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2 December 2016 Editor: Mrs Armitage

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Mrs McIldowie, Head of Work Related Learning On Tuesday 22 November our Y13 students were provided with the opportunity of a mock interview in order to prepare themselves for either the world of work or higher education. The event involved representatives from outside organisations including three of our governors, the University of Hertfordshire, West Herts College, Youth Connexions, Freedom Communications, Intu-Watford and 3aa - a local Apprenticeship provider. The students were offered valuable feedback on their interview skills, quality of CV and personal statement and were given guidance for improvement where necessary. Comments received from the business personnel included: ‘I had a lovely time meeting a great group of students and I wish them all well in the future’ ‘I enjoyed the day. Your students were so well prepared this year, they were all presentable and the majority came across confident and personable during the interviews. Well done to them!’

Dates for the Diary Mon 5 December Yr12 & Y13 Physics in Action Conference Tues 6 December Lord Taverner’s Regional Boccia Championships More Able Evening (1900 – 2000) Wed 7 December Ski Trip – parents info evening (1900-2100)

We would like to congratulate our students on their preparation, both in terms of their written documentation and their appearance.

Fri 9 December Y11 into Y12 taster sessions

All the students arrived for their appointments punctually, with a positive attitude, and were excellent ambassadors for Bushey Meads School – well done Year 13!

Tues 13 December Christmas Concert (1900-2100) Thurs 15 December Staff and Students Christmas Lunch


Andrea (07Maple) This week’s KS3 student of the week is Andrea from 07Maple. Out of all of our Year 7 students, Andrea has the most reward points - an amazing 122 and 0 behaviour points. What an excellent start to your time here at Bushey Meads Andrea. We are very proud of you - keep up the good work!

Angel (10Oak) This week’s student of the week has been nominated by the Pastoral Manager, Miss Dhanecha. Angel has been given this accolade in recognition of her undying positivity at school. Angel has worked hard to ensure she achieves highly across all subject areas. She is a delight to have at the school and we wish her all the very best as she continues to progress through her GCSE curriculum.

Sean (12Ash) Sean has spent his own time working closely with younger students helping them with their reading skills. Sean can be found in the Learning Resource Centre weekly encouraging and quietly cajoling those students who may not have the confidence to read aloud. He is certainly making excellent use of his community service!

Ms Bowe - Lead Practitioner for English and Whole School Literacy This week, we have been exploring the word eloquent, as well as different eloquent speakers and writers.

Mr Akram - Lead Practitioner for Mathematics

By Mrs Armitage Three new members have just recently joined our strong team of teaching assistants, supporting between them our students where required.

Thomas Beech – Teaching Assistant Mr Beech graduated earlier this year from Gloucestershire University, having studied Sport Strength and Conditioning. Needless to say he is a keen sportsman, his main sport being Rugby. He plays for Harrow Rugby Club 1st team, having come up through the Colts teams at Harrow before he went off to university. Longer term Mr Beech is hoping to train as a teacher himself, either in PE at secondary level or as a primary teacher. He is hoping this position as a teaching assistant at Bushey Meads will give him good experience and develop his skills in preparation for this career move in the future. We wish him well.

Angela Murtagh – Teaching Assistant, PNI Miss Murtagh has taught English as a foreign language both in central London and a number of locations across Europe. She is keen to now focus specifically in the area of special educational needs to develop her career, and hence is very excited to have the opportunity to join our department of specialists in this field. Miss Murtagh has been appointed to work specifically with our physically and neurologically impaired students. Her hobbies include reading and photography (maybe a potential entry for Ms Waring’s photography competition – see ad on page 16). She is also very keen to promote ‘up-cycling’ – this is the reuse of articles rather than recycling!

Nicola Steele, Teaching Assistant, PNI Mrs Steele also joins us to work specifically with our physically and neurologically impaired students. She has moved from an 11-year career at Watford General Hospital as an Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor, where she promoted independent living back in the home to in-patients by providing support and appropriate equipment. She is a black belt in Bujinkia Karate and was selected to fight for the GB ladies team. However, she declined the opportunity as she joined the RAF instead which spanned a nine-year career. Let’s hope we can present Mrs Steele with the challenges she clearly needs in her working life here at Bushey Meads!

Notice for all parents and carers: A group call email has been sent out to all parents and carers this week, notifying of two vacancies for parent governors that will arise at the end of December due to the expiry of term of office of two of our valued and experienced parent governors. Please do take the time to read the letter from Mr Turner inviting parents and carers to consider submitting an application for one of these posts. The nomination form is also attached to the email – NB it is essential that should you submit an application it is seconded. Deadline for applications: Wednesday 14th December 2016.

Hi, my name is KAVYA MEHTA (07Willow) and I’m a chess player. It’s a great pleasure to play chess at school as there are many people to compete against. I have already won 12 games in 8 days. However, some people think that chess is a boring game. But personally I believe that chess is a game that can build up our level of intelligence, patience and skills.

If you don’t know how to play or you are interested to learn chess then you are welcome to join us. The players and teachers will help you to learn and become a good player. The club runs on Wednesday and Friday lunch times in A1. At the club we have bought enough boards for everyone to use. There are three categories in the club; first is an observer, second is average and third is an expert. Also, there is going to be a chess competition soon and BMS will be competing with neighbouring schools - so if you want to be in the team then come along and join us!

Hope to see you in A1 - Wednesday and Friday lunch-times!

Mr Cartledge, Head of PE & Health On Wednesday 23rd November a number of the Year 11, Level 2 Sports Leaders delivered some health and fitness sessions to the Year 7 students in PE. The sessions had been carefully planned for maximum student engagement and the Year 7s responded by really pushing themselves in the 30 minute workouts. This is the second session the Level 2 leaders have taken leading after- school sessions in team games in recent weeks. Well done to Sam Basnett, Vicky Pratt, Luca Castello, Michael Lawman, Euan Enright and Chris King who are all making excellent progress towards the Level 2 qualification. The group are now organising some Inter-House sports competitions for Years 8 and 9 for later in the term.

Miss Budd, Teacher of Textiles On Friday, 25 November, the Year 10 textiles students visited the Natural History Museum in London to gather research for their current project. Their brief is to design and make a textiles product inspired by nature. The students sketched and photographed the exhibits, focusing on pattern and texture, as well as visiting the gift shop to carry out some market research. Georgia Sargent (10Oak) commented: ‘The trip was very insightful. I learnt a lot of different things that will now help me complete my project.’

Sixth Form Learning Walk at BMS Mr Turner, Executive Principal One of the key ways that staff at BMS capture best practice is through conducting regular, focussed learning walks. These take place each and every week at the school and enable staff to see what is taking place in classrooms and then make plans to share this best practice across our learning community. On Thursday of last week Mr O’Kelly - Head of Sixth Form, Mr Spary - Assistant Headteacher with oversight of the Sixth Form, and I conducted a learning walk that focussed on Sixth Form lessons. We saw some outstanding teaching and many students really engaged with their learning across a whole variety of exciting subject areas - really working hard to achieve their true potential. I was particularly impressed with the large Year 12 Maths class taught by Mr Varsani, the inspiring Head of Faculty for Maths. Students were all engaged as they started work on a new topic; they were learning from each other and also watching their teacher model the crucial methods and learning points on the Interactive Flat Panel and whiteboard at the front of the classroom, using excellent questioning to tease out the students’ knowledge and understanding.

In Mr Patel’s class, Maila - 12Willow showed me her homework – each question ragged in green (questions she had fully mastered), amber (questions she had completed) and pink (the ‘problem questions’).

As Mr Patel and the other students went through the ‘problem questions’, she and the other students used purple pen to show their re-drafted answers. A personalised test in 2 weeks’ time revisits the problem questions to really embed the learning.

GCSE & GCE Certificate Collection - For exams taken in summer 2016 GCSE & GCE Certificates can now be collected any time during the school day from the Exams Office. Please note certificates are only kept at school for one year, after which time it is the student’s responsibility to re-order from the examination board. NB this will incur a fee.

Amira Izhar – Reporter for Performing Arts Faculty

Finally, after lots of hard work, perseverance and rehearsals, the school production of ‘Bugsy Malone’ was all ready to take place on the evenings of Tuesday 15th - Thursday 17th November. The audience were greeted to refreshments in the restaurant before seeing the magnificent set designed by Aaron Robinson and put together by art students.

The shows were all a great success, culminating in a spectacular last night - as hilarious for the audience as it was for the cast, with the grapple for power between ‘Fat Sam’ and ‘Dandy Dan’ alongside the rise of ‘Bugsy Malone’ being told in an engaging, entertaining way. The excellent talent shown by these dedicated students shows off the singing, acting and dancing talent we have at Bushey Meads - with some very realistic American accents! The shows met with a lot of applause and a well-deserved standing ovation. It’s clear the hard work and effort put in by all of the cast, teachers and back of house staff resulted in, once again, a delightful and actionpacked school production at Bushey Meads. We unfortunately can’t show you them all, but we thought you would appreciate a selection of our favourite photos from the show on the next page …………

A big thank you goes to all who were involved in the production – there were just so many students and staff, all working so hard. We do hope we have included everyone here below:


Sonni Mason / Jesse Harry Brown Rima Langhi / Marie Hofer Tillyer Ellie Richardson / Louisa Wright Shannon Richardson / Holly White

DANDY DAN’s GANG: Thomas Philips, Eleanor Vroome, Vamsi Dyjecinski, Devan Parmar, Sam Raymond, Katie Sharp, Elise Swain FAT SAM’s HOODLEMS: Joshua Davies, Sina Hoseinzadeh Fard, Charlie Mainwaring, Adam Marks, Tom Clarke ALSO: Tyler Cottier, Abigail O’Reilly, Abby Andrews, Ella Villiers, Laila Day, Emily Cox-Corp, Ellie Curnow, Jack Elson, Adam Fishman, Crystal Haxhia, Megan Hooper, Sarthak Kanel, Zuva Makoni, Colm Monahan, Fatasia Mulima Matiya, Kelie Mullings, Jake Norris-Ataie, Philip Nuka, Niall O’Shea, Katie Parker, Mia Partos, Zuzanna Pawlaczyk, Luke Robinson, Csenge Szabo, Bethany Trickett, Hannah Spriggs THE ENSEMBLE: Ella-Rose Tripp, Calum Walsh, Sophie Zambarloukos, Nathan Rose, Elly Andrews, George Clarke, Noah Faruque, Elizabeth Jackson, Ella Wilson, Bethany Prosser, Emily Alexander, Holly Beecham, Alex Davis THE ORCHESTRA: Darius Kiprianides, Adam Dalby, Kajal Dodhia, George Shi, Jack Talbot, Cormac Coyle, Issac Nesbeth, Sam Freeman, Mr Cox, Miss Craven BEHIND THE SCENES: Mr Knowles, Mr Futerill, Mr Cox, Miss Brown, Miss Craven, Miss Rowden, Mr Heywood and his team, Saffron Richardson, Natalya Smart, Aaron Robinson, Sam Basnett, Dan Holland-King, Shea Jones and her team, Heather Thomas and the team, Devan Parmar, Sonni Mason STAGE CREW: Yama Qarib, Hafsah Minhas, Hannah Barry, Madunan Uthayakumar, Aaron Robinson, Calum Walsh, Dylan Reid

Year 8 Drama - Marking and Verbal Feedback During a learning walk this week that I undertook with Assistant Headteacher Mrs Wright, it was great to visit a number of our exciting Performing and Visual Arts teaching spaces and see how students receive feedback that moves their learning on and enables them to make good In these more practical progress. lessons it is sometimes harder to provide written feedback and, although there was some very good evidence of written feedback across all the subjects we visited, the feedback is often provided verbally by the teacher as the students are completing their practical tasks. In Mr Futterill’s Drama lesson I spoke to a group of Year 8 students (pictured rehearsing here) and put this to the test.

I asked each of them what they were studying and to give one example of some verbal feedback that they had received recently and how it had helped them develop their learning and progress in drama. They told me this…… “In drama we have been studying West Side Story. In our groups we have been making our own performances based on the stimulus of West Side Story. We have found this project extremely challenging because of how it has enhanced our drama abilities.” Here is some of the verbal feedback we have received: Inaya in 8 Elm said “Mr Futerill has told me to ‘clock’ the audience more; this means to look at the audience and make them know what you are performing. Last term we did Comedia D'Alerte and that involves ‘clocking’ the audience, as it is a comedy.” Yaashri in 8 Ash said “I got told by my drama teacher to project my voice so that everyone could hear me. He also said to understand where my audience is so that I am always facing them.” Jesse in 8 Ash said “I was told by Mr Futerill to improve my characterization through enhancing my voice and vocal range. He has also encouraged me to do some in-depth investigations into my character through hot seating.” Zak in 8 Ash said “My teacher told me to stay in character throughout the whole scene to show my character well.” Louis in 8 Sycamore said “To improve in drama, Mr Futterill has told me that I should use a variety of facial expressions so everyone can see my character.” Akshayan in 8 Beech said that Mr Futterill has given him the following feedback “Add a pause between important events to create tension.” It was really clear that the students took their verbal feedback very seriously and that they had been using it in this latest project to develop their dramatic techniques and performing abilities. Mr Turner Executive Principal

Mr Searle, Assistant Headteacher The theme of the week this week has been achievement and therefore both the assemblies and the activities completed in registration periods were based on this. The message given to students is that their destiny is in their own hands. If they wish to achieve highly and be successful then there is no reason for this not to happen. Two vital ingredients of achievement are a growth mindset and dedication.

The students were also given some practical advice in order to take positive steps forwards to achieve more highly. Instead of trying to improve one thing by 100% - which is a difficult task, it is better to try and improve 100 things by 1%.

With a growth mindset and dedication, high levels of achievement will occur.

Make one small positive change today

Message for all parents/carers: you have been sent a group call email informing you of the details of this programme and providing you with the relevant form for completion should you wish your child to take lessons in any musical instrument from our extensive choice of instrumental lessons offered. A supply of these forms are also available for students to collect from the Music Department. Please do consider whether you would like your child to benefit from this opportunity. Please note - students entitled to free school meals may be able to claim remission of fees from Hertfordshire Music Service. Miss Brown, Head of Music

On Monday evening it was great to welcome our hard working BMS Student Leadership Team to our usual Senior Leadership Team meeting to discuss the current pertinent issues related to our all-important teaching and learning agenda at Bushey Meads School. The productive meeting started with a presentation from the student leaders which summarised the main findings of the joint Governors/Student Parliament meeting that took place on our recent Governors Day. On that important day in our school calendar the Senior Leadership Team led this meeting which centred on a number of key round table discussions about teaching, learning and marking and feedback. Assistant Headteacher, Mr Searle (who oversees teaching and learning in the school), listened very carefully to all their ideas and the subsequent discussion, and will be taking many of the points raised on board – many of which are affirming the current and exciting direction of travel that the school is on. At the start of the meeting Amira sat at the EP’s desk to load up their presentation on the screen. I thought she looked quite at home!

Mr Turner, Executive Principal

Attendance Matters – by Ms Ash, Assistant Headteacher Did you know...?  For every day of school missed by a student it will reduce their attendance by 0.5%  Ten whole days of school have been missed if a student has 95% attendance  Twenty whole days of school have been missed if a student has 90% attendance  If a student is persistently absent (85% attendance) they have missed 6 weeks, or half a term, of schooling Number of days absent by the end of an academic year

Equal to absence percentage

Overall Attendance Percentage by End of Year
















PARTICIPATION Last week the theme of the week was Participation with the assemblies and form activities led by the head of houses. It was pleasing to see Oak students getting actively involved in both. We saw lots of students engage in the Mannequin Challenge during form time with Mr Searle deciding 10Oak provided us with the best video. We also saw students get involved in the assembly. They had to make a paper cup with a slight twist. The students held the cup above their head and the tutors poured water into the cup. Some were successful with others unsuccessful with many getting rather wet. However this was just to reinforce the important message of how students should participate in more activities as often this leads to fun and enjoyable experiences. PREMIER LEAGUE ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE Hajar, 10Oak is one of five students who is representing Bushey Meads School in the Premier League Enterprise Challenge. This season’s challenge sees teams of young people creating a plan to increase their Club’s international fan base and its income streams specifically from the USA. The launch event at the stadium was the first step for the Trust to find their representative at this year’s Premier League Enterprise Challenge finals. PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION An important message from the participation assembly was that house points often reflect how many students from each house are participating within inter-house competitions. With this in mind Oak house, the Photography competition is coming up with the deadline on Monday 9th January! The theme is ‘messages’.

Mr Hawkins, Oak Head of House

Mr Turner, Executive Principal

Sports Clubs provided by external coaches The extra-curricular sessions with Watford Harriers, Arsenal Ladies and Yoga have now finished for this term. Watch this space for details of when they restart. Basketball with Hertfordshire Warriors - Friday’s after school. All welcome, meet in kit at 3.05 in the sports hall.

Rugby news Year 9 Boys Rugby v Longdean (County Shield Round 1) Date : Weds 23rd November Result : Lost 35-0 Squad : Ross Marsh, Christy O’Leary, Kamron Campbell, Leon Cooper, Ethan Baverstock, Kees Van Der Leeuw, Owen O’Mahony, Nathan Angold, Luke Fletcher-Gray, Andre Fernandes, Jack Leeves, Jude Callaghan, James Demir Commended performances : James Demir Comment : The scoreline was not a fair reflection on the game. The boys were at a disadvantage from the off with only 14 players but you would not have known in stages of the game. The boys battled hard putting in some excellent tackles and gaining a lot of ground. Unfortunately some missed tackles in the left and right wing positions meant Longdean broke through and scored some tries. Lots of positives and the boys will have a good remaining season. Remember to let Mr Hawkins know if you cannot play.

Football news Year 11 Boys Football v St Edmunds (County Cup) Date : Weds 23rd November Result : Won 2 - 1 Scorers : Maciek Blasic, Euen Enright Squad : Julius Pazio, Connor Freeman, Curtis Meale, Callum Bedwell, Aidan O’Mahoney, Maciek Blasic, Luca Castello, Euen Enright, Joe Blagden, Jake Zimmatore, Victor Williams, Chris Osei Commended performances : Luca Castello Comment: Conceding a weak goal in the first half the team pushed and pushed for an equaliser. Finding one with just 7 minutes remaining and then what turned out to be the winner just 3 minutes later, the team held out to move into the Quarter Final. Year 9 Boys Football v St Clement Danes (District League) Date : Sat 26th November Result : 3-3 Scorers : Pavit Sangasinha, Jamie Alexander, Owen O’Mahony Squad : Zachary Faulkner, Nathan Angold, Luke Fletcher-Gray, James Kimber, Avon Shrestha, Owen O’Mahony, Jake Watt, Billy Garvey, Pavit Sangasinha, Josh James, James Demir, Jamie Alexander, Jack Leeves Comment: This was the last game of the season for the Year 9 team. It has proved to be a difficult season with the league being very close with regards to points. With St Clement Danes winning 3-2 leading into the last couple of minutes of the game and the boys needing a draw to avoid relegation, Bushey Meads missed a penalty. However in the dying seconds of the game Owen, the team's captain, scored a goal to keep the boys in the Premier Division. Year 8 Boys Football v St Clement Danes (Friendly) Date : Sat 26th November Result : Lost 5 - 1 Scorer : Jay Marsh Squad : Shyam Pattni, Taylor Bees, Leo Enright, George Rowe, Irvine Tannor, Zach Khan, Max Mesula, Archie Sykes, Jaylen Sotomey, Jay Marsh, Petru Sandu Nicolescu, Harris Plant Comment : A difficult game where the team were under a lot of pressure from the opposition for most of the game. Getting a goal right at the end of the game was rewarding for all the hard defensive work the team had put in. Year 8 Boys Football v Bushey Academy (District Cup) Date : Mon 28th November Result : Won 5-4 aet Squad : Shyam Pattni, Taylor Bees, Leo Enright, Luke Andrews, George Rowe, Reed Sims, Irvine Tannor, Zach Khan, Ben Castello, Max Mesula, Toyosi Oyedeji, Archie Sykes, Jaylen Sotomey, Jake Norris-Ataie, Jay Marsh Comment : A dominant performance from the team who allowed the opposition back into the game on a number of occasions with silly mistakes, but finally held the lead to the final whistle during extra time. The team move on to the semi final! Year 7 Boys Football v Bushey Academy (Friendly) Date : Tues 22nd November Result : Lost 2-0 Scorers : Squad : Taylor Bates, Ellis Anthony, Alfie Hiron, Stanley Booth, Cian Lynch, Leo Feeley, Aarav Kothary, Frankie Rowe, Max Machen, Tyler Pearce, Bo Kapucho Commended performances : Alfie Hiron, Cian Lynch Comment : The boys were unlucky to go out of the District Cup after a battling display. After a strong defensive performance in the first half they created several openings in the second half but could not make the breakthrough and ended up going out. Year 7 Boys Football v St Clement Danes (Friendly)

Date : Sat 26th November Result : Won 4-3 Scorers : Max Machen 2, Taylor Bates, Ellis Anthony Squad : Taylor Bates, Ellis Anthony, Alfie Hiron, Stanley Booth, Cian Lynch, Leo Feeley, Calum O’Shea, Tom Barnes, Sean Sabapathy, Frankie Rowe, Matthew Keough, Ed Boother-Domingues Commended performances : Max Machen, Taylor Bates Comment : The Year 7 boys recorded a good win in a keenly contested game on Saturday. Special mention to Max Machen for two very well taken goals. Year 7 Boys Football v St Clement Danes (Friendly) Date : Sat 26th November Result : Lost 5-1 Scorers : Ed Boother-Domingues Squad : Tom Barnes, Sean Sabapathy, Matthew Keough, Ed Boother-Domingues, Aarav Kothary (GK), Hamza Said Dawood, Rayan Mohamud, Mashur Chowdhury, Hammaad Khan, Matthew Willett, Noah Phillips, Liam Fairhead Commended performances : Sean Sabapathy, Rayan Mohamud Comment : An improved performance by the year 7 B-team and a particularly pleasing effort in the first half. Year 7 Boys Football DISTRICT 5-A-SIDE CHAMPIONSHIPS Date : Mon 28th November Squad : Taylor Bates, Ellis Anthony, Alfie Hiron, Stanley Booth, Cian Lynch, Calum O’Shea, Max Machen, Tyler Pearce Comment : The Year 7 boys found the competition very tough with all other teams coming from the District Premier League. However the boys improved during the course of the competition with a particularly pleasing display against Queens.

Girls Football Year 8- SJC Date: 22/11/16 Opposition: District Tournament Result: 4th in group Scorers: S.Parkhouse, L.Kirby, K.Branigan, S.Plummer Team: B.Brindley S.Plummer, B.Coste, F.Boselli, S.Parkhouse, L.Kirby, K.Branigan Comment: The girls played really well in a very competitive league. The girls lost three games but each by only one goal and the highlights were convincing victories over St.Michaels and Reach Free. Well played everyone. Player of the tournament: Katie Branigan Year 7- SJC Date: 28/11/16 Opposition: District Tournament Result: Runners up Scorers: S.Parkhouse, L.Kirby, E.Sinfield Team: S.Parkhouse, L.Kirby, E.Sinfield, E.Alexander, E.Cannon, E.Smith, E.Walsh Comment: A fantastic effort and great team spirit saw the year 7 team finish as very impressive runners up in the district tournament. Losing only to Queens they really showed their potential, beating WGGS, Parmiters and Rickmansworth on route to the final. It has been really pleasing to see the progress the girls have made and we look forward to more successes. Players of the tournament: Sophie Parkhouse and Lucie Kirby

Girls Netball Year 7 – SW Date: 28/11/16 Opposition: Rickmansworth Result: Won 7 - 4 Team: E Andrews, M Aravindan, I Henry, C Lea, E Homes, G De-Venny, H Mundogalong, J Dave Comment: Another strong game from the year 7s and another win to add to their list of success this year! Some excellent marking and interceptions meant the majority of possession was theirs! Player of the match: E Andrews Year 8 – SW Date: 28/11/16 Opposition: Rickmansworth Result: Won 13 - 6 Team: J Benveniste, B Patel, E Rowe, S Narroway, A Elman, M Hayes, G Brass, A Hutchinson Comment: An impressive performance from the girls in the cold! Excellent passing into the circle and accurate shooting gave them an excellent start with the score at the end of the first quarter being 6-1. From there they went from strength to strength, the marking improved and the centre passes were well practiced. Player of the match: S Narroway