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Going Against The Grain

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Record Fall 2008

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14 Going Against the Grain: Charles Pillsbury

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(Very) Risky Business He may wear bow ties and tweed, but don’t mistake that for staid. Robert P. Smith (J.D. ’65) craves risk in everything from his choice of profession to his choice of sport. Within 24 hours in 1998, he lost $15 million in the ruins of the Russian economy. All in a day’s work. More recently, he could be found racing at 50 miles an hour over steep descents on a motorized dune buggy in the Namibia desert. Not bad for a 68-year old. 4 | The Record | Fall 2008

For more than 30 years, Smith has made a living buying and selling the sovereign debts of governments in emerging market countries. He generally picks the most downtrodden economies: countries wracked by war, revolution, inflation, corruption and greed. “Hollywood couldn’t begin to invent some of the characters I have thrown my lot in with. It’s been a unique education in human nature and the nature of the global economy we live in today,” Smith writes in his new book, Riches Among the Ruins: Adventures in the Dark Corners of the Global Economy, slated to come out in April 2009. The founder in 1978 of his own investment boutique, Boston-based Turan Corporation, Smith is widely credited in the international financial community as one of a handful of individuals who contributed significantly to the creation of the foreign emerging debt market. His mechanism has been to buy high-risk government debt in “thirdtier” countries such as Turkey, El Salvador,

Hollywood couldn’t begin to invent some of the characters I have thrown my lot in with. It’s been a unique education in human nature and the nature of the global economy we live in today.

Nigeria and, more recently, Iraq. Smith then either holds it or resells it at a mark up to those who want to assume the risk that those debts will someday be paid. As a result, countries gain some liquidity, and some buy back their own debt or establish programs allowing foreign investors to turn the debt into equity investments. In this way, such nations stimulate the economy and create more jobs. If the country’s fortunes take a bad turn, though, the holder can lose all of his

investment –– as Smith himself experienced when the Russian government defaulted on its foreign debt obligations in 1998. The value of Russian paper in Smith’s own accounts plummeted instantaneously by nearly 75 percent. Made for the game, he didn’t panic, instead buying even more “paper” and riding it out until he had recouped his losses in 2003. Smith developed a lust for the foreign as a stamp collector at a young age. During the summers while at BU Law, he worked as a currency trader in Turkey, with Banca Commerciale Italiana and as an intern in Antwerp with Exxon. He furthered his interest by taking an elective in international transactions with Verne Vance. “Verne was very generous with his Washington contacts,” says a grateful Smith, who went to work for the Agency for International Development, then part of the U.S. Department of State, serving in the economic section in Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Brazil. Fall 2008 | The Record | 5

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas Delivers 2008 Commencement Speech

In 1973, Smith became a banking representative with the Brazil office of Deltec Banking Corp., an investment bank specializing in Latin America. He returned to Boston in 1975, taking a partnership in the law firm of his father, David Saul Smith (LL.B. ’27). By combining the firm’s specialty in commercial debt collection with his own background in international development –– and drawing on his contacts in Turkey –– he created Turan, which became the first company to buy defaulted debt and invest it in that country in 1980.

The value of Russian paper in Smith’s own accounts plummeted instantaneously by nearly 75 percent. Made for the game, he didn’t panic, instead buying even more “paper” and riding it out until he had recouped his losses.

More than his accomplishments in the foreign investment world, Smith is especially proud of two of his philanthropic endeavors: the Robert P. Smith Art Center and Theater at the Roxbury Latin School, and the student union at Bowdoin College, named after his late father (Class of ’23). His interest in education has also led him to follow BU Law closely. Indeed, BU Law is grateful for Smiths’establishment of the David Saul Smith Award which provides $20,000 each year to support a faculty member’s research. The award is named in honor of Smith’s father. “BU Law has always been an excellent school, and now it has many courses in international law, not to mention a tremendously diverse student body,” Smith says. n

6 | The Record | Fall 2008

Today, women can have it all — a supportive partner, a healthy family and an illustrious career. Congresswoman Niki Tsongas (’88) is a striking example of the modern day woman, able to balance a full personal life with a career marked by firsts. Yet, as an educated female in the 1970s, Tsongas’ path to success was not pre-paved. When Tsongas embarked on her education at BU Law, the doors were only halfway open to women seeking law degrees. In her speech for the BU Law Commencement, held on May 18, 2008, Tsongas used her own experiences to reflect on the shifting dynamic for professional women, emphasizing the importance of making change.

 While a fateful summer spent typing case studies fed Tsongas’ desire to attend law school, BU Law provided her the opportunity. Luckily for Tsongas, Assistant Dean of Admissions Earnest Haddad, had recently begun seeking out female admittances to bolster BU Law’s student body. In her speech, Tsongas recalled, “At the time, I did not know any women lawyers, but change was in the air. And, as a student at an all-female college, I knew classmates who planned to go to law school regardless of the challenges they might face in gaining admission.” 

 While one-fourth of BU Law’s graduating class was female when Tsongas was admitted, more than half of today’s matriculating class is comprised of women. Tsongas reflected, “As we today take for granted women’s participation in law schools across the country, BU Law deserves great credit for opening the door to women so many years ago; and I am grateful for having been able to walk through that door, and the many others that opened as a result of the education I received here.”

 Tsongas’ path to law school matriculation spanned 16 years, through the growth of her family, her husband’s political triumphs in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate and eventually her husband’s illness. After earning her degree, Tsongas went on to establish the first all-female law firm in Lowell, MA and also to become the dean of External Affairs for Middlesex Community College, the largest community college in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Currently, Tsongas is serving her first term in the United States House of Representatives for the Fifth Congressional District of Massachusetts — she is the first female from Massachusetts to be elected to Congress in 25 years. 

 Reflecting on her new role in Congress, Tsongas expressed awe at her newfound power and ability to affect the nation as a whole. She urged graduates to be aware of their influence and to use it to its fullest potential. “As you leave this evening, I hope you will always remember that the power that resides in your degree can be engaged as a catalyst for change — in your lives, but also in the lives of others — of a community, of a nation and of our world. You are the future change makers. May you exercise this great power with restraint, decency and a commitment to the common good,” concluded Tsongas.

OutLaw Celebrates 30 Years

L-R: Professor Robert Volk, OutLaw's Faculty Advisor ('78); Michael Adams ('09); Christopher Valente ('09); Congressman Barney Frank; Andrew Novak ('09); Daniel Levin ('09); Arielle Kristan ('09). The students represent OutLaw's '07/'08 Executive Board. Congressman Frank was visiting BU Law to give an address on financial market regulation.

According to Frank Mockler (‘81), it was as though the Boston legal community saw a switch flipped in 1978. As the U.S. Supreme Court reached its landmark decision validating the constitutionality of affirmative action programs in the University of California v. Bakke, BU Law formed its own first gay group. “I was present at the dawn of a new era of tolerance,” said Mockler. “For whatever reason, there were a number of gay and lesbian students in my class, a critical mass, and it made it possible to organize a group. There were a few 2Ls and maybe a 3L or two, but most of the initial group were 1Ls like myself,” Mockler

recalled. “We came up with the name BUGALLA — Boston University Gay and Lesbian Legal Association.”

working alumni in the area, worked to make its presence known and to assist the legal community in areas where it could.

BUGALLA’s formation coincided with the creation of COGLLI (the Committee on Gay & Lesbian Legal Issues) at Harvard Law and an already present gay and lesbian group formed by BU undergraduates, Mockler and his classmates did not seek to create any more waves by making BUGALLA an official school group. “We weren’t a secret, but we certainly managed to stay under the radar. There were no elected officials and while our meetings were casual and irregular, it served as an effective support group for us,” stated Mockler.

BU Law alumnus John Ward (’76), was making his own mark on the Boston gay legal community defending men arrested in what were deemed “homosexually active” areas. He went on to found GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) and joined several members of COGLLI to form the Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association (MLGBA) which is still active today. When Mockler and his co-founders brought Ward to speak at one of BUGALLA’s early meetings, they were denied the right to a meeting space because they weren’t an administratively-recognized group. Nevertheless, they found a place to meet without any serious repercussions, and the group continued to grow as much of the outside world struggled to keep up.

Despite the changing scene in the Boston legal community, the majority of the general population was still of the mindset that to be “out” was tantamount to being unemployed. BUGALLA, along with several

Fall 2008 | The Record | 7

Today, BUGALLA has morphed into OutLaw, and BU Law’s dedication to ensuring safety and acceptance for all students is clear. “We have a very supportive administration,” said Chris Valente, co-chair of OutLaw. “There’s never really been a question about whether we’re accepted on campus.” Just as Mockler observed 30 years before, Valente is quick to note that Boston’s environment of acceptance may not be the norm across the country. “We’re in very much of a comfort zone here in Boston, but that doesn’t mean that there are not issues facing LGBT people here in Massachusetts and around the United States,” said Valente.

We have a very supportive administration. There’s never really been a question about whether we’re accepted on campus.

“What OutLaw tries to do is focus on how we can be instruments of change. We try to better our community, whether it’s through the panels that we host or the volunteer work that I know many of our members do and by going out there and being lawyers who are involved in the community,” said Valente. “This group has always been focused on how we can contribute positively to the things that make a difference to us as a community.” “OutLaw and groups like it have made the legal profession aware that it not only needs to tolerate the LGBT community, but it should embrace those organizations and their causes,” said Mockler. “It is not so long ago that there were no LGBT anti-discrimination policies. That has all changed, largely as a result of the presence and hard work of organizations such as this.” n

For more information about OutLaw and its sponsored events, including its upcoming 30th Anniversary Celebration, visit the Web:

8 | The Record | Fall 2008

J. Renn Olenn (’72) Cracks Seven-Year Murder Case As a litigator specializing in swimming pool, aquatic and scuba injury lawsuits, J. Renn Olenn (’72) never expected to find himself in Providence Superior Court accusing a husband of killing his wife. But in February 2006, after seven years of meticulous investigation, he confidently told a jury hearing his civil court case that the scuba diving death of Shelley Tyre had “every element of murder.” Olenn began researching the case to determine the cause of the inexplicable death of Tyre, who previously had made over 350 scuba dives. She died on an expedition with her husband, David Swain, in the British Virgin Islands on the Isle of Tortola. After a year of investigation and Olenn’s visit to the site of Tyre’s death, the attorney realized the truth: the death had not been an accident — she had been attacked and killed by her husband in the water’s depths. Olenn concluded that Tyre’s move from her headmistress job at Thayer Academy in Braintree, MA to a lower-paying position at Rocky Hill School in Warwick, RI had prompted Swain, who owned a financially failing dive shop, to murder his wife for her life insurance. Olenn backed his story with the evidence he found at the dive scene: a mask broken by force, a flipper lodged toe-first into the sand as if in a struggle, and the backing of dozens of expert witnesses who confirmed that the death could not have been an accident. The civil jury agreed, awarding the Tyre family $3.5 million, and Swain now faces criminal charges after being arrested on a murder warrant from Tortola. Olenn is a founding partner of the Rhode Island firm Olenn & Penza LLP. He and his partner Joseph Penza (’72) dreamed of a partnership during their years at BU Law, where they became friends after being seated together in many of their classes because of the alphabetical order of their last names.

Q&A with Professor Fran Miller

Q: There’s a strong collaborative approach among faculty in BU’s Schools of Law, Public Health, Management and Medicine. How does that strengthen the programs that BU offers? Professors George Annas, Wendy Mariner and Leonard Glantz all have dual appointments in the Schools of Public Health and Law. I have appointments in the Schools of Law, Public Health and the School of Management. As a team, we have collaborated in our writing and in running a host of conferences. We have used one another as sounding boards on scores of health law issues for decades.

Q: Professor George Annas created the Health Law Professors conference that is now held annually. Who comes to those conferences and what do they gain from attending? Everyone comes to Health Law Professors conferences; they’re the standout networking This year, Boston University celebrates

Q: How was health law taught when you

get-togethers for all who teach health law in

50 years of teaching health law. From the

joined BU Law and what kind of changes

schools of law, medicine and public health.

Law-Medical Research Institute in 1958 to

did you help to implement?

There we learn about cutting-edge intellectual

today’s interdisciplinary health law programs, including dual degrees with the Schools of

When I joined the faculty in 1971, the emphasis

Law, Public Health and Management, BU has

was on forensics and on doctor-in-the-courtroom

been at the forefront of health law research

malpractice-type issues. Enactment of Medicare

and teaching.

and Medicaid in 1965 had changed the landscape

Professor Fran Miller (’65) is a national

issues, get the chance to see and hear what our health law colleagues in other schools are working on and generally have a great time with old and new friends.

by pumping new demand into the health sector. I knew that health law was a far broader subject

Q: The American Journal of Law and

than the prior focus on doctors in the courtroom

Medicine (AJLM), a collaboration

Pike Scholar and Professor of Law at BU Law;

and I started by teaching a course on health care

between BU Law and the American

Professor of Public Health at BU School of

organization, finance and delivery. Soon cost

Public Health; and Professor of Health Care

containment, labor, antitrust and intellectual

Management at BU School of Management.

property law all became key new issues for health

She discusses here the evolution of health

lawyers to understand.

authority in health law who reshaped the way the subject is taught. She is the N. Neal

law at Boston University.

Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics (ASLME), is the most cited health law journal in the U.S. What role do students play in the Journal and how does it help prepare them for careers in health law?

Fall 2008 | The Record | 9

Our students are in charge of running all aspects of the Journal, from

Q: What stands out in your mind as you think about the Health

manuscript selection to editing and through the technical details of

Law Program at BU Law?

publication. They understand that they’re involved in an important “real-

Our alumni. I’m most proud of the fact that so many of our alums now

world” undertaking upon which lawyers and judges rely. They rise to the

work, in one way or another, in positions involved with the health sector.

occasion and do a thoroughly professional job of putting out AJLM.

To me, health law has always been a challenging and endlessly fascinating field and it pleases me inordinately that so many of my former students

Q: Each year, the law school and ASLME co-sponsor a

seem to think so too.

conference for the Journal’s Symposium issue. How do you select topics for the Symposium? What is the role of students

Q: Where do you see the Health Law Program at BU Law going

in the conference and Symposium?

in the future?

Each spring, the incoming editor-in-chief and symposium editor select a topic

Under Professor Kevin Outterson’s strong leadership and guidance, our

for the next year’s Symposium. The faculty editors, along with the executive and publications directors of ASLME, help to identify scholars who will be invited to write for the Symposium issue. A working conference is held each February for the authors to react to one another’s manuscripts, and final drafts of those manuscripts are due shortly thereafter. The AJLM editorial board handles all aspects of that working conference, essentially running it themselves with law school support.

Prof. Fran Miller instructs a class in the early 1970s.

10 | The Record | Fall 2008

health law programs will continue to lead the health law field, as we have for the past 50 years. The law school’s collaboration with the Schools of Public Health, Medicine and Management will continue to thrive, as will innovative new programs and collaborations. Health law is increasing in importance daily to both our economy and to society at large, as it consumes ever larger percentages of our GDP. BU Law will be there all the way to identify the trends, analyze their legal implications and come up with creative ways to “make things better” for us all. n

The Rules of the Race The successful career of Peter McCausland (’74), founder and CEO of Airgas, a $4 billion company, is inextricably linked to the sea. In 1972, after Labor Day, when an ocean storm closed Nantucket’s port, he had time to reflect on the position offered to him as first-mate on a 140-foot luxury yacht. The privately owned yacht, which spent the winter in the Caribbean, the spring in the Mediterranean and the summer in New England, was unable to dock. An avid sailor, McCausland had dropped out of an East Coast law school, and that summer, undecided about his future, worked on the island, sailed on a homemade catamaran in

his spare time and met the woman he would eventually marry. Instead of accepting the position, he decided to rekindle his dream of a law career. He moved to Boston, applied to BU Law and to Harvard and was wait-listed at both. He was elated when a last-minute spot opened up in the second-year class at BU. The rest, as they say, is history. “The professors at BU were outstanding,” he said. “I especially liked my classes in constitutional law, civil procedure and civil liberties. My education at BU Law has certainly helped my business career, but it has also helped me with my volunteer work

for nonprofits. I really enjoyed practicing law, and I am very proud of the law firm that I founded; however, I am glad that I have had an opportunity to build and run a business.” After graduating cum laude (21st in his class of 325 students), he went to work for a 40-person firm in Philadelphia where he was placed in the litigation department after one year. He left the law firm to become general counsel of Messer Greisheim, an industrial gas company. Five years later, he founded McCausland and Keen, and also in 1982, established Airgas with a single acquisition in Connecticut. Today, Airgas has sales approaching $5 billion and 15,000 Fall 2008 | The Record | 11

McCausland’s IOD boat sails with others off Nantucket.

employees in 1,200 locations, including a few locations in Canada, Russia, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. Airgas’ stock has been touted by Jim Cramer of CNBC’s “Mad Money” as a “remarkable performer,” and McCausland has been featured in many interviews in financial and industry magazines. He likens his business skills to those needed for competitive sailboat racing, a sport that requires not only athleticism but brain power and the ability to process a host of information simultaneously. A member of the Nantucket Yacht Club, he owns a John Alden-designed, Indian Class, 21-foot flatbottomed sloop. Every Sunday he races on one of the 15 International One-Design (IOD) 33-foot sailboats with a crew of four other fervent racers. The IOD boats were introduced to the United States around 1936 by Cornelius Shields, a yachtsman revered by racers like McCausland, who often repeats Shields’ belief that “sailing is a great metaphor for life” because you have to live with your mistakes all the way around. “Sailing is a fascinating sport,” he said. “It requires discipline. You have to be thinking all the time. A great strategy takes in the 12 | The Record | Fall 2008

competition as well as the conditions... Success in anything requires being mindful of the details and the big picture. Too often people let the little things get them off course.”

I really enjoyed practicing law, and I am very proud of the law firm that I founded; however, I am glad that I have had an opportunity to build and run a business.

At the helm of Airgas, McCausland has never strayed from the company’s chartered course, which is based on a clear strategy of building a national gas-distribution corporation through consolidation: since its inception, Airgas has acquired more than 370 small companies. His foray into the gas-distribution industry began after he was recruited for the position of general counsel for the U.S. operations

of Messer Greisheim. There, he learned the industrial, medical and gas businesses in depth. “I was involved in all acquisitions and financing and many interesting antitrust and credit issues,” he said. When he formed a private practice with his colleague, Gordon Keen, they catered to middle market companies, venture capitalists and private equity firms. McCausland and Keen also represented many of the industrial gas companies that McCausland had come to know while at Messer. During this period, he also formed Airgas, Inc. and developed the strategy for consolidating the fragmented industrial gas distribution market. After an exhaustive due diligence process, McCausland bought his first company, Connecticut Oxygen, for $5.3 million, funded with $1 million in venturecapital money, and $4.3 million in loans. He hired a former colleague to run Connecticut Oxygen’s day-to-day operations, while McCausland continued full-time in his law practice. As his expertise grew, he recognized the industry’s untapped business opportunities.

Eighty-five percent of the industry was operated by small mom-and-pop businesses, and by the 1980s many business owners were readying for retirement. In short, the industry was ripe for a roll-up. McCausland’s operating strategy was simple: hire strong managers at the local level and give them autonomy. By 1986, he had completed 17 acquisitions, and Airgas generated revenues of $35 million from operations in 10 states.

Success in anything requires being mindful of the details and the big picture. Too often people let the little things get them off course.

That same year, Airgas merged with Werco, Inc., a company that owned five manufacturing companies that made cylinders, welding and safety equipment. The combined entity became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. Its public offering in 1986 raised $5 million, followed by a secondary offering in 1987 that raised $20 million. The proceeds were used to fund the centerpiece of his aggressive business strategy: acquisitions. In 1987, he left his law practice to become CEO and chairman of Airgas. “We’ve never been back to the public market since to raise equity,” he said proudly. Twenty-six years later, Airgas has become an extremely profitable company, bringing in almost $700 million in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization last year. Under McCausland’s tutelage, Airgas formed regional distribution hubs, closed redundant operations, and divested certain manufacturing facilities and unrelated businesses to improve operating margins. Over the years, he also built and acquired production plants, updated technologies and focused on operational efficiency, as the company grew to its present size. “I didn’t leave the law because I was unhappy,” said McCausland, who still uses his old law firm to represent Airgas. “I left because this was such a great opportunity to use the same skills I’d honed at my law firm and had started to learn at BU Law School. I’ve enjoyed both careers.” n

The Esdaile Alumni Center Welcomes Cornell L. Stinson, Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Relations Cornell Stinson has been in the development field for more than 15 years and joined Boston University as the assistant dean for Development and Alumni Relations in March of 2008. As assistant dean, Stinson oversees all aspects of the Development and Alumni Relations office for the law school and is primarily charged with implementing a successful fundraising strategy as the law school considers plans for the construction of a new campus. Prior to joining Boston University, Stinson was a member of the Harvard Law School Alumni Center for four years, ultimately being promoted there to deputy director of leadership gifts. At Harvard, he was responsible for the full range of development activities, working with alumni and friends in New York, California and New Jersey to secure leadership level gifts ($250,000 or more). Stinson was also the primary staff for the Harvard Law School regional campaign volunteer committees of New York and the West Coast. Before Harvard, Stinson served as director of development and alumni/ae relations for Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL). As the chief advancement officer for NUSL, he was responsible for all major gift, annual giving and alumni relations activities during NUSL’s $7.5 million campaign within the University’s overall $200 million capital campaign. Stinson spent more than five and a half years as a planned giving officer at Syracuse University and Boston College and started his development career at Cornell University working for the Cornell Tradition Scholarship program. Stinson received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University in 1986, majoring in government. After receiving his J.D. in 1989 from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Stinson practiced law for a brief period before moving to a career in development.

Fall 2008 | The Record | 13

Going Against the Grain Charles Pillsbury (’75) At a St. Paul, Minnesota prep school he was known as “the Doone” –– slang for “the guy who’s not afraid to appear foolish.” At Yale, his college roommate Garry Trudeau worked his nickname, his bespectacled visage, and his whimsical, “lefty” personality into one of the most famous comic strip characters of all times, Mike Doonsebury. But all of this has been icing on the cake –– or should we say, frosting on the crescent buns –– for Charlie Pillsbury. As the namesake of Charles Alfred who founded one of the world’s largest grain and flour companies, Pillsbury has possessed a brand name all of his own. For the great-grandson of one of Minnesota’s most impressive industrialists, that name has been a marker not so much for poppin’ fresh dough, but rather for public service. “My great-grand uncle was Minnesota’s third governor, my uncle ran for that office and my father was a New Hampshire senator in the 1970s,” Pillsbury explains matter-of-factly. What galvanized Pillsbury’s own political sentiments, however, was the year he spent after high school in France in the late 1960s, 14 | The Record | Fall 2008

absorbing alternative viewpoints on the meaning of world military engagements in Southeast Asia. Pillsbury came back to the United States a “liberal European” who had almost nothing in common with his old high school friends –– or his Republican family. “It wasn’t a rebellion, and I never stopped loving them, it was just my creative response to what was going on in the world,” he says. Pillsbury

became actively involved in the presidential campaign of Democrat Eugene McCarthy –– while his own right-wing father was running for the Senate. He also became one of the first to engage in shareholder activism, “raising hell” at board meetings about companies’ involvement in weapons manufacturing during the Vietnam War, and even taking Honeywell all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court to push for disclosure of their records on cluster bomb production.

something new, Pillsbury began volunteering “That’s what got me interested in law,” for Community Mediation, a nonprofit says Pillsbury, who applied to BU Law community-based mediation program in New School in 1972. “I wanted to do what Ralph Nader did –– public interest law.” At Haven. When the executive director position opened up in 1989, he jumped at it. BU, he took courses in corporate, tax and finance law and found a mentor in Professor Philip Blumberg, who also was interested in shareholder activism. “My case with Mediation serves people Honeywell was actually a footnote in one whom the legal profession can’t of our readings,” he says with a laugh. In serve, either because the issues his third year, Pillsbury wrote for a BU Law journal one of the first articles on are more human than legal, or employee stock ownership plans. “I was a capitalist but wanted to turn capitalism on because people don’t have the its head,” he says. necessary resources.

After graduating, Pillsbury worked in tax law. “I envisioned myself as a kind of ‘public interest’ tax lawyer, which is really an oxymoron,” he reflects wryly. He then worked solo for ten years in general law, but eventually realized, “I loved law but hated practicing it.” In his pursuit of

Having served in that position over the past 19 years, Pillsbury has facilitated and trained in the areas of conflict resolution for individuals, businesses, schools, churches and government agencies, including police

departments. After a particularly divisive racial shooting incident in 1997, he started his organization’s Dialog Project, which has brought faith communities together to remedy racial discrimination. He also founded the National Association of Community Mediators. “Mediation serves people whom the legal profession can’t serve, either because the issues are more human than legal, or because people don’t have the necessary resources,” Pillsbury says. “In doing so, we’ve become a growing part of the justice system.” Pillsbury has also stayed true to his progressive leanings –– and his childhood nickname. In 2002 he ran for Congress as a Green Party candidate in Connecticut. “It’s the only party that hasn’t sold out and still opposes unjust wars,” he says. “I’m still a ‘fool’ in the sense that the fool is the only one who speaks the truth to the powers that be.” n

Pillsbury at work in his New Haven office.

Fall 2008 | The Record | 15

From Prague and Beyond: Graber Serves as Ambassador to the People Richard Graber (’81) is working in exciting times. Appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic in September 2006, he is at the center of a bilateral relationship between the two countries that will shape some of the greatest change since the Czech Republic’s Velvet Revolution in 1989. Graber, clearly enthusiastic about the economic and political growth the nation has made in the past 19 years, is equally energized about his own time in the country. “You never know what direction your career will ultimately take,” says Graber, who was in his 25th year with Milwaukee law firm, Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren sc, when he received a call from the White House inquiring whether he’d be interested in an ambassadorship. As a managing partner at the firm as well as a four-time elected chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Graber had already achieved a level of success that many only dream of. “The White House call was very much out of the blue,” says Graber. “Shortly after, I received another asking, ‘What would you think about Prague and the Czech Republic?’” 16 | The Record | Fall 2008

The Czech Republic, one of the most stable and prosperous of the post-Communist states, was a destination Graber and his wife Alexandria, an alumnus of BU’s Sargent College, hadn’t previously considered. As the former Czechoslovakia, the country served for many years as a bridge between the East and West. Following a coup in 1948, the Central European nation became a Communist-ruled state until the Velvet Revolution in 1989, which peacefully overthrew the communist government in favor of a democratic one, simultaneously serving as an example of one of the most successful transformations of its time.

Three years later Czechoslovakia would be peacefully dissolved by parliament into two European states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the Czech Republic rising to new economic heights. Graber describes his own ambassadorial appointment as similarly fast-paced. “It was a whirlwind process,” he says of his introduction into the position. After the extensive application process, including fiveweek training sessions with fellow soon-tobe ambassadors, diplomats and government appointees, Graber, his wife and one of his two sons (the eldest attends college at Wake

Forest) arrived in Prague and hit the ground running. While their younger son plays on a Czech soccer team and expands his circle of international friends, Alexandria serves as chairman of the International School Board and lectures on occupational therapy at Prague’s Charles University. And what about the arduous Czech language? Graber and his wife attend class twice a week to help wrestle with the notoriously difficult language. “It’s certainly not easy,” Graber laughs and admits “but I feel it’s important to master it as much as possible while I’m here.” While taking part in an active family life that would rival any in the States, Graber spends his days tackling issues that will likely shape the relations of the Czech Republic and the U.S. for years to come. “My job is to build on the strength of a friendship between the U.S. and the Czech Republic and there’s not one single thing you do; it’s something you have to work on every day.”

Graber works on issues that could signal significant change for the Czech Republic, as well as the U.S. A U.S.-proposed missile defense plan is currently under negotiation that would have the Czech Republic, as well as Poland, host radar facilities; its goal is to protect Europe and the United States against the threat of long-range missiles originating in the Middle East.

My job is to build on the strength of a friendship between the U.S. and the Czech Republic and there’s not a single thing you do; it’s something you have to work on every day.

“It’s a huge issue here,” says Graber. And the issue is a controversial one in the Czech Republic for many reasons. “Part of it is historical. This is a country that has been occupied in the past by Nazis

and Soviets and it’s important to make the distinction that in those cases no one asked permission to be there. The United States is asking permission.” With subsequent topics, ranging from the radar facility’s potential environmental impact to the question of NATO involvement, the decision ultimately lies with the Czech Republic. “We have a responsibility to provide information not only to local mayors and members of Parliament but also to the public at large,” says Graber. Graber’s responsibility to the public extends to what has been a sensitive political issue for the Czech people for many years: visa requirements. Currently, citizens of the Czech Republic need a visa to travel to the U.S., even for a short vacation. American citizens need only a passport to make a similar trip to the Czech Republic. “This is probably the largest irritant in the bilateral relations between our two countries, but we’re making tremendous progress,” Graber says.

Richard Graber speaks about the U.S. election on Czech radio.

Fall 2007 2008 | The Record | 17

Legislation affecting the U.S. Visa Waiver Program may enable the first Czech to visit the U.S., visa free, before the end of 2008. Graber is the first to admit his devotion to public issues stems largely from his own volunteer experiences dating back 20 years. While his wife worked as a volunteer with the Red Cross and local firefighters, Graber served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee and co-chairman of the United Way Tocqueville Society.

something that’s slowly evolving and progressing here.”

In communism you didn’t volunteer. You didn’t give back to the community. It’s something that’s slowly evolving and progressing here.

While there, Graber saw first-hand the rewards that come from the progress such organizations make. “One thing we’ve tried to work on in Prague is the importance of giving back to the community,” explains Graber. “In communism you didn’t volunteer. You didn’t give back to the community. It’s

Watching the evolution of a democracy that is still only 19 years in the making is something that Graber describes as “so much fun” for someone deeply interested in politics and society. Graber often reminds people that “what the Czech’s have been able to accomplish in that period of time is just remarkable: a vibrant economy, low unemployment and outstanding year-toyear growth.”

And while Graber is modest about his own accomplishments, they too are something rather extraordinary. With degrees from Duke and BU Law, his quarter century career at Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren and his numerous appointments in the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Graber attributes much of his success to his strong educational bearings. “I received a great foundation and education at BU Law. It enabled me to go straight to a terrific firm in Milwaukee where I worked for 25 years. Many of the things I was able to do there led me to this amazing opportunity as well as others, so who knows what comes next in my life?” n

Editor’s Note: As of July 2008, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice signed a historic Missile Defense framework agreement that includes the basing of the U.S. European Midcourse Radar (EMR) in the Czech Republic.

LaRae-Perez (’02) Champions “Mammogram Bill” in Vermont After Cassandra LaRaePerez (’02), an attorney with one of Vermont’s largest law firms, underwent her first mammogram in August 2007, a personal discovery became a catalyst to improved public policy for women in Vermont. That first and fateful mammogram revealed two things to LaRae-Perez: breast cancer and the value of early detection. Unfortunately, for many insured Vermont women, the value of early detection was being undermined by its hefty price. Each year, 400 to 500 women in Vermont are diagnosed with breast cancer according to the Vermont Department of Health. Women who hadn’t exhausted their insurance deductible for a current year had to pay out-of-pocket for mammograms, which cost $50 to $300 depending on location. Knowing price was discouraging women from securing early detection, LaRae-Perez was determined to “remove the 18 | The Record | Fall 2008

financial barriers that were preventing access to mammograms.” LaRae-Perez set out to cap mammogram costs for insured women, spawning the aptly titled “Mammogram Bill.”

before the end of session. The freshly passed Mammogram Bill called for insurers to cap out-of-pocket fees for mammograms at $25 in Vermont.

Because government relations comprises part of her practice, LaRae-Perez knew just the person to make her ally in her crusade for the Mammogram Bill—Vermont senator John Campbell. “I knew this issue was right up his alley,” she recalls. A friend and attorney at the Vermont Public Interest Group later joined the effort. “They worked on this in October and November, while I had and was recovering from my bilateral mastectomy. It wouldn’t have gotten started without them.”

“Early detection saves lives. If removing financial barriers to mammograms sends one woman with an as yet undetected cancer to get her mammogram earlier than she might have otherwise, this bill might save her life. I think the bill is more than a political statement; I believe it will make a real and practical difference. It may sound cliché, but really, it doesn’t get better than that,” says LaRae-Perez.

While LaRae-Perez underwent radiation therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital during February and March, the bill was completed in the Senate but stalled in the House Committee on Health Care. By midMarch, LaRae-Perez returned to the State House, promoting the bill until it eventually passed on April 30, 2008, a mere three days

Currently LaRae-Perez is an associate at Primmer, Piper, Eggleston & Cramer PC in Montpelier, Vermont. In addition to her work as an attorney, she still promotes breast cancer awareness, and recently walked 60 miles for a fundraiser on behalf of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

At the core of any law school is its faculty. BU Law professors are nationally acclaimed for their teaching skills as well as their scholarship and are frequently consulted for advice by both the public and private sectors. We are proud to welcome the following two members to our faculty: Anna di Robilant and Daniel Berman. Anna di Robilant Associate Professor of Law Anna di Robilant’s areas of expertise include comparative law, European legal history, Roman law, private law theory and European Union law. Her scholarly interests focus on the comparative and historical study of European and American private law. Professor di Robilant’s publications include “Genealogies of Soft Law” (American Journal of Comparative Law, 2006) and “The Art and Science of Critical Scholarship: Postmodernism and International Style in the Legal Architecture of Europe” co-authored with Ugo Mattei (Tulane Law Review, 2001). She has published books and articles in both English and Italian.

Professor di Robilant received her J.D. from the University of Torino Law School, Italy, a Ph.D in Comparative Law from the University of Trento, Italy and an LL.M. from Harvard Law School. Prior to joining BU Law, Professor di Robilant was a lecturer at the University of Torino Law School and a Byse Fellow at Harvard Law School where she taught a seminar on “Post-War American Approaches to Legal Historiography.”

Daniel Berman Professor of the Practice of Taxation An expert in international taxation, Daniel Berman joins BU Law with 25 years experience in tax planning, tax controversies, tax policy work and negotiating and interpreting tax treaties. Professor Berman worked in both the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government, serving as deputy international tax counsel for the U.S. Department of the Treasury and as legislation counsel for the Joint Committee on Taxation of the U.S. Congress. He practiced law as a partner with Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan LLP and Thelen, Reid, Brown, Raysman & Steiner LLP, both in Washington, DC.

Professor Berman received his J.D., cum laude, from Harvard Law School and his A.B., magna cum laude, from Harvard College where he majored in Applied Mathematics and Economics. He has taught courses in U.S. and international tax law at the International Tax Academy of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) in Amsterdam, as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center and as an instructor at Harvard Law School’s International Tax Program.

Fall 2008 | The Record | 19

Students Reach Out:

Pro Bono Efforts Continue in New Orleans Three years after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, there is still an immense need for help in New Orleans. With only 50 percent of public schools reopened and a large segment of public housing slated to be demolished in favor of luxury resorts, surrounding neighborhoods still go without street signs, grocery stores, public transportation and in some cases, electricity. Those who have tried to resume their lives remain in desperate situations. While issues in the city have all but disappeared from mainstream media, students at BU Law have not forgotten this ongoing crisis.

20 | The Record | Fall 2008

New Orleans resident, Marie Tolbert, stands on the front porch of her home.

Fall 2008 | The Record | 21

Three years after Hurricane Katrina, BU Law students capture the city’s residential conditions.

BU Law students continue to devote their time, energy and skills to help the residents of New Orleans rebuild their lives. In 2007, students began a BU Law chapter of the Student Hurricane Network (SHN), traveling to New Orleans over spring break to provide assistance to survivors. Moved by their experience in the hurricane ravaged city, the students have redoubled their efforts. This year, they returned to New Orleans over spring break to continue helping residents in need. Students also work from Boston in the Matchmakers for Justice program which pairs law students with Gulf Coast Clients. “Our students are living the motto we chose for the Pro Bono Program: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world,’ a Mohandas Gandhi quote. The students are excellent advocates and they are committed to continuing their pro bono work throughout law school and into their professional lives,” said Career 22 | The Record | Fall 2008

Development Office Director Maura Kelly, who accompanied students on both their spring break trips. Dean Maureen O’Rourke hopes to create a permanent fund for a pro bono spring break trip each year.

Our students are excellent advocates and they are committed to continuing their pro bono work throughout law school and into their professional lives.

Alumni are also currently working to create connections between Boston lawyers and Louisiana clients to compensate for the lack of professionals in post-Katrina New Orleans. The New Orleans Lawyer Assistance Project (NOLAP), was cofounded by Community Lawyer for Rhode

Island Legal Services, Steven Fischbach (’83) and retired attorney Thomas Arnold, to provide pro bono assistance from Boston. Student Jessica Sutton (’09) took the opportunity to work at the Public Defenders Office in New Orleans during the 2008 spring break trip. While there, she spent time interviewing individuals before their arraignment to give a voice to those unable to find representation. According to Sutton, many inmates were rounded up into makeshift jails and arrests were made without probable cause in an effort to regain control of a ravaged city. Some of these individuals did not see a lawyer or receive a first appearance hearing for months. On Sutton’s first SHN spring break trip in 2007, she met Reverend Jean-Jacques, the leader of a community church near the Ninth Ward. She is now working to provide legal services to his neighborhood. The services would be tailored to the

needs of the community and offered at Reverend Jean-Jacques congregation after church services, as well as at other community events and centers, she said. The project would bring in attorneys from various fields of law to give “Know Your Rights” presentations and help build clinics to assist individuals in writing letters or complaints to FEMA and other agencies.

One thing I found in New Orleans both years was that residents wanted to know that people have not forgotten about them and the struggles they face every day.

Kristina Petronko (’08), an alumni member of SHN, plans to continue her work in New Orleans. “During both years while we were in New Orleans, one thing I found was that residents wanted to know that people have not forgotten about them and the struggles they face every day,” she said. Besides visiting New Orleans twice to help in the Public Defenders Office, she has worked with the BU FEMA Appeals Project — another effort from Steven Fishbach — which aids FEMA assistance recipients seeking legal help. “I think the consequences of Katrina and Rita were devastating for many Gulf Coast residents and resulted in serious civil rights and human rights violations,” said Petronko. “We as law students and future lawyers have a responsibility to protest these violations, work to remedy the consequences of them, and ensure that the Gulf Coast residents are treated fairly with dignity and compassion.” n

Adrienne Bossi (‘10) finally finds a grocery store after a 4.5 hour search through New Orleans. The food is purchased with money collected by the BU Law students for residents of isolated trailer camps who have no access to these food stores.

Two and a half years later, Marie Tolbert’s yard remains littered with belongings as though she were having a moving sale. There is a stove

in her backyard, near the fence where the family dog, likely sick with Parvo, remains tied up. Every room in her small purple house is piled

f loor to ceiling with the possessions of four generations... Everything is covered in a chalky f ilm you can write your name in.

Marie invited a building inspector to sign off on the electrical work that was completed so she could begin sheet rocking over it.

“He told me everything was wrong and started tearing the walls down right there in front of me,” Marie remembered, her voice rising in

anger. “He said he could f ix it all for me, and he kept coming back

saying he needed more money to keep f ixing things. He said there were termites and tore down a whole wall and left us with a space open to

the outdoors for three weeks. Spiders were crawling in. I realized he wasn’t an inspector at all. He was pretending.”

Why rebuild then? Well, why breathe? While the city is literally

crawling with injustice in every structural facet, the hope of its people and the dream of a strong, vibrant New Orleans remain for most.

- An excerpt from an article written by law student Bossi about her experience on the 2008 spring break trip: “New Orleans through the Eyes of a Matriarch.” Marie Tolbert is pictured on pp. 20-21.

Fall 2008 | The Record | 23

BU Law Honors 2008 Silver Shingle Award Winners The “Silver Shingle” awards are presented each year to outstanding alumni and friends of Boston University School of Law. Recognizing remarkable members of our community, awards are given in the categories of: “Distinguished Service to the Profession;” “Distinguished Service to the School of Law;” “Distinguished Service to the Community;” and “The Young Lawyer’s Chair.” A separate honor is presented to a Boston University School of Law administrative staff member, the “Gerard H. Cohen Award for Distinguished Service to the School.” Celebrating these accomplished individuals, Boston University School of Law is proud to announce the 2008 recipients of the Silver Shingle and Gerard H. Cohen Awards. Rebecca Galeota (’99), Craig Thompson (’79), Edward Snyder (’65), Kirk Bauer (’78), Charlotte Gliksman, Dean Maureen O’Rourke

Charlotte Gliksman The Gerard H. Cohen Award for Distinguished Service to the School of Law Charlotte Gliksman joined BU Law in 1983 as a senior administrative secretary for faculty services. Her skill and ability quickly led to promotions and additional responsibility, and she has worked with ten associate deans, ensuring that the critical academic affairs of the school are handled smoothly and efficiently. Every member of the faculty and staff knows Gliksman as that special person that every organization must have — the one who knows the answer or knows how to find the answer to every question. Everyone on the academic side of the school knows that she is the glue that holds the academic operations together.

Rebecca Galeota (’99) Young Lawyer’s Chair Rebecca Galeota is a director with Cushman & Wakefield, the world’s largest privately-held commercial real estate firm. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to local nonprofits. Real Estate Forum Magazine and the CoStar Group have recognized her as one of Boston’s “Power Brokers.” During her first year in the industry, her peers in the Commercial Brokers’ Association elected her “Rookie of the Year” and in 2004 her colleagues at Cushman & Wakefield voted her the “Most Valuable Player” for the New England region. Galeota is also very involved in the Boston community, sitting on the board of trustees for Boston Latin School and on the board of Dorchester’s Educational Enrichment Program (Project DEEP). She previously sat on the boards of Champions for 24 | The Record | Fall 2008

Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Trust Fund. She continues to be active in the American Cancer Society and particularly in its development of the Hope Lodge, a place for out-of-town cancer patients to stay while receiving medical treatment in Boston.

Kirk Bauer (’78) For Distinguished Service to the Community Kirk Bauer has devoted 38 years of service to Disabled Sports USA—the first 12 years as a volunteer, and the last 26 as its executive director. Bauer knows first-hand what it’s like to face the challenges of disability: as a noncommissioned officer in the U.S. Army in 1969, he lost a leg from a hand grenade during an ambush while serving in the Ninth Combat Infantry Division in Vietnam. He was twice awarded the Bronze Star for heroism, the Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device, and the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in combat. His long list of accomplishments includes the establishment of the first nationwide fitness exercise program for disabled individuals and the introduction of the first nationwide program to work with parents of disabled children to ensure their children’s rights to physical education in the classroom. Bauer’s establishment of the “Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project” has helped injured veterans since 2003. Disabled Sports USA has provided sports rehabilitation programs for the severely wounded soldiers and Marines returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with amputations, head injuries, paralysis and blindness. Because of Bauer’s initiative, over 1,600 severely wounded warriors and their family members have been provided sports programs free of charge.

Edward Snyder (’65) For Distinguished Service to the Profession As a highly noted matrimonial practitioner for over 35 years, Ed Snyder has clearly earned the admiration and respect of his colleagues for his professionalism, expertise and contributions to the practice of family law. Snyder has been recognized by his peers in the New Jersey Bar Association with the Saul Tischler Award for lifetime achievement in family law and he has been listed in the “Best Lawyers in America” for over 10 years. Snyder was also elected as a Diplomat of the American College of Family Trial Lawyers, whose membership is limited to only 100 family law trial lawyers throughout the country. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and a Charter Fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Snyder has written extensively on family law matters and has been published in numerous periodicals, including The Family Advocate, The New Jersey Law Journal, The American Journal of Family Law and The Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Snyder has lectured extensively throughout the country on matrimonial and custody matters for many organizations, and he has been appointed to numerous committees by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Craig Thompson (’79) For Distinguished Service to the Profession As a member of the legal department of Home Life Insurance Company in New York City and then New England Life Insurance, Craig Thompson earned Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designations, two of the highest professional designations in the insurance industry. He received Vanguard and Masters status, became a registered representative with New England Securities and was appointed to the President’s Cabinet in recognition of his achievements. Next, he joined Thompson Pension Employee Plans, which specializes in pension administration and design. After first serving as general counsel, he became president in 1990. As employers have eliminated the defined benefit pension plans, the burden has shifted to employees to be knowledgeable about their firm’s plans and to make good investment choices. Thompson considers his role in educating employees to be as important as advising CEOs on the best plans to choose. Recently, Thompson was also elected to the board of the Women’s Project, which seeks to promote opportunities for women in the theater and corporate America in the New York metropolitan area. As a father of three daughters and one son, he knows how important it is for women to be recognized, to receive opportunities and to be given the chance to achieve. Thompson is committed to giving back to the community and to helping make the world a little more hospitable to women. Along with his many other roles, Thompson is a member of the dean’s advisory board at BU Law. n

Professor Outterson Works to Deliver the HPV Vaccine Where It’s Needed Most Cervical cancer kills 270,000 women worldwide each year and affects an innumerable number more, most of whom live in developing areas of the world. With two new vaccines currently on the market promising to prevent the infections, which also top out with the highest price tag in history, it seems unlikely that the world’s poorest women will ever see its benefits. Professor Kevin Outterson, whose previous experience includes related work in the area of AIDS, has dug deeper than most into this topic. “Some of the largest spots where cervical cancer occurs are countries such as India, where there’s a huge population and a very poor system of routine cervical screening,” said Outterson. At $360 per person, both vaccines are not only the most expensive ever offered, but come at nearly four times the annual health budget for an average person in the developing world. “I am a firm believer in pharmaceutical innovation,” Outterson said. “Markets must reward drug companies for outstanding new medicines. But when the people who need them most are too poor to afford them, we have a market failure. Something must be done to improve access while preserving innovation.” Working with Harvard researcher Aaron Kesselheim, Outterson described his proposals in the January 2008 issue of Health Affairs, the leading health policy journal in the United States. Relying on donations from drug companies or voluntary pricing programs has not boosted access enough to satisfy global health needs and solutions offered through the World Trade Organization have proven too cumbersome and bureaucratic. Forcing companies to give the product away for free will only drive them from the market, so Outterson’s efforts to find a compromise which meets both the individual’s and the pharmaceutical companies’ needs continues. “Our insight is to use market forces – specifically, generic competition, to drive prices down to the lowest attainable levels, but to limit this generic competition to the poorer countries of the world,” said Outterson. “Our proposal – the Generic Opportunity License (or GO License) doesn’t interfere at all with the drug companies’ most important markets such as the U.S. or Europe. It only applies to the poorer countries, with strict controls to prevent diversion of generic drugs to developed countries until the patents expire.” “We’re hoping that the companies will understand that this proposal does not hurt them at all, that it’s a tremendous benefit to global health, and that it will be great publicity for them,” said Outterson. “It’s also what the scientists want. They want it to go to the women who are dying of cervical cancer; they want to help prevent a generation of deaths.” Fall 2008 | The Record | 25

Anatomy of a Deal Real-World Transactions Hit the Classroom at BU Law

26 | The Record | Fall 2008

What makes a starting associate into a deal lawyer? For many graduates straight out of law school, it will take months, even years, of on-the-job training before they will truly comprehend the underlying principles of a well-structured business transaction. “Law schools traditionally haven’t provided a basic understanding of how and why deal documents work the way they do,” said Maureen O’Rourke, Dean of BU Law. In order to fill that gap and to prepare its graduates to hit the ground running in the professional world, BU Law has begun offering an innovative deals course: “Deals: The Economic Structure of Transactions & Contracting.” Seeking to infuse the 2L and 3L curriculum with practical, handson legal practice, Professors David Walker and Charles Whitehead coordinated and taught the class’s first session in the Spring 2008 semester. “The idea is not simply to teach negotiation and drafting, but rather to focus on developing in students an understanding of why deals are structured the way they are – for example, how do representations and warranties tie into conditions to closing and indemnification, and what are their purposes? This kind of experience is nationally recognized, among both practitioners and academics, as something that needs to be developed in law school, but very few schools are responding or able to respond to it,” said Whitehead. Today, BU Law is one of only

Michael Kendall (‘93), partner at Goodwin Procter and Phillip Thompson, partner at Alta Communications speak with Prof. David Walker before class.

a handful of law schools in the country to offer such a course. Combining both theoretical and practical skills, the class is designed to uncover the anatomy of a deal by uniting students’ academic work with the real-life experience of visiting practitioners. In addition to analyzing the structure of transactions from a positive and normative perspective, the

We’ve been teaching our students to think like lawyers for two years, and now the idea is to get them to start thinking like business people and, more importantly, like good business lawyers.

course looks at how rising trends in the legal marketplace affect the arrangements that are made. “There are common themes that run through most transactions, whether a venture capital investment, real estate financing, or cross-border acquisition, to name a few. We’ve been teaching our students to think like lawyers for two years,

and now the idea is to spend one class – pulling out the themes that run across transactional structures – in order to get them to start thinking like business people and, more importantly, like good business lawyers,” Walker said. Divided into two parts, the first section of the course introduces students to the tools and concepts needed to understand transaction costs, information economics, risk sharing and incentives, as well as property rights and finance, and then applies them to basic deal structuring. The second half of the class emphasizes real-world transactions, calling for the students to break into teams, with each unit responsible for presenting and analyzing a real-world business deal, ranging from large corporate mergers to small venture capital start-ups. Each team is responsible for reviewing up to 300-400 pages of deal documents and then preparing a 35-page paper that analyzes the purpose of the deal and how it was structured to accomplish that purpose. Following student analysis, the practitioners who worked on the deals then explain to the class what actually occurred, providing students with a real-world perspective against which to measure the “theory” of the Fall 2008 | The Record | 27

transaction. Experienced and successful alumni, such as Michael Fricklas (’84), general counsel of Viacom, made their way into the classroom, offering up practical insights to students. “I think classes like this one get young lawyers up the learning curve more quickly than the usual ‘trial and error’ approach and help them get a useful and comprehensive framework for the subject,” said Fricklas.

Students walk into the class not knowing the difference between a covenant and a contribution clause and they walk out having a much better feel for how deals are structured.

“The ‘Deals’ class is a terrific way to jumpstart learning transactional practice, and is certainly a class I wish I could have taken when I was there,” stated Michael Kendall (’93), partner at Goodwin Procter and a presenter in the class. Alumni Wendell Taylor (’95) and Michael Bain (’93), partners at WilmerHale, added their own knowledge from years in the field. “These types of classes not only provide students with an opportunity to explore the many facets of the transactional practice, but they also give students a basis to be successful if they choose to pursue a transactional practice as a career,” said Taylor. Other practitioners taking part in

the class included Peter McCausland (’74), chairman and CEO of Airgas, Gerald Poch (’71), managing director of Pequot Ventures and Nathaniel Dalton (’91), executive vice president & chief operating officer of Affiliated Managers Group, among others. Both Professors Whitehead and Walker, along with visiting practitioner Taylor, were eager to emphasize that students are not the only ones to benefit from the classroom experience. “Approaching deals from a theoretical background, the students address questions at a level that some practitioners may not have thought about. Practitioners will just say: ‘This is the way deals are done,’” said Walker. “For the practitioner, teaching classes such as this is

an opportunity to meet the next generation while at the same time honing their teaching and practice skills,” added Taylor. Impressed by both the professionalism and tenacity shown by students in the class, Fricklas agreed. “I was blown away by the sophistication of the students and their interest in the subject. I look forward to having them help me figure out some realworld issues in the not-too-distant future,” said Fricklas. The professors are confident that the deals students will have a competitive edge over others entering practice. “Students walk into the class not knowing the difference between a covenant and a contribution clause and they walk out having a much better feel for how deals are structured and why the documents are put together the way they are,” said Whitehead. “This class at BU Law is at the leading edge of a movement,” stated Fricklas. “I’m eager to welcome these students to the club of dealmakers.” n

Prof. Charles Whitehead and the ‘Deals’ class speak with Michael Fricklas (’84), general counsel of Viacom, via teleconference.

28 | The Record | Fall 2008

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Fall 2008 | The Record | 29

Class notes* J.D. Program 1950: Leon Wigrizer still lives in center city Philadelphia and enjoys his grandchildren.

1957: Philip Bouchard is Professor of Law Emeritus after establishing a full-time law

wife in Washington, D.C. Lawrence Weiner

1991: Larry Pliskin and Heather Pliskin have

opened an assisted living facility in Malden,

two sons, Ashton and Emmett.

MA and recently became a grandfather.

1992: Edward Gonzales moved to 1974: John Segelbaum practices in Edmonds, WA and has published a novel.

Omaha, NE to join the Corporate Finance department of Kutak Rock LLP. Julia

Huston practices intellectual property law

school at Western New England College

1975: Walt Bistline is an artist in residence

where he taught for 32 years. Doris

at Bromberg & Sunstein. Scott Kursman

at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.

lives in New York City with his sons

Friedman is still working and won a primary

Matthew and Jason.

campaign for re-election to a four year term

1977: Peter Mardinly and his wife, Sue,

as Greenburgh, NY town judge. Joseph

are enjoying being empty nesters. Toby

Sweeney continues to write and teach

Rodman moved back to Boston after

Shaeffer, Aronoff, Bandlow in Century City,

about law at Fordham University School of

living in Maryland for 20 years. Kenneth

California. William Ortner joined Barclays

Law in New York.

Shapiro specializes in creditors’ rights /

Capital in New York as managing director,

collection law handling matters throughout

Equity Products. Gina Walcott recently

1993: Lincoln Bandlow formed Spillane,

1962: Alan Fodeman has a solo practice

Pennsylvania. Joel Weiss and Karen Wigle

and is very proud of his family.

Weiss (’79) have two children, Charlie

for Lawyers, Inc. located in Boston, MA as

and Suzy. Joyce Wixson and her husband,

executive director.

1967: Michaele Battles has been retired for four years and is enjoying retired life.

accepted a position at Lawyers Concerned

Richard, have 4 children.

1995: Ian Pilarczyk recently accepted

Patrick King retired from the Massachusetts

1982: Edward Kilbane runs the disease

Superior Court in 2003 and joined JAMS

a position at Fletcher School of Law as

surveillance program at the Navy’s research

where he works as a mediator and arbitrator.

associate director.

unit in Cairo, Egypt.

Stanley Krieger is general counsel to

1996: Laura Crosby recently accepted a

Braman Management Association and is

1987: Mindy (Gottlieb) Davidson lives

position at Lawrence Berkeley National

active in various trade associations.

in Houston with her husband and two

Laboratory located in Berkeley, CA as

daughters. Daniel Feder is the managing

1970: Laurence Gillis is an associate

contract administrator. Michael Erdman is

director for private equity and venture

professor in the Criminal Justice Program at

a partner at Teeple, Leonard & Erdman in

capital investments for the Princeton

the University of Maryland.

Chicago. Adam Lesnick is a member of the

University endowment. James Houston

1972: J. William Codinha works at Nixon

Real Estate group in New York.

was named general counsel of Orbian Corp.

Lawrence Levin and his wife Barbara reside

1997: Amy McShane recently accepted

in Hingham, MA with their two children.

a position at Phillips Lytle LLP located in

history. Judith Koffler was a visiting

David Lowy and his wife, Ginny, live in

Buffalo, NY as associate. Adam Michael

Marblehead, MA with their two children.

and Kathleen Heberle live in Rochester, NY

professor at Chapman University Law

Stephanie Poster is senior managing

with their three children, Henry (5), Lucy

School teaching Agency and Partnership and

counsel for State Street’s U.S. Investor

(3) and James (1). Tiffany Ngeo works at a

Services (Mutual Funds) Division. Michael

subsidiary of American International Group,

Rothstein and his wife, Doreen, live in

Inc. (AIG). Traci Vanek and her husband

Chicago with their four children.

Brian Richmond have two children, Tommy

Peabody and lives in Brookline, MA. Gail

Coleman is working on a Ph.D. in medieval

International Business Transactions. Sandra

Moody teaches two courses each year on education law to teachers. Roger Nelson moved full-time to Florida earlier this year

(2) and Madelyn (5 months.)

and plans to travel. Charles Smith retired

1989: Michael Prince published his first

from the Peace Corps and lives with his

book entitled Stupid Wars.

30 | The Record | Fall 2008

*Class Notes are prepared by graduates and BU Law.

1998: Alice McMath McCune gave birth to Patrick Bond McCune on Halloween night. Ruta Skucas accepted a position at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission located in Washington, D.C.

American Law Program 1998: Silva Annovazzi is practicing Corporate Criminal Liability and Corporate Governance with Dewey Ballantine in Milan.

is working in the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia office of Ahmed Zaki Yamani, focusing on corporate finance, project finance and commercial matters.

Yasmin Rao Bhumgara has accepted a

2001: Amir Bernstein was recently

1999: Jeremy Colby recently published

position as in-house counsel and North

appointed as the head of the European

“Reaping the Rewards: Enforcing U.S.

American Group Legal Coordinator with

division for a multinational real estate

Judgments in England and Wales and

Innovation Group in Newton, MA. Christine

company in Hamburg, Germany. Stephanie

Enforcing Foreign Money Judgments In New

Tretzmuller has left Clifford Chance in

Raue Chalberg joined the Palo Alto office

York.” Rachelle (DeGregory) Rennagel

Frankfurt and has moved to London.

of Latham & Watkins in November 2006

married Allan Rennagel February 14, 2008.

1999: Alessandra Bonetti Rubelli is now

2001: Neha Dalal was named partner at

living in Venice and has been the in-house

Jacobs Rosenberg LLC. in Newark, New

counsel for the Guggenheim Foundation

Jersey. Kelly Koyama recently accepted a

since 2004. Harun A. Reksodiputro is

position at Marc Jacobs International LLC

a partner in the Corporate Commercial

located in New York, NY. Melissa Lozner

Practice Group of Hadiputranto, Hadinoto &

works part-time as a litigation associate at

Partners in Jakarta.

Lowenstein Sandler PC in Roseland, N.J.

2000: Ayca Akkayan has been working

2002: Matthew Gildart joined Wakelin,

on her doctoral thesıs on “Covered Bonds”

Hallock & O’Donovan LLP specializing in

and conducting research at the Max

ERISA and benefits work. Joanne Hepburn

Planck Instıtute for Foreıgn Prıvate and

joined Preston, Gates & Ellis (now K&L

Prıvate Internatıonal Law in Hamburg,

Gates) in Seattle. Julie Zovko is working as

Germany. Luisa Arosio is now counsel to

senior counsel at Ryder System in Miami

Telecom Italia in Milano, Italy. Stéphanie

Beach, FL.

Hodara El Bez recently joined the Swiss law firm Altenburger, to head its Geneva

2003: Kimberly Stein recently accepted a

banking practice. Roberto Grane is a

position at Sona Mobile located in Las Vegas.

partner in the Buenos Aires office of

2004: Brandy Karl recently accepted a position at Stanford Law School. Carolyne

Sanin practices at Dickstein Shapiro LLP. 2005: Peter Hahn is a partner at Hilton, Sindelar & Hahn in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Rachel Rivkind recently accepted a position at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP in New York.

Jacob Romelhardt recently reported to the United States Naval Academy as Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law.

Baker & McKenzie, where his practice area focuses on Commercial Agreements & Contracts, Mergers & Acquisitions, Information Technology Advisory, Oil & Gas Law and Telecommunications. Allan

Kato is practicing commercial, labor and intellectual property litigation at Del Rosario, Bagamasbad & Raboca in Manila, Phillipines. Juan Martorelli is a senior associate at Basham, Ringe y Correra in Mexico City. Emilia Mesquita and her husband, Jason, became the proud parents of a baby girl, named Nicole, on Feb 26th.

Ludger Schult is in Munich, working as

2007: Christopher Feudo recently accepted a

an associate in the Global Corporate

position at Robinson & Cole LLP in Boston.

Department of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP. Laurence Toso started an executive MBA in Geneva and is still working at Ernst & Young. Faisal Yamani

and is working in life sciences licensing.

Fernando Fiallos and his wife, Marcela, had a baby girl, Cecilia Maria. Stefanie

Fleischmann became general counsel of Bicent Power LLC in New York in October 2007 and will be getting married in the city in September. Florian Geyer and his wife, Astrid, gave birth to their son, Vincent, on December 29, 2007. Alex Gilardini is practicing at Gilardini law firm in both the Torino and Warsaw offices. Kanchan

Ketkar is working for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company in New Jersey as a legal advisor to the company’s Global Marketing group. Chulwoo Lee was recently appointed as a part-time professor at Kyungpook National University Law School and Choungpook National University in Seoul. Dryden Liddle returned to the U.S. in January 2008 to settle in Northern California and will be interviewing at firms in the Bay Area, after having been in London. Ariel Weindling is of counsel at Littler Mendelson PC in Los Angeles, focusing on international employment, labor law and cross-border human resources issues. Tobias Wintermantel continues his work at Allen & Overy in Frankfurt, having passed his German oral exams for his dissertation in June 2007. He and wife Aila are expecting the birth of their first child this summer.

2002: Takanori Abe was recently appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, where he will be teaching medical law and intellectual property law. Edouard Bottling is now

Fall 2008 | The Record | 31

working in the derivatives and derivative-

2003: Luis Denuble now has four sons and

married in March 2008, with a service

based Structured Finance team of the

continues working in product liability and

at the church of Saanen and reception

Finance Department of Gide, Loyrette, Nouel

intellectual property litigation at Noetinger

on the shore of Lake Geneva, in Vevey.

in Paris. Rebeca Lizasoain Brandys joined

& Armando in Buenos Aires. He is also

Caroline is international legal counsel for

the Rome office of the international law firm

teaching Consumer law at the Universidad

SGS Group in Geneva and Joachim is with

Bonelli, Erede, Pappalardo as an associate

de Ciencias Empresariales (UCES) and

Lalive, in Geneva. Yugo Nakamura moved

with the corporate and finance department.

Civil Procedure in a postgraduate course.

to Brussels where he continues to work

Sumei Chang works for Wistron Corp. in

Unni Fredheim is working for Valartis

for Panasonic. Ade Oremosu is moving

Taiwan and recently celebrated the birth

Asset Management in Geneva and is soon

to Chicago (from New Jersey), still with

of her daughter, Yi-Jen. Nicole Haidar

getting married. Marc-Alain Galeazzi is

Verizon Wireless, to head the area Legal

works as the legal counsel for Hipotecaria

an associate in the Corporate Department

Team of Verizon Wireless. Armando

Vertice in Mexico City. Leila Hubeaut is

of Davis, Polk & Wardwell in New York,

Rimoldi is in-house counsel with Telemex

a senior associate in the Mining, Oil and

assigned to the Financial Institutions Group.

in Mexcio City. Po Keng “Brian” Tsai is

Gas practice team at Gide Loyrette Nouel

Rainer Hoerning moved to London a year

now working for HSBC insurance in Taiwan as a compliance officer.

in Paris. Carsten Kociok is an associate at

ago and has been working at Credit Suisse.

Olswang in Berlin. Gulzada Korkmaz lives

Flavio Jardim has accepted a position

in Cambridge, MA and works at Oxigene,

as a judicial clerk at the Supreme Court

2005: Lucas Brabers works at Allen &

Inc., a pharmaceutical company, where she

of Brazil, in Brazilia. Kyrill Makoski has

Overy in Amsterdam. Rasmus Goksor

provides legal advice on various local and

been admitted to the German bar and now

is writing his dissertation for Duke Law

international contractual matters. Mads

practices law at Rechtsanwaelte Moeller

School but is spending his days as a Visiting

Lowe has been working at DLA Piper in

und Partner in Duesseldorf. David Quinke

Researcher at Harvard Law. Cesar Gonzalez

New York and is starting the MBA program

is an associate in the Dusseldorf office of

is currently working in Madrid in an M&A

at Wharton Business School in the fall.

Baker & McKenzie, where his work focuses

boutique. Koh Hinokawa has been working

Eduardo Mantilla-Serrano recently opened

on international arbitration matters. Celine

in the legal department of a pharmaceutical

his own consulting firm — M&M Trade

Sellam recently had a baby girl named Mia

company in Japan since 1997. Jong Huang

and Law; he also married Johana Alvarez-

Rivka and has two older children Leah and

is taking care of the family business -- light

Botero in April 2007 in Bogota. Lisandra

Naomi (3 and 5 years old.) Tomás Sutton

weight monorails in Korea. He is also the

Meltzer works for the law firm Tavares

has joined the law firm of Moreno Crotto

proud father of a baby girl. Alexander Israel

Advogados in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is also

& Asociados Abogados in Buenos Aires,

and his wife, Nadine, moved to Brussels,

currently writing for the magazine TPM

Argentina, and is partner and head of

where Alexander is now an associate at

as a columnist. Genaro Fernandez Ortiz

the Corporate practice group. Minoru

WilmerHale. Georg Jacobs is an intellectual

has joined De Icaza y Martinez law firm

Tanaka continues his work at Sony,

property attorney at Heuking, Kühn, Lüer,

in Lomas de Santa Fe, Mexico, as partner.

where he now works with Yoshi Mochida

Wojtek in Dusseldorf, Germany. Pauline

Julio Quiroga is president of his own sports

(’03), who joined Sony in March 2007

Loiseleur des Longchamps returned to

business company in Buenos Aires, TMC

from Kao Corporation.

the U.S. to work for a year in Milwaukee, WI for Veolia ES Solid Waste, Inc., a

(Talent Management Co. S.A ) and is the proud father of his latest creation, son

2004: Lauracelis Roques Arroyo was

subsidiary of a French company, Veolia

Julito. Annabelle Richard is now a senior

recently appointed as a Superior Court

Environmental Services, the world’s largest

associate within the Telecommunication

Judge within the Court of First Instance

waste management company. Takaaki

Media and Technology Department of

of the Judicial System of Puerto Rico.

Oki was named director of the Legal

Ichay & Mullenex Associes in Paris, working

Sang He Lee left Samsung Electronics

Department in Mitsui & Co (USA), Inc., in

mainly on international telecom and new

last year and joined a law firm in Seoul,

October 2007 and has relocated to the LA

technologies projects. Amélie Trevoux

Jisung Law Offices. Margarita Llorente

office as regional director. BU Law mourns

works for Cabinet Le Mazou as a Parisian

proudly announced the arrival of her first

the passing of Sang Kyu Song who died

and New York Attorney, focusing on real

baby, a girl named Juliana Madriñán,

of natural causes in spring 2008 in Seoul,

estate, commercial and financial law issues.

born on July 24, 2007. Satoshi Matsuo is

Korea. Kiyoshi Tsujimoto has been working

Erika Watty Urista gave birth to Alexis

working for Hitachi in Japan and reports

as a vice president of Tsujimoto Law &

Blaudszun Watty on February 25, 2008 and

his engagement to a professional tennis

Patent Firm. Kiyoshi married in 2005 and

is living in Geneva.

player. Caroline Ming and Joachim Knoll

now has a daughter.

32 | The Record | Fall 2008

2006: Wolf Bussian is an associate with

Santiago accepted a position at Cueto

& Hartson in EC/U.S. antitrust area. Anita

Lovells in Frankfurt, Germany. Luli Coronel

Rua, Landaburu & Lynch. Greg Margoline

Vadgama has accepted a position in Boston

completed a clerkship with Judge William

has been working at Linklaters in Paris

with Littler Mendelson, the largest U.S.

Young at the Federal District Court in

since July 2007. Stefan Rath is working at

firm specializing in Employment and Labor

Massachusetts and most recently became

Bridgehouse Law in Munich. Byron Rooney

law. Pei-Yu Wu recently joined Baker &

the proud mother of Antonio Jose , born

is with Davis, Polk & Wardwell in New

McKenzie’s Taipei Office as an associate.

on May 5th. Maricarmen Valls Esponda

York, where he is an associate in the capital

Guk Yeol was promoted to partner in the

is working at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen &

markets group of the corporate department.

law firm Lee & Ko in Seoul, in March 2008.

Hamilton in New York, as her husband

He is also pursuing a Masters in the

Boknam Yun has returned to his position as

Carlos pursues his LL.M. at Fordham.

Mathematics of Finance through Columbia

a partner with Hankyul Law Firm in Seoul.

Maricarmen plans to return home to

University, part-time. Daisuke Takei has

Mexico where she will work for America

returned to Japan to accept a position in the

Movil. Mathilde Fabre has been working

legal department of Sumitomo Chemical.

for a French company called Eugene

Graduate Program in Banking and Financial Law

Perma France in Paris, mainly in the area

2007: Pedro Ossorio Caraballo is finishing

of intellectual property. Graziana Gatti is

another masters degree in Corporate Law at

in London, working for Dewey & LeBoeuf

Navarra University in Pamplona, Spain, and

1985: James William Everett Jr.

will graduate in September 2008. Bertrand

published an article, “Are Promissory Notes

updates concerning Italian and European

Fisson-Blackwell will be trekking for one

Securities?” (U.C.C. Law Journal Vol. 40, No.

Law. Bjoern Grund is completing the final

month across South Africa with friends

2) which examines the application of Article

part of his Referendariat at the German

this summer and is also trying to enter the

8 of the Uniform Commercial Code to the

Mission to the United Nations in New York,

French military academy (ESM Saint-Cyr).

transfer of promissory notes.

and is responsible for advising on legislative

working in all different areas of international

Francesca Fulchignoni is at Arendt &

law. Natalie Guelfi is currently working in

Medernach in Luxembourg. Arno Keuning

1987: Michael Holiday has a solo practice

the corporate department of Allen & Overy

is now at Clifford Chance in Amsterdam

in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

in Luxembourg. Paola Sanchez Hernandez

along with fellow classmate Wouter Van

is an associate at Barrera, Siqueiros y Torres

Den Berg. Rika Koinuma is married and

Landa, SC, in Mexico City. Cristy Himes has

accepted an offer to work for the World

most recently been working on international

Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

trade matters in the Washington, D.C.

in Geneva for two years. Tae Hoon Lee

office of Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt

is the proud father of his first baby, a boy,

& Mosle LLP, an international law firm

named Jay Lee. Sophie Limbioul is moving

headquartered in New York. Chika Igarashi

to Luxembourg to pursue a tax advisor

(Araki) is a senior associate at Japan’s

position with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

largest firm, Nishimura and Asahi, dealing

Wolf (Philipp) Mueller-Hillebrand is

mainly with corporate transactions and

in-house counsel at Parexel International

banking regulations, both in domestic and

in Waltham, MA. Thanarak Naowarat

cross border fields. Deborah Journo is an

is now working as a specialized judge

associate in the commercial and intellectual

for the Central Intellectual Property and

property law departments of August &

International Trade Court in Bangkok.

1991: Michael Campbell is counsel and assistant vice president in the legal department at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

1993: Anne Dowd, associate general counsel at Bank of America, has joined the Morin Center faculty and will teach Commercial Lending in the Fall 2008 semester. Lawrence L. Lee is a member of the executive committee of the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association. Luis F.

Socorro is an investigation specialist in the Office of Audit and Performance Review at the United Nations Development Program

Debouzy in Paris. Gyorgy Kovacs continues

Ernesto Partida recently accepted a

teaching in the Pazmany Peter Catholic

position as an associate at Galicia y Robles,

Univeristy in Hungary and has also begun

SC in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico.

1995: Carol Ruben Lewis is with Public &

working as an attorney at the Austrian law

Diego Mauricio Rojas Peña has been

Community Affairs at the Federal Reserve

firm Wolf Theiss in Budapest. Santiago

pursuing Harvard’s Negotiation Program.

Bank of Boston and is involved with

Lynch and his wife, Fatima, are proud

Andrea Tkacikova is temporarily in Boston,

foreclosure issues in New England.

parents of Bautista Lynch, their first son,

preparing for the New York Bar. Andrea left

born on February 21st, 2007. The Lynch

Switzerland and moved to Brussels and is

1997: Michael Spivey is currently

family has returned to Argentina, where

now working for the U.S. law firm Hogan

vice president of Financial Services &

in New York.

Fall 2008 | The Record | 33

Immigration Compliance for Wal-Mart

Alcazar & Delas Casas in Lima, Peru. Eric

Chia & Partners in Singapore. Antonia

Stores, Inc. In this capacity, he serves both

Pinciss is an associate at Kramer, Levin,

Uekermann works at Clifford Chance in

as the designated Patriot Act/Bank Secrecy

Naftalis & Frankel in New York. Pasquale

Frankfurt, Germany. In Miami, Roberto

Act Compliance officer for the company

Stricagnolo is an associate at Freshfields in

Vidal has joined the local office of White

and also coordinates immigration policy

Milan. Kevin Weng has moved to Societe

and Case. Zahir Virani moved back to

and compliance efforts.

Generale in New York.

New York City and is working at Hahn and

1998: The Class of 1998 held a reunion

2005: Adebiyi Adesina works as a

in Boston in early June. Among those

management analyst in the Human

present were Pedro Felipe Iniguez Ducci,

Weir has begun her doctoral studies in

Capital Office at the U.S. Government

law and society at Northeastern University in Boston and will teach at the same

Hessen LLP. Quankai “Wales” Wang is at Allen & Overy LLP in Shanghai. Maggie

who is with Consorcio in Chile, Fernando

Accountability Office in Washington, DC.

Avila-Bavaresco, a senior counsel for Latin

Varoujan Avedikian has returned to Boston

America at ConocoPhilips in Houston and

for further studies at Harvard’s Kennedy

Peter Mugo, an associate at Goodwin

School of Government. Mrinal Chandran

at Dewey Leboeuf in New York. Xi Zhou is

Procter LLP in New York.

visited Boston recently and he is currently

at Neighborhood of Affordable Housing

India Legal Counsel at Clearwater Capital

in Boston.

1999: Funmi Odegbami is an associate at

Partners in Mumbai. Tomoya Yamashita is

the New York office of Morrison & Foerster.

currently assigned at the Japanese Embassy

2001: Hyun-Zu Kim works as an attorney

in Canberra, Australia.

and serves as the director of regional

2006: Samuel Mirkin is an associate at

development of Korea Southeast U.S.

Katten, Muchin, Rosenmann LLP in New

Chamber of Commerce (responsible for

York City and specializes in hedge funds.

6 states, including Alabama, Georgia,

Lucia Amiri Talesh has joined the firm of

Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina

Loret de Mola & Benavides in Lima, Peru.

and Tennessee). She is also on the board

institution. Ye “Emilia” Wu is at Troutman Sanders in Hong Kong. Mengke Ye works

Graduate Tax Program 1953: Eliot K. Cohen is counsel at Rosenberg, Freedman & Goldstein in Newtonville, MA.

1961: Frederick J. Conroy works for Belesi & Conroy PC in Lexington, MA.

of trustees of GCIV (Georgia Council for

2007: Pedro Drummond has joined the

International Visitors, a not-for-profit

newly-formed Sao Paolo office of Skadden,

organization, which works with the State

Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. In Paris,

lives in Salem, MA. Alan B. Fodeman runs a

Department). Carolina Trujillo works with

France Serge Rastorgoueff is working at

practice in Fairfield, CT.

Neighborhood for Affordable Housing in

Norton Rose LLP. Rebecca Stein is working

East Boston and is assisting the Morin

for State Street Bank in Boston.

1962: Joel G. Cohen is self-employed and

1964: Roger M. Thomas is retired and is living in Weston, MA.

Center in its internship program. She was featured recently in the summer issue of

2008: Daniel Beck joined the firm of

Bostonia, BU’s alumni publication.

Williams and Anderson PLC in Little Rock,

1965: Phillips S. Davis is a partner at

Arkansas. David Briden is at Fidelity

Fletcher, Tilton & Whipple in Worcester, MA.

2003: Sanjay Gupta is an associate

Investments in Boston. Bassem Daher is at

at the firm of Gonzalez & Asociados in

Bonn, Schmitt & Steichen in Luxembourg.

Panama City.

Colin Darke began working in the bankruptcy department at Bodmann LLP in

2004: Giacomo Beretta is based in

Detroit. Timothy Kirby is working at the

Shanghai, China and is currently chief

Commodities Futures Trade Commission

strategic officer and business development

in Washington, DC. Robert Knychalski

manager of the People’s Daily (Renmin

works at Pannone, Lopes & Devereaux in

Ribao). Oscar Eyzaguirre is at Miranda

Providence, RI. Kankan Li is at Freshfields

& Amado in Lima, Peru. Petros Fatouros

in Hong Kong. Juan Nito works at Milbank,

is practicing financial services law at

Tweed, Hadley & McCloy in New York.

Kyriakides, Georgopoulos, Daniolos

Joo Un Park is returning as a student at

Issaias law firm in Athens, Greece.

Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Ricardo Haaker is an associate at Rebaza,

Shuju Tonogai is employed by Kalvin

34 | The Record | Fall 2008

1966: Peter J. Picotte II is a partner at Dilworth Paxson LLP in Philadelphia, PA.

Stanley I. Strouch is a partner at Creative Insurance Planning in Southport, CT.

1967: Norman J. Wachtel has recently retired and is living in New York City. Alan

I. Weinberg is a member of the faculty of Duke University School of Law, serving as the director of Duke Law’s Low Income Taxpayer Clinic. James J. Workland is an attorney at Workland & Witherspoon in Spokane, WA.

1968: Edward D. Tarlow is a member of

Robert P. Yeaton is a partner at Regnante,

Stone is a shareholder of Heyman, Suissa

Tarlow, Breed, Hart, Murphy & Rodgers PC

Herio & Osborne LLP in Wakefield, MA.

& Stone PC in Rockville, MD. Richard R.

in Boston.

1977: Marshall A. Gallop is an attorney

Stutsman owns the Stutsman Law Firm in Tulsa, OK. Samuel Wiener is a partner at

1969: Henry W. Winkleman is tax

for Battle, Winslow, Scott & Wiley PA in

manager at American Biltrite, Inc. in

Rocky Mount, NC. Stuart R. Schroeder

Wellesley Hills, MA. He heads the

is an attorney for the Schroeder Group

1982: Patricia M. Annino is a partner at

Committee of the Tax Executives Institute

SC in Waukesha, WI. Marvin S. Silver

Prince, Lobel, Glovsky & Tye LLP in Boston.

which provides scholarship assistance

is a partner of Seder & Chandler LLP in

Bernadette T. Beekman is a project

to graduate tax program students. Frank

Worcester, MA. Michael A. Taicher is an

manager at Yorkson Legal, Inc. in New

Wolpe is the founding director of the

attorney in Stoughton, MA.

Graduate Tax Program at Bentley College and a practicing attorney in Waltham, MA.

1978: Leslie G. Black is retired and lives in

Kimon S. Zachos is a partner at Sheehan,

Vershire, VT. Alan S. Goldberg practices

Phinney, Bass & Green in Manchester, NH.

York City. Jerri B. Blaney practices law in West Palm Beach, FL. Joanna Connolly is the assistant attorney general of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Michael

law in McClean, VA. James F. Ivers is

Sentance is a representative for the U.S.

a professor of taxation at the American

Department of Education in Boston. Donna

1970: Robert S. Walker is the managing

College in Bryn Mawr, PA. Kenneth R.

partner of Rubin & Rudman LLP in Boston.

Luttinger works for Buchanan, Ingersoll &

James E. Wallace is a partner of Bowditch

Rooney PC in Pittsburgh, PA. George W.

& Dewey in Worcester, MA.

Paull is retired and living in Wellston, OK.

1971: Morris N. Robinson is the

Cole, Schotz & Berstein in Hackensack, NJ.

Sheldon N. Weinberg works in the New

R. Skaats has her own practice in Norwich, CT. Iven R. Taub is an attorney for Kahn & Waxman, PA in New York City. Mary D.

White is an associate justice for the Lynn District Court in Lynn, MA.

York City office of PricewaterhouseCoopers

managing director of Morris N. Robinson

LLP. Stuart J. Yasgoor is the president of

1983: Peter B. Cohen is a partner at

& Co PC in Boston.

the Law Offices of Stuart J. Yasgoor in La

Feldman, Weinstein & Smith in New York

Jolla, CA.

City. Michael Schaff is an attorney at

1972: Stanley H. Cooper runs his own law

Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer in Woodbridge,

office in Brighton, MA. Normand F. Smith is

1979: Theodora S. Convisser is retired

a partner of Burns & Levinson LLP in Boston.

and lives in Belmont, MA. Edward G. Coss

Managing Counsel of LSB Industries, Inc.

is vice president and general counsel of

in Oklahoma City, OK. Kenneth Simon is

Tarsadia Hotels in Newport Beach, CA.

the vice president of Worldwide Taxation

Michael M. Israel is a member of Norman

at Herbalife Ltd. in Los Angeles. David R.

1973: James M. Hurley practices estate, probate, and tax law in Bedford, MA.

1974: Grafton J. Corbett works for Tillotson Corp. in Lexington, MA. William

H. McCarter runs his own practice in Winchester, MA. William L. Richards is an attorney in Mount Dora, FL. Ralph J.

Rivkind is a director of Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster in Boston. Michael W. Wool is a senior partner at Langrock, Sperry & Wool in Burlington, VT.

1975: Roger M. Ritt is a senior partner in the Boston office of WilmerHale. James F.

Whipple is retired and living in Boston. 1976: Kenneth J. Vacovec is the founding partner of Vacovec, Mayotte & Singer LLP, a tax boutique, in Newton, MA, where seven of the twelve attorneys in his firm are alumni of the Graduate Tax Program.

Dowler LLP in Ventura, CA. Irene B. Schall is a partner of Stanford & Schall in New Bedford, MA. Robert W. Scharar is the

NJ. Heidi L. Shear is the vice president and

Sullivan is a partner at Nutter, McClennan & Fish in Boston. Peter C. Toland has retired from the United States Department

president of FCA Corp. in Houston, TX.

of Health and Human Services after 36

Scott N. Tisevich runs his own practice in

years and is now a medicare consultant

Reno, NV. Jeffery M. Verdon runs his own

for the Center for Healthcare Financing

practice in Irvine, CA.

1980: Jeffery J. Zellers is a director and shareholder of Ransmeier & Spellman PC in Concord, NH.

1981: Charles B. Corces is the owner of Charles Corces & Associates in Tampa, FL.

Dan D. Corkery works for UBS Security LLC in New York City. Paul Roman is a partner at Hodgson Russ LLP in Boca Raton, FL.

Donald L. Silverman works for Margaux Development Co. in Dallas, TX. Jamie F.

in Charlestown, MA. Carol Wessling is a partner at Wessling & Beekman in West Medford, MA. J. B. Westgate is an attorney at Winer & Bennett in Nashua, NH. His daughter is currently attending Boston University School of Law.

1984: Harold W. Pskowski is an editor at BNA Tax Management in Arlington, VA. Robert N. Saffelle is a partner at LeClair Ryan PC in Richmond, VA. Robert

Shelmerdine is general counsel for Intoccia Construction Company, Inc. in Foxborough,

Fall 2008 | The Record | 35

MA. Mark S. Smith is an attorney advisor

& Vander Linden and lives in Needham, MA.

1994: Barbara E. Hunt works at the

for the United States Treasury Department

Jeffery A. Cohen has his own practice in

Boston office of KPMG LLP, where she

in Washington D.C. Lenard B. Zide is an

Braintree, MA. N. Neil Connolly is a partner

specializes in exempt organization

attorney at Butters Brazilian LLP in Boston.

at Connolly & Connolly in Lexington, MA.

tax issues. Thomas M. Kinzler is vice

1985: Alden J. Bianchi is a partner in

Anna M. Corti is an associate at Rosenberg,

president and associate general counsel

Freedman & Goldstein in Newton, MA. Eric

for John Hancock Life Insurance Company

the Boston office of Mintz, Levin, Cohn,

L. Stein is an attorney for Ryan & Company

in Boston. Robert H. Ryan is an associate

in Austin, TX.

at Bove & Langa PC in Boston.

Corsones & Corsones in Rutland, VT. Paul

1990: George C. Constant has his own

1996: Edward C. Conroy runs the Law

V. Nelms works in Guynabo, Puerto Rico.

practice in Lexington, MA. Michele

Offices of Edward C. Conroy PC in

George W. Tetler is a partner at Bowditch

J. Feinstein is a shareholder of Shatz,

Plymouth, MA. Amalie L. Tuffin works for

Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo. Christopher

T. Corsones is the managing partner of

& Dewey in Worcester, MA. Elzbieta K.

Schwartz & Fentin PC in Springfield, MA.

Hutchinson Law Group PLLC in Raleigh, NC.

Welz is an associate vice president and

Gregory P. Shannon works at Miller

Donna M. White is a partner in the Boston

senior counsel of John Hancock Mutual

Thomson LLP in Calgary, Canada. Ronald

office of Prince, Lobel, Glovsky & Tye LLP.

Life Insurance in Boston.

H. Surabian works for the Elder Law Center

1986: Laurie J. Bejoian is an overseer at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. Dana

S. Cohen is an attorney at Cohen Law Offices in North Andover, MA. Paul G.

Salamone works in the Irving, TX office

in Saugus, MA. Carol E. Tully is the director

1997: Lewis J. Cohn is a partner at Cohn

of Commercial Tax Services at Wolf &

& Dussi LLC in Burlington, MA. Karen A.

Company in Boston. Allen D. Webster is

DiNuzzo is the director of state and local

a shareholder and the director of Lisman,

tax for Staples, Inc. in Framingham, MA.

Webster & Leckerling PC in Burlington, VT.

David G. Martin is an associate at Smith Moore LLP in Wilmington, NC. Ramon A.

of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Odile

1991: Steven P. Eichel is a partner at

Rivera is the international finance manager

Sennes-Courjon works as a tax lawyer for

Choate, Hallin & Stewart LLP in Boston.

at Lojack International Corporation in

the Neuilly/Seine, France office of Deloitte

Anu R. Mullilkin is an attorney at Devine,

Westwood, MA. Andrea E. Sanft works

& Touche LLP. Wayne E. Smith is a tax

Millimet, Stahl & Branch in Manchester,

in the New York City office of Paul, Weiss,

director at the Boston office of Deloitte &

NH. David L. Rihtarchik recently passed

Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP. Cornelia

Touche LLP.

the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor

R. Tenney is an associate at Hemenway &

Exam and is a senior trust advisor at

Barnes in Boston.

1987: Edward L. Corbosiero is the corporate tax director at iBasis Inc. in Burlington, MA. Amy R. Goldstein works at

Wachovia Bank in Greenville, SC. Jared W.

Stansfield owns his own law practice in

1998: Amy M. Boyd is a senior manager

Manchester, MA.

in the Chicago office of Ernst & Young, LLP. John N. Compton is a partner in

Stein, Volinsky & Callaghan PA and lives in Concord, NH. Otto S. Shill is a shareholder

1992: Frank B. Haddleton is a member of

Norton, Hammersley, Lopez & Skokos PA in

of Jackson White PC in Mesa, AZ. John F.

Haddleton & Associates PC in Hyannis,

Sarasota, FL. Otto K. Zoll is of counsel in his

Shoro is a partner at Bowditch & Dewey

MA. Deborah P. Quinan is a director

wife’s Saugus, MA law firm, the Law Offices

in Worcester, MA. Donald C. Story is of

of Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster in

of Jennifer L. Manning Zoll in Saugus, MA,

counsel at Phillips, McFall, McCaffrey,

Boston. Stephen Soleymani is a partner at

and is a consultant for the Marlborough,

McVay & Murrah in Oklahoma City, OK.

Morrison, Cohen, Singer & Weinstein LLP

MA office of Fidelity Investments where he

William B. Watson is a partner at Watson,

in Boston. James J. Theisen is an assistant

specializes in advising clients on retirement

McMillin & Harrison LLP in Monroe, LA.

general counsel for Union Pacific in Omaha,

issues. He and his wife have a five-year-old

NE. Donna M. Turley works for Glickman

daughter named Caroline.

1988: David L. Schick is a shareholder of Gray Robinson PA in Orlando, FL. Nelson

A. Toner is a partner in the Portland, ME

& Turley LLP in Boston. Michael W.

Weinrauch is the corporate tax manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Waltham, MA.

1999: Peter A. Campia runs his own practice in Osterville, MA. Joshua S.

England is an associate at Rackemann,

office of Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson.

Stephen Ziobrowski is a partner in the

1993: Barry P. Wilensky is an attorney for

Sawyer & Brewster in Boston. Amiel Z.

Boston office of Day Pitney LLP.

Friedler & Zuroff in Newton, MA. Mark F.

Weinstock is an associate in the Boston

1989: Linda S. Asher works for Ciota, Starr

Williams is general counsel of Massachusetts

office of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP.

Mutual Life Insurance in Springfield, MA.

Vincent A. Wenners practices law in

36 | The Record | Fall 2008

Manchester, NH. Laura K. Zeigler is an

a senior financial analyst in the Amsterdam

firm. Ivan Bui Khoi Hung has moved

associate in the Los Angeles office of

office of Archstone-Smith. Michael J.

from the Paris office of Allen & Overy

Welch works at Welch & Associates LLC

LLP to Darrois, Villey, Maillot, Brochier,

2000: Laura A. D’Anca is an associate in

in Suffield, CT. Christine B. Worthen is

a Paris based firm which specializes in

a shareholder and the chair of the tax

mergers and acquisitions. Lou D. Demato

the Boston Office of Bingham McCutchen

department at Eaton Peabody in Bangor,

is an associate at the Mclane Law Firm

Katten, Munchin & Rosenman LLP.

LLP. Deborah K. Gregory and Garret

D. Gregory both work for the IRS Office

ME. Dawn Young is a partner in the firm of

in Manchester, NH. Natalie K. Hoppel

Young & Young LLC in Wilmette, IL.

is practicing law in Boston. Soohyun Jun

of Chief Counsel, Large and Mid-size

has recently joined Balestriere Lanza PLLC

Business Division in Dallas, TX. They have

2003: Jennifer M. Bott is a shareholder of

been married for nine years and have two

Long & Bott PC in Sudbury, MA. Michael

boys (a 5 year old and a 19 month old).

S. Brandner works for Oreck, Bradley,

Andrew D. Rothstein is an associate for

Korea. Diana A. Melnyk is an international

Crighton, Adams & Chase in New Orleans,

tax consultant in the San Diego office

the Boston office of Rackemann, Sawyer &

LA. Frederico S. Carvalho is a senior

Brewster. Saleem A. Shareef is an author

of KPMG LLP. Mary R. Mix works as a

manager in the Sao Paulo branch of Deloitte

manager of regulatory affairs at the Dana-

and editor in the New York City office

& Touche LLP. Raul R. Escatel works for the

Farber Cancer Institute in Brookline, MA.

of The Thomson Reuters Corporation.

California Franchise Tax Board in Rancho

James W. Stanley is a senior manager at

Cordova, CA. Virginia A. Greiman is the

Chicago office of Deloitte & Touche LLP.

James B. Schomburg is a consultant for

in New York City. Ki-Young Kim is a professor at Myongji University in Seoul,

Jason A. Pollack is a tax consultant in the

KPMG LLP in Mountain View, CA. Edward

chief legal counsel for the United States

Vinhateiro works for Sayer, Regan, Thayer

Department of Justice in Boston. Bunker L.

& Flanagan LLP in Newport, RI. Beth E.

Highmark is an associate at Gilmore, Rees,

Warach is an associate at Eckel, Morgan

Life in Newport Beach, CA. Leanna E.

Carlson & Cataldo PC in Wellesley Hills,

Scott is a senior consultant in the Chicago

& O’Connor in Acton, MA, working in

MA, where he concentrates his practice in

the areas of estate administration, estate

trust and estate law. Kimberly A. Hogan

planning and tax preparation.

works for Haddleton & Associates PC in

2001: Pamela B. Fleming is an associate in the Boston office of Sullivan & Worcester LLP. John Maynard is vice president and counsel for John Hancock Financial Services Inc. in Boston. Michelle L. Prettie works for Sage Software Healthcare Inc. in Tampa,

the Retirement Resource Group of Pacific

office of Deloitte & Touche LLP. Murugha

Sundararajan works in the Boston office of Ernst & Young LLP. Kristen L.

Hyannis, MA. Richard C. Martin is the

Sweat is an associate attorney at Gelt &

vice president of Advanced Marketing

Grassgreen PC in Denver. Huey-Mien Tan

for Phoenix Life Insurance Company in

has moved from the Copenhagen office

Hartford, CT. Byron L. McMasters is an

of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and is

associate attorney in the Providence, RI

now a senior tax consultant in the London

office of Duffy, Sweeney & Scott LTD.

office of Ernst & Young LLP. Christine

FL. Mary E. Rinaldi is an associate in the

Bradley J. Migdal is a tax consultant in the

M. Windler is an attorney at the Howie

Chicago office of Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Washington D.C. office of Morgan, Lewis

Law Office PLLC in Salem, NH. Mark W.

Sumit Mitra is a senior associate in the New

Worthington is an adjunct professor of

York City Office of Alvarez & Marsal LLC.

associate for the Boston office of Holland &

Law at Western New England College in

He recently became the father of twin boys.

Knight LLP.

Springfield, MA.

Laura F. Riccio is an associate attorney

& Bockius LLP. Bradley M. Van Buren is an

2002: Laura A. Brown has her own practice in Rockland, MA. Itai Ran is an associate in the New York City office of Shearman & Sterling LLP. Felice N. Gray-

Kemp has received another promotion within the United Technologies Corporation organization. She is now counsel to IAE

in Fedele & Murray PC in Norwood, MA.

2005: Ladidas Lumpkins is a manager

Jay M. Rosen is an associate at Carlton

in the Boston office of Deloitte & Touche

Fields PA in Miami. Benjamin R. Shreck is

LLP. Corain E. McGinn works as a legal

an associate in the Washington D.C. office

consultant in the Boston office of Goodwin

of King & Spalding LLP. Tracy E. Vitols is

Procter LLP. Jennifer D. Piasecki joined

a partner at the Boston office of Hinckley,

the Houston office of Deloitte & Touche.

Allen & Snyder LLP.

She was recently married and purchased her first home. Gary C. Voccio works at

International Aero Engines AG, a Pratt

2004: Shannon Berryman has left the

& Whitney joint venture with three

Boston office of PricewaterhouseCoopers

other leading international aeronautical

CT. Garret M. Winslow is an associate

LLP and joined the New York City office

in the Boston office of Mintz, Levin, Cohn,

of Alvarez & Marsal LLC, a tax advisory

Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo PC.

manufacturers. Ferdinand W. Ten Kate is

United Technology Corp. in Farmington,

Fall 2008 | The Record | 37

2006: Maryam P. Assad has joined the

works at Bove & Langa in Boston, where

in Braintree, MA. Lauren Shapiro is

Houston office of PricewaterhouseCoopers

she joins fellow GTP alum Kelly Aylward

employed at BNA in Washington, DC.

LLP. Gregg P. Benson recently moved to

(’06) and GTP faculty member Melissa

Dhara Sharma is employed at ADP

Nevada where he joined the Las Vegas office

Langa. Sean Finn works in the M&A

Taxware, along with current student

of Hale, Lane, Peek, Denison & Howard.

section at KPMG in Boston. Erica Galpern

Carolina Boechat-Lopes, in Wakefield, MA.

Curtis J. McGiveney is a legal consultant at

is working at BDO Siedman in Boston. Kyle

Camila Silva is specializing in international

Fidelity Management and Research LLC in

Geiselman works at KPMG in Boston. Ernst

tax at PricewaterhouseCoopers in New

Boston. Cynthia A. Rothaupt works at the

Guerrier works at Guerrier & Associates

York City. David Skinner just finished

Stamford, CT office of Deloitte & Touche

PC in Dorchester, MA. Jessica Harris is an

a year clerking at the U.S. Tax Court for

LLP. Courtney J. Tate is an associate

associate at Aaron, Riechert, Carpol & Riffle

Judge Peter Panuthos (’74). Colin Smith is

attorney at Shockey & Associates Inc in

in Redwood City, CA where she focuses on

an associate at The Sieving Law Firm APC in

Baton Rouge, LA. Aaron R. Tillmann is a

probate, taxation, and general civil practice.

Sacramento, CA. Jessica Sokol has her own

compliance consultant for National Benefit

Maryjo Hart is employed with Bowditch &

practice in New York City. Melissa Sydney

Services in Salt Lake City. Vivian Z. Wexler

Dewey in Boston. Millie Heatwole works

is an associate at Vacovec, Mayotte &

is the assistant director for J.D. Advising

at Goodwin Procter in Boston. Lawrence

Singer LLP in New York City, where she

at Harvard Law School’s Office of Career

Hunt is an associate at Partridge, Snow &

works with fellow GTP alums Kenneth

Services in Cambridge, MA. Elise S. Wald

Hunt in Providence, RI. Donna Killmon is an

Vacovec (’76), Maureen Mayotte (’81),

is an associate at Ford LLP in Boston. Karen

associate in the corporate practice section

Kenneth Light (’90), Tonya James (’96),

P. Whitter is working at the Stamford, CT

at Ropes & Gray in Boston. Carolyn Kim

Arthur Kerr II (’97) and Les Hoiberg

office of Ernst & Young LLP.

is working at Ernst & Young in New York

(’04). Jennifer Taddeo is an associate at

City. Soojin Kim is practicing at Ernst &

Doherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan & Cannon

Young in Boston. Sarah Lashua is practicing

PC in Franklin, MA where she focuses on

& McKenzie LLP in Zurich, Switzerland.

at Vitale Caturano in Boston. Seungah

estate planning and probate administration.

Ryan Andrews is practicing at Salter,

Lee is working in the M&A division at

Matt Vaccarelli has his own practice in

McGowan, Sylvia, & Leonard in Providence,

Pricewaterhouse Coopers in New York

Middlebury, CT. Naaman Weiss works at

RI. Jeffrey Aronis works in New York

City. Verne McGough is an associate

Ernst & Young in New York City. Kathryn

2007: Ted Ahlgren is working at Baker

City at InterActive Corp. Debbie Bae is

at Merline & Meacham PA in Greenville,

Windsor is an associate at Roberts, Carroll,

working in Merced, CA in Berliner Cohen’s

SC. Rebecca Miller-Larson is employed

Feldstein & Peirce in Providence, RI.

estate planning section. Janet Barbookles

at Fidelity in Boston. Stephen Mooney

Bridgett Wines works in the tax group at

is working at Nova Ventures in Woburn,

has his own practice in Danvers, MA.

MA. Christopher Beck is an associate

Ernst & Young in New York City. Yusuke

Jonathan Oliver works at Bank of America.

Yamada is also employed at Ernst & Young

at M. Robinson & Company in Boston,

Amudha Poola specializes in mergers and

in New York City.

where he works with fellow GTP classmate

acquisitions at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Morenike Adams. Cory Bilodeau works

in New York City. Nicholas Romanos is

for LaPlante & Sowa Ltd. in Providence,

an associate at Edwards, Angell, Palmer

RI. Colleen Carson returned to her native

and Dodge in Boston, where he focuses

Florida and is working for Baskin Fleece in

his practice on federal and state income

Clearwater. Maya Chose is working in the

taxation of corporate, flow-through,

M&A department at Deloitte & Touche in

tax-exempt, and individual clients, with

New York City. Kathryn Clymer-Knapp is

an emphasis on partnership taxation

in New York City at Ernst & Young. Michael

and the development and syndication

Connors is employed at the Law Offices

of affordable housing projects using the

of Robert E. Connors, Jr. in Waltham, MA.

low-income housing tax credit. Shirley

Melissa Conover is working at Mellon

Sagol is focusing on international tax at

Financial in Boston. Brenda Doherty is

PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York

employed with Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury

City. David Segraves is working for the

& Murphy in Springfield, MA, where

judge advocate general in the United

she specializes in corporate law, estate

States Marine Corps. Andrew Shact is vice

planning, and taxation. Deborah Dong

president and tax counsel at Haemonetics

38 | The Record | Fall 2008


Dear Alumni and Friends, BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW is a worldwide community of over 20,000 prominent legal scholars, teachers, students and alumni dedicated to providing the finest legal education in the nation. Since opening our doors in 1872, BU Law has welcomed qualified men and women, without regard to race, national origin, background or belief. As a result, BU Law is a pioneer with a long list of alumni ‘firsts.’ Our founding principle — that legal education should be open to all qualified applicants, and should emphasize theory, analysis and practical application — is still honored today. The great generosity of the alumni and friends of BU Law provides critical resources that enable the faculty, students and staff to carry out the School’s mission. In 2008’s fiscal year (July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008), the law school received cash gifts totaling $2,431,316 from 2,565 alumni and friends. A few of these very generous gifts are worthy of special recognition. We would like to acknowledge again the support of our most generous benefactors, Philip Beck (’76) and

Richard Godfrey (’79), both of whom made recent seven-figure commitments to establish the School’s first permanently endowed chairs, the Philip S. Beck Professorship and the Robert B. Kent Professorship, respectively. Our new Annual Report of Giving would not be complete without mentioning their extraordinary generosity as we begin to acknowledge the truly significant gifts and pledges of donors in each fiscal year.

Gerald Poch (’71) made a generous gift of $70,000 to the Maurice Poch Faculty Research Fund that he established in 1997, and George Michaels (’48) contributed $60,000 to the Michaels Faculty Research Fund. The income of both of these permanently endowed funds provides grant funding to one or more faculty members of the School of Law in support of their academic research. Professor Alan Feld is the current Poch Scholar and Professors Michael Meurer, Tamar Frankel and Dean Maureen O’Rourke are the current Michaels Scholars. The School of Law also received a wonderful gift of $50,736 from the Leo Dorfman Charitable Trust in support of the Leo E. Dorfman Loan Fund that provides loans to current law students. Also of note was a gift of $50,000 from the Honorable Thaddeus Buczko (’51) to establish a charitable gift annuity, the principal of which will ultimately support the general purposes of the law school. Gerard Cohen (’62) and

Sherry Cohen (GRS ’60) continued their on-going and generous support in 2008 with a gift of $50,000 to the BU Law Fund. Gerry and his family have long supported BU Law and the BU Law Fund in ways too numerous to list. Four of these special gifts were direct contributions to the law school’s endowment, increasing its market value and the permanent income stream available for the law school’s activities and needs. As of June 30, 2008 the School of Law’s endowment had a market value of nearly $54 million. In the 2008 U.S. News & World Report

40 | Annual Report of Giving | Fall 2008

ranking of 184 law schools, BU Law ranked 21st overall, yet the size of our endowment ranked only 41st. Increasing the relatively small size of our endowment will help BU Law become more financially competitive as a top tier law school. As the endowment pie chart illustrates, more than half of our endowment is restricted to provide scholarships and other financial aid that benefits our students.

Market Value of Endowment by Purpose (As of June 30, 2008)

$4.3 M $0.4 M $5.0 M

Scholarships/Student Support Faculty Support

$11.5 M

Academic/Programmatic Support $32.7 M

Unrestricted Endowment Library Endowment

Total Endowment: $53,986,327

As the new assistant dean for development and alumni relations at BU Law, it is my honor to join Executive Director Anthony Barbuto and the staff of this department to set the stage for extraordinary fundraising success. We have already begun to have key conversations with our most supportive alumni about BU Law’s future and our need for even greater financial support. We will increasingly rely on the advice, involvement and generous financial contributions of our alumni and friends. Thanks to all of you who give extraordinary amounts of your time, energy and finances in support of this institution. Sincerely,

Cornell L. Stinson Assistant Dean, Development and Alumni Relations

Fall 2008 | Annual Report of Giving | 41

Law Fund & Donor Roll Unrestricted contributions to the Law Fund directly enable Dean O’Rourke to address a wide range of immediate and important needs. In FY08, over 42 percent of the overall cash gifts received, or $1,021,910 was given as unrestricted support to the Law Fund. This is the third consecutive year that the Law Fund has exceeded the $1 million mark! Alumni, students and friends support the Law Fund through a variety of ways, including the following:

The 2008 3L Class Gift – The class of 2008 held a successful 3L class gift drive raising $5,279 from class members. With 47 percent of the class contributing, the amount raised this year exceeded the class of 2007’s 3L Class Gift by 17 percent. Section C led the section challenge with a participation rate of 60 percent. Once again, Gerard (’62) and Sherry Cohen (GRS ’60) and Oscar (’59) and Elaine Wasserman matched the 3L class’ giving resulting in over $17,000 raised through this gift effort.

Reunion Class Giving – On October 12-13, 2007, the classes of 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2002 returned to campus to celebrate their respective reunions. The weekend kicked off with class specific cocktail parties and the annual Golden Circle Celebration for the 50th reunion class. Saturday provided stimulating alumni panel sessions followed by a gala dinner hosted by Dean O’Rourke held at the Moakley Courthouse. In honor of their reunions, members of these classes contributed over $210,000 in gifts to the School.

2008 Law Firm Challenge – As part of our annual giving program, the Boston University School of Law Law Firm Challenge is designed to inspire alumni at law firms to promote giving to the School at their firms. Firms with five or more alumni are divided into four groups based on the total number of alumni employed. The Challenge acknowledges those firms that have the highest percentage of alumni giving to BU Law during the fiscal year. Their accomplishments are highlighted in this magazine and on BU Law’s Web site. A plaque outside the Career Development Office also showcases their names. By participating in the Challenge, alumni at firms enhance their firm’s profile within the BU Law community and especially among future firm associates — current BU Law students. We salute the generosity of our loyal alumni at law firms.

42 | Annual Report of Giving | Fall 2008

2008 Law Firm Challenge (Firms with Highest Percent Participation) Firms with 36 – 75 alumni:

Firms with 16 – 25 alumni:

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo, PC – 45%

Kirkland & Ellis – 42%

Goodwin Procter, LLP – 30%

Firms with 26 -35 alumni: Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP – 27%

Sidley Austin – 41%

Firms with 5 – 15 alumni: Nutter, McClennan & Fish – 43% Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, PC – 33%

Greenberg Traurig, LLP – 26%

In the donor roll that follows on the next page, you will learn the names of those who have made an outstanding commitment to Boston University School of Law and its mission as a world-class law school. Those donors whose names appear in bold have made unrestricted gifts to the Law Fund. It is with great appreciation that the School of Law recognizes these generous alumni and friends.

We welcome you to become acquainted with the Esdaile Alumni Center and its staff. Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions you may have. Anthony Barbuto

Ernest Haddad

John Nissenbaum

Executive Director of Development & Alumni Relations

Associate Dean of Special Projects 617.353.3154

Leadership Gifts Officer

Joan Horgan

Cornell L. Stinson

Special Assistant to the Dean, Development & Alumni Relations 617. 358.5459

Assistant Dean for Development & Alumni Relations 617.358.5351

Erin Elwood
 Alumni Officer

Fall 2008 | Annual Report of Giving | 43

Giving Categories President’s Circle - $25,000 and above President’s Associates - $10,000 - $24,999.99 Dean’s Club - $5,000 - $9,999.99


Fellow - $2,500 - $4,999.99 Barrister - $1,000 - $2,499.99 Friend - $500 - $999.99

F i s c a l Y e a r 2008 CLASS OF 1912


Barrister Luke F. Kelley *

Donor Kathleen Ryan Dacey



Donor Max H. Reicher Jerome Weinberg

Fellow Bernard C. Kass Barrister Janice H. Wilkins

CLASS OF 1935 Donor Lillian P. Thomas

CLASS OF 1938 Donor Richard W. Bishop

CLASS OF 1939 Donor Sarah Smith Friedman

CLASS OF 1940 Donor Robert L. Cram Linus H. Shanahan S. Harold Skolnick

CLASS OF 1941 Donor Paul Arthur Barron Francis William Cusack Irving B. Rappoport

CLASS OF 1942 Friend Sidney Heimberg Donor Thomas J. Duffy

CLASS OF 1943 Barrister Clare S. Nash Donor Thomas D. Burns Luba Young Lepie

CLASS OF 1944 Donor Miriam I. Flaherty

CLASS OF 1947 Barrister Harold B. Nash Donor Lola Dickerman Jay M. Esterkes Charles A. George Bette S. Paris Milton Stanzler

CLASS OF 1948 President’s Circle George Michaels President’s Associates Edward W. Brooke Bernard Cohen Friend George N. Hurd Donor Leonard S. Michelman Reynold F. Paris Glendora McIlwain Putnam Charlotte G. Ventola

CLASS OF 1949 Fellow John Hugh Furfey Barrister Robert B. Kent Friend Mary Gogan Sullivan Donor Monte G. Basbas Jason S. Cohen Charles J. Contas Bayard T. Crane Douglas Danner Alan M. Edelstein Linwood M. Erskine Sumner S. Fanger Floyd L. Harding

44 | Annual Report of Giving | Fall 2008

Donor - $1 - $499.99

Douglas A. Kydd William M. Mac Edward P. McDuffee Eugene F. Nute John Thomas Pappas Philip B. Prince Simon Scheff Iris A. Shaw Paul B. Slate F. Albert Starr Murray L. Townsend William T. Walsh

CLASS OF 1950 Barrister Nathan M. Silverstein Friend James N. Barrett Jr. Donor Robert S. Amery Barry D. Berkal Jeanne M. Maloney Sumner Allen Marcus Arthur M. Mason Robert F. Preti Leonard S. Sawyer Herbert T. Silsby II Benjamin T. Wright Edward C. Wynne Albert J. Zahka

CLASS OF 1951 President’s Circle Thaddeus Buczko President’s Associates Roger A. Putnam Charles F. Trumpetto* Barrister Arthur E. Bean Jr. Louis A. D’Angio George L. Greenfield A. Vincent Harper Daniel J. Hourihan Norman M. Shack William B. Tyler Friend Gregory H. Adamian Marion R. Fremont-Smith Donor Edward J. Bander Richard B. Barkin Andrew T. Campoli

Emil J. Drysdale Bernard A. Dwork Harry J. Elam Alfred F. Glavey Allan Green Gerald H. Lepler Louis G. Matthews Charles H. McLaughlin H. Avery Rafuse Hjordis C. Stevens Dwight N. Vibbert Samuel A. Wilkinson Jack L. Wolfson

CLASS OF 1952 Barrister Paul D. Lipsitt Frankland W.L. Miles Jr. Francis C. Newton Jr. Allen B. Schwartz Charles B. Alaimo Donor Samuel Simon Anter George Bregianes John J. Carney Norman E. Davis Bernard M. Devine Donald E. Eames Alan S. Flink George P. Jeffreys Richard S. Milstein Thomas D. Pucci Richard T. Reed Norman Dion Schwartz Carlo A. Tagliavini Robert H. Temple Richard A. Wise

CLASS OF 1953 President’s Associates Christopher A. Barreca Barrister Donald T. Shire Friend Malcolm Jones Donor Albert J. Callahan Earl F. Davis Robert B. Gates William I. Harkaway George A. Kessler Bernard B. Levine

Thomas W. McGee Zalman D. Newman Vartkis Paghigian Eugene G. Panarese G. Franklin Smith Joseph Sequeria Vera James A. True

CLASS OF 1954 President’s Associate’s Paul R. Sugarman Barrister Alan Altman Mitchell J. Greb Friend John K. Dineen Donor F. Monroe Allen Robert M. Bonin Francis L. Crowley Kenneth J. Dilanian C. Lawrence Evans Jr. Charles M. Healey III Marvin M. Horwitz Ronald L. Kellam Lawrence Aaron Kellem Thomas E. Morse Pasquale J. Ventola Richard W. Wennett

CLASS OF 1955 Dean’s Club Elliott I. Mishara Barrister Allen Rubin Friend Fernand J. St. Germain Donor Walter R. Budney Martin A. Dworken Barbara V. Evans Jules L. Garel Morris Jay Gordon Hugh B. Hartwell Lawrence M. Liebman Margaret S. McLean George N. Tobia

CLASS OF 1956 Dean’s Club Jack B. Middleton *Deceased

Barrister Anthony P. Gargiulo Friend Jules W. Breslow Donor Nathaniel A. Boone Norman F. Burke Charles R. Cummings Joseph G. Kinder Robert S. Linnell Richard S. Miller Michael L. Pappas Frank E. Pollard Jr. Domenic J. Russo Bernard R. Silva L. Barry Tinkoff

CLASS OF 1957 – 50th Reunion Barrister H. Alfred Casassa Albert C. Cornelio David B. Ellis Friend Dianne M. Andersen Morton J. Dimenstein Kenneth N. Hart Herbert Lemelman Herbert P. Phillips Martin M. Rutchik Joseph C. Sweeney John A. Wickstrom Joseph D. Wishnow Donor Paul K. Arsenian Raymond A. Cox Frank H. Handy Emilio D. Iannuccillo Robert A. Kaloosdian Raymond L. King Alfred Legelis Arthur C. Loomos Charles N. Miller Bernard Poliner Alyce D. Pollack Edward L. Pollack Donald A. Romano Nicholas Sarris Albert J. Savastano Herbert M. Shapiro Donald F. Singer David Slitt James B. Tiffin Edward Michael Viola

CLASS OF 1958 Fellow Allan J. Landau Barrister Earle Groper Arnold I. Zaltas Friend Wallace F. Ashnault Donor John F. Donahue Bernard R. Fielding Richard Keshian Arnold J. Levin

E. Donald Riddle Joseph R. Standell Robert Taft Stephen R. Weidman Murray B. Weil

CLASS OF 1959 President’s Associate Oscar A. Wasserman Fellow Morton H. Aronson William Landau John J. Norton Donor Charles W. Barrett Karnig Boyajian Lawrence S. Gates James W. Killam III Norman Douglas Kline Stephen A. Koplin Theodore A. Lubinsky Bertram S. Patkin John F. Pereira Raymond W. Philipps Richard O. Staff Philip S. Sternstein Lewis L. Whitman

CLASS OF 1960 Fellow Henry S. Levin Barrister Richard S. Hanki Friend Robert J. Bagdasarian Donor Ronald Bean Myron R. Bernstein Frederick C. Cohen Samuel C. Fish R. Joseph O’Rourke Julie Rate Perkins Donald M. Robbins David A. Shrair Robert P. Weintraub

CLASS OF 1961 President’s Associate Stephen V. Dubin Barrister Morton E. Marvin Eugene L. Rubin Allan van Gestel Friend Evandro R. Radoccia Jr. Donor George L. Bernstein Ralph Cianflone Jr. Joel Gary Cohen Richard A. Davis E. Whitney Drake Salvatore V. Faulise Mel Lewis Greenberg Douglas S. Hatfield Morton Holliday Theodore P. Hurwitz Lois M. Lewis Robert M. Schacht

Leonard I. Shapiro Harold J. Shapiro Stanley C. Urban Barry R. Weiss

CLASS OF 1962 – 45th Reunion President’s Circle Gerard H. Cohen Dean’s Club Edward D. McCarthy Barrister Edward Harvey Resnick Victor Rosenberg Richard S. Scipione Friend Robert J. Ferranty Levon Kasarjian Jr. Donor Richard S. Barton John J. DaPonte Jr. John J. Dumphy Malcolm D. Finks William M. Finn Alan Bernard Fodeman David B. Gardner Kenneth P. Hughes Sr. Laurence D. Kleinman Irving David Labovitz John R. D. McClintock Gordon C. Mulligan Robert D. Myers Wallace H. Myers Joseph P. Nadeau John E. Orton III Robert J. Pleshaw Edmund R. Sledzik Richard D. Stapleton Arthur L. Stevenson Dale G. Stoodley

CLASS OF 1963 Barrister George Findell Jr. Friend M. Robert Queler Donor John F. Atwood Judith Glaser Belash Jerald D. Burwick Jerome H. Fletcher Frank S. Ganak Matthew S. Goldfarb Kenneth S. Green Jr. Frederick A. Griffen Lester A. Katz Bert Levine Louis P. Massaro Jr. John J. McCarthy Elwynn J. Miller

CLASS OF 1964 Barrister Frank J. Santangelo John G. Serino Friend Ernest M. Haddad Harry J. Riskin

Charles B. Swartwood III Donor Andrew E. Aloisi James P. Carty John E. Higgins Jr. Paul A. Lietar Carl B. Lisa Alan S. Novick Charles E. Olney David J. Palmer Burton Peltz David M. Prolman George R. Sprague Stephen P. Weitz

CLASS OF 1965 Dean’s Club Martin Lobel Neil Sugarman Fellow Robert M. Cohen Barrister Charles B. Curtis Victor J. Garo Stephen A. Kolodny Frances H. Miller R. Norman Peters Gerald J. Phillips Edward S. Snyder Friend Peter B. Sang Edward A. Shapiro Donor Saul D. Behr Eliot K. Cohen Kobe James M. Cohen Edward L. Colby Jr. Peter M. Collins Jason M. Cotton Edward J. Crane Jr. Phillips S. Davis Paul R. Devin Sean M. Dunphy Lloyd S. French Arthur W. Havey Paul A. Heller Melvin Stephen Katzman Philip R. Levine Ronald J. McDougald Maurice McWalter Jr. Richard S. Mittleman Demitrios M. Moschos Michael C. Moschos Ronald A. Partnoy Richard G. Ross John J. Ryan III Howard Scheinblum J. Howard Solomon George H. Stephenson Robert S. Toyofuku Michael L. Widland Christopher R. Wood

CLASS OF 1966 Barrister Alan L. Gosule Barry Y. Weiner Friend

Lawrence T. Holden Jr. Irving H. Picard Donor Gregory R. Baler Stanley A. Bleecker Samuel Harrison Chorches John M. Downer Michael R. Garfield Edward J. Goldstein Bennett Evans Greene David G. Hanrahan Ronald Jacobs Martin Kantrovitz Thomas P. Kramer Arthur L. Lappen Mary E. McCabe Sylvia Sands Paxton Willard R. Pope William E. Rabb Kenneth S. Robbins Paul R. Salvage Steven J. Schwartz Sheldron Seplowitz Stephen C. Steinberg Brian J. Sullivan William Wells Willard

CLASS OF 1967 – 40th Reunion President’s Associates Robert B. Goldfarb Gerald L. Nissenbaum Barrister Patrick J. King Stanley J. Krieger Ralph E. Lerner Richard J. Talbot Friend C. Michael Malm Catherine L. Salisbury Harley M. Smith John L. Vecchiolla Dudley H. Willis Donor Anthony J. Aftuck Joseph S. Alen Michaele Snyder Battles Ann-Marie J. Breuer Mark N. Busch Robert B. Dalton Stephen L. Dashoff Margaret H. DouglasHamilton Ernest E. Falbo Jr. Sharlene K. Finkel Lester M. Gold Arthur G. Greene Karl L. Halperin Dennis E. Harrington David D. Horn Arthur W. Hughes III Howard B. Lane Jr. James D. Latham Michael Magruder Edward Colquitt Minor George E. Morse Norman C. Ross Josef G. Saloman

Fall 2008 | Annual Report of Giving | 45

William W. Southworth Charles J. Speleotis Joseph R. Tutalo Ronald E. Uchacz Alan I. Weinberg Evan W. Zwillman

CLASS OF 1968 Fellow John P. Gillmor Barrister Robert G. Anderson Louis J. Fox Mortimer B. Fuller III Lawrence E. Kaplan Kernan F. King Edward J. Lonergan Samuel S. Perlman Peter W. Segal Friend Richard D. Mondre Donor S. Reid Alsop Fredric H. Bender Stephen T. Cary Jeffrey S. Cates Robert L. Cullinane Robert Droker Malvin B. Eisenberg Ellen Flatley Richard M. Gaberman Bruce P. Gilmore Morton E. Grosz Richard S. Hackel Robert G. Harvey Alan W. Heifetz Douglas G. Hyde John A. Karpinski Richard S. Kohn Kathy S. Krohn Michael A. Laurano Ray A. Meyer Richard A. Millstein Judith Hale Norris Philip Victor Permut John T. Purves Andrew Radding Paul A. Roberts A. Ned Rogin Lawrence Rosenbluth Sara Ann Sanders Robert E. Sapir C. Michael Sheridan Elliott L. Zide

CLASS OF 1969 President’s Circle William F. Macauley Dean’s Club Barbara B. Creed Marvin M. Goldstein James C. Pizzagalli Barrister Alan M. Berry Gerald C. Miller Bruce J. Wein Friend Arthur H. Bill

Thomas E. Cimeno Beth Ann F. Gentile Donor David Allen Richard G. Asoian John T. Barrett Ronald G. Busconi Anthony John Catalano R. David DePuy Michael E. Faden Richard A. Glaser Marvin H. Glazier Norman Gross George R. Halsey Jonathan Booth Hill Neil F. Hulbert Julie A. Koppenheffer Stephen H. Lewis Nathan B. Mandelbaum Michael A. Meyers James L. Morse Martin S. Needelman Kenneth M. Nelson James M. Oathout Peter W. Oldershaw James M. Pool David E. Putnam Joseph S. Radovsky Martin A. Rosenman Paul F. Ryan Elliot Savitz David M. Singer James W. Tello Allan P. Weeks Michael A. Wheeler Henry W. Winkleman

CLASS OF 1970 President’s Associate James N. Esdaile Dean’s Club Jay M. Forgotson Fellow Alfred J. Egenhofer Jay H. Espovich Bettina B. Plevan Friend Brian L. Bilzin Susan M. Cooke Michael M. Davis Peter J. Herrick Frank J. Williams Donor Cornelia C. Adams Karen McAndrew Allen Gerald Ament Craig W. Barry Kenneth A. Behar Bruce W. Bergen Paul L. Black William R. Blane Michael D. Brockelman Dennis R. Coleman Roy P. Creedon Dennis M. Cronin R. Laurence Cullen Paul J. Drucker Marshall I. Etra

46 | Annual Report of Giving | Fall 2008

Robert Bunten Field Elizabeth H. Gemmill Clayton F. Harrington Peter A. Janus James Downey Johnston Andrew F. Lucarelli James F. McHugh Elliott C. Miller Walter L. Mitchell III Isabelle Katz Pinzler Morris N. Robinson Andrew G. Sholes Thomas Royall Smith David L. Taylor John Andrew Tierney Rose C. Zaccone

CLASS OF 1971 President’s Circle William H. Kleh Gerald A. Poch Fellow Jason A. Rosenberg Peter H. Sutton Friend William S. Botwick Gladys J. George Richard C. MacKenzie Richard H. Saxe Donor Robert David Abrams Peter B. Benfield Carol C. Conrad James J. Cotter III William C. Decas Melvin Foster Roger J. Geller Richard M. Gibbons Richard W. Grant Richard S. Haines Julian T. Houston Janet B. Houts Norman W. Huggins Douglas P. Jacobs Herbert Myles Jacobs John R. Kennedy Martha J. Koster Thomas R. Lebach Kenneth D. Lipman Claude L. Lowen Michael R. Miller Pliny Norcross III Harry P. Photopoulos William M. Pinzler Mary L. Z. Sanderson Edward M. Silverstein Z. John Skapars Steven L. Zimmerman

CLASS OF 1972 – 35th Reunion Dean’s Club Richard E. Mikels Barrister J. William Codinha Catherine L. Heron Sandra Lee Moody Roger A. Nelson

Friend Barbara Brower Conover Herbert Gerald Klitzner Arkley Lawrence Mastro, Jr. Richard T. Radsch Mary Ellen Zincke Donor F. Andrew Anderson Robert Gregory Burdick, Jr. Doug Cannon Patricia A. Cantor John E. Carnes Gail V. Coleman Linda Scholle Cowan Kathleen Kirk David Michael Charles Denny Douglas J. Dok, Jr. Andrew D. Epstein Eric Michael Epstein Samuel Marvin Fineman Stanley N. Freedman Richard Craig Goldman David F. Grunebaum Christopher H. Hartenau Peter Edward Hewitt Arthur Harold Johnson Julian L. Kalkstein Thomas Lawrence Knaphle Michele G. Kostin Dane Roger Kostin William A. Lewis, Jr. Winfield Watson Major, Jr. Austin Joseph McGuigan Edward R. Moss Andrew Joseph Mullen Frederick M. Pryor Anna Sue Rominger Neil Rossman Susan K. Sloane Charles Duryea Smith George Russell Sparling John Roderick Staffier Edward Mayer Stern Allen W. Stokes, Jr. Arthur C. Sullivan, Jr. Mark L. Sullivan Mary Morrissey Sullivan Patricia Ann Sullivan Marion Stirling Sussman Mark Charles Weiner Lawrence Alan Weiner Ellyn Weiss Richard B. Weitzen Algird Francis White, Jr. Kenneth Isaac Wirfel David Bruce Wright Richard J. Wright

CLASS OF 1973 Dean’s Club Hugh R. McCombs Fellow Clark Evans Downs Laura A. Kaster Barrister Wayne B. Bardsley Constantine G. Chimples Jeffrey T. Demerath

Thomas Robert Kiley Jane Michaels Paul Allan Schott Joseph John Sweeney Friend Laurence M. Friedman David H. Lee Kristen C. Nelson Larry L. Simms Donor Anonymous Robert Henry Beck Judy F. Berkman Joan W. Cavanagh Liz Ryan Cole David J. DeMoss Donald P. Edwards James Alan Eidelman Mark D. Engel Carolyn N. Famiglietti Howard L. Felsenfeld Norman J. Fine Warner S. Fletcher Franklin Fruchtman Dennis Marc Fuchs Peter Van Keuren Funk W. John Funk Michael H. Glazer Dennis I. Greene Joel P. Greene Leora Harpaz Anne Hoffman Stephen L. Hopkins Pamela S. Horowitz David Barry Kahl Craig M. Keats Daniel B. Kenney David C. King Ann-Louise Kleper John Henry Kohring Elliott N. Kramsky Peter M. Kravitz Brian W. LeClair Caroline L. Meuly Kathleen Gill Miller Bruno Mongiardo Theodore S. Novak Paul W. Onkka Richard Bradford Osterberg David G. Reid Alexander P. Rosenberg Eric F. Saunders Charles F. Shaw III Ellen L. Simons William J. Snell III Henry P. Sorett Daniel J. Steininger Jonathan Sternberg Harvey F. Strauss Suanne Smith Strauss Franklin M. Walker Albert W. Wallis Marcus Samuel Weiss Anna Christina Wolfe

CLASS OF 1974 President’s Associate Richard A. Karelitz

Peter McCausland Dean’s Club Anthony M. Feeherry Barrister Daniel J. Rea Friend Howard S. Altarescu Robert B. Berkelhammer Arnold P. Hanson Benjamin L. Jung Stephen T. Lindo Ken W. Shulman James G. Wheeler Donor Janis M. Berry Benjamin S. Bilus Steven H. Bowen Elsa Kircher Cole Patricia S. Crockett Henry H. Dearing III David C. Elliott David W. Faunce Robert J. Gordon C. Lawrence Grubman Richard P. Jaffe Stanley D. Katz Glenn Lau-Kee Warren R. Leiden Philip Lerner Leon J. Lombardi Bradford S. Lovette Stephen M. Mason James E. McGuire Robert S. Moog Ke-Ching Ning Robert A. Nolan Garland F. Pinkston Harold M. Pressberg Mark H. Raider Robert H. Ratcliffe William L. Richards Anita W. Robboy Rhoda E. Schneider Melinda S. Sherer Emily S. Starr Susan E. Stein Walker F. Todd Stephen D. Tom Roberta Griffin Torian Jane C. von der Heyde Mary Ann Barrows Wark Winston K. Q. Wong

CLASS OF 1975 Dean’s Club Charles Wilbur Lamar III Alan Evan Reider Linda Dallas Reider Fellow David W. Carpenter Roger M. Ritt Barrister Jeffrey H. Lane Richard J. Levin Andrew James Ley James Manly Sack Paul Sherman Samson Friend

Richard M. Belanger Richard Driansky Douglas Otto Kant Susan P. MacEachron Steven James Weinstein Donor George W. Adams III Jerry Dean Bailey Felix Von Baxter Kenneth J. Berk John Downes Burke Jeffrey Stuart Chavkin Michael E. Chubrich Della R. Cohen Richard F. Collier John Nicholas Datesh Sandra Y. Dick Marc Allyn Elfman Barry A. Friedman Robert David Friedman Andrew A. Glickson Steven Jay Goldstein Amy L. Goodman Laurence Eric Hardoon Michael Cleland Harvell Richard C. Heidlage Allan W. Keener Harold Michael King Linda K. Lager Howard Chin Lem Leslie Waters Lewkow Carol Bensinger Liebman Gary F. Locke F. Beirne Lovely John H. MacMaster Marianne McGettigan James I. Murray David M. Neubauer John L. Norton III Christine Marie Olsen Michael P. Pancheri Charles A. Pillsbury Robert M. Pu Richard C. Sammis Harris J. Samuels Martin Barry Schnabel Jeffrey Norman Shultz Barry Sheldon Stendig Nancy A. Sutherland Winston Willard Walp II Hope Brock Winthrop

CLASS OF 1976 President’s Circle Philip S. Beck President’s Associate Joel G. Chefitz J. Michael Schell Nina B. Zolt Dean’s Club Nancy E. Barton Linda S. Peterson Fellow Robert J. Glovsky Denzil D. McKenzie Barrister Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay Gary H. Glaser

Irving L. Gornstein Mark S. Granger Walter E. Hanley Steven L. Hoffman Hugh H. Mo Jack Alan Rovner Friend Thomas J. Engellenner Jerry S. Goldman Marc J. Lust Danielle E. Wuchenich Donor David I. Altman Anne Mitchell Atherton Frank W. Barrie Virginia D. Benjamin Richard Pierre Bourgeois Jan Alan Brody Roberta L. Brundrett Lynda G. Christian John C. Cuddy Margaret L. Dale Linda J. Dreeben John K. Dunleavy John E. Edison Richard J. Eisenberg George J. Felos Janet B. Fierman Scott A. Forsyth Greg S. Friedman Mary K. Gallagher Frederick H. Grein Charles F. Grimes Leonard Gross Richard D. Hawke Nancy M. Highbarger David R. Hodas Tracy Hollingsworth Sandra Jean Holman Gregory E. Hudson Scott M. Huiras Laurence J. Hyman Dale R. Johnson Mary Louise Kennedy Francis D. Landrey David N. Levin Mark E. Levin Richard M. Lipsman Anne Hewitt McAndrews Samuel P. Moulthrop Marjorie R. Perlman Eric P. Rothenberg Ralph Schwarz James E. Sheldon L. Seth Stadfeld Joel A. Stein John C. Sullivan William B. Vernon Jerome F. Weihs Alexander Whiteside Byron E. Woodman Gary D. Zanercik Marianne G. Zurn

CLASS OF 1977 – 30th Reunion Fellow Maria C. Green

Michael E. Haglund Thomas G. Robinson Barrister Robert C. Barber James F. Crowley Maurice A. Libner Amy L. Mower Friend James L. Alberg Gaylen Kemp Baxter Kay Hideko Hodge Robin Beth Matlin Nancy S. Shilepsky James R. Westra Donor Kim E. Baptiste John Barylick Walter J. Boldys Stephen R. Bosworth Harris B. Brown Allen N. David Edmonde P. DeGregorio Guy Richard Eigenbrode Marshall A. Gallop David M. Goldstein Carmine A. Greco Stanley Greenberg Roberta A. Grimes Barbara Guss Norman S. Heller Eric H. Karp David L. Kay Thomas H. Kelley Edmund H. Kendrick Kenneth Albert Krems Jeffrey A. Lester Sybil L. Levisohn James C. May John B. Miller Kristine D. Mullendore Susan Hall Mygatt Stuart A. Offner Philip R. Olenick James Thomas Owens III Ross Collins Owens III Christopher S. Pitt Toby Kamens Rodman Marsha Sue Shaines Michael T. Shutterly Marvin S. Silver Richard J. Sims Michael S. Sophocles Ellen Davis Sullivan Mark D. Swanson Michael A. Taicher Steven H. Talkovsky Joyce Lewis Wixson

CLASS OF 1978 President’s Circle Anonymous Dean’s Club Daniel C. Walden Fellow Michael J. Kliegman R. Burr Tweedy Barrister Joan B. Chamberlain

Stanley L. Ferguson Ellen J. Flannery Russel T. Hamilton Mitchell H. Kossoff Joseph A. Levitt Friend Kirk M. Bauer James R. Freeman Gary E. Hicks Nancy E. Yanofsky Donor Stephen H. Alpert Miriam H. Babin William M. Berenson Wendy M. Bittner James Blakey Sam I. Blumenstyk Eric B. Brenman Sherrill P. Cline Robert Coppersmith Carl A. Draucker Susan H. Fischer Robert F. Flaherty Daniel M. Freedman Clyde R. Garrigan Joe Hegel Shepard A. Hoffman Harold S. Horwich N. Landon Hoyt George C. Jones David B. Kamm David R. Kittay Bruce A. Langer Wendy D. Levine Gary Maitland Peter H. Martin Randolph J. Mayer Mary Ellen McMeekin David M. Mindlin David G. Nation David M. Paris Kathleen J. Phillips Marc S. Plonskier Karen Gerber Raskin F. Joseph Reichmann John S. Rodman David E. Schaffer Richard W. Schumacher Alan R. Schwartz Andrew L. Seiple James H. Shalek David E. Shellenberger Alan R. Skupp Pamela R. Stirrat John R. Stopa Gary F. Thomas Robert Volk Debra Ann Weiner Judith M. White Suzan E. Willcox Stuart J. Yasgoor

CLASS OF 1979 President’s Circle Richard Cartier Godfrey President’s Associate Craig S. Thompson Dean’s Club

Fall 2008 | Annual Report of Giving | 47

David L. Feld Fellow Sue Schmutter Tebor Mark Schonberger Loretta M. Smith Barrister Mary A. Akerson Anonymous Richards Huff Ford Michael D. Gayda Friend Carla Jimenez Donor Samuel Abloeser Gary A. Alexion Robert Allan Axelrod Rebecca O. Beasley James M. Beslity Bruce T. Block David S. Brown Stacey M. Cannon Randall A. Constantine V. Douglas Errico Allen S. Feinstein Jonathan P. Feltner Virginia M. Fettig Scott A. Fisher Harvey R. Fleishman Christopher Fleming Eliza W. Fraser Donald B. Freeman Erick J. Genser Margaret M. Gilligan Elin H. Graydon Lois F. Herzeca David S. Hoiriis Robert L. Kann Susan F. Kelley Alan L. Kovacs Steven B. Kramer Michael F. Kuppens Barry C. La Boda Robert W. Lavoie Amir J. Malin James D. Masterman Craig D. Mills Martha Osborne John L. Perticone H. Fay Beckford Peters Susan M. Roberts Thomas J. Roccio Donald V. Romanik Roger M. Ross Robert G. Rowe Stephen E. Socha Jacqueline F. Stein Holly H. Stratford Robert Lee Swanson Dean Steven Travalino

CLASS OF 1980 President’s Associate Robert F. Grondine Fellow H. Peter Haveles Charles Widger Barrister Joanne P. Acford

Leo T. Crowley Claudia O. Crowley John J. Finn Amy B. Greenblatt Richard R. Greenblatt Henry I. Morgenbesser Barry J. Swidler Neal L. Wolkoff Friend Jason R. Baron Scott E. Cooper Rosemary C. Meyers James A. Normand David B. Picker Kathryn L. Roseen Donor Christopher N. Ames Marcy A. Bass Ellen S. Bass-Tripp Arnold Baum Diane Giles Berliner Nancy V. Brown Judith A. Clark John P. Dennis Emily J. Donovan-Cooke Floralynn Einesman Kenneth Eisner Marshall D. Feiring Ruth V. Fluegge Arthur H. Forman John T. Gilbert Susan G.L. Glovsky Scott M. Green David A. Gunter Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon Mary D. Harrington Douglas P. Humes Joseph E. Kaidanow Michael A. Kehoe Stefanie J. Kessler Kris Kostolansky Karen J. Levitt P. Ann Lomeli Emily A. Maitin Margaret C. Mazzone Carol Miller Robert J. Molloy Maura K. Moran Robert F. Moriarty Timothy A. Ngau Robert O. O’Bannon Richard H. Otto Karen L. Peaceman Dominic A. Petito Barbara L. Raimondi Jennifer S. D. Roberts Dena C. Rosenkrantz Dana J. Roszkiewicz Scott D. Rubin Dawn C. Ryan Elizabeth D. Schrero Stephen James Selden Harvey C. Silverstein Nancy Ellen Spence Mary J. Stockman David S. Szabo Genise W. Teich Blum Laura E. Udis

48 | Annual Report of Giving | Fall 2008

Abigail P. Van Alstyne Angel A. Vazquez Scott C. Wakefield Melodie A. Wing Glen S. Yanco Marlene A. Zarfes

CLASS OF 1981 Dean’s Club Susan H. Alexander Barrister Lance D. Cassak Richard R. Downey Stephen B. Feder Karen Mathiasen Michael A. Tanenbaum David C. Wright Friend Rachael M. Dorr Ilisa Hurowitz Ina Plotsky Kupferberg Jeffrey M. Lesser Gary M. Rindner James H. Rotondo Diana L. Wainrib Christine Schwab Werner Donor John R. Axtell George H. Bogart Carol Boorstein Mary E. Bowler William M. Brainard David Canarie Robert A. Carpentier Susan Light Carroll Stacey Channing Jordan B. Cherrick James H. Densmore Jacqueline Doig Martin A. Edelstein Virginia L. Ferko Richard W. Graber Gemma Greene Jane W. Gumble Peter E. Hall H. Joseph Hameline Mark Graham Hanson Elizabeth Palmer Higgins Deborah A. Johnson Mary Hamilton Johnson Elizabeth Laas Stephen T. Langer Barbara L. Mandell James T. McCormick Lisa Miles McNamara Alexander G. Nossiff Barry Michael Okun James J. Rigos Bradley A. Roe David S. Rosenthal Ruth E. Ross Carol Scannell Sauer Daniel M. Schwartz Donald B. Shanin Amy L. Shapiro Laurence J. Shulman Donald L. Silverman Norma J. Silverman-Kurman

Wendy H. Smith Steven G. Sonet Hillary A. Stern Robert P. Suglia Edna H. Travis John A. Ulizio Jay D. Waxenberg Paul M. Weiser Johnny J. Williams Melanie S. Williams Randolph Worth David E. Wyskiel Margaret D. Xifaras

CLASS OF 1982 – 25th Reunion Fellow Anonymous John K. Skrypak Kevin T. Van Wart Barrister Eileen M. Herlihy Ira L. Herman Glenn E. Siegel Friend Edward M. Kilbane Jordan H. Mintz Neil S. Witkes Donor David P. Angueira John J. Bonacum III Joe Boynton Gerri S. Bridgman Mark T. Broth Paul Cherecwich Joseph A. Colagiovanni Trudy Weiss Craig Jeffrey M. Dvorin John G. Fioretta Dana Scott Fried Fredric P. Gallin Mark J. Gentile Joan B. Gross Jeffrey L. Hirsch Robert G. Holdway Michael H. Hurwitz Paul V. Jabour Anne M. Johnson Harry J. Kelly Milburn D. Kight Scott A. Kobler Cora S. Koch Debra A. Lewis Paula L. Liang Brant K. Maller Eleanor R. Miller Jane Morris Philip D. Murphy Alexander A. Randall Deborah Zider Read Carmin C. Reiss Madeline J. Rivlin Joseph A. Rotella Alysa G. Sasson Mary J. Schnurr Leon B. Seidman Salvadore V. Spalitta Gail S. Strassfeld

Donna K. Thiel Robert W. Thuotte John J. Tobin Neil D. Wheelwright

CLASS OF 1983 President’s Associate Kenneth P. Morrison Barrister Paul V. Crawford John C. Englander Robert M. Hale Friend Sharon G. Coghlan John A. Mase Dena Elizabeth Palermo Bruce E. Rogoff A. Joseph Scott III Seth I. Truwit Donor Bruce A. Adams Steven M. Bauer G. Michael Berkowitz Carl B. Bindman Jacqueline Jacobs Caster Joseph H. Cohen John D. Craven Timothy S. Egan Lynn C. Fields Jonathan D. Fink Lawrence E. Fleder Rita W. Garry Aida Abboud Gennis Lee H. Glickenhaus Howard S. Goldman James C. Hasenfus Paul S. Horn Richard M. Kallman Robert P. Landau Timothy J. Langella Jong B. Lim Adrienne S. Masters Brian W. Mellor Ruth A. Moore Garrick R. Mullins John A. Piccione Peter A. Pizzani Jr. Michael Bruce Pollack Robin R. Pruitt Kathleen A. Quinlan Michael Y. Ra’anan Jeanette L. Rossoff Marc D. Scherr John R. Shek Wayne E. Southward Philip Tabas Martha A. Toll Susan B. Tuchman John V. Veech Carol P. Wessling William T. Whelan David E. Wilson

CLASS OF 1984 President’s Associates Michael D. Fricklas Barrister Jonathan N. Halpern

Friend Charles C. Cornelio Jonathan W. Haddon Susan J. Katz Karen E. Minton Michael A. Schlesinger Susan P. Sprung David Scott Zimble Donor Robert E. Appel Teresa A. Belmonte Sarah J. Berger Marie P. Buckley William Contente Howard M. Cooper Paul R. Cortes-Rexach Joanne M. D’Alcomo Alexander T. Dike Charles W. Eager III Christine J. Engustian Joyce Pederesen Erb Deborah P. Fawcett Suzanne Fay Glynn I. Andrew Goldberg Kenneth M. Goldstein Michael A. Gollin William H. Gordon Sheryl Gross-Glaser Kathryn S. Gutowski Nancy K. Hickey Steven J. Hurwitz Cerise Jalelian Keim Paul S. Kohout Jonathan L. Kotlier Anthony C. LaPlaca Mark H. Leeds Richard K. Lichtman Laurel E. Lockett John T. Lu George John Markos Terry Marvin Jeanne M. Mathews Stacey McConnell Richard T. Mermelstein Glenn D. Miller Steven Moltner Rene Myatt Charles Scott Nierman Daniel W. Nye Robert C. Pasciuto Gregory G. Peters Thomas K. Pierce Nadine T. Price Harold W. Pskowski Allison Rock Adrian N. Roe Kenton R. Rose Heidi L. Shear Charles Taylor Smith II Shauna E. Tannenbaum Judith A. Teeter Robert B. Teitelman Frank Joseph Vargish III

CLASS OF 1985 Fellow Nancy A. Daly Robert Evans III

Gail P. Sinai Barrister Jonathan L. Awner A. William Caporizzo Charles Brian Deull Edward M. Fox David M. Henkoff Evan K. Kaplan Steven Napolitano Friend Peter Bennett Donor Paul Justin Alfano Michael Capen Andrews Lawrence L. Athan Randi Lyn Cigelnik Thomas Andrew Cohn Steven Mark Curwin Amanda D. Darwin Kimberly S. Davis Raymond Francis Dolen Bruce F. Dravis Benjamin D. Feder Joel Steven Finkelstein Stacey Orr Gallant Jay Steven Geller Allen I. Gorski David Mark Greenbaum Sheryl Helene Haberman F. Theresa Hart Paul Kazumi Hoshino William Wade Kannel Ronald J. Katter Gerald K. Kelley Dennis L. Kern Debra Beth Korman James John Lang Thomas J. Luz Michelle Marie Marchant David P. Maslen Christopher Howard McCormick Jeffrey Alan McCurdy Daniel Harry Mintz Judith F. Monaghan Debra C. Price Mary Beth Prosnitz Joel E. Rappoport Meryl Litner Rosen Timothy F. Ryan Larry Safran Michael David Schissel James Andrew Schragger Mark A. Sirota Deborah Miller Tate George W. Tetler III Michael David Trager Daniel Van Doren Lawrence H. Wertheim Joseph D. Zaks

Friend John E. Arbab Dean Graham Bostock Carolyn Federoff Daniel W. Halston Suzanne Elizabeth Palmer Donor Cynthia Radoccia Bellafiore William Alexander Bogdan Paul A. Caimi Kelly Kevin Cline C. Leland Davis Jean Fallago Halsey Barker Frank Laura Jean Ginett Jeffrey William Goldman Michael K. Golub Ramon Rafael Gonzalez Jennifer Elizabeth Goodnow F. Christian Haab Beth Haroules John M. Harpootian Alexandra Burling Harvey Elizabeth Marie Hayashi Janine Heather Idelson Joe D. Jacobson Margaret C. Jenkins Bruce Richard Kaliner Michael J. Kaminsky Paul B. Kaplan Felicia Miller Leeman Richard Oliver Lessard Stephen Jeffrey Levy Mark H. Likoff Steven Fredric Lincoln Robert Jonathan Mack Andrew C. MacLachlan Mr. Mardic A. Marashian Peter R. Mason Andrew Lee Matz Jayne E.M. McLaughlin Ms. Lois F. Meisel James P. Mittenthal Evelyn Venables Moreno Eileen F. Morrison Sue M. Nadel Richard C. Oh Steven Keith Platt William S. Rogers Valerie T. Rosenson Gay L. Schreiber Jonathan Sherman Springer Sarah G. Tischler Carolyn Schwarz Tisdale Beth Tomasello Emily Bonnell White Neal S. Winneg


President’s Associate Lori Anne Czepiel Joanne S. Gill Fellow Martin P. Desmery Barrister Mindy Gottlieb Davidson Merrick Lawrence Gross

President’s Associate Wayne E. Smith Stephen M. Zide Barrister Timothy Charles Blank James C. Fox Henry M. Rosen

CLASS OF 1987 – 20th Reunion

William H. Paine Anastasios Parafestas Kenneth Joseph Parsigian Scott L. Robertson Michael I. Rothstein Steven D. Schwartz Bradford J. Smith Friend Jeffrey Lee Alitz Christopher P. Barton Edward L. Corbosiero Stephen Howard Kay Timothy Shawn Sinnott Donor Bruce H. Bagdasarian Deborah Ellen Barnard Harry Barnett Cynthia M. Barr Linda G. Bauer Michael Joseph Betcher Laurence Robert Bronska Jonathan Frederick Cayne James T. Curtis Mary Ann DiGiovanni Daniel E. Feder Joan Cullen Gootee Ellen S. Grossman John L. Hackett William Leonard Jennewein Tracey Claire Kammerer Dean Bradley Kilbourne Steven Michael Kornblau Kenneth Robert Lench Lawrence S. Levin Mary Ann Lowney Daniel Michael Marposon Peter James Martin Todd Andrew Mayman David G. Oedel Gabriel A. Olivera Meg Golodner Quiat Margit Roos-Collins Carolyn Rosenthal Susan M. Salit-Tocci Lisa Anne Scales Marc Jeffrey Segalman Dana Juan St. James D. Craig Story Elizabeth Matich Todorovic Walter G. Van Dorn Tracy Bronson Wagner Herbert Weinberg Elahna Strom Weinflash Gwynne Gorton Zisko

CLASS OF 1988 Fellow Kim M. Rubin Barrister Sonya J. Brouner Howard M. Singer Robert P. Whalen Friend Elizabeth Kagan Cooper Judith V. Scherzer Oscar E. Soto Donor Peter M. Appleton

Amy J. Axelrod Scott L. Baker Samuel L. Barkin Morris Abraham Bergman Ralph A. Bernardo Ethan D. Corey Peter J. Dill Raina H. Fishbane Beverly E. Hjorth Ross A. Honig Robert Iannucci Todd L. Kahn Jamie Klein Kapel Peter W. Kronberg Cheryl S. Lewison Karen Lee Ling Andre Henry Madeira Rosemarie Mullin John C. Petrella Bradd S. Robbins Suzanne B. Seiden Veronica Serrato Lynn B. Whalen Charles C. Zatarain III Stephen Ziobrowski

CLASS OF 1989 Dean’s Club Lisa G. Beckerman Barrister Christopher J. Panos Kathryn A. Piffat Randy L. Shapiro Andrew C. Sucoff Friend Sara Lou Sherman Donor Irene H. Bagdoian Michael Bailes Aileen Denne Bolton Anthony A. Bongiorno David H. Botter Richard A. Brown Elizabeth Horowitz Cerrato Stephen Cesso Geraldine E. Champion Michael A. Conley Ann M. Dietrich Gary Domoracki Heidi Marie Fallone Randy S. Feldman Audrey B. Fox John Fulginiti Kathleen M. Hamill Katherine W. Hazard Francesca Hildreth Richard D. Kahn Joshua Katz Roberta Harris Muench Gjon Nelson Nivica Andrea Celli Raiti Andrew N. Raubvogel Steven G. Rudolf Barrett C. Sheridan Eric L. Stein Marcia G. Strouss Louis K. Tsiros Michael Ernest Tucker

Fall 2008 | Annual Report of Giving | 49

Susan Weinstein Jacqueline M. Welby John B. Wholey

CLASS OF 1990 Barrister Christina A. Cotton Christopher A. Kenney Steven Sereboff Friend Lois Landau Berman Hilary C. Gabrieli Elizabeth S. Kardos Donor Marc R. Benson John F. Brosnan Aline G. Carriere Mark S. Cheffo Ruth Bell Clark Allyson H. Cohen Barbara L. Cullen Andrew M. Felner Edward J. Goddard Michael I. Goldberg Eric Joseph Gouvin Joseph S. Huttler Miriam J. Kelliher Jessie M. Klyce Joan A. Lieberman Patricia L. O’Beirne Gary M. Rosen David E. Russell Scott P. Schomer David L. Schrader Julie B. Siminoff Deborah Savarese Sloan R. Webb Steadman Terry N. Steinberg Julie A. Sutton Susan Tribble Valente Allen D. Webster

CLASS OF 1991 Fellow Thomas C. Farrell Barrister Joseph L. Faber Suzanne D.T. Lovett Friend Andrei Kodjak John N. Riccardi Donor Antony M. Anisman Mitchel Appelbaum Ross Williams Baker Michael R. B. Balfe Mara Calame Chen-Yao Chang Eddirland D. Christel Manal S. Corwin Louis J. Dakoyannis William Joseph Delaney Michael B. Flynn Benjamin S. Frisch Celina Gerbic Anna Therese Green Pamela Beth Greene Robert Alan Kelly

Julie A. Koshgarian Jeffrey N. Lavine Paul B. Linn Laura McKay Deborah Musiker Glenn R. Pollner Jo Ann Rooney Karen Shapiro Ann Sheridan Michele L. Silver Andrew W. Stern Joan E. Swartz-Siff Roberto Velez-Colon Orlando Vidal

CLASS OF 1992 – 15th Reunion Fellow Susan F. DiCicco Barrister Michael S. Isikow Friend Wendy Knudsen-Farrell David H. Pawlik Donor Allison Wood Allen Nikos D. Andreadis Marsha Phillips Beatrice Darca L. Boom Dru A. Brenner-Beck Charlsa Sandy Broadus Kristopher D. Brown Michael J. Brown Robert Carver Mark E. Chavey Victoria Wentworth Woodin Chavey Russell A. Divak Scott F. Duggan Jill Paige Furman Silvia P. Glick Jill Gould Henry L. Grossman Gail Oxfeld Kanef Michael Bennett Kanef Nina H. Kazazian Laura S. Kershner Jennifer A. Krane Heather Binks Lang Audrey C. Mark Jeffrey A. Miller Laura Justine Milliken John S. Nitao Michael S. Perlstein Jonathan N. Rosen Mark M. Seymour Pierre N. Simenon David Scott Simon Kanwar M. Singh Carlos A. Valldejuly Cynthia J. Warren Catherine Watson Koziol Michael William Weihrauch Frederick R. Witherby

CLASS OF 1993 Dean’s Club Michael J. Kendall

50 | Annual Report of Giving | Fall 2008

Fellow Ross M. Weisman Barrister Peter K. Levitt Deborah H. Telman Friend Stephen M. Edwards Marc J. Rachman Catherine S. Stempien Donor Joseph Alexander Lisa A. Bail Sarah C. Baskin Joan Fleischauer Beer Joan E. Cirillo Katherine A. Frerichs Tim Futrell Debra Wald Goldberg Lisa Greene Heller Ron I. Honig Janet P. Judge Lisa Podewils Korologos Linda F. Lanton David M. Mcpherson Diane Ellen McTigue Simon J. Miller Edward Notargiacomo William G. Ortner Leslie N. Blank Ostrin Joseph P. Patin II Terry Dodson Poling Edwin Huvon Raynor Douglas D. Robinow Kevin T. Russell Deborah L. Snyder Karin E. Wilinski

CLASS OF 1994 Barrister David J. Stone Andrew P. Strehle Friend Marc R. Mercier Paul David Tutun Donor Alison T. Bomberg Glenn A. Cort Janaki K. Davda Mark A. Dorff Rick J. Fucci Joseph Robert Ganley Gary Arthur Gegenheimer Julia C. Gordon William J. Graham B. David Hammarstrom Lauren Simon Irwin Lance A. Kawesch Donald Paul Koch, Jr. Robert A. Lawsky Theodore D. Lustig H. Jefferson Megargel II Lynn S. Muster Anthony D. Pellegrini Andrew J. Pitts Linda Rekas Sloan Matthew A. Renert Avner Michael Shapiro Frank Robert Virnelli, Jr. Kenneth T. Willis

CLASS OF 1995 President’s Associate Wendell C. Taylor Dean’s Club Derrick Sean Cort Eugene Marvin Holmes Fellow David V. Wooten Barrister Christopher Mastrangelo Carla Munroe Moynihan James J. Moynihan Friend Catherine E. Long Ian C. Pilarczyk Daniel D. Rubinstein Donor Raymond E. Baltz Anna Bastian Lynn B. Bayard Catherine S. Bridge Kathleen Marie Conlon Jeffrey D. Duby Amber L. Eck Duby David R. Feniger Abigail Hepner Gross Daniel J. Harding Brenda Lee Hoffman Michael J. Martens Dragica M. Mijailovic Karen T. Nakasone David L. Nersessian Erin B. Newman Moyahoena N. Ogilvie Michele L. Pincus Thomas F. Poche Julio C. Roman Peter D. Rosenthal Ralph N. Sianni Steven H. Silverman Jeffrey Trey Pamela R. Trimble Arthur Zagorsky

CLASS OF 1996 Barrister James M. Curley Helen R. Pfister Friend Bruce P. Matzkin Donor John M. Blumers Amelia E. Bormann Michael Andrew Bowse Brahm J. Braunstein Maureen Foley Connolly Laura Boris Crosby Lauren G. Dome Lisa Anne Gomez Michael C. Hall Gregory A. Jones John J. Kelliher Stephen J. Krause Adam Lesnick Daniel L. Malone Robert A. Maynez Jonathan D. Mutch Clare F. Saperstein

Nina Michelle Sas Jon C. Schultze Trishka Waterbury Joshua J. Wells Jodi H. Yamamoto

CLASS OF 1997 – 10th Reunion Friend Kapil V. Munjal Donor Kimberly A. Altschul Scott K. Attaway Antoinette L. Banks Marisa J. Beeney Theresa R. Boni Michael S. Branley Tyler E. Chapman Philip C. Crosby Michael Peter Donnelly Michael T. Dougherty Charlotte Edelman Mayra L. Garcia Cecelia Gassner Eric J. German Joseph R. Goodman Robert William Guazzo Andrea L. Hillier Matthew N. Kane Robert Gordon Kester Ronald Mark Leshnower Kelly M. Miley Elizabeth A. Perl John Anthony Salerno

CLASS OF 1998 Barrister Tracy K. Evans-Moyer Richard Michael Jones Shang Wu Friend Kathleen M. Paralusz Donor Joseph Brozi Austin B. Clayton Sandra K. Davis Gary Michael Grossman Lisa K. Jaffee Timothy A. Kearney Brian J. Knipe Eric D. Levin Amanda Masselam Strachan Ryan A. McDonald Christopher T. Meier Jacqueline A. Parker Michael S. Portnoy Christine E. Radice Eric Rogers Gregg A. Rubenstein David F. Schink Thomas Mark Sheehan Susan M. Usatine Stephen C. Warneck

CLASS OF 1999 Fellow Rebecca A. Galeota

Friend Amiel Z. Weinstock Donor Michele L. Booth Nathan T. Bouley Katherine Rose Byrne Daniel J. Caffarelli Jeremy A. Colby James A. Crowell Thomas R. Dussault John Paul Floom Kristen Byrnes Floom Jennifer E. Greaney Nicholas Ashley Ogden Carl J. Ricci Timothy Andrew Rice Cyna Lara Rosenthal Jon Corwin Trotter

CLASS OF 2000 Barrister Mark E. Bamford Lee K. Michel Friend Christopher M. Loveland Donor Franya G. Barnett Rachel B. Biscardi Tara B. Burdman David W. Eppley Robert A. Ermanski Bill R. Foster Shera Gittleman Golder Timothy P. Heaton Leonard M. Herschberg John R. Hession Jeffrey R. Katz Joshua J. Lozner Julianna Thomas McCabe Christopher C. Miller Julian A. Stapleford Cynthia Su-Lee Tsai Adam M. Weisberger

CLASS OF 2001 Barrister John K. Gross Leiha Macauley Lisa Wendy Martin Friend Euripides F. Dalmanieras Donor Joseph L. Devaney III Vanessa M. Franklin Joshua M. Greenblatt Sarah Elizabeth Hancur Cynthia Lambert Hardman Timothy Hollis Melissa Toner Lozner Anurag Maheshwary John Maynard Jesse R. Moore Michael T. O’Neil Eric B. Tennen Robert George Young

CLASS OF 2002 – 5th Reunion Barrister Jeremy Turk Julie A. Zovko Friend Edward K. Duch Donor Shireen G. Arani Neena Barua Benjamin J. Berger Kara M. Bombach Anna Maria Carrasquilla Obert H. Chu Mark R. Curiel Edward F. Dombroski Timur Feinstein Matthew Brian Gildart Carly B. Goldstein Nikolas Huebschen John Christopher Jennings Dennis M. Leary Avi Meir Lev Venu M. Manne Kelly Ruane Melchiondo Ruth Kristine Miller Christopher P. Mooradian Catherine Olender Neijstrom George B. Pauta Patrick J. Reilley Jodie Alyson Sadowsky Tal Simone Sapeika Lori Wood Sievers Toshihiro Ueda Thomas A. Utzinger Catherine Mitchell Wieman Christine Burke Worthen Joseph Zambuto

CLASS OF 2003 Barrister Mark Albert Ford Stephanie L. Ives Friend Gaston de los Reyes Ryan M. Morettini Kimberly P. Stein Heather R. Zuzenak Donor Cassandra G. Aquart J. Andrew Cohen Eva W. Cole Marla Sharyn Grant Ryan L. Harrison Berit H. Huseby Theodore Justo Joyce Catherine B. Kelleher David A. Kluft Heather Elizabeth Marie Le Clair Luca Cristiano Maria Melchionna Rachel Regenold Jennifer M. Riordan Rachel L. Rothman Zachary H. Smith

CLASS OF 2004 President’s Associate Russell Jay Stein Dean’s Club Nathan H. Seltzer Barrister Dana Elizabeth Krueger Erica Mastrangelo Gina McCreadie Jordan H. Rosenfeld Friend Luciana Aquino-Hagedorn Michael Ryan Benedict Rebecca M. Ginzburg Kaley E. Klanica Matthew Thomas McLaughlin Anthony Jude Picchione Jun Qi Donor Farhad R. Alavi Matthew J. Andrus Christopher M. Boundy Hugh L. Brady Tracy A. Braun Miller B. Brownstein Laurel A. Dearborn Jason M. Hall Soohyun Jun Adam W. Kiracofe Karina Nindira Kirana Melissa Droller Kirkel Jinghua Liu Minette Marie Loula Neal E. Minahan Bhavani Murugesan Alison M. Ormaas Timothy J. Perla Eric W. Pinciss Monica N. Sahaf Leanne Elizabeth Scott Jessica Louise Selb Michael David Silberfarb Robert D. Smith Loly Garcia Tor Heather Rae Trkovsky Cathryn Elizabeth Vaughn Marissa A. Wilkin Eiji Yamamoto

CLASS OF 2005 Barrister Brian Douglas Eng Angela Gomes Friend Brook Leonard Ames Rachel D. Oshry Colin Grant Van Dyke Donor Ricardo Frederico Alicea Susanne G. Arani Elizabeth A. Badger Scott Bittman Krietta Kai Bowens Justin A. Carroll Cesar B. Casal Padma Choudry Alexandra Meghan Gorman

Peter A. Hahn Andrew G. Heinz Ilisa C. Horowitz Nancy C. Liu Bradley W. Micsky Noel R. Miller Tatsuki Murase Kirstin Kathleen O’Callaghan Anita J. Pancholi Miriam L. Pogach Juan P. Reyes Jacob Wayne Romelhardt Orna Okouneff Safer Christopher D. Strang Mary Jacobsen Teague Thomas Green Terbell Sarah M. Waelchli

CLASS OF 2006 Donor Ian N. Ackerman Christine Henry Andresen Adam E. Badik Matthew A. Bloomer Wendy Wei-Hsing Chan Sean Chao Daniel P. Cleary Alexandra D. Diaz-Almaral Brendan H. Doherty Namrata Dwivedi Michael Paul Franck Kelly A. Gabos Michael B. Giles Christee T. Goode Kenneth D. Hardy Alyssa Ruth Katz Christopher J. Kiyan G. James Kossuth Marc J. Krawiec Erika C. Lazar Jeffrey A. Loesel Layke A. Martin Evan Christian Osborn Gladys Nathalia Osorio Ethan F. Ostrow Kevin S. Prussia Alison B. Riddell Melissa S. Rones Denise R. Rosenhaft Joshua D. Roth Zaheer Samee Kimberly Jane Seluga Joshua H. Soloway Hallie White Speight Mitchell Leff Stoltz Michelle L. Wolf-Boze Edward Gerald Zacharias Irena Zolotova

CLASS OF 2007 Friend Ryan K. Dickey Donor Sonia M. Bednarowski Joybell Chitbangonsyn Vanessa Lynn D’Anna Robert C. Draper Gabriella Kaplan Eisner

Timothy J. Famulare Xun Feng Todd Jason Fieldston Christopher R. Freeman Sarah P. Gasper Rebecca A. Hoffberg James Joseph LaRocca Nathalie A. Le Ngoc Yoshihisa Masaki Michael J. Murphy Lauren E. Reznick Michael S. Robertson Annie S. Rotner Alessandro J. Sacerdoti Courtney M. Schou Amanda H. Stumm Rachel D. Thrasher Manique Sanjeevani Wijewardena-Bloom Amanda L. Winalski Brian K. Yoo

3L – CLASS OF 2008 Barrister Alison Lindsay Ross Friend Meghan S. Bailey Joshua M. Daniels Christiaan H. Highsmith Rachel M. Irving Ke-Ying Lin Hasan Mohammed Rashid Daniel Schleifstein Joshua F. Tom Jenna Ventorino Donor Hala Bin Khaled Bin Sultan Al Saud Cory E. Alpert Jonathan E. Anderman Jeffrey S. Arbeit Andrea Valenti Arthur Hristiyaniya Vangelova Atanasova Nina Vijay Ayer Nadia Baig Laura Elizabeth Bange Christopher D. BarnstableBrown Michael A. Bartelstone Naomi L. Baumol Susan F. Bayles Radhika Bhattacharya Vincent M. Bidez Kara S. Borchers Nadya C. Bosch Robert S. Brickman David J. Brill Carissa W. Brown Rachel E. Caplan Michael E. Chapin David Chen Elizabeth R. Chesler Connie Choi Tasnin R. Chowdhury Brett A. Church Patrick T. Conroy Brian Patrick Kim Costello Cassandra L. Crawford

Fall 2008 | Annual Report of Giving | 51

Gerald Yaroslav Derevyanny Allison Leigh Domowitch Tracy Solomon Dowling Susan A. Dunn Mark J. Esposito Jesse A. Fecker Rachel N. Fightmaster Daniel K. Fink Adam H. Forkner James R. Gadwood Jessica M. Garrett Elizabeth F. Gaskell Christine M. Gealy Erin M. Gossett Dominic D. Gouker Katie M. Gray Courtney E. Gribbon Stacey Guillory Zhongmin Angela Guo Alon Hacohen Bonnie L. Heiple Dana L. Heitmeyer Katie R. Hluchyj Rachel Sumiko Hodge Kelly C. Holden David W. Johnson Stephen M. Johnson Sarah E. Johnston Samantha E. Kaplan Jared G. Keenan Haydon A. Keitner Jennifer A. Kennedy Bruce R. Kessler Moowi Kim Paul J. Kim Lisa J. Kolker Ari W. Krigel Rebecca L. Kurowski Emily D. Ladd Brian James Larivee XinYue Lin Muzong Luo Isaac Mamaysky Brandon S. McGathy Thor D. McLaughlin Sean R. Miller Dena L. Milligan Sara K. Mills Stewart T. Moran Geoffrey G. Moss Ryann M. Muir Jonathan H. Mulvihill Jennifer L. Musika Rebecca Entigar Nauta Ganna Nazarenko Stephen W. Nelson Alex N. Niederman David E. Owen Cicely Ott Parseghian Rebecca L. Peacock Kristina E. Petronko Christine T. Phan Jason Phillips Maia M. Pierce Marisa A. Rauchway Sarah J. Ricardi Emilie K. Richardson Michele N. Richardson

Brendan M. Riley Jesse Roisin Monica L. Rose Julie A. Rosselot Dani F. Sahner Rachel A. Samuels Gared S. Schneberger Elizabeth P. Sims Kenneth W. Start Benjamin B. Strawn Sarah M. Summer Anthony R. Ten Haagen Shanta A. Tewarie Kathryn J. Thomas Seth W. Thomson Neal E. Toomey Karen I. Trattner Savan N. Vaghani Jeffrey Thomas Walker Tracy L. Walts Jeffrey M. Weimer Chris A. Wenger Anna R. Williams Melinda T. Willis Jacob H. Wolman Jonathan Woodard Matthew K. Yan Min Yu Bella Zaslavsky Summer B. Zeh Sarah Zenewicz

Friends President’s Circle Sherryl W. Cohen Alan and Sherry Leventhal Public Interest Student Auction President’s Associates Anne F. Brooke Marty Corneel Richard L. Pearlstone Josephine V. Riccardi Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stern Dean’s Club Alice H. Barreca Marjorie W. Sloper Fellow Sally Mitchell James M. Molloy Maureen A. O’Rourke William E. Ryckman, Jr. Barrister Mr. and Mrs. Scott Faust Tamar Frankel Glen R. Johnson Helen Long Susan Shay Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Nierman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. O’Leary Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stern Friend Michael J. Bohnen Daniel A. Curto James Gadwood Margaret D. Hagopian F. Gerald Handfield, Jr.

52 | Annual Report of Giving | Fall 2008

Stanley Allen Koppelman Mr. and Mrs. Abraham J. Kramer George And Litsa Kranias Toby H. Kusmer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pichler Barbara J. Poitrast Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Quinlan Hal N. Schwartz David J. Seipp Jeffrey M. Sherman Cornell L. Stinson J. Hans Stumm Nancy L. Zimpher Donor Joanne Abrams Ramona M. Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Acton Marlene H. Alderman Marc Alpert Robert F. Ambach James M. Anderson Charles Anderson Mrs. Appleton Nancy L. Armstrong Barbara & Peter Aschheim Evelyn M. Aub James J. Augsburger Michael S. Baram Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Barlow Mr. and Mrs. Edward Belansky Michael Berger Mr. and Mrs. Bernard G. Berkman Philip I. Blumberg Joan Bolton Robert G. Bone Charlotte Brooks Charles R. Buck Frances M. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Burns Catherine Butler Michelle Cabral Matthew Calistri Michael W. Carroll Daniella Caruso Heather Chamberlain Corinne Coe Jeremy T. Cohen Ellen Cosgrove Michael T. Cox Dorothy M. Cullen John Cuppoletti Maria T. Diaz-Meco Alice B. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Steven Duffy Margery E. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. John J. Duffy Susan H. Fields-Tamker Harold and Elaine Fienman Patricia T. Filak Stanley Z. Fisher Alison Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Adam P. Forman Laurel E. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Morris B. Friend

Daniel J. Gahl Stephanie M. Galeota Mary Gallagher Sarah R. Galpern Anne Geiger Bernard S. Gelber Arthur M. Geller Denise D. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. David N. Glass Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goldman Wendy Gordon Elaine K. Greenberg Burton J. Gross Eleanor R. Gross Linda Levine Grunebaum Sheilah and Robert Harrow Jan W. Hawk Judith A. Heiny Robert Heller Jane E. Henney James Paul Herman Dr. and Mrs. James A. Heubi John M. Higgins Martha Highsmith Laura Hildreth Keith Hilton Mr. and Mrs. James C. Holly Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Holmes Maria N. Horner Muriel S. Hughes Cornelius K. Hurley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ivey, Jr. Jason P. Jeanneret Kay A. Johnson Naomi Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Karp Howard and Frances Karp Reuven J. Katz Ruth and Dave Kaufman Elizabeth A. Kelly Ralph D. Kidder Steven J. Kleene Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kohlhepp Rebecca Korowski Andrew Kull John A. Latella Rodney M. Laurenz LAW Faculty Public Interest Project Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Leavy Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Leibenhaut Gerry Leonard John Leubsdorf Thomas P. Lewis Lee Ann Liska Deborah Looke Deborah Lueders Robert Lukin Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lunder Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Madfis Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Maletz Dorothy L. Marson Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Marson

Deborah Marson Denise Martone Katherine S. McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Meranus Sybil N. Michelson Fran Miller Ruby Mintz Marshall H. Montrose Jorge Moscat Marjorie Motch Sarah Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Nash Robert C. Neville Elizabeth E. Neville Marc L. Nierman Mike Nollman William Adip Numa and Monica Neuman James J. O’Donnell Lynn R. Olman Lauren Papenhausen Mary J. Petersman Mark Pettit, Jr. Alyce D. Pollack Edward L. Pollack Gloria Pollack Jay and Leeanne Power Lisa Rahilly Roberto Reif Joan Reilly Edwin J. Rosen David B. Rossman I. Eric Rutkow Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sage Mr. and Mrs. David N. Sandberg Riger Sands Henrietta Seiden Rickie J. Seltzer Sidney L. Sherter Edward B. Silberstein Angela M. Sklenka Christine M. Slyman Gay Goslin Smith Haley E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sobel Dr. and Mrs. Norman Spack Joel K. Stern Peter J. Stern Geanine Sullivan Susan A. Swearingen Joan E. Tagliareni Jack Tarlow Roz Tarlow Elizabeth M. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Scott Taylor Jody Gould Tsevat Annette G. Tuttman Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Uliss Mr. and Mrs. J. David White Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Creighton Wright Michael D. Zenz Marcia Zigelbaum David Zimmerman Nora L. Zorich

Corporations and Foundations President’s Circle Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The Financial Services Roundtable Microsoft Corporation President’s Associates Anonymous Hudson Valley National Foundation Inc. The McCausland Foundation Nissenbaum Law Offices Palace Head Foundation Inc. Peggy Meyerhoff Pearlstone Foundation The Schell Family Foundation The Clinton H. & Wilma T. Shattuck Charitable Trust WilmerHale Dean’s Club Deloitte Foundation The Feld Law Firm, P.C. General Electric Company Charles Lamar Family Foundation McDermott, Will & Emery, LLC Medco Health Solutions Marjorie W. Sloper Charitable Foundation Stein Family Foundation Vanguard Medical Fellow Biogen Idec Foundation, Inc. Farrell & Associates, PC Fortress Investment Group, LLC Latham & Watkins, LLP McKenzie & Company National Grid USA Service Company, Inc. Schonberger Family Foundation Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP Barrister America Media Consultants Inc. AMG Charitable Gift Foundation The Bar/Bri Group Barrett Foundation Covington & Burling Ernst & Young Foundation E. Joseph Evans Trust Adele and William Feder Private Foundation Fidelity Foundation Law Offices Of Victor J Garo The Gayda Family Foundation The Harriet Golding Foundation Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Goodwin Procter, LLP Alan L. Gosule Revocable Trust Hanki Family Trust Harcourt General, Inc. Independent Pipe & Supply Corp. ITW Foundation

Jewish Federation Of Metro Chicago Johnson Family Foundation Kenney & Sams Michel Family Foundation Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo Law Offices of Hugh H. Mo, PC PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP Prince,Lobel,Glovsky & Tye, LLP The Charles Schwab Charitable Fund Eugene P. Schwartz Family Foundation Tax Executives Institute, Inc. Thompson & Knight Foundation Thomson West University Anesthesia Associates Inc. Friend The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Choate Hall & Stewart Combined Jewish Philanthropies Community Foundation of New Jersey Cooley Godward Kronish, LLP Craig and Macauley DHW & SSW Charitable Foundation Exelon Matching Gifts Gabrieli Family Foundation General Motors Foundation Jerry S. Goldman & Associates, PC Goldman Sachs & Co. Graco Foundation The Greater Cincinnati Foundation The Sidney Heimberg Trust John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company The Kaplan Foundation Latham & Watkins London, LLP Lyondell Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company Mayer Brown, LLP McCarter & English, LLP McDermott Will & Emery Charitable Fo. McGuire Woods Newsweek Normand & Associates Nutter McLennen & Fish, LLP The Pew Charitable Trusts Proforma Printing & Promo RKF Corporation Ruberto,Israel & Weiner, P.C. Peter B. Sang Revocable Trust Schlissel,Ostrow,Karabatos PLLC Soto Law Group, P.A. University Of Cincinnati Foundation University Of Cincinnati Surgeons Inc. Willkie, Farr & Gallagher, LLP

Donor Aetna Foundation Inc. American Biltrite, Inc. Charitable Trust Amica Companies Foundation Appleton & Appleton, LLC Appleton Partners, Inc. Atlantic Investment Group Inc. Law Offices of Michael R. Balfe Bank Of America BankAmerica Foundation Barnes & Noble College Bookstores, Inc. Bernard G Berkman and Nancy J. Berkman Foundation Big Tiger Music, Inc. Bingham McCutchen LLP Biomet The Law Offices of Wendy M. Bittner Boeing Law Offices of Karnig Boyajian Braverman and Lester Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Cleary, Gotlieb, Steen & Hamilton, LLP CNA Foundation Cooper Sapir and Cohen PC Corash Zurn & Sharp LLP DeBonis,Wright & McCoy,P.C. Duke Energy Foundation Law Offices of Donald E. Eames Law Offices of Donald P. Edwards Felos & Felos, P.A. Law Offices of Norman J. Fine Flynn & Associates PC Friedlander Family Fund Genentech,Inc. Glynn Law Offices Law Offices of Goldman & Pease Golub & Golub, LLP Greater Cincinnati Pathologists Inc. The Grunebaum Family Fund Hardings Law Offices Heron Schneider Family Trust Houts And Houts Law Offices of Douglas P. Humes IBM Corporation Johnson & Johnson Law Offices of Martin Kantrovitz Lane & Bentley, P.C. Judith & Lester Lieberman Foundation Lincoln Financial Foundation The Lunder Foundation MacMaster Law Firm, Ltd MADA Charitable Lead Trust Magnolia Associates,LLC Maletz Family Trust Nathan Mandelbaum Admin Trust

Mediation Resolution Memorial Capital Corporation Metlife Foundation MHM Financial Services Corporation The Minneapolis Foundation MMC Moriarty & Associates P.C. Morrison, Mahoney LLP Mustang Fuel Corporation Law Offices of Rene Myatt Monroe & Florence Nash Foundation, Inc. Northrop Corporation Foundation O’Melveny & Myers The Prudential Insurance Company of America Readers Digest Foundation Rexam Inc. Road ID M. Robinson & Company,P.C. Joseph L. Rome Charitable Trust Rosenberg,Freedman and Goldstein Rossman & Rossman Aaron & Sylvia Rothenberg Schomer LAW,PC Charles Schwab Foundation Rita R. Schwartz Trust Lawrence A. & Joan E Siff Foundation Smoot & Associates, P.C. F. Albert Starr Trust Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada Tappan Management Company Lillian P. Thomas Family Trust Thomson Financial The Travelers Foundation Univ Orthopaedic Consultants of Cincinnati University Family Physicians, Inc. University Neurology Inc. Unumprovident Corporation Vacovec Mayotte & Singer Waite Schneider Bayless & Chesley Co.LPA Walker & Drum Washington Mutual Foundation The Wealth Technology Group Weinstein Living Trust Wells Fargo Foundation The B. T. Wright Trust No.1 Nominee Trust Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals XL America Yoree Trust

Fall 2008 | Annual Report of Giving | 53

Alumni Volunteers Central to the tradition of leadership at BU Law, alumni volunteers play a key role in ensuring the success of the School. Your dedication, talent, and involvement are essential in achieving our goals. As important, you inspire other alumni to join you in your efforts to promote and preserve the character and quality of the BU Law experience. Thank you to our alumni volunteers and friends. Alumni Association Executive Committee Kim Rubin, ‘88 - President Richard Karelitz, ‘74 - President Elect John Finn, ‘80 - Vice President James Fox, ‘86 - Vice President Carla Moynihan, ‘95 - Vice President Christopher Kenney, ‘90 - Treasurer Kathryn Piffat, ‘89 - Recording Secretary Leiha Macauley, ‘01 - Parliamentarian Christopher Strang, ‘05 - Young Alumni Council President Joanne Acford, ‘80 Susan Alexander, ‘81 Peter Bennett, ‘85 Timothy Blank, ‘86 Leslie Bloomenthal, ‘65 David Breen, ‘90 Gerard Cohen, ‘62 Derek Davis, ‘89 Martin Desmery, ‘87 Gary Domoracki, ‘89 James Esdaile, ‘70 Joseph Faber, ‘91 Thomas Farrell, ‘91 Michael Fondo, ‘90 Carolyn Gabbay, ‘76 Victor Garo, ‘65 Celina Gerbic, ‘91 Robert Glovsky, ‘76 Mark Granger, ‘76 Ernest Haddad, ‘64 George Herlihy, ‘47 Eileen Herlihy, ‘82 Kay Hideko Hodge, ‘72 Evan Kaplan, ‘85 William Landau, ‘59 Andrew Ley, ‘75

Maureen MacFarlane, ‘89 Lisa Martin, ‘01 Erica Mastrangelo, ‘04 Christopher Mastrangelo, ‘95 Karen Mathiasen, ‘81 Edward McCarthy, ‘62 Denzil McKenzie, ‘76 Richard Mikels, ‘72 Frances Miller, ‘65 James J. Moynihan, ‘95 James Normand, ‘80 Andrea Nuciforo, ‘89 Jeffrey Parsons, ‘73 Roger Putnam, ‘51 Daniel Rea, ‘74 Bruce Rogoff, ‘83 Eugene Rubin, ‘61 Jennifer Serafyn, ‘01 Sara Sherman, ‘89 Andrew Strehle, ‘94 Neil Sugarman, ‘65 Annabelle Terzian, ‘51 William Tyler, ‘51 Oscar Wasserman, ‘59 Barry Weiner, ‘66

2007 Reunion Committee Members Philip Bouchard, ‘57 H. Alfred Casassa, ‘57 Earle Cooley, ‘57 David Ellis, ‘57 William Hillman, ‘57 Raymond King, ‘57 Herbert Lemelman, ‘57 Charles Miller, ‘57 Herbert Phillips, ‘57 Juan Torruella, ‘57 Edward McCarthy, ‘62

Joseph Nadeau, ‘62 Ann-Marie Breuer, ‘67 Clarence Dilday, ‘67 Arthur Hughes, ‘67 Patrick Hurley, ‘67 Patrick King, ‘67 Alan Weinberg, ‘67 Stanley Cooper, ‘72 James Dilday, ‘72 Mark Shub, ‘72 Lawrence Weiner, ‘72 Elaine Denniston, ‘77 Eileen Herlihy, ‘82 Andrew Klauber, ‘82 Scott Kobler, ‘82 Martin Desmery, ‘87 Wendy Kirchick, ‘87 Michael Radin, ‘87 Michael Rothstein, ‘87 Tory Chavey, ‘92 Christopher Cole, ‘92 Neal Luria, ‘92 Rebecca Martinez, ‘92 Melissa Juarez, ‘97 Angelique Magliulo-Hager, ‘97 Shireen Arani, ‘02 Sara Condon, ‘02 Edward Duch, ‘02 Angela Verrecchio, ‘02 3L Gift Committee Jonathan Anderman, ‘08 Jessica Garrett, ‘08 Rachel Irving, ‘08 Sarah Johnston, ‘08 Jared Keenan, ‘08 Stewart Moran, ‘08 Shanta Tewarie, ‘08

A special thank you to the many members of the Young Alumni Council and the many students that helped build the BU Law community both on and off campus. The Esdaile Alumni Center has made every effort possible to ensure the accuracy of this donor roll. In the event that we have inadvertently omitted your name or listed you incorrectly, please let us know so that we may correct our records. For more information or to discuss a gift: Esdaile Alumni Center Boston University School of Law 765 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215 Phone: 617•353•3118 Fax: 617•353•7744 E-mail:

54 | Annual Report of Giving | Fall 2008

Boston University School of Law bids farewell to

Professor William Ryckman, Jr. We thank him for 46 years of dedication and superb teaching and wish him a happy and healthy retirement.

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Boston, MA Permit No. 1839

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