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a. 1. Strategic commitment and professional development 2. Continuous and progressive progress for each young person 3. Mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships with employers 4. Self-assessment and reflection supported by teachers and mentors 5. Informed choices about course options and career direction


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Car rental company listens to fresh ideas from 11 year-olds about customer service Carlton Bolling College is an 11-18 school, in a predominantly Asian/Muslim part of Bradford, that promotes employability skills and career aspirations. As part of a PSHE programme, the school wanted to create a purposeful challenge to introduce ‘Personal Learning & Thinking Skills’ (PLTS) to their new year 7 students. 170 students were challenged to look at ways to further improve customer service for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, which has three branches in the city. After a launch event and a series of structured briefings that supported a project-based learning programme, they presented their ideas to managers from the regional office in Leeds. The ideas include rap songs, staff room posters and 'jingle' reminders. The winning group suggested a ‘Zen’ meditation CD to encourage positive attitudes and calm thinking when dealing with customers. Enterprise Rent-a-Car has a strong commitment to work with communities near their outlets, including local schools. In the past, they have supported classroom learning sessions managed through intermediaries. This was the first time the company had supported a project specifically centred on their own business. Impact on the Students: -

From the outset, students were motivated by knowing that their work would be judged by the managers from Enterprise Rent-a-Car and might be used by the business. The project-based learning process included a peer critique stage, which allowed students to reflect on their initial ideas and then improve their work. Student evaluations showed students thoroughly enjoyed and were interested by the project. Comments about what they were most proud of included, ‘I learned about my individual skills and abilities’, ‘Making personal choices in the future’ and ‘We know what could happen later in life’.

Impact on the School: -

The project reinforced the school’s commitment to skills development and widening students’ career aspirations at an early stage in their education. The programme was delivered by year 7 tutors, who were delighted to have a structured programme with a real outcome that caught the interest of their students.

Impact on the Business: -

The challenge has extended the way Enterprise Rent-a-Car carries out community engagement. The students’ ideas were genuinely interesting and the PR coverage was helpful. The challenge is likely to be packaged for use in other communities and involving other teams of staff.

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Managers from the Leeds regional offices of Enterprise Rent-a-Car visited the school to launch the challenge and help to communicate it was real and they wanted to use students’ work. As part of their preparation, students were required to learn how the company provides excellent customer service, using ‘8 Moments of Truth’ within a ‘Cycle of Success’.

The challenge was given coverage on the business pages of the local paper, highlighting the commercial benefits.

The end-of-challenge evaluation confirmed development of the ‘PLTS’ skills promoted throughout the school.


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Employer: Enterprise Rent-a-Car Education: Secondary Good Practice: 1b, 2b, 2c, 3b, 4a, 4c

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