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EDITOR’S LETTER As I write this, I am sitting at the table of a local restaurant waiting for my food to cool. Unlike my food, I am not waiting for the weather to cool; it’s no use. It’s happening, and as much as I’d like an extension on summer, it ain’t gonna happen. On the plus side, my wardrobe options increase with every passing day. I am unsure if it’s a sign of maturity, or some form of latent fashionality, but the older I get the more I like dressing up. Perhaps because any semblance of cuteness I once enjoyed has passed, and accessorizing affords me the chance to raise my handsomeness quotient. You work with what you got, my friends. At any rate, fall is indeed upon us and so is another issue of Haps. For issue 33 we decided to ask Hal Swindall to take a look at the French restaurant boom. Believe it or not, just two years ago there was nary a spot in town where you could sit down and enjoy quality French cuisine. Now, after years of Korean students studying in France,

falling in love, and then returning home with their spouses to open a restaurant, there is a wealth of places to get your bon appétit on. We didn’t want to show any Channel bias, so this issue also features the other recent trend of BritishIrish-style pubs popping up around the city. Rounding out the Euro food triad, Jen Sotham offers up her advice on hosting a tapas party, and Christy Swain is back writing about food and beauty. This issue profiles two incredibly talented artists: painter/illustrator Michael Roy and the wonderfully gifted photographer Alexandra Don. We also take a look at Korea’s new national football team coach, expat extraordinaire Jim Thompson, and the very talented group The Dammit Janets, who, sadly, will soon see some of their members saying goodbye to our Busan expat family.




Some of Michael Roy’s creations are like nothing you’ve ever seen. Check out his unique mural style, which he describes as “the Muppets meet the Mayans.”

ON THE COVER Two short years ago, about the closest you could get to French cuisine was a croissant at the local bakery. My, how things have changed around here.

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Haps Magazine Issue 33  

The Magazine for What's Happening.

Haps Magazine Issue 33  

The Magazine for What's Happening.

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