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Spring 2016

Demographics in the United States An Asia Administration Feature

The majority of people aged 15+ who engage in exercise choose walking over other forms of exercise. (20032006)

Percentages of people 15+ engaged in physical activity. 13,15,16,18,20%

As we all know, marketing does not enter a business world alone. It enters hand in hand with demographics. There are certain things investors should weigh and examine. For example, who are our customers? Where and how do we reach them? To begin with, investors should know that the people living in the Pacific, New England, and Mountain Regions of the country are more likely to participate in sports or exercise activities than those in other regions. People living in the Pacific region of the United States are 50% more likely to exercise on an average day than people in the East South Central or West South Central regions of the country.1 In addition to that, walking is the most popular sport in America having been done by 30% of the

people ages 15+. However, when it comes to team sports, basketball is the most played sport.2 When trying to advertise their products, managers should make sure they know where to reach consumers. Online shopping has recently become the most popular and convenient way to shop. It has been reported that 32.7 million mothers in the U.S. use the internet for shopping on at least a monthly basis. Companies will certainly target their customers better via the internet rather than on television or magazines, because we live in a world where we are tethered to the internet.3 The estimated size of the entire sports industry in the U.S. is $470 billion and the annual company spending for sports advertising in the U.S. is $31.5 billion.4

Sports Industry Overview

Estimated Size of the Entire Sports Industry, U.S. 1

Amount Units

Year/Season Source



Bil. US$


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There is more to marketing than presenting an organization’s products in order to sell them to customers. It is essential businesses conside...