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Busan’s Expanding Global Engagement and BFIC

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Publishing Date 2017. 4. 27 Registration Number Yeonje Ba 0004 Published by BFIC Publisher Jae Min Park Executive Editor Alok K. Roy Editor Yukyoung Park Contributors Editors & Translators - Patrick Donahue, Louis Johannes De Jager - Min Yegang Design/Print DesignAOne

Busan Beat is a free quarterly magazine published by the BFIC to inform and entertain Busan’s expatriates and global minded citizens. All rights reserved. Busan Beat’s mission is to promote Busan as a dynamic, innovative city where all residents and visitors can enjoy a high quality of life together.

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Greetings. With the arrival of spring, BFIC also has a new arrival - "Busan Beat", its new quarterly magazine. The "Beat" replaces 'Busan Life' magazine and contains 48 pages of the latest news, information, events, and happenings in our city which are of particular interests to all the people who live in Busan. Busan Beat reflects the dynamic, lively, and innovative city of Busan... our home! We are proud to present this first edition and look forward to your input on meeting our readers' needs. The Beat has four sections : News, Entertainment, Life and Other. The contents offer variety of useful resources and information about Busan, BFIC, Busan’s sister and friendship cities, festivals, performances, travel information, foreign communities, education, and cultural diversities. We, the staff at BFIC hope that you will enjoy the new "Beat" and find it useful. Stay connected to BFIC's developments and please let us know how we can help you. We are here to serve you better. Secretary General of Busan Foundation forInternational Cooperation, Alok Kumar Roy.

Cover Story

Busan’s Expanding Global Engagement and BFIC

s ' n a s u B l a n i b e o l l o G R g t n s i n ’ d e C n I m a BF Exp ngage E

New York, London, Paris...world class cities each with its distinct personality. Busan too is entering the competition to be a unique metropolis where people have a healthy life balance and want to live, work and fulfill their dreams.

The Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (BFIC) is one of the forces driving the city to achieve these goals and to enhance its global status. Created by Busan City

in 2005, BFIC helps plan for the city’s harmonious and dynamic future and implements programs to ensure an improved quality of life for Busan inhabitants.

BFIC leads private sector exchanges with Busan’s twenty-six Sister Cities in twenty-three countries and ten Friendship and Cooperation Cities in six countries. BFIC has developed a global network of contacts which is now one of its biggest assets. BFIC supports fifty-eight thousand foreign residents in Busan through diverse projects and has been working to cultivate a global mindset in Busan’s citizens by organizing regular opportunities to meet and share ideas and customs between local and nonlocal residents. 4 BUSAN BEAT SPRING 2017

In 2015, as evidence of Busan's commitment to global-mindedness, BFIC was the first municipal agency to appoint a Secretary General who was not a native Korean. BFIC also promotes Busan as the gateway to Eurasia and in 2016 expanded The Korea-Russia Cooperation Center to become The Eurasia Cooperation Center. Building on the success of the 2016 Eurasia Expedition’s 10,940km passage from the Port of Busan to Saint Petersburg, this year the second initiative will undertake the 11,164km-long Eurasia Distribution Route Expedition that connects Busan, China, Mongolia and Russia. As the Overseas Development Agency’s (ODA) supervising organization, BFIC is planning to create a new service to expand the ODA’s organization and business impact.

The 2nd Eurasia Busan Expedition embarks on the

11,164km Eurasia Distribution Route

Starting in Busan and traveling through China, Mongolia and ending in Russia. Saint Petersburg

Irkutsk Yekaterinburg Moscow




Mt. Baekdusan Beijing


The Unified Road of Hope and Reunification

Eurasia Busan Expedition BFIC's



2017 Business Plan

Enhancing international exchanges in the private sector and Busan’s overseas exchanges

Promotion of Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects


Pro m ot i n g ov e r s e a s work opportunities for youth


Strengthening the role o f BF I C a s a c e n t e r for supporting foreign residents in Busan


Promoting Busan as the top economic city in the East Sea rim


Busan’s Standing in Eight Sectors of Global City Competitiveness 120 Singapore



New York





85.0 New York

76.8 (61)



73.1 (41)









89.1 74.2 (47)


47.4 (64)




76.6 58.1 (86)


62.5 (72)




33.3 (68)

31.5 (91)



4.6 (80)

0 Overall

Economic Strength


Financial Mutuality

Top Ranked City

Institutional Effectiveness Busan

Social and Cultural Human Capital Character

Environment and Natural Hazards

Global Appeal

Average of Top 30 Cities

Busan is improving its competitiveness as a global city when compared to other advanced cities around the world. In particular, the city is working to increase its “Global Attraction” and “Financial Maturity” ratings. Busan’s “Global Attraction” will be enhanced as it attracts more international conferences, world class enterprises and universities with the latest technology and further develops its international airport. Busan is raising its “Financial Maturity” standing, by increasing the qualitative connection within the existing industry cluster and by attracting more international financial organizations. Thanks to these

Recent Accomplishments :

1 GimHae New Airport Construction Confirmed 2 2030 Busan Registered EXPO, Selected Project for Feasibility Study for International Events

3 Attracted FAO, World Fisheries University and Lancaster University 4 Attracted Financial Action Task Force Training and Research Institute (TAFT TREIN) 5 Attracted global enterprises including MS Data Center and Hyundai Global Service

undervalued compared to other cities. Successful Meetings, America’s biggest MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Events) journal, selected Busan as one of the top 5 international conference cities in 2017, and The New York Times listed Busan as one of the 52 Top "Place to go" in 2017. The whole world

initiatives, Busan is advancing to enter

other port cities of the world. Busan

is paying attention to Busan. This awards

the ranks of the top 30 global cities.

has infinite possibilities. Busan took first

confirms the world recognition of Busan

Busan has poised to take a leap in

place 4 years in a row in ‘The City Brand

as a good place to do business and an

its global status. One of the biggest

Value Assessment’ presented by The

exciting place to live, BFIC, together with

advantages Busan has is its geopolitical

Institute for Industrial Policy Studies and

Busan's citizens, are proud of our city's

situation. Busan is the gateway to

was also judged the city whose present

progress and of our contributions.

connect the Eurasia continent with

and future competitiveness is most


BFIC Programs in 2016 Ⅰ. Enhancing international exchanges in the private sector and Busan’s overseas exchanges A. Increasing citizen-initiated international exchanges 1. Citizens sports exchanges a. Busan-Shanghai sports exchange b. Busan-Shimonoseki sports exchange c. Busan-Laos friendship baseball exchange d. Korea-Japan youth baseball exchange 2. Citizens cultural exchanges a. Organizing a cultural performance tour to the Kitakyushu Wasshoi Summer Festival. b. Organizing a cultural performance tour to the Little Busan Festa in Shimonoseki c. Organizing a citizens cultural tour to Hakata Dontaku Festival in Fukuoka B. Promoting public diplomacy 1. Exchanges with sister cities and friendship cities overseas a. Busan-Mumbai kabaddi instructor exchange b. Organizing the Busan Metropolitan City Art Performance at the Korea Festival in Hamburg, Germany 2. Supporting and cooperating events in sister cities and friendship cities a. Participating in the 12th Shanghai International Youth Friendship Camp b. Organizing the Busan National Gugak Performance at the 6th annual Korea Day in Cebu province, the Philippines c. Supporting Korean Speech Contests in Busan’s sister cities of Fukuoka and Shimonoseki, Japan C. Strengthening support for international exchanges of private sector associations 1. Evaluation and support for international exchange activities of private sector associations 2. Participation in international exchange mediation and support of private association. 3. Holding ‘All About BFIC’ D. Fostering global youth talent 1. Youth education visitors exchanges a. Busan-Chongqing student exchange b. Busan-Kaohsiung student exchange c. Busan-Surabaya student exchange 2. Global frontier projects a. Busan-China youth frontier b. Busan global visit

3. The 3rd KF-BFIC youth hope community project and follow-up activities 4. Korea-China-Japan children’s painting exhibition and exchange Ⅱ. Promotion of Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects A. Implementation of for-profit ODA project 1. International training program for overseas ODA officers 2. Operating KOICA-BFIC projects a. Running ODA youth b. Capacity building programs for metro management 3. International development cooperation forum – ODA forum 4. Development cooperation week - ODA week B. Boosting the “Busan brand” 1. Establishing sister village in sister city 2. Organizing Busan overseas volunteers a. Organizing Busan overseas volunteers visit to Phnom Penh, Cambodia b. Organizing Busan overseas volunteers visit to Cebu province, the Philippines

3. Organizing internship programs for university students in Busan to international organizations 4. Career fair of U.N. agencies 5. Busan university student UN model conference 6. Internship exchange programs between university students of Busan and of sister cities in Japan 7. Career strategies seminar on Japanese corporations B. Supporting overseas youth start-up businesses 1. Holding Korea-China-Japan start-up weekend 2. Sending youth to start-up weekends in Japan and China Ⅴ. Strengthening the role of BFIC as a center for supporting foreign residents in Busan A. Providing counselling services to foreigners 1. Providing comprehensive counseling service to foreigners 2. Translation and interpretation services

Ⅲ. Promoting Busan as the top economic city in the East Sea rim

B. Supporting foreign residents for a seamless transition into life in Busan

A. Building global business networks

1. Sending “Welcome Letters” 2. Offering 5 levels of Korean language classes 3. Supporting foreign communities 4. Publishing Life in Busan, a guide book for foreigners 5. Publishing Busan Life, a newsletter for foreigners 6. Holding Busan Foreign Students ‘Love Contest’

1. Supporting overseas economic and trade exchanges B. Establishing the foundation of the Eurasia Initiative 1. Leading 2106 Busan Eurasia Expedition 2. Holding Busan Day event in St. Petersburg 3. Busan-Vladivostok student exchange 4. Leading the Far East Economic Cooperation Delegation 5. Holding the 6th Busan-Far East Russia Economic Forum 6. Invitation of Russian-Korean youth from Primorsky Krai - maritime province C. Operating Eurasia Cooperation Center and strengthening the center’s network 1. Operating Russian business expert courses 2. Co-hosting of Christmas event for Russian children Ⅳ. Promoting overseas work opportunities for youth

C. Supporting international students 1. Attracting international students to Busan 2. Supporting international students’life and studying in Busan 3. Supporting job hunting for international student D. Extending participation of citizens in global cultural experiences 1. Holding Busan’s 11th annual Global Gathering 2. Offering world cultural classes for Busan citizens 3. Operating Busan global supporters

A. Supporting global job creation 1. Organizing international specialist exchanges 2. K-move Overseas Career Developing Academy in Busan


Inside Busan_ Busan News

Beginning of West Busan (Seobusan) Global City On March 27, under Mayor Seo’s leadership, the Busan municipal government held a planning meeting to advance progress on the West Busan Global City Grand Plan. This is part of the city’s strategy to advance to the ranks of the top 30 metropolitan cities in the world where residents’ average income reaches $50,000USD. Mayor Seo noted that “Because most of the West Busan development plans have a significant ripple effect, we are expecting to see visible accomplishments in a few years and we believe West Busan will be a big step forward in Busan’s continuing development as a global city.” The Grand Plan has three phases culminating in 2030 and is focused on the efficiency of investment and the scale of the budget. <Source. Busan City Hall>

Busan Creates Asia’s No. 1 Start-up City with a 1 Trillion Won Fund In a presentation on ‘The Future of Busan, Global City’ at the 10th Bu-il CEO Workshop in March, Busan's mayor, Seo Byeong Soo presented the road map for the city to become the number 1 start-up Asia city of 2030. We already have a total of 187 billion won in 14 funding projects towards the 2030 1 trillion won fund budget goal. This will be used for projects to attract companies, international organizations and universities focusing on job creation which is essential for our <Source. Busan City Hall> city’s development.”

“Build Busan Sim City ‘Sasang Smart City’” in Cooperation with Barcelona In March, urban restoration experts from Barcelona visited Busan for the Urban Regeneration Project in the underdeveloped Sasang area and discussed plans for Sasang’s future. Global companies including IBM, Microsoft, HTS and Amazon Web Services, are involved in the Busan Smart-City project, and Busan is planning to enact the Regeneration Project Support Order and organize and launch the City Regeneration Committee in July to renovate the Sasang area. <Source. Official Busan Blog Cool Busan>

Busan Metro Line 1 Dadae Section Opens on April 20 The Dadae section of Busan Metro Line 1 opens on April 20. The line has been extended past Sinpyeong, with six more stations connecting Dongmae, Janglim, Shijanglim, Natgae, Dadae and Dadaepo Beach (Morundae Cliff). The trial runs take place from April 5 to 14, from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. every day. The expanded metro line 1 will lead to higher accessibility to Dadaepo, contributing to the balanced development of Busan. <Source. Busan Transport Corporation Website> * New Busan Metro Map is attached in page 46.






Join Eurasia The 2nd Busan Expedition

The 2nd Eurasia Busan Expedition embarks on the

11,164km Eurasia Distribution Route

The Unified Road of Hope and Starting in Busan and traveling through China, Reunification Mongolia and ending in Russia. Saint Petersburg

Irkutsk Yekaterinburg Moscow



•Period July 11 ~ July 31, 2017 (20 nights 21 days) •No. of Participants Fifty five


Mt. Baekdusan Beijing

including 35 university students from Busan, invited participants and crew.


| Fields of academic interest for participants | • Maritime Distribution • Language specialists • Promotion and support • Cultural events

Participants with academic majors in related areas or with experience in maritime distribution events (symposium, etc.) Language experts in Russian, Chinese, Mongolian, and English and those with experience organizing international conferences and exhibitions Those with experienced in promotional media including Power Bloggers, photography and/or editing skills. Participants with related expertise not included in the above specializations that would contribute to the expedition e.g.: Korean folk plays, music, performance, painting, cooking, recreation, magic, etc.

※ The schedule above is subject to change.

Recruitment Period April 3 ~ April 28, 2017 ※Please refer to the website of the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (www.bfic.kr).


Inside BFIC



April BFIC Preview

“Global Gathering International Sports Day” in April 2017

Recruitment for the 2nd Eurasia Expedition

‘Global Gathering International Sports Day’, the event for Busan citizens and foreign residents to meet, exchange and have fun is held at the Norimaru playground in Bujeon-dong.

The second Eurasia Expedition will undertake the 11,164km Eurasia Distribution Route that connects Busan, China, Mongolia and Russia to promote Busan as the gateway city of Eurasia and Busan's Eurasia initiatives.

Date. April 22, 2017 [Sat.] 10:00~16:00 Place.Norimaru (next to NC department store, Seomyeon branch) Attendees. 1000 Busan citizens and foreign residents Contact. 051. 668. 7905 Activities. Opening ceremony, cheering match, track meet, sharing between Koreans and foreigners, traditional performances, talent show, prize lottery, award ceremony, etc.

Recruitment Period. April 3 ~ April 28, 2017 Areas. Maritime Distribution | Event Support | Promotion Support | Cultural Events No. of Attendees. approximately 35 university students from Busan Contact. 051. 668. 7952



Main Programs in the 2nd Quarter

May BFIC Preview

Invitation to Foreign Representatives in Korea for a Familiarization Tour This information tour is for foreign representatives dealing with technology export products and to foster familiarization with Busan’s industry and potential. This will be an opportunity to network and exchange between foreign representatives and Busan industry and government specialists. Period. May 19 ~ May 20, 2017 Place. Busan Attendees. Ambassadors and representatives of foreign governments in Korea Activities. Inspection of state-of-the-art industrial facilities, the Global Gathering, and networking with foreign residents in Busan.

Recruitment for Busan Youth Korea-Japan Friendship Delegation 4. 3 ~ 4. 21 Job Fair for Africa Development Bank (AfDB) and Talk Concert 4. 4 International Training for Invited ODA Workers (Agriculture) 4. 16 ~ 4. 23 Opening of a preparation course for entering international organizations 4. 26 ~ 5. 26 (Twice a week) Recruitment for Busan Foundation for International Cooperation April The 2nd Korean Class 5. 22 ~ 8. 11 Invitation to Busan-India Kabaddi Exchange Group 5. 17 ~ 5. 23 Invitation to Busan-Kaohsiung Student Exchange Group visit to Busan 5. 19 ~ 5. 23 The 12th Global Gathering 5. 20 @ Samnak Ecological Park Recruitment for the 2nd Cultural Class Lecturers 5. 22 ~ 6. 8 Invitation to Busan-Chongqing Student Exchange Group visit to Busan 5. 27 ~ 5. 31 Busan-Fukuoka Youth Baseball Exchange 6. 2 ~ 6. 4 Application for the 2nd Cultural Classes 6. 12 ~ 6. 28 Invitation to Busan-Shanghai Badminton Exchange visit to Busan 6. 22 ~ 6. 26


June BFIC Preview

Chicago Koreans’ Day Event The Busan Day Event to be held in Chicago. Illinois on June, 2017, celebrates the 10th anniversary of the twining of Busan and Chicago, as Sister Cities. This event includes traditional Korean performances, a Korean cultural display, and Korean traditional “experience” booths. This is one of many BFIC initiatives to promote Busan to the world. Date. June 6, 2017 from 10:00~16:00 Place. Chicago, Illinois, USA Activities. 10th anniversary celebration, Global Forum, Busan Day event, etc. BFIC 11

Inside BFIC


February BFIC Review


January BFIC Review

2017 Global New Year’s Day Event On January 25, at the BFIC Center, fifty Busan citizens and residents, together with Mr. Seo Byung Soo, the Mayor of Busan, celebrated the Global New Year’s Day with the traditional New Year’s Bow, good advice and traditional plays.



The 11th Anniversary of the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation The Busan Foundation for International Cooperation held its 11th anniversary event on February 24 to celebrate its achievements of the past 10 years, to set future goals and to recognize the accomplishments of its executives and staff. BFIC’s establishment date. February 28, 2006.

BFIC Website Renewal In 2017, BFIC revamped its website to make it more userfriendly. The main screen design and categories have been reorganized with an added promotional section. New Address. www.bfic.kr Available Languages. Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese


Main Program in the 1st Quarter The 1st International Exchange for Expert Training 01.02 ~ 02.28 Course New Year’s Visit to Foreign Office Korean Language Class Term 1 Millennium 2.8 Conference

01.23 ~ 01.25 02.06 ~ 04.28


Starting Ceremony for the 10th Busan Global 02.28 Supporters The 38th Board of Directors Conference The World Cultural Lecture Series


March BFIC Review

The Visit of Busan Youth Education Group to Surabaya From February 19 to 26, 2017, the Youth Education Group consisting of 10 youths from Busan visited its sister city, Surabaya, to promote Korean culture and education and exchange with the local youth. Busan and Surabaya have had a continued youth exchange program for 12 years.

03.13 ~ 05.05


Inside Sister Cities What kind of exchanges do Busan's Sister Cities and Cooperation Cities make with our city?

Exchange Between Busan and Cities in Russia From Vladivostok to Saint Petersburg Sister Cities enjoy a special relationship based on enhanced mutual understanding and a desire to share cultures, geographical similarity or economic relations. Two of Busan’s sister cities are Vladivostok, the port city in far-east Russia and Saint Petersburg, the cultural capital and port city in western Russia. Vladivostok established their sister-city affiliation with Busan in 1992. They have enjoyed active economic, cultural and artistic exchanges for about 25 years. The sistercity affiliation between Busan and Saint Petersburg began in 2008 and has carried out many mutually beneficial exchanges. Busan has led cultural and economic exchanges focusing on the far-east area of Russia for 10 years. The city established The Korea-Russia Cooperation Center under the auspices of the BFIC 14 BUSAN BEAT SPRING 2017

in 2006. Widening its perspective and recognizing Busan as the gateway city to Eurasia, the name and mission of the Korean-Russian Cooperation Center was changed and its mission expanded to become the Eurasia Cooperation Center. It now organizes exchanges with major cities and economic centers throughout the region and promotes cultural ties. I n 2 0 1 6 B u s a n a n d Th e E u r a s i a Cooperation Center enhanced the position of Busan as the gateway city to Eurasia through the ‘Eurasia Busan Expedition’ project and has made a great contribution by opening cultural exchange events with Busan’s unique contents in seven main cities in Russia : Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Saint Petersburg. This year’s Expedition will travel from

Korea through three countries, China, Mongol and Russia. There are diverse cultural events planned for Vladivostok a n d S a i n t Pe t e r s b u rg w h i ch w i l l showcase the beauty of Busan and the friendliness of its people.

‘Chicago Busan Day’ Connecting Chicago and Busan Chicago has been Busan’s sister city

and the Chicago Korean Association.

since May 2007 and is a mega-city of

The event in Chicago’s Millennium

American industry and IT. Since their

Park will include performances of

sister city affiliation, the two have had

Busan’s Municipal Dance Company and

an active mutual exchange of youth,

Taekwondo Demonstration Group as well

educational forums and visits organized

as Korean food, cultural experiences

through the Busan Foundation for

and a photography exhibition. To further

International Cooperation (BFIC).

recognize the special relationship

Cultural and arts exchanges and other

between the two cities in Wheeling, a

exchanges are now expanding. The

Chicago suburb the city will erect a

special exhibition “The Old Promise of

beautiful stone wall, typical of those

Emperor Gojong - Chicago to Busan”

seen in Busan, around the Busan

that was held in October 2015 was

Pavillion (Busanjeong) built in 2012 and

significant in enhancing the relationship

will rename the surroundings Road

between the cities.

“Busan Drive”.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the

*Status of Sister Cities and Cooperation

Busan – Chicago sisterhood. Chicago’s

Cities for Busan is attached in page 47.

‘Busan Day’ event will be held from June 7 to 9 and led by Busan City, the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation BFIC 15


Busan Festivals & Events in Spring
































Gijang Seaweed and Kelp Festival / Daejeo Tomato Festival / Dalmaji-Cheongsapo Culture Festival / Nakdonggang Yuchae Festival / Busan Gijang Anchovy Festival

































Global Gathering 2017 / Joseon Tongsinsa Festival / Gwangalli Eobang Festival / Gamcheon Culture / Village Street Festival / Busan Port Festival / Haeundae Sand Festival

































Taejongdae Hydrangea Festival

The Busan Nakdonggang Yuchae Festival Spring Flower Viewing for Urbanites The Busan Nakdonggang Yuchae Festival is an annual event held during April in a yuchaekkot (canola flower) field spanning an area of 760,000㎡ in the Daejeo Ecological Park—the largest yuchaekkot growing area in Korea. The festival opens with the traditional ceremony of the Dragon King of The Sea, performed for the well-being and prosperity of the village. Various events take place during the festival such as a singing contest, musical performances, sports events and much more. It is a festival where everyone can enjoy the scent of spring flowers. Date. Saturday, April 15 - Sunday, April 23, 2017 Location . Daejeo Ecological Park Host. Busan Metropolitan City Organizers. Busan Culture & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee, Busan Agricultural Technology Center Source. Busan Culture & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee


APRIL Festivals & Events BUSAN

Gijang Seaweed and Kelp Festival Date. Friday, April 7 – Sunday, April 9, 2017 Location. Yidong Port, Ilgwang-myeon, Gijang Website. gijang.go.kr/festdasima

Dalmaji-Cheongsapo Culture Festival Date. Saturday, April 8 – Sunday, April 9, 2017 Location. Dalmaji Eoul Madang (gathering place), Cheongsapo Website. tour.haeundae.go.kr

Daejeo Tomato Festival Date. Saturday, April 8 – Sunday, April 9, 2017 Location. Gangseo Sports Park Plaza and Indoor Gymnasium Website. bsgangseo.go.kr/visit

The Gijang Anchovy Festival: Seafood for the Senses! Flattering the Senses in April Festivals (Busan) The Gijang Anchovy Festival is nationally famous for spring seafood and Daebyeon Anchovy is a typical Gijang speciality. The Gijang Anchovy Festival is held annually at the end of April, during the mature stage of the anchovy cycle. The festival has become the most popular event in Gijang-gun. This event promotes the anchovy as a popular spring food and also helps the local economy by bringing visitors to this largescaled event. Also, it inspired new tourism programs which are closely connected to cultural sites and the natural coast scenery. It highlights the image of Gijang-gun as a future Marine Tourist City. It is one of the most popular April Festivals in Busan, which flatters the senses with unique and attractive spring seafood delicacies and the exciting atmosphere of Daebyeon Port. Date. Friday, April 21 – Sunday, April 23, 2017 Location. Daebyeon Port, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun Host. Gijang Anchovy Festival Association Organizers. Busan Metropolitan City, Gijang-gun Council, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd (KHNP) Gori Nuclear Head Office, Gijung Suhyup Busan Metropolitan Corporation, East Busan Golf & Resort, Lotte Mall (East Busan Store). Source. Korea Tourism Organization BFIC 17


MAY Festivals & Events BUSAN

Global Gathering 2017 Busan's Global Family Festival where neighbors meet in harmony. The biggest annual multicultural festival in Busan is going to be held for the 12th time on Saturday, May 20th at Samnak Riverside Sports Park (Ecological Park). Come and enjoy world cultural performances, arts, crafts, food, global Information booths, a flea market, the global talking (international gathering point) & sports zones and entertainment from different countries. Participate and create great memories with your family and friends and‌friends yet met! Date. Saturday, May 20, 2017, 10:00~17:00 Location. Samnak Riverside Sports Park (Ecological Park) Hosts. Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Foundation for International Cooperation and the Busan Immigration Office.

Haeundae Sand Festival A world of are made of sand The Haeundae Sand Festival, Korea’s largest sand-basedand eco-friendly-themed festival, took its first steps with the success of APEC 2005. It has since become a household name and is recognized as an event where people communicate with nature and are reminded of dreams and hopes filled with imagination and adventure. Sculpters from all over the world participate in this sand festival that attracts many tourists every year. Nearby, there are many famous sightseeing spots such as beautiful Marine City with its night view; Sampo, where fresh seafood can be enjoyed; and the Dalmajii-gil Road, where you can stroll under the moonlight. Date. Friday, May 26 - Monday, May 29, 2017. Location. Haeundae Beach Host. Haeundae-gu Managemen. Haeundae Culture and Tourism Council and Haeundae Sand Festival Management Committee. Source. Korea Tourism Organization, Haeundae-gu.

Joseon Tongsinsa Festival Busan promotes peace and harmony with Japan Every year in May, the Busan Cultural Foundation holds the Joseon Tongsinsa Festival in Yongdusan Park, in order to carry on the historical meaning of Joseon Tongsinsa which contributed to peace and friendship between Korea and Japan. Date. Friday, May 5 - Sunday, May 7, 2017 Location. Yongdusan Park, Gwangbok-ro, Busan Metropolitan City Office, History Museum of Joseon Tongsinsa Host. Busan Metropolitan City Management. Jung-gu Office, Dong-gu Office, Seo-gu Office, Youngdo-gu Office, Busan Tourism Organization Source. Joseon Tongsinsa Website www.tongsinsa.com


Busan Port Festival Eurasia Gateway, Busan Port! The Busan Port Festival has been held annually since 2008 as a way to promote The Port of Busan—one of the top ports in the world. The festival offers a variety of programs related to port activity, culture and education. One of the outstanding programs featured at the festival is the Busan Port Tour, in which visitors board a ship to tour North Port. Another popular program is the reenactment of ship stop and embarkation exercise experience involving a naval and marine police vessels, both of which are rarely seen. The Busan Port Parade offers music and a dynamic performance. The Busan Port Stamp Tour allows one to enjoy various exhibitions and handson programs at the National Maritime Museum and other festival facilities. Date. Friday, May 26 – Sunday, May 28, 2017 Location. Busan North Port (to watch the performances), Youngdo-gu (to see the embarkation event) Host. Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries, Busan Port Authority Management. Busan Culture & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee Special sponsors. Busan Youngdo-gu, Dong-gu Sponsors. Korea Maritime Institute, Korea Maritime Fisheries Research Institute, National Oceanographic Research Institute, National Fisheries Quality Management Institute, Marine Environment Education Center, Korea Maritime University, Korea Maritime Institute, Busan Maritime Federation, Busan Science and Technology Council, Citizens' Club Source. Busan Culture & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee

Busan Alleyway Festival Date. Friday, May 5 - Saturday, May 6, 2017 Venue. Busan’s Historic Downtown Jung-gu, Seo-gu, Dong-gu, Yeongdo-gu Website. bfo.or.kr/festival_city


JUNE Festivals & Events


Taejongdae Hydrangea Festival Beautiful hygrangeas in an ocean side setting Taejongsa Temple is located in the Taejongdae National Park. There are 200 species of the hydrangea flower planted and groomed for over 35 years by the residents of Taejong. These people wanted to share the flower’s amazing scent and beauty, so they set up a festival promotion committee. The first festival was organized in 2006. This annual event takes place in June and July and will become one of your favorite festivals in Korea because of the indescribable beauty of the flowers. You have to see them in person. Date. Saturday, June 24 – Sunday, July 2, 2017 Location. Taejongdae National Park Host. Taejongsa Temple Programs. Exhibition of hydrangeas, performances and events Information. Yongdo-gu culture & tourism website tour.yeongdo.go.kr

Gwangalli Eobang Festival Date. Friday, May 5 - Saturday, May 6, 2017 Venue. Gamchon Culture Village Website. gamcheon.or.kr

Gwangalli Eobang Festival Date. Friday, May 12 - Sunday, May 14, 2017 Venue. Gwanganli Beach Website. suyeong.go.kr/Gwangalli BFIC 19


Busan Cultural Life Let’s enjoy Busan’s culture and art life with friends, family, lovers or even alone. It will still be fun!




Happy by Coincidence

Liar 3

2017 Hip-hop Festival


Flat man

2017 Ailee National tour Concert WELCOME HOME BUSAN

17.01.29~Open Run ANArt Hall, Seomyeon

17.04.14~17.04.16 Sohyang theater Sinhancard Hall

17.03.09~17.05.14 KNN Theater 17.03.14~17.05.14 Yongcheon Jiral Small Theater

Monte Cristo-Busan

King of Comedy


Cat In the Rooftop Room

17.05.12~17.05.14 Busan Citizen Hall, Grand Theater 17.05.27~17.05.28 Busan Citizen Hall, Grand Theater


17.03.10~17.04.30 Busan Festival Small Theater 17.03.23~17.05.21 BNK Busan Bank Joeun Theater No.1

17.04.23 Busan KBS Hall

17.04.22 Busan KBS Hall

Comedy Star, 19 Rated Gag show-Busan 11.11.05~Open Run Yunhyeongbin Small Theatre


Sports Pro Baseball

Lotte Giants Home Match schedule vs

Apr May Jun









KIA Doosan















2017 K K League(Soccer)

17.03.04~Around 17.11 Gudeok Stadium / Asiad Stadium in Busan

2016-2017 KCC BL (Basket Ball) 2017 Exciting Saturday Night <Happy Gukak Tree> 17.02.04~17.12.30 Busan National Gukak Center Small Theater

Family Performance

Bubble Magic Show

17.04.22~17.04.23 Busan Buk-gu Cultural Ice Sports Center Busan Danurim Center Danurim Hall

Hobi Show

17.05.05~17.05.06 Busan Citizen Hall, Grand Theater

16.10.22~17.05.04 Busan Busan Sajik Gymnasium

2017Adidas My Run Busan 17.04.16 Bexco outdoor parking lot (Assemble) Front of Busan Museum of Art (Departure) Gwangan Bridge (upper story) Gwangalli Beach (Arrive)

Let It Go-Busan Dreaming Magic Bubble Show 17.05.05 17.1.21~Open run Gaon Art Hall

Busan KBS Hall

Busan Citizen Hall, Grand Theater

17.05.06~17.05.07 Sohyangtheater Sinhancard Hall

Lightning Man’s Secret Steel Fire Brigade Fire Robo <Lighting Man and the Mystical 17.04.29~17.04.30 lsland> Encore


Busan National Gukak Center 2017 Gukak Culture School 17.03.06 ~ 17.11.10 2017 Exciting Saturday Happy Gukak Tree 17.02.04 ~ 17.12.30 16:00 Yejidang Small Theater Empathy Tuesday <Our Culture with Artisans> 17.04.11 ~ 19:30 Yejidang Small Theater ‘Music Concert with Commentator’ of Korean Traditional Music Tour for Youth 17.04.13 ~ 10:30 Yejidang Small Theater Performance for Cruse Tourists ‘Beautiful Korea, Dynamic Busan’ 17.05.22 / 07.02 / 07.23 15:00 Yeonakttang Grand Theater

6th Busan Person Lee Taesuk Memorial Committee <Night of Melodies and Aria> 17.05.17 Grand Theater

Open music concert with the Orchestra for Citizens 17.06.28 Grand Theater

2017 Busan Adolescence Art Exhibition (Students Paint Contest) 17.05.18 ~ 17.05.24 Grand Exhibition Room

Together with Cho, Yoon Bum Matinee Wellbeing Concert- Opera Story I 17.06.30 Grand Theater

Sharing Culture Concert by the Busan Chorus 17.05.19 Geumjeong Cultural Center Grand Theate Haeundae Culture 17.05.22 Center Grand Theater Yeongdo Cultural 17.05.23 Center Grand Theater 2017 Busan Adolescence Art Exhibition (Adolesence Experiencing Flower Bouquet) 17.05.26 ~ 17.05.27 Grand Exhibition Room Chengdam Monk : an Exhibition of Posthumous Works and Namgok Calligraphy 17.05.29 ~ 17.06.01 Grand Exhibition Room

Korea Chusa Painting and Art Competition 17.04.28 ~ 17.05.01 Grand Exhibition Room Together with Cho, Yoon Bum Matinee Wellbeing Concert- Opera StoryIl Grand Theater 17.05.01 19:00 30th Anniversary and 17th Musical Performance Grand Theater 17.05.01 19:00 2017 Busan City Performers Small Theater 17.05.01 ~ 17.05.03 Duo Piano Concert Grand Theater 17.05.02

Steel Fire Brigade Fire Robo Grand Theater 17.04.29 ~ 17.04.30 Hobi Show 17.05.05 ~ 17.05.06

Grand Theater

Monte Cristo 17.05.12 ~ 17.05.14

Grand Theater

Jump 17.05.27 ~ 17.05.28

Grand Theater

Busan City Gukak Classical Music Orchestra <Gukak Classical Music Festival> Grand Theater 17.05.29 ~ 17.05.30 Bak Kyeongjin Gayageum Solo Concert Small Theater 17.05.31

Busan Cultural Center

Citizen Center

Together with Cho, Yoon Bum Matinee Wellbeing Concert- Opera Story III Grand Theater 17.05.31 37th National Citizen Exhibition 17.06.02 ~ 17.06.07 Grand Exhibition Room United States St. Olaf University Choir Invitational concert Grand Theater 17.06.04 Busan Contemporary Writers Committee Ulsan Modern Artist Exchange 17.06.08 ~ 17.06.14 Grand Exhibition Room 2017Lao-tzu and Beethoven ‘Joy/Anger/Sorrow/Pleasure(喜怒哀樂)’ - II. Anger(怒) Grand Theater 17.06.10

City Art Center Yoo Young-guk, Absolute and Freedom 2 floor Exhibition 17.03.29 ~ 17.06.25 New Collection Exhibition 3 floor Exhibition April ~ June Collection Exhibition 3 floor Exhibition April ~ June Donated Established Exhibition 17.03.29 ~ 17.06.25 2 floor Exhibition Elementary practical Art Candidate Exhibition 1st Floor Lobby May ~ June

Busan Cinema Center Sky Theater

Special Busan City Choir Concert Folk Song Choir Concert Grand Theater 17.05.10

Korea Modern Art Committee Member Exhibition and Invited Nominated Artists 17.06.15 ~ 17.06.20 Grand Exhibition Room

2017 Daylight YouU; Concert April 17.04.18 11:00

14th Busan Calligraphy Exhibition 17.05.12 ~ 17.05.15 Grand Exhibition Room

Busan Painting Exhibition 17.06.25 ~ 17.06.30 Grand Exhibition Room

34th Busan International Short Movie Opening Ceremony 17.04.25 19:00


National Ocarina Festival 17.04.29 ~ 17.04.30 2017 Martene Concert May Yoo Jun-sang, His Acting and Music 17.05.09 11:00 Together with Ara Music Family Concert 17.05.11 19:30 2017 Daylight YouU; Concert May 17.05.16 11:00 2017 Matinee Concert June Haruki Music Salon 17.06.13 11:00 192 MBC Thursday Music Concert Meeting with Ocarina, Harmonica, Guitar ACCOMPANY 17.06.15 19:30 Family Love Music Concert that has Narration 17.06.17 17:00 13th Stroke Percussion Concert 17.06.18 18:00 Daylight YouU; Concert June 17.06.20 11:00

Busan Cinema Center Academy

2017 K Cat Fair Busan (10th Korea Pet Corporation Exhibition) 17.04.29 ~ 17.04.30 10:00 ~ 18:00 2nd Exhibition 1st Floor4th (A,B,C,D,E,F) Hall

Bexco BETHENIGHT 17.04.29 ~ 17.04.29


MIDAS Show King Party in Korea 2017 Auditorium 17.05.13 ~ 17.05.13 2017 Kerry and Toy Friends 17.06.24 ~ 17.06.25 Auditorium 11:00 ~ 17:00 2017 BNK Concert 17.11.04 ~ 17.11.04


2017 COMIC WORLD 103 17.05.06 ~ 17.05.07 10:00 ~ 17:00 1st Exhibition 2A Hall 2017 Busan mbc Bike and Running Festival 17.04.16 ~ 17.04.16 07:00 ~ 14:00 Outdoor exhibition and outdoor parking lot

20th Century Philosophy Stroll 17.04.08 ~ 17.04.30 14:00 ~ 17:00 (Sat., Sun.) BIFF Hill 2nd Floor Lecture Room B

2017 Organic Eco-Friendly Back to Rural and Farming 17.04.13 ~ 17.04.16 1st Exhibition 1st Floor 2nd (A, B) Hall

Image Workshop 2017 17.04.08 ~ 17.06.04 18:00 ~ 21:00 (Sat., Sun.) Editing Teaching Class Room

2017 Busan International BALANCE Festival 17.04.13 ~ 17.04.16 10:00 ~ 17:00 1st Exhibition 1st Floor 3rd Hall

9th Making Movie Workshop 17.03.25 ~ 17.07.30 14:00 ~ 17:00 BIFF Hill 2nd Floor Lecture Room A

2017 Home Living & Household Goods Exhibition 17.04.13 ~ 17.04.16 10:00 ~ 18:00 1st Exhibition 1st Floor 1st Hall

Life & Art, Making Movie Standard 17.05.09 ~ 17.06.01 19:00 ~ 21:00 (Tue., Thu.) BIFF Hill 2nd Floor Editing Teaching Class Room Professor Lee Ji Hoon’s Jean-Luc Godard <Histories of Movie> 17.05.13 ~ 17.05.28 14:00 ~ 17:00 (Sat., Sun.) BIFF Hill 2nd Floor Lecture Room B Children Adolescent Teaching Program 2017 17.02.10 ~ 17.12.22 9:30 ~ 18:00 (Weekdays) Lecture Room A, B, Editing Teaching Class Room, Cinema

2017 6th Busan InternationalPicture Art Fair 17.04.20 ~ 17.04.24 1st Exhibition 1st Floor 2(A, B) Hall 2017 MBC & KNN Wedding Exhibition in Bexco 17.04.21 ~ 17.04.23 2nd Exhibition 1st Floor 4th (A, B) Hall 21st 2017 Busan Startup Exhibition 17.04.27 ~ 17.04.29 10:00 ~ 18:00 1st and 2nd Exhibition 1st Floor 1,4(C,D,E,F) Hall

Busan Contents Market 2017 17.05.10 ~ 17.05.13 1st Exhibition 1st Floor 2nd ,3rd Hall 2017 5th World Beauty Festival 17.05.26 ~ 17.05.27 09:00 ~ 21:00 2nd Exhibition 1st Floor 5thD,EHall Art Busan 2017 17.06.01 ~ 17.06.05 1st Exhibition 1st Floor 3rd(A,B)Hall 2017 Home Table Deco Fair in Busan 17.06.08 ~ 17.06.11 1st Exhibition 1st Floor 3rd(A,B)Hall 2017 Korea Convention “GOOD TO GREAT” 17.06.10 ~ 17.06.16 11:00 ~ 18:00 1st Exhibition 1,2 Hall 2017 3rd International Marine Safety Expo 17.06.14 ~ 17.06.16 1st Exhibition 3rd(A,B)Hall 2017 Busan International Train and Logistics Industry Exhibition 17.06.14 ~ 17.06.17 1st Exhibition 1,2 Hall 2017 Busan International Tea & Craft Fair 17.06.15 ~ 17.06.18 2nd Exhibition 4(A,B,C) Hall 2017 Busan BWC Busan Wedding Fair 17.06.16 ~ 17.06.18 10:00 ~ 20:00 2nd Exhibition 4(D,E,F)Hall 24th Busan International Food Contest and Busan Café Show 2017 17.06.21 ~ 17.06.24 1st Exhibition 1st Floor 1, 2A Hall 2017 Busan International Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting Exhibition 17.06.22 ~ 17.06.25 1st Exhibition 1st Floor 2B Hall, 3rd (A,B) Hall



Spring has also come to Taejongdae Park and


Hwangryeongsan, where the old memories of

Incity tour The most classic but unforgettable tourist spot

Busan citizens linger. It is a good place to take a walk from April to June, Busan people are aware of this but we don’t really know this place (there is a lot to see) I visited this once and went back to places I did not know well. Posts Busan Tourism Organization (BTO). Photos Michael Kazemi


Pla t

for m Ta Jag ewo al n Ma da Ob ng se rva Y tor Lig eong y hth do ou se Tae jon gsa Pla T tfo empl rm e

There are 4 bus stops available within Taejongdae Amusement Park.

Between spring and summer,

Five ways to enjoy Taejongdae Amusement Park Taejongdae means “place that king Taejong enjoyed.” It was named by the 29th

Observatory Renewal Opening in March

1F Busan Food Corner, Cafe, Bakery 2F Busan fish paste, convenience store 3F Seafood restaurant

king of the Silla Kingdom (AD 935), King Taejong Mu-Yeol (Mr. Kim Chun Chu). The King traveled many places in Korea but was struck by the beauty when he arrived at this place and saw the cliffs, the pine trees and the strangely shaped rocks scattered along the coast. Here he practiced archery while enjoying the scenery. This landscape was formed by glaciers about 120,000 years ago and is a wonderful place

Youngdo Lighthouse It was recently replaced in 2004 and has become a marine tourist attraction in Busan. It has a lighthouse facility, an art gallery, and a museum of natural history.

Taejongsa Taejong Temple, built in 1976, is a shrine planted with Borii trees from the government of Sri Lanka and with Jinsinsari, small crystals sometimes found among the remains of cremated monks. In particular, Taejongsa will hold a 'Taejongdae Hydrangea Festival' which showcases over 200 kinds of hydrangeas that have been cultivated for over 35 years. You can enjoy colorful hydrangeas as well as various other performances and cultural experiences.. Taejong Temple Cruise ship can be seen from the sea and tourists can appreciate the rocky cliffs and arch islands.and arch islands.


to understand Busan's natural history and beautiful scenery. Entrance. Adults 3,000 won, Youth 2,000 won, Children 1,500 won per ticket Opening hours. 9:00 - 19:00

The best healing place in Busan! Busan's signature sightseeing spot!

Hwangryeong Mountain View Shelter On the second and third Saturday of every month, the pan-flute concert and busking performance begins at 8:30pm. It creates a special cultural space with an impressive night view.

Hwangryoungsan Prospect Shelter is a beautiful sightseeing spot for Busan tourists and citizens. Hwangryoungsan Prospect Shelter is Busan's most famous sightseeing spot where tourists and locals can take in a breath taking vista of the city and harbor. You can enjoy panoramic view of Busan with a drink and local snacks. In addition, there are three viewing decks in Hwangryeong Mountain, which offer the best view in Busan (Gwangan Bridge, Yeonje-gu City Hall, Busanjin-gu Seomyeon). It is considered to be the largest viewing facility from which to enjoy the whole city of Busan and admire the scenery all the way to the downtown area. It is also a favorite place for mountain climbing, trekking, a leasieurly drive and for a date. It is surely the best place to relax and appreciate the sightseeing photo exhibitions that capture the beautiful scenery of Hwangryeong Mountain.

Opening hours. 10:00-23:00. Open all year except holidays BFIC 25



Regional tour Spring attractions

Jeju Island is known for its stone formations, diving women, food and wind. It is a place loved by people from all over the world and a favorite tourist destination in Korea! Go on a food tour to Jeju Island, a rising famous food destination. Source. Korea Tourism Organization(KTO)

The Appetizing JEJU Snacks There are many famous snacks in Jeju. Among these, the best food is black pork skewers and saury kimbap in Seogwipo Daily Olle Market. The black pork skewers with tightly packed raw meat are just as good as they look. Cut the grilled meat twice, then put on plenty of the sauce and Katsuo-bushi (shaved dried fish). Saury kimbap has a special taste with a real saury fish head sticking out of one end and its tail in the other end. It is also popular with a sweet bun shaped like a Dolhareubang Recommended Restaurant and Menu Information Negeoli Restaurant boiled and grilled seafood specialties Jinju Restaurant abalone ttugbaegi Haeundae garden grilled black pork · abalone ttugbaegi

Recommended Food Itinerary Seogwipo Daily Olle Market → Jaguri Culture and Arts Park → Sochunji → Aqua Planet Jeju → Sejji Koji → Genius Road


(human shaped stone) and sweet citrus juice. After the market visit, take a rest at the Guri Art & Culture Park, where the indigo sea and art works are mixed. There are many good cafes in the vicinity. Visit the ‘Viewcrest’ with its beautiful ocean view, the ‘Jestory’ with cute little knick-knacks and the ‘Badada’ which is a unique cafe. Don’t miss 'Aqua Planet Jeju' which explores mysteries under the sea and Halla Mountain Panorama Sochunji reflected in the sea.

The rail bed is wide and the gravel offers a challenge to cyclists without bothering hikers. Out of the tunnel the urban

Travel’s Note

scape is replaced by the pine trees on both sides. Dalmaji

Track Trekking The Busan Coast

Hill comes down on the left and plunges to the sea framed in pine branches on the right. It's a pleasant 40 minutes from the tunnel to the fishing village of Cheongsapo. If the tide is out you can have a sit on the pebble beach or take a coffee in

Haeundae to


one of the numerous cafes along the waterfront. From here you have two options, head back through the pine forest paths on the hill or continue on to Songjeong Beach. If you chose the first, there are three options. Take the bus from Cheongsapo or walk. If you walk you have two options. Half way up the road towards the bridge that crosses above the road, there is a path on the left that leads into the pine woods. This is the Moon Walk that skirts the hill in a delightfully pine scented green. Or you can head up from this path to the main Dalmaji coast road with the cafe's and art galleries. What better way to spend an afternoon than gazing

Written by Patrick Donahue

out at the sea from the second floor terrace of a coffee shop or meandering the back streets and taking in some of Busan's

Looking for a great sunny day out along the Busan coast

cutting edge art?

without any traffic and some fantastic scenery? Go over

But if you decide to continue your outing from Cheongsapo

to the bottom of Dalmaji Hill's Moon Walk promenade by

to Songjeong, rejoin the tracks and continue up a bit of an

Haeundae beach and head down the road towards the water.

incline to a bend where there are the remains of a military

A hundred meters or so and you will come to a railroad

watch point now converted into a weather station. Around the

crossing. Turn left and you have just connected up with

bend the topography begins to flatten out as the tree-covered

Busan's own example of "Tracks to Trails". The old rails north

hills of Songiljeong point comes into view and then Songjeong

out of the now defunct Haeundae Train Station have been

beach proper with its surfers. The town itself is very laid back.

pulled up most of its windy way to the coast but tracks still

None of the trendy flounce or honeymooners of Haeundae.

hug the water from Haeundae Beach to Songjeong Beach 6

The beach road has coffee trucks, a surfing school and a

kilometers to the north.

relaxed, small town California atmosphere. It's a good place

Part of the pleasure of the promenade is the variety of

for lunch or just relaxing on the sand.

scenery. This first bit offers an unobstructed view of

When you are ready to head back, just head away from the

Haeundae Beach with Zenith and IPark towers providing a

beach, back across the tracks where you might see the old

blue-silver backdrop to the warm glow of the Golden Suites

Songjeong train Station that look very much as if, it has been

apartment tower. The Gwanggan "Diamond" Bridge carries

transplanted from a Hollywood movie. It is on the national

the eye across Suyeongman Bay to the hills above the Orykdo

registry as a place of historic interest and often hosts art

islands. Then the sea swings out, dotted with fishing trawlers,

exhibititions. A taxi ride back to Haeundae beach is about

cargo ships and the occasional navy vessel staking a clear

6000KRW or you can take any of the many buses.

claim to the waters. This sunny stretch of trail ends abruptly

It’s a great outing, combining a healthy walk with vista

as you go into a tunnel, where, on the day we hiked, an

scenery, some history, and a variety of places to relax. Happy

enterprising lady was selling water and frozen milkshakes.

track trekking! BFIC 27

International Communities

Busan International Women Association BIWA International Women’s Cultural Exchange and Charity Community with a history

Photos and Written by Lori Turner (BIWA President)

Since 1965, BIWA has been bringing Korean and non-Korean women together for cultural exchange as well as charity. BIWA is an organization in which women coming from all over the world and living in Busan can come together to meet new friends, share cultures, exchange new ideas, participate in many activities, and make a difference in the community in which we are so fortunate to live. We currently have 109 members from 26 different countries. This diversity allows for an amazing educational opportunity and the chance to develop life-long relationships. However, raising money for local charities is our main goal.

The Busan International Women’s Association raises

money to support people in the local Korean community who are in need. Each month BIWA donates funds to charitable organizations such as Love Field, Bitdulae Study Room, Maesil Children’s Home, various soup kitchens and several individuals.

BIWA’s two main fundraisers are the Christmas Bazaar and the spring event. Our largest annual charity event is the BIWA Christmas Charity Bazaar. BIWA has been organizing this event for more than 20 years. In 2008, the Haeundae Grand Hotel started hosting the Christmas Bazaar. It is a great opportunity for BIWA, the local Korean and foreign communities to work together to raise money for charity. It is also a chance for women from different countries to share their cultures and 28 BUSAN BEAT SPRING 2017

experience with others. Whether it is making handicrafts for sale or baking goodies for the baking booth, we work tirelessly and cherish the time we spend together. It is this work, and endless generosity that brings all of us together for the main purpose of raising money for those less fortunate than ourselves. This is what brings communities together, and this is why we hold our annual charity events. Last December, our Christmas Bazaar raised over 30,000,000KRW for charity.

Mardi Gras Ball and Charity Fundraiser Date. Saturday, April 22 2017 Venue. Haeundae Grand Hotel

BIWA does not have an official office, but we overcome time and space constraints and work online and offline. BIWA is a great source of information. Though our main objective is raising money for our local charities, I feel that we also need to be a resource for all women.

This year, our spring event will be,” Mardi Gras Ball and Charity Fundraiser” to be held on Saturday April 22nd at the Haeundae Grand Hotel. This is open to the public. Tickets are currently on sale at biwaspringball@gmail.com. The ticket includes champagne, hors d’ oeuvres, an elegant 5 course dinner, a cash bar, a silent auction, and dancing. Each guest will receive a Mardi Gras mask and beads. The dress code is semi-formal, but we are encouraging guests to be colorful and unique. Prizes will be given to the “King and Queen of the Ball”, who are chosen by a secret panel during the celebration.

Membership into BIWA is open to women interested in participating in the activities and charity work of the association, and who reside in Busan or the Kyongsang Namdo area. We hold monthly coffee mornings, which are posted on our public BIWA Facebook page that allow women of all ages to come and join us for coffee and conversation. This is open to the public, which allows a very casual atmosphere. You do not have to join BIWA in order to attend the coffee mornings. We feel it is important to be a resource for all expat women. We have International and Korean Hospitality ladies that meet

with women who wish to ask about our organization, but may not be able to attend the coffee morning. As the BIWA President, I try to make myself available for those meetings. Becoming a member is as easy as filling out an application form, and paying the 60,000KRW annual dues. These annual dues are used in support of our BIWA charities. If you are interested in joining BIWA or just wish to attend one of our coffee mornings, you may contact us on our BIWA Facebook page or by email. www.facebook.com/busanbiwa/ biwakorea@gmail.com BFIC 29

International Communities

The Busan Foreign

Culture Market Monthly international market for social gathering and charity Written by Cathryn Warrener | Picture Rohan Lewis

The Busan Foreign Culture Market is a monthly event where you can see taste and buy products from around the world. At the March event participants from the U.K., Russia, Malaysia, America, Canada, Pakistan, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and Korea shared food and cultural products all handmade with love and care. A variety of ready-to-eat food is available so visitors can enjoy lunch or dinner at the event while looking around and shopping at the different booths.

This event, where community, culture

directly to a local women’s shelter

BFCM also offers different community

and charity meet, BFCM raises money

and other organizations. Every month

groups the chance to participate and

for a number of local and international

an army of international and Korean

share information. In the past, these

causes including Sae Gil Welfare

volunteers come together to sort, set up

have included the Laochra (Gaelic

Corporation, Busan Abandoned Pet

and sell the goods giving the donations

football) team, Busan Code Camp

Sanctuary, Educate a Child and local

to charity. BFCM works in conjunction

(a meet up for people interested in

children’s homes. It also acts as a

with We-Hope, an Ulsan based NGO, which

learning about coding) and recently One

donation point where people can drop

is in the process of expanding to other

Billion Rising Busan, a group coordinating

off clothes and other items, which are

cities. We-Hope plans to have a number

a number of events to raise money

then sold for charity, used in carnival

of community based volunteer programs

and awareness about issues such as,

style games as prizes or donated

operating in Busan in the near future.

domestic violence and equality.


These events will cumulated in the

the event taking place in bars, the

Vagina Monologues Performances, which

event strives to be inclusive and family

took place at the end of March.

friendly with children most definitely

The first ever Busan Foreign Culture

welcome. Information on future events

Market was organized in January 2015

can be found on the Facebook page

and since then it has expanded from

www.facebook.com/busanmarket or by

one to three locations with plans to add

e-mailing wehopebusan@gmail.com.

a fourth soon. Currently the event takes

We are always looking towards involving

place in HQ bar, Beached Bar and Owl

more people so if you are interested in

& Pussycat Taproom, all of which are

running your own booth or volunteering

located along Gwangali beach. Despite

at our event please get in touch with us.

Contact. Cathryn Warrener facebook.com/busanmarket cathrynwarrenter@hotmail.co.uk BFIC 31

People & Business An Interview with Than Kyaw Tun, An International Student from Myanmar

Than Kyaw Tun is from Yangon, Myanmar and is 24 years old. He graduated from Yangon University of Foreign Languages with a major in Korean Language. He later majored in Architecture Engineering at Pukyong National University in Korea in an undergraduate program. He has lived in Korea for 4 years and currently works as a foreign employee in Hyundai Engineering & Construction (Hyundai E&C). He talks about his university life in Korea and how he got a job in Korea.

Recently, the increase in youth unemployment rate, and the decrease of international students in Korea are of concern and related to the present economic situation. However, an international student from Myanmar who studied at a University in Busan has good news! Written by Yukyoung Park | Picture Than Kyaw Tun

Why did you come to Busan?

first ‘Future Leaders Camp’ following the

about Korea, so i had no idea what i

Before I tell you about my reason for

twinning of Busan and Yangon. That is

might need to go to Seoul or anywhere

coming to Busan, I will first tell you

the story of how I visited Korea for the

else. At that time, I could say I had no

how I came to Korea for the first time.

first time. The reason I came to study

idea about Busan and I came here

While studying Korean in university

in Busan later was that in my final year

without knowing where the city was in

in Myanmar, I heard that Yangon City

at the university in Myanmar, I suddenly


Hall was recruiting participants for

discovered there was a new scholarship

a “2013 Future Leaders Camp” to be

program being offered by Pukyong

held in Busan, I thought it would be

National University to five university

a great chance to visit Korea and

students in Myanmar. I had majored in

Busan, so one of my Myanmar friends

Korean language at that time and, after

Why did you take undergraduate program again after you have a B.A degree from Myanmar? What was the reason for changing your major?

and I entered and eventually won a

I saw the contents of this program, I

I already graduated from the university

difficult competition and this enabled

wanted to apply for it. I took the written

in Myanmar and had majored in Korean

us to visit Korea for the first time

test and interview and finally I was

language. I could have gotten a job

as representatives of Yangon city. It

selected as one of the five successful

at a company with my knowledge of

was a great honor for us to be the

candidates and got an opportunity to

Korean but I didn't think there would

representatives of Yangon city in the

study in Busan. I didn’t know anything

be any guarantee for my future for the


long term. I decided it was better to

students. That was at the end of

of Hyundai Motor Group, it does civil

learn about Architectural Engineering

last November. He was contacted by

engineering, environmental projects,

as a technical skills and find my own

Hyundai E&C about foreign student’s

construction, residential housing,

professional way. Also, the reason why I

recruitment (China, Myanmar, Cambodia

industrial plant construction, nuclear

majored in Architecture Engineering is

and Vietnam). He suggested i apply as

and other electricity power facility

that Myanmar is one of the last lands

it was such a perfect opportunity as

planning and construction both in Korea

of opportunity in Southeast Asia. It is

a Citizen of Myanmar and majoring in

and worldwide.

constantly developing and changing

Architectural Engineering. I prepared

day by day. But I think it still lacks the

the necessary documents such as self-

infrastructure that is necessary for first

introduction letters and applied in the

stage for a country to develop. The fact

beginning of December, 2016.

that Korea's architectural technology

W h a t wa s t h e j o b i n t e r v i e w process? There were four steps in the application process: (1) application (2) document

What was necessary for you as a foreign student to work in Korea and how did you prepare it?

screening (3) interview and (4) a

If you want to work in Korea as an

document screening process, I needed

international student, you should

to take an interview and it was divided

research first what you want to do while

into 3 sections (1) Korean essay writing

studying in school. In my case, I have

(2) computer literacy test and (3) an

studied Architecture Engineering and I

interview. It took about 2 hours for all of

The early days of studying abroad were

wanted to work in Korea in a field where

these sections.

the most difficult period for me. I was

I could use my major after graduation.

sad and hurt all the time because

For this reason I studied hard and

I didn’t know anyone in this foreign

gained practical experience on field and

country and no one was beside me, to

construction sites during my vacations.

ask for help. In addition, during the first

Above all, I would suggest foreign

two and half years, I was been working

students take advantage of all the

on a lot of part-time jobs to meet my

different opportunities and experiences

living expenses. On the other hand, I did

that are offered in Korea. There is a

my best to study as much as I could.

big difference between experience

As a result, I was able to get other

and inexperienced people who want

scholarships from other institution and

to work in Korea. Secondly, I would like

after that I stopped my part-time jobs

to encourage students to challenge

and spent most of my time studying. I

themselves and demonstrate endless

invested the rest of my time not only

enthusiasm in whatever they are doing.

in university activities but also in the

As long as you endeavor endlessly with

other things that I wanted to do and

the words "Your efforts will never betray

I have been constantly building and

you." You will have a great experience.

is at an excellent level in the world, it would be a good opportunity for me to take advantage of it so I can return to Myanmar and do my part to help in its development.

How was your student life in Korea?

maintaining relationships with people.

How did you get a job at the Hyundai Engineering & Construction (Hyundai E&C)?

What company is the Hyundai Engineering & Construction (Hyundai E&C) Hyundai E&C was founded in May, 1947

I got the recruiting information from

and is the second largest construction

a teacher who is in charge of foreign

company in Korea. As a subsidiary

medical check-up. After submitting my application form and passing the

What are duties in the company and what kind of training program did you receive? I am working in Safety Support Team of PRM (Project Risk Management) Division and the main task are to give safety training to foreign site workers, to draft a teaching plan and to translate documents. I have received 3 months of training which included the basic knowledge of safety management systems roles of safety manager and site training (OJT: on the job training).

What are your future plans? I don’t know how long I will be in Korea but I will do my best on my job and try to get the best results I can. If Hyundai E&C plans to enter Myanmar in the future, then I will be a keytalent and play the bridge role between Korea and Myanmar.


People & Business Busan now has its Own Traditional Czech Beer Brewery!

Global Restaurant in Busan,

PRAHA 993 Taste the History and Tradition of Hand-Crafted Czech Beer in Busan People who have fallen in love with beer may want to visit Germany and The Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is the largest producer and consumer of beer in the world. They are world-famous for their craft. Now there is a place in Busan where you can also have a taste of European beer, especially Czech traditional beer.

Written by Yukyoung Park Picture Min Ju Jung

Hours TUE ~ FRI 17:00 ~ 24:00 SAT 12:00 ~ 24:00 SUN 12:00 ~ 22:00 Closed Mondays T. 051-757-2703 E. hello@praha993.com A. F1963, 20 Gurak-ro 123 gil, Sooyoung-gu, Busan


Pra h a 9 9 3 i s a cra f t b rew e r y -

beer. We can also enjoy food made

restaurant, where you can enjoy

with original Czech recipes.

traditional Czech food and beer. It is

The owner of Paraha 993, Lucas

a microbrewery which is very rare in

Mikeca said, “In Busan, the lack of

Korea. The name of this restaurant,

traditional beer motivated me. I

Praha 993, stems from the year the

wanted to introduce my own beer

monks who lived in the middle of the

and Czech’s special culture to Korea.

Bohemia Kingdom in what is today

So I founded this bar in 2015 and I am

the Czech Republic, started brewing

operating it in earnest.”


He is currently looking for a second

At Praha 993, you can enjoy the same

location. Praha 993 is also used as

great taste of quality beer brewed in

a science experience center for

the monastery’s tradition and served

teenagers and there is a brewery

by the Prague brewers themselves.

class given by brew masters for those

Currently, the specialty brew is pale

interested in making handmade beer.

lager. It is much stronger than Korean



Busan’s New

Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education (BMCOE) announced a new multicultural education support plan.

forward-thinking Education Plan for 2017

Schools in Busan are innovating new educational

According to the statistics from the BMCOE, the number of Busan students decreased by 4.3% from 343,646 in 2015 to 328,218 in 2016, whereas the number of the multicultural students increased by 25.2% from 3,394 in 2015 to 4,284 in 2016. This amounts to 12% of the entire Busan student population.

•Outreach preparatory schools. In addition, it authorizes twenty-three schools to offer Korean classes to students who are not fluent in Korean and to run a mentoring program with teachers and university students to support basic learning and adaptation of migrants to school life.

As the number of multicultural students rises in Busan, local students need to increase their awareness of this growing segment of the city’s population. In general, local students have a positive relationship with the new-comers. However, close relationship between the two groups are infrequent. For this reason, in 2017, the BMCOE presented a new multicultural education support policy with the goal of “achieving a high level of education for all by guaranteeing educational opportunities and promoting respect for diversity”. To achieve this goal, the Office of Education will offer customized education programs for multicultural youths, enhance understanding of diversity through educational communities and consolidate the multicultural education foundation for international students.

1. Improved customized educational programs for multicultural youths The BMCOE is going to organize the following programs: •Seven multicultural kindergartens for supporting basic learning and languages of multicultural children to help their entry and adaption to public education. •Three authorized Multicultural Preparatory Institutes to provide intensive Korean language and Korean culture education for immigrate children. 36 BUSAN BEAT SPRING 2017

programs for multicultural students and North Korea refugees in order to provide them with a quality education, facilitate their entry into the public education system, foster integration into Korean society and strengthen multicultural sensitivity and global awareness. Data Resource. Busan Metropolitan Office of Education

•In addition, the BMCOE has a plan to support developing talents of multicultural students by running fifty Bilingual Educational Institutes offering better opportunities to develop one’s career and access higher education.

2. Enhance understanding of diversity through educational communities The BMCOE runs various programs for strengthening the multicultural capacity of educational communities in order to facilitate Busan’s development as a multicultural society. It also manages pilot schools for 1st graders and 8th graders to develop appropriate education programs for schools which have multicultural students, and runs multicultural oriented programs for 6th graders to promote understanding and acceptance of diversity. In addition, the BMCOE will offer various multicultural understanding programs such as classes to foster multicultural understanding, multicultural human rights and experience classes, multicultural education week programs, multicultural education capacity building training programs, counseling and fairs for parents and teachers.

3. Consolidate the Multiculture Education Foundation for International Students. Multiculture Education Support Center Opens In May 2017, the BMCOE opens the Multicultural Education

Support Center on the 4th floor of Norimaru, which is located in downtown Seomyeon. The center offers systematic and comprehensive educational support. Norimaru is located in the convenient area of Seomyeon with easy accessed by public transportation. The center has two educational rooms, two rooms for clubs, a resource room, a counseling room, a rest area and an Education Support Room. It has weekday programs - Multicultural Human Right classes, pre-schools

and counseling outreach services for academic transfers and admissions and adaptation to school life. Weekend programs include – Saturday studying room, club activities, and World Culture Classes. In addition, the BMCOE runs a multicultural education website to provide information and educational support for multicultural students. To Extend Welfare for Multicultural Juveniles and North Korean Defectors For immigrant children of multicultural families and North Korean refugee

students, who face difficulties in adapting to the Korean education system, the BMCOE created an association with related organizations to assist multicultural families and North Korean refugees and support their entrance into public education by creating specialized and varied programs. A BMCOE officer said, “The BMCOE has plans to run other associations to support the education for the North Korean refugees youth and multicultural families and also manage the Multicultural Education Commission”. BFIC 37


Teenager stress and kids problems!

Solve them through 1388 Call service _

In March, the new school semester started but current conditions in schools are stressful for students and their parents. For sensitive teenagers, school related stress is a major concern. To alleviate this growing problem, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Families deemed it necessary to take action. They started a counseling program tagged “1388 Youth Counsel Program”. This program offers counseling services to teenagers 24 hours a day, all year round. This assistance can be accessed through a phone call, text message, internet, etc. This service is not only for teenagers but also for parents and teachers who are concerned about their children’s or students’ welfare. 【Resource】 Busan Jin-gu Youth Counseling and Welfare Center, Cyber1388 Website



Busan Teenager Counseling Center HOW TO ACCESS

Call within the 010 area code

For whom

Those in need aged 9 – 24 years old


Phone call reservation request

Without area code + 1388

Call outside the 010 area code Area Code +1388



Kakao Talk

1:1 chatting available after add a friend in Kakao Plus

Cyber Counseling cyber1388.kr Visiting Service

Based on clients’ closest counsel centers



Types of programs • Personal

Counseling Counsel (parents and teenagers) • Visiting Consultation • Group Counsel through psychological tests • Parents empathy counseling • Dream Catching Program for teenagers who are no longer in school, educational support and job matching services, etc. • Group

Culture Center Programs If you are looking for something interesting to do or a new hobby, check the programs in your local culture center. Lifelong Education Centers Buk-gu Lifelong Education Center 59, Hwamyeongdaero 12beongil, Buk-gu Tel. 051-309-4161 www.bsbukgu.go.kr Busanjingu Lifelong Education Center 30, Simingongwonro, Busanjin-gu Tel. 051-605-6381~3 www.busanjin.go.kr Dong-gu Lifelong Education Center 3rd floor, 36, Choryangjungro, Dong-gu Tel. 051-469-6480~1 www.bsdonggu.go.kr Dongrea-gu Lifelong Education Center 55, Myeongnyun-ro 94beon-gil, Dongnae-gu Tel. 051-550-4000 www.dongnae.go.kr Gangseogu Lifelong Education Center 477, Nakdongbukro, Gangseogu Tel. 051-970-2301~2 www.bsgangseo.go.kr Geumjeong-gu Lifelong Education Center 49, Jakjang 2-gil, Geumjeong-gu Tel. 051-714-4231~3 www.geumjeong.go.kr Gijiang Lifelong Education Center 560, Gijangdaero, Sincheon-ri, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun Tel. 051-709-3953 www.gijang.go.kr Heaundaegu Lifelong Education Center 11, Jungdong 2-ro, Haeundaegu, Tel. 051-749-5631~5 www.haeundae.go.kr Jung-gu Lifelong Education Center 49, Donggwang-gil, Jung-gu Tel.051-600-4162 www.bsjunggu.go.kr

Nam-gu Lifelong Education Center 19, Motgol-ro, Nam-gu Tel. 051-607-4511~6 www.bsnamgu.go.kr

Contact each center for detailed schedule and programs.

Saha-gu Lifelong Education Center 324, Hasinjungangro, Saha-gu Tel. 051-220-4801~4804 www.saha.go.kr Sasang-gu Lifelong Education Center 61, Saebyeokro 168beon-gil, Sasang-gu Tel. 051-310-3241 www.sasang.go.kr

Culture Centers in Department Stores

Seo-gu Lifelong Education Center 120, Gudeokro, Seo-gu, Tel. 051-240-4041~4045 www.bsseogu.go.kr

Shinsegae Department store Centum City Tel. 051-745-1500 www.shinsegae.com

Suyeonggu Lifelong Education Center 100, Namcheondong-ro, Suyeonggu Tel. 051-622-4251 www.suyeong.go.kr

Hyundai Department store Tel. 051-647-4560 www.ehyundai.com

Busan Crafts Education Center floor, 12, Saessak-ro, Busanjin-gu Tel. 051-803-7378 www.art1004.net

Lotte Department store Busan Main 051-810-2351~2 Centumcity 051-730-2351~2 Dongrae 051-668-2351 Busan Main 051-678-2351~2 store.lotteshopping.com

Busna Foundation for International Cooperation 13th floor, 1000, Jungangdaero, Yeonjegu Tel. 051-668-7900 www.bfic.kr

Culture Centers in Commercial Establishments

Olympic Memorial Community Center 68, APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu Tel. 051-744-1181~3 www.saba.or.kr

Yeongdogu Lifelong Education Center 423, Taejongro, Yeongdogu Tel. 051-419-4515 www.yeongdo.go.kr Yeonje-gu Lifelong Education Center 2, Yeonje-ro, Yeonje-gu Tel. 051-665-4501~6 www.yeonje.go.kr

Lifelong Education College Pukyong National University 5th floor, A15 ,45, Yongso-ro, Nam-gu Tel. 051-629-6601~4 www.pknu.ac.kr

Other Support Centers Busan Arts Education Center 2nd floor, 84-1, Uam-ro, Namgu Tel. 051-745-7289 www.bsarte.or.kr

Lotte Mart culture.lottemart.com Sasang 051-329-2590~1 Busan 051-608-2590 Geumjeong 051-580-7801~3 Saha 051-603-2590 Lotte Mart culture.emart.com Moonhyun 051-609-1250 Geumjeong 051-606-1250 S a s a n g 051-329-1250 Y e o n j e 051-860-1250


FAQ Advice from Busan Global Center counselors

Counseling Cases,

Q &A

Q. If I leave Korea after my D2 visa expired, is reentry possible without another visa? Documents for extending D2 visa Application, passport, ARC ( f o re i g n e r ' s Ko re a n I D c a rd ) , certificate showing sufficient bank balance, enrollment certificate, confirmation letter from a supervising professor, transcript, document a testing to your place of residence (lease contract), a round-trip plane ticket, statement of reason for requesting extension, application fee. For more information, contact the immigration bureau or 1345.

A. There is a strong possibility that you cannot reenter if you leave Korea before you get a new visa. The best way is to apply for a new visa as soon as possible. If you have not officially graduated, you can extend your D2 visa. It is the simplest and fastest way. However if you have already graduated, then apply for D10 or F3. In the case of Nepal, it is impossible to leave Korea without an ARC (Alien Registration Card), so you have to explain your situation to immigration and ask to be issued a new card early. The last way is that you can get permission for reentry on your passport by paying a 60,000KRW fee. That permission will replace the visa.

Q. I am living in Busan with an E9 visa and I have changed my workplace. So I registered at the employment center to find a job and got a confirmation for a job-seeking period. The document says a period for job-seeking is until the end of April. However my length of stay on my alien registration is until the end of February. In this case, should I apply to extend my stay? A. You have to visit the immigration bureau and apply for extending your visa until the expiration date of your period for job-seeking.

∴ The documents for submission - Integration application form (arranged in the immigration office) - Confirmation for a job-seeking period - Document to prove the place of sojourn (residence certificate, lease contract, etc.) - Passport, Alien Registration Card - If the visa was issued before March 2, 2016 you need to submit a tuberculosis certificate. 40 BUSAN BEAT SPRING 2017

Q. Job-seeking activities with F4 visa. I entered Korea a month ago as an overseas Korean and hope to find a job in Busan. How can I find a job? A. You can search on several employment & recruitment websites. Plus, If you register yourself at the employment center in each Gu-office, they may help you find a job. To register, you need to visit the nearest employment center with your Alien Registration Card. Then they will keep helping you for six months. You can apply for an extension.

Q. How should I calculate severance pay? A. If you worked more than a year in your workplace, you can get severance pay. This is how to calculate it.

∴ Severance Pay Formula (Total salary for the last 3 months worked X 30 days) (Total days worked / 365 days)

Q. Why should foreigners pay a deposit when we have gas installed? A. In the case of foreigners, a gas company can’t get credit information, unlike Koreans. By the regulation of providing gas, foreigner needs to pay a deposit of 500,000KRW. After canceling a contract, you can get the deposit back.

Q. I couldn’t get my deposit back on my apartment in Busan. What should I do? A. It’s been a year since this problem began. But by law there is still a possibility to get back your deposit. First of all, you need to send to the owner a certified letter written by a lawyer stating the facts and your If there is no response, you can request order for payment or sue the owner. We also can provide professional counseling service. BFIC 41


Misconception & Prejudice


Korean Courtesy and Culture

Korean table manners In Uzbekistan, we place our spoon down after a meal to indicate ‘I am full, I finished my meal’. But I heard that this is bad manners in Korea. Table manners in Korea are very complex. We normally do not put a spoon or chopsticks on the bowl and or the spoon face down. We believe good luck piles up in a concave spoon. That is why we think we can lose our luck if we put a spoon, bowl or even cup face down.

Deep bow culture in Korea Why is the number of deep bows different? It came from the idea of the Ying and the Yang. We consider the living man as Yang and the dead man as Ying. The number of deep bows due is different for a living man (1 time) and a dead man (2 times). On this account, we make a deep-bow 1time to senior relatives and 2 times to our ancestors when we hold a memorial service called ‘Jesa (제사)’.

Why do Korean often ask personal questions without hesitation?_ “How old are you? What do you do? Are you married?” Every time I meet a Korean person, they ask these questions just after saying “Hello”. Why do they ask personal questions? In my culture this kind of question is not good manners and I don’t know how to reply. Korean people have a lot of interest in other people and we think sharing personal things helps us to get along well. Another example is Koreans usually say “Let’s talk down with me!”, meaning “Let’s not be formal”. It is also a way to become more intimate.



Useful Contact Information Consulate·Cultural Center Alliance Française de Busan afbusan.co.kr 051-465-0306 311, Chungnyeol-daero, Dongnae-gu American Consulate in Korea 051-863-0731 (Yangjeong-dong, Lotte Gold Rose), #612, 993, Jungangdae-ro Busanjin-gu

The Philippines Cultural Center 051-442-0025 4F, International Officetel, 263, Jungang-daero, Dong-gu, Russia Consulate in Busan 051-441-9904 8F, KEB Bld, 94 , Jungangdae-ro,Jung-gu

Foreigner Support Organizations Multi-cultural Centers Busan Bank Foreign Worker ‘Cultural Shelter’ Support foreign workers 051-201-4215~7

Busan Indonesian Center indonesiacenter.or.kr 051-365-0041 357, Geumgokdae-ro, Buk-gu

Busan Baro Call Center Support multi-cultural families and foreign residents, international exchange, etc. 051-120

Consulate General of The People’s Republic of China in Busan Busan.china-consulate.org/kor 051-743-7989 25, 394beon-gil, Haeundae-ro, Haeundae-gu,

Busan Foreign Worker Support Center Counseling for foreign workers 051-304-0900

Consulate General of the Republic of Philippines-Busan pkch.co.kr 051-513-4567 1927, Jungang-daero, Geumjeong-gu German Consulate in Busan 051-441-4112 Goethe-Institut in Busan 051-441-4115 8F, Dogil Bld., 117, Jungangdaero, Jung-gu Indian Cultural Center Busan iccbs.or.kr 051-508-4254 10, UN-ro 157beon-gil, Namgu Japanese Consulate in Busan busan.kr.emb-japan.go.jp 051-465-5101 18, Gogwan-ro, Dong-gu Mongolian Consulate in Busan 051-465-9996 (Haecheon Bld., 5F), 11, Haeundaero, 774beon-gil, Haeundae-gu Taipei Representative Busan Office 051-463-7965 9F Dongwon Building, 70, Jungang-Daero, Jung-Gu 44 BUSAN BEAT SPRING 2017

Busan Global Center Call Center Counseling for law, immigration, labor, etc. bifc.kr 1577-7716

Religious Organizations for Foreigners Bareunson Church 051-465-0306 43, 243beon-gil, Daeyeong-ro, Dong-gu Beomeosa Temple 051-508-3122 250, Beomeosa-ro, Geumjeong-gu Busan Association for Foreign Workers and Women 051-803-9181 143, Dongseong-ro, Busanjin-gu Busan Mosaic Church 051-469-1009 6, Choryangsang-ro, Jung-gu Catholic Center 051-469-1009 71, Junggu-ro, Jung-gu Gilsangsa Temple 051-741-8400 35, 867beon-gil, Bansong-ro, Haeundae-gu Hongbeopsa Temple 051-508-0345 202, 33beon-gil, Dugu-ro, Geumjeong-gu Hosanna Church 051-209-0191 2, Myeongji Ocean City 6-ro, Gangseo-gu Jurye Church 051-312-8022 64, 175beon-gil, Gayadae-ro, Sasang-gu

Danuri Call Center Support multi-cultural family liveinkorea.kr 1577-5432 / 051-508-1366

Korea Jogye Order of Korean Buddism, Gilsangsa Temple 051-973-3076 163-4, Shinchonsoryuji-gil, Gangseo-gu

Foreigner Information Center (Immigration) Counseling for immigration, sojourn, nationality 1345

Miryongsa Temple 051-404-4300 11, Dongsamnam-ro, Yeongdo-gu

Free Translation Service(BBB) liveinkorea.kr 1588-5644

Mosque(Muslim Temple) 051-518-9991 113-13, Geumdan-ro, Geumjeonggu

Invest Consulting Center Support foreigners investkorea.org 1600-7119

Pungseonghan Church 051-507-8844 391, World cup dae-ro, Yeonje-gu

Korea Migrant Women’s Human Rights Center(Busan Branch) Support migrant women 051-864-2603

Russia Missions Association 051-467-9799 3F, Chowon Bld., 58, 243beon-gil,

Samsan Foreign Residents Support Association Support foriegners samsan2121.or.kr 051-902-2248 Solidarity with Migrants Support migrants somi.or.kr 051-802-3438 Tourism Information Guide Busan tour information guide 1330 / 02-1330

Daeyeong-ro, Dong-gu Segyero Church 051-831-7123 16, 43beon-gil, Songjeong-gil, Gangseo-gu, Shinpyeongro Church 051-220-0200 73, Dadae-ro, Saha-gu Suyeongro Church 051-740-4500 43, Haeundae haebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu

Media / Publications/ Radio Stations Busan e-FM (FM 90.5) befm.or.kr Busan Haps busanhaps.com Busan Life Webzine bfic.kr/webzine Dynamic Busan dynamic.busan.go.kr

Free Online Korean Class EBS Durian ebsd.co.kr


Korea Cyber University korean.cuk.edu 02-6361-2000

Korea Bridge koreabridge.net

KOSNET kosnet.go.kr

Korean Education Center

Multilingual Storytelling storytelling.nlcy.go.kr 02-3413-4800

Busan Foundation for International Cooperation bfic.kr 051-668-7900 13F, National Pension Busan Hall, 1000, Jungangdae-ro, Yeonje-gu,

Danuri Multi-cultural Family Support Centers - /liveinkorea.kr Buk-gu 051-365-3408 76, Hyoyeol-ro, Buk-gu Busanjin-gu 051-817-4313 2F, Busanjin-gu Women and Family Cultural Center, 160, Baegyangdae-ro, Busanjin-gu Dong-gu 051-465-7171 8-1, Beomgok-ro, Dong-gu Dongnae-gu 051-506-5766 20-7, 63beon-gil, Sajikbuk-ro, Dongnae-gu Gijang-gun 051-792-4750 Gijang Social Welfare Center, 206, Chaseong-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun Haeundae-gu 051-702-8002 (Jwa 1-dong Office), 91, Yangun-ro, Haeundae-gu Nam-gu 051-610-2012 Women’s Center, 356, Suyeong-ro, Nam-gu Saha-gu 051-205-8345 (Shinpyeong-dong, NH Bank 2F), 177, Sinsan-ro, Saha-gu Sasang-gu 0051-328-1001 (Danurim Center, 4F), 51, 196beongil, Gayadae-ro, Sasang-gu


Nuri-Sejong Hakdang sejonghakdang.org 02-3276-0700 TOPIK Korea Chamkorean.com


Hospitals in Busan Bong Seng Hospital bongseng.co.kr 051-664-4000 401, Jungangdae-ro, Dong-gu Bumin Hospital buminhos.co.kr 051-330-3000 59, Mandeokdae-ro, Buk-gu Busan Centum Hospital centumhospital.com 051-750-5000 677, Suyeong-ro, Suyeong-gu Busan St. Mary’s Hospital bsm.or.kr 051-933-7114 25-14, 232beon-gil, Yongho-ro, Nam-gu Dong-A University Hospital damc.or.kr 051-240-2400 26, Daesingongwon-ro, Seo-gu Dong-Eui Hospital demc.kr 051-867-5101 62, Yangjeong-ro, Busanjin-gu Dongnae Bong Seng Hospital bongseng.com 051-531-6000 27, 109beon-gil, Anyeon-ro, Dongnae-gu

Dongrae Wooridul Hospital dongrae.wooridul.co.kr 051-559-5000 286, Chungryeoldae-ro, Dongnae-gu Good Moonhwa Hospital moonhwa.or.kr 051-644-2002 119, Beomil-ro, Dong-gu Good GangAn Hospital gang-an.or.kr 051-625-0900 493, Suyeong-ro, Suyeong-gu Hannah Women’s Hospital hannah4u.com 051-625-2300 7, 481beon-gil, Hwangryeongdaero, Suyeong-gu Hyosung City Hospital hshos.com 051-709-3000 135, Haeundae-ro, Haeundae-gu Inje University Paik Hospital paik.ac.kr 051-890-5001 Busan Paik Hospital, Bokji-ro, 75, Busanjin-gu Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital paik.ac.kr/haeundae/ 051-797-0100 875, Haeundae-ro, Haeundae-gu Marynoll Medical Center maryknoll.co.kr 051-465-8801 121, Junggu-ro, Jung-gu Pusan National University Hospital pnuh.or.kr 051-240-7000 179, Gudeok-ro, Seo-gu, Busan Songsan Medical Foundation Maritime Hospital 해양요양병원.kr 051-466-0008 31, 13beon-gil , Chungjangdae-ro, Jung-gu, Busan


Busan Global community

Special Interest Groups

National Groups


Burundi Community in Korea Mr Muheto Darcy Dominique darcydominiquee@gmail.com

European Chamber of Commerce in Korea Ms. Hwonnarae Ha busan@ecck.eu

Busan and Gyeongnam Area Chinese Scholar’s Association Ms. Wan Xiang wxkorea@gmail.com

Social Party

Busan Filipino Resident’s Group Mrs. Vivian R. Gayudan ramosvivs@yahoo.com Busan Sweing Bees Ms. Hani Balagtas info@myunji.com FIMIWAP Ms. Myrna B. Barredo meenabarredo@gmail.com

Busan Bandits Rugby Club Mr. Andrew Court busanbandits@gmail.com

Foreign Ecologist Solidarity Ms. Grace Ga gracega@yahoo.com

Busan English Writers Group Mr. Chris Edwards busanwriting@gmail.com

Lacrae Busan Ms. Jen Skinner Busangaa@gmail.com

Busan Motorcycle Mr. Colin McIntyre whoozza@gmail.com

Non-profit Activities

Kyungsung University Indonesian Folk Dance Club Ms. Rahel Tanujaya kita.busan@gmail.com

Dream City Multi-cultural Community Mr. Geohun Huh dream0701@hanmail.net

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Jeu ngs an Pus an Nat 'lUn iv. Y Na ang my san ang Cam san pus Yan gsa n

Ge um gok Ho po

Gim hae Co Iㅑ nje llege uni v. Gim hae C Bu ity Ha wo ll n Bo ngH wa Ro ng yal To Gim mb of hae Kin g N Yeo ation Suro a nji Par l Mus eum Pre k sby teri a n Ka Un ya Un iv. Do iv. ngw on Jㅓ Bu ram inae Da D P eje yeon aesa o gga ng Deo kdu


Busan Gimhae Light Rail Transit

Da dae p Da o Bea dae ch po Na Harb tga e or Sin jan g Jan nim gni m Dㅇ o ngm a Sin e pye대ㅜ ong Ha dan Da ngn i Sah a

Line 1

Bus Terminal

Coastal Ferry Terminal

Deu ngg u

Line 3

Int'l Passenger Terminal

Beㄷ o Beom mil nae gol

Metro Line Map

High speed Railway

You ngs an Un iv. Don g-P usa n Co l ege Go cho n An pye on g

Line 1

Transfer Stn.

Cen tum City

Nepal Migrant Women’s Community Ms. Eun Ju Kim Kimeunju2009@naver.com

Russian Children Club Mrs. Ekaterina Vorobeva vorobevaproject@gmail.com

Busan Volunteer’s Club Mr. Christopher Green abusanvolunteer@gmail.com

Gu seo

NCC Community Mr. Sangeet Adhikari naveenaatma1@naver.com

Jae son g

Kenya Community Ms. Joy Clara Mworia mworiaclara@gmail.com

Mil lak

Busan Indian Community Mr. Mangal Sain mangalsain1@gmail.com

Donghae Line

Lost & Found Center 051) 640-7339

제12회 세계인과 함께하는 어울마당

제 10주년 세계인의 날 기념 The 10th Together Day

2017. 5. 20 Sat. 10am-5pm Opening Ceremony 11am Samnak Riverside Sports Park(Ecological Park) Host Overseas Sister Cities and Domestic Performances

World Arts, Crafts & Foods

Global Information Booths and Flea Market

Global Talk & Sports Zone

How to get to the Samnak Riverside Sports Park (Ecological Park) Deokpo station

Public Transportation Local Bus 123, 126, 138-1, 77, 110, 1005, 15, 31, 33, 59, 62, 148-1,

Samnak Riverside Sports Park (Ecological Park)

160, 169, 338, 1004, 8, 61, 161, 186, 555

Neighborhood Bus Sasang-gu 7, Sasang-gu 1-1, Gangseo-gu 13 Subway Gwaebeop Renecite Station (Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit, BGL)

Sasang station Hotel Paragon

Free Parking P

Gwaebeop Renecite staion

Nakdong River Culture Madang (Park)

Samnak Riverside Sports Park Parking lot available

Gamjeon station

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Transportation City Hall Cit y

Sta Hall



A 13F National Pension Service Bldg. 1000 Jungang-daero, Yeonje-gu, Busan, Korea(47606) T 82-51-668-7900

F 82-51-668-7926

- Line 1 City Hall Station, Exit 2 - Line 2 Transfer from line 2 to line 1 at Seomyeon Station (toward Nopo), get off at City Hall Station Exit 2 - Line 3 Transfer from line 1 at Yeonsan Station (toward Shinpyeong), get off at City Hall Station Exit 2

B u s 21, 31, 52-1, 86, 89, 89-1, 99, 110, 110-1, 129, 131, 135, 142, 179 Get off at City Hall bus stop Parking 1hour free ; after 1hour, the parking fee is 500KRW per 10 minutes

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