic educators. As part of the scholarship Stephen, who is originally from Co. Clare, will be undertaking an intensive two-year Masters in Education programme encompassing professional development, community life and spiritual growth. In addition to this he will be teaching in a Catholic elementary school during term year. Stephen will begin his course of study at Notre Dame in mid-June. 61

09/04/2010 17:49:29


Leon Fleisher and the Irish Chamber Orchestra. Leon Fleischer has the most famous right hand in classical music, because for thirty years….it didn’t work. His remarkable story of a four decade struggle with a rare brain disease, is both heart-breaking and life-affirming. A man who dedicated a lifetime to music, one of the most influential educators of his generation, still enthrals capacity audiences the world over, re-affirming his position among the truly great pianists of our time….. Fleisher’s musicianship is the stuff of legend. At sixteen, he was hailed as “the pianistic find of the century” by the great Pierre Monteux and at thirty-seven, he was struck down by a neurological affliction now known as focal dystonia rendering two fingers on his right hand immobile. Forced to withdraw from the world stage, Fleisher pursued parallel careers as conductor and teacher while learning the limited repertoire for piano left-hand. When he began conducting in 1967 he had never gave up on playing again with both hands. Throughout the decades, he continued to tour as soloist with the world’s leading symphony orchestras, performing piano repertoire for the left hand only. A combinavtion of experimental treat-

ments combined with a real determination eventually restored mobility in Fleisher’s hand. He returned to the world stage garnering enormous critical acclaim for his first two-hand recording in 40 years, Two Hands. His two-handed story became the subject of the 2006 Oscar and Emmy-nominated documentary film Two Hands by Nathaniel Kahn. In 2008, a string of celebratory performances commemorating Fleisher’s 80th birthday coincided with a resurgence of his early recordings on Sony Masterworks, regarded as all-time classics. Leon Fleisher brings three nights of magic with Mozart to the Irish Chamber Orchestra. Experience Fleisher from the podium and the piano as he teams up with his wife, Katherine Jacobson-Fleisher for a unique performance of Concerto for Two Pianos. Fleisher brings his accumulated skills as soloist and director to his all-Mozart programme. An early work, Symphony No. 1, KV16, E-flat major was written by the eight-year old composer as opposed to his C-minor Fugue for two pianos (K. 426) which was written towards the end of his short life. This work was rearranged for strings, with an introductory

Paul Brady & Band Raglane Entertainment is proud to announce a nationwide tour with the legendary Paul Brady. Brady will be performing classic favourites and songs from his forthcoming new album. The Northern Irish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who this year celebrates a phenomenal 45 years in the music business, is one of Ireland’s most enduringly popular artists who has forged a worldwide reputation as a passionate and exciting performer.

Don’t miss this Irish legend live at University Concert Hall with full band on Thursday 29th April.

Paul Brady, singer and songwriter.

62BL201004.indd 1

Join Leon Fleisher and the Irish Chamber Orchestra in Cork, Limerick and Dublin on 14th, 15th and 17th April in April. See This concert is supported by Continental Airlines, flying non-stop to New York.

Young Ensembles Scheme (YES) 2010 Sets Closing Date The next Young Ensembles Scheme (YES) closing date has been set for Friday 30 April 2010, 5.30pm. Applications are invited for activities beginning between July 1st and December 31st 2010 and completed by June 30th 2011.

His songs have been performed by some of the biggest names in music history including Tina Turner, Art Garfunkel, Joe Cocker, Phil Collins and Santana. Paul Brady continues to push out the boundaries not only of his own talent but also of Irish contemporary music on a world platform and has collaborated with names such as Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Bonnie Raitt and Curtis Stigers.


Adagio, in 1788, a year which featured his last works including the magnificent Symphony No. 41 (Jupiter).

The primary purpose of this award is to support groups of young people between the ages of 12 and 23 to create ambitious and original work together in any art form (e.g.: circus, dance, digital media, film, music, theatre, literature, visual arts, or any combination of the above). Groups/ensembles must be made up of 3 or more members. The maximum award available is €10,000. Full details on this award, including guidelines and criteria, are available on the Arts Council website: Young Ensembles Scheme.

12/04/2010 10:54:44


‘Where the Dagda Dances’ by Teri Murray

God’s Official Starring Mick Lally

Revival Press in association with The Limerick Writers Centre has announced the launch of Where The Dagda Dances: New and Selected Poems by Teri Murray on Monday April 12th in The Locke Bar (upstairs) 8.00pm. It will be launched by Ciaran O’Driscoll. This is the fourth collection from poet Teri Murray. While she frequently writes with the sharp social comment and satire of a Rita Ann Higgins, her voice is more often warm and sympathetic. She celebrates friends and their gifts, and the places she recalls are redolent of a less frenetic time when capital and country were not so polarised. Throughout the collection, themes of loss, grief and remembering recur. Where the Dagda Dances shows her to be an accomplished seamstress of poetry. Revival Press Managing Editor Dominic Taylor said: “We are delighted to publish Teri Murray’s fourth poetry collection. Teri is a fine example and inspiration to all new and upcoming poets for her commitment, originality and hard work. This collection brings together some of Teri Murray’s most potent poems from her previous

Two football fans have just seen their side relegated after a referee disallowed a perfectly good goal, allowing the opposition to go down the other end and score. The referee’s decision is final...or is it?

collections, Poems From The Exclusion Zone, (Stonebridge 2001), The Authority Of Winter, (Stonebridge 2007) and Coddle And Tripe (Stonebridge 1998), her collaboration with Liam Mulligan. The placing of these poems alongside her new work allows us to view the breath of skill with which she invokes her life journey - both physical and spiritual.

Phantom & the Musicals University Concert Hall is delighted to welcome back Phantom & The Musicals - a fast paced, high-energy show, now firmly established as the premier show of its kind currently on the circuit! Lead vocalist and principal of the show, Barry Walker, together with an ensemble of five, work their way brilliantly through music from the great Rodgers & Hammerstein to the maestro, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber! Enjoy the best loved songs from Les Miserable, Phantom of the Opera and The King and I…throw in the music of Grease and Abba’s Mama Mia to name but two…add in nostalgic classics such as Calamity Jane and The Sound Of Music. The cast and musicians of Phantom & The Musicals, who have now been together for over 10 years, includes sensational female vocalists Dawn Glenville and

63BL201004.indd 1

Margaret Barnes, alongside the talents of lead guitarist and keyboard player Rob MacKenzie, the talented Tom Barnes on bass guitar and keyboard player Keith Harrison. UL Concert Hall, 20th April.

The two cheated fans have to take matters into their own hands after a dodgy call sends their team crashing into the relegation zone. They kidnap the Ref to force him to change his mind about that all important goal…..with hilarious and unexpected consequences! God’s Official is a madcap comedy starring legendary Irish actor, Mick Lally, George McMahon (Mondo - Fair City) and rising star Edwin Mullane, at the Millennium Theatre on 29th April.

International Dance Day at Daghdha

This year Daghdha Dance Company will be hosting an event in the beautiful Daghdha Space for International Dance Day, curated by Maria Svensson. International Dance Day is celebrated all over the world every year on the 29th of April. The intention of the “International Dance Day Message” is to celebrate Dance, to revel in the art form, to cross all political, cultural and ethnic barriers and bring people together in Dance. For further information please visit: Dance Day 2010 Facebook page php?id=100000872884060 Daghdha Dance Company, Daghda Space, St.John’s Square, Limerick 63

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Web: Sage Accredited Trainer ACCOUNTANCY COURSES BPP Professional Education 89 O’Connell Street. Limerick Tel: 061 310884 Fax: 061 310984 Email: Web: ADVERTISING AGENCY Southern Advertising Killoran House, Catherine Place, Limerick. Tel: 061 310286 Fax: 061 313013 Email: Web: ARCHITECTS & BUILDING ENERGY RATING ASSESSORS Brian O’ Donoghue Tait Business Centre, Dominic St., Limerick. Tel: 061 410318 Fax: 061 414315 Mob: 086 8122271 E-mail: ARTISTS Una Heaton Tel: 086 3735015 Email: Web: AUCTIONEERS DTZ SHERRY FITZGERALD Hibernian House, 105 Henry Street, Limerick. Tel: 061 418111 Fax: 061 418112 Email: Web: BAR, BISTRO & NIGHTCLUB Aubars 49-50 Thomas Street, Limerick. Tel: 061 317799 Fax: 061 317572 Email: Web: BICYCLES The Bike Shop O’Connell Avenue, Limerick Tel: 061 315900 BUILDING CONTRACTORS Ace Services Glenameade Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick Tel: 061 393 049 or 061 393 982 Fax: 061 393 303 Email:

BUILDING SUPPLIERS Ballysheedy Building Supplies Ballysheedy, Co. Limereick (next to ‘ Weigh In’ bar) Tel: 061 445660/ 061 445666 Mob: 087 2490666/ 087 6983444 BURGLAR ALARMS & SECURITY SYSTEMS Clifford Security Alarms 16 Wickham Street, Limerick Tel: 061 313033 / 440151 Fax: 061 317412 Email: Web: BUSINESS BANKING Bank Of Ireland 125 O’Connell St; Limerick Contact: Denis Minihane Regional Business Banking Manager T: 061 419791 F: 061 418554 E: W: KBC Bank Ireland plc, Riverpoint, Bishops Quay, Limerick Tel: 061 448600 Fax: 061 468468 Email: Web: Ulster Bank Midwest Business Centre 14 Henry Street, Limerick. Tel: 061 316757 Fax: 061 312971 E-mail: Web: BUSINESS COACHES Action Coach Business Coaching Unit 1 C, Annacotty Business Park, Annacotty, Limerick. Tel: 061 338682 Fax: 061 338682 Email: Web: BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS Limerick Chamber 96 O’ Connell St, Limerick Tel: 061 415180 Fax: 061 415785 Email: Web: Shannon & District Chamber of Commerce Shannon Business Centre, Shannon, Co. Clare Tel: 061 360611 Fax: 061 360440 E-mail: Web:

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BUSINESS TELEPHONE SYSTEMS Lantel Networks Ltd Roselawn House, National Technological Park, Limerick. Tel: 061 350350 Fax: 061 350360 Email: Web: CAR DEALERS Clareview Motors Ennis Road, Limerick Tel: 061 221000 Fax: 061 221060 E-mail: Web: CARPETS & FLOORING Provincial Floor Coverings Raheen Business Park, Raheen, Limerick. Tel: 061-227100 Fax: 061-227000 E-Mail: Web: CATERING Masterchefs Hospitality Epicurean House, Robert Street, Limerick Tel: 061 411522 Fax: 061 402021 Email: Web: CCTV & SECURITY Advanced Monitoring No.2 Pillar House, Little Ellen St. Limerick Tel: 061 319 375 Fax: 061 311 805 Mobile: 087 2596955 / 087 2395039 Email: CLEANING Clean Habit B2 Smithstown Industrial Estate, Shannon, Co. Clare. Tel: 061 361461 Fax: 061 361868 Email: Web: ISS Facilities Unit 11, Ashbourne Business Park Dock Road, Limerick

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FINANCIAL CONTROL / ACCOUNTING / BOOK-KEEPING SERVICES Hogan Financial Management Ltd 50 O’Connell Street, Limerick Tel: 481444 Fax: 061 481445 Email: Web:

Fitzpatrick Computer Group Mill House, Henry Street, Limerick Tel: 061 493300 Fax: 061 417219 Email: Web: O’Connor Network Services (ONS) Ardnataggle, O’Briens Bridge, Co. Clare Tel: 061 343412 Fax: 061 749842 Mobile: 087 8118690 E-mail: Web: CONSTRUCTION Roadbridge Ballyclough, Ballysheedy, Co. Limerick Tel: 061 419855 Fax: 061 414767 E-mail: Web: DISPLAY SignLynx Contact: Jack O’Loughlin Franklin Motor Yard, Cahernorry, Ballysimon, Limerick. Tel: 061 333736 Mob: 086 8094420 Fax: 061 333737 Email: Web: DRAINAGE & ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Walsh Environmental Services Drainage & Environmental Specialists

FINANCIAL CONTROL / ACCOUNTING / BOOK-KEEPING SERVICES Complete Financial Management 38 Roches Street Limerick Tel: 0818 333 680 Fax: 1890 886803 Email: FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS Prestige Detection Systems Limited Rathpalatine, Feohanagh, County Limerick Phone: 063 84920 Fax: 0865 254 5347 Email. Web:


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The Wine Buff WASTE MANAGEMENT & DISPOSAL SIGNAGE 17 Upper Mallow Street, Limerick. Mr Binman SignLynx Proprietor: Mike O’ Mara Luddenmore, Grange, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick Contact: Jack O’Loughlin Tel: 061 313394 Tel: 061 351127 Franklin Motor Yard, Cahernorry, E-mail: Fax: 061 351918 Ballysimon, Limerick. Web: Email: Tel: 061 333736 Web: Mob: 086 8094420 Fax: 061 333737 ................................................................................................................ Email: BL | XXXXXX Web:


Unit 6, Eastway Business Park, §ĂĠĨóĂûÜÒĨĂååõÏÜĨĂĠĨì¿ĠÕÜÿĖ Ballysimon Road, Limerick. Tel: 061 469900

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Õàçã”×ÕææÝÙؔãéè Fri - Sat 5 Ballysimon to 7.20 pm Road, Limerick.

Öí”ÙìäÙæÝÙâ×ÙØ Tel: 061 437950 Fax: 061 437940 åéÕàÝÚÝÙؔ¹àÙ×èæÝ×ÝÕ⢠Email: c Robert Street, Corn Market Square, Limerick Web:

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* Design is ba in EPS form sed on a logo at su by your com pplied pany.

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tography by Michael Cowhey

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Rubber Stamps - Printing - Stationery - Laser Engraving

We Don't Just Sell Stamps We Make Them! 14 Lower Gerald Griffin St., Limerick, Ireland Tel. 061-417855 Fax. 061-410845

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Don’t throw it out!


More Stars Entered at Punchestown Early-closing entries for days three, four and five of the 2010 Irish National Hunt Festival at Punchestown are revealed with many more of the biggest stars in jump racing set to appear at the meeting, which runs from Tuesday, April 20 to Saturday, April 24. Thursday, April 22 Those entered for the GRADE 1 LADBROKES.COM WORLD SERIES HURDLE, feature race on Thursday, April 22, include Big Buck’s and Time For Rupert, who filled the first two places in the Ladbrokes World Hurdle at Cheltenham. Big’s Bucks is one of no less than four winners from this year’s Cheltenham Festival entered in the World Series Hurdle, alongside the Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle hero Berties Dream, Quevega, who landed the David Nicholson Mares’ Hurdle for a second consecutive year, and runaway Vincent O’Brien County Handicap Hurdle victor Thousand Stars. The same day’s GRADE 1 RYANAIR NOVICE CHASE could see a fascinating clash between some star names from both sides of the Irish Sea. Trainer Henry de Bromhead is mulling over whether to run his brilliant Cheltenham Arkle Chase winner Sizing Europe in either this novices’ event or the Grade 1 Champion Chase on the Festival’s opening day. Captain Cee Bee was sent off favourite for the Cheltenham race and could bid to bounce back at Punchestown although trainer Edward Harty is also considering a return to hurdles in the Grade 1 Rabobank Champion Hurdle. Other possibles in the Ryanair Novice Chase include Riverside Theatre, owned by actor Jimmy Nesbitt, and his stablemates with Lambourn handler Nicky Henderson, Mad Max and French Opera. Friday, April 23 Friday’s feature GRADE 1 RABOBANK CHAMPION HURDLE is shaping into a fascinating contest with the Charles Byrnestrained Solwhit, winner of the race 12 months ago, set to bid for a sixth career Grade 1 success in the two-mile contest. Byrnes is hopeful that the six-year-old can return from a rare below-par run when only sixth in the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham.

69BL201004.indd 1

“We have given Solwhit an entry in the Rabobank Champion Hurdle and I am hopeful that he will run. He has won two Grade 1 races at Punchestown, including this race last year, so he will hopefully go there if the ground comes up soft,” said Byrnes. “You would have to say that his run at Cheltenham was disappointing but I think that it was down to a number of things. The track didn’t seem to suit him and the ground didn’t really play to his strengths - I had reservations about both before he ran. Willie Mullins has four entries and, as well as Quevega and Thousand Stars, many eyes will be on Hurricane Fly, last season’s superb Evening Herald Champion Novice Hurdle winner who has been off the track since November. The novice Dunguib could step up to championship company while other British raiders could include Punjabi’s stablemate Zaynar, who finished third in the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham, and the Alan Fleming-trained Starluck. Reve De Sivola is set to travel to Punchestown for the GRADE 1 CATHAL RYAN MEMORIAL CHAMPION NOVICE HURDLE on Friday, April 23, to bid to give his trainer Nick Williams a first success at the Irish National Hunt Festival. The Dermot Weld-trained Rite Of Passage, who finished third at Cheltenham, and the lightly-raced and rapidly-improving Captain Chris, from Philip Hobbs’ stable, are others among a very-strong entry. There are 74 entries for what promises to be an ultra-competitive renewal of the PUNCHESTOWN NOVICE HANDICAP CHASE on Friday, April 23. Copper Bleu, trained by Philip Hobbs, is a likely starter following his success in the Jewson Novices’ Handicap Chase at Cheltenham while Willie Mullins is also targeting the Punchestown contest with The Midnight Club.

Saturday, April 24 Trainer Evan Williams today confirmed the GRADE 1 FAMILY DAY AT PUNCHESTOWN 4YO HURDLE, feature event on the concluding day of the Punchestown Festival, as the next start for Barizan. The four-year-old had an 18-length lead over his rivals turning for home in the JCB Triumph Hurdle at Cheltenham but had to settle for second place as Soldatino arrived late on the scene to clinch victory. Williams said: “There is every chance that Barizan will go to Punchestown. He has been very well since his run in the Triumph Hurdle. He had a very tough race at Cheltenham, there is no doubting that, but he did have a mid-winter break, which means that he was quite a fresh horse going there. “It was torture watching the final furlong at Cheltenham. I stood down by the last flight and could see it all unravelling in front of my eyes. I have to give a lot of credit to Barry Geraghty who has given the winner a peach of a ride. It was disappointing but the more I look back on it, we ran a blinder and were beaten by a good horse that was given an exceptional ride by a great jockey. The JCB Triumph Hurdle form could be well-represented with the third-placed Alaivan and Carlito Brigante, who came fourth, also entered. The progressive Sanctuaire, winner of the Fred Winter Juvenile Novices’ Handicap Hurdle at Cheltenham, has been entered by Paul Nicholls while Nicky Henderson could be represented by Super Kenny, part-owned by ex-Scotland rugby international Kenny Logan and his television presenter wife Gabby. The PUNCHESTOWN PAVILION HANDICAP HURDLE on Saturday, April 24, has attracted a huge 82-strong entry with Willie Mullins - successful 12 months ago with Sesenta - accounting for no less than 12 of those. 69

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. . . . . . . . . ................................................... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BL | TECHNOLOGY BL | XXXXXX

Getting Down To Business With Apps Top 5 Business iPhone Apps Having a business can at times be hectic, but when you’re required to travel as a part of your business schedule, things can become more complicated. Fortunately, there are some very useful iPhone apps that can help you manage and maintain your business on the go.

Google Analytics app The Google Analytics app gives you access to Analytics reports on the go so that you can keep tabs on your company’s website when you’re not at your desk. All you need to do is enter your Google account information and the iPhone app will provide you with up to 47 reports, including a snapshot of your traffic statistics for the day.

LinkedIn app Rather than collect piles of business cards at your next meeting, consider using the LinkedIn iPhone app instead. You’ll be able to add that new business contact’s profile to your network and as an added bonus, you can 62 70

70BL201004.indd 1

send and receive updates so that your network knows where you are and what you’re working on.

Evernote app The Evernote app for iPhone can help you organize all your ideas, pictures, and even voice memos on your iPhone so that you can sync it to your computer later. Evernote is great for keeping you organized on the road, and since it also syncs to the service’s website, you can review your notes even before you get home.

Oracle Business Indicators App If you’re concerned about how your business is performing in your absence, the Oracle Business Indicators App can help put your mind at ease. The app allows users to view and change financial, human resources, supply chain, and customer relationship management analytics on the go, and includes a search feature so that you can easily find the information you

By Kevin Meaney, IDF Marketing

need quickly.

SugarSync app SugarSync enables you to access documents on your Mac or PC from anywhere in the world, allowing you to retrieve any information that you may have forgotten to bring along with you. It backs up an unlimited number of computers, so you can always have the information you need in an instant. The popularity of the iPhone has also inspired the creation of more basic applications which can be endlessly useful on business travel, including flight updates, and even credit card processing software. With the advent of mobile technology, today’s business travelers can be prepared and aware of what is happening in the office.

IDF Marketing Ltd Tel: 061 375412 Email: Web: 1

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Bentley’s Bar Issac Taylors Orchard Garden 101 Club


101 O’Connell Street, Limerick Tel/Fax: 061 214625 Book Your Party Now – Email:

home of entertainment and choice Bentley's.indd 1

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The MasterCard Trophy ThomoND PARk FRIDAy JuNE 4Th 7.45Pm kIck oFF

To Book PLEASE coNTAcT mIchELLE PAyNE AT oR 061 421 129

* Conference & Banqueting

* Seminars

* Product launches

* Meeting Rooms

* Exhibitions

And much more...

Tel: 061-421100 Email:


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Business Limerick Magazine April 2010  

Business Limerick Magazine April 2010

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