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8 December 2017

YOUNG CHEF SUCCESS FOR YEAR 10 Mrs Hanbury – Food Preparation and Nutrition Teacher Three Year 10 Food Preparation and Nutrition students were chosen to represent BMS in the live regional finals for the Watford Rotary Young Chef competition last Saturday at West Herts College. Olivia Rowe, Christian Okeke and Jessica Enevoldson were selected from the GCSE food class to participate in the live regional heat. They had to cook a 2 course healthy meal for 2 people. It was an intense couple of hours for them with tough competition from other schools in the area. The quality of the menu’s and the skill level of the dishes was amazing. Chief Judge: Russell Bateman, Head Chef, Colette’s Restaurant at The Grove and a participant in the BBC’s Great British Chefs competition. Other Judges: Andy Wakeford, Graham Rusling & Jason Stetzel Chef Lecturers from the Food Academy, West Herts College The judges commented on that the standard of the food was very high, in fact it was the highest they had seen in a number of years. I am incredibly proud to report that Olivia came first and Christian placed third.


Dates for the diary

Tues 12 December Christmas Music & Arts Concert th Thurs 14 December Christmas Lunch th Weds 20 December Term Ends at 12:20pm rd Weds 3 January Terms Starts at 11am th Thurs 11 January Drama Trip to Hound of the Baskervilles Tues 16th January Stoke Mandeville Celebration 6pm th Weds 17 January House Arts Event th

Olivia has won a day in the kitchen with Russell Bateman and a meal for 4 at Collette’s the Grove’s restaurant. Olivia has to now represent Herts in the finals! Christian has won £40 in vouchers. All three were amazing, so calm and organised. I’m very proud of the achievement of all three participants, as were all the parents and grandparents who were supporting on the day.

HOUSE CUP UPDATE Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher

9000 8000 7000


6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 ASH






7901 7591 7569 7311 7067 6841 6757


Alice (7 Ash) This week’s KS3 student of the week is Alice 7 Ash for her hardworking and enthusiastic attitude towards school life. Alice has over 200 achievement points, excellent attendance and gives her best in her lessons. Well done Alice, you’ve made a brilliant start at Bushey Meads. Keep up the great work!

Pilar (10 Ash) This week’s KS4 student of the week is Pilar - 10 Ash for being an exceptional student and a great member of the Bushey Meads community. Pilar has 100% attendance, over 100 achievement points and has achieved an ATL of 6 or 7 in all her subjects. Keep up the great work, we are very proud of you!



Amy (12 Sycamore) This week’s KS5 student of the week is, Amie - 12 Sycamore. Following on from our inspiration assembly on Monday, Amie sought out her local Salvation Army centre and donated a gift for children who might not otherwise receive a Christmas present. Amie has shown generosity and kindness which encompasses our school ethos of ‘A Mind to be Kind’.

FANTASTIC LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES AT BMS Mr Turner – Executive Principal Over the past two weeks it has been a real privilege to walk around the school and see so much superb learning that has been taking place across all faculty areas and year groups in the school. Here a just a few of the highlights that I have seen; so many students fully engaged, enjoying their learning and great teachers continue to provide every opportunity for them all to really excel. Excellent questioning by Ms Lewis and knowledgeable student contributions in a Year 13 Business Studies class were enhancing the learning about the topic ‘Characteristics of Globalisation’.

In Year 12 RS, Philosophy and Ethics students had started a new topic based on Situation Ethics. Having completed a presentation flip learning task that upskilled them before they started the introductory lesson, here Jesse is pictured competing a plenary exercise based on answering a question: what is agape? The students then passed their first drafts to each other and added to each other’s answers. All superbly facilitated by Miss Walters.

In a Key Stage RE lesson there were some excellent examples of peer assessment in exercise books and some great discussion, facilitated by Mr Lyley’s excellent higher order questioning about good and evil and moral duty.

Year 8 students in Mrs Charles’ class were working on ‘The Seasons’ in French and testing their prior knowledge of vocabulary by translating sentences and phrases from the target language to English.

In Miss Timmons Year 11 Maths class you could hear a pin drop as the students were so engaged in deepening their mathematical knowledge as they continue to study with her during their all-important GCSE year. Many of them like Mathew pictured here were using the powerful online Mathswatch package.

Year 11 Mathematician Joel is pictured here watching a video clip of a lesson on Mathswatch explaining a particularly challenging topic to deepen his own understanding as he continues to prepare to nail those top levels in the summer examinations.

One of our top IT students Josh was captured working on the development of his quite superb APP design, which he has called ‘Film Finder’ - an important element of his coursework for one of his 6 units that makes up his engaging Level 3 BTEC IT Qualification; a very popular and successful course offered in our expanding Sixth Form provision here at BMS led by Mr Besisira our Head of IT and Computing.

In Mr Dawson’s English lesson Alfie and Ben were starting to work on their creative writing piece based on the character Carlson from Of Mice and Men who ended up killing Candy’s dog. Alfie explained to me he liked the very real emotions depicted in the gripping novel.

Students in Miss Skevington’s Year 13 A level group were carefully referring to the Geography A level exam board specifications and syllabi to plan next steps with revision and preparation for the next round of PPEs in February.

Students in Year 7 had started an exciting Young Philosopher’s course in their RE lessons with Mr Tocknell. They were really engaged in starting the first topic entitled ‘Deep Water’.

An excellent plenary at the end of the lesson was being facilitated by Mrs Bartholomew, demonstrating clearly how much the students had learned about the topic of tourism in Kenya and the effect it was having on different population groups and aspects of the country’s economy.

In Miss Lister’s Year 12 Psychology lesson students were researching two studies related to authority and obedience and drawing out clear learning conclusions. The lesson ended with a Kahoot plenary to test out prior understanding.

In a targeted small group intervention English class students were working really effectively with their teaching assistants sorting out complex words into different word type groups.

In Mrs Selliah’s Maths lesson students were grappling with estimating probabilities, working well and contributing ideas to the lesson and helping each other overcome any difficulties.

Year 10 GCSE Maths students taught by Mr Akram were working out the volumes of quite complex 3 dimensional shapes.

In Mrs Garcia’s lesson Year 8 students were listening intently to a recording of a French narrator talking about a typical day and then asking questions about the text.

Year 12 Politics students with Mrs Broome were having a well-informed, suitably challenging and very considered debate about the advantages and disadvantages linked to proportional systems of voting. All very impressive!

In Mr Gall’s science practical lesson Benji explained about the experiment that the students in his class had just completed which involved heating samples of salt water from around the country and calculating the percentage of salt that was in the water, using mass readings taken before and after the heating and evaporation process.

In Miss Nugara’s science lesson students were working really well learning about pregnancy, and were carefully labelling a clear diagram to reinforce the key aspects of the lesson and asking questions to embed their understanding.

Year 7 students in Mr CollinsPearson’s science lesson were clearly enjoying the practical challenge; they were exploring how much energy is released from different types of fuels. All students were carefully observing all the usual health and safety rules when using flammable liquids and Bunsen burners.

As a class they were sharing the data they had collected to check the accuracy of their scientific experiment, also enabling them to draw more appropriate conclusions from the experiment.

Our top scientists and hardworking Year 12 Physicists with Miss Booth were completely engrossed in their A level work and were focussed on practising suvat equations, or equations of motion, in preparation for a required practical next week.

In technology Year 9 student Tofunmi should me how he had made a keyboard circuit that plays music and demonstrated how it worked. He and the other students in the class and drawn a design on a computer, made their own circuit board, designed the casing for the circuit board, carefully following a set criteria for the design.

Tavi and Charlie’s designs In another Year 9 technology lesson Krish was busy designing packaging for a pen using the software programme Photoshop - the main aim was to make the design as appealing as possible to entice people to buy the product.

In Food Technology more Year 9 students were looking at the benefits of being vegetarian, both for themselves and also for the environment. David was able to clearly explain some of the key benefits.

In textiles lessons Crystal and Gabriela in Year 9 were making shorts and trousers, carefully considering the different fabric samples and ways of making the items of clothing, taking into account all the different manufacturing process.

Hard working Year 11 maths students who have just completed their PPEs were engaged with a national numeracy challenge set by Mr Kasza. This was a ‘one off’ challenge with an emphasis on finance and everyday practical Maths reinforcing their GCSE studies in these key areas of the Maths curriculum.

Year 9 students in Drama were rehearsing in groups in the brand new Drama Studio an extract from the play ‘Teechers’, preparing for a performance after the holiday in the new year.

Year 9 students were performing their devised contemporary dances based on a number of taught moves and sequences and their own creative choreography. The rest of the class were evaluating the performances, thinking of what was working well and even better if.

Year 10 artist Lucy’s surrealist painting based on the artist a Salvador Dali.

Abderrahim Year 9 with his specially designed building inspired by the Sydney Opera House and the Gherkin in London.

An amazing creation by Skye 9S

All in all it was an amazing walk through our superb school! I’m sure you would agree that our students get an excellent daily experience at BMS and it is no surprise why our results across all key stages are so good and improving year on year. A big thank you must go to all our hard working staff who always go the ‘extra mile’ for our students and well done to the students themselves for the important part that they play in ensuring our learning environment is so inspiring.

WORD OF THE WEEK (WOW) Ms Bowe – Lead Practitioner for English and Whole school Literacy

Language is empowering

MATHS CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK Mr Akram - Lead Practitioner for Maths

SCIENTIST OF THE WEEK Mrs Razavi – Senior Science Technician


Mobile Phones – Please note that the use of mobile phones for KS3 and KS4 students is strictly prohibited during the course of the school day. All phones need to be switched off and should not be seen at all by staff. Any violation of this rule is subject to confiscation for up to two weeks depending on the circumstances. Lateness – Please remember that if you are late to school after tutor time, you MUST sign in at the student window before going to your lesson. Road Safety – It's really great to see so many of our students riding their bikes to school and it fits perfectly with our Healthy Schools status. We'd be even happier to see them all wearing helmets in the interests of their own personal safety! Take care of yourselves and be safe please!

Break and Lunchtimes – students are reminded that the fields are now out of bounds due to the

weather conditions making the field very muddy. Students seen on the fields will be sanctioned in accordance with the behaviour policy. Toilets – please be aware that toilets will be closed for students during lesson times. Student are encouraged to plan toilet breaks before form time, at break and lunch or afterschool. Exceptions will be made for students with medical reasons.

THEME OF THE WEEK – CHRISTMAS Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher This week assemblies and tutor time focused on the theme of Christmas and what is means. Years 7-11 looked at how Christmas is celebrated throughout the United Kingdom and focused on the spirit of Christmas. In form tutor times each form group created their own special Advent Calendar where each day had a different Act of Kindness that the form would do.

Students around the school have been embracing this idea and going out of their way to open doors, smile at people and show kindness in what they say and do. Long may this last into the New Year! Students also reflected on some powerful quotes on the theme of giving, as seen below. They were encouraged to think about what they mean and how giving without expecting anything back makes you feel.

Sixth form assembly this week had a focus on being kind and caring to those who are less fortunate. Many children will not have the experience of having presents this year but the Salvation Army are an inspirational charity! They begin their Christmas Appeal mid-December and you can show your support by donating new, unwrapped toys and gifts for children who might not otherwise receive a Christmas present. The gifts will then be wrapped and distributed to those in need. Suggested Gift List for Children and Young People § 0-3 years: dolls, teddy bears, cot mobiles, baby clothes, bath toys, CDs of suitable music and nursery rhymes, puzzles § 3-5: dolls and action figures, cars, lorries, DVDs and CDs (music and nursery rhymes), colouring sets, pencils, crayons, books, puzzles § 5-9: educational games & toys, stationery (colouring sets, pencils, crayons, school sets), CDs & family friendly DVDs, books, puzzles, wordsearch, crosswords § 9-12: games and toys, stationery, DVDs, books, t-shirts, hair accessories, gloves, scarves, hats § 13-16: books, make-up and toiletries (please try to ensure nonallergic ingredients if possible), gloves, scarves, hats, t-shirts, hair accessories and gift vouchers Over the years, millions of children and young people have benefited from gifts donated to The Salvation Army. By giving a gift to our Christmas Present Appeal you can make a real difference in someone’s life at Christmas.

BMS BUILDING UPDATE Mr Turner – Executive Principal

This week we have had a huge crane on our school site spending the week lifting the heavy steels into place to form the structure for what is clearly going to be a very impressive new building for our flag ship PE and Health Faculty. The building will house a very large multi gym on the upper floor and a state of the art teaching space for all the exciting courses that our PE and Health Faculty offer to all our students across the key stages.

The art department is also growing massively in size and the new 2 storey art gallery space has been created, along with a large new art room and breakout space for our talented sixth form artists.

The school continuss to expand and grow and is incereasingly developing to be superbly fit for purpose for all our learners. With a final completion date of June 2018 – watch this space for further exciting updates!

TEACHER TRAINING ACROSS THE TRUST Mrs Wright – Assistant Headteacher

Being part of the Trust enables us to have a great platform for training staff across they key stages. Recently Andeel Akram our Schools Direct coordinator facilitated an exchange visit between two trainee teachers. Andeel said: “Being part of the Bushey St. James Trust has allowed trainees across the Trust to easily find placements which are a requirement for their PGCE qualification. With the links I, as the Professional Mentor, could conveniently contact Little Reddings who proficiently secured a Primary placement day. The process was very efficient and I look forward to continuing the partnership.” “My experience at Bushey Meads School was very eye-opening, it was great to see how independent Year 7 were. I have learnt a lot about the transition from primary school to secondary school and this is something that I will incorporate in my own teaching in KS2.” Abi Jalkhi “I recently spent a day at Little Readings Primary School as part of my teacher training. It was interesting to see how teaching varied between the different key stages, starting with early years and progressing up to key stage 2 and especially for Modern Languages, the subject area that I am training in. The experience was great and I now have a better understanding of the educational experience that pupils in my year 7 classes have had before attending Bushey Meads.” Adam Childs

PROGRESS – A MOMENT IN TIME Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher Year 11 students gathered in the Main Hall on Monday where they learnt about the Progress 8 measure and what it means to them individually. Each student was given a personal Student Information Card which shows their current Progress 8 score and the predictions for each subject. This allows the students to see where they need to focus their attention for extra revision and independent learning in order for them to make the progress they are capable of.

We then discussed the top ten students within the year group who are currently predicted to make the most progress. The link between their progress, the Attitude to Learning they display in all lessons and their excellent levels of attendance was explored with students challenged to make a change where needed now and not wait until January to turn over a new leaf! The top ten students are:

P8 Average % score AtL Attendance Jessica STOREY +1.17 6.33 98 Cormac COYLE +1.11 6.67 100 Charlie LYALL +1.07 5.7 98 Louise DWYER +0.95 6.44 100 Darsh PATEL +0.86 5.82 98 Akshay BATHIA +0.71 6.1 93 Indra TINCOCA +0.68 6.78 95 Hana BHATTI +0.67 5.8 100 Samantha CHANG +0.67 5.91 100 Lara VILLIERS +0.63 5.89 95

Well done to all the students for their positive attitudes in lessons and their fantastic attendance.

YEAR 7 VISIT ST ALBANS Mr Newbold – Head of Humanities On Thursday November 30th Year 7 students made the short journey from school to St. Albans for a humanities’ focused visit. Students took part in Geography fieldwork in the town whilst in the cathedral they learnt about the cathedral as a “worshipping community” and also enjoyed a craft activity. The whole day was designed to build on the theme of community which has been a key theme of this term. In spite of a bitterly cold wind, a great time was had by all.

Lex said “I particularly liked when we sketched the view in the park. It was a lovely time sketching as we were all calm and silent”. Aatesh commented “despite it being very cold it was still enjoyable. My favourite part was when we went into the cathedral and we learnt about the history of the cathedral”. Jack enjoyed “making the clay tile because I enjoy clay work”. Shajesh summed up the feelings of many when he said “the trip to St.Albans was great! It was a fabulous trip but freezing”. We’ll try and arrange warmer weather for next year’s visit!

WATFORD V MAN UTD SEND TRIP Mrs Day – SEN Department On Tuesday evening, we were incredibly lucky to have been given tickets to attend the Watford v Manchester United match at Vicarage Road. We had VIP treatment and were escorted to our seats by the helpful stewards - the stadium has excellent wheelchair facilities and we were excited to find we had a great pitchside view! Although it was the coldest night for a long time, we enjoyed a fantastic game of football and all, except one, of the goals was scored right in front of us! Watford fought back from 3-0 at halftime, to 3-2, and for a while, we thought they were going to equalise. It wasn’t to be however, and the match ended as a 42 win for Manchester United. As a bonus, in the interval, we were treated to a performance by local ‘X Factor’ band, Rak-Su (who were voted winners on Sunday night). Ashley, one of the band members, attended BMS. Rak-Su were told we were there and gave BMS a mention at the end of their set. Many thanks to Karen (Watford Football Club) and Mrs Cooper for sorting out the tickets and big thanks to all the students and staff who supported for making it a truly special night!

ELM HOUSE UPDATE Miss Pattni – Head of Elm House First of all, I would like to say how thrilled I am to be Head of Elm house. Since joining the Elm house group earlier this term, I have met this year’s Elm house representatives, who are conscientious students and have already begun filling their roles within the school. As we approach the end of term, I would like to congratulate a few Elm house students who have really shone this term! Hashir and Kushaan are Year 7 food technology students. This week they made fruit salad while practising their knife skills. Both of them worked well in their pairs and earned themselves ‘Chef of the Week awards’! Well done boys, keep up the great work! Bonnie Lyall and Louisa Wright are two of my Year 9 textiles students. Over the course of this term, they have worked incredibly hard to develop and demonstrate a great range of skills in textiles. They are currently working towards making a pair of shorts, which even halfway through look fantastic! I can’t wait to see the end result! Following the shoe box appeal for Link to Hope, I would like to thank all of you who donated items. Elm made a very strong effort and came second with an amazing 33 boxes! We are currently at the top of the House cup 9000 leaderboard! Let’s keep up all the hard work 8000 and amazing things you are all doing! ELM TO 7000 6000 WIN!! 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 Lastly, I would also like to congratulate our former Head of Elm, Mrs Waring, whose little baby Erin arrived a few weeks ago! Elm house and 8Elm especially send you all their love and best wishes!

YEAR 13 ENRICHMENT - INTERVIEW DAY Mrs Mclldowie – Head of Work Related Learning On Thursday 30th November our Y13 students were provided with the opportunity of a mock interview in order to prepare themselves for either the world of work or higher education. Students put in a lot of effort whereby employers would have been happy to offer them permanent positions within their organisation had this been a real-life scenario. The event involved representatives from outside organisations including two of our governors, the University of Hertfordshire, YC Hertfordshire, TSB, Tesco Legal Department, Intu-Watford and a prestigious advertising company. The students were offered valuable feedback on their interview skills, quality of CV and personal statement and were given guidance for improvement where necessary. The following comments were passed on by our colleagues at Intu:“Thanks for a great day, we both really enjoyed meeting the year 13’s and can honestly say they were a credit to the school. We were very impressed with the high standard all round, the way they presented themselves, spoke to us and bought in to the opportunity was very good. All the students were well presented for the interview. To sum up, all the candidates we saw were very impressive and deserve to go on after school and do what they want to do, be it at university or in employment. They are a credit to Bushey Meads School.”

WHOLE SCHOOL CHARITY Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher So far this term we have supported two charity events as a while school community. Firstly the Student Leadership Team sold poppies during form tutor times during the beginning of November to support the Royal British Legion. This culminated in our theme of the week based around Remembrance. The


students were able to raise an impressive

On Friday 17th November we held a Non-School Uniform day where students (and staff!) could pay for the privilege to wear their own clothes for the day. This was in support of Children


in Need and raised an outstanding We will be ending this term with one last charity event to be held on Friday 15th December in support of the charity Save the Children. We will be asking students to join in by paying £1 to wear a Christmas jumper for the day. Students wearing a Christmas jumper and paying their pound for charity will not need to wear their shirt, tie or blazer that day but will need to wear the rest of their normal school uniform. Students wishing to take part should bring in their £1 and hand in to their form representative on the Friday morning.


Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher In a large school it is important to know who to contact if you would like to raise a concern or provide us with information. If you have a concern you would like to share with the school regarding your son or daughter your first point of contact needs to be the subject teacher or the form tutor. They can be contacted via the school email: reception@busheymeads.org.uk, marking it for their attention, or by telephone: 020 8950 3000. EXECUTIVE PRINCIPAL Mr Turner DEPUTY HEADTEACHER Mrs Ash (Yr’s 11, 12 & 13) SENIOR ASSISTANT HEADTEACHER Mr Fisher ASSISTANT HEADTEACHERS Mrs Wright (Yrs 7 & 8) Mr Searle (Yrs 9 & 10) HEAD OF FACULTY PASTORAL TEAM Mr Malik (Yrs 7 – 11) Mr O’Kelly (Yrs 12 & 13) HEAD OF DEPARTMENT FORM TUTOR SUBJECT TEACHER

PE AND HEALTH FACULTY NEWS 2017-18 Mr Cartledge - Head of PE and Health

FOOTBALL Last Saturday 2nd December saw the last Saturday morning fixture of the season and again the boys who represented the school teams were a credit to themselves and the school. Well done to all those that have represented the football over the last term with over 50 school matches being played. Year 10 Boys Football v Francis Combe Academy (District League)

Date : Thursday 7th December Result : Won 6-2 Squad : Zachary Faulkner, Nathan Angold, Kai Jackman, James Kimber, Levi Haughton, Luke Fletcher-Gray, Ross Marsh, Keiran Barnard-White, Pavit Sangasinha, Josh Jones, Jake Watt, Avon Shresha, Billy Garvey Comment :

Year 9 Boys Football v St Clement Danes (Friendly)

Date : Sat 2nd December Result : Lost 3-1 Squad : Jesse Harry-Brown, Shayam Pattni, Archie Sykes, Ben Castello, Leo Enright, Tayler Bees, Harris Plant, Luke Andrews, Jake Norris-Ataie, George Rowe, Irvine Tannor, Reid Sims, Jay Marsh, Zach Khan, Jalen Sotomy Comment : A difficult games against a good footballing team. The squad performed well and without the excellent display from the opposition goalkeeper the game would certainly have been closer. The squad has improved throughout the three years of Saturday football and can look forward to the games ahead in year 10.

Year 8 Boys Football v St Clement Danes (Friendly)

Date : Sat 2nd December Result : Lost 4-2 Scorers : Max Machen, Nathaniel Amoako Squad : Max Machen, Ellis Anthony, Cian Lynch, Leo Feeley, Frankie Rowe, Sean Sabapathy, Tyler Pearce, Aarav Kothary, Matthew Keough, Tom Barnes, Nathaniel Amoako, Mashrur Chaudhury, Taylor Bates, Stan Booth Commended performances : Taylor Bates Comment : The Year 8 boys lost a very closely contested match but can be pleased with many aspects of the performance. On a very big pitch the boys struggled to cope with the size and athleticism of the opposition but showed great resilience particularly in the second half where the boys were unlucky not to eventually draw the match. It was an excellent learning experience as the boys continue to make the adjustment to 11-a-side football.

Year 8 Boys Football v Westfield (District League)

Date : Thurs 7th December Result : Won 6-4 Scorers : Max Machen, Nathaniel Amoako, Taylor Bates, Tom Barnes, Tyler Pearce, Bo kabucho Squad : Max Machen, Ellis Anthony, Cian Lynch, Leo Feeley, Bo Kabucho , Sean Sabapathy, Tyler Pearce, Aarav Kothary, Matthew Keough, Tom Barnes, Nathaniel Amoako, Mashrur Chaudhury, Taylor Bates, Stan Booth Commended performances : Nathaniel Amoako, Tyler Pearce Comment : In the boys final match of the season they showed some excellent passing and counter attacking football and were unlucky not to win by a bigger margin. The boys have won 6 out 7 league matches guaranteeing at least 2nd place in the League and still in with a chance of being champions. Well done all boys who have represented the team - they have shown great spirit and togetherness throughout the term and really improved their technical play.

Year 7A Boys Football v St Clement Danes (Friendly)

Date : Sat 2nd December Result : Drew 1-1 Scorers : Gonzalo Gonzalez-Aller Squad : Kaylan Ford, Noah Haines, David Tegzes, Gonzalo Gonzalez-Aller, Ronan Ismaili, Louie Day, Finnley Spencer, Dominic Richards, Bailey Narroway, Astor Zaghis, Ayyan Shamas Choudhury Commended performances : Kaylan Ford and Dominic Richards Comment : This was a good performance by the Year 7 team competing against a Premier Division team. The boys showed their ability to compete throughout the game going ahead with an excellent header by Gonzalo. It proved to be a tight game and ended 1-1. Kaylan Ford’s debut performance in goal was excellent and Dominic Richards proved a constant threat down the ring wing.

Year 7B Boys Football v St Clement Danes (Friendly)

Date : Sat 2nd December Result : Lost 4-1 Scorers : Qasim Kazmi Squad : Kayan Said Dawood (GK), Benji Winslett (GK), Jaden Johnson, Lex Wimalasena, Dylan Angold, Ilias Dahmani, Daniel Coutts, George Baldry, Ari Ali, Djani Colakovic, Thomas Hurst, Qasim Kazmi. Commended performances : Qasim Kazmi Comment : The boys put in a good first half performance and were 1-0 up for a significant amount of time. However, excellent finishing from St Clement Danes got them back into the game late in the first half. The match was fairly even from start to finish, but our boys were simply less clinical in front of goal.

GIRLS NETBALL Year 7 - DMC Date: 07/12/17 Opposition: Immanuel Result: Lost 16-5 Team: C Wright-Hobson, A Choudhury, F Haddon, G Pugh, M Sanchez, S lea , A Fish Comment: The girls battled hard against a tough opposition. As the game progressed the girls play improved with more accurate passing and interceptions. Player of the Match : Sophie Lea for great movement in the circle Year 10 - DMC Date: 07/12/17 Opposition: Immanuel Result: Lost 20-2 Team: K.Gunasagaren, , E.Estrada, K.Williams, C.Lightfoot, A.Wells-Harbin, A.Finlay Comment: This was a difficult game as the opposition attacked quickly down court. We managed to settle more in the second quarter and created more opportunities to score. The girls never gave up and as a result improvements in passing and defending were apparent. Player of the Match : Year 10 team for improved play during the game.

BOCCIA NEWS Tuesday saw the annual county boccia tournament take place in association with the Lords Tavener. Bushey Meads were asked to send 2 teams to represent Hertsmere district. Travelling to Wodson park in Ware the students set off buoyed for a busy day of action. Team 1: Kai Shah, Jack James, Parth Gaikwad Team 2: Grace Bonner, Oliver Jack, Francesca Martin, Ross Machen Staff: Mrs Hedges, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Maloney, Mr Whyte With both teams having lots of matches to contend with the competition was fierce from the first game and it was important the BMS teams got off to a good start. Team 1 dominated their first match with a convincing 10-0 victory, setting down their marker for the rest of the tournament. Team 2 had a much closer first match and were unfortunate to suffer a narrow defeat. The games continued throughout the morning and early afternoon with the BMS doing really well and demonstrating great tactical awareness and shot selection. Team 2 finished in a creditable 5th place and should be commended for this, the first time playing as a team in a competitive situation. Team 1 went on to take the silver medal, narrowly losing to old rivals Longdean who took the gold medal. This was a fantastic achievement and hopefully will send the team through to the national finals. All students should be congratulated on their performance and its testament to the time Mrs Hedges and Mrs Andrews have put into coaching the students at their Monday night training sessions.

SPORTS CLUBS PROVIDED BY EXTERNAL COACHES Athletics Coaching - Running club Every Tuesday with Watford Harriers in the gym. ALL Welcome

Arsenal Ladies continue their coaching with Bushey Meads students every Wednesday from 3.15 - 4.15 on the field. ALL girls Welcome.

Herts Warriors Basketball begins Friday 29th September ALL welcome meet in the school hall suitably attired. Finish 4.20. For full details of the clubs, fixtures and practices students and parents need to check on the Bushey Meads School website in the PE and Health Faculty icon where you will find a full list of the extra-curricular activities. This is updated on a weekly basis to show the fixtures and practices for each week. In addition students can check the notice boards in the boys and girls changing rooms. The PE and Health Faculty also have their own Twitter account @BMSPEandHealth which includes regular updates on fixtures, match reports and details of forthcoming events. For any parental enquiries about any aspects of PE contact the Head of PE and Health Faculty Ashley Cartledge cartledgea@busheymeads.org.uk For any specific issues related to Girls PE and girls fixtures contact Sarah Cooper coopers@busheymeads.org.uk.

ARSENAL LADIES TICKETS As part of our ongoing link with Arsenal ladies we have been allocated 100 tickets for students and staff to use over the course of the season to watch Arsenal Ladies play their home matches at Borehamwood. If any students and their families would like to access tickets for any of the matches (see dates below) they will need to contact Mrs.Cooper in PE (coopers@busheymeads.org.uk) at least a week in advance to arrange ticket collection.

Email Mrs Cooper a week in advance if you would like free tickets to watch Arsenal ladies play: coopers@busheymeads.org.uk


ARE YOU AN ASPIRING JOURNALIST? Would you like the opportunity to:

ü Be the student voice of Bushey Meads School? ü Work with other aspiring journalists? ü Use your literacy and computing skills? We have the perfect opportunity for you!

We are looking for independent, enthusiastic and resourceful students in Year 10 or 12 to be part of a team of budding journalists for our newsletter. If you are interested, please send a letter to Mr Malik expressing your interest and why you would suit the role by Monday 18th December to malikk@busheymeads.org.uk