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Beachfront Kempinski Hotel Bahia - Private wing - Endulge A fantastic 2+1 bed - 2+1 bath apartment in this famous 5* hotel. Here you will enjoy all the hotel can offer of services including indoor Spa and pool, 4 restaurants, stunning tropical gardens with different pools with towel service and pool restaurant serving you directly by the pool or by the beach.

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Livingroom As you enter this extravagant home and your feet make contact with the supreme marble floor, your mind gets filled with a luxurious feel. When you start moving towards the living room you pass the guest toilet and kitchen on your lefthand side. When inside the kitchen you lean against the bar window facing the living room and enjoy the spaceous room. The living room is completely furnished with a cream colored sofa and two chairs. In front you have top of the line flatscreen tv accompanied with a high end surround stereo system. When hosting a dinner you can either entertain them at the round dining table our on the outside terrace. The apartment is sold with all furniture included.

Kitchen and guest bathroom From the kitchen you have a nice livingroom view from the «window». The kitchen can be fully shut, if you need to, both the «window» and the entrance door. The new Flex-it fan will take care of the rest. The kitchen furniture is made by a local, and exclusive, furniture carpentry on Costa del Sol. It was installed when the apartment was refurbished in 2007. Even the guests can have their own separate room, the guest toilet. A rather spaceous and well equipped bathroom matching the elegance of the other bathrooms within the apartment.

Master bed- and bathroom

Master bed- and bathroom The apartment features two big master bedrooms with their own spaceous bathrooms connected. Both bedrooms have queen size double beds and direct access to the nice terrace. The ladies might also appreciate the walk-in closets in both these rooms. The bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment, with the living room in the middle. This makes it perfect if you want to share it with other people, both parties has their own private wing within the apartment. The bathrooms are well equipped, with both bathtubs, saunas, showers and generally at lot of space. The colors are warm, you get a feel of great comfort and the tiles are of great quality, shipped from Italy.

Spaceous terrace with outdoor kitchen The terrace comes with its own kitchen, custom made to fit perfectly and installed in 2010. This kitchen comes real handy when you use the big barbeque during late summer nights. The terrace is made of terracota tiles matching the walls and you find yourself with good space for both sunbeds, chairs and a dining table. At the other end of the terrace you also have the opportunity to enter the terrace saloon. A separate room on the terrace with a small sofa, chair and table, perfect for some privacy, reading a book etc.


Outdoor facilities

Complex facilities

Area presentation - Estepona Estepona is a town and municipality in the region of the Costa del Sol, southern Spain. It is located in the province of Mรกlaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Estepona is renowned for its beaches, which stretch along some 21 km of coastline. It is a popular resort and holiday destination. The official population is around 60,000, although this fluctuates with the arrival of tourists and non-registered foreigners. Due to its natural environment, surrounded by the sea and Sierra Bermeja mountains, Estepona has a micro climate with over 325 days of sunshine per year. Estepona now has many interesting facets which make it a popular and contemporary all year round holiday destination including two EC Blue Flag beaches, a modern sports marina with many tapas bars and restaurants and a white-walled town offering shopping and picturesque squares. Estepona was also earmarked in the early 1990s as the original site chosen by the Walt Disney organisation for their Eurodisney project ahead of Paris, France who were later awarded the installation. Source: Wikipedia

The purchasing process When a potential buyer has decided to purchase a property, a contract of reservation is signed. The contract of reservation is a short agreement stating that the owner of the property commits to reserve the property for the buyer, within an agreed timeframe. The contract also contains a brief description of the property, the names of both owner and buyer, the agreed price and what will happen if one of the parties pulls out of the contract. As a potential buyer, you should not experience any consequences if you were to pull out of a reservation contract. When the contract of reservation is signed, you should pay the deposit. The deposit is transferred into a client account. In cases where the potential buyer needs a mortgage to go through with the purchase, a clause states that, if the financial institution does not approve of the applied mortgage, the potential buyer shall get their deposit refunded. 10% of the purchasing price is to be transferred when signing the purchasing contract. The deed, which also serves as the purchasing contract between the parts, is signed at the notary´s office. It is the notary´s responsibility to make sure that the seller is the actual owner of the property, that the agreed price is paid at the right time, that the settlement is correct, if there are any transfers is done correctly, that there are no finanicial emcumbrances attached to the property at the transaction date, to identify the property etc. The notary is an officially appointed, and neutral, individual who´s making sure the settlement is done correctly at all times. Both sellers and developers have to meet at the notary´s office in person, or at convenience, give the authority to a laywer to represent them. In addition, the potential buyer must have obtained a NIE number (a Spanish tax ID number) and bring their passport when going to the notary´s office to sign the deed (purchasing contract. Buscares does have special agreements with both Norwegian and Spanish lawyers who will assist you with obtaining the needed documentation. The rest of the payment shall be transferred by the time you sign the purchasing contract at the notary´s office (the 10% paid earlier will be deducted). At this point, the new owner will receive the keys to the property, and if needed, other information or documentation such as guarantees on appliances etc. If the buyer has obtained a mortage from a financial institution, a representative from this institution will be present at the notary´s office showing proof of the mortgage. After this final step, the notary will give notice to the department of property registry telling that the property is sold. The meeting at the notary´s office can last everywhere from one to several hours. After the purchasing contract is signed, taxes and fees are to be paid. When all tranfers are completed , the deed, along with a tax report, is sent to the department of property registry. It takes approximately 1 - 2 months from signing the contract until you receive the deed in your own name.

Sample Sales Prospect  

A sample sales prospect from a private wing apartment at the fasionable Kempinski Hotel, Estepona, Marbella.

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