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What You Need To Know About Home Security You likely know someone who has been the victim of a home burglary. Home invasion cases are going up, and people need to be more thorough with home security. Break-ins are always a possibility. The following article will provide you with some useful tips on home security. norton 360 v7 Do you know how valuable the wires within your home are? Often homeowners are unaware of this fact until they find that their wiring has been stolen. Copper wiring is quite valuable, and it's quick and easy for criminals to strip it right off the outside of your house! Hide your wiring to secure it. The number on your house should be easy to find. If an emergency happens, the police can't get to the home as quick if your numbers are obscured in any way or are too small. This is a very easy issue to have rectified. Outdoor lights are great for improving security, but the concept can be taken a step further with lights equipped with motion sensors. These lights switch on when someone is within a certain distance from your house. This can startle a thief into leaving your property. They will think they've been seen and split. While locks which are sealed up on the inside are dandy, if you can't lock it from the outside, it won't be of much use. Use a deadbolt which has a key on the outside and inside for the best security. Crooks hate camera surveillance. Burglars with masks like you see in movies are not really the norm. Burglars don't want to stand out, and they usually plan to avoid residences where people may be home. A video surveillance system will be enough to keep these intruders away. In the summer, remove all the dead trees from your yard. As the summer heat rolls in, there is a higher chance that these can catch on fire, putting your home at risk. Clearing your yard keeps your home, belongings and family much safer. Put in a surveillance system. Having visible or hidden cameras can help immensely. Also, you can capture the intruder in the act. Many surveillance systems will allow you to access them through your cell phone; therefore, you can ensure your home is safe even when you're gone. Use the space in walls to store your prized possessions. You don't have to cut pieces out of the walls. You can find pre-cut areas in your walls that can be used. How about unwiring your electric socket and using that as an area to stash your jewelry? Get a good safe to store your valuables in your home. This is important, since you don't want

your valuables exposed to a potential intruder. Keep it hidden in a hard to find location. Do you have a more realistic concept of home security systems? Keep the advice you've read in mind as you work towards making your family's home secure. You will rest assured knowing your home is safe and feel confident about your decisions related to this important matter.

What You Need To Know About Home Security  

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