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OUR VISION To promote independence and increase self-esteem for adults with learning disabilities in a stimulating working environment, while providing quality printing and related services.

OUR MISSION To offer a base for vocational training and work experience within a sheltered working environment, providing a service based on individual needs. To promote self-advocacy within an organisation where all can be fully and actively involved in every aspect of its operation. To run a high quality community print and graphic design service. To raise awareness within the local community of the potential of people with learning disabilities.






Welcome to our 2017/18 Annual Review. As you will see we have had a very busy and exciting year and I am delighted to be able to share the events and achievements with you in this Annual Review. The continuing success of the enterprise is a result of the dedication and enthusiasm of Staff, Printers, Volunteers and all those who continue to support us. Everyone associated with Burwell Print Centre is proud to be part of this organisation, which will celebrate its 30th Anniversary with a “Birthday Bash” on 8th September. A truly remarkable achievement and memorable milestone. We have for several years talked about the challenging environment that we face with the on-going constraints in government funding, inflation, and the fact that we operate in a commercially competitive market. With all that said, last year we managed to generate an operating surplus of £4K. A summary of the Financial results is covered later in the Treasurer’s Report. At this point I am delighted to let you know of the recent appointment of Simon Gibson as Trustee and Treasurer. At the same time to record our thanks to Jan Clay who has left after many years as a Trustee and Company Secretary. Over the last year you will have seen several changes to our building: the new car park, upgrades to our telephone and IT systems and an internal makeover, including the installation of new LED-based lighting. 4

We have now decided to embark on a “Business Re-Launch” programme to coincide with our 30th anniversary. Those able to join us on the day will be able to see our new logo and several of our promotional projects. We have been progressively increasing our activity on social media over the last few months and there will be a major upgrade to our web page in late Autumn. We have continued to run successful fundraising events through the year including our first venture into car boot sales, a pop-in art day, as well as another very well attended ceilidh, and what has now become our traditional Christmas Fayre. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters and those who have helped us raise funds. In particular we want to highlight the very generous support we have received from the Coop Community Fund Awards, allowing us to create a new garden area and also to support our community events. As you can see we have had a very busy year and we are carrying this momentum forward into what will be another exciting year ahead. I hope you enjoy reading about our activities and I am sure the enthusiasm of all associated with Burwell Print Centre will be evident to you. John Smith, Chair of Trustees



The Print Room is at the centre of our business, where we produce a significant amount of work whilst maintaining high quality print standards. Annually we print over 52,000 magazines for our regular customers and this year we have broadened that customer base to include more self-published books and new business customers. We are able to offer customers a personal service which online competitors cannot, and we often work to tight deadlines. Our passport service has proved to be increasingly popular and customers have commented on the convenience of having this service in the village. It has however been a year of contrasts in the Print Room, with some extremely busy periods interspersed with quieter times. Both have their own challenges, but as our Printers like to be kept busy we are always thinking about jobs and tasks to keep everyone engaged on occasions when we have little print work to do. A fun example of this has been the ‘Thursday’ Craft Group, which has now grown and spread into other days with Printers getting involved in supporting community events, making things for our Christmas Fayre and our stall at Burwell Carnival. Since the revamp of our newsletter “We Print Stuff” we have a shared responsibility for writing articles, with Printers getting more involved. This helps with Printers’ literacy and communication skills, and adds to the variety of work opportunities we have to offer here. Mel Mason, Support Worker 6

“We take turns to write reports for ‘We Print Stuff’, it’s good to have our own newsletter. I like to write about what I have been doing outside the Print Centre.” Dan

“I love to get on with work. I like to see lots of work piled up and get stuck in.” Jason

“My favourite job is criss crossing pages. I like to do this, it’s part of a whole job, I am one link in the chain.” Josh




In the past twelve months the design room has been busier than ever and we have now grown to include five members of staff. We have continued the work we do for our regular customers with newsletters, booklets and branding jobs but also increased our client base by attracting more business customers who are enticed by our new services, fast turnaround and ‘can-do’ attitude. As always, the majority of our printing is done in house by our two digital machines, but we now also have a great relationship with a lithographic printer. This means we are able to offer large quantity print runs of leaflets and different papers such as matt laminated stock at competitive prices which we would be unable to offer by digital printing alone. This further expands our goal to continue to be a one-stop shop solution and friendly face to our customers. As an example, an event company might use Burwell Print Centre to; develop the look and feel of the event, design all the materials to brand it, print 5000 leaflets by a lithographic process, provide banners and signage, digitally print 50 posters from A4 to A0 size. This combination of design and print is appreciated as many of our clients aren’t quite sure what they need when they arrive at Burwell Print Centre! One of the most challenging projects we have undertaken in the Design room this year has been to rebrand ourselves! It has been a long exercise but has been really important to consider which characteristics make this unique business thrive. On the 8th of September at our 30th Birthday Bash we are excited to launch our new identity and display all the work that has been done behind the scenes. We hope it portrays the friendly, vibrant and creative resource that we are and helps get us noticed further afield. This look will be carried across all our signage, clothing, marketing materials and our next in-house project, which is our website redesign. During this process we have also appreciated the input from Shelley, who has been another creative brain to help us find our new bold direction. Her work promoting Burwell Print Centre on social media will be invaluable to help us shout about what we can offer. Sarah Bevan, Designer


SOCIAL CARE & TRAINING J U LY 2 0 1 8 This group has now been running for about two years. It is still providing invaluable feedback to the Trustees about the issues faced by Staff and Printers. We look at the effects of funding and social care in general, and how they affect us in particular at Burwell Print Centre. The sub-group comprises myself, John Smith and Steve Verney as Trustees, and Sue Anderson and Mel Mason as Staff members. As Trustees, John, Steve and I sit on other groups, so we all have a pretty good idea of how things work from a business point of view. However, this group is a bit more informal (we take notes rather than formal minutes). Steve brings his previous social care experience to the table; John has a great grasp of the overall workings of Burwell Print Centre; I chair the group and ensure we keep to the agenda; Sue and Mel are really the key to the whole thing, and they give us Trustees the sort of information that helps us keep the governance side of things in perspective. Once again, we find ourselves talking about problems not of our own making. Government cuts and other shortfalls in social services mean that we are constantly looking for new funding and initiatives to support our Printers and ensure that they can carry on using this wonderful resource. We hear about the projects and other creative ideas that complement the business side of things and keep our Printers happy and busy when things are slow in the Print Room. We also look at the needs of individual Printers. It is especially thought-provoking for us Trustees to hear from Sue and Mel about the hoops they have to jump through to keep various official parties on track to provide proper support. Were it not for this group, we would only know half the story. As you can appreciate, there are lows as well as highs. We must thank all the Staff, Support Workers and Volunteers for their continued dedication. Martin Ley, Trustee


P E R S O N A L , S O C I A L , H E A LT H AND WELL-BEING PROGRAMME The aim of the Personal, Social, Health and Well-Being (SHWB) Programme was to help our Printers feel good about themselves, gain confidence in themselves and communicate assertively at home, at work and out and about. The programme of six to eight, two hourly meetings meetings used a group work approach and a variety of methods to suit individuals and the group. It was geared particularly to the work environment of Burwell Print Centre. The programme took place three times, Autumn 2017, Spring and Summer 2018, each time on a different day of the week so that as many Printers as possible could participate. The programme included developing an awareness of others at work (working in a team), listening skills, how we are unique, feeling good about ourselves, what we like about ourselves and others, exploring relationships at home and at work, why these key relationships are important, friendships and making friends, communication skills and keeping safe. With each of the three groups of between four and six Printers, the emphasis in the sessions was changed and adapted depending on the needs, interests and abilities of the Printers. At the final session our Printers discussed what they had learned. They remembered and particularly enjoyed sessions with stories, DVDs and animations, and having a laugh! They were enthusiastic about further sessions which might include dealing with emotions, friendships (falling out and making up), relaxation and mindfulness exercises and healthy eating. The programme will continue in September 2018. Jean Reeves, SHWB Programme Tutor

“Jean encouraged us to open up and speak about any problems we wanted to share. She listened to all our ideas and encouraged us to listen to each other.” Simon

“I liked the communication and the way Jean encouraged us to communicate with each other.” Nick

“Jean was a cheerful and friendly lady who brought out my confidence. I enjoyed spending time in her company because of her personality.” Edward 11

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING Our key aim this year has been to re-market Burwell Print Centre as a more ‘commercial’ enterprise in the light of ever-reducing social funding.

beyond the local area, though not too far. We are planning to market Burwell Print Centre at some local Business to Business (B2B) events and look at other opportunities to invite people to come and see what we can do.

We had an ideal opportunity to co-ordinate a relaunch of the centre with the celebration of our 30th birthday. To that end, in July we had an Open House event to coincide with the Local Open There has been much discussion on how Studios events, and a Car Boot Sale. The we wish to present ourselves – as a social whole of Burwell Print Centre was open enterprise that happens to do printing or to visitors, with teas and coffees and a print centre that supports adults with strawberries and cream available. Visitors learning disabilities? This is not an issue could have a look round the car boots and we have yet fully resolved. We are hoping at six local craft stalls within the working a greater visibility of the centre, both area. It was very busy both days and several physically and on social media, will help people came in who had not been aware build our reputation as the place to come of the Burwell Print Centre before. The for a quality print service. event was part sponsored by the Co-op Community Fund. All the crafters who To that end we have had a new intern attended enjoyed meeting new people and working, along with our staff team, on doing a little business. Two of the crafters increasing our visibility on social media. are now going to use us for their publicity Our Facebook page BurwellPrint is now having regular updates material. and a growing number of followers, with Going forward, we want to further promote Instagram and Pinterest growing steadily. and develop all aspects of Burwell Print We are also regularly posting on other local Centre so that we can continue to be Facebook groups, spreading our visibility a model social enterprise, supporting further afield. people with learning disabilities through the provision of high quality printing, print There has been some stunning work on a new logo and brand identity by our Design finishing, graphic and website design. Team, to be unveiled at our 30th birthday Anne Emmett, Trustee Representative bash in September. Changes to the outside Business Development & Marketing Group of the building and new signage will be seen at around the same time, making us far more visible from the car park, now that all the building work at the school has finished. These updates will make us far more visible in the village and to visitors to the school. The next aim is to spread our visibility 12


In April 2018, the social media project began with the mission to raise the profile of Burwell Print Centre’s reach and audience to foster new business for the company. This has been an exciting and rewarding project to work on and we have seen an improved rise in engagement on Facebook and Twitter. The rise in engagement is due to planned and regularly scheduled posts to current Facebook and Twitter social media streams. We have been using popular hashtags that are trending to help give us ideas for posts that attract attention, and these have worked well. The introduction of personal images relating to activities happening at Burwell Print Centre has facilitated the increase of participation and our audience has enjoyed seeing the relaxed and fun side of what we do. We have also seen the benefits of using our Facebook and Twitter accounts to help spread the word about events we are hosting. For example, we had more than 80 people at our Pop in and Art event at the end of June, and many of the participants said they learned about the event through our social media. The Social Media industry is rapidly moving forward and constantly changing and many companies are still trying to learn how to use this medium effectively. We have established that maintaining a consistent routine for our posting has made a big difference with our engagement. The next step for the social media project is to create Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts. Each of these social media channels can be used in different ways which will help to increase our profile and generate more awareness.

We will also phase in the use of paid social media advertising which will allow our reach to double if not quadruple its capacity and target new customers. The key to our success with social media is using each of the channels to their best ability to gain the results we want. The long-term goal is to bring new business to the company using the social media channels to help us grow and expand. Shelley Goffe-Caldeira, Social Media Project Intern



For this, our 30th anniversary year we organised some projects you might find unusual for a Print Centre as we got in touch with our creative side. PORTRAITS To begin with, local artist Denise Keone came to work with us to create something to celebrate our 30th birthday. We drew self-portraits and portraits of each other using pencils, paints and pastels. I think we surprised ourselves, and even those who were initially shy about drawing produced one artwork after another. The results will be put together to make something special in our reception area.


“I thoroughly enjoyed being involved with the workshops. Everybody was enthusiastic, creative & hard-working. There was a great variety of work produced which illustrated the creative talents at Burwell Print Centre. Thank you for making it so much fun.� Denise

C R E AT I V E W I T H C L AY In May Sarah from our Design Team lead a week-long clay project. “We had a go at getting creative with clay, to make something to celebrate the Print Centre which all Printers, volunteers and staff could be involved in. I suggested creating a sculpture for the garden that looked like a totem pole with each person decorating their own piece. In small groups over one week in May everyone rolled out a clay tile which they decorated with textured objects and coloured slip. The flat tile was shaped to form a tube and dried out ready to be kiln fired. The sections were then coated with a clear glaze and fired again to 1300 degrees to make them frost proof for the garden. Many thanks go to Helen Humphreys (my pottery tutor at evening class) for managing the firing for us in her pottery studio in Waterbeach. The finished pieces have now been stacked on top of each other and will be on display in our garden picnic area.” Sarah Bevan, Designer

“It was fun. It’s messy but a good type of messy. It was very different from sorting out booklets. It was good to be with everyone and do something together.” Georgie 15


POP IN AND ART was an open day we held at Burwell Print Centre in June with free art activities. The event was a huge success with mosaic making, screen printing and an amazing tree weaving. As a longstanding resident of Burwell and an ex-employee of Burwell Print Centre, myself and Jane were delighted to be asked to support the centre’s 30th Anniversary celebrations. It wasn’t hard for us to find the perfect tree, an ornamental cherry right outside the front door. Printers, staff, volunteers and the local community must have walked past it thousands of times. A light-bulb moment; to remember those journeys we wove an intricate web to capture the tree and hold people’s memories.

“We were thrilled by how many people happily joined us on the POP IN AND ART day, amazed by the range of ages, genders and backgrounds. We all made something truly memorable. Well done Burwell Print Centre and the community which supports you.” Bridget Orchard, ex-employee at Burwell Print Centre & Jane Starnes, Burwell resident 16

“What a wonderful day my family had at POP IN AND ART. I can’t thank you enough for making us all feel so welcome and for introducing us to art we have never tried before. We all loved getting hands on with the mosaic art and the screen printing was great fun. So proud to take a copy of our print we made home and look forward to seeing the completed bunting at the party. A truly enriching and inspiring day for us all. Many thanks.” The Fordham Family 17


I am a local wildlife photographer and am pleased to use Burwell Print Centre for my printing needs. Over the past few years they have printed my business cards, my greeting cards and coasters, each using my wildlife images as a basis for the products. They offer me a personal yet very professional service, offering advice and help when required. They also make every effort to have my orders ready on time, even when, on occasions, I have needed things at late notice... Kevin Pigney, KJP Images of Nature

We have a fantastic relationship with Burwell Print Centre from staff to our student artist links. We have completed many jobs with them from the printing of our newsletters, completing our Annual Reports to the printing of posters, leaflets and business cards. They are always good at making sure we are 100% happy with our designs and layouts before printing and if we need something quickly they always jump on the case for us. Last year we also created our own mugs to sell at Rowan with designs from our student artists. They were very helpful in guiding us on this to get the best result possible.

I only have hazy memories of the Print Centre being set up and watching a wonderful contraption that was circular and about 6 feet across! I also have memories of getting asked if I wanted to be involved with the new Print Centre in Burwell. Many congratulations. Susan Swannell, Lode Star

As two of the nearby parish churches, St Mary’s and St Agnes’ (Newmarket) really appreciate the prompt and quality service we receive from the friendly staff at Burwell Print Centre. I cannot speak too highly of the courtesy, efficiency and kindness of the team in attending to our orders over the years we’ve been bringing our custom to you: nothing is too much trouble, and the standard of print work is very professional. Thank you for continuing to serve the local community in such a practical way. With every good wish to all at Burwell Print Centre for the years ahead. The Reverand John Hardy, Rector of Newmarket St Mary’s with Exning St Agnes’; Rural Dean of Mildenhall

Burwell Print Centre has been printing the Panser News for many years and always provide a fantastic service and quality finish. Wishing you a very happy 30th birthday.

I have used Burwell Print Centre a couple of times in the last year. Once to get some art prints done and more recently to get some greeting cards made up for a local business. I have always been extremely happy with the quality and work at Burwell Print Centre as well as being very good value for money. Everybody that I have spoken to has always been friendly and helpful. I hope to use Burwell Print Centre a lot more regularly in the future.

Chas Hunt, Panser News

Zoe Powell, The Ely Gin Company

Hetti Wood, Rowan Humberstone


On behalf of Lis Lapthorn we would like to say a huge thank you to everybody at Burwell Print Centre for producing flyers, posters and the programme for our concert in Cambridge. Many people commented on your work in a very positive manner and our Treasurer was vey impressed with the reasonable cost. I imagine that you get fed up with the sight of the two of us – be warned, we may be back next year with a similar request. Jennie Mansell, Cambridge Choral Society


BEING A PRINTERS’ R E P R E S E N TAT I V E We have been Printers’ reps for the Printers at Burwell Print Centre for around one year now. We enjoy having an active role in the organisation, it is a challenge for us both and it is good for our confidence. We have learnt about the management structure which has separate groups including finance, health and safety, employment, business development, adult social care training and fundraising. The roles include learning new skills such as confidence building, speaking and listening. Every month we have Printers’ Meetings where we talk about any issues we have. From the things we have talked about, we both submit a report as part of the meeting. Our role then includes feeding back from the Management Committee Meetings so that all printers know about any decisions made, and the work that’s going on behind the scenes. As a result of raising issues from the Printers we have achieved two improvements to the centre, a new table in the kitchen and new criss-crossing boards to help collate our work. Burwell Print Centre is looking really smart as new lights have been installed and the building has been redecorated. Adrian Cornell and Dan Jaggard, Printers’ Reps


“In our meetings I get feedback from the Trustees and sometimes get asked to perform tasks such as to ask questions. Recently we had a donation, so we asked Printers what we thought the money could be spent on.” Dan “It builds my confidence and I enjoy the job. We talk about different things every month and I am getting to know the Trustees.” Adrian


Our 26-year-old son originally experienced Burwell Print Centre at school when he attended for work experience. During that time we were impressed by both the business and the way in which they worked with the individuals who attend for work experience and training. At that time he enjoyed the different environment, the new things to learn about, and of course the attention that he was given. Years later, after living out of county, he returned to Ely, and we started to think about what worthwhile activities were available for someone with his particular needs. We asked his Social Worker if he could attend Burwell Print Centre on a regular basis, and we were told that he could go one day a week. Our son was delighted, as were we. Despite quite a long journey to and from Ely, he loves going, and he tells us regularly about what he has been up to. Having finished his probationary period, he was thrilled at the idea of payment for his efforts. He likes the responsibly that he has during his times in reception. He feels valued and loved it last week when he came home armed with a courgette... not just any courgette, but a bright yellow one! From a parental perspective we are grateful for the chance our son has to go to somewhere that is prepared to work with him. The staff are extremely supportive, and Sue has been incredibly supportive through times of illness when it would have been so easy to give his place away to someone else when he could not attend. How refreshing it is to have someone support us as parents in difficult times, when so often we are just left to battle on our own. On top of all that a celebration and a day out to look forward to. Oh, and on top of all that it’s a printing business that we are happy and confident to recommend to people. Anne and Keith Mitchell, Parents

WORK EXPERIENCE I am writing to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to try some work experience at Burwell Print Centre. I really enjoyed criss-crossing the sheets of paper. I also enjoyed putting sheets of paper through the stapling machine. Once again thank you all for your help and encouragement. Harvey Lane, Year 10 student at Comberton Village College 21

S TA R T E R S A N D L E AV E R S THE HELLOS... C L A I R E C O O P E R | Printer My interests are horse riding, fashion, and Bedazzle Mencap, a singing, drama and art group. I do like writing too and I love to do song writing and playing music on guitar. I have little bit of office skills too which I inherited from both of my Granddads and from my Granny. The Burwell team are friendly and nice people and great company. I know some of the Burwell Printers from other places I have worked at and I do like making new friends. I do love coming here. I love to be organised and sorting things out too and putting things in the right order. J A S O N U N D E R W O O D | Printer My name is Jason and I am 31 years old and live in Milton. I started working at Burwell Print Centre in February. I love working here and I have made new friends. Everybody has made me feel so welcome. I like doing things for customers and my favourite machines are the photocopier and the booklet maker. I like printing magazines and being part of Burwell Print Centre. I am glad I chose this place because it has made my life really fun.


S T U A R T M I T C H E L L | Printer Stuart joined our team in January 2018 and settled in quickly, even though he had to have time off due to having had knee surgery. Stuart is making friends and his favourite jobs are using the booklet maker and helping customers and answering the phone in Reception. Stuart said “I just like being here� with a big smile. C A I T L I N S PA R K S M A N | Volunteer I was looking for volunteering opportunities in the area when a friend introduced me to Burwell Print Centre. I now volunteer to support the Printers. The atmosphere is really great; a busy, organised and welcoming community with a wide variety of activities happening all the time. I particularly enjoy helping with the small garden and look forward to every shift! C H R I S C H A P M A N | Volunteer I very much enjoy volunteering here and find myself looking forward to catching up with the Printers each week. It is incredibly rewarding to be part of such a vibrant and creative community. Burwell Print Centre manages to balance a friendly, welcoming environment with the structure and sense of achievement that comes with a productive day at work. It provides a hugely supportive space and in my opinion is a perfect example of a social enterprise done right!

E L L I O T T S T E E L | Support Worker and Volunteer It’s not really a ‘hello’ to me because I have been involved at Burwell Print Centre for seven years as a volunteer. However, earlier this year I was very pleased to be offered the opportunity to join the team as a Support Worker on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am enjoying my new role, getting to know different Printers, and taking on lots more responsibilities.

J E S S E A R N S H AW | Support Worker Everyone at Burwell Print Centre, has been so friendly and welcoming. All the Printers have been lovely; chatting, joking and making me feel right at home from my very first day. The staff are all incredibly patient, teaching me and putting up with my silly questions. It’s a real pleasure to come here every day, even if the bike ride is sometimes a little daunting! I have a background in support work with a little gardening, concrete manufacturing, and archaeology on the side. I enjoy spending time with my family, baking, reading, and playing Pokémon Go.

J U L I A G AW L I K | Designer After being notified about an open Graphic Design apprentice position by the Anglia Ruskin University employment services I stumbled into Burwell Print Centre in June 2017. As an MA student in Graphic Design & Typography at ARU, I had designed plenty of print work before but realised that I never really understood the process of printing or assembly of print work. Getting involved with Burwell Print Centre was the perfect opportunity for me to gain real work experience in print media alongside finishing my degree. Since starting at Burwell Print Centre as an apprentice in the design office, I have created print media and layouts for numerous customers and learnt something new every day. I was slightly overwhelmed by the number of different machines at the beginning, I eventually got the hang of all the new responsibilities and managed to reduce my trail of destruction to a minimum. However, the reputation I have established is only one step behind me. A year later many things have changed for me: I am now an Anglia Ruskin University alumna and thanks to the cooperation of Burwell Print Centre and ARU the Print Centre still remains part of my weekly routine – after my graduation I got offered a permanent position here and now work for this lovely company as a designer two days a week.


S I M O N G I B S O N | Treasurer/Trustee Often reminded that to be a Burwellian one has to have lived in the village for millennia, my wife and I came to live here only in 1997, moving to a village I have known well all of my life. My Mum came from Burwell and I spent many happy days here with my Grandparents as a youngster. I was born locally too, in Newmarket, and our family home reverberates to music from at least seven decades, as well as the noise only three children aged 18, 14 and 11 can make! My wife Jenny is a great cook/baker so there are also plenty of (usually lovely) smells to accompany the noise. I am the Chief Investment Officer for a Wealth Management business, Mattioli Woods, and am happily based in Newmarket, though I do also get to travel the UK and occasionally beyond. I am a founding Trustee of a small local charity, was a school governor for eight years, and am a Champion for Alzheimer’s Research UK, based just outside Cambridge. I am a public speaker (as well as a bit of stand-up comedy) and a published author. I love most sports, mostly as a spectator‌ I hope to able to use my combination of business and broader financial knowledge, especially in fundraising, to assist Burwell Print Centre. Becoming a Trustee (and Treasurer) is a great honour, as I know how much effort has been put in already to build the organisation in to what it has become today; I hope to help build on that legacy.


S TA R T E R S A N D L E AV E R S . . . A N D T H E G O O D BY E S G E O F F M A N W E L L | Printer Mondays and Tuesdays are a bit different now as Geoff has moved to Liverpool to live with his eldest brother. Geoff had been a Printer for over 15 years and we miss him teasing us throughout the day. At his leaving party we presented him with an album of photos and a medal for long service, both of which he loved. U S H K A M O O R S | Printer It was only in the last Annual Review that we welcomed Ushka but she has now moved on from her time at Burwell Print Centre. We thank you for your work and wish you all the best. B E N H U N T | Printer Ben has left us after a short time at Burwell Print Centre. He fitted in quickly and loved helping with the varied day-to-day work. We enjoyed having you here, Ben, and are delighted you gained some new work skills. C H R I S O ’ N E I L L | Print co-ordinator Chris left us earlier in the year after 11 years of working with us. Chris will be well known to many of you as he worked closely with our Print Room customers, identifying their print requirements and co-ordinating the work for Printers. 25

O U T O F H O U R S AT BURWELL PRINT CENTRE C H R I S T M A S FAY R E Burwell Print held another very successful Christmas Fayre in December 2017. Everybody was very busy in October and November making craft items to sell on our stall and decorating jars to fill with sweets for the children’s tombola. Many Printers were busy on the day helping on the stalls and serving in our café. Great entertainment was provided by the Ely Rocking Ukuleles. The 2018 event is in the planning. CHRISTMAS LUNCH To celebrate Christmas 2017 we went for lunch at the Ormonde restaurant in Newmarket and said our goodbyes to a long-standing printer Geoff, who was about to move to Liverpool. B U R W E L L C A R N I VA L We robbed the rich at Burwell Carnival Parade. Our gang of Robin Hood and his Merry men were armed and dangerous, ready to protect our own Maid Marion. It is always a fun, family day out and we were pleased to win the best adult float competition again this year.


FA M I LY F U N D R A I S I N G C E I L I D H Thanks to help from our Co-op Community Fund we were able to hold a ceilidh in April. We kept the ticket prices as low as we could and hired the Parson’s Nose Ceilidh Band to keep us jigging throughout the evening. It was a sell out and such good fun. When we totted up the money, we had raised just over £750. Thank you to all that made it a great evening and a special thank you to Steve and Jo for running the bar. POP IN AND ART On Saturday 30th of June where we hosted a creative art day at Burwell Print. See more about this on page 16. WE MADE IT! AND CAR BOOT SALE In July we hosted six local crafters for the weekend who were delighted to squash into our premises and sell their unique products. On the Saturday we had a steady flow of lookers and buyers but these numbers were boosted on the Sunday when we also ran a Car Boot Sale in our car park. We had 17 car boots and lots of interest from the local community.

SOCIAL TRAINING ENTERPRISE GROUP | STEnG For over twenty years, Social Training Enterprises in Cambridgeshire have worked together under the STEnG banner. We currently have ten members, and this collaborative way of working has proved invaluable as we have shared policies, problems, ideas, training, and we are often a sounding block for each other when it seems we are being asked to do the impossible! Also, although we are fiercely independent, we have many shared values and expectations. Of course we also share ‘learners’. For example, over half of our Printers attend other Social Training Enterprises on days they are not with us. Over the years we have earned county-wide respect and we have an excellent track record of running partnership contracts. These have been appreciated by our ‘learners’ and also by our staff members who have been involved with them. It has been my pleasure to be elected as Chair of STEnG for the past 18 months; I look forward to facing the many and varied challenges that are always looming. Sue Anderson, Chair, STEnG ATTENDANCE OF CAMBRIDGESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL OFFICERS AT SOCIAL TRAINING ENTERPRISE GROUP (STEnG) MEETINGS Over the past year, senior officers from various Directorates within Cambridgeshire County Council have been invited to attend the STEnG meetings. Council Officers have welcomed the opportunity to engage with members of the STEnG Group. This has given them an understanding of the issues facing the group, the huge range of services offered, and the benefits resulting from their dedication to the people they support and the work they do. Officers have been able to share with STEnG members the pressures faced by the Council, forward planning in terms of contracting arrangements, operational changes and changes to processes and governance. The meetings have nurtured a stronger understanding of the challenges and triumphs going forward, and will ensure that STEnG members are aware of the direction of travel in terms of future commissioning and timely sharing of information for the benefit of all. Amanda Roach, Commissioner – Learning Disability, People & Communities. Cambridgeshire County Council.

STEnG MEMBERS Burwell Print Centre Branching Out Camtrust Darwin Nursery and Farm Shop Eddie’s FACET The Prospects Trust Red2Green Rowan Humberstone Phoenix Trust 27


The year ending 31 March 2018 has been another good year for Burwell Print Centre. We have achieved some excellent results despite the ongoing challenging economic conditions with no respite from constraints in government expenditure. Income increased 3.3% to £244,371 while overall expenditure fell 1.5% to £245,108 resulting in a deficit of £737. However, removing deprecation costs of £4,739 results in a surplus for the year of £4,002. Sales increased 1% to £119,688. Although there are now no funded training contracts, we were able to maintain the income for our Adult Social Care at £104,575. The increase in fundraising was primarily due to two Community Fund Awards from the Co-op: one was fully spent on a new garden area and the other is being used for community events with a balance carried forward to 2018/2019. Cost of employment constitutes the largest part of the overall expenditure and remained fairly constant. A 1.5% increase in pay rates was implemented but this was associated with reduced hours over the year. The cost of materials decreased to £32,867 from £36,425 thereby increasing the Sales gross profit from 68% to 73%. At year end the total accumulated assets for the enterprise were £213,566 including £79,939 held as building and equipment assets. The remaining £133,627 is the net total of cash, stock, debtors and creditors. John Smith, Chair of Trustees Income 2017/18 £244,371

Income 2016/17 £236,559


£104,575 £119,688


Adult Social Care & Training Print Work Fundraising & other Income


Expenditure 2017/18 £240,369

Expenditure 2016/17 £238,339


£44,572 £158,731



£157,342 £36,425

Employment Costs Materials Overheads & other expenditure



Thank you so much for reading our Annual Review 2018 and I hope you found all the reports informative and interesting. I am sure that you will have picked up on the fact that all of us involved with delivering and providing all our services are very proud to be doing our bit in this unique organisation, which has become a model of excellence as a Social Enterprise. While supporting work and training placements, and growing our active membership of the Burwell community, we have provided: • • • • • • •

Quality digital printing and print finishing Bespoke design including personal, corporate and rebranding initiatives Website creation Passport and ID photos Business mail-shots Customer care and service Volunteering opportunities

We’ve certainly had a fulfilling and creative year, adding extra community events to our already busy schedule. But, that’s what we like and what keeps us all motivated. As the impact of the government’s policy of austerity continues, with the consequent cuts to local authority budgets (which in reality means cuts to services for vulnerable adults and children), here at Burwell Print Centre we work hard to reduce the impact of such cuts as much as we can. With our boundless energy and creativity for new product and service ideas, and methods of marketing ourselves, we continue to bring new customers through the door. As you will have seen in previous reports, we are now well and truly in the 21st century with our ever-increasing use of social media. All this, without losing our personal touch or face-to-face contact with people and organisations. At the end of the day our bottom line is that we support 30+ people each week in gaining and maintaining new skills, building a strong work ethic, and giving them a stronger voice – both here within Burwell Print Centre and also the wider community of home, leisure, housing, health and social care. And, as I’ve said in previous Annual Reviews, our Printers continue to teach me a thing or two each day – thank you.

Sue Anderson, Manager




OUR PEOPLE PRINTERS Jen Alexander Georgie Allpress Sam Baldwin John Caswell James Clark Chris Clarke Claire Cooper Adrian Cornell Claire Ford Mark Goodhew Nick Griggs Josh Hawes Dan Jaggard Peter Johnson Julia Kelly Chris King Steven King Nicholas Milczarek Stuart Mitchell Lucy Morris Usman Muntazir Simon Peters

Edward Scullion Mark Stockdale Tracy Stone Alex Stoye Steven Sturgeon Jason Underwood Melissa Waites James White-Miller Luke Wilson VO LU N T E E R S Barry Canning Samantha Cashmore (Supported Voluteer) Chris Chapman Geoff Cooper Nigel Hotchkiss Robin Dyos Carl Kirkwood Emily Lodge Julie Sangster Caitlin Sparksman Elliott Steel

M A N AG E R Sue Anderson DEPUTY MANAGER Vaughan Allanson SUPPORT WORKERS Elaine Bridges Jess Earnshaw Mel Mason Elliott Steel Jane Sulch DESIGN TEAM Vaughan Allanson Sarah Bevan Joe Byrne Julia Gawlik Jonathan Rogers FINANCE OFFICER Bärbel Lodge



We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their financial support through grant aid, placement fees or donations.

Burwell Day Centre

Burwell Carnival

Thank you to Ness Road Co-operative Store for their continued support through cash collections. We received £728 through donations from these collections and our own reception bottle.

Bottisham Village College

Also thank you to long service Printer Geoff Manwell for his donation.

Cambridgeshire County Council Co-op Community Fund Co-op Ness Road Freemasons Grand Charity Judith Jones Knit and Natter Group Mary Patrick Newmarket Lions Pye Foundation

Burwell Festival

Burwell Village College (Primary)

TRUSTEES John Smith (Chair) Mary Hammond (Vice-Chair) Giles Cox Anne Emmett Simon Gibson Martin Ley Hazel Williams MBE Steve Verney C O M PA N Y S E C R E TA R Y Jan Clay A C C O U N TA N T S Streets Chartered Accountants 62-64 Hills Road Cambridge CB2 1LA

East Cambs District Council Highfield School Learning Disability Partnership Newmarket Academy

Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service

Newmarket Volunteer Centre

Cambridgeshire Acre

Soham Village College


St Andrew’s School, Soham

Chicken Shed City of Ely Community College

Voluntary & Community Action East Cambs

Sally Pearson 31

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Burwell Print Centre Annual Review 2018  

Burwell Print Centre Annual Review 2018

Burwell Print Centre Annual Review 2018  

Burwell Print Centre Annual Review 2018