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10 March 2017 Editor: Mrs Armitage

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Y10 Work Experience week

What’s On Tues 14 March Y7-10 CDTA Dance Festival (selected students only) Y8-12 Karting Championships, Acton (selected students only) The whole of Year 10 spent last week on work experience placements. The week was a resounding success, with some students even being offered permanent part-time posts as a result of their placement.

Wed 15 March YY9 OPTIONS EVENING 1800-2030

A work placement is an opportunity to spend a period of time outside the classroom, learning about a particular job or area of work. Work experience can help you decide on your options for after year 11 and beyond.

Thurs 16 March Y12 HE UCAS Exhibition Brunel Uni, P1-4

Our students also had the chance to develop and show evidence of vital skills such as self-confidence, communication, independence and teamwork, depending on what kind of placement they did. This week employers have been following up by contacting us to congratulate our students on their maturity and commitment to their placements.

Fri 17 March Y7-11 Gymnastics Competition, Watford (selected students only) ______________________

Students worked in a wide range of different industries from healthcare to business, retail to education, adult care to engineering, to name but a few. Please now turn to page 10 to enjoy the selection of photos we have of our students ‘on location’ at a variety of the placements.

Tues 21 March Y8 Parents Consulation Evening (1630-1930)

Mrs McIldowie, Head of Work Related Learning


IRVINE (08Maple) Irvine has consistently shown an outstanding attitude to all aspects of his learning. He has obtained nearly 300 achievement points, second most in the entire school! His ATL scores are all either very good or outstanding and he has 100% attendance. Irvine is a diligent student who is a credit to our school and his family. Keep up the excellent work and no doubt you will reach your potential and achieve great things Irvine!

JOSH (10Sycamore) Josh has been chosen for his exceptional conduct on his work experience placement last week. Mr Malik (Head of Year 10) received a call from Josh’s placement to inform the school of the amazing impression Josh had made. He used his initiative, worked hard, had excellent communication with staff members and completed all tasks to a high standard. We are very proud of Josh and all the other students that represented the school in such a positive way. Well done for using the opportunity to your advantage - you are a credit to the school and your family Josh.

SAGAR (13Maple) Sagar has been a regular attender to the maths masterclass and his hard work is paying off. This week he has had outstanding news of achieving 99% in his Maths PPE. With Sagar aiming high, and computer science at Kings College as the goal, we are sure he will keep up the hard work.

KS3 & KS4 Year 8 Consultation Evening - Tuesday 21 March: The pastoral team are looking forward to welcoming all Year 8 parents to this important evening. There are still appointment slots available so please do access our online booking system via the school website. If you are having any difficulty booking appointments, please contact Ms Jackman (jackmanl@busheymeads.org.uk). Please do remember to bring your appointment times with you. Year 9 Options Evening - Wednesday 15 March: There are 2 sessions - 5.30 or 6.30pm This is a really important evening to get the latest information to help make the important decisions for GCSE choices. For further information please contact Ms Jackman in the Pastoral office.

KS5 Y12 WORK SHADOWING: - work shadowing packs will be handed out to all Y12 students during tutor time through this week. This is in preparation for the work shadowing programme which will be taking place during week commencing Monday 10 July.

House Points 2016-2017 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0


9465 9269 9226 9175 8639 8402 8244

If you would like a quick and easy strategy to help with your anxieties over exams or just life in general then why don’t you come along to one of my EFT surgeries which I hold every Tuesday during the lunch break. If you are interested in an appointment, or want to know more about this, just email me at: mateidesh@busheymeads.org.uk Mrs Mateides, Intervention Manager

Ms Bowe, Lead Practitioner – English & Whole School Literacy

Mr Akram - Lead Practitioner for Maths

Miss Martindale, Teacher of Science

Exciting, explosive, entertaining and educational. The British Science Week at Bushey Meads starts this Monday, 13 March. A chance to learn, experience and engage with all things science. From particles to pathogens, the week will include demonstrations, talks and events all week long. Every break and lunch time you will have the opportunity to partake in special activities. Something to inspire your inner scientist!

This Thursday has seen the second whole school enrichment day for this academic year - so look out in next week’s edition of the newsletter for coverage on some of the activities that made up yet another enriching day for all our students.

In Computing Department we look at those students who have performed really well and accumulated the most amount of reward points in a half term. The top male and female student in each year group are presented with an E-Award Certificate and customised BMS USB stick. Students will also have their names in the Computing Hall of Fame (outside F5). Below are the successful students who collected the most reward points in computing last half term: Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13

Ellis Brown 10M, Gabby Megroff 10E Maya Parmar 11B, Akbar Khan 11M Vamsi Dyjecinski 12W, Summer Lawrence 12W Emily Wray 13W, Sagar Joshi 13M

Well done to our new Computing Hall of Famers. Watch this space for next half term’s winners. Mr Besisira, Head of Computing

Mr Donovan, Head of KS4 Mathematics On Thursday 2 March, fifteen A-level Maths students attended a Maths in Action presentation at the Institute of Education in London. The inspirational speakers included James Grimes, a popular presenter on the Youtube channel Numberphile,

and Steve Mould, a scientist who appeared on the One Show for his accidental discovery of an amazing effect when a chain of beads fell from a container. Noah, 13Willow, writes: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Maths in Action trip as it allowed me to broaden my subject knowledge. In particular it showed me the beauty behind fractals and how a Euclidean shape can exist in non-integer dimensions using preset rules that we define as "dimensions". ‘ Kajal, 12Beech, writes: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the Maths in Action trip. It covered a range of topics, from Enigma and the secret world of code breaking to discovering the ways in which noise is being reduced in the development of next-generation aircraft. Even though I enjoyed the whole day, my favourite part was discovering about code breaking, fractals and the Mould Effect. The speakers have given me a good insight into how maths is used. It has encouraged me to do further research into how composers have used fractals in their composition, and how acoustics is used in the world around us.’ Many of the students enjoyed the presentation on fractals (shapes which are self-similar at closer magnification). One of the pioneers in this field was Benoit B Mandelbrot, famous for the ‘Mandelbrot set’. Harry and Andrew are seen here showing part of the Mandelbrot set as the animation zooms in showing more and more intricate detail and self-similarity. Finally, a quiz question: What does the B in Benoit B Mandelbrot stand for? Send your answers to me at: donovanj@busheymeads.org.uk (see next week’s edition for the answer and an explanation!) A great day was had by all, and all came away feeling inspired to go on and on exploring more exciting Maths………

We all know that our outstanding Maths Faculty at BMS are achieving some of the best results in the country – particularly in terms of adding value at the pinnacle of our students’ learning journey through the school. As last year’s A level examination cohort headed off to those world renowned universities, we celebrated a value added score of 1.45 – indicating that every student was achieving somewhere between 1 and 2 grades higher than their already aspirational, target grade. These value added results help to place our Post 16 Performance in the top 12% of schools in the country, as indicated in the DfE performance tables published in January 2017. Hard working students, highly capable, inspiring staff, superb teaching and learning, a hugely positive ‘can-do’, growth mindset philosophy and a nurturing and supportive environment for learning are all contributory factors. However what is impressive is the ‘nostone unturned’ ethos that permeates the faculty team and the desire to always improve. One key area that the faculty team have been taking to the next level is the marking and feedback agenda and over the last two weeks (as part of our marking and feedback fortnight) it was a real delight to see such exemplary practice across all classrooms. There were many examples of work being marked in green pen, answers unpicked and next steps evidenced in student responses in purple pen. One teacher had mail merged student test results onto a clear summary sheet, highlighted key areas of strength and those for improvement and facilitated the students to respond with their clear next steps. The students then highlighted when these had been completed and their work had improved. Past papers and exam practice form a key part of improving in maths and securing mastery of all the different and varied topics. There was evidence of a whole variety of different marking strategies and comments being made to improve further; blue self-assessment, green peerassessment and white teacher assessment stickers were all being used after completion of a past paper.

Diagnosis, therapy and testing strategies were being used at question level analysis with students Red, Amber, and Greening their answers as to how confident they were in completing classwork and home learning. More of a strategic overview was also provided at the front of their highly organised folders – again made in a variety of ways, including orange stickers evidencing clear verbal feedback provided by the teacher.

All in all it was a very impressive visit to one of the outstanding faculties in our brilliant school. A huge thank you goes again to all the dedicated and superb maths teachers at BMS – ably led by Mr Varsani, our inpsirational Head of Faculty for Maths.

Mr Turner, Executive Principal

Smart Marking and Feedback in Technology As a specialist Technology College, students at BMS do really benefit from much cutting edge technology and staff using the latest high tech tools to ensure that students’ work is as good as it can be. In amongst the 3D printers and laser cutters, industry standard resource areas and other state of the art products in our vibrant and innovative Design and Technology Faculty, it was great to be able to talk to one of our hard working and dedicated A level students Curtis, and see his work in this area of the school.

He talked me through his superb PowerPoint but also, more importantly, showed me where his teacher Mr Chalkley had provided such focussed, detailed and personalised feedback to assist him in improving his work. The feedback had been given through google drive and gave Curtis on-screen ideas, right next to his work.

His task is now to focus on responding to all the feedback provided by his highly experienced teacher and ensure that all the detailed improvements are made to his work - ensuring that he gets the best grade possible. This was yet another great example of the active dialogue of feedback that is going on all across our superb school. Mr Turner, Executive Principal

Y10 WORK EXPERIENCE WEEK – continued from front page article We thought you would appreciate this selection of pictures taken on location at a number of the work experience placements last week. I have also included a few of both the students and employers comments about their experiences to illustrate the mutual success of this initiative.

I loved working with adults with disablilites and will be going back to visit them.

The staff were very kind to me and made me feel welcome. I have been offered the opportunity to go back and work in the holidays.

The two students were a real help to us, we would have really struggled to complete the task without them.

He was amazing, mucked in and we would love to have him back!

We are extremely impressed with your Year 10 who is on work experience at our school. He has shown great maturity and ability. The children have asked if he can stay and teach them for longer!

Finally, I would like to take this opporunity to say a big ‘well done’ to all of year 10 for being fantastic ambassadors for Bushey Meads whilst in the workplace last week. Mrs McIldowie, Head of Work Related Learning

Y10 WORK EXPERIENCE WEEK continued – focus on Sarthak (10Elm) A few of our students carried out their work experience placements here with us at Bushey Meads. Sarthak joined the dance department for his week of work experience. He was a fantastic assistant in all lessons and really helped groups to improve their work, providing them with feedback and guidance. It was a pleasure working with Sarthak and it was great to see him use all of his knowledge gained in his GCSE dance lessons to assist the KS3 students. Sarthak even managed to give out lots of R1s and so many students have been asking where he is this week!

I would also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Andrews PNI Teaching Assistant, for assisting Sarthak in these lessons for the week. Miss Rowden, Head of Dance ________________________________________

Mr Cartledge, Head of PE & Health This year’s annual whole school Health Week will take place w/c Monday 20 March. During the week all students will take part in the annual fitness testing with results available to parents after easter. The FUN RUN will take place on Friday 24th March with all students being asked to run a mile for charity with this year’s proceeds going towards the British Heart Foundation and the various Comic Relief charities. The Friday will also be a nonschool uniform day with students asked to contribute £2 for the day. As part of the health week we will also be running a KS3 Healthy Eating Masterchef competition in the catering suite on Monday 20 March. The event is a paired competition with 15 places available to take part. Aspiring chefs need to submit a two-course menu to Mr Cartledge and the best 15 menus will be given the opportunity to take part in the competition.

What exciting news! Melisa Lowenberg, who was recognised for her outstanding talent in the shooting events at the National Junior Games in September last year, will be competing in the Wheelpower British National Championships on the weekend of 10-12 March at Stoke Mandeville. This will be her first national competition, and, if she shoots well, she will qualify for the European Championship in Germany later this year.

No pressure, Melisa - just take it all in your stride and be your wonderful self! Ms Day, Team Leader TAPIs

The Bushey St James Trust welcomes Sir Alan Steer It was a privilege to meet Sir Alan Steer on Monday of this week at Bushey Meads School and share a little bit about the journey of the Bushey St James Trust – our innovative Multi Academy Trust formed in 2012 with Little Reddings Primary School. Along with Sam Russell and Richard Abrahams, Chair and Vice Chair of the Trust, and Di Hoeksma our Chair of Governors, we spent some time with Sir Alan talking about education and the exciting vision for the future for our school, Little Reddings and the wider Trust. Many of you may have heard by now that Hartsbourne Primary School (another one of our popular and successful local schools in Bushey) has recently formally applied to join the Trust. At this stage there is much work to do in terms of consultation with key stakeholders and a detailed due diligence process to complete, but we are all thrilled by the possibilities and hope that Hartsbourne will be part of our exciting journey to improve the education for many young people in the local area from September 2017 onwards. As three schools working together, sharingexpertise and best practice, we have much to offer and will undoubtedly see more choice and better outcomes for children in our three schools. For those of us who have been involved in education for some time, many of us will know that Sir Alan was a very successful Headteacher at Seven Kings School in Ilford, served as an Education Adviser to the Government and as Pro-Director of the Institute of Education. He was subsequently appointed as a co-opted member of the Ofsted Board in September 2008 as an Education expert and was involved as a director at the Teaching Awards and also chaired the judging panel for the Ambition AXA Awards. As a local educationalist, we are delighted that Sir Alan has agreed to join our BSJT Trust Board as an Independent Member. We know he has a wealth of experience, a passion for seeing all young people achieve their potential and will contribute an enormous amount to our ongoing journey in this important role. Jeremy Turner Executive Principal

As a Trust we are delighted to announce that Little Reddings Primary School is appearing for the ASDA Watford (dome roundabout) green token scheme and will remain till the end of March. If, as a parent of a student in the Bushey St James Trust, you shop in ASDA please ensure you collect your green token and deposit it under 'Little Reddings'! Do also tell you friends and families as all tokens will help towards raising funds for our primary school within the Trust.

Would you, or do you know anyone, who would like to become a school Governor? Little Reddings Primary School are looking to strengthen their Governing Body and would like to recruit up to four new Community Governors. Having just secured a very good Ofsted rating, they are in an exciting place to progress onto the next level and any new Governors recruited at this time would be part of that exciting journey. So what do school governors do? School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education. Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. The role of the Governing Body is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school. Time and time again Ofsted (the national inspection body for schools) has noted that the most effective schools demonstrate effective leadership and management - including that of the Governors. School governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. Governors appoint the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher and are responsible for the school site and facilities and the finance of the school. Governors work with the Headteacher to make the tough decisions about balancing resources. Each Governor is also a member of a committee which looks at in more detail, all aspects of either teaching and learning, pupil progress, or finance and resources. Individual governors do not act independently of the rest of the governing board and all decisions are the joint responsibility of the Full Governing Body. In summary the role of the governing board is a strategic one and its key functions are to:  set the aims and objectives for the school  set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives  set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives  monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives  be a source of challenge and support to the Headteacher through being a ‘critical friend’ In terms of time commitment, as a Governor you would be expected to attend three Full Governing Body meetings and up to 5 committee meetings a year. Each meeting lasts for a maximum of 2 hours and usually takes place in the evening starting at either 6.00 or 6.30 pm. Little Reddings’ Governors also hold an annual half day ‘Governors Away Day’ in the summer term and, as a Governor, you are encouraged and welcome to attend events at the school whenever you can – time permitting. If you know anyone who would be interested, do encourage them to contact the Headteacher Carly Simmonds at the school and be part of their exciting journey head@littlereddings.herts.sch.uk

Last Thursday we celebrated World Book Day with readings taking place in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) through the day by both pupils and staff. The event was launched by Ms Ash, Assistant Headteacher, who read a piece from the Harry Potter series which saw many of our year 7 pupils fascinated to hear and find out that Harry Potter was a particular favourite of Ms Ash. All of our year 7 and 8 pupils were given a World Book Day voucher which may be exchanged for one of this year’s book titles, completely free. Alternatively, they may use the £1 voucher for a discount on any book of their own choice and I would ask parents and carers to encourage our pupils to go along to their local book shop or any of the major retailers to exchange their voucher for a reading book. Mr Turner writes: ‘It was so great to join the staff and students at lunchtime in the LRC and listen to a number of key staff and students read their chosen favourite piece of writing. The session had been arranged by our motivational LRC Manager, Mr Back, who himself read a very poignant poem by Heller Keller with a theme of Hope. Members of staff including Learning Supervisor Miss Zatko, Key Stage 3 Coordinator for English Miss Levitan and Lead Practitioner for KS2 – 3 English Miss Farook, all read extracts from various novels and poems and had the audience spellbound. Miss Farook’s book was a Victorian original – over 120 years old!

The superb lunchtime experience was concluded with Owen in 8Ash, choosing to read some of his own writing, including a humorous detective story with a twist; dedicating his choices to his inspirational English teacher Miss Levitan.’ Mr Back, LRC Manager

Year 11: Wednesdays in the LRC Mr Turner, Executive Principal


With just school days to go to the start of the GCSE exams from next Monday, it is great to see so many of our hard working Year 11 students accessing all the revision sessions at lunchtime and after school each and every week – building on their success and achievement from day to day lessons at BMS. Every Wednesday lunchtime LRC3 is dedicated to just Year 11 use only and there is full access to a whole array of past papers – all printed off and ready to be used. If you haven’t tried the session make next week the time to make a difference. Remember…….

Every hour counts!

Mr Cartledge, Head of PE & Health

Football news Under 18 Boys Football v FC Academy (District League) Date : Monday 6th March 2017 Result : Won 3-1 Scorers : Chris Osei 2, Victor Williams (pen) Squad : Lyes Titouah, Andrew Fordham, Victor Williams, Curtis Meale, Euan Enright, Connor Freeman, Cameron Hanton, Chris Osei, Julius Pazio, Maciek Blasic, Kobe Johnson Commended performances : Lyes Titouah Comment : A convincing win for the team in their final District League of the season. The boys controlled the game from start to finish with some excellent finishing from Chris Osei in the first half. Year 11B Boys Football v Queens B (District League) Date : Monday 6th March 2017 Result : Lost 3-1 Scorers : Squad : Will Cowper, Aidan O’Mahoney, Tom Hutchinson, Adam Marks, Jack Leyshon, Eessa Bond, Luca Castello, Kaya

Basketball news Year 9 Boys Basketball v Francis Combe Academy (District League) Date : Mon 27th February 2017 Result : Won 33-11 Scorers : Billy 8, Archie 6, Olu 6, Fahad 5, James D 3, Ediz 2, Keiran 2 and Kees 2 Squad : Billy Garvey, Archie Hayes, Olu Oshisanya, Fahad Choudhury, James Demir, James Kimber, Ediz Yassikaya, Keiran Barnard-White and Kees Van Der Leeuw Commended performances : Comment : A great way to see the season. An excellent team performance with a number of different scorers. Everyone worked well both offensively and defensively.

Rugby news Year 7 Boys Rugby v Yavneh (Friendly) Date : Tues 28th February Result : 20-15 Tries : Leo Feely x 2 and Max Machen x 2 Conversions : N/A Squad : Leo Feeley, Dylan Cross, Matthew Willett, Colm Monaghan, Max Machen, Mustafa Tariq, Ross Lloyd, Tommy Holmes, Lewis Lacy, Toby Stevens, Kyle Oliveira, Tom Barnes, Charlie Brown, Ethan Callaghan Commended performances : Leo Feely, Max Machen, Dylan Cross, Mustafa Tariq, Kyle Oliveira Comment : BMS made hard work of the first half as they forgot how to ruck properly and therefore made life easy for Yavneh. However, in the second half BMS started to play some really good rugby and we dominated much of the half. Overall the tackling and general level of commitment from the players was fantastic. Year 7 Boys Rugby v St Joan of Arc (Friendly) Date : Weds 1st March Result : 20-20 Tries : Dylan Cross x 2, Charlie brown x 1, Leo Feely x 1 Conversions : N/A Squad : Leo Feeley, Dylan Cross, Matthew Willett, Colm Monaghan, Max Machen, Mustafa Tariq, Ross Lloyd, Tommy Holmes, Lewis Lacy, Toby Stevens, Tom Barnes, Charlie Brown, Ethan Callaghan Commended performances : Dylan Cross, Lewis Lacy, Matthew Willett and Toby Stevens Comment : What a difference one match makes! The team played superbly right from the first whistle and their ball retention at the ruck was unrecognisable from the previous game - and this meant that we were able to set up a platform to play some attacking rugby. Our tackling was very strong throughout and the team organisation is showing signs of improvement as well. The match highlight was when Dylan Cross turned over possession at a ruck 5m short of our try line and ran the entire length of the pitch to score a try.

Girls Football The girls’ football teams got yet another visitor to their training session this week in the form of Arsenal Ladies 1st team defender and Dutch international, Dominique Janssen. Arsenal ladies have restarted their coaching program with Bushey Meads and coach Lucy bought Dominique along to watch the girls train and then play their match against Immanuel. Dominique spoke with the girls about her playing career before taking part in Lucy’s training session. She then posed for photos with both the BMS and Immanuel students before watching the games and giving the BMS girls some tips. Thanks to Lucy for her continued coaching and bringing Dominique along, and thanks to Dominique for providing yet another inspirational role model for the girls in the Bushey Meads football squads. Year 7 - SJC Date: 01/03/2017 Opposition: Immanuel Results: Game 1 - Won 3-0 Scorers: E.Cannon (2), S.Parkhouse (1) Game 2 - Won 8-0 Scorers: L.Kirby (5), S.Parkhouse (2), E.Walsh (1) Team: S.Parkhouse, L.Kirby, E.Cannon, E.Walsh, I.Henry, H.Beecham, Comment: BMS dominated both of the matches they played in the triangular tournament with Imannauel. Composed in possession and accurate in front of goal the girls worked hard as a team, developing their passing by ensuring all players in attack and defence touched the ball before shots on goal. Player of matches: Lucie Kirby- great energy and shots on goal. Year 8 - SJC Date: 01/03/2017 Opposition: Immanuel Results: Game 1 - Won 6-0 Scorers: F.Boselli (3), B.Coste (2), K.Branigan (1) Game 2 - Won 3-2 Scorers: Z.Rathod (2), B.Brindley (1) Team: K.Branigan, S.Plummer, Z.Rathod, F.Boselli, B.Coste, B.Brindley Comment: The year 8 team again showed great spirit and versatility in their play. Stronger in all areas than their opposition they switched roles around in order to develop their game understanding and tactics in different roles, this really helped to show the improvements in their game. Well done ladies. Player of match: Shantae Plummer - excellent tackling and control especially in game 1.

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Bushey Meads News - 10 March 2017  

Bushey Meads News - 10 March 2017