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Bushey Meads News

Issue 119 22 September 2017


Mr Turner – Executive Principal It has been a real privilege to welcome a number of superb, new enthusiastic and well qualified teachers to our school at the start of the new academic year. Each and every day I walk around the school and see students engaged in learning, participating in lessons and striving to achieve their potential – all facilitated by our excellent teachers and teaching assistants.

Dates for the diary

Tues 26 Sept, 7:00pm Yr 12 Parents Info Eve th

I was particularly impressed recently when I went into Miss Spain’s Year 8 English class where they were recapping on prior learning, demonstrating their knowledge about quite complex language devices and making a great start to the new academic year –books neatly filled in and many taking a full part in the engaging class discussion and question and answer session.

Our school has a Mind to be Kind

Fri 29th Sept Enrichment Day th Fri 6 October Year 9 Trenches Trip th Tues 10 October Student Group Photo Day


Tues 10 October House Countdown Competition


I was also very impressed with the Year 7 students in Mrs Speker’s Art class yesterday afternoon. As I entered their inspiring art room you could hear a pin drop – the students were working silently, really concentrating on the task in hand, fully supported and guided by another one of our new and talented teachers who have recently joined our wonderful school.

Next week they will have the opportunity to work with clay and I look forward to seeing their outstanding attitudes to learning and high achievements again in a week’s time.

THEME OF THE WEEK - RESPONSIBILITY Mrs Wright – Assistant Headteacher Assemblies and tutor activities this week focused on the theme of Responsibility - one of our three new core values:



RELATIONSHIPS Students were asked to consider whether ‘not making a decision’ was in fact ‘making a decision’ in itself. This was then related to the psychological term of BYSTANDER APATHY. Powerful questions were posed such as:

Should you ignore your friend if they’re making racist or homophobic comments? Whose responsibility is it to intervene? How can you keep yourself safe and make a difference to the victim? The theme also highlighted that students have a responsibility for their actions towards everyone, including their parents and teachers. It’s important to communicate when you might be late home or when you haven’t been able to complete a piece of homework for example. After the assembly students started taking responsibility for their community. They were eager to tell me when they were picking up litter in the restaurant that they had listened to the theme of the week message!

A MIND TO BE KIND Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher Students in 9 Ash were encouraged by their Form Tutor, Mrs Hanbury, to participate in Acts of Kindness following one of our three principles. Some of the Acts of Kindness included:

Yaashri – “My first Act of Kindness was when I was walking home from school in the rain and noticed an old lady carrying two, heavy bags of shopping and getting wet. I gave her my umbrella and carried the shopping bags home for her. My second Act of Kindness was helping my elderly next-door neighbour to write an email to her son.”

Andrea – “My Acts of Kindness were to help an older lady onto the train and then to give up my seat on the train to an elderly person”.

Leo – “My Act of kindness took place in school. I noticed a Year 7 student was on his own so I spoke to him and asked him if he was okay. He said he did not have any friends so I invited him to come and join me and my group of friends.”

Brad Aronson, author of a the blog about inspirational stories, good news and a focus on the positive, encourages:

“Seek out an opportunity to help every day. Hold open a door, offer assistance, help someone trying to get a stroller down the steps or take any random acts of kindness. Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on both of your lives.”

Brad is the author of I’m also an entrepreneurial leader who enjoys advising and investing in startup companies, writing, and working with nonprofits that serve youth. I also teach entrepreneurship to 16 to 21 year olds.

His next book - 100 Reasons to Smile is for the millions of people who want to read about everyday heroes and the seemingly small acts of kindness that transform countless lives. Check out his blog at

A MIND TO BE KIND Bushey Meads School constantly and explicitly promotes relationships that focus students on learning behaviours and progress. Everyday our students celebrate their differences by living without harm, acting with kindness and showing respect for one another. As a school community and as individuals we have ‘A mind to be kind’ following the three principles:

§ Live without HARMING others § Do Acts of KINDNESS § Show RESPECT for others

What to do if you feel you or a friend are being bullied

Tell somebody about it. You can: ü Report it via the STUDENT WATCH area on the school website

ü Report it via the CONFIDE button on school computers ü Email or speak to an Anti-Bullying Coordinator (ABC) ü Speak to a student ANTI-BULLYING AMBASSADOR ü Email or speak to your form tutor, a teacher or a pastoral manager

JEWISH NEW YEAR CELEBRATED BY 9 BEECH Mrs Speker – Art Teacher Mrs Speker and her form group 9 Beech celebrated and learnt about the Jewish New Year, listening to music and dipping apple in honey to symbolise a sweet new year.

WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS OF STAFF With the start of the new academic year we have a number of new staff to introduce to you. These introductions will be phased over the next few weeks.

MR GALL – SCIENCE TEACHER Mr Gall has joined Bushey Meads School having taught for a number of years in different schools in both the UK and abroad. He worked in Greece for 3 years, then Somerset and most recently in Watford. He has taught both PE and Science for a number of years and is also a qualified Osteopath. He chose to work at Bushey Meads School because of its inclusive ethos and during his interview he found both the pupils and staff were very positive and welcoming. Since starting at the school he has been impressed by the pupils' attitude in lessons and around the school. Mr Gall is married with two children and in his spare time he enjoys various sports having been county badminton champion, played volleyball for English Universities and most recently holding the course record at his golf club.

MRS SPEKER – ART TEACHER Teacher of Art and Photography, Mrs Speker joins us from Christ's College Finchley. She has 8 years of teaching experience and prior to that she worked at a London Art Gallery. She is delighted to be joining Bushey Meads with its excellent art and photography department as well as being part of a friendly and hard working school. She attended Birmingham University and achieved a First Class Honours degree in Performing and Visual Arts. She enjoys painting and exhibiting work through her local art society. She also enjoys photography and taking pictures of her two young daughters.

MS BUCK – ENGLISH TEACHER This is Ms Buck’s first year of teaching post completing PGDE at the University of Edinburgh. Before this she also completed a Masters in the Sociology of Sustainable Development, and taught English Lit. and Lang. in a private school in Abu Dhabi. She has also worked for a private Sixth Form college in London looking after Y12s pastorally and administratively. She joined Bushey Meads as it seemed like a friendly, welcoming school. She has been really enjoying her classes so far and finds that by and large, the students are polite, engaged and willing. In her free time she enjoys jogging and baking – mostly jogging so she can justify eating everything she bakes!

MISS KNIGHT – PSYCHOLOGY TEACHER Miss Knight completed her training at UCL having worked in schools in both Harpenden and Harrow. Bushey Meads seemed like a lovely school, particularly on interview day where all the staff and students were very friendly. Her experience so far has been like she thought it would be, with some great, enthusiastic students in both Psychology and RE classes. In her spare time, she tries to get out on her bike and spends as much time in the outdoors as she can and has completed a few cycling tours across Europe in her summers.'

MRS LAW – PASTORAL ASSISTANT After 10 years of IT Marketing and Events, Mrs Law wanted to change directions mainly to spend more time with her children. She have never worked in a school before, joining an apprenticeship is her first experience and she was particularly interested in Pastoral Care, which BMS offered. It's been good so far and she does enjoy it even though it is very tiring. Outside school, she does a lot of sports & swimming as well as helping out at the local swimming club. Her family is in Germany, therefore most school holidays are spent over there or travelling around places. Travelling is another passion!


Laksan (7 Elm)

This weeks' student of the week for KS3 has been nominated by our Learning Resource Manager, Mr Back. Laksan has made an excellent start in his Literacy lessons having completed over 6 books reviews to a very high standard and as a result he has gained himself a place on next years Harry Potter Trip. Mr Back is very proud of Laksan incredible efforts, as are we all and we wish him a great time on the Harry Potter trip! Well done Laksan! Laksan also gave an amazing speech to parents at Open Evening and also came in to contribute to the Staff Development Day! In the short time he has been at BMS he has made a massive impact and we can’t wait to see what the year has in store for you!

Jack (10 Oak) This week’s KS4 student of the week is Jack – 10 Oak for having the most achievement points in KS4 and making a brilliant start to the new school year! Jack is a hard working and a positive student, he always tries his best and currently also has 100% attendance! He even came in on his day off school to help with the Staff Development Day! Keep up the excellent work, we are proud of you!



Ross (13 Willow) Ross had a fantastic year last year in Sixth Form, achieving ABB in his AS exams. He can surely be proud of his hard work and can look forward to greater success this year with the same outstanding work ethic. I am sure Ross will be celebrating entry into University this time next year.

AERIAL PHYSICAL THEATRE COMES TO BUSHEY MEADS! Jasmin – Year 13 Arts Faculty Journalist On Monday 18th September, I was lucky to accompany the Arts faculty as well as a few drama and dance students from all years to watch an amazing execution of physical theatre in a fantastic play called ‘Playground Victories’ performed by company Scribbled Thought. Scribbled Thought is a creative production company working with artists to create live performances of different genres. They like to explore big ideas, through small human stories in surprising ways.

If you've ever queued for the slide, mastered the monkey bars, or dreamed of being a pirate, then this is the show for you. Four performers, squabble, slide, swing and spring their way over a simple yet fantastic playground; fighting for personal and social victories. I was amazed at how many different stories they could tell and how well they used their bodies to allow the audience to analyse the deeper meanings of the stories. The show condenses a day in the life of a playground into 30 minutes, whirling through a series of high-octane scenes of first love, adventure, competition and combat. From the early morning exercisers to tired single mums looking for love. We meet a huge range of larger than life characters, which amused the audience tremendously. Scribbled Thought’s use of comedy took the edge off of us all worrying about if they were going to fall from their difficult position hanging from the tall monkey bars! Playground Victories captures the highs and lows of our playground past, present and future in a joyfully comic, visually inventive physical theatre and circus piece for all ages. I took the time to ask Year 13 A Level drama student Joely Morgan what she thought of the play: “I thought the whole thing was very well organised and executed. The demonstrations were clear, engaging and very fun to take part in. I will definitely be using the techniques we learnt in future physical performances”.

Following this performance, the A Level and GCSE drama students were lucky enough to have a brief question and answer session with the cast and director. Some very interesting questions were asked and students seemed to get a lot of useful knowledge that they will take back into class with them and definitely take into account when being assessed on movement. A prime example of a question asked was: “What is your favourite/go to physical theatre movement” and a cast member truthfully answered “It is very much open to interpretation - a move I think is really good, someone else may think is awful, which is why we always communicate with each other. The big thing is just to always be open with each other and say yes, if someone gives you an idea, just say yes and try it”. The students appeared to relate to this advice a great deal and I remember when I took part in GCSE drama, communication within a group you are working in is key! The students’ behaviour was exemplary throughout the day and it was a delight to accompany them to watch this amazing performance and I hope I get asked again!

YOUTH CONNEXIONS (NOW YC HERTFORDSHIRE) SERVICE Mrs McIldowie – Head of Work Related Learning and Deputy DSP This academic year our Youth Connexions service is now up and running. Our regular Youth Connexions Personal advisers are: • Lorna Cain – in school every Monday offering career advice and guidance • Heidi Snowden – in school every Monday and Tuesday offering referred students one to one support on a regular basis All our Youth Connexions Advisors will be conducting organised interviews with students and they also offer a drop in facility at lunch times for any students who wish to talk to an adviser about career or personal issues and no appointment is necessary. The Youth Connexions service is available to all students. Lorna Heidi If you have any further questions or would like more information about the service and how to access it please contact Mrs Mclldowie, Miss Dhanecha or Mr Malik.

ATTENDANCE MATTERS EVERY SCHOOL DAY COUNTS Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher At Bushey Meads School we recognise that one of the most important keys to success is an outstanding attendance record. Each year we aim to achieve a minimum school attendance figure of 96%. Research shows that the lower the attendance percentage the lower the attainment at GCSE. We might think that 95% attendance is good but if you then equate that to missing 10 days of school in a year or 50 lessons!

The greater the attendance the greater the achievement.


ü ü ü ü

Come to school unless you are ill enough to see a Doctor Don’t take holidays in term time Try to make medical appointments after school Talk to teachers or your parents if you are worried about something


ð If you miss school this will affect your attainment ð Make sure you catch up on all work you miss ð Ensure your attendance remains above 96%, allowing you to achieve your potential

WORD OF THE WEEK (WOW) Ms Bowe – Lead Practitioner for English and Whole school Literacy

Language is empowering

MATHS CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK Mr Akram - Lead Practitioner for Maths

SCIENTIST OF THE WEEK Mrs Razavi – Senior Science Technician


Mobile Phones – Please note that the use of mobile phones for KS3 and KS4 students is strictly prohibited during the course of the school day. All phones need to be switched off and should not be seen at all by staff. Any violation of this rule is subject to confiscation for up to two weeks depending on the circumstances. Plimsols – Please be aware that the Pastoral office will no longer be loaning plimsols to students for use on the astro at break and lunch. If you wish to play on the astro, please ensure that you bring in trainers. Energy Drinks – It has come to our attention that some students have been bringing in and consuming energy drinks, sometimes first thing in the morning! Energy drinks are not allowed at school and we advise that consuming them is avoided at all times, even outside of school. No matter how old you are, energy drinks are just awful for your body! The Academy of Pediatrics even advises kids and teens to avoid them altogether because of the possibility of serious health risks.

HOUSE CUP UPDATE Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher


1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600

1458 1433 1433 1408 1344 1332 1284

400 200 0 ASH






For the second week Elm House is in the lead. With the launch of the House Poetry competition and the House Countdown event in a few weeks the House table may well change.

Watch this space!

HOUSE POETRY COMPETITION 2017 Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher National Poetry Day is being held on Thursday 28th September this year. We are linking our House Poetry Competition to this day and launching our fourth House Poetry competition. All entries will receive reward points that will also contribute to the House point totals. There will also be winners in the following categories: • Overall Winner • Junior Category Winners (7,8 & 9) • Senior Category Winners (KS4 & KS5) • Highly commended

The theme of National Poetry Day this year is “Freedom” so all poems need to be linked in some way to this theme. All students wishing to enter the compeition must ensure they hand a paper copy of the poem with their NAME and FORM clearly written on it to their Form Tutor.

Deadline for entries is Friday 13th October.


Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher In a large school it is important to know who to contact if you would like to raise a concern or provide us with information. If you have a concern you would like to share with the school regarding your son or daughter your first point of contact needs to be the subject teacher or the form tutor. They can be contacted via the school email:, marking it for their attention, or by telephone: 020 8950 3000. EXECUTIVE PRINCIPAL Mr Turner DEPUTY HEADTEACHER Mrs Ash (Yr’s 11, 12 & 13) SENIOR ASSISTANT HEADTEACHER Mr Fisher ASSISTANT HEADTEACHERS Mrs Wright (Yrs 7 & 8) Mr Searle (Yrs 9 & 10) HEAD OF FACULTY PASTORAL TEAM Miss Dhanecha (Yrs 7, 8 & 9) Mr Malik (Yrs 10 & 11) Mr O’Kelly (Yrs 12 & 13) HEAD OF DEPARTMENT FORM TUTOR SUBJECT TEACHER

KEEPING BMS STUDENTS SAFE Mr Turner – Executive Principal

One of the busiest ‘road hotspots’ near our school is at the mini roundabout end of Coldharbour Lane at the junction with Little Bushey Lane. Here the round narrows and all three roads join on a curve, reducing visibility at the site of a very busy mini roundabout.

Coupled with these significant road hazards the pavement has a dropped kerb and indicates to students that it is a pedestrian crossing area. This picture indicates these hazards clearly. Most of our parents are well aware of these hazards and always park in sensible, safe areas away from busy junctions like this one and of course the entrances to the school and I would like to thank them for doing this. Parking safely and away from this area means that the buses that use Coldharbour Lane and carry a significant number of our students can navigate round the mini roundabout safely. As a school the safety of our students is always of paramount importance to us and we have recently been asking the small minority of parents who have parked in this vicinity to move their vehicles.

We do have a clear expectation of all our students to walk a short distance to and from the school to ensure that the immediate area around our school is as safe as we can make it. Our expectation is for all parents to park a slight distance away from our school. Unfortunately recently we have had a number of formal complaints from fellow parents and also our local residents about some BMS parents parking in this area outlined above. As a school we obviously want to build very good relationships with our local neighbours, so ideally want to address and avoid any inconsiderate parking which may cause them upset and anxiety. As parents are aware the Highway Code (which is underpinned by legislative road traffic acts) gives clear guidance as to where it is safe to park and I would refer you to Rule 243. The rule clearly states: DO NOT stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space or on a bend (except when forced to do so by stationary traffic) In the meantime I would like to thank the vast majority of our parents who do park considerately and for their cooperation, as we all continue to work hard to ensure the safety of all our students.

TRAVELING TO SCHOOL Mrs Ash – Deputy Headteacher Thank you to the vast majority of parents and carers who park sensibly to drop off their children in the mornings and to collect them in the afternoons. Can we please remind all parents and carers when dropping off/collecting students to ensure that you:

• • •

Park sensibly and safely with due consideration to our neighbours Observe the yellow zigzags outside Bushey Meads and Meadow Wood schools (no pulling into the entrances of the schools) To ensure traffic flows smoothly please do not park on the corner by the roundabout

To avoid congestion in front of the school we recommend that if you park further away from the school site and then the students can walk the rest of the way. We have suggested drop off points for the “Park and Stride” initiative as detailed below.

PE AND HEALTH FACULTY NEWS 2017-18 Mr Cartledge - Head of PE and Health

Boys Football News Year 11 Boys Football v Queens ‘B’ (District League)

Date : Friday 15th September Result : Lost 2-0 Scorers : Joe Manning Squad : James Dodwell, Ben Faulkner, Aidan Angold, Anas Djanit, Conner Atkinson, Ethan Fiordelisi, Joe Manning, Thanujan Tharmalasingham, Fin Horastead, Joel Smith, Jack Leech, Josh Davies Commended performances : Joe Manning Comment : Despite dominating the game for long periods and hitting the woodwork 4 times the boys could make a breakthrough and ended up losing to early and late goals from Queens. A disappointing start to the season but some positive build up play in sections of the game.

Year 9 Boys Football v Queens ‘B’ (District League)

Date : Sat 16th September Result : Lost 4-3 Squad : Shyam Pattni, Taylor Bees, Leo Enright, Luke Andrews, George Rowe, Jaylen Sotomy, Reed Sims, Irvine Tannor, Zach Kahn, Max Musula, Ben Castello, Jesse Harry-Brown, Jay Marsh, Harris Plant, Archie Sykes, Jake Norris-Ataie Commended performances : George Rowe Comment: With a good performance from the team, sadly the result probably didn’t reflect the game. With the team beginning to retain possession of the ball and create chances through intelligent passing and movement, the aim in future games will be to concede less and hold on to the winning position.

Year 8A Boys Football v Queens ‘B’ (District League)

Date : Sat 16th September Result : Won 7-2 Scorers : Ellis Anthony 2, Nathaniel Amoako 2, Max Machen, Leo Feeley, Bo Kabucho Squad : Max Machen, Ellis Anthony, Stanley Booth, Cian Lynch, Leo Feeley, Bo Kabucho, Frankie Rowe, Sean Sabapathy, Hammaad Khan, Tyler Pearce, Aarav Kothary, Matthew Keough, Tom Barnes, Nathaniel Amoako Commended performances : Cian Lynch, Max Machen Comment : An excellent performance from the team in the opening fixture saw them run out comfortable winners against Queens. The defence superbly led by Cian Lynch were strong throughout and some fine attacking play from Max and Nathaniel saw the team create a host of chances. Well done boys - a really positive start.

Year 7A Boys Football v Queens ‘B’(District League)

Date : Sat 16th September Result : Won 4-3 Scorers : Bailey Narroway (2), Ronan Ismaili and Own Goal Squad : Christopher Gomez, Louie Hill, Lleyton Thorneycroft, Arun Khan, Ronan Ismaili, Finley Spencer, Ayyan Chaudry Shamas, Bailey Narroway, Astor Zaghis, Dominic Richards, Gonzolo Gonzalez-Aller Commended performances : Ronan Ismaili, Bailey Narroway and Dominic Richards Comment : An excellent performance from the Year 7 team considering this was their first game together. They showed they have the ability to create a number of goalscoring opportunities and came back from 3-2 to win the game 4-3. Ronan Ismaili and Dominic Richards worked hard in midfield and defence whilst Bailey provided a constant threat as a striker. Well done to all the boys that represented the team.

Year 7B Boys Football v Queens ‘B’(District League)

Date : Sat 16th September Result : Won 3-1 Scorers : Zohair Charrouf, Ilias Dahmani (2) Squad : Benji Winslett, Noah Haines, David Tegzes, Daniel Couts, Jaden Johnson, Adam Bengherifa, Zohair Charrouf, Ilias Dahmani, Qasim Kazmi, Tom Hurst, Djani Colakovic, Ari Ali, George Baldry. Commended performances : Zohair Charrouf, Qasim Kazmi, Ilias Dahmani, Noah Haines. Comment : A solid all round performance from the boys. Things started well with Zohair and the front line pressing the opposition defence which led to an early goal. Excellent performances from Noah Haines and the rest of the defence allowed the attacking players to really enjoy creating lots of chances.

Year 8A Boys Football v Immanuel (District League)

Date : Tues 19th September Result : Lost 9-5 Scorers : Nathaniel Amoako 2, Max Machen 2, Matthew Keough Squad : Max Machen, Ellis Anthony, Stanley Booth, Cian Lynch, Leo Feeley, Bo Kabucho, Frankie Rowe, Sean Sabapathy, Hammaad Khan, Tyler Pearce, Aarav Kothary, Matthew Keough, Tom Barnes, Nathaniel Amoako Commended performances : Stan Booth Comment : A disappointing result and performance from the boys after a really promising effort at the weekend.

Year 7A Boys Football v FC Academy (District League)

Date : Mon 18th September Result : Won 3-1 Scorers : Bailey Narroway, Dominic Richards and Ronan Ismaili Squad : Christopher Gomez, Louie Hill, Lleyton Thorneycroft, Arun Khan, Ronan Ismaili Š Finley Spencer, Ayyan Chaudry Shamas, Bailey Narroway, Astor Zaghis, Dominic Richards, Gonzolo Gonzalez-Aller, Qasim Kazmi and Adam Bengherifa Commended performances : Dominic Richards and Ayyan Chaudry Shamas Comment : The second game of the season provided the boys with a tough opposition. However the boys did well to come back from one nil down to end with a convincing win in the end. In truth they could have scored more but just missed the finishing touch in the final third. Dominic Richards again provided the team with constant threat through the middle while Ayyan Chaudry Shamas listened well and showed his ability to play as a LM and a LCB. Well done and keep up the hard work.

Watford District Football 2017 After the District football trials both Max Machen (Yr 8) and Mohammed Djanit (Yr 10) have been selected to represent the Watford District Schools teams for this autumn’s matches. Well done to both boys and we wish them every success over the next few months. Winter Cricket Training at Bushey Meads 2017 / spring 2018

u 10 and u 11 to u15 Saturdays, Starting 30th September 2017 to 25th March 2018 -2.00 pm to 4 pm (20 Limited places) please send your application form ASAP to secure your place A fine opportunity for a limited number (only 20 per session, 4 nets) of 11 to 15 year olds to receive expert coaching in all aspects of Cricket to be all-rounders. Training in correct Techniques, opportunities for adequate practice and dedication to the game are the most essential ingredients for success in Cricket. We hope to provide all these at this School. In addition, we will emphasize the importance of discipline both in and off the field. ALL ROUND TRAINING in every sense of the term will be our motto. Application and details please visit

Girls Netball Year 10 - SJC Date: 20/9/17 Opposition: Westfield Result: Won 9-5 Team: E.Estrada, N.Djanmah, C.Lightfoot, K.Williams, A.Finley, N.Redmond, A.Wells-Harbin Comment: The first match of the season was a great victory for the year 10 team. Dominating their opposition from the onset they took an early lead and capitalised on this in subsequent quarters. Great mid court play from Naomi, Cerys, Kaitlyn and Anna ensured lots of possession for BMS and a deserved victory. Well done ladies, let's build on this success. Player of the Match : Nicole Redmond - voted by opposition team.

Netball Information Netball clubs run on Monday after school for years 10,11 and Seniors and Wednesdays for years 7,8,9. Finishing at 4.20pm All students are welcome at practice, even if not selected for the teams. Attendance has been great so far this year and we hope this continues. Please keep an eye on the gateway and message board for any fixtures and changes to practices. Any student selected for a team and unable to play for whatever reason should email or speak to their coach at least 24hours before so additional players can be recruited. Kit - A reminder full school PE kit should be worn for all matches: School leggings or shorts, yellow polo shirt, white socks and trainers.

SPORTS CLUBS PROVIDED BY EXTERNAL COACHES Athletics Coaching - Running club Every Tuesday with Watford Harriers in the gym. ALL Welcome Arsenal Ladies continue their coaching with Bushey Meads students every Wednesday from 3.15 - 4.15 on the field. ALL girls Welcome. Herts Warriors Basketball begins Friday 29th September ALL welcome meet in the school hall suitably attired. Finish 4.20. For full details of the clubs, fixtures and practices students and parents need to check on the Bushey Meads School website in the PE and Health Faculty icon where you will find a full list of the extra-curricular activities. This is updated on a weekly basis to show the fixtures and practices for each week. In addition students can check the notice boards in the boys and girls changing rooms. The PE and Health Faculty also have their own Twitter account @BMSPEandHealth which includes regular updates on fixtures, match reports and details of forthcoming events.

For any parental enquiries about any aspects of PE contact the Head of PE and Health Faculty Ashley Cartledge For any specific issues related to Girls PE and girls fixtures contact Sarah Cooper

BUSHEY MEADS SCHOOL RADIO HIRING NOW! Devan Parmar Year 12 – STEM Radio Manager Hello. I am Devan Parmar, I am the STEM Radio Manager. I am in charge of a team of students who play music for the school. This includes a multitude of songs for any occasion, be it a normal lunchtime or the Christmas dinner. Music is a universal language, something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Be it because of the lyrics, the beat, the artist or the meaning. The radio team are tasked with providing music to the school restaurant everyday, no matter the year or genre. Being the Radio Manager for the last four years has been an amazing experience. In this leadership role I’ve had the opportunity to take charge of a group which has given me a responsibility. It has also enabled me to work closely with teachers and other students. Also creating special moments. You will get the opportunity to learn a multitude of skills including both technical, learning to use the audio equipment and also how to organise and ensure that the radio programme runs smoothly. Full training will be provided. The radio also broadcasts announcements. We do birthday announcements and seeing the surprise on the birthday boy/girl’s face is a special moment! On top of birthday announcements, we will also inform you about important school notices. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, making sure you get the best from the school radio!

If you’re interested in music, the radio or just want to be a DJ then why not see if you can join. If you would like to join then email me at: before the 29th of September as there are limited places. This role will also be a great advantage to have in the future on your CV.

If you have a song request, that you would like to hear, email the school radio at: Please remember to make sure the song is not explicit before requesting.


We are currently advertising for the following positions: SENCO (BSJT) D&T Technician Senior/IT Technician Teaching Assistant For more information please visit:

VACANCIES AT LITTLE REDDINGS PRIMARY SCHOOL We are currently advertising for the following positions: Teacher English Subject Leader For more information please visit

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Bushey Meads News - 22 September 2017  

Bushey Meads News - 22 September 2017  


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