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By John Dunphy

If you haven’t noticed, a wealth of British-Irish-style pubs are popping up around Busan. In just the past year, several have opened in Seomyeon, Nampo and the KSU area, with others planned elsewhere in the city, including one near PNU. Granted, if you’re looking for ‘traditional,’ not all of them fall exactly in line. While most give nods to authenticity – both in atmosphere and cuisine, most often in the form of fish and chips - some purists might cringe at seeing quesadillas, nachos and margaritas being served at the adjacent table. Here are some spots around town that are worth a look. 36 HAPS_Oct/Nov 2014

Wolfhound, Haeundae

A stalwart in Busan and Seoul, Wayne Gold and his partners have been serving hungry and thirsty patrons since before the current British-Irish-style pub trend took hold. Minutes from the beach and Haeundae subway station, the dining room is often packed on the weekends. Along with their signature dish of fish and chips, there’s a wide variety of both beers and food. And how can you resist a dish called “Toad in the Hole”? 051-746-7913

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