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Grammar Schools

We are incredibly proud to be the beginning of the BGS educational journey. Our children are welcomed at the tender age of rising 3s and embark on an amazing journey of adventure and fun.

Our approach to learning incorporates indoor and outdoor provision to stimulate and embed a strong foundation across the curriculum. We create a fun, happy and vibrant atmosphere where

Mrs C Howard Head of Kindergarten,

our children thrive in a supportive and collaborative environment.

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We teach the ‘whole child’ ensuring they have a genuine thirst and

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love of learning. Our children become rounded individuals who are well prepared for an exciting future on the next stage of their educational journey. We are an experienced team of teaching professionals who ensure high expectations. We understand the importance of communication with our families, priding ourselves on high standards of pastoral care and all children making good progress. 1


Bury Grammar School Kindergarten is a nursery school for all children aged three to four, whose parents wish to give them the very best start in life.

Your child will receive attentive guidance and dedicated care from our team of early learning years specialists, set in a world of indoor and outdoor educational exploration. Our unique approach of blended early learning and play ensures that every day is an adventure for your child. Through play and learning we will help your child grow in confidence and develop socially, physically and emotionally so that they acquire the essential foundation skills they need as they go forward into primary school. 4

Grammar Schools

Small children are the world’s greatest explorers and their natural curiosity is a precious resource which it is our job to nurture.

We are a team of educational and child care specialists, who understand how young minds work. We know how to help young children enhance their understanding of the world. This is why at BGS Kindergarten, we have created a stimulating, playful learning environment where each child follows a personal development path: activities are designed to nourish the whole child based on their unique strengths and character.



Our learning programme is always fun, varied and stimulating. It is a wonderful and purposeful foundation for budding young minds based firmly on our strong principles of early years development.

We plant the seeds of learning which will blossom to stand them in very good stead for the future. Your child will be inspired to make amazing new discoveries and appreciate the wonders of the world. Our Kindergarten children have adventures during our weekly welly walks, they experiment with music, and express themselves creatively and physically with art and P.E. They are fully involved and inspired by our topic-based learning programme.


Grammar Schools

Our Kindergarten has a wealth of extensive facilities, from our purpose built gym, to our state-of-the-art IT room, and a specially designed music room.

We have a large range of age-appropriate resources which we use generously and imaginatively to support your child’s learning journey. We help our children to challenge themselves whilst having fun, exploring and being creative. As they grow more confident in investigating the world around them and expressing themselves, their individual strengths emerge. At Bury Grammar School Kindergarten each child has a unique education tailored to their specific talents and abilities. Whilst the focus is on the individual, we take great care to develop our children’s awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others. They are considerate members of a happy Kindergarten community, which allows them to thrive. 9


Although we have our own separate buildings and specially designed facilities, we are nevertheless right in the heart of the school, which means that the children benefit from seeing their peers from time to time.

Children need great role models and we find that developing a trusting sense of shared community is an important part of a child’s successful growth. We are proud that our children grow up to be active participants in the wider world and we try to help them develop a sense of responsibility for other people that lasts a lifetime.


Grammar Schools

The partnership between home and school is very important to us.

We share your child’s journey with you, regularly updating you on their progress. We tell you what they are enjoying and achieving, as we encourage their individuality. We make observations according to a structured guidance plan which gives you a fascinating insight into your child’s life in Kindergarten. At Bury Grammar School we are all on an adventure together!


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BGS Kindergarten Prospectus  

BGS Kindergarten Prospectus