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Among the countless great ways to take care of yourself, one of the oldest and most effective in the world is the wonderful art of Yoga.



he 30th issue? Over the past few weeks, as we were putting this together, I would repeat that number to myself while rolling the time it took to reach it around in my head. It still doesn’t sound quite right. That’s a lot of ink, a ton of stories, an abundance of places and faces, many that have come and many that have gone, and some that are still like us—here. And here we are, with another issue of Haps; this one revolving around health. Such is the sign of the times, so to speak, when the years have reached the point for many of us that the word “health” becomes less and less an abstract concept and more a reality to be mindful of. For myself, pushing 50 in a few short years, there are several noticeable differences in my life. For example, no longer do I pass by those automated blood pressure machines without stopping for a quick read (though I am unsure it’s not the swaddling effect of the canvas ring that is most appealing). Yes, these are the days when a sense of accomplishment is felt after taking the subway stairs rather than the elevator; the days when I think twice about that Snickers bar calling me from the shelf or when I find myself mired in regret finishing off that last french fry in my late night McDonald’s delivery. For those of you who, like me, are more cognizant of the clock, we’ve put together an issue chock full of healthrelated topics. From yoga to meditation, healthy food to healthy apps, from greening up your home for peace of mind to the dangers of altering your looks to resemble hallyu stars, Haps’ 30th issue offers up some of the basic ingredients for cooking yourself up a batch of healthy life. Thanks to all of you who made it happen. Happy 30th Haps, and many healthy returns.

ON THE COVER Haps’ 30th issue takes a look into all things health—from yoga to the best apps to get you in shape for the summer. Cover image courtesy of Photodune. Photography on this page by Macbett Omega.

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OF KOREA Some of Korea’s best photographers use their lenses to share some of their favorite things about Korea.

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CONTRIBUTORS JEN SOTHAM Haps culture editor and food writer Jen hails from New York and has been eating her way through Busan since 2006. The first phrase she learned in Korean was chal-mo-gu-sum-ni-da.

KELVIN BRASSBRIDGE II Kelvin is an American graphic designer from the state of Maine. He has lived in Busan with his wife, dog and cat for three years. He has never been abducted by a UFO, so don’t bring it up if you ever meet him.

GEORGE BACA George Baca is an American currently working as an Associate Professor of anthropology at Dong-A University. He is the author of Conjuring Crisis, Nationalism’s Bloody Terrain, Empirical Futures, and The Plantation.

JAMES TURNBULL Since coming to Korea in 2000, James has become widely known for his highly regarded blog The Grand Narrative where he examines gender issues. He lives in Busan with his wife and two daughters, Alice and Elizabeth.

SETH FELLENZ Haps music editor Seth Fellenz has moved from Wisconsin to Busan twice. When he’s not busy playing screen golf or grocery shopping, you can find him around town laughing at his own jokes, some of which are pretty funny.


Along with being a doctoral candidate in Political Science at Temple University, Kevin Hockmuth harbors dreams of a world where Mitch McConnell and 3 other GOP senators are forced to re-record Straight Outta Compton in its entirety.

CHRISTY SWAIN A fashion-loving girl, this Kiwi would like to divide her time between Paris and Milan, but for now, she’ll settle for Busan, browsing the vintage stores of Seomyeon or the High St. in Nampo-dong.

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FUZZY NAVEL: NEW FOR 2014 Fuzzy Navel, one of the city’s premiere eating and drinking establishments, has released new, exciting menu items for 2014 at three of their flagship stores. Recently having opened their newest location in Gwangbok in the Nampo-dong district, you can enjoy the freshness of their signature fruit cocktails in their new tiki-style bar that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life and transports you to the tropics. With their famous flair shows and one of the biggest varieties of cocktails in the city, enjoy an evening away from home and a vacation atmosphere without leaving the city limits.

Tap and Tapas, the company’s ode to Spanish cuisine, has additionally added four craft beers to its extensive menu. Enjoy a sampler of the fresh, handmade craft beers which go splendidly with their mouthwatering montaditos and chips. If Mexican food is your thing, Fuzzy Navel Tacos has established itself as one of the city’s best places to indulge in some traditional Mexican fare. With either grilled or fried options available and a new rice taco menu to tempt you, Fuzzy Navel Tacos uses the freshest ingredients which balances taste and the harmony of nutrition.

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Events & Culture

MAMMA MIA! APRIL 18 - 27 Considered the most performed musical in the world, the original cast of the smash hit “Mamma Mia” comes to Busan for a 10-day run as part of their 2014 international tour and the 10 year anniversary of the first showing in Korea. With over 1,200 shows performed around the country since its premiere in 2004 and over 1.5 million viewers, it’s become the most popular musical in the country.







MAY 2 - 11

MAY 24


While this year’s concept “NanJang, Squirming for Free!” might sound a bit bizarre, the 11th version of BIPAF brings a variety of Eastern and Western performances which are gaining international acclaim. Over 50 performances are set for the 10-day event, which takes place at various venues around the city with the hope of bringing world-class performances for local audiences to enjoy.

Enjoy a day networking as the Busan Global Gathering is the city’s largest yearly expat gathering with over 70 countries and hundreds of local groups and businesses taking part. The newly opened Busan Citizens Park will host over 50,000 people to enjoy performances, the Global Culture Zone, stage and experience zones, as well as authentic cuisine from some participating countries.

Busan International Foreign School presents TEDxYouth, an opportunity for the community to come together to share their thoughts with the local and global community. The first of its kind event happening at the school brings an exciting speaker lineup, including students and adults speaking on topics ranging from movie making to human rights and everything in between.

BUSAN INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW MAY 30 - JUNE 8 The country’s largest automotive show returns back to Busan for its yearly rotation with 22 car brands from 17 automotive manufacturers displaying the latest offerings from the auto industry, though the real show may be the throng of photographers there to take pictures of the car models. If you are there for the cars, all five Korean automakers, as well as Volkswagen, BMW, Mini and Toyota have signed on to participate this year.

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AFRIKABURN TANKWA KAROO NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA APRIL 28 - MAY 4 Considered a smaller version of Nevada’s quintessential art and culture festival, Burning Man, AfrikaBurn is blessed with an otherworldly landscape, and the ephemeral art make for a soul-searching experience. With colorful indigenous costumes and a great party scene, it’s one of South Africa’s rising festivals to hit each year.

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL CANNES, FRANCE, MAY 14-25 Set along the stunning French Riviera, the Cannes Film Festival was created to celebrate pure artistic expression in response to Italian leader Benito Mussolini’s propaganda film festival, held concurrently in Venice in 1939. Today, the festival has become a playground for celebrities to be seen and filmmakers to compete for the coveted Palme d’Or.



THE WEB HERE 2014 spring _ 15

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DID YOU KNOW? EVERYONE LOVES A DISCOUNT The Busan Aquarium is offering a 30% discount on admission to foreign guests and students through June. To receive the discount, you need to show your ID card or student card at the entrance of the aquarium. One of the more popular tourist attractions in the city, the Haeundae Beach landmark by-the-sea houses about 250 species with up to 50,000 marine animals on display, including over 40 exhibits, which include penguins, otters, piranha, sea jellies and a touch tank for a close up “hands on” look at a variety of sea creatures. Opened in 2001, one of Korea’s largest and most popular aquariums is considered a must-see for every visitor to the city.



Once again, the vagina warriors of Busan are coming together to provide the incredibly generous people of this fine city with an evening of toe-tapping tunes on April 19th at Evas Ticket. Voices for Vaginas is an event held every year in which the lovely ladies of Busan join forces in a night of music and good vibes. The purpose of the night is to raise money for women’s shelters in Busan. Last year, over 6,000,000 won was raised for the V-Day organization and this year they are hoping to add to that total. Though it seems this year will be without a performance of the Vagina Monologues in the city, a dinner special and beautiful music will not disappoint.


“Lectures conducted in English are not properly operated due to the low level of students’ comprehension.” Lee Kwang-hyun, professor of education at Pusan National University after conducting a recent survey about the effectiveness of English-only classes.

“Korean consumers have high standards particularly towards quality and freshness of ingredients,” Bob Larson, greater Asia senior vice president of McDonald’s on becoming a pioneer in the quick-service restaurant industry in the country.

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Community & Living

ANOTHER FILM, ANOTHER FESTIVAL Renowned Kyungsung University film and drama professor Jeon Soo-il’s 9th film, El Condor Pasa was selected to enter the competitive section of the 15th France Tours International Asia Film Festival last month. The director has built a reputation for his realist form of filmmaking and El Condor Paso is emblematic of this style through a number of long takes and minimal interference according to Screen Daily. Most of the film takes place in Busan where Jeon has established his roots as it follows a catholic priest who begins a relationship with a woman after her younger sister is raped and murdered. The priest then takes a trip to Peru to visit an old friend as he sets out to seek forgiveness for his transgressions. The multi-award winning director has become very well-regarded on the international arthouse circuit and is most famous for his 2007 acclaimed film “With a Girl of Black Soil”.

YACHT CLUB TO HOST MAJOR SAILING EVENTS Nearly 50 million won in prizes is up for grabs at the 2014 Busan Super Cup International Yacht Race, set to take place May 3rd through the 5th at the Suyeong Yachting Center. Over 100 entries from 15 countries took part last year racing around Suyeong Bay as part of the 2013 Korea Sailing Festival which comprises four races. The festival looks to promote Busan as the country’s best sailing city and establish a foundation to become one of the world’s most prominent yacht festivals. Additionally, the tentatively named “IPark Marina Corporation” will begin a long awaited facelift for the yacht club, as in late March an agreement was signed for the redevelopment of the Suyeong Yachting Center which could begin as early as the end of June. 2014 spring _ 17

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POPE FRANCIS TO VISIT KOREA THIS AUGUST It’s official: Pope Francis is coming to South Korea. A statement from the Press Office of the Holy See last month confirmed that the Holy Father will be traveling to the Republic of Korea from August 14th to August 18th. Pope Francis will make his first trip to Asia for a festival of Asian Catholic youth. The Sixth Asian Youth Day is due to take place in the diocese of Daejeon from August 10 to August 17. The Pope has indicated in recent months that a trip to Asia

was “important” as the church views Asia and Africa as regions of growth for the church. The planned trip to Asia became more imminent when the Vatican announced last month that Francis had declared 124 Koreans killed for the faith in past centuries be officially recognised as martyrs. Due to his visit here however, the Pope will miss celebrating Mass on the Feast of the Assumption in Castel Gandolfo, the papal summer residence, a tradition dating back to John XXIII.

AVENGERS 2 COMES TO KOREA Fans of the Marvel Comic series have to wait another year for the sequel, but South Korea got a small glimpse of what’s in store as part of the filming of Avengers: Age of Ultron was shot in Seoul during early April. Korea’s capital is being used as a backdrop in the latest feature from producer Kevin Feige who cited the nation’s “cutting-edge technology, beautiful landscapes and spectacular architecture” as ideal for the film. Though the two-week filming has disrupted the notoriously bad Seoul traffic leaving commuters less-than-pleased, director Joss Weidon was sympathetic, saying “We are going to mess it up a bit and inconvenience some people for a few days, and I apologize for that.” Culture Minister Yoo Jin-ryoung was hopeful that the city of Seoul and the country would benefit from the exposure from the movie, as the 2012 hit The Avengers grossed $1.51 billion worldwide, becoming the third-highest-grossing film ever.

IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO GO TO THE PARK Sweeter words have never been spoken in the city, as Busan Citizen’s Park, dubbed as one of Busan’s 10 key projects of the city, is slated to open in mid-to-late April. Set on 528,278 square meters of reclaimed land on the former grounds of Camp Hialeah in Busan-jin, the project was initiated after the land was returned to the city in August of 2006 after nearly 100 years of being under foreign-ownership which the city lost after the Japanese turned the site into a race park in the 1930’s before being established as a headquarters for the United States and its military in 1945. After some lengthy delays, the park is set to become a key feature of the city as citizens have demanded more green spaces as the city has lacked a true urban landmark. With five themes and 29 attractions, the park is the latest in the city’s revitalization projects to attract visitors and establish itself as a world-class city. 18 HAPS_spring 2014

Korea & World News

WAR AND PEACE North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has an interesting perspective of preserving peace on the Korean peninsula. After his New Year’s address to the reclusive nation which sparked hope in many as he called for improved ties with the South, he has recently done an about-face as he stepped up rhetoric about an all-out war breaking out on the peninsula next year. He recently told his army commanders that an “armed confrontation could take place on the Korean peninsula in 2015” and ordered them to stock up on strategic supplies and remain combat ready according to the Chosun Ilbo. A source who has intimate knowledge of the North’s activities also mentioned that the young Kim has often said that his aim is reunification ‘through force’ and that he would personally drive a tank and advance into Seoul.” One just wonders how long he would get stuck in traffic on Seoul’s continual congested highways, and if it would just deter him to turn around and go home.

REMAIN CALM AND STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE A recent survey by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning noted that 25.5% of teens are addicted to smartphones with middle schoolers topping the list at nearly 30%, a number sure to be disputed by every parent, school teacher and professor in the country. Students do realize their addictive tendencies and that the phones are a distraction, with over 60% of South Korean students agreeing that their phones are a distraction to studying, nearly doubling the average of their international peers according to a 2012 Time Magazine survey on addictive cellphone use. In addition to developing a lack of social skills and addictive tendencies, another study published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes showed that smartphone use at night is linked with worse sleep—and worse focus and engagement at work the next day. The recent survey also noted that users in Korea used their phones for an average of 4.1 hours for all smartphone users, which leads one to wonder—just what do people do when they aren’t on their phone or asleep? 2014 spring _ 19

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The hardest part about getting in shape and staying healthy is usually the actual act of getting in shape and staying healthy. While technology is often cited for making us stationary and less healthy, there are some benefits to be had if you put certain tech, like health apps, to good use. Here are some of the best out there to get your started.

CALORIE COUNTER & DIET TRACKER BY MYFITNESSPAL (FREE) This is a truly great app for tracking your daily calorie intake. With an existing database of over 3,000,000 foods (yes, even many Korean foods) already there, you can also add your own entries. Add your friends, and track each others weight for a little good competitive fun too.



If you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout with a calorie-melting heart BPM, then this free app comes in mighty handy. It calculates your heart rate by scanning the arterial changes on your fingertips. No idea what that means, but it works!

There are a total of 12 workout programs on the Workout Trainer and while the download is free, you need to upgrade and pay for the workout program. The great thing is the programs are very detailed and their design very well thought-out.

NIKE TRAINING CLUB BY NIKE (FREE) Perhaps you’ve heard of Nike? This app allows for either individual workouts, or a structured four-week program that focuses on getting you get lean, toned or strong. You can add a running program, boost your results or customize the app to the drills you prefer.

20 HAPS_spring 2014

Gadgets & Gear

RUNKEEPER PRO BY FITNESSKEEPER, INC. (FREE) RunKeeper Pro is one of the most popular apps for runners. Its feature-rich design enables GPS tracking on your phone for distance, speed monitoring, caloric output and activity history—be it running, cycling, hiking, or skiing. It also allows you to sync data with your PC.

AUTHENTIC YOGA WITH DEEPAK CHOPRA AND TARA STILES BY SIGNAL PATTERNS ($1.99) Brought to you by Deepak Chopra & yoga master Tara Stiles, Authentic Yoga is suitable for all levels. The program includes a variety of poses and routines for developing balance, strength, and flexibility. You can also create your own routine from available poses. 2014 spring _ 21

H Guide


BIG BRAND TRADEMARK WARS The practice of Korean companies overtly copying international brands and replicating their products is becoming an increasingly serious legal issue. In the past, the local fashion industry’s copying of designs was an open secret and wasn’t considered a big taboo. Local designers copied designs after attending fashion shows abroad and introduced similar pieces in their own collections. Designers in the Dongdaemun fashion district in Seoul would then copy the items and sell them at lower prices. However, as more international companies make inroads into the Korean market, increased scrutiny is being directed towards industry practices. Currently, Burberry is involved in a lawsuit with Korean underwear label Ssang Bang Wool, seeking 100 million won compensation for an alleged trademark infringement. Last year, the British company sued LG Fashion’s DAKS brand for using their plaid pattern for a line of shirts and settled for a 30 million won payment. Earlier this year Longchamp successfully sued Korean retail company AI International for breaching design rights of their Le Pilage tote bag. “It looks like global brands want to increase their brand power in the Korean market by giving warnings about copying,” said an industry official. Notably, these brands are not trying to score large settlement sums, instead focusing on protecting their designs and their brand image. Source: Joongang Daily

THE POWER OF K-DRAMA IN CHINA Chinese trendsetters are all about Korean style these days, whether it’s K-pop vids going viral, the latest lipstick shade or “chi-maek” (fried chicken and beer), K-style is king. And it’s all thanks to the latest TV drama “My Love from the Star”, featuring Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun as pair of star-crossed, earth-girl/alien-boy lovers. In January, the show topped 34 million viewers and sales of Celine dresses, Louis Vuitton handbags and Jimmy Choo shoes worn by Jun increased dramatically. Kim wore a Samsonite leather backpack in one episode, tripling backpack sales in China for the company. Samsonite is now anticipating an overall boost of 200% to its annual sales by the end of 2014. Luxury brands such as Gucci, Lanvin, Chanel and Chloe often prefer Korean actors because they are cheaper to sponsor than Chinese and Hollywood stars. Surprisingly, these and other big brands haven’t paid to place their products in the sitcom because the show, eager to engage style-conscious young viewers, wanted them anyway. Executives at Coach, the American leather-goods company were reportedly highly disappointed that they found out about the hit show too late and missed out on a product placement opportunity. Currently, an online search on Chinese shopping site Taobao. com using the keywords “My Love from the Star” results in links to over 272,000 products related to the show. Source: Wall Street Journal 22 HAPS_spring 2014

SOUTH KOREAN GOVERNMENT FUNDS FASHION In step with the government’s promises to foster a “creative economy”, billions of won are being pumped into the fashion industry. Last month, Seoul Fashion Week took place in the new Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Park, the newly opened US$450 million complex, which will host conferences, concerts, exhibitions and design-related businesses. Seoul municipal authorities backed the event, injecting 1.5 billion won into the annual fashion showcase. A select group of upand-coming designers received 30 million won government grants, enabling them to put on their own runway shows for the first time. Korea’s Trade and Industry Ministry plans to infuse 12 billion won into the fashion industry in 2014, with an additional six billion coming from the Culture Ministry and five billion from the state’s Creative Content Agency. This increased financial support for the fashion industry is an indication of the government’s greater goal to stimulate the nation’s economy through encouraging creative trades rather than the traditional reliance on goods manufacturing. Source: Financial Times

Out & About

SPRING TREND: CROP TOPS Trend alert (or should that be trend warning?): Crop tops are back! It may still be a little chilly in your part of Korea, but the midriff-baring tops are already in the stores. 90’s fashion has made comeback this season, and it’s not only in the tiny tops department; wide-leg pants, culottes, slogan t-shirts, and overalls are also hot this spring. But, before you write the whole season off completely, the new versions are definitely more grown-up and subtle than the Spice Girls’ incarnations you’re thinking of. “Experimenting with a crop top doesn’t mean exposing your midriff,” explains Matches buying manager Suzanne Pendlebury. “But it can be the perfect way to show off high-waisted jeans or skirts to achieve an ultra-feminine, nipped-in silhouette.” The trick is to match tops that sit at the base of the ribs with navel-grazing skirts and trousers to reveal just a hint of skin. If you’re brave enough, check out Zara and H&M for affordable and fun pieces. Source: UK Metro

FASHION BITES AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL filmed in Seoul and Gyeonggi province last month. K-poppers BtoB and 2EN1, and actress Hwang Shin-hye will appear in episodes airing in the US in August 2014. FASHION TRUCKS are a new and growing trend in L.A. Converted food trucks are popping up all over the county featuring new and vintage fashion at a range of prices. H&M launches its new wedding dress. The £59.99 (107,000 won) Grecian-style dress promises to give brides “a real glamorous movie star look” and is partly made of recycled fabrics. GOOGLE GLASS might have solved their fashion issues. The company has teamed up with super stylish Italian eyewear designer Luxxotica, creators of brands such as Ray-ban and Oakley. SPRING TREND: sport sandals and pool sliders. Flat shoes have been making a comeback this year and the trend has gone to geeky and sloppy extreme. You’ll never be embarrassed to wear your bathroom slippers down to the GS25 again! 2014 spring _ 23



Taking Japanese Grievances Global

Story By Kevin

M. Hockmuth and George Baca

The long, bitter relationship between Japan and Korea has mostly played out on the front pages and op-eds of the Korean national media. Now, Korea has taken the dispute on the road with increasing success. For those who have spent even a short time living in the Republic of Korea, it is readily evident that anti-Japanese sentiments run strong and hot. On one level, it makes sense that ordinary Koreans would have a strong sense of grievance associated with the Japanese occupation. In the early days of the Republic, elite politicians worked frantically against the accusations that South Korea was home to the “collaborators.” Indeed, anti-Japanese rhetoric has been a mainstay of South Korean politics. The legacy of this national formation has hit us hard on numerous occasions where we have witnessed the miraculous conversion of an apathetic student into a sharp, energetic critic driven by an almost missionary zeal informing one of Japanese wrongs: from Dokdo and the renaming of the “Sea of Japan” to the comfort women. Often conversations on these subjects turn to how best to get world opinion behind Korea’s position on these issues. Increasingly, the Korean government has sought to take these popular resentments and insert them into the agenda within the multilateral international framework. A recent New York Times article entitled, “U.S. Emerges as Central Stage in Asian Rivalry”, illustrates the point. The article points to a transition from the usual ham-handed PR campaigns to stoke global opinion about Japan’s past misdeeds, to a more sophisticated approach that begins on K-Street in Washington. It seems that Korean strategists have found their way to the Mecca of lobbying; a mainstay of US power politics: making campaign contributions to get your issues on the agenda. And these efforts have yielded some minor, yet notable, political outcomes that move the ball in the direction the Korean government wants it to go. Activists in the Korean-American community have been successful in constructing statues commemorating comfort women in Glendale, CA and Palisades 24 HAPS_spring 2014

Park, NJ. Furthermore, the legislature in Virginia has recently passed a bill that requires all textbooks in the state must include the name East Sea along with the generally more accepted Sea of Japan; a similar piece of legislation is currently pending in New York. In the case of Virginia, the result came after heavy lobbying by the diplomatic detachment of both countries, including their respective ambassadors. What is most striking to us about this ongoing struggle for the hearts and minds of the global commons is its potential significance in the rapidly changing geopolitical landscape in northeast Asia. Generally, issues surrounding national security and economic growth are assumed to take precedent over cultural issues rather than material factors. For instance, trying to judge how ‘satisfactory’ or ‘genuine’ Japan’s apology for its use of comfort women is more a function of how one thinks about such issues than an empirical fact. Additionally, these issues, while certainly of great import for the victims and their supporters, given their historical nature, have little direct bearing on the multiple threats to stability in the region, let alone the continued economic struggles ordinary citizens face in their day-to-day travails. These sources of instability would include China’s rapid expansion of its power projection capability through a breakneck naval build-up, the hot territorial disputes between Japan and China over islands in the South China Sea, the continuing stand-off with North Korea, and the reemergence of a more assertive Japanese ruling party willing to flex its military muscle and stoke popular nationalism. Traditional approaches to international politics would predict that for a small, middle power such as Korea, this increasingly tense security environment would push these historical/ cognitive issues to the background and would yield a posture

CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: 1. U.S. President Barack Obama holds a tri-lateral meeting with President Park Geun-hye and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. 2. Park Jong-woo holds up a sign claiming South Korea’s sovereignty to Dokdo during last year’s Olympics 3. Koreans pay respect to comfort women statue in Glendale, California

far more concerned with the immediate threats to the regional stability. This potential destabilization is particularly menacing to the trade-dependent Korean economy. However, recent events indicate that Korea has actually accelerated its efforts to press its chief ally, the U.S., to back Korean claims surrounding these issues. One of the most notable parts of the Times’ story mentioned above was a quotation from Yonsei University Professor, Han Suk-hee, who noted that the Korean government “warned [the U.S.] that China is being very friendly toward Park Geunhye.” Thus, in this case we see that rather than shifting to a focus on the more immediate threats to their security and prosperity; the Korean government is actually attempting to leverage U.S. concerns about the rise of China’s power to garner support for their claims against Japan. A great deal of Western (especially American) scholarship has tended to focus on the centrality of material interests such as security and wealth as the guiding force of statecraft. However, in understanding the modern discord of northeast Asian politics, these enduring historical grievances and people’s perceptions of them

often seem to form the cognitive landscape upon which decisions are made. The most interesting question is the degree to which these simmering ‘bad feelings’ will remain central if a genuine crisis (e.g. the collapse of North Korea, or some limited naval skirmish between China and Japan) were to break out. Author’s note: For a more detailed discussion of the deepseated anti-Japanese sentiment in Korea, we recommend checking a recent post by Prof. Robert Kelly on his Asian Security blog.

These efforts have yielded some minor, yet notable, political outcomes that have moved the ball in the direction the Korean government wants it to go.

Kevin Hockmuth is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at Temple University. His research focuses on the internationalization of the Korean political economy. He currently teaches at Gyeongju University. Dr. George Baca is associate professor of Anthropology at Dong-A University and is the author of Conjuring Crisis: Racism and Civil Rights in a Southern Military Town. You can check out his blog at 2014 spring _ 25



When K-pop Gets Under Your Skin Story By James


Like it or loathe it, K-pop is really great for the Korean economy. Though many are quick to point out that most of its overseas fans don’t even have jobs yet, someday they will, many already have, and hordes are starting to arrive on the peninsula. And for many of those, the goal is to look like their favorite K-pop stars. “The hottest phrase in Korea nowadays is undeniably ‘girl group.’ But girl group fever is more than just a trend: it’s symbolic of a cultural era that is embracing the expulsion of authoritarian ideology.” Korea Magazine, March 2010 Korean Idols ‘Occupy Japanese Archipelago,’ Lay Waste to Japan” The Asia Economy Daily, August 2010 Yes, when it comes K-pop, the Korean students in less developed countries in nearly three times as much to the Korean government and media can show re- Southeast Asia,” with such weak purchas- economy as those of quintessentially Komarkable chutzpah sometimes—and ing power “that it’s hard to expect that rean kimchi ($255m vs. $89.2m in 2013), little sense of irony. It’s enough to disen- their affection toward K-pop will lead to he gives the impression of being out of chant even the most ardent fan, let alone an extra consumption of other Korean touch with the times; his criticisms, less a coherent, evidence-based critique as products or services.” the Korean public. a knee-jerk reaction to the So, when business professor Han Choong-min of HanK-pop is already increasing exports of Korean products young K-pop idols that have replaced his favored ambasyang University recently deand services. In the short-term, by promoting Korean sadors of Korean culture. nounced all the propaganda, beauty ideals across the East-Asian region, resulting in Sure enough, in fact K-pop is you sense he touched a real nerve. almost 16,000 cosmetic surgery tourists coming to Korea already increasing exports of Korean products and servicSpeaking at a seminar on last year, and a fivefold increase since 2009. es. In the short-term, by prothe Korean Wave hosted by moting Korean beauty ideals the Korea Foundation for InHowever, Han overstated his case when across the East-Asian region, resulting in ternational Culture Exchange, he argued that K-pop’s global popularity is “a sheer he added that “traditional culture has almost 16,000 cosmetic surgery tourists illusion created by nationalistic reports proven to be much more useful than coming to Korea last year, and a fivefold from the local media.” Consequently, that contemporary cultural content” in pro- increase since 2009 (with each tourist K-pop has played a limited role in boost- moting Korea’s national image; Korean spending a minimum of $14,000 a pop). Indirect evidence of the links to K-pop ing the country’s national image, and learners, frustrated with textbooks full shouldn’t be expected “to increase ex- of the joys of palace walks and kimchi- abounds, with the region awash in Koports of Korean products and services”. making, would likely beg to differ on any rean popular culture, and barely a month Primarily, because “those who go crazy such proof actually existing. Moreover, in going by without Asian media sources atabout K-pop are mostly young female an era when K-pop exports contributed tributing new fashion and beauty trends 26 HAPS_spring 2014

to the popularity of Korean stars—or blaming them for it. Also, as discussed in October’s Haps, it is surely telling that they are replacing Western stars as glamorous cover models. More concretely, in 2010, so many Thai women were copying the hotpants fashions of Korean girl-groups that dengue fever cases surged, prompting the government to warn them to cover up to avoid getting bitten. What’s more, while young Southeast Asian women may lack purchasing power originally, they do grow up and get jobs eventually. That’s when they hop on a plane to Korea, a trend Bloomberg covered last year: Kylie Vu holds up her iPhone to display a photo of her favorite South Korean actress. “I want a chin like hers,” she tells a beauty consultant at the BK Plastic Surgery clinic in Seoul. Vu, 30, budgeted $10,000 for a chin implant and face-lift and traveled more than 1,600 miles from Vietnam, where she manages five kindergartens…her trip is a chance to redo a chin implant she first had done in Vietnam, this time in a more K-pop style. Michelle Lim, a student from Malaysia, spent three weeks in July choosing a clinic in the beauty belt for jaw reduction and liposuction after being inspired by the smaller, so-called v-shaped faces of Korean celebrities, the 24-year-old said in an interview. It is true that some patients’ motivations

may have very little to do with the faces of K-pop stars (or of movie and drama stars for that matter), and everything to do with Korean surgeons’ real or perceived expertise, including a minimum eleven years’ training; state-of-the-art facilities; their long experience and constant practice, Korean surgeons performing the most procedures per capita in the world; their familiarity with Asian patients; and the convenience of hospital, accommodation, and sightseeing packages available, with interpreters available at every step of the process. However, like Vu, most are quite explicit about their desires to look like their idols, mimicking their Korean counterparts who responded to the girlgroup craze a few years earlier. That said, it is important to acknowledge that cosmetic surgery patients comprise only a small percentage of medical tourists to Korea as a whole: specifically, 7.6% in 2013, which would have resulted in a paltry $7.6m in revenue based on the most reliable figures ($187m in total medical tourism revenues, minus $86.4m lost from outgoing medical tourists). Yet with Korean medical tourism projected to grow into a billion dollar industry by 2020, those revenues will grow accordingly. And there are many more direct economic benefits from K-pop, often overlooked because the bulk of the profits don’t go to the music companies themselves. As outlined by Seo Min-Soo of, these include: the game and animation industries developing characters using K-pop content and stars; developing tourism packages centered around K-pop; blockbuster theater productions centered around K-pop stars; collaborating with K-pop stars to develop and market new products; product placement in music videos, which is already playing a huge role in dramas; and finally, and most crucially and commonly, through endorsements. For instance, when food company Daesung hired KARA to advertise its Hongcho drink in Japan in 2011, sales increased 15 times—and by no means is this an exceptional case. Like it or loathe it then, K-pop is contributing to the Korean economy. But it took years of investment and reorganization in the industry before the current craze developed; likely, it will take just as many years to reap all the benefits, as consumers mature, spend, and develop an emotional attachment with Korea and Korean brands. So, by all means, don’t pay attention to the hype—but don’t pay attention to the naysayers either!

James Turnbull is a writer and public speaker on Korean feminism, sexuality and pop culture. He can be found at 2014 spring _ 27


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Memories of Korea

2014 spring _ 29

Throughout the month of March, some of the country’s best photographers came together for an exhibition at Cafe Salve in Busan. The theme of the show was a celebration of some of their most memorable shots of life in Korea. Haps is honored to display some of the works from those who participated, and we only wish that there were more pages to pay tribute to them all. PHOTOGRAPHERS FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. PREVIOUS PAGE: JASON TEALE THIS PAGE: ZACK CLULEY, KEITH HOMAN, MARC POTGIETER, DOUGLAS MACDONALD NEXT PAGE: SHURESH MARAN, MEGAN LYNSDAY, INDY RANDHAWA, BEN WELLER, ALEXANDRA DON

30 HAPS_spring 2014

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Tracking the Black Crested Macaque in Sulawesi Story and Photography By Simon


Simon Slater went to Sulawesi, Indonesia in search of the Black Crested Macaque. He found them via bat-eating groupies, intrepid female guides, and discovered the secrets that Darwin’s little known cohort, Alfred Russel Wallace, uncovered long ago. My eyebrows barely had time to fall back to their normal position when I asked an excitable local to repeat himself. “I ate bats with Bill Bailey!” he repeated, referring, presumably, to the British comedian. But how? Why? Allow me to rewind the story a bit. I was in Tangkoko National Park, on the northern tip of Sulawesi—the lesser-known, sporadically-formed island across from Borneo in Indonesia. I’d made my way to the furthest point of the monstrously-proportioned island looking to enjoy the company of the cartoonish-looking Sulawesi Black Crested Macaque. I’d booked a female tour guide who was a family member at the guesthouse we chose. However, on encountering a male guide not long after, I started to have doubts. “I can get you a good photo of the monkeys eating bananas from my knee,” he proclaimed with wide-eyed anticipation. As an avid photographer, his pitch was appealing. I was envisioning him knelt down, banana-baiting a salivating simeon when he gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse: “Come and watch a video of me eating bats with Bill Bailey tonight.” Sure enough, that evening I witnessed the popular British comedian break wings with a couple of locals, including the one who was sitting next to me, basking in his moment of fame. The show we were watching was Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero, a BBC 32 HAPS_spring 2014

travelogue that saw the intrepid Mr. Bailey travel through Borneo, Brunei, Sulawesi and New Guinea following the footsteps of Alfred Russel Wallace. According to Bailey, British naturalist and explorer Wallace had been, “airbrushed out of history”. It was in and around this very jungle that Wallace devised his theory that there is a physical divide between the animals in Sulawesi, which were Australasian in origin, and the animals in nearby Borneo that are classically Asian. The separation was due, in theory, to land movement. The divide has since become known as the Wallace Line. Wallace, in correspondence with his hero Charles Darwin, collaborated on the theory of evolution and was jointly published with Darwin’s papers, only with Darwin’s own name taking prominence. Subsequently, The Origin of Species was published, Darwin took the fame, and Wallace’s name was consigned to the history books. The guide seemed fun, but I had made an agreement with a lovely lady, Renny, and I wasn’t going to leave her in the background. INTO THE JUNGLE After witnessing a group of Tarsiers (a small, furry, bulgingeyed primate) return from a night’s hunting at 5 a.m., Renny and her sister (who is also a guide) led us to ‘Rambo 2’, the most friendly of the four troops of Black Crested Macaques curiously

named after the Stallone franchise. Instead of luring them with food like you might do with an orangutan in Borneo, they came hurtling over snapping twigs from all sides, and we became suddenly engulfed in their group. Being used to human contact, they were unperturbed by our presence, so we joined them on their primal quest for berries, grooming, play fights, and a place to recharge their little batteries to do it over again the next day. The simple life. Rambling with them through the foliage is an overwhelming sensation and an immense privilege. Despite an initial time frame, Renny allowed us to follow them for as long as we wished—a testament to her and her sister’s love of both the macaca nigra and the jungle itself. As the second day’s outing neared its end, the alpha male came over and sat down next to Renny. Placing his hand gently on her outstretched boot, they locked eyes. The look between them painted a picture no amount of banana-baiting could match. She hadn’t eaten bats with Bill Bailey. It didn’t matter. She was the perfect guide. You can check out the conservation work of the people of Tangkoko at and Simon Slater at The Secret Map:

Michael Fraiman is a freelance writer and former Haps editor. Read more of his travel stories at, and check for his upcoming book, A Long Way Back: Stories of Travelling Home. 2014 spring _ 33




on the Mat By Mindy

Sisco Photography by Simon Kang

Male or female, yoga has become much more than just a passing trend. And, it can improve your sex life in addition to the multiple health benefits. Somewhere between Woody Harrelson looking to build a better sex life, to heroin addicts in Norway using yoga to re-establish a life based in recovery, to one of the legends of the UFC, George St. Pierre, learning mental focus into the Octagon—all of them have practiced some form of yoga at some time or another. I’ve come to almost dread telling people I´m a yoga teacher. That elicits two standard responses: “Yeah. I’m so not flexible.” or “Yeah. Yoga is good for relaxation.” These two responses are not inherently incorrect, however it’s about as short in scope as talking to a cook about boiling water. I’ll spare you the rant about my chosen profession being misunderstood. Rather, I come to you as yoga’s great defender ready to give a proper introduction to the greatest silver bullet of wellness out there. A better sex life, recovery from rock bottom, nine championship belt defenses—yes, yoga. But how? Before touting its praises, the disclaimer: Yoga, like anything, 34 HAPS_spring 2014

takes an investment of time and effort to gain any benefit. Don’t act surprised. It’s no different than realizing it’s going to take more than one 5k walk to move that freshman 15 out of the way. Unlike other systems of movement that have a linear objective—higher, faster, stronger, longer—yoga forces you balance your imbalances. This is a three-dimensional process that’s going to mean something different to each person. Maybe that means gaining flexibility, maybe that means strength, or maybe it means granting yourself a little faith and patience. Yoga takes you, yes YOU!—you, the heavy lifter; you, the former ballet dancer; you the couch-potato with zero level of fitness, and with various movements takes you deeper in your skin and has you swim around a bit. A good practice will take you to a place of being comfortably uncomfortable. Along the way, you start to learn your body like never before. You start to appreciate your body in a way unlike ever before. You start to feel a way inside your own skin that you´ve never known before. There´s nothing sexier than that.


This new awareness hooks you, wanting to continue pushing the boundaries of what you’re capable of. From there, a dedication is born that can take a straight up junkie into a new chapter of health and wellness once considered impossible. I won’t go so far as to say that a yoga practice will lead to one of the most prolific careers ever in the UFC, but I stand by the assertion that yoga will lead you to a better version of yourself. It starts as a quest for overall physical wellness that pours into the practice of building dedication, learning to stick something out, and then maybe your mind can find a little focus. Who knows how far that focus will carry you. Only you—but you have to try. Co-proprietor of Kaizen Wellness Workroom, Mindy Sisco completed her teacher training in Mysore, India and is registered with the top international yoga association, Yoga Alliance. For class schedule, descriptions, fees and bios, you can check out their website at

LOTTE GIANTS SCHEDULE APRIL 8,9,10 - LG APRIL 15,16,17 - NC DINOS APRIL 25,26,27 - SK MAY 6,7,8 - DOOSAN MAY 16,17,18 - NEXEN MAY 23,24,25 - KIA


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Laying out the Welcome Mat For Medical Tourists

Korea’s medical tourism is booming and there’s no end in sight. With more and more medical tourists descending on the peninsula, the Korea Tourism Organization has launched several information and assistance centers to help people get acquainted with services and point them in the right direction for the medical assistance they need. One of the biggest trends in South Korea is the skyrocketing growth and subsequent investment in medical tourism. As more people from around the world pass through Korea’s turnstiles seeking high-end medical treatment at reasonable prices, both national and local governments have stepped up efforts to make the country’s medical tourism offerings on par with the best around the world. According to the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), medical tourism is on a staggering growth trajectory with Korea being one of the most popular destinations for medical services in the world. And the future of medical tourism looks even rosier. According to recent KTO statistics, the number of tourists who will visit Korea for medical treatment is forecast to increase to as high as one million per year by 2020. With all of those people expected to arrive in the coming years, the medical tourism branch of the KTO has gone to great lengths to set up highly informative information centers, in several languages, to cater to the country’s burgeoning number of visitors seeking medical care. 36 HAPS_spring 2014

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about all the options and services available within Korea’s highly-comprehensive medical tourism infrastructure, the informations centers set up in Busan, Daegu and Incheon are a great place to start. Each of the facilities provide a wide range of services including: • Comprehensive information on medical tourism and consultation • Reservation services for medical centers and services • Rapid, on-the-spot recommendations and reservations when unexpected cases arise • Multilingual services in English, Chinese and Japanese • 24-hour hotline available by simply dialing 1330 If you’d like to get more information about the wide-range of services, you can drop in to one of your local information centers. Here’s more information about each of the three locations in Busan, Daegu and Incheon:

Information and Assistance Center Locations BUSAN MEDICAL TOURISM INFORMATION CENTER Location: Bujeon 1 Dong 486-27, Jin-gu, Busan Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese Telephone: +82-51-818-1320, 1330 E-mail: Services: Visitor assistance, information, guide brochures, healthcare network support Operation Hours: 10:00~19:00 (Hotline 1330 is 24/7)

INCHEON MEDICAL TOURISM INFORMATION CENTER Location: 1F Arrivals Gate 5 at Incheon International Airport Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese Telephone: 1330 E-mail: Services: Visitor assistance, information, guide brochures, healthcare network support Operation Hours: 08:00~20:00 (Hotline 1330 is 24/7)

DAEGU MEDICAL TOURISM INFORMATION CENTER Location: 6F Daegu City Center, 11-1 Munhwa-dong, Jung-gu Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese Telephone: +82-70-7006-1161~4, 1330 E-mail: Services: Visitor assistance, information, guide brochures, healthcare network support Operation Hours: 09:00-18:00 (Hotline 1330 is 24/7)

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Beautyvelo Spinning

Winter is over and summer is just around the corner. Time to start getting back into shape and spinning is a great way to do it. Looking for a great way to get in shape while having fun doing it? How about giving spinning a try? Spinning is a popular indoor cycling exercise in which a group of people led by an instructor ride stationary bikes to pulsating music. With specially designed spin bikes, any fitness-seeker no matter the age or body type, can enjoy this great way to not only get in shape, but have fun while burning off that additional fat you might have picked up over the winter. Since it’s a group exercise activity, spinning is also a great social experience. With the constant pedaling to music, spinning makes use of the entire body including arms, legs, abdomen, lower back and hips, which makes it a high intensity aerobic exercise that raises the fat-burning rate. Compared with other aerobic exercises, spinning burns four times as many calories per unit hour with an average of 500 calories burned per 40 minutes. Couple that with the fun nature of the group exercise, spinning is a great way to get in your best shape for the summer beach season. BEAUTYVELO SPINNING Opened in October of last year in the Hwamyeong area of Northern Busan, Beautyvelo provides a variety of different spinning classes for all levels. With the popularity of spinning, the fitness industry has been bombarded with different spinning classes and centers, but Beautyvelo has been the vanguard of more professional and systematic spinning classes beyond the simple concept of a group exercise. 38 HAPS_spring 2014

Beautyvelo provides a comprehensive spinning class, which includes a combination of cycling, music and dance. Because spinning is an exercise of which the intensity and the fun are determined by the instructor, Beautyvelos promises that you will have the best instructors with a diverse and extensive experience. As a specialized spinning center, Beautyvelo offers a variety of classes which will please even the experienced spinner. They also can tailor-make a program for you that garners peak performance through the assistance of personal training. Location: Go out Exit #1 at Soo Jeong Station in Hwamyeongdong. Beautyvelo Spinning is in the Hang Woon Building on the 4th floor. 070-8811-8663/051-363-8663



Spring is here! But for those with plants in their home, it can feel like it never really left. Spring has come and finally we can spend more time outside. I love the change in the weather; the smell of the trees and the damp earth; the colorful flowers and all the variety of plants that return from their winter sleep. It’s so wonderful isn’t it? I have always had a deep appreciation for plants, the way they breath, the way they grow, their likes and their dislikes, so much like human beings. While plants differ from each other, coming from different habitats and climates, they all have the simple needs of water, light, the right temperature and, much like humans, they appreciate routines—especially houseplants. I find the relationship that you can build with your plants both interesting and rewarding and I look at my plants as my non-moving pets. It took me a long time to learn how to keep them in my flat and many died because I was unsure when and how much to water them and what their likes and dislikes were. After years of experimentation, I finally found a way to keep my plants happy and healthy, so I wanted to share a few tips that will help you bring some life to your home here in Korea. Plan the right place for your plant: Before you even purchase your new plant, think about where you want to put it and what sort of plant will be best suited for that light

and temperature. Doing research is pretty simple. The Internet is full of sites with photos and info about water and light needs of different plants. Be mindful that some plants love direct sun and others don’t. A great indicator is where the plant shop keeps their plants positioned, whether away from the window or right in it or even outside, can give you a good idea of where that plant would go best in your home. Create a watering routine: If you create a routine it makes it easy for your plant to adapt and they will love you for that. Remember that during spring and summer, they require a little more water as these are they growing months. If you want your plant to look healthy like the day you brought it home from the shop, it’s a good idea to put it in the shower at least every two months. Simply take them in the bathroom and place them under the shower. You will soon see the results. If you’re not sure about the size of the plants you want, why not try a variety? Interestingly, I feel that bigger plants actually can make your small flat feel larger! Even a few small cuttings in the bathroom and around the house can give your place a warm, peaceful and welcoming feeling. It’s so nice to know that it only takes a few minutes a week to have a little spring in your place all year round.

BOOSTING CREATIVITY By Gaby Berglund Cardenas Countless books and publications have been written on how to boost our creativity, the power of mindfulness and solitude in the creative process. Last winter, I had the chance to experience all these benefits, while on vacation in the countryside of Sweden. I spent three weeks in a cabin in the woods, with no Internet or neighbors and only six hours of daylight to enjoy the beautiful view and landscape. I must admit, I was a bit anxious about all that time to do “nothing” ahead of me so I equipped myself with my camera, a few books (among them the “Tao Te Ching” by Lao Tzu), some sketchbooks and art materials. The result was that I got back home in Korea with tons of energy and sketches for a new series for 2015. The theme? Balance.

FIVE TIPS 1. Isolate yourself, away from social media and the crowds. Learn to enjoy your own company, the power of mindfulness and meditation. You will be amazed by the amount of fresh ideas that will emerge even with a few minutes of meditation a day. 2. If you travel, choose a destination without access to Internet or force yourself to be “disconnected”—it will help you stay in the “now”, which is what mindfulness is about and, consequently, you will think clearer. 3. Go on a retreat at least once a year. In Korea, you can easily go on a temple stay for a night or more. It’s worth the experience. 4. Meet with or observe people who are VERY different from you—culturally, beliefs, etc. The challenge or observation helps you see things from other perspectives outside your normal comfort zone. That too can inspire new ideas. 5. “Do nothing, it’s okay to be bored”. We can observe in children how they come up with incredible games when electronics or Internet are taken away from them and they’re forced to boredom. I have to agree with the artist Francesco Clemente when he said: “Boredom is the origin of any great idea”. Gaby Berglund Cardenas is a visual artist living in Busan. Visit her on Facebook: 2014 spring _ 39

Dining & Food


By Jen Sotham

The onset of spring means two things—taking endless photos of cherry blossoms and getting those bods beach-ready. Here are five food ideas that will make ‘diet’ seem like way less of a dirty word. Two words: Buckwheat Noodles. I was introduced to mae-mil (메밀) by a friend who, for health reasons, needed to go on a gluten-free diet. Buckwheat noodles, also called soba noodles, contain half the calories of white flour pasta and a one cup serving packs 25% of the recommended dose of manganese, a mineral that aids in metabolism. Despite its name, buckwheat is not actually a wheat—it’s ground from the seeds of a plant in the Rhubarb family. Try using buckwheat noodles as a substitute in your favorite pasta dish. They not only have their own, naturally salty flavor, but also take just minutes to cook. Ever wonder what those discs that look like little wheels served as bancheon are? They’re actually lotus root, or yeon-gun (연근). I recently ate in a Japanese restaurant in Nampo-dong that served crispy lotus root chips as a garnish on the plates. Turns out, they’re not only incredibly tasty, but also contain zero calories from fat and have less carbs than potatoes. Most marts sell pre-sliced lotus root in vacuum sealed packs. Just pop them in the oven with some olive oil, pepper and 40 HAPS_spring 2014

sea salt on 175C for about 30-40 minutes, or until they are slightly brown (depends on the thickness of the slices) and you’ve got yourself a great side dish or snack. Another great substitute for the carbheavy potato is cauliflower. A cup of steamed or boiled cauliflower contains less than 30 calories and less than 1g of fat. The frozen sections of many marts have started selling bags of frozen cauliflower pretty cheap. Simply steam or boil it until it is soft, drain and then use either a food processor or a potato masher to turn it into a puree. Put the puree into a small sauce pan, whisk in some skim milk, salt, pepper, and some margarine and voila... the perfect stand in for mashed potatoes. Add some dried sage or dill for that little extra je ne sais quoi. I’m a sucker for cream sauces on my pasta, but I always suffer—not only from guilt but from acid reflux, a pretty common reaction to super rich foods. One night, I was hankering for something creamy to pour over my buckwheat noodles, and I got creative. I blended a cup of plain yogurt with a can of cannellini beans, added the blend to some caramelized onions

and capers and I wound up with something akin to Carbonara. The friend I had invited over for dinner was shocked to learn that the sauce didn’t contain a lick of cream, not to mention the increased protein from the beans. One of my greatest weaknesses when it comes to dieting is my penchant (ie. constant craving) for salty foods like cheese and mayonnaise. It’s hard for me not to want to punch up a grilled chicken breast with some melted cheese or turn hard boiled eggs into a creamy egg salad. My answer to this is a condiment that, until about four years ago, I didn’t know existed. It’s called achar, which is mixed Indian pickles. Not for the faint-hearted, achar, which contains pickled mango, carrot, cucumber, radish, lime, green chili and garlic, is incredibly pungent and spicy as f%@k. Just a teeny bit can add a whole new level of zing to an otherwise bland dish. It’s a fantastic addition to an omelette and also serves as an excellent soup flavoring in lieu of bouillon. Achar is available at every single one of the Asian food marts in Sasang.

Home Cooking




Every time I take a trip up to Seoul, I pencil in a few hours to hit up a Brazilian steakhouse, or Churrascaria, for a cuisine that has worked its way into my regular craving rotation. In fact, there are times when my itinerary in Seoul has actually revolved around shoveling meat in my mouth until I felt like I was about to burst. Little did I know that a Churrascaria as good, if not better, than those I’ve dined at in the capital, was practically around the corner. When Mercado was recently recommended to me by a Brazilian friend, I mentally calculated the amount of money I would save in KTX tickets if it lived up to her hype. As soon as I walked into the classy, second floor space, I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve often found that the aesthetic of a restaurant directly correlates with the quality of its food. Mercado has an upscale, modern feel. The warm colors and lamplight, mixed with the industrial chic design make the space feel inviting... a little bit sexy. Another thing I made note of about the space was that even though it’s not huge, the way that the tables are set up along the banquette would make it ideal for a large group. One of my favorite things about Brazilian steakhouses is the lack of menu. Being one of those people who always hums and haws over what to order, it is such a liberating experience to just arrive at a restaurant, order a drink, take a trip or two to the salad bar and buffet-style hot foods, and then let the rest come to you. Just because there’s no menu does not mean that there’s no variety. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

By Jen Sotham Mercado, a Brazilian steakhouse right off the shores of Haeundae Beach, has grown into one of the most popular spots for a great feed. Jen Sotham tells us why. Skewer after skewer of varied meat, including five kinds of steak, sausage, chicken legs and chicken hearts is delivered tableside and sliced from the rotisserie onto your plate by Chef Pepe Garcia. Garcia, who has been in Korea for about four years, tends the churrasco, which is a style of rotisserie grill where there is nothing between the fire and the meat. My personal favorite is the thinly sliced, rare top sirloin (picanha), which practically melts in your mouth. The incredibly flavorful Baby Befe is a close second. One thing that really rings true is how Mercado takes a purist approach to the fare. At the start of your meal, you are equipped with a spicy red pepper sauce and chimichurri, a pesto-like sauce that originated in Argentina. Aside from the garlic steak, the other steaks are not marinated save a bit of salt. The earthy, robust house cabernet was well-suited for the meal, and the tangy Caipirihna was undoubtedly a nice way to round it out. I am thrilled to have discovered a new place, not to eat—but to dine, just a hop and a skip from home. At just 35,000 won per person, Mercado certainly delivers on value. And I’m not the only one who feels that way. The first Mercado, in Ilsan, has been thriving for two-and-a-half years, and Puesta Del Sol, which is essentially the same restaurant, has been gaining popularity in Paju. And, a fourth store, Seoul Jamsil, will open later this year. Obviously, they’re doing something right. For reservations call 051-743-5303

2014 spring_ 41

Music Scene


Several years back, Haps ran an article about Jimmy “Jong-won” Jo and the best little guitar shop in the world right here in Busan. Now Jimmy has his own digs, and Mike Edmunds shares his Jimmy tale. If you’re a musician in Busan, especially one that plays guitar, then chances are you’ve heard the name ‘Jimmy’. Not Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, or even Jimmy Buffett—I’m talking about Jimmy of Joheun Music store fame. While this Jimmy is a hell of a musician in his own right, he is best known as a guitar technician who goes far beyond merely fixing your guitar and sending you on your way. Jimmy, who goes by Jo Jong-won in Korean, and who has long been a fixture of the expat music scene, takes customer service to another level. Just ask around. It won’t be long before you hear the words “Jimmy’s awesome.” In November of last year, after six years at Joeun Music in Bujeon-Dong, Jimmy opened his own shop in Yangjeong. He sells guitars and gear and specializes in repair and set up. The new digs are called Jimmy’s Guitar Research and while its a new place, Jimmy’s exceptional brand of service lives on. I have been playing music in Busan for years and Jimmy has come to my rescue on several occasions. I’d like to share one story in particular. The Garrison Long before I arrived in Korea eight years ago, I wanted a Garrison. After moving here it took on the additional attraction of being a little piece of home. The Garrison is a Canadian-made guitar with a solid carbon-fiber skeleton that’s surrounded by hardwood so that it resonates throughout your entire body. I promised to get myself one some day, but a year after I came to Korea, Gibson bought Garrison up and discontinued the line. 42 HAPS_spring 2014

It seemed if I wanted to own one, I’d have to settle for second hand. About four years into my stay in Korea, I found one online at a shop in Australia. Although it was four years old it was still ‘new’, and half the price it had been back in Canada. I ordered it, and after getting violated by a shipping company ($250) and Korean customs ($400), it still arrived at 10% less than the original sticker price. It played like a dream and was my new favorite possession. Unfortunately, one night I left my Garrison a little too close to the heater in my cold-ass apartment. Suddenly, a high-pitched twang rang out from across the room. It was the sound of disaster. The carbon fiber skeleton swelled with the heat, causing my prized guitar to crack in two places. Then, the bridge fell off. It was ruined. I dropped the coin to have it repaired just to have the cracks open again two weeks later. The repair guy told me he’d done the best he could and that it could never be properly fixed. For more than two years, my beloved girl sat broken and disfigured in her case. Then Jimmy opened Jimmy’s Guitar Research. I’d know Jimmy for seven years, but despite his stellar reputation it was hard to be optimistic that he could fix my broken baby. When I brought it to him and told the guitar’s story, I could see that he wanted that guitar restored just as much as I did. I told him to take his time, and left her with him, happy to be patient. He said he would do his best, and I believed him.

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Seth Fellenz

Sheizer Manelli (whose sole creative member is American expat Joshua Weaver) has taken something old and made it new again. While bands like Erasure, Berlin, and Alphaville have gone from the top of the charts to the “where are they now?” files, the debut of Sheizer Manelli reaches back to the Reagan era to give us, “The Macrame Murders,” ten catchy and surprisingly soulful tracks. Sheizer Manelli has now blossomed into a full band. Their first performance is planned for the Busan Drag Prom on June 21st. Josh Weaver recently sat down to talk to Haps.

Two weeks later, the Garrison was ready. When I got to his shop, Jimmy’s smile made me confident that I was about to become very happy. At first glance, it was clear that he had taken much more care than the previous repair shop. The cracks were filled, not just sealed. He’d patched it from both the inside and the outside. He guided me through the steps he had taken, and told me what he’d done to ensure that it would not crack again. He’d also fixed the pickup system, which wasn’t properly amplifying the G and B strings. I gave it a cautious strum as Jimmy looked on. It sounded perfect. Looking up, I could see that Jimmy’s smile was as wide as mine as he watched me. I could see the pride and satisfaction in his eyes. Still, I had trouble hiding the fear that it might fall apart in my hands. Jimmy was quick to comfort my concern. “Don’t worry. It’s fixed. It won’t break again,” he said confidently. “Take it out and play it all the time. Don’t worry about it anymore.” And just as a good patient follows his doctor’s orders, that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Jimmy’s Guitar Research is located in Yangjeong near Yangjeong Station Exit 8. Give him a call at (051) 851-6263

HAPS: I’m curious—this style of music hasn’t really been popular for the last 25 years. Why this? Why now? Josh Weaver: Well, the second track on the album called “80s”, the first part of that song I just straight up say ‘I was born a decade too late’. It’s not that synthpop or that 80s sound is something I’m trying to do now as much as that is what I’ve always identified to. When we were in middle school mowing lawns, every other kid has got Color Me Badd in his Walkman, I still had Berlin, I still had Blondie. And yes, as we went through middle school, high school and university, I liked other bits of music, but I always just had a really strong connection to that ‘vibe’ so to speak. Where did this come from? When people create music like this, something is inside that needs to come out. I definitely had something to say, and the whole album is something I had to say to very specific people or comments on life events. And it’s a lot of responses to those. I grew up in a very conservative environment—my father is a baptist minister. so the oppression of smalltown USA and then religion and a lot of other things that really held me under their thumb. It basically took me running away to the other side of the world to realize that I was a lot more of a person than anyone there was ever going to recognize. So it started out as a couple of projects that I didn’t even realize were so angry. The first songs I wrote aren’t even on the album, but they were very angry. But it was actually very therapeutic, because I hadn’t realized I had these demons on my back. I had a lot to say. You can get The Macrame Murders on iTunes. Check out the full interview with Josh online at 2014 spring_ 43

Hotel Directory & News

Hotel Events and News

Whether you are looking for a comfortable place to lay your head, somewhere to enjoy a good meal or throw back a few cocktails, here’s what’s happening at some of our favorite local hotels.

Seacloud Hotel

287 Haeundaehaebyun-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan ph. 051-742-2121 web.

Receive a discount on the “Only Room” package at the Seacloud, which has weekday rates at 130,000 won per night, including a few extra goodies.

Hotel Nongshim

23, Geumganggongwon-ro 20beon-gil, Dongnae-gu, Busan ph. 051-550-2100 web.

Korean cuisine is at its finest at the hotel’s Naedong hanshik restaurant as you can indulge in a culinary feast of bibimbap with an array of side dishes sure to tempt your palate.

Novotel Hotel

1405-16 Jung-dong, Haeundaegu, Busan ph. 051-746-8481 web.

The monthly special at Seascapes, the hotel’s lobby restaurant, presents a mouthwatering variety of roast fish with wild chive bean paste soup until the end of April.

Park Hyatt Busan

51, Marine City 1-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan ph. 051-990-1234 web.

Dining Room, the signature restaurant of Park Hyatt Busan, hosts the “Exclusive Signature Lunch Set”, which includes a wide selection of prime quality meat and seafood from the charcoal grill at the open kitchen as well as sashimi and sushi from the sushi bar.

44 HAPS_spring 2014

Paradise Hotel

1408-5 Jung-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan ph. 051-742-2121 web.

Rejuvenate your body with a choice of four traditional teas at the Crystal Garden, where you can also enjoy a refreshing snack while enjoying the view of the sea.

Accomodation Guide

Hotel Directory

Looking for a place to stay when visiting Busan? Find it with the Haps hotel directory, your local English guide to accomodation in the city. HAEUNDAE THE WESTIN CHOSUN tel: 82-51-749-7000 web: Do it right and crash in the same room George W. Bush did. PARADISE HOTEL tel: 82-51-742 2121 web: On the water, with a casino, excellent spa and a pool. SEACLOUD HOTEL tel: 82-51-933-1000 web: Luxury stay with great restaurants. Short walk to the beach. CENTUM HOTEL tel: 82-51-720-9000 web: Near Shinsegae and BEXCO. Good subway access. SUNSET HOTEL tel: 82-51-730-9900 web: Seventy-two rooms with, according to the site, “individual design concepts”. NOVOTEL AMBASSADOR tel: 82-51-743-1234 web: On the beach. Great ocean view, Murpii Nightclub. GRAND HOTEL tel: 82-51-740-0610 web: One of the cheaper spots on the strip, but still at the beach. KUNOH SEACLOUD HOTEL tel: 82-51-933-4300 web: Luxury stay with great restaurants. Short walk to the beach. HANWHA RESORT tel: 82-1588-2299 web: Beautiful views of Oryukdo, the bridge and close to the beach. PARK HYATT BUSAN tel: 82-51-990-1234 web: Five star quality hotel with stunning views and service.

SEOMYEON LOTTE HOTEL tel: 82-51-810-1000 web: Lotte runs a tight ship and it shows in the generous customer service here.

TOYOKO INN tel: 82-51-442-1045 web: Across from D City, comfortable, clean and affordable. CROWN HOTEL tel: 82-51-635-1241 web: Mid-range hotel decorated in Korean style, good for travellers.

GWANGALLI HOMERS HOTEL tel: 82-51-750-8000 web: Right on Gwangalli Beach amidst the myriad of cafes, bars and restaurants. AQUA PALACE tel: 82-51-756-0202 web: Beautiful view of the Diamond Bridge, right in the middle of the beach.

JUNG-GU COMMODORE HOTEL tel: 82-51-461-9703 web: Beautifully designed traditional hotel. Close proximity to Busan Station. BUSAN TOURIST HOTEL tel: 82-51-241-4301 web: Conveniently located next to the train station. Good for a cheap night’s rest. TOYOKO INN tel: 82-51-442-1045 web: Affordably priced hotel, clean and 10 minutes away from the train station. PHOENIX HOTEL tel: 82-51-245-8061 web: Highly trained staff, close to Nampodong. Popular with Japanese tourists. ELYSEE HOTEL tel: 82-51-241-4008 web: Affordable hotel with good amenities. Close to Nampo-dong.

BUSAN STATION GUKJE HOTEL tel: 82-51-642-1330 web: About 3 km away from the train station, close to Citizen’s Hall. TOYOKO INN tel: 82-51-442-1045 web:

The second location, this one is a minute away from the train station.

OTHER AREAS PARAGON HOTEL [Sasang-gu] tel: 82-51-328-2001 web: Business comfort, with close proximity to Gimhae International Airport.

HI KOREA HOSTEL tel: 070-4409-3132 web: email: Your home away from home, Hi Korea Hostel offers you an affordable and comfortable accommodation just a stone’s throw away from Haeundae Beach.

BUSAN CENTRAL HOTEL [Yeonsan-dong] tel: 82-51- 866-6225 web: Adjacent to Yeonsan rotary, located 10 minutes away from City Hall. HOTEL NONGSHIM [Oncheonjeong] tel: 82-51-550-2100 web: Great area around the hotel. Head north to PNU for original Busan nightlife.

BUDGET BUSAN YOUTH HOSTEL ARPINA [Haeundae] tel: 82-51-731-9800 web: Opened in 2004, a cheap place to stay for the night. Culture center inside. GOODSTAY THE PLANET GUESTHOUSE [Haeundae] tel: 010-2780-6350 web: Women-only dormitory across from Haeundae Beach in the Crystal Beach Office Tel. INDY HOUSE [Kyungsung Uni] tel: 82-70-8615-6442 Super cheap, dorm-style room right in the heart of Kyungsung. MARUB GUEST HOUSE [Haeundae] tel: 010-6322-3194 web: Well-placed near restaurants, commercial area in Haeundae. POBI GUEST HOUSE [Haeundae] tel: 051-746-7990 web: Renovated guest houses three minutes from Haeundae Beach. SUM GUEST HOUSE tel: 070-8837-0700 web: Renovated in 2011, they guarantee guests a pleasant stay whether in Busan for business or pleasure. HELLO GUEST HOUSE [Haeundae] tel: 051-746-8590 web: Friendly, clean and cozy atmosphere. Outdoor patio for your enjoyment. 2014 spring_ 45

Nightlife & Dining Directory

GWANGALLI BEACH BIKINI [Lounge/Beer Bar] Spacious club with dancing and such. BEACHED CAFE AND SPORTS BAR [Kiwi Sports Bar] open: 6pm - late tel: 051-924-9662 web: beached-cafe-sports-bar This Kiwi-run sports bar has gained a loyal expat following for its spectacular bridge view and its wide array of Kiwi beer, the only place in the city to boast such a claim. Rugby is the sport of choice on the TV for the punters. BELLA CITTA [Italian] tel: 051-711-0010 web: Italian restaurant with an incredible interior, top notch menu and indoor garden seating. BURGER AND PASTA [International] open: 11am - 2am tel: 051-751-6631 web: The second of the Burger and Pasta shops around the city, this international eatery offers a great view of the bridge while you enjoy your day on the sand. Burgers, pasta and brunch are on the menu in the stylishly decorated restaurant in the middle of the main drag of Gwangalli Beach. FOUR SEASONS [Raw Fish Korean] English speaking owner, 2nd fl. Fish Market. FUZZY NAVEL- MILLAK [Food/Bar] open: 11am - 6am tel: 051-754-6349 web: It has fabulous views of Gwangalli Beach. Facing the Diamond Bridge, come enjoy a drink and some tacos on our patio. Great staff serve fresh made Mexican cuisine and will mix up your favorite cocktail. FUZZY NAVEL- GWANGALLI [Bar] open: 7pm - 6am web: Located on the ground floor, offering a great view of the beach and bridge. Friendly staff serve excellent cocktails at the vintage-looking bar. Make sure you take advantage of the outside seating in the summertime. GALMEGI BREWING CO. [Craft Brew Pub] open: Mon - Fri 6-1am, Sat 2pm-2am, Sun 2pm-12am tel: 010-4469-9658 web: 46 HAPS_spring 2014

fb: galmegi.brewing Galmegi Brewing Co. is Busan’s first craft brew pub right on Gwangan Beach. SHARKY’S [American Sports Bar] open: 6 p.m. weekdays, 2 p.m. weekends tel: 010-4038-2907 (call for reservations) web: Ranked highly on and as having the best burger in Busan by Haps, Sharky’s is a smoke-free environment where families or singles can enjoy a great drink and a fine meal. With premium-cut steaks, burgers, fresh gourmet salads and vegetarian options, Sharky’s has something for everyone. TAP AND TAPAS [Spanish] open: 3pm-5am tel: 051-746-6318 web: Recently opened on the beach, Tap and Tapas serves up mouthwatering Spanish cuisine in a beautiful setting looking out to the Gwangalli Bridge. With an extensive menu and cocktail list, it’s a great meeting space for singles and couples out looking to impress. THURSDAY PARTY [Korean/Expat Bar] open: 6pm - late web: thursday-party A summer staple on Gwangalli Beach for the past couple of summers, Thursday Party has two locations situated next to each other on the east side of the beach. Both bars are similar to the Thursday Party city-wide theme, and offer a variety of American style pub grub to tempt your palate. WA BAR [Beer Bar] Wide selection of beer laid out for your choosing.

HAEUNDAE AN GA [Korean] tel: 051-742-7852 Very popular bbq meat restaurant in Haeundae. BILLIE JEAN [Lounge/Live Music] tel: 051-742-0297 web: billiejean A Haps favorite. Great decor. BURGER AND PASTA [International] open: 11am - 2am web: Recently opened, this Western/ Korean fusion style restaurant has been packing them in since day one. Burgers, pasta and brunch are on the menu in the stylishly decorated restaurant, where you can also imbibe yourself to a glass of wine, a cocktail

or beer after your day on the beach. CHEOLMA HANWOO BULGOGI [Korean] tel: 051-709-4000 Bulgogi done at its best. CINE DE CHEF [Italian] tel: 051-745-2880 In Shinsegae, enjoy a good meal and a movie. EL OLIVE [Italian] tel: 051-752-7300 Delicious Italian, close to Costco. FUZZY NAVEL [Food/Bar] open: 11am - 6am tel: 051-746-6439 web: Great location set on two floors near the beach, other bars, and clubs. Amazing Mexican food is served from lunchtime until the early hours of the morning. Friendly staff and outside seating makes Fuzzy Navel a place to hit when the weather is good. GANGA [Indian] Expect to pay some good money, but it’s worth it. GECKOS [Pub] Beach front bar. Consistently good food. GEN SUSHI [Japanese] tel: 051-740-6630 Affordable sushi. Good stuff. HELLO THAI [Thai] tel: 051-731-5033 Good Thai food in the heart of Haeundae. MERCADO [Brazilian Steakhouse] open: 11:30 a.m. - 24:00 tel: 051-744-8807 web: An authentic southern Brazilian Churrascaria, Mercado is the perfect dining experience for family and friends. With eight choices of prime meat seasoned with Brazilian spices charcoaled and grilled to perfection, salads and Brazilian rice, this unique dining experience is like no other in the city. LOVING HUT [Vegetarian] tel: 051-747-2979 web: All organic, all good. Veggie paradise. 247 [Pub Lounge] open: 6 a.m.- 6 p.m. tel: 1544-8247 web: An all-in-one establishment where dancing, drinking and fun are the name of the game. Check out the first floor pub lounge, indulge in some local spirits in the traditional soju bar or dance the night away on the second floor. NAMASTE [Indian] tel: 051-746-1946

Indian fine dining. Good prices and great food. PHO KIM [Vietnamese] tel: 051-740-4868 Good food at a good price. Great soup, located in SFUNZ. SHARKY’S [American Sports Bar] open: 6 p.m. weekdays, 2 p.m. weekends tel: 010-4038-2907 (call for reservations) web: Ranked highly on and as having the best burger in Busan by Haps, Sharky’s is a smoke-free environment where families or singles can enjoy a great drink and a fine meal. With premium-cut steaks, burgers, fresh gourmet salads and vegetarian options, Sharky’s has something for everyone. Located on the second floor of Pale de Cz, next to the Paradise Hotel. SUNTORY [Japanese] Food and drink in a classy setting. Bonzai! TAO [American/Sports Bar] open: pub time 6 p.m.-12 a.m., club time 12 a.m.- 6 a.m. tel. 1544-8030 web: clubtao The newest edition to Haeundae beach, Club Tao perfectly matches style and elegance by combining a fantastic bistro menu with a nighttime club scene. Conveniently located across the street from the Pale de CZ on Haeundae Beach. TAP AND TAPAS [Spanish] open: 3pm-5am tel: 051-746-6318 web: Recently opened, Tap and Tapas serves up high quality, well-presented Spanish cuisine in a striking new setting in Haeundae. With an extensive menu of upscale cocktails and a tap room, it’s a great place to meet for an informal meeting, or out for a night on the town to impress. T.G.I. FRIDAY’S [Chain] tel: 051-740-6531 Good reliable chain in the Harbor Town building, across from the beach. THE WOLFHOUND PUB [Irish Pub] open: 6pm - 2am weekdays, 11am - 2am weekends tel: 051-746-7940 web: THURSDAY PARTY [Korean/Expat Bar] tel: 051-744-6621 open: 6pm - late web: thursday-party A staple of the Busan landscape, Thursday Party Haeundae offers a casual, yet comfortable option after

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02 SFUNZ Save Zone Dept. Store

d 05 Roa nam u G Sea Cloud Hotel

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Novotel Hotel

06 Toyota Dealership


Haeundae City Hall Paradise Hotel Dept. Store dae


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Paradise Hotel & Casino



Haeundae Beach


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Pale De Cz

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Boraville Apt 4

3 Dong ba

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Daewoo Marina 3 Cha Daewoo Marina 2 Cha Busan Cinemateque



e City


Home Plus


Hyatt Hotel



MARINE CITY RESTAURANTS 02 Kraze Burger 03 Hello Sushi 04 The Pan 05 Hyatt Dining Room CAFES 02 Tom n Toms 03 Starbucks 04 Caffe Benne



B ae nd eu Ha



HAEUNDAE CLUBS 01 Elune 02 Tao BARS/PUBS/LOUNGES 01 Thursday Party 02 Miami 88 03 Wolfhound 04 Rock n’ Roll 05 Fuzzy Navel 06 U2 08 Sector 510 09 Gecko’s 10 Sharky’s Pale De Cz 11 Billie Jean 12 Tap and Tapas 12 TBR 13 Sharky’s The Strip RESTAURANTS 01 TGI Friday’s 01 Mad For Garlic 01 Ganga 02 Hello Thai 03 Namaste 04 Loving Hut 05 Mercado CAFES 01 Coffine Gurunaru 02 Angel-In-Us 03 Angel-In-Us 04 Starbucks 05 Caffe Bene


01 Bus Depot


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BMW 02 Dealership 02

Haeundae Aquarium



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ALMOST FAMOUS [Dance/Techno] Funky atmosphere, great staff. AUSSIE BURGER [International] Burgers, fries and Aussie pies. AYUTA [Indian] Friendly staff, good food. BEIJING GO-CHI [Chinese] Great skewers, great food, cheap prices. BLUE MONKEY [Dance/Hip Hop] open: 7pm to late




Haeundae Tourist Office

Haeundae Subway & Train Stn

4 6

Harbour Town

Haeundae Be

KYUNGSUNG HQ BAR [American/Sports Bar] open: Mon-Sat 6:00-Late, Sun 4:00-9:00 tel: 010-7544-8830 web: HQ Bar is your place in KSU for drunken mistake-making. We have an ever-expanding variety of microbrew bottles and craft beers on tap; an extensive selection of late-night pub grub; rugby, football, and kung fu movies; and a music selection that, according to our customers, isn’t awful.



a day at the beach. With a patio for outdoor sitting, this open-aired spacious pub brings the usual quality service the locals and expats have come to expect from the Thursday Party empire. U2 BAR [Lounge] Great place to chill, awesome service, a Haeundae institution. VAN GOGH TERRACE [Italian] tel: 051-741-3767 Nice view of the water while you eat.


Daewoo Marina 1 Cha Haeb yun R


Sun Plaza Zenith Towers Zenith Square

WooShin Golden Suite

03 Marina Center

Bene City


04 02 Ro ity 1rine C


02 04

2014 spring_ 47

Nightlife & Dining Directory tel. 051-611-2888 web: blue-monkey BON BON [Italian] tel: 051-621-0906 Great little spot next to Kyungsung U. BURGER AND PASTA [International] open: 11am - 11pm tel: 051-625-6651 web: burger-pasta With three locations around Busan, Burger and Pasta offer a solid menu, and reasonable prices that make them a hit with young Koreans and expats. Set in the traditional Thursday Party wooden decor, they offer pasta, burgers and a brunch with a small patio to enjoy the street catwalk on sunny days. CAFE RADIO [Cafe] Great atmosphere. Relax with a book. EVA’S TICKET [Western/Sports] Eva and the HQ fellas new super bar offer tons of things to keep you occupied. FULLY BOOKED [Cafe/Bar] open: Tues-Thurs 7pm - 12am, Fri 7pm 1am, Sat 2pm - 2am, Sun 2pm - 12am tel. 070-8170-9628 web: KINO EYE [Dance Club] Dark atmosphere. Live music on occasion. MONK’S JAZZ CLUB [Jazz Club] Busan’s only jazz club. Tuesday nights are hot.

O’TACO [Mexican] open: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily tel: 051-627-8358 web: Kyungsung’s original Mexican restaurant, O’Taco, has become a staple for those looking to get their Mexican food fix. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, this must-try eatery has indoor and patio seating, as well as a daily lunch special and extensive menu at affordable prices. Open daily. OL’ 55 [Live Music/Event] tel: 051-627-5645 web: ol’55 48 HAPS_spring 2014

Ol’55 is located in the heart of Kyungsung University and is noted for its Open Mic Wednesdays, which are known to host the best Korean and expat musicians in town. PAINTED CHAIR CAFE [Cafe/Gallery] The art, the atmosphere. Good place to chill. SHABANA [Indian] tel: 051-621-4821 Good, affordable Indian food. THE SUSHI [Japanese] tel: 051-611-4043 Affordable, quality Japanese food. THURSDAY PARTY [Korean/Expat Bar] open: 6pm - late web: thursday-party2 With ten Thursday Party’s around the city, it has become a staple for the young, hip Korean university crowd and expats alike. Beer pong, sports on TV and the free curry popcorn or salted spaghetti sticks are always in play, as is a busy crowd almost every evening of the week. VINYL UNDERGROUND [Nightclub/Event Bar] Vinyl Underground is known as the spot for live music in the Kyungsung area.

PNU CROSSROADS [Live Music/Pub] open: 7pm-late tel: 051-515-1181 web: crossroads A small, but atmospheric watering hole in PNU, Crossroads has been a Busan institution amongst the expats for years. FARMERS BURGERS [American/Korean Fusion] People rave about it. Nominated in Best Burger. INTERPLAY [Live Music/Event] Live music, hit or miss if you catch on a good night. LOVING HUT [Vegetarian] tel: 051-518-0115 MOO MONK [Live Music] Can catch some great Korean indie bands here. PHO [Vietnamese] Nice Vietnamese food in PNU. RED BOTTLE [Korean/Expat Bar] Good spot to get a drink. RISTORANTE [Italian] Great Italian fare at the Nongshim Hotel. SHABANA [Indian] tel: 051-517-1947 Nice Indian food for cheap. SOULTRANE [Comedy/Event/Rock] tel: 051-515-1181

web: soul-trane One of the oldest expat bars in the city, the once foreigner oriented Soultrane nonetheless draws a healthy mix of locals, expats and tourists. THE BASEMENT [Korean/Expat Bar] web: basement One of the most popular bars in the area. Always a great time, and anchors the PNU scene.

SEOMYEON BUFFALO CHICKEN [Chicken] tel: 051-805-3512 Good chicken chain with several interesting sauces. BUONA OVEN PIZZA [Italian] tel: 051-904-8239 Nice, oven-baked pizza and spaghetti. CLUB FIX [Nightclub] tel: 051-905-5777 web: New super club. International DJs and dress code required. DIVISION 9 [Lounge] Pinball, darts, basketball, drinking and good fun. DRAGON DREAM (THE CAVE BAR) [Korean] tel: 051-646-5924 Very interesting decor with a nice selection of food. FOXY DANCE [Club] Dance club, usually packed on the weekend. FUZZY NAVEL- SEOMYEON I [Food/Bar] open: 5pm - 6am tel: 051-808-1007 web: Check out the newly refurbished bar offering a variety of entertainment including, soft darts, pool, and table soccer. Awesome DJs and a wide floor make this place to be at night. Also, new to Seomyeon, the same amazing Mexican food as served at the Haeundae Fuzzy Navel is prepared in our large renovated kitchen. FUZZY NAVEL- SEOMYEON Il [Bar] open: 5pm - 6am tel: 051-817-2242 web: On the ground floor with a sliding window for when the weather is good, an excellent mix of Koreans and foreigners makes this a good place to make new friends. A comfortable atmosphere, where you will be looked after by the friendly staff, who will even give you a fireshow if you are celebrating a special occasion. HANGOVER [Western Pub] open: 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday - Sunday tel: 070-7789-5868

web: From the good folks that brought you the great Italian food at Vito’s, this new eatery/bar located in the prime of Seomyeon brings delicious western food and fine tasting beer with its unique refrigeration system. You can also enjoy your food or drink on their spacious indoor deck away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. LOVING HUT [Vegetarian] tel: 051-808-7718 ROCK N’ ROLL BAR [Rock] A true dive. Good atmosphere and pool and darts. T.G.I. FRIDAY’S [Chain] tel: 051-805-3164 Two locations in Seomyeon to choose from. THURSDAY PARTY [Korean/Expat Bar] open: 6pm - late tel: 051-818-6621 web: thursday-party-1 You can expect more of the same from the Seomyeon Thursday Party, which caters to a young, eclectic mix of Koreans and expats. Nestled amongst a slew of bars and restaurants behind Judie’s Taewha, Thursday Party stands out for their unique charm, quality service and hip atmosphere amongst the Korean cool. VITO [Italian] tel: 051-806-5868 web: Fashioned in the tradition of the small Italian trattoria, Vito brings back a taste of the old country.

NAMPO ARUN THAI [Thai] open: 11a.m. - 10 p.m. tel: 051-908-9085 web: The chefs at Arun Thai bring you succulently prepared authentic Thai dishes at very reasonable rates. This delightful restaurant, nestled on the second floor some 50m in the back alleyway next to KFC, is a great meeting place, whether for a light lunch or large-scale dinner in a stylish environment with friendly service. FARMERS BURGERS [International] Enjoy a quality, fresh-made burger and fries on the roof. KUHN [Asian] Hosts a variety of Southeast Asian dishes at good prices. NEW LITTLE INDIA [Indian] open: 11am- 10pm tel: 051-245-4127 web:

Dining & Food

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Homers Hotel

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Dawn Beach Hotel

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Park Hotel

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Bukyung University

01 Car Park


Perugio Apartments


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11 07 Yongsu Road


Century 21 Building


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Kyungsung University



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AMCHAM #4501, Trade Tower 159-1, Samsungdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul tel: 02-564-2040 web: An independent association of American and international businesses, the role of the American Chamber of Commerce is to promote business and trade between the United States and Korea. ECCK 102-2903 WBC The Palace 1523, Haeundae-gu tel: 051-959-9695 web: The European Chamber of Commerce

Aqua Palace Hotel vel Na zy 01 z u F to 0m 10



GWANGAN BARS/PUBS/LOUNGES 01 Paris 02 Beach Bikini 03 Thursday Party 04 Fuzzy Navel 05 Beached 06 Sharky’s 07 Galmegi Brewing 08 Tap and Tapas RESTAURANTS 01 Burger n’ Pasta 02 Bella Citta 03 Blue Saigon CAFES 01 Tom n’ Toms 02 Twosome Place 03 Starbucks BUSINESS/OTHER 01 Kai Surf Shop 02 New Philadelphia Seaside Church KYUNGSUNG BARS/PUBS/LOUNGES 01 Almost Famous 02 Club Realize 03 HQ 04 Blue Monkey 06 Ho Bar 07 Thursday Party 08 New Foxy 09 Vinyl Underground 10 Ol’55 11 Fabric 12 Fully Booked 13 Monk RESTAURANTS 01 O’Taco 02 Burger & Pasta 03 Outback 04 Okkudak CAFES 01 Starbucks 02 Tom n’ Toms 03 Angel-In-Us 04 Angel-In-Us

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AIR BUSAN tel: 051-974-8686 web: AIR FRANCE tel: 02-3483-1033 web: ASIANA AIRLINES - INTERNATIONAL tel: 051-971-2626 web: CEBU PACIFIC AIR tel: 051-462-0686 web: JEJU AIR tel: 070-7420-1502 web: KOREAN AIR - INTERNATIONAL tel: 051-970-3227 web: LUFTHANSA tel: 02-2019 0180 web: KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES tel: 02-3483-1133 web:






Situated on the second floor in the heart of Nampodong, New Little India specializes in the finest authentic Indian cuisine. THE PAN [Brunch] Nestled amongst a slew of outdoor terrace restaurants. THURSDAY PARTY [Korean/Expat Bar] open: 6pm - late web: thursday-party-1 The Thursday Party Nampo store offers a slightly varied atmosphere than the others around the city, though by no means is it less exciting. A slightly more mixed crowd of expats and young Koreans is to be expected, as well as the great service that TP has become renowned for.

To G wan g

GS Gas Station

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Services Directory aims to provide an effective network of business associates together with discussion forums and seminars on how to do business in Korea, as well as an array of social networking events.

EDUCATION FOREIGN SCHOOLS BUSAN FOREIGN SCHOOL 1366-3 Jwa-dong, Haeundae-gu tel: 051-747-7199 web: BUSAN JAPANESE SCHOOL 173-8 Millak-dong, Suyoung-gu tel: 051-753-4166 web: BUSAN OVERSEAS CHINESE KINDERGARTEN 548-1 Choryang-dong, Dong-gu tel: 051-468-2845 web: BUSAN INTERNATIONAL FOREIGN SCHOOL

798 Nae-ri, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun tel: 051-742-3332 web:

TESOL TRAINING KOTESOL Email: Facebook: Busan-Gyeongnam KOTESOL Chapter TESOL ALLIANCE tel: 051-818-0502 web:

KOREAN LESSONS BUSAN FOUNDATION FOR INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES tel: 051-668-7900 web: email: KLIFF tel: 051-513-0131 web: email: PNU LANGUAGE EDUCATION CENTER tel: 051-510-1983 web: email:



MEDICAL DENTAL CLINICS NEW YORK SMILE ORTHODONTICS open: Mon-Wed, Fri 10:00am – 7:00pm, Sat 10:00am – 5:00pm tel: 051-702-6677 web: At New York Smile Orthodontics, we provide specialized orthodontic care for children, teens and adults. We make every effort to provide affordable orthodontic treatment in a relaxed and caring manner to every individual who is unhappy with his or her smile. We use the most technologically-advanced orthodontic methods available including clear braces, self-ligating braces, invisalign, lingual braces and faster braces. BOSTON DENTAL tel: 051-554-2879 Located in Sooang-dong in Dongnae, Dr. Sim Kyeong-mok leads the team at Boston Dental for all your dental needs. With an English speaking staff and multiple degrees from America’s best dental schools, they are available to give you 100% success with implant services with their cutting-

edge implant machine with a rich-full procedure experience. All dental services are available.

HEALTH CENTERS DONGNAE HEALTH CENTER 702-54, Myeongryun-2 dong, Dongnae-gu tel: 051-555-4000 HAEUNDAE HEALTH CENTER 1339, Jwa-2 dong, Haeundae-gu tel: 051-746-4000 JUNG-GU HEALTH CENTER 1 Ga 1, Daecheong-dong, Jung-gu tel: 051-600-4741


DONGEUI UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL 397-3, Bujeon-1 dong, Busanjin-gu tel: 051-803-5430 GOOD SAMSUN HANBANG 1162-2, Jurye-dong, Sasang-gu tel: 051-325-0300

RADIOLOGY CLINICS THE ONE MRI CLINIC open: Mon - Fri 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. tel: 051-937-0303 web: The most trusted name in Korean Medical Imaging, you can enjoy quick, reliable and trustworthy English service for all your medical needs.


KHAP open: 10 am - 4 pm weekdays tel: 02-927-4322 web: The Korean Federation for HIV/AIDS Prevention offers three locations nationwide with additional services including counseling services to foreigners and migrant workers face to face and by telephone. With a number of foreign languages available to have consultation, KHAP has become one of the most recognized HIV/AIDS information base in the Republic of Korea.

HOSPITALS BUK-GU/DONGNAE BUMIN HOSPITAL 380-4, Deokcheon 1-dong tel: 051-330-3000 web: DONG EUI MEDICAL CENTER San 45-1, Yangjeong 2-dong tel: 051-867-5101

web: DONGNAE BONG SENG HOSPITAL 766, Anlak 1-dong tel: 051-531-6000 web: DONGRAE WOORIDUL HOSPITAL 205-10, Nakmin-dong tel: 051-559-5000 web: INJE UNIVERSITY BUSAN PAIK HOSPITAL 633-165, Gaegum 2-dong tel: 051-893-7761

DONG-GU GOOD MOONHWA HOSPITAL open: 24 hours tel: 051-630-0123 web: Good Moonhwa Hospital has become famous for its success in IVF for the first time as a private medical facility in Busan and Gyeongnam area. With 36 years experience and service in English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian, this full-service hospital has everything to take care of your medical needs.

HAEUNDAE HYOSUNG CITY HOSPITAL 1094-2, Jaesong 1-dong tel: 051-709-3000 web: INJE UNIV. HAEUNDAE PAIK HOSPITAL 1435, Jwa-dong tel: 051-797-0100 web:

JUNG-GU HAEYANG HOSPITAL 80-8 Jungang-dong 4-ga tel: 051-469-4456 web: MARYKNOLL MEDICAL CENTER 12, Daecheong-dong 4-ga tel: 051-465-8801 web:

NAM-GU BUSAN ST. MARY'S MEDICAL CENTER 538-41, Yongho 4-dong tel: 051-933-7114 web:


Taewha 03 Judie’s Dept. Store 01

Sojeon Road 6



4 2 13

Jungkangdae Road

Seomyeon Subway Stn.









01 02

Seomyeon Road


Lotte Hotel & Seven Luck Casino


Jungang-dong Sub. 6


Lotte Dept. Store

Lotte Dept. Store








3 1


Yongdusan Park


Busan Tower

03 Busan Modern History Museum


Daegaksa Temple

d Shoppin g Mall

NAMPO-DONG RESTAURANTS 01 Arun Thai 02 KFC 03 The Pan 04 The Pho 05 New Little India 06 Farmers Burgers 07 McDonalds CAFES 01 Caffe Bene 02 Starbucks 03 Angel-In-Us 04 Holly’s 05 The Cafe 06 Caffe Bene

8 10




05 03 04 Information 02

Jalgalchi Fish Market


BUSAN MUSEUM OF ART 40, Apec-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan tel: 051-740-2602 web: Opening Hours - 09:00 ~ 20:00 Closed - Jan. 1, Every First Monday Admission Fee - Free BUSAN MODERN HISTORY MUSEUM 104, Daechung-ro, Jung-gu, Busan tel: 051-253-3845 web: Opening Hours - 09:00 ~ 18:00 Closed - Jan.1, Every First Monday



02 04

. g Sub







NEW PHILADELPHIA CHURCH Suyeong-gu Gwangan 2-dong 199-6 (8th floor) tel: 051-932-6832 web: Services: Sundays, 2:30 pm



GIFT MINISTRY Myung-nyun-dong, Dongnae-gu tel: 010-7999-8644 web: Services: Saturdays,10:30 a.m. HOSANNA CHURCH Myeongji-dong, #3245-5 Gangseo-gu, tel: 051-209-0191 web: Services: Sundays, 12:30 p.m.



o Unde

AL-FATIH MASJID MOSQUE Namsan-dong, #30-1 Guemjeong-gu tel: 051-518-9991 web: Services: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily



SEOMYEON CLUBS 01 Fix 02 Foxy BARS/PUBS/LOUNGES 01 Rock n’ Roll 02 Spot 03 Thursday Party 04 Fuzzy Navel 05 Fuzzy Navel II 06 Hangover RESTAURANTS 01 Vito 02 TGI Friday’s CAFES 01 Angel-In-Us 02 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 03 Twosome Place 04 Tom n’ Toms BUSINESS 01 Kangs Dental 02 Apple Store 03 St. Louis Dental

Dongcheon Road





Dongcheon Road

Cosmetic Surgery Street

BUSAN CENTUM HOSPITAL 1077-1, Gwangan 3-dong tel: 051-760-5000 web: BUSAN HANNAH WOMAN'S HOSPITAL 304, Namcheon-dong tel: 051-625-2300 web: GOOD GANGAN HOSPITAL 40-1, 41-9, Namcheon-dong tel: 051-625-0900 web:


Jungang Middle School

D City Dept Store

Sojeon Road



Kayodae Road

MEDICAL CENTER 3-ga, #1 Dongdaeshin-dong tel: 051-240-2400 web: PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL 10, Ami-dong 1-ga tel: 051-254-0171 web:


PIFF Squaure

Gukje Market

Restaurant Cafe



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Services Directory Admission Fee - Free BUSAN MUSEUM 63, UN Peace-ro, Nam-gu, Busan tel: 051-610-7111 web: Hours of operation - 09:00 ~ 20:00 Closed - Jan. 1, Every First Monday Admission fee - Free BUSAN UN MEMORIAL CEMETERY AND PARK 779, Daeyon 4 dong, Nam-gu, Busan tel: 051-625-0625 web: Hours of operation - 09:00 ~ 17:00 Open Year Round Admission fee - Free

SHOPPING DEPT. STORES LOTTE DEPT. STORE Open: 10:30 ~ 20:00 FOUR LOCATIONS CENTUM CITY 1496, U Dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan tel: 051-730-2500 DONGNAE 502-3, Oncheonjeong, Dongnae-gu, Busan tel: 051-605-2500

GWANGBOK 20-1, 7 ga, Jung-ang Dong, Jung-gu, Busan tel: 051-678-2500

BUSAN BOWLING LEAGUE Contact: David Alderman tel: 010.7919.1223 Facebook Group: Busan Bowling League

SEOMYEON Bujeondong, Busan-jingu, Busan tel: 051-810-2500


HYUNDAI DEPT. STORE 62-5, Beomil-dong, Dong-gu, Busan tel: 051-667-2233 Open: 10:30 ~ 20:00 SHINSEGAE DEPT. STORE (CENTUM CITY) 1495 Wu-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan tel: 1588-1234 web: Open: 10:30 ~ 20:00

CLOTHING/SPORTS KAI SURF SHOP 183-11 Gwangan-dong, Suyeong-gu tel: 051-753-2746


BUSAN FRIENDSHIP GROUP ULTIMATE FRISBEE LEAGUE Email: BTC FOOTBALL FB Group: Busan Transportation Corporation Supporters Fanpage EPIK TEACHERS IN BUSAN Facebook Group: Busan EPIK EXPAT SAILING CLUB Contact: Mark Chi email: web: LAOCHRA BUSAN GAELIC ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CLUB Contact: Peter Bonner email: Facebook Group: Laochra Busan Members



INTERNET GROCERIES EZSHOP KOREA web: HIGH STREET MARKET open: 24/7 online, Seoul in-store 10am to 10pm daily. tel: 02-2201-0652 web: email: High Street Market has all your favorite foods from home ready for delivery to your workplace or doorstep for just W3,000! Hard-to-find western foods, sliced-to-order deli meats, imported premium cuts of meat, gourmet cheeses, variety of spices, homemade vegan & gluten free foods and more. NICE MARKET web:

Humetro Call Center Lost & Found Center

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Seomyeon Stn.


LEGEND Business Club Bar/Pub/Lounge Restaurant

04 ong Roa



Good Plus




08 02

PNU Main Gate


Busan Bank Pusan National Uni. Road

02 04 03 02



01 3



PNU BARS/PUBS/LOUNGES 01 Thirsty Moose 02 Wa Bar 03 Basement


PNU Subway Stn


04 Crossroads 04 Soultrane 05 Red Bottle 06 Interplay 07 Moo Monk 08 Bling RESTAURANTS 01 Won Chon 02 The Box 03 Tajmahal CAFES 01 Angel-In-Us 02 Charlie Brown 03 Twosome Place 04 Starbucks 05 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf



6 p.m. - 10 p.m. 33rd Floor Drawing Room, Park Hyatt, Marine City 80,000 won (members) 90,000 won (non-members, door)



Time: Venue: Tickets: web:


Geumjeong Ro

The Kiwi Chamber of Commerce will host two wine festivals, one at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul May 24 and then another the following week on the 31st at the Park Hyatt in Busan. This will be the sixth annual wine fest in South Korea’s capital city and the second in Busan. If you failed to attend last year, this is one social event a wine lover does not want to miss. With a selection of premium red and white wines from over 30 wineries to choose from, the magnificent Park Hyatt Hotel in Marine City provides the perfect backdrop to an evening of networking, scrumptious tapas-style buffet and spectacular views of the city.


Bar/Pub/Lounge Restaurant Cafe

2014 spring_ 53

The Last Word

Aylward On:

Kid’s Recliners By Brian

Aylward Illustration By Michael Roy

Chris Tharp is laid up in bed with a broken leg and a banged up shoulder, so we drafted Chris’ good friend and former expat comedian Brian Aylward to step in for his fallen comrade in comedy. I was at Costco the other day because they have all the things. will be difficult to kick back in your stunted recliner, when you Everything you need, Costco has gathered into empty airplane have lost both of your feet from early childhood diabetes. Sorry hangers all over the world. Whether it’s a tractor, a duvet or an kids. Another reason why not to give a kid their own recliner, just eighty kilogram jar of pickles, the world’s seventh largest retailbecause they sit on an adult’s recliner, is the lesson learned caner has your consumer coma needs covered. Kid’s recliners? Yes, Costco now sells kid’s recliners. With “Du- not be that you get to have everything you sit on. That’s just rable, bonded leather upholstery and sturdy construction “ ridiculousness. Also, giving kids their own recliners might create kid’s recliners are a 25 inches from the ground idea, created by a whole new product line of little, fat fuck furniture. In addition to kid’s recliners, how about beds that make themTrue Innovations Inc. The advertisement image on the box is a chubby kid, kicked backed in her little recliner, after what I as- selves or tables that you can eat? The possible product innovations for little, fat fuck furnisume was a hard day of play. ture are endless and pathetic. Imagine parents parading THE ADVERTISEMENT IMAGE ON THE BOX IS What kids really need these their fat-wristed children into A CHUBBY KID, KICKED BACKED IN HER LITTLE days is some sort of kid’s de“Kid’s Recliner” advertisement cliner. I don’t mean the kid’s auditions. Gross. RECLINER, AFTER WHAT I ASSUME WAS A HARD recliner having a decline I guess fourteen is the new seventy. The True Innovations DAY OF PLAY. IMAGINE PARENTS PARADING THEIR mechanism on it either. I am Inc. slogan for its kid’s reclinFAT-WRISTED CHILDREN INTO “KID’S RECLINER” thinking of a device that senses danger, helps kids make ers is “If your kid is always sitADVERTISEMENT AUDITIONS. GROSS. difficult childhood decisions ting in your recliner, why not and teaches them the consegive them their own recliner?” There are many reasons why not to do that actually. First of all, quence of the word “no.” I suggest an electronic wrist bracelet you have to earn your right to recline. I grew up in a house with that beeps every time a kid reaches for something harmful, like a “dad’s chair.” It was dad’s chair. He was a man, who had a job, a cigarette, some fast food or a bible. Maybe True Innovations Inc. could create robot parents. Robills and four kids. He earned his right to recline. Now, kids will be wobbling themselves home from school, breathing heavy botic parents that apologize to kids, for their actual parents from just being awake, and kicking back in their little recliners being truly shitty human beings, and not taking care of their with a nine liter energy drink and a chocolate bar the size of a well-being. Of course, these kid’s recliners are made in China. It’s just a symbol of how the western world is done. Start learnhockey stick. Being healthy will become old-fashioned. Although, True In- ing Mandarin kids! Ok, this is getting angry and off topic. I need novations Inc. claims “an easy to kick out recline mechanism,” it to recline. 54 HAPS_spring 2014



JOHN MAYER MAY 6, JAMSIL SPORTS COMPLEX Seven-time Grammy award winner and American recording artist and producer John Mayer hits Seoul for a night of acoustic rock and blues as part of the Hyundai Card Culture Series, which is in its 14th installment. He has sold over ten million albums in the U.S. and over 20 million albums worldwide. Tickets: 110,000 -132,000 won web:

SEOUL JAZZ FESTIVAL MAY 17-18, OLYMPIC PARK, SEOUL One of Korea’s biggest national music festivals, the Seoul Jazz Festival is a fantastic opportunity to hear internationally acclaimed jazzmen perform blues, bossa, soul and funk. Damien Rice, Eddie Palmieri and the Joshua Redman Quartet headline the two-day event which brings a weekend of great jazz to Olympic Park in Seoul. Tickets: 175,000 won web: 2014 spring_ 55

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Busan Haps Issue 30  

The magazine for what's happening in Busan.

Busan Haps Issue 30  

The magazine for what's happening in Busan.