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West Bend’s 60,000-won percolator brings a retro feel to any kitchen by circulating hot water around coffee grounds, filling your home with that classic perking sound. This lightweight electric coffee maker comes with a detachable cord and heat-resistant base - perfect for tabletop serving. With its automatic warm mode, you can keep your two to twelve cups of coffee at serving temperature for hours. Since percolator coffee is continually boiled before serving, try a low-acidity, smooth roast with a coarse grind for the best flavor.


Available in a four-cup size for 45,000 won or six-cup for 60,000 won, this stainless steel stovetop pot brews strong coffee similar to espresso. Experts advise using drip-ground coffee and pre-heated water to prevent transferring a metallic taste from your pot. Once the pitcher is full of fresh coffee, using steam pressure from your stove, remove from heat and wrap with a chilled, damp towel to halt the brewing process and leave you with a deep, rich flavor. Bialetti’s heatresistant handle with a wide reach makes it drinkable immediately - straight from the pot to your mug or diluted with hot water or milk.


This modern countertop espresso maker allows you to create your own espresso beverages at home with its no-mess, foolproof system that uses Nespresso’s espresso capsules. The Citiz, 300,000 won, comes with an adjustable tray to fit a variety of mug sizes as well as an automatic power-saver, high-pressure pump and removable water tank - making the home espresso process as simple as ever. Add the Aeroccino Plus, the Citiz’s companion milk steamer, for 100,000 won to get a proper, consistent temperature and froth hot or cold milk with two whisk attachments.

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