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Global Mobility

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Exchange 9 Study Abroad 9 comMExchange 10 U21 Summer School and Undergraduate Research Conference 10 U21 Global Issues Program 11 Global Consulting Project 11 International Accounting Study Program 11

Academic Enrichment & Orientation Transition to Commerce (T2C) First Year Peer Mentoring Program Peer Writing Tutor Peer-Assisted Study Scheme (PASS) Academic Skills Workshops Consultations with Learning Advisors Concurrent Diplomas

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Community, Leadership and Volunteering Student Clubs and Societies 5 Student Ambassador Leadership Program (SALP) 7 Community Volunteering 7 The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award 8 Orientation Hosts 8 Community Volunteer Fair 8

Professional Enhancement Capstone Studies 13 International Case Study Competitions 13 Business and Economics Case Competition 14 Career Development Opportunities 14 Career Mentoring 15 Next Steps Commerce 16 First Year Leadership Forum 17 Professional Memberships 17 Future Leaders Forum 18 Creating Future Leaders Series 18

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Table of contents

Table of contents




As a University of Melbourne Bachelor of Commerce student you have access to a wide range of unique programs and activities specifically developed to enhance and complement your BCom degree program. Developing your leadership and teamwork skills, expanding your global perspective and tapping into p ­ rofessional networks can give you the tools you need to set yourself apart from other graduates. They will also give you the opportunity to put all those academic skills into practice – making your BCom studies come to life!

Nish Vivekananthan Bachelor of Commerce Alumnus “Being involved and volunteering has not only given me an opportunity to travel, meet some incredible people and work on a set of fantastic projects, but it has helped me identify what I am truly passionate about. Student Experience programs, which include clubs like SIFE, give students a chance to apply their classroom knowledge in a practical and meaningful way while building their own skills and employability in the process.”

Research shows that you will be better able to succeed in both your studies and your personal development when you take the opportunity to spend time on campus in both academic and extracurricular activities. So where do you start?

Nish will join the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) in the 2012 Graduate Program. During his time in the Faculty Nish was involved in numerous student experience activities:

There are a whole range of possibilities listed here in this publication and another great place to start is the Commerce Student Centre student experience website at

Nish Vivekananthan

2007/2008 ÆÆ KPMG Cadet in the Audit Division

This website is continuously updated with the latest activities and news informing you of upcoming opportunities. You should also join our Facebook group to chat to other BCom students and hear about the latest activities. The Student Experience E3 Expo held in March and August each year is an enrichment showcase of opportunities and one you should be sure to put in your diary.

Get involved: ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ

2009 ÆÆ Member of SIFE ÆÆ Future Leaders Forum ÆÆ FMAA Down-to-Business Luncheon ÆÆ TLU Helpsheets

If you would like to find out more about how you can plan your student experience please contact Please see contact details in the following pages for program specific enquires.

Student profile

2010 ÆÆ Project Manager in SIFE ÆÆ Consultation with a Learning Advisor ÆÆ Resume review with Careers & Employment ÆÆ Facilitator at the Global Perspectives Summit supported by the LIVE Unit ÆÆ SIFE World Cup in Los Angeles

Each year of your BCom degree brings many new and exciting programs for you to be involved in, so don’t leave it too late to check out the opportunities available to you. Be involved in university life and make the most of the programs that have been created for you. It is what makes the Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne so unique and could be the difference in giving you the competitive edge that employers are looking for.

2011 ÆÆ SIFE President ÆÆ Future Leaders Forum student organizer ÆÆ Student Experience E3 Expo ÆÆ Creating Future Leaders Series ÆÆ BCom Graduation Party

Professor Paul Kofman Deputy Dean (Faculty of Business and Economics)


Academic Enrichment & Orientation Community, Leadership and Volunteering Global Mobility Professional Enhancement


ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT & ORIENTATION As a Bachelor of Commerce student you can participate in specialist workshops as a pupil or as a Peer Leader, attend a study skills lecture or make a one-on-one appointment to support your learning and skills development. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce have access to specialist staff in the Teaching and Learning Unit, in the Faculty of Business and Economics, to assist you in achieving your academic goals. You will also find a range of services provided by the University Academic Skills Unit.

First Year Peer Mentoring Program

Opportunities include: ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ

The First-Year Peer Mentoring Program is a great way for new students to learn about the University and the Faculty of Business and Economics. Mentoring groups are led by senior students who have volunteered and trained to be mentors. Groups meet once a week for the first four weeks of each semester, starting in Week One.

Transition to Commerce (T2C) First Year Peer Mentoring Program Peer Writing Tutor Peer-Assisted Study Scheme (PASS) Academic Skills Workshops Consultations with Learning Advisors Concurrent Diplomas

By participating in the program you will be provided with a support network, opportunities to meet new people and a chance to ask experienced students all sorts of questions. Taking up the opportunity to learn from an experienced peer is not only a great way to familiarise yourself with new surroundings, fast-tracking that ‘I belong here’ feeling, but being part of a mentoring relationship is also a great way to build up practical skills.

Transition to Commerce (T2C) Transition to Commerce (T2C) is a lecture series, specifically for first-year students, which provides resources and strategies for study success within the Bachelor of Commerce. T2C begins in Week One of semester. In T2C lectures you will learn about: academic expectations in the Faculty, plagiarism and referencing conventions, how to approach assignments, academic writing and exam preparation. A must for all first years!

Peer-Assisted Study Scheme (PASS)

Consultations with Learning Advisors

The Peer Assisted Study Scheme (PASS) is available in selected Bachelor of Commerce subjects and offers a series of small, subject-specific study and revision groups. Each session is facilitated by a Peer Leader and functions according to peer learning principles. PASS sessions are vibrant, collaborative and interactive. In PASS sessions, students have the opportunity to discuss questions and concerns with other students, meet new friends and practice skills such as analysis, team work, and presentation and communication skills. Research has also shown that students who regularly attend PASS sessions improve their marks and increase their study enjoyment.

Appointments with a Learning Advisor are available at the University Academic Skills Unit. The advisors can help you develop effective study skills, academic language and writing skills. More information is available at: “Studying at the University of Melbourne has been most rewarding, with strong learning support. I feel supported in my learning through resources available to students such as online tutors and personal consultation periods.” Elisa Xu, Bachelor of Commerce

More information including the selected subjects available in the Peer-Assisted Study Scheme can be found at: www.tlu.

Concurrent Diplomas

Academic Skills Workshops

The University of Melbourne has a number of diplomas that are available to take concurrently with your Bachelor of Commerce. These diplomas allow you to pursue and specialize in areas beyond the BCom and develop a broad range of skills and knowledge. Concurrent diplomas include:

The weekly interactive workshops cover a range of topics scheduled to coincide with academic deadlines throughout semester. Workshop topics include research skills, presentation skills and exam preparation.


More information is available at: students/undergraduate/skills_workshops.html

More information will be available during Orientation or at:

All of these Diplomas allow you to expand your Academic Enrichment. If you are interested in pursuing a career internationally, or are interested in our Global Mobility programs, you may find the Diploma in Languages or the U21 Diploma in Global Issues particularly appealing.

Peer Writing Tutor The Peer Writing Tutor Program gives you the opportunity to talk to another student about your writing. The peer writing tutors are students who are good writers and are available to help you with the more straightforward questions that you may have about your writing.

“Don’t come with the mindset that it will be like high school, it’s not! The challenge of learning in such a drastic new way is one that I am determined to overcome.” Dung Lam, Bachelor of Commerce

You can find out more about these programs by contacting the Commerce Student Centre at commerce-courseadvice@ or through the University Handbook.

More information including the drop in times are available at: writing.html

More information is available at:


U21 Diploma in Global Issues Diploma in Languages Diploma in Mathematical Sciences Diploma in Music (Practical) Diploma in Informatics


Academic Enrichment & Orientation

Academic Enrichment & Orientation

Dung Lam


Commerce Students’ Society (CSS)

Become involved in a variety of leadership, community engagement and volunteering activities to develop your leadership and communication skills and enhance your social and professional networks.

AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organisation that provides leadership opportunities, international internships and the opportunity to participate in a global learning curriculum. If you are interested in cultural exchange in over 110 countries, working with companies to develop your professional skills, or having an opportunity to be engaged in a wide variety of current global issues from healthcare to the environment, AIESEC is the organisation for you.

International Commerce Students’ Society (ICSS)

The ICSS was established as a voice for overseas students in the Faculty of Business and Economics and aims to meet both their vocational and social needs. They have expanded to include members from other faculties including Engineering, Medicine, Law, Science and Arts and jointly organise functions with these other student societies to enhance and promote inter-faculty interaction.

Add value to your degree through: ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ


The CSS aims to provide students with an environment to socialise among their peers and potential employers, to learn about and be exposed to industries interested in Commerce graduates, and to voice communications to the Faculty and Dean.

Student Clubs and Societies Student Ambassador Leadership Program (SALP) Community Volunteering The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award Orientation Hosts Community Volunteer Fair

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

SIFE is a worldwide network of students who endeavour to use classroom knowledge to address socio-economic problems in their local or international communities. With the assistance of academic and business leaders, SIFE students are committed to making a difference by creating sustainable economic opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

The Accounting Students’ Association (ASA)

To find out more visit:

The ASA aims to bring University of Melbourne accounting students and employers together for mutual benefit, providing direct marketing of upcoming graduate and vacation placement opportunities to its members.

“There are many reasons students should consider doing volunteer work at a non-profit organisation. One of the motivations which suits business students is to learn to work with very little resources, learn to be creative and flexible, learn to prioritise and focus on what actions and projects will have the biggest impacts. Employers are keen to recruit students that have those skills.”

The Student Entrepreneurs | Agents of Change

Student Entrepreneurs | Agents of Change is a platform for change-agents at the University of Melbourne who organise seminars, workshops and competitions to inspire, connect and share their learning.

The Actuarial Students’ Society

Student Clubs and Societies

Renata Bernarde, Bachelor of Commerce Relationship Manager, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and member of the Corporate Panel at Fitted for Work

The University of Melbourne Student Union has over 100 affiliated clubs and societies to cater to sporting, cultural and special interests. In addition, Bachelor of Commerce students can choose from a number of clubs and societies associated with the Faculty of Business and Economics, which organize academic, volunteering, careers and professional activities, and a range of social functions. Membership of a club or society is an excellent way to meet new people, expand interests, foster team work and take on leadership roles whilst studying.

The Actuarial Students’ Society is primarily an educational resource which provides activities such as informative weekly careers’ luncheons and their flagship event, Contact Night, with their major sponsors.

Extra Curricular Network Australia (ECNA)

ECNA aims to provide a centralised forum for students to actively participate in extracurricular endeavours in corporate and community based organisations.

The Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA)

Melbourne Microfinance Initiative (MMI)

The FMAA aims to develop the professional skills of its members and offers students the opportunity to network with potential employers at its career-focused events. The FMAA actively promotes the career awareness of students and facilitates involvement in business-related activities.

MMI’s activities empower students with knowledge, experiences and opportunities to take real action towards alleviating poverty. Attend their informative guest speaker events to learn about Microfinance. You can also participate in MMI’s Country Initiative projects, where students work in small teams to provide consulting services to their partner NGOs. Students then travel to their NGO’s home country to implement their findings and see microfinance in action.

“My role in AIESEC has provided me with an invaluable opportunity to develop my professional skills and lead a team of students.” Gabrielle Lim, Bachelor of Commerce Director of University Relations 2011, AIESEC Melbourne

Renata Bernarde



Community, Leadership and Volunteering

Community, Leadership and Volunteering

Gabrielle Lim

CAINZ is a not-for-profit organization based at the University of Melbourne. It is run by students for students. CAINZ’s goal is to provide quality financial investment education and experiences of trading to its members with a focus on various real financial markets. With this practical knowledge, CAINZ aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge to be ahead of the pack in their career and personal lives. CAINZ also provides a great platform for like-minded people to build a social network and work towards their common goals.

This extra-curricular program provides opportunities for young people to create networks and develop their qualities and skills via active engagement within the University and volunteering within the wider community. There is a limited intake into the program and you need to apply. For more information about how to apply visit the SALP stand at the Student Experience E3 Expo or go to:

Community Volunteering

Economics Student Society of Australia (ESSA)

Ever wondered what economics really is? The Economics Student Society of Australia is here to help you discover the economics in your everyday life. Through a number of guest speakers visiting throughout the year, holding raging debates on current topical issues, and networking sessions with Economics alumni, ESSA hopes to show you how interesting Economics can be and convince you it is a major you want to do. Connect with other students and discover if it’s something that interests you.

An extensive range of on and off-campus community volunteering and leadership programs is available through various University units and networks. The Student Volunteer Resource Service (SVRS) promotes volunteering within the University of Melbourne and provides a range of services to support students and staff with volunteering and volunteer management. For more information please visit: or

Students’ Association of Management and Marketing (SAMM)

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award

Orientation Hosts

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award is an internationally recognised ‘leadership in action’ program which enables young people between 16 - 25 years to broaden their experiences. The Award, which focuses on personal and skill development, is self-directed. You get to design and plan your own program by choosing activities that interest you and regularly participating in these activities in a flexible time frame.

Give new students a positive start to their first year and make a real difference in their experience of uni life by becoming an Orientation Host. It is a great way to help new students settle in to uni, share your experiences of your first year as well as gain some valuable skills to put on your CV. Applications generally open in October each year. To find out more see the Transition and Orientation website at:

For more information please visit:

Community Volunteer Fair

“Dukes has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and explore my potential, and in the process I have met interesting people both on campus and in the volunteering community. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences!” Ashley Chin, Bachelor of Commerce Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award participant

The Community Volunteer Fair, organised by the University’s Leadership, Involvement & Volunteer Experience unit (LIVE), is held in May each year and showcases a variety of voluntary work opportunities with not-for-profit organisations. More information is available at:

“University is a time to broaden our minds and it needs to be done both inside and outside the classroom.” Adrian Sun, Bachelor of Commerce and Law

SAMM was created with the vision of giving students in Management and Marketing the opportunity to develop their professional skills, networks and understanding of employment options. We aim to accomplish these goals by building relationships with industry, academics, professional institutes and other students.


Adrian Sun


Community, Leadership and Volunteering

Community, Leadership and Volunteering

Student Ambassador Leadership Program (SALP)


semester and details of these are sent to students through the weekly BCom News, so make sure to look out for them.

Student mobility is an integral component of the Melbourne Model as the University seeks to broaden learning experiences, not only across academic disciplines, but also across the globe. By participating in international programs you increase your international learning and cross-cultural exposure whilst adding diversity to your Bachelor of Commerce degree. Add value to your degree through:

To find out more about exchange visit:


To find out more about how exchange can fit into your BCom course plan visit: exchange.html “Exchange is more than an extended travel opportunity. I came back to Melbourne with a broadened perspective, better adaptability, an incurable travel addiction, friends from all over the world and an appetite to see and learn more of the world.” Elaine Chan, Bachelor of Commerce Exchange at Université Jean Moulin Lyon III, Paris, Semester 2, 2011 Exchange at McGill University, Montreal, Semester 1 2012

Exchange Study Abroad comMExchange U21 Summer School and Undergraduate Research Conference U21 Global Issues Program Global Consulting Project International Accounting Study Program

To find out more visit:

Exchange Each year over 100 BCom students study overseas on exchange programs at our partner universities across the world, making it our most popular mobility program. By completing an exchange, you gain an international perspective on your studies, increase your understanding of the global business environment and develop your cross-cultural communication skills. It is also a wonderful opportunity to experience life in another country and even to practice a language.


Unlike exchange, there is no minimum subject load, so students can take as few subjects as they wish. Many students take a single subject overseas during the winter or summer break and credit it to their BCom through study abroad. This is ideal for students who do not want to go away for a whole semester or who are constrained by the subject requirements of their major and cannot fit in an exchange.

ComMExchange is a program which links incoming and returning exchange students into a social network. Running each semester, new incoming exchange students can interact with current BCom students who have recently returned from exchange. The program is designed to improve the quality and speed of new students’ transition and integration into the BCom student experience as well as allowing students who have returned from exchange to network and meet other exchange students from across the globe.

To find out more about study abroad visit: To find out more about how study abroad can fit into your BCom course plan visit: study_abroad.html

We recruit a number of ComMExchange student leaders each semester. These student leaders provide information and answer questions from incoming students and attend a few exchange-related social and promotional events throughout the semester.

“My study abroad journey has been rewarding from many perspectives, particularly in terms of being exposed to a brand new learning system. Not only have I immersed myself in the rich intellectual atmosphere at one of the world’s best tertiary institutions, I have also made lifelong friends through this unique experience. To be given the chance to interact with some of the most renowned scholars and brightest students is truly life-changing. So go on, take advantage of what the University has to offer and take initiative to broaden your horizons.” Lorna Hu, Bachelor of Commerce Study Abroad at Harvard University, 2011/12

If you have been on exchange and would like to become a recognised student volunteer, using your experience to assist incoming students with their transition into Melbourne, please register your interest by contacting or find out more at comMExchange.html

U21 Summer School and Undergraduate Research Conference Study Abroad

Exchange studies, for either one or two full time semesters, can be credited towards most of the majors offered in the BCom, as well as breadth or elective subjects. It is important to plan ahead for exchange as all compulsory BCom subjects must be completed in Melbourne and application deadlines are nine months before the start of your exchange semester. Exchange for Commerce can be combined with exchange for concurrent programs like the Diploma in Languages and the U21 Diploma in Global Issues. Information sessions about applying for exchange run every

Through the University’s participation in the Universitas 21 network, a Summer School and Undergraduate Research Conference are held each year. The University of Melbourne sends a small group of student and staff representatives to both programs which are coordinated each year by different U21 member institutions. All costs associated with both programs will be covered for students that are selected to represent the University. Themes for both programs change from year to year, and participation in these opportunities is selective, with faculties asked to nominate student and staff representatives. For more information visit:

Elaine Chan

The Study Abroad program allows students to receive credits for independent study they complete overseas. Students who are interested in studying at a university that is not a University of Melbourne partner institution are able to apply directly to their university of choice as a visiting student. By having your study abroad approved through the University of Melbourne’s online study abroad form and study plan approval process before you depart Australia, you will be able to have your studies credited upon your return.


Lorna Hu


Global Mobility

Global Mobility


“It’s business and pleasure, all in one.” Choo Bing Cheng “We put knowledge into context.” Alan Zhou “We can enjoy fun, exploration, socialising, learning and working all at the same time!” Jeannie Tai Hui Jing

The Global Issues Program is a diploma program that can be taken concurrently with your BCom. Run jointly with the University’s Universitas 21 partner institutions, fifty percent of this diploma is taken through at least one other partner university, either online or by participating in a semester exchange.

International Accounting Study Program

The program focuses on globalisation, global citizenship and world politics with electives in a wide range of subjects including international politics, law, development studies, economics and human rights.

The International Accounting Study Program is a unique capstone opportunity to travel, study and gain access to a range of leading business, educational and regulatory leaders in North America or Europe. You will gain invaluable insights into, and expand your knowledge of international business and accounting practices. You will also benefit by developing interpersonal skills and self-confidence in presenting to and speaking with hosts.

With six universities to choose from, you can take advantage of the GIP’s innovative structure, learning about global issues in a truly global context. For more information visit:

Participants have had the opportunity to meet with key executives from organisations in the fields of entertainment, education, IT and manufacturing. Hosts in the USA have included Walt Disney, CBS-TV, IBM, and the principal regulatory and accounting bodies in North America: the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington DC, and the FASB in Connecticut.

Global Consulting Project The Global Consulting Project (GCP) is a capstone experience that gives you the opportunity to complete an intensive business project overseas. This for-credit subject aims to develop your practical business competencies in an international setting and gain an in-country study experience where you experience the culture, society and business practices first hand whilst applying your business and management skills.

Students can choose to complete the for-credit subject or they can accompany the group for the travel component only. The program is run in conjunction with RMIT University. To participate you must be a 3rd year accounting student.

Working in a multidisciplinary team of four, each team completes a consulting project for a company over a two week period, supported by an academic supervisor. It is offered during the summer and winter holidays to students in their final year of the Bachelor of Commerce, or penultimate or final year of a Bachelor of Commerce combined degree. ÆÆ ÆÆ

For the latest program details please visit:

PROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT Develop your professional skills in preparation for life beyond your Bachelor of Commerce degree. Identify your career goals and professional development plans through a wide range of programs throughout your degree. Add value to your degree through: ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ

January: Hong Kong and Bangkok (twenty places per location) July: Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City (TBC) (twenty places per location)

We asked our students to tell us why they think GCP is a great experience! Here are some of the responses we got:

Capstone Studies Case Study Competitions Career Development Opportunities Career Mentoring Programs Next Steps Commerce First Year Leadership Forum Professional Memberships Future Leaders Forum Creating Future Leaders Series

To find out more visit:



Professional Enhancement

Global Mobility

U21 Global Issues Program

Capstone Studies

Matthew Sek, Richa Deshpande, Karen Lee, Andrew Lin

Career Development Opportunities

A capstone experience allows you to integrate your knowledge and apply what you have learned over the course of your degree. The Commerce Student Centre currently offers three capstone subjects:

Careers Fairs & Employer Information Sessions

Careers Fairs and Employer Information Sessions provide you with a chance to liaise with employers who are recruiting from your discipline and can offer you a graduate or vacation work position. There are two main careers fairs held through the University Careers & Employment service, the Graduate Careers Fair (March) and the Employment Experience Fair (August). Employer information sessions are held throughout the year but most are held in March and April prior to the close of applications. For details please visit:

Business Consulting

Work in a team of five on a semester-long consulting project for a wide range of clients from the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors based in Melbourne. Gain insight into the reality of a working environment while enhancing your communication, teamwork and organisational skills. “Business Consulting provides an insight into the problems and issues that you may come across while working with a real client. What I loved best was the chance to add value to an organisation.” Connie Lui, Bachelor of Commerce

Global Consulting Project

Please refer to page 11 in the Global Mobility section.

International Accounting Study Program

Please refer to page 11 in the Global Mobility section.

International Case Study Competitions Participate in an international case study competition and compete in a team of four against teams from other premier business schools. Solving a real business problem under tight timelines, teams present their recommendations to a panel of judges comprising academics and business professionals. Gain communication, presentation, leadership and teamwork skills. “As a student,there is no bigger honour than representing your University on an international scene. The experience has thoroughly improved my analytical resourcing and presentation skills.” Alexander Lau, Bachelor of Commerce/Science Marshall Case Competition 2011

Connie Lui

Careers Online

Business and Economics Case Competition


Careers Online is the University’s official jobs and career events database for students, recent graduates and alumni. Jobs advertised range from part-time / casual work, volunteering opportunities, professional full-time employment including graduate programs, summer work placements and internships and international positions. You can also use Careers Online to view and register for career seminars and events. For details please visit: au/student/find-jobs/careers-online

In addition to the international competitions, the Faculty of Business and Economics has also developed a campus based competition. This competition provides selected Bachelor of Commerce students the opportunity to develop their case competition skills and compete with other BCom students. Case competitions are an increasingly popular recruitment activity. Having experience in this area will provide you with the skills and edge to differentiate yourself. Competition to participate is high and you must apply to be selected. More information is available at: case_study.html

Career Counselling, Career and Resume Review Drop In sessions

Appointments can be booked online for one-on-one Career Counselling through Careers Online. In addition there are regular drop in sessions for quick career questions and to have your resume checked. Details of the times and location of these sessions are available in the Commerce Student Centre and on the Careers & Employment website:

“The BCom Case Competition was certainly a highlight of my university experience. It not only gave me a chance to apply knowledge from the classroom to real life business problems, but also to network with and receive feedback from industry experts.” Matthew Sek, Bachelor of Commerce Member of K.A.R.M Consultants, Winning team, 2011 Bachelor of Commerce Case Competition

Online Career Tools

You can access a range of electronic resources to help you in your career preparation and employment search. Resources include video clips, job interview DVDs, Cam Studio presentations on career topics, online software programs to assist with career exploration, effective resume preparation and completion of job applications. You can also download copies of seminars that have been delivered during the year. These are available at Online Career Tools:


Professional Enhancement

Professional Enhancement

2011 Marshall Case Competition team, Giulia Mastroianni, Andrew Williams, USC Student Host Vicky Kasar, Alexander Lau and Adam Fedai

Next Steps Commerce

Career Circles

Career Circles are run throughout the semester and are aimed at providing specialised information and engagement opportunities. These sessions can range from company presentations, expert panels and specific information sessions on topics relevant to employment outcomes. The sessions are run by the Business and Economics Careers Centre and BCom students are invited to attend. Find more information at: programs/circles.html

Next Steps Commerce offers a range of career development seminars and workshops for first to final year Bachelor of Commerce students. Your career planning and preparation for employment starts from the first year. To maximize your employability and give yourself a competitive edge come along to these sessions. You will have the opportunity to explore your career options, improve your job seeking skills, learn more about how to build your networks and prepare for pathways to graduate employment or further study. Participating in this program will assist you in achieving your career goals. Next Steps Commerce is held each semester with an additional intensive job seeking program held for Commerce graduates during the mid semester break for those still seeking employment. Other valuable sessions are held through Skills 4 Work.

Career Resources & Information

The Business and Economics Careers Centre provides tailored services predominantly for students of the Graduate School of Business and Economics but Bachelor of Commerce students can access the extensive range of resources and information which are available for reference at:

To view the program please visit: “Employers are not only interested in very good academic results, but in recruiting well rounded students with a range of experiences that have developed their personal and professional skills. These experiences enable you to gain some practical experience in applying your knowledge and contribute to the development of employability skills.” Christine Enker Manager International Careers and Employment

Valuable information and resources are available on the Careers & Employment website and you can register your preferences through Careers Online to receive a tailored Careers Online weekly bulletin updating you on career opportunities, employment and events relevant to your interests. More details at:

To register your attendance to the events listed on Careers Online please visit:

Career Mentoring

Skills 4 Work

The Career Mentoring Program matches selected students with industry mentors who will assist in identifying career goals and a professional development plan. The program aims to assist you with your transition out of university and into the workforce. A career mentor is able to provide you with information on industries, professions, and general work skills as well as advice and support with career direction, networking, skills assessment, job hunting and applications.

Skills 4 Work are seminars to help you prepare for Graduate Employment Program opportunities, which include job applications, case studies, psychometric testing, Assessment Centres and interviews. For more information visit:

The program runs from March – November and you must attend a compulsory information session and submit an online application to be considered. More information can be found at: professional/career_mentoring.html

Professional Enhancement

Professional Enhancement

Christine Enker

“I found the program to be informative and helpful, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to engage in a program that takes such a practical approach to career development.” Stephanie Flanagan, Bachelor of Arts and Commerce



Professional Memberships

The First Year Leadership Forum will introduce you to the latest thinking about leadership, working in teams and understanding your own leadership preferences.

Students have membership opportunities with a number of professional institutes and societies.

The Australian Marketing Institute

By participating you will: ÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆ

The Commerce Student Centre along with the Graduate School of Business and Economics and the Department of Management and Marketing have engaged in a corporate membership agreement with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), which offers our marketing students the opportunity for free annual AMI membership. Membership is valid for one year and is renewed in August. All students studying Marketing as a major or Marketing subjects as part of their degree are eligible for the membership.

Meet and hear from leaders in corporate, community and government sectors, Undertake exercises that directly prepare you for the compulsory Organisational Behaviour subject in second year, Undertake practical workshops and activities to develop your own leadership style and build your employability skills.


All first year students are invited to participate but you will need to register as places are limited. The forum is held mid-year and registrations will open approximately two months prior.

Accounting students are eligible for free student membership of the Accounting Professional Bodies - CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. For more information please visit: prof_memberships.html

For more information please visit: firstyear_leaders.html

Future Leaders Forum

Creating Future Leaders Series

The Future Leaders Forum is an annual one-day event dedicated to enriching the learning experiences of 100 of our most talented Bachelor of Commerce students. The forum contributes to the students’ understanding of the importance and relevance of commerce studies. The event provides a range of rich opportunities for meeting and networking with business and community leaders and other high-achieving students.

Be inspired and gain insights into future career prospects and leadership opportunities by attending one or more of the Creating Future Leaders Series seminars. Seminars and presentations in the Creating Future Leaders Series aim to engage you with the experiences, thoughts and recommendations of inspirational guest speakers from Australia and overseas. More information is available at:

Participation is by invitation so students don’t need to apply. More information is available at: experience/professional/future_leaders.html



Professional Enhancement

Professional Enhancement

First Year Leadership Forum

Find out about what’s on


BCom News - E-newsletter

All Bachelor of Commerce students are automatically subscribed to the BCom News e-newsletter which is sent to your university email address regularly. This is an important means to learn about news and events as well as important dates and information about your course. You can submit news items to

With so many opportunities to become involved in university life and learn about opportunities for skill development and networking, it can be challenging to find out about the activities that you are interested in.

Student Experience E3 Expo

Most opportunities will be promoted through the student experience website and through our BCom at Unimelb Facebook group and the BCom News, our e-newsletter. Course advisers will also highlight opportunities when you come to see them. But it’s up to you to regularly check your email, visit our website and check our Facebook page. So be sure to get in the loop sooner rather than later. There are activities that start straight away and the extra involvement you have in university life is what can make the difference when you are looking for a job.

Enrich, Experience, Enhance The Student Experience E3 Expo, held in Week 4 of each semester (March and August) is where you can find out more about a wide range of opportunities for involvement and skill development. This is where you can learn about what programs and activities exist that can help you improve your future career prospects as well as develop key skills and expand networks. Participants include student societies, Global Mobility, Student Union, case study competitions, business consulting and Careers & Employment to name but a few.


“Employers are always looking for people with the ‘X factor’. Good academic results are expected. But the person who stands out from the crowd has usually demonstrated some connection with the broader community, such as volunteering, or leadership roles in student organisations, or active participation in sport / drama / music, or even part time work. It’s these broader interests that reveal an ability to juggle real-life challenges, and an affinity for networking.”

Chris Leptos AM Partner, KPMG Member of the Faculty of Business and Economics Board, and Co-Chair of the Alumni Council BCom (1980), MBA (1990) Chris Leptos AM

The Expo is for all students of the Faculty of Business and Economics.


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BCom Graduation Party

Posters in The Spot & the Commerce Student Centre in the ICT Building The Student Portal Your student email account Lectures and tutorials

At the end of each year Bachelor of Commerce Students are invited to attend a Graduation Party to recognise your achievements, hard work, commitment and successes and become a member of the Faculty’s alumni community. It is also a time to have fun and celebrate with your fellow students. Tickets for this event sold out in both 2010 and 2011 so be sure to purchase your tickets early.



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Student Experience 2012  

Bachelor of Commerce Student Experience Guide for 2012

Student Experience 2012  

Bachelor of Commerce Student Experience Guide for 2012